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2020.11.19 08:18 science_is-cool Gyno horny exam

Female, age 19 here. Just now found this subreddit and so glad I did! I got formally diagnosed with vaginismus about a month ago (I knew I had it prior to the official diagnosis).
I’ve never been able to insert a tampon or tolerate gynecologic exams, but I always thought this was because of my chronic yeast infections and BV. However, my chronic yeast and BV have subsided since I no longer wear underwear (except when on my period) and take probiotics. I tried to insert a tampon when I had no infection and when it was impossible to do so, I knew something else was wrong.
When I saw my gynecologist a month ago and told her my infections were finally gone but that I was having issues inserting tampons, she attempted to examine me and it was impossible due to my muscle spasms and pain. She immediately recommended surgery to get botox injections to relax the muscles down there and also physical therapy.
Last week, I had the procedure, which involved a pelvic exam, removal of 2 benign hymenal remnants (that had mild chronic inflammation according to the biopsy), and the botox injections, all while under general anesthesia, only lasting a total of about 30 minutes. My gyno also found some type of issue with my urethra having an opening to my vagina that I was apparently born with, so she fixed that too while I was under!
It has been a week since my procedure and I have been on my period since 2 days after the procedure (which was uncomfortable since I was already bleeding from the surgery anyway). last I checked, when I looked down there, my vagina actually look open and more like a hole rather than closed up! and the remnants were gone of course too!
I haven’t tried to insert a tampon yet, since I’m not sure how long I have to wait to insert anything into the vagina after that type of procedure.
I see my gyno for a post-op appointment on December 8 and am going to try to insert a tampon during my next period! I’m excited and nervous, but I think it will be good!
UPDATE: today (11/25/20) has been 2 weeks since my procedure. so I tried to insert a tampon and it actually went in!!!!!! I didn’t actually release the tampon since I’m not on my period rn, but it did go in! without getting too graphic, I could also put my finger in!! much farther than expected!! I’m so so happy rn!!! good luck to all the ladies on here too! I’m here for any questions!
(Weird) SIDE NOTE: I have been super horny ever since my procedure and I don’t know why🤔it’s kind of ironic...
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2020.10.29 22:22 BrilliantMaterial6 Horny gyno exam

Hi! I've been a lurker on and off for around 2-3 years now. I don't have the "ultimate" success story (i.e. sex) but I thought I'd share my story in case it's helpful for anyone. SUPER LONG POST, but I wanted to get this off my chest.
First Attempts
I'm now 23, but I first attempted sex with my ex at 19. I grew up in a conservative immigrant household that never talked about sex, I never tried to insert a tampon or anything at all. We tried penetration for a couple of months and couldn't even insert a finger, let alone have sex.
First Encounters With Doctors/PTs
I went to student health at my school - which was an incredibly awkward and uncomfortable experience, with the nurse trying to force a q-tip in me while I was in tears, and everyone trying to tell me that it was normal and I just need to "have some wine and relax". This was pretty traumatizing so I put it off for a while, until I couldn't deal with the negative toll that this problem was taking on our relationship, so I mustered up the courage to go again and get another doctor. After another painful attempt at finger insertion, the doctor basically told me I could do an exam under anesthesia to see if there's anything wrong physically, but I was probably better off seeing a PT. So I did. PT session was basically the same thing, with the PT trying to educate me on the pelvic muscles and insert a finger while I was in pain. I was paying out-of-pocket and it wasn't quite working for me, so I stopped going.
By then I was 21, but then I put this off for another year because I was busy out of college and I also broke up with my ex and wasn't having any love/sex life.
Last year I moved to a new city, tried seeing another PT at a place that specialized in vaginismus. This PT was the first person that suspected something was off physically. She said there seemed to be extra tissue at the vaginal opening, some skin adhesion, and suspected lichen sclerosis. She said I should go to a gyno that actually knew what they were doing and directly tell them that a PT suspects lichen sclerosis.
The gyno that I then saw tried to do another one of those painful finger insertion exams, but couldn't because I was in pain, and she suggested an exam under anesthesia and if they decide it's necessary, they'll remove any extra tissue right on the spot. So the procedure took place in August - turns out they couldn't even insert a finger when I was under anesthesia, so they just went ahead and did a hymenotomy and removed extra tissue.
Recovery process was completely painless. This is supposed to be a super minor procedure - I literally felt zero pain afterwards, and I think the most you're supposed to feel was mild discomfort. You're not supposed to insert anything for 2 weeks though. Back then I was seeing someone, so right after those 2 weeks we tried fingering (which was infinitely easier and almost effortless) and sex once or twice, which failed. I felt defeated again. In my mind, this surgery was supposed to magically solve everything, but it didn't. It wasn't just a physical problem - I still had vaginismus.
But I tried to insert dilators again and soon realized that I was having a much easier time. Gradually over the past two months, I dilated regularly (5-6 times a week) was able to get to the biggest one. AND I FINALLY FELT LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN AGAIN. I can't even express in words how happy I feel.
Life takes interesting turns, and I'm not seeing this guy anymore (for non-vaginismus reasons), so it's funny that after so much buildup and anticipation I can't currently put this into practice with a real penis lol. I'm sure there'll still be a learning curve to go from biggest dilator to penis/actual sex, but I'm so so proud of my progress and I know now it'll just be a matter of time.
Here's some general advice that I have, and I'll be happy if it helps even one more person in this subreddit:
Seek professional help early, and get second opinions. Many people out there will tell you you're just nervous or tight or you have vaginismus. Don't be satisfied with those answers if you've experienced difficulties for a long time. Ask questions and push harder. I used to suspect all the time that there was something anatomical that was making it A LOT harder than it was supposed to be, but I dismissed those suspicions. I attempted fingering for almost 2 years before I could barely do it - and it turns out the procedure was actually necessary.
PT might not work for everyone. PT actually made it a lot harder to achieve progress for me and reinforced negative associations. Even AFTER my hymenotomy, the doctor inserting a finger in me was still incredibly painful, even though it was completely painless with the guy I was seeing. I was comfortable with him, but tense up naturally in a hospital/exam type environment - and I felt that there was no way for me to get around that. It's honestly traumatizing to me, even though doctors/PTs were all relatively nice and gentle. Undoubtedly, PT has been helpful for many people here, but just know that you're also free not to opt for PT and try on your own for a while if that works for you better. A good partner sometimes can help a lot - I felt so good from his fingering that ever since then, I could only get REALLY turned on, rather than horrified, at the idea of something inside me. This was probably unimaginable 1-2 years ago.
Practical tips. I usually sit on my bed with my back leaned against the wall and my legs naturally spread out. At the beginning, it's helpful to use a mirror and your own finger. With your finger, you can learn to be familiar with how your vagina is "structured" overtime and try to feel pleasure with it (compared to a plastic dilator). If you can't "see" your opening or get a finger in, try pushing your pelvic floor out (as if you were using the bathroom). This is counterintuitive, but is honestly a MAJOR game changer and I wish I found out earlier. About 1-2 inches in there's kind of a little "bump" and this is normal. You should insert your fingedilator at a steeper angle at the opening, and a flatter angle about 1-2 inches in. You shouldn't feel any unbearable pain, at most soreness and discomfort. If you do feel pain, you're tense (even if you don't realize you are). Breathe, relax, stop there for a while and massage the surrounding areas with your dilatofinger. Work your way up the sizes, but also be patient and proud of your progress!
Lube. KY Jelly stung - it just wasn't working for me, it hurt and got sticky really fast. Use Slippery Slope, and a LOT of it! Luckily I know how to cum clitorally, so I sometimes orgasm before dilating to make sure I'm well lubricated and relaxed, but it's never too much lube.
Mindset. I'm sure many people share my sentiment that the opening seems SO tiny that you can't imagine how a penis is ever gonna fit in. But somehow it just works, and you tricking your mind into trusting that "it works" is SUCH a big part of the equation. Mental gymnastics is key here. And also think of this as training your pelvic muscles as if you were lifting weights. Your vagina will adapt over time. Trust that.
Connect with your body, take control of your own sexuality. I can't emphasize how important this is. When I was 19 or 20, I was horrified at the idea of any penetration. Now its hard for me to cum from masturbating unless I watch penetration scenes. Start from touching your own vagina, loving it, and being comfortable with it. Develop your sexual fantasies and start actually wanting penetration. Watching porn helps A LOT - it can also reinforce the idea that it's hot, pleasurable and penises can actually go in there. You need to develop positive psychological associations - these make a HUGE difference. I have a high libido (which makes this situation a lot more unfortunate), and when I'm horny, anything's easier. If possible, learn to masturbate if you're not already doing it. I used to be scared of even touching my own vaginal opening, and now I'm able to have some pretty intense orgasms from fingering and clitoral stimulation, to the point where I feel like actual sex will be very underwhelming when I'm so self-sufficient.
Well, this is it - if you're still reading, kudos to you and I hope this was helpful in some way! Meanwhile, I'll also be grateful for any advice on transitioning from dilators to sex and first sex experiences. I'm still a 23 yo virgin, but I'm trying to get into the right mindset that there's nothing wrong with that, and I'll get there someday. I know how tough this can be, but we're all in this together :)
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2020.08.28 18:00 Dolphin_Moon !! PLEASE Looking to see if anyone has had similar situation. Tips on pain management !! (I am slowly losing it) Too young for a lap?

Hi ladies!!
I (21) have posted in a few subreddits before, I apologize if I am repeating myself but this situation happened so suddenly I am looking to see if ANYONE has similar pains and story. I am going to try to start from the beginning.
I got my period at the age of 10. End of 4th grade. I was overweight which I think added to it. Heavy, I did miss a few days of school not all the time though, felt gross first 3 days did not do much. By 7th grade, so around 12-13 I lost some weight through changing eating habits. Period got manageable. I don't remember anything quite painful during middle school years. I gained weight back again in freshman year of HS, 50lbs, and exercise went down. Remember a few periods which left me bedridden, but again nothing quite sticks out as if it was "abnormal". My diet, exercise routine and weight has ALWAYS seemed to affect my hormones.
Summer before sophomore year of HS, i started running 5 miles everyday and lost 50lbs in 3 months. healthy, felt good, definitely was a bit too skinny but went from 180 to 130 at age 15. My period stopped for 10 months, august 2014 to june 2015. I started rowing crew, and was doing rigorous exercise all the time, but once my muscle levels leveled out I feel like my body thought it was okay to start menstruating again. I was not worried about losing my period since I knew losing the weight and different routine from going to sedentary to extremely active definitely was the root cause, known as the female athletic triad.
Late 2015 to when I get my period back it started slow, became normal. In past entries of journaling I read back and did not complain at my period a lot. Once again only days 1-3 was I kept from doing stuff but still was able to go for a light walk and or jog. I stopped rowing senior year of HS in 2017, gained weight back and periods were moreso the same. I think a bit heavier but again, nothing quite stood out.
When I stopped rowing, my libido seemed to shoot up. I was HORNY as HELL for a 18 year old, and the exercise defiantly curbed it I think. Since I was 18 I would talk about my sex drive all the time it was like my vagina was BEGGING to get pregnant. It wasn't even fun horny ya know? It was annoying, feeling like my cooch was on fire.
I started college majorly horny, I have never been on birth control, only used condoms during sex, I didn't see a point in BC since I was 1)not having sex often enough and 2) did not need something to fluctuate my weight more. Never experienced pain with sex, and I have a few sex toys (ahhh!) that I never had pain with. Starting period tracking with an app Kindara in sophomore year of college when i had a boyfriend (since we had sex without condoms and i was not on any bc...yeah that was bad choice) and started majorly exercising again on my own, changing diet and slowly lost the weight I gained in 2017, took until late 2019 to lose at a much slower pace. Still majorly horny, sex drive in overload, quite abnormal tbh, but I always figured since I got my period earlier, I have always just been ahead of everyone else in fertility wise.
2019 and early 2020 I was running everyday and working out for hours again. Getting my ass in shape. I was able to run during my periods (lightly!) and then all of a sudden I got a foot injury. I had to stop running and my exercise routine tanked in May and could not really fully break a sweat like I wanted until mid July again of this year. I have also been sitting more for working at home with my internship since April, and not living in a city so my movement has also decreased.
Ok so here's the kicker. I had my period july 20-27. It was a little long, but i thought ok...its from the fact i have not intensely exercised like I have been for the past two months or so. It was light and brown at the end anyways. Night of August 4th, so I presume my day of ovulation, I was mAJORLY stressed. We lost power at our house from a major hurricane, my boss who i built a great relationship with for my internship was fired, we had a major yellow jacket infestation in our house, we tried leaving town to my apartment in the city (which i have been still paying for and have not even been living there due to covid), and there were so many roadblocks from the store it took us an extra 2 hours to get there when it usually is just a 45 min drive. I was so stressed. and then on top of it! my apartment building changed the LOCKS on my BEDROOM DOOR, without telling me! And a smoke alarm was going off for no reason. It was midnight, and I broke down in hysterics. I was so tired and stressed from everything and worried would have to sleep in the car. We luckily got into my room but was still majorly stressed as this was the second time this summer we majorly lost power and running water for days and I am trying to work from home as a student and be professsional on top of my dad who is a raging alcoholic with stage 4 cancer. Sorry just a lot. Oh and still a minor foot injury!
I wake up that morning after barely sleeping, day 15 of my cycle and I am bleeding.
I figured out ovulation bleeding. Nope it turns into a full blown period aug 5- aug 10. It is HEAVY, looks like I had a miscarriage (no change of pregnancy or STDS) . I was bloated and felt gross. I got a second period, 15 days after my last one??? I had trouble sleeping I was so bloated and felt so gross. I stopped bleeding after five days but pain in my lower left pelvic area would not stop and intensified. And I was so bloated. Could not eat without feeling sick. It felt like I was being stabbed in my left ovary. I was crying so much from pain and been feeling suicical. I saw a OBGYN who said I had a ruptured ovarian cyst and could feel it just from the gyno exam. I was like yeah makes sense. But that night I could not sleep at all. I was crawling on the floor with pain. Only relief I got was from standing up and walking if ANYTHING, lying down and sitting was excruciatingly painful.
I have now been to the ER twice, and saw 3 different obgyns who are absolutely dumbfounded. I am crying constantly, this pain in my left side moves from feeling like I am being punched and then something is burning inside of me, to then up my vagina? Like up the left side of my vaginal wall behind my cervix? Or maybe it is my cervix? I had two transvaginal ultrasounds and it was horrible when the tech put it to the left of my vagina I started to cry and scream, felt like my vaginal canal was being ripped (and I have a dildo that is MUCH bigger than that wand they use with no issue before this). CT scan, and all ultrasounds came back normal. I am stuck. I have not slept in weeks, now almost a month and completely lost a sense of myself. I am still having pain from my left ovary, then it rotates to like the left side of my the back of my vaginal wall, feeling like an intense pinch, then other times feels like my uterus is going to fall out. My entire pelvic floor is tense and I cannot relax it. I am having trouble pooping, but not sure if that is related. I have always had to pee frequently in my life, but once again can not tell if that is amplified.
ALSO my ENTIRE cycle changed. I was getting my period on the 20 of each month, and after that "new period" on august 5, I thought oh ok, I am still supposed to bleed on august 20, NOPE nothing. So I am assuming my new period will start September 5th now? I had major ovulation on day 14 of this "new cycle". all my vaginal discharge is normal, smells normal, I do not think this is an infection but I have had bloodwork done and no known fever. It is definitely on the left side of my pelvic area, but sometimes I get pangs on the right ovary too. I tried masturbating last night, and I could feel the left side cramp extra, and then I wanted to try to use my dildo to gage the pain. It hurt but not as bad as I thought i will admit, but still did not feel normal when I shifted it to the left, and don't really imagine myself enjoying sex anytime soon.
I am scared. I am worried. Could endo really come on so quickly as if stress triggered it? The specialist I saw said its rare, but not entirely impossible. But to have such severe symptoms so fast that it becomes a constant daily pain problem is highly unusual. He just gave me BC pills, but i am waiting until i start my period at least to see how it goes without BC. No family history of endo. And i DO NOT think it was a cyst. All my scans came back clear, even if fluid was in the abdomen when I was bloated showed nothing. Has anyone ever experience a whole cycle change? I just want someone to open me up already to take a look but since I am "21" and "young" they do not recommend it. But I cannot function like this in this pain. Please if anyone has ANY idea, or similar story I am begging here. I am feeling really suicidal :/
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2018.11.16 23:58 SkyeRibbon Horny exam gyno

Hey I'm posting this 6 hours early cuz I'm about to go to my sil's birthday party. Feel free to take down if its still too early, I'll just repost at appropriate time. :) love you mods! 😘
So, I'm back. Not with another story so much a recurring theme that my jnsm had with me. Weight. Common enough.
During my childhood jnsm weighed something like just under 400 pounds. Which, you know, isn't an issue in itself, I'm a big girl myself and I hate trashing people based on looks or weight. Can't do it. She could though. She was a hug hypocrite when it came to my weight, she would praise me when I wouldnt eat, yelled about my weight so severly that I had bulimia for about 2 years...that se didn't notice...for one very firm logical reason.
Apparently I was pregnant for four years. Edit: this rolled into the bulimia, because everytime I would throw up she was in my face (while vomiting) screaming that she knew it, I was pregnant. Flu, period, eating disorder, I wasnt allowed to be sick. Very physically and emotionally exhausting. Me and my partner got together just before my 15th birthday (still together with a baby on the way ty very much) and she was obsessed with the idea that I was pregnant. Oh but not by him. I was a whore that was cheating on this good boy, and he would never stay with me because, in her words, I would ruin his life because I wouldn't make it out of high school without getting pregnant, she guaranteed it. I was a virgin til my 19th birthday lol
This came to a head in two situations. Me and partner were and ARE very touchy feely and we went to a music festival one day in my home town. We had an ice cube fight with my friends, we slow danced, we kissed under the stars under a big willow tree it was a great night. Stepmom decides to loudly announce to my friend group about what a slut I am and proceeds to reveal every single thing i'd written about partner in my diary. Luckily good stuff; but I was 15 and a hormonal so it was 90% sexual tension and attraction. She told him that if those were my true feelings about him, he shouldn't be with someone so slutty who obviously only wanted his body.
Partner was a 15 almost 16 year old boy. Homie was thrilled lmao. But she was hellbent on breaking us up, solely because partner is, to put bluntly, a genius. He's ridiculously smart and successful at everything he does, handsome to boot, and all in all a really caring thoughtful guy. So...tell a horny teenager that his girlfriend wants his dick. Good call stepmother. Gooood call.
The next situation that arose from this is kind of a two parter? So I'm still pretty sure this was staged. She told me one day that my high school had called and was demanding that I report my pregnancy to the front office for safety reasons. Obviously I was offended and demanded to know what office worker had asked. She refused. Profusely. After that whenever I was at school I had nearly all the teachers I had and all the teachers jnsm was friends with demanding to know if I was pregnant flat out, calling me irresponsible, alluding to the horrors of birth, alluding to the difficulty of teenage prengnancy and motherhood. My health/debate teacher was the only one who was polite and asked what was up, and I ended up crying my heart out to her. She was piiiissed. Took a few weeks but the questioning stopped until the hall moniter bitch was like "but your tummy is so round are you sure?" I yelled at her that I'm naturally like that, that if that was a valid reason this must be a record for longest pregnancy and that I was a fucking virgin. Got home and was called a liar and a slut some more. 🙍 No baby ever popped out.
And what she did next as a result was terrible. So for context, when I was 6, I was raped. Well over it at this point but at 16 I wasn't. She knew this. And she decided to gloat and brag about how awful a pelvic exam was, that is was painful, it was violating and scared me to death, vowing I'd never get one! Oh but Ribbon....I scheduled your slutty ass one so we can put you on birth control so your poor boyfriend doesn't get baby trapped or is heartbroken when you inevitably cheat on him.
So I was forced to basically consent to be sexually assaulted again.(By no fault of my gyno! She was sweet!) Kicker was that jnsm decided to lie to her beforehand saying I was sexually active...LOL gyno called her on that bullshit. Theres no way someone who was actively scared of a clinical exam was having sex. Score 1 me. Score 2 her for forcibly medicating me AGAIN. With ANOTHER medication that led to long term complications.
So. Yeah thats all I remember about that situation. Next time I'll see if I can piece together about how she stole all my money lol Again sorry if its a little all over the place, questions on holes are WELCOME. I probably missed a bunch of stuff. Again my memory is weird so things come back to me sporadically, I'm very open about this.
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2018.04.17 20:02 NotYourAverageTomBoy Horny gyno exam

Title says gyno, but he's just a regular dr.
I've been having unusually long periods that are also unusually heavy. When I told my dr he offered to do an exam. The first visit I declined because I've been sexually assaulted in the past and I'm not comfortable with a male dr down there.
Well, 3 mnths later I was still having the same problem and at my next visit I mentioned it and he offered again, and at this point I just wanted it all to stop. ("It" being my period problems.) So I worked up my courage and agreed.
Bow, this dr is young, maybe a few years older than me and I'm 34. And he is insanely hot. So of course that made me even more uncomfortable. Him being married made me feel a little better, but the nurse who was there was barely paying attention to what was going on.
It starts off typical, feet in stirrups, and making sure my body is lower on the table so he can get a good view, etc..
Then comes the part where he has to feel inside of me with his fingers to check for irregularities. But even though he had a perfect view of my lady bits, the first thing he touched was my clit. I was currently on my period at the time, but it wasn't heavy at all and there was virtually no blood. But here's something people might not know. During your period, a woman becomes super horny, and sensitive. So when he touched me, I definitely felt it, but I made no indication that I did. Yes, instinctually it felt amazing, but I kinda freaked out internally. It wasn't a quick graze, it was more like, well, ever see that video of the guy being frisked and the cop grabs something, feeling around, then asks what it is and the perp says, "that's my dick." and the cop surprisingly lets go and is embarrassed? Well, that's kinda how it went, like he didn't know what he was touching or something.
I'm not deformed down there or anything, I look completely normal from any other girl. How could he have been confused?
Then he quickly, as if realizing what he was doing, pulled away and tried his best at giving me the proper exam. But I could feel him shaking. His entire body was shaking, and he could barely talk.
He eventually gave up the exam claiming he couldn't do it properly for some reason, and suggested I make an appt at a gyno. But even while he was doing paperwork and asking me questions not pertaining to the exam, he was visibly shaking and stuttering.
I was mortified and even during the exam started to cry out of embarrassment. Not because of what he did, although it was embarrassing, it was because I'm not comfortable with my body, heck, I don't even let my bf see me completely naked.
Do you think it was all an honest mistake?
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2017.09.18 18:59 UniquelyNameless Horny gyno exam

My period is 2 months late,I am not pregnant,I took the test. I made an appointment with the gyno and it will be my real first time there. I don't know what to expect,will they do any exams or something? Or would it be just talking? I was at the gyno when i was 13 but they couldn't do much because I was virgin. I am no longer virgin and I'm 18. And should I ask for hormone test? I noticed changes in my overall appearance (gaining weight fast) and my sex drive varies from no will at all to being horny 24hrs a day and I am not joking.
Sorry if this post is a mess,I am a mess right now. If i wasn't clear,ask me to explain.
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2016.01.10 23:11 alexgodden Horny gyno exam

I haven't been posting, but I have been reading and learning so much from you wonderful ladies, so I wanted to share my success story. I found it so reassuring during my TTC journey to read real-life examples of people who conceived just fine in their 30s, as an antidote to all the people who kept telling me it was too late. So here it is, and I hope it gives some hope and comfort back to this community, I owe you all.
So, my husband and I decided to start trying in March last year. I am 37 and he is 32. We were married in May 2014 and wanted to get a few career and financial ducks in a row, and enjoy being married for a bit, before trying. Everyone kept telling me that as I was (gasp) over 35 I had to get on with it ASAP or I would lose my chance, so we started trying to hint that we probably didn't want kids, just to shut people up. We could have started trying right away but we truly didn't feel ready, and didn't think at my age (36 when we got married) that another year would make that much difference.
I was convinced it would be really hard to conceive anyway. I've been on the pill pretty much continuously since I was 14 years old - over 20 years. I was over the magical age of 35. My husband is a fairly heavy smoker which I had heard lowers sperm count. We both admit to having been careless with birth control various times in our 20s and had always been "lucky" - which felt to us like a sign we're not particularly fertile. We agreed we'd try naturally and maybe fertility drugs, but not IVF - if things got that hard we'd adopt. Yes, we had those conversations first because we were so convinced (by the media and friends) that getting pregnant after 35 was really really hard.
So, I stopped taking birth control pills at the end of January, and we used condoms for a month on the recommendation of my gynecologist (she said that if we got pregnant while my body was recovering from the pill a miscarriage might be more likely). We started trying officially at the start of March, on my husband's birthday. The first two months I wasn't too disappointed when my period came, I didn't expect it to happen right away. I started tracking my cycle and cervical mucus, and noticed that as my body adjusted to not being on the pill, I got really horny around ovulation time. We were definitely trying enough at the right times to get me pregnant. By the time September rolled around and we'd been trying for 6 months with no luck, my husband raised the question of us getting tested. I think he wanted to find out the problem was him, as he didn't want me to feel guilty for having old ovaries, but I knew the problem was more likely to be mine. I agreed to book an appointment with my gyno, and if my parts were all working OK then he could go for a checkup after.
I went to my appointment and they agreed to run some tests, but first wanted to check I wasn't pregnant already, so I gave a urine sample. The nurse giving me my breast exam commented that they felt swollen, and asked if I was pregnant. It turns out I was! Only 4 weeks so a very faint line, so they did a blood test to check, and there it was: HCG level of 212. Definitely pregnant!
I honestly don't know which bit made me happier - finding out, or telling my husband. We were both prepared for this to be really hard, to take ages, to need tests and hormone shots and months of heartache. We did it in 6 months and our LO is due at the end of June - we're hoping he/she will be late and born on the 4th July, which is also my MILs birthday.
So there is my story - 37 year old with a lot of bad environmental factors gets pregnant naturally after 6 months of trying. My husband smoked, I did occasionally too. We both drink alcohol regularly. I was on the pill for years. I was in a high-stress job. I was 37 in case I didn't mention that already!!! But it still worked. Because being over 30 or even 35 isn't the death knell to fertility that the media and your friends would have you believe.
I know it is harder for some couples and I really don't mean to gloat, just to give a bit more hope to people worried they left it too late. Good luck and baby vibes to you all.
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2014.07.14 15:23 Polaritical [Rant] Fuck the women's clinic at my school

So, I've been having some sort of problem for months now. I knew I needed to see my gyno, but it's a pain in the butt for me to go see her at her clinic. So I decided I'd just have an appointment at my schools women clinic. Now, I've already had a really poor experience there. I went there to get tested for STIs once. The nurse then looked at me like I was insane when I explained that I had never had penetrative sex. She made me feel like I was insane for wanting to get tested. I tried to explain that while nobody had actually inserted their penis INSIDE my vagina, there had been plenty of genital to genital touching with multiple partners and that I wouldn't feel comfortable continuing on with my life until I got tested. She made me feel silly and ignorant even though the entire appointment took 30 minutes and that included her checking the placement of my Mirena, which I was overdue for anyway. It was hardly a waste of anybody's time
So my current health issues. I started taking ADHD meds again which cause vaginal dryness, so at first I attributed changes to the start of new medication. But then I noticed a change in odor and I experienced frequent itching. I then started to notice that after hooking up or masturbating, I would experience a pain in my clitoral and urethra area. This kept getting worse and worse. Even trying to watch my vulva with soap in the shower would lead to 30 minutes of excruciating stinging. Sometimes, peeing alone would have a stinging sensation. however, it wasn't regular. It would come and go over the course of months. I've noticed a change in not my libido but in my sexual habits. I'm basically horny as hell all the time now, but unable and uninterested in actually doing anything. Hooking up with others has become uncomfortable. At first I thought maybe my partner just wasn't in tune with my body. Whenever I try to masturbate, however, I experience the same disinterested apathy. I think about sex constantly and my dreams have gone from very rarely being sexual in nature to basically being a non-stop porno. Whenever I try and do anything about it in real life, it's as if my genitals haven't gotten the memo and just don't care anymore. I've had issues even becoming aroused and unable to even get close to orgasming in over a month. I have looked into UTI, yeast infection, STI (highly unlikely considering my timeline of symptoms and sexual activity timeline), and even vaginismus.
Now, clearly something is up with my vagina. So I tried to schedule an appointment at the women's clinic in my school. The woman who answered refused to give me an appointment until I explained to her what the problem was. Now, I'm sitting in my school computer lab which has quite the echo. I explain to her I'm not really comfortable because not only am I in public but I have a myriad of fairly personal symptoms that I just don't feel comfortable discussing over the phone. She tells me that she can't schedule an appointment because she doesn't know who to schedule it with. I tell her that I really would like to see a gynecologist (vaginismus is something that I had never heard of before my recent bout of health problems, but something that it seems like I've had for quite a while, well before my recent problems). She says she can't do that. So I say that I'll take anybody in the women's clinic if she's unwilling to schedule me with a gyno.
She then transfers me to a nurse who makes me play a game where she lists of possible symptoms and I either confirm that I have them or say I don't. She says that it seems like I might have a bladder infection. I tell her that I don't think that's the problem. She asks me if she's missed any major symptoms, and I tell her that yes, she has. She asks me what they are and I repeat that I'm not comfortable discussing IN DETAIL my vaginal health problems over the phone.
Finally, she agrees to schedule an appointment with a regular doctor who has previously worked in the women's clinic. The room isn't going to be equipped for a gynecological exam, which I'm fairly certain I need and regardless, I want to have. The entire reason I want to go to a doctor is so that I can discuss my problems in a room with someone who knows what they're talking about and who can deal with whatever the problem may be. I don't want a random woman who isn't a doctor to decide whether or not I DESERVE a gynecologist. It shouldn't matter what my symptoms are. If I say I feel like I want a vaginal exam, they should allow me to schedule one. It's not a waste of their time because my insurance will be paying either way. Not only that, but I told them that while it was unlikely, it was POSSIBLE it could be an STI and that testing certainly wouldn't hurt.
I have no idea why if someone calls saying they have a MYRIAD of vaginal problems right now and they want an appointment to get a gynecological exam including a possible STI testing, why that person is now being told to go see a GP for a bladder infection. If I thought it was a general health problem, I'd schedule with my own personal GP. The fact that I'm experiencing CLITORAL pain would really make me think that perhaps this is something that should be seen by someone experienced in vaginal issues in a room equipped for a vaginal exam. I shouldn't have to feel like I'm in the spanish inquisition just to make a fucking appointment.
If planned parenthood wasn't over and hour and half bus ride away, I would never bother to deal with my schools outright rude clinic ever again. They have repeatedly made me embarrassed and stupid, despite the fact that I'm not the kind of person easily embarrassed and the fact that I'm fairly well informed.
TL;DR: Try to schedule an appointment because I'm been having multiple genital health issues over the course of several months. Am told that they won't schedule an appointment with a gynecologist unless I describe in detail the specific nature of each symptom I've been having, even after I explain that I'm uncomfortable doing so in public, on the phone, with someone who isn't my doctor. I say I'm willing to settle to see a nurse as long as it's in the women's clinic (they're the only place that has stirrups) They guess what my symptoms are and I either confirm or deny that I have them. When I explain that she has missed several pertinent symptoms, she schedules me with a GP in a normal exam room which is unequipped for a vaginal exam, despite me explaining that I want one and that testing for STI's isn't a bad idea either. Apparently women have to undergo questioning like their under arrest just to schedule an appointment at the women's clinic.
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2012.06.02 13:44 noorgasmos Horny gyno exam

I don´t know a lot about my vagina. I was brought up religious and internalized the idea of my genitals being completely off limits until marriage. I used to think about sex and get aroused a lot when I was younger...before puberty, after puberty, and knowing I felt something happening down there but didn´t understand and thought it was wrong to explore. In the past year or so I´ve been attempting to sexually liberate myself. I´ve shed my religion, gotten over the guilt of porn and masturbation, started listening to Dan Savage, only to arrive at my first big-girl-sexual-experience to find out that I cannot be penetrated. Whoops.
The first time I ever masturbated I was 18, accidentally came across a porn video, which made me curious to look up another, then another and another until the feeling got so strong I squeezed my legs together until I came. Three years later, I have been threw this same practice hundreds of times and it is the only way I´ve ever been able to get myself off.
I have tried fingering myself, but with having vaginismus (I´m self-diagnosing, have gone to a gyno who told me everything was normal even though the exam hurt like a bitch even when she used the pediatric probe, and I just needed to relax) it just feels like my vagina is about an inch or two deep, and putting a finger anywhere near my vagina can sometimes feel kind of good, but does nothing to bring me anywhere close to an orgasm.
I only learned what the clitoris was about a year ago. This may sound ridiculous...but I had no idea that it even existed, and thought ¨clit¨ was a synonym for ¨vagina.¨ Since learning, I have tried playing with my clit, and it does feel good, but no matter how much I play with it I cannot have an orgasm.
I started seeing a new guy about two months ago. We fell really hard for each other, I get butterflies in my stomach every time I see him, get super wet just from kissing him, never felt this way before about anyone...but as you can imagine the sex is terrible. I used to give my previous boyfriend oral a lot, like A LOT, because it turns out I love sucking dick. I would suck dick all day if I could.
This new guy is one of these rare (god, I hope they´re rare) guys that has no interest in blow jobs, or hand jobs, or any combination of the two. He basically does not want me to touch his dick at all unless it´s with the inside of my vagina. He has begrudgingly let me blow him a few times, but always ends up rolling his eyes and telling me he´s sorry but he just doesn´t like it.
We´ve tried penetration a lot. He can fuck about two or so inches of my vagina, but if he hits a certain point it hurts really bad. This is really tricky, because if I do it correctly I can get him off without it hurting, or with just a few ¨owww¨s that I put up with because I love making him cum, but this does nothing to get me anywhere toward orgasm.
He plays with my clit a lot with his hand/fingers but this also cannot make me cum. It feels good, can even feel amazing, but brings me nowhere near orgasm.
So usually our sex life is like this: we´ll mess around, both get super horny, he´ll penetrate what he can of my vagina and cum, he´ll try to get me off with his hand either before or after (or both) the penetration. I tell him I haven´t cum and am nowhere close, we give up and that´s that.
Like I´ve said, I´ve tried using my own hand to get myself off both with him there and by myself (only a few times with him, a lot by myself). The only thing that ever works is squeezing my legs together really hard (which I´ve never done while with him or any other guy). I do like just messing around with him, the foreplay is really enjoyable and I do like making him cum when I can. But it´s very frustrating for both of us. The last time we were messing around, he had his hand down my pants for about half an hour, I told him I was nowhere near orgasm and he finally screamed in frustration, ¨I don´t know what you want!!!¨
I do want him to try going down on me to see if that will do it, but he doesn´t want to. He did go down on me as foreplay the first few times we had sex, but always over my underwear, and very briefly. I´ve asked him too a few times, but he tells me he doesn´t want to unless I´ve just taken a shower. One of these times I had taken a shower about an hour ago, but he told me that he didn´t want to unless I had just come out of the shower. I don´t know if he´s had bad experiences with smelly vaginas in the past or if he just doesn´t want to and is making up some silly reason not to. Is it even possible him giving me oral would make me cum if using fingers does not?
So I´m at a loss. The shitty thing is is that my libidio is very high. I masturbate a lot, like multiple times a day, but the past month or so that I´ve been seeing this guy I´ve been trying to stop, at least cut back dramatically, because I don´t want this to be so goddamn ingrained in my brain as the only way I can reach orgasm, and I also have a theory that this maybe be part of the problem with the vaginismus that every time I get horny my vagina´s instinct is to clamp together.
WHY REDDIT WHY. I feel like this is such a weird sexual problem to have and have no idea what to do.
TL;DR: Physically can´t be penetrated, can´t come from playing with clit, boyfriend not into giving or receiving oral, super horny, can only cum from squeezing my legs together. What can I do?
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