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2020.11.25 13:50 InSearchOfGreenLight Mom pic beautiful porn

Sorry I just kinda vanished.
I was getting worried about the abscess situation and managed to get stuck in a bad sleep schedule again :( Also the overthinking was getting to me. So I thought, I hope she’s not running and if she is well it helps nobody if I get worse and the infection spreads.
So I’ve been sleeping and doing other stuff so I don’t get lost in the letter rabbit hole again.
I think of you a lot though. I hope you can feel it. :)
A family friend died. I heard tonight. I’m so sad. I was sending well wishes out for her. Well...I did. Like a month ago. Then she got better and somehow my brain was like well she’ll be okay and I need to focus on my crisis stuff. Then I heard she was back in palliative care. Then I heard she stopped eating :( She was barely awake and not able to recognize people as much. I saw a pic recently. Oh god. She was overweight. In that pic, she looked skeletal. Like her face was 50% thinner and her bones were poking out in the neck and shoulder area. It was really sad. :( It was pretty obvious where this was heading...and yet I kept hoping. I didn’t send out well wishes though. Maybe I should have done that? It worked the first time. :/ Magical thinking -.-
I’m just sad and I feel bad that I didn’t text her or talk to her or visit her before the end. I just remembered that she added me on Facebook a while ago and now her account is done I guess :( She always asked about me, tried to help and shared healthy living tips. She made me an essential oil blend for sleep a while ago. I need to dig it out tonight and put it on and think of her. I should’ve helped somehow. I should’ve visited and sent flowers or something. I kept racking my brain for nice gestures but I couldn’t think of anything useful. I wanted to see her but I was afraid I’d say something stupid or wrong and I just couldn’t think of a compassionate but helpful thing to say. What do you say to someone who’s dying? And they know they are. It’s too late now. Another person I didn’t say goodbye to. When did I talk to her last? I don’t know. It’s been a while.
She fought the cancer for 10 years. 10 more years she got because she didn’t listen to the doctors here that there was nothing to be done and just wait to die. That was 10 years ago. She went to Serbia and they operated and I’m not sure if she went elsewhere. I remember bumping into her right in front of Michaels so long ago now...I can’t remember when. Must have been a couple years after the diagnosis and she did a little twirl and said I’m cancer-free! I was happy for her and for some reason that moment is stamped into my mind. She got into nutrition, and fitness, and supplements and essential oils. She tried pretty much everything I think. Clinical trials in the US, rounds of chemo here, lots and lots of surgeries. She was a force to be reckoned with. A few months ago she went for a surgery in Germany and maybe chemo after that? I’m not sure. That seemed to take a lot out of her and she was recovering basically since. Over the years, they cut so much away. The cancer spread everywhere. It’s a fucking monster. She wanted to live so much. She tried so hard to live. She has kids and a granddaughter she loved so much. Her partner didn’t see her though. Don’t really know but he was too afraid (?) and overwhelmed to come see her. At palliative care. Or call or text. I’m not sure if he contacted her during this whole time. I cannot imagine the regret he will have to live with over this. I’m trying not to judge but I can’t understand not being there for your partner when they’re scared and dying. I don’t think this will ever happen (and the thought of it horrifies me so it better not happen), but if you were dying, I’d be there even if I had a panic attack 24/7. I’d probably be shaking and crying, but I’d hold you for your last breath. This image is making me cry and I need to not think about this, it’s too awful. I better not have jinxed something. :/
It doesn’t make much sense though. You’re younger and healthier than me. Sorry. I’ll stop now. :’(
I don’t know if I ever mentioned this but I was watching a beloved show of mine and the main character’s husband died and the whole 2 episodes I couldn’t dismiss the anguish over the what if it was you. Sorry. I’ll truly stop now.
In other news, (this isn’t really news lol) I had a bad dream last night. Haha, doesn’t that happen every night? Well, recently I’ve been sleeping better. If I had dreams they were not bad. Until last night. I dreamt I was watching a porn shoot or something and the directors (?) were sleazy guys. They said or reacted in some gross way and I got mad. They then blew up and went wounded male ego attack mode. I don’t think I’ve really had such an experience before. Must of picked it up from entertainment or something. Before that this guy was like doing anal to a woman and though it seemed consensual I was disturbed. Certain parts of the dream just had this disturbing quality to them. Like ambiance in a horror movie I guess. And no I haven’t watched any horrors lately. I didn’t even watch Haunting of Bly Manor (which is probably amazing) :( Halloween was such a nightmare (it was the perfectly tailored horror that is 3D and fucks with you) and by the time I was somewhat in the mood for horrors it was way past. :/
Anyway, gotta wrap up I need to go and get to bed soon.
Reggie appears to have gone home tonight and they locked him up lol. I hope. Unless he’s wandering somewhere. But then if he missed last call, he would’ve come here. So I think he’s home. You know he spends more time here than at home??? Most nights lately, he’s here. I don’t feed him and my mom only feeds him in the morning so I don’t know what he’s eating. :/ Apparently an older lady near my moms’ bestie’s place likes to feed cats. I wonder if he goes to her for food lol. I don’t know why he won’t go home. Even when I let him out at like 5 am or whenever, he seems to not be intending to go home. He just sits there or he heads up the block. Never in the direction of home. My dad keeps bringing up the idea of putting a hidden camera on Reggie and seeing how his owners treat him >.< I don’t want to assume but sometimes he’s starving (I think) and he still comes here. And sleeps a lot. Maybe we should stop letting him in :/ I really don’t want to but he needs to eat. He’s grown on me and my mom though. My mom frequently kisses him on the head lol. I wonder if we should ask someone at the cat sanctuary what to do. Hmm.
I need to go. And stop rambling. I still (only been two days) miss you. I still want you. I still love you. Of course. (I’m not being snarky. Really. Not sure what I’m trying to say here. I’ll keep reassuring you though.)
I want to dream of you. But I never know when that will happen. Even if I think of you or fantasize about you right before sleep it doesn’t happen. :/ Why must my dream master torture me like this?
Do you dream of me? It seemed like before you dreamed of me a lot? Naughty dreams mostly it sounded like ;) I remember when you said you had a dream we got married and went on our honeymoon. You said it was the best dream you ever had. I was incredulous. Was it really the best dream? Of your life? Am I really that important lol? I melted though. What a privilege to be a part of your best dream.
What’s my best dream? I don’t recall. I’ve had good dreams. I’ve had good dreams with you. But I can’t really bring to’s been so long since I had a good dream. Like actual good dream. And since I dream of you so infrequently, the good ones don’t include you :( Sorry. I feel like ever since you told me you don’t love me, dreams of you have faded and if there is a romantic figure in the dream, it’s meant to be you but it’s not you? Like one time I was a guy and there was a woman (meant to be you) but she didn’t look like you. Please don’t be hurt (I can’t control my dreams and they’re so weird) but one time it was supposed to be you but you were the corpse bride. I know >.< I was dumbfounded too. I kissed your neck anyway. You could be a corpse bride and I’d still love and want you lol. I don’t know how that got in my dream. Haven’t thought of that movie in forever. I think its this underlying theme of my dreams. What I want is twisted in some way. Back when I dreamt of relationships or sex with girls like long long ago, before 2012 I think, there was always a frustrating weird element to it. Commonly it was I kiss her and I don’t feel anything? Like she was “there” a second ago but the moment I kiss her, she’s gone. She’s still alive. Warm and all. But no response? Or I can’t feel her lips. Usually, no response.
Anyways, I can quickly recall my worst dream. It was recent. Like a month ago? It’s shameful for me because I did something that I basically hate. Like something that is so evil in my perspective. When I woke up I was plagued by guilt and my ocd got attached. What if you’re capable of such evil? Even though there were two things about it that make it impossible to happen in reality, I still felt guilty. I try not to think of it :( It has nothing to do with you btw. Like it wasn’t betraying someone or leaving or anything like that. I don’t want you to worry about that. I know I’m overthinking this but if I don’t, you will and I don’t want you to lay there wondering if it’s related to you >.<
Ok I really should go. I am quite the rambler. I hope you don’t mind.
Try and get some sleep. Drink some valerian tea. Or whatever calming tea you have. Apparently there’s a yogi tea or something that has a powerful calming effect? I can look in to it if you want.
Good night my love. Sweet blissful dreams.
Or if you can’t sleep and need to occupy your mind, online shopping is pretty good right now lol. Apparently my mom has been online shopping when she can’t sleep lol. As long as she’s not watching late night infomercials and buying crap looooool. Oh wow I forgot about that. Lol You gotta learn somehow haha.
I’ll let you know any great beauty deals I come across. So far, it’s just that the champagne pop eos lip balm smells amazing. I got the set, but caramel brûlée is just vanilla and the snow one is alright. The champagne pop does smell like fruity champagne at first and then more like wine after. It has wine extract champagne extract lol. The egg is really pretty too. Shimmery rose gold kinda.
Alright, adios mi amorrrr.
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2020.11.23 15:10 wanderingbilby Beautiful mom porn pic

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