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2020.11.29 08:45 Moszerker Cam 4 cam india

Really love the game, but I believe there are some very fixable issues that hold it back from being all that it could, so I wanted to submit what I believe is some constructive criticism. I don't really follow this subreddit, so I'm not sure that Rare/dev's read it, but so I'm not just wasting my time having a giant rant, I plan to email/tweet them a link to this post so hopefully someone from Rare reads it. With that said, I wouldn't describe myself as a die hard veteran of the game and am also interested in hearing alternative perspectives or to be corrected if I'm misinformed/wrong from more experienced/invested people than me.
Before I start, things to know about me for context;

Hopefully that paints a good picture of my mindset and what I'm looking for in a long term game. Now onto my feedback!
To keep my feedback constructive, I've started by listing my problems with each system/mechanic and then my suggested changes below them. I also feel the need to clarify that a lot of my idea's play off each other, so some would need other suggestions to be changed/implemented to make them work.
Pirate Combat My problems To be clear, when I say "Pirate combat" I'm referring to the sword/gunplay against other players and PvE enemies. As a blanket statement, I would describe it as basic, repetitive, lacking in choice and unbalanced, which is so surprising as Rare have nailed the "boat v boat" combat which I imagine would normally be the harder thing to get right. My problems include;
My Suggestions I don't believe SoT is attempting to be a "twitch shooter" (correct me if I'm wrong), so in fitting with what I believe is/was Rare's vision of the game, I would make the following changes with the objective of creating more fun, varied and balanced "Pirate combat" while still maintaining the approachability;
New weapons; - Spear gun - Low damage projectile able to pin things to ground/wall for limited time. - Crossbow - Silent and able to shoot different types of arrows eg. Fire/Poison/Sleep. - Dual daggers - Fast and close range stabs, varied attack arc with low damage and low time between attack "bursts". - 2H boarding axe - Slow speed and large reach, horizontal/narrow swinging arc, typically sub optimal choice for combat, but able to do small damage to ships wheel/capstan/mast.
Changes to diversify/balance existing weapons; - Pistol - Should be Medium damage, medium range, medium reload, medium "clip" size eg. Damage: 35% body/60% head, Range: Medium, Reload: As is, Ammo: 1 chambered/5 reserve. - Blunderbuss - Should be High Damage, low range, slow reload, low "clip" size eg. Damage: 65% body/can't specifically head, Range: As is, Reload: 1.5x that of pistol, Ammo: 1 chambered/2 reserve. - Sniper - Should be High Damage, Long range, Slow reload, Medium "clip" size eg. Damage 40% body/85% head, Range: As is, Reload: 2x that of pistol, Ammo: 1 chambered/3 reserve. - Sword - Becomes medium speed, medium reach, arcing slashes. - Make a rock/papescissors style system with melee weapons block ability eg. Daggers > Sword, Sword > Axe, Axe > Daggers.
PvE Enemy variety My problems Pretty simple, the are not enough options in PvE enemy types. To be clear, I'm specifically talking about "Pirate combat" enemies as I do think the "Boat combat" enemy variety is just passable (More would never be bad though).
My suggestions There needs to be more "factions" eg. I consider there to be 2 factions currently there is skeletons and animals. The skeletons are varied enough eg. normal/golden/plant/ghosts/bosses, but the nature based enemies are way too bare bones... eg. in water there is sharks and on land you could maybe count snakes. I'd also like to see an enemy "power tier" that's between "grunt" and "boss" eg. "mini boss". On the top of my head, I'd love to see things like the following added;
*"Nature faction": Large Sea bird's that attacks from the sky (1 that swoops and 1 that poops from a distance), wild boar on islands that charges and knocks you back, scorpion that pops out of holes you dig when looking for treasure/bait, bat's you need to keep away with lantern when in caves (could act like Boo's from super Mario brothers), piranha like fish that swarms you in the water or sting ray that shoots barbs at you from the ocean.
Lack of long term progression My problems At first getting a good haul of treasure feels great and it's exciting to hand in all your loot and see all the money rolling in, but after you get some cosmetics for clothes/weapons/boat, I'd imagine most people stop caring about their gold (I probably stopped caring about 50-60 hours in) as it largely becomes useless. I've personally had approx. 5 people of an original 8-10 person discord I frequent stop playing due to this fact alone. I also feel it's too easy for a recently spawned/recently defeated crew to spawn a new boat and race to where you are and re-engage (sometimes at an advantage) as you're typically given virtually everything you need when you spawn a boat.
My suggestions As I've said above, I'm an MMO fan, so long term progression is something I love, but I also understand this game is more "session based", so it would go against what I understand to be Rare's vision of the game to make different stat's on clothes/weapons/boats etc. With that said, I believe they could add the following things to make each session feel more unique, to make exploring islands/sea "events" etc more beneficial, to slow down the ability to "kamikaze" after losing your loot to another crew, to create a meaningful reason to play the game for people who like progression and to make gold always have value.
That's everything!
Thanks for taking the time to read this and I'm really interested to hear everyone's feedback to my proposed changes etc.
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2020.11.25 06:52 sunnzy Cam 4 cam india

I like to avoid as many chinese apps on my phone as possible. Some are obvious (wechat), some are really tricky - didn't know that "cam scanner" is owned by chinese company, google play store shows it is developed by "Intsig" with a US address, no signs of chinese on their website
I've been checking all the apps on my phone against the list of 176 chinese apps banned in India
I am wondering if there's a more up to date list maintained somewhere or if there's a better way of doing this?
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2020.11.21 10:02 moviesneek1 Cam 4 cam india

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2020.11.20 02:44 PolitelySelective Cam 4 cam india

check this out: (some ideas for a better planet) Matthew 5: 27-28 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Luke 17:1 And he said to his disciples, “Temptations to sin are sure to come, but woe to the one through whom they come! better stop producing / uploading / watching those MVs... (or similar videos, pics, profile pictures, thumbnails, title names, headlines, usernames + harmful comments, bad words, lies, disrespect, harmful lyrics etc! on social media + everywhere else too. "Temptations to sin" / seduction etc. must stop) start deleting? censoring etc.? destroy your smartphones, cams, data storage devices etc? would be better. remove temptations / seduction + other evil things from TV, magazines, radio stations, broadcasting etc? would be better. many young people are watching those videos (or reading / typing harmful comments, or doing other bad things!) etc. all over the world. and its NOT ok! parents? (or people in authority): intervene?! seriously wait a minute... there is more: harmful drawings / comics etc, clothing / styles / hairstyles / behaviour, facial expressions, gestures, dancemoves, acting, exercises, sports etc. harmful things in video games, news, reports, interviews, vlogs, tutorials, movies, series, trailers, entertainment shows, (+ backgrounds + surroundings), books, art, artworks, calendars, posters, business flyers, catalogues, leaflets, packagings, stickers etc. (words, speeches (+ voice types, vocal color etc), music, sounds, visuals, references! etc.) harmful things in stores and online shops, advertisements + advertising, commercials... + better stop online dating and other harmful things! maybe.. support ocean or river! clean up organizations? (i think it is of high importance) (in india, pakistan, africa etc) + support animal welfare (animal shelters (money for food or new fluffy dog beds? blankets?, small fluffy carpets? 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(+ teamwork? / use tools and aids?) + gymnastic exercises for a strong back?, (+ protect (treat carefully) your joints, elbows, kneecaps etc! + your nerves!), + energy and resource saving concepts?, tasty / healthy food? (+ additional: instant soups?, ready meals?, canned foods? for hungry employees / night shift etc), (+ vegan cooking books? give it a try? at home?) + other improvements, beautifications, more safety, comfort etc. + spreading good mood? (less sadness etc) (+ please be careful: corona!)
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2020.11.12 16:41 rockettooblivion Cam 4 cam india

Hi car owners of india out there ! I am looking for a good dash cam for my Baleno. My budget is around 7k to 8k but can stretch upto 10k to 12k.
I want a dash cam to at least record a clear view of number plates of vehicles and whole lane scenario ahead (Not looking for any high-fi 4K-ish video quality)
I am thinking of getting one of the 70mai series dash cam. But I noticed that their official website redirects to AliExpress website when clicked on 'Buy Now' button., which kind of bugged me out.
I want to know if 70mai is a promising brand or should I look out for other expensive, well know options ? Your suggestions are highly appreciated if you are already using one !
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2020.11.12 13:59 satyakarthik1912 Cam 4 cam india

So I want to get into this hobby but there aren't many parts or sources for fpv drones here in india.
On the other side I am freaking out by the coustoms stories this isn't a dji drone it pretty much looks like diy drone(bad ass)
I have relatives who live in Us and uk can they bring a Fpv drone with them with the batteries in handbag The drone weighs around 400-500grms and 300-350$
The drone will have a small cam mounted in the front will I face any issues if they bring it in the luggage
Thank you.
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2020.11.12 13:57 satyakarthik1912 Did any one got the "fpv" drone through airport coustoms

So I want to get into fpv hobby but there aren't many parts or sources for fpv drones here in india.
On the other side I am freaking out by the coustoms stories this isn't a dji drone it pretty much looks like diy drone(bad ass)
I have relatives who live in Us and uk can they bring a Fpv drone with them with the batteries in handbag The drone weighs around 400-500grms and 300-350$
The drone will have a small cam mounted in the front will I face any issues if they bring it in the luggage
Btw are there any fpv pilots in hyd
Thank you.
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2020.11.10 07:00 DejectedBlossom Cam 4 cam india

From childhood, we have been taught that follow your dreams. If you dream to learn, be successful, work towards it. If you dream to have someone love you for who you are, work towards finding him. Families have always taught us that relationships are a two-way street, as you sow so shall you reap. You have to put in your efforts to get expect the same from other people. Are teachings just theoretical? Shouldn't we be taught about the conditions in which these can flourish?
Since I remember, I have always wanted to study, get educated, learn about the misgivings of the society and stood for what is right. I have worked hard and established myself to be self and financially independent. With such experience, I thought I am learned enough to judge people and find myself the right suitor. I don't dream of a fancy and lavish lifestyle or big vacations or expensive gifts, I wished to have someone who would notice me, what makes me laugh, what makes me cry, handle my mood swings and above all, respect me. Is it in a man's nature to be like that? Or is it expecting too much from a partner?
Such thoughts and questions never crossed my mind earlier. I have always seen my parents argue but eventually talk through stuff. If someone is unwell, the whole family comes to their rescue, and by unwell I don't mean just the physical illness. They have raised both me and my brother equally, empowering us to make our own decisions, never interfering in our personal decisions. The respect that they give me as a daughter, a woman and now as someone's daughter-in-law, I wonder if it will waiver once they welcome someone else's daughter as their own daughter-in-law.
During the initial months of my marriage, things were difficult but I guess it takes time to gel up in a new lifestyle, new cultures and societies. Slowly, I understood the difference in finances, lifestyle, routines, expectations and thinking. I tried to open up all my financials, lowered my expectations and reduced my ties with my parents. I hoped that if I learnt their ways, I'll be accepted here and eventually become a part of their family. How long do you think is a good time to try fitting in?
Today, it's been a year since I stepped into this house. I have had some happy moments, lots of brother-in-laws waiting in line to see if I want something and running outside to get my comforts. Sharing my thoughts with my mother-in-law, pampered my newly born nephew.
Recently, I read that endurance and pain is the price you pay to get happiness and joy. My in-laws think I'm useful only till the time I'm earning and spending on them. Even when their financial situations were tight, I cam forward and tried fulfilling their material wished on their birthdays. I know I can't cook but in the time of need I have helped in any way that I could. I know I'm not used to household chores, I have still kept the house presentable enough. I know I'm not that healthy enough but I still survived on 5 hours a day sleep because I had to manage office and home. I thought the price of endurance was being paid.
Every pain has a threshold, once crossed it all feels numb. I have been given only one section in a small cupboard for all my things, so I had to stay in suitcase for months at end. During the wedding, my in-laws asked for a lot of money to be spent on huge dresses etc, but now that I see, they never gifted me any expensive dress (I mostly got the leftover dresses that their daughter won't wear). I was supposed to be all dressed up every single day, no comfy clothes, as if I was some trophy wife. I was ridiculed for my health, my body, my missing knowledge of cooking and even my non-understanding of their dialect. I realized that my husband isn't spending a penny of his own earnings in the family, instead all my salary was being withdrawn. There were expectations that my family gift them extravagantly for any small occasion while all such gifts won't come down to me. We rented a flat in Gurgaon for my husband's job, but somehow I ended up paying its rent, supplies, white goods and everything else. When my parents gifted my husband a branded Rado's watch all he could say was they should have added a little more money and gifted a mobile phone. I am not allowed to go out of the house unaccompanied, hence need to be dependent on someone for my medicines, recreations, even walking exercises. Further, I am still not allowed to give some time to myself by sitting alone in my room. There should always be someone to keep an eye on me. I started crying uncontrollably, to which everyone got right to get angry and use dejections, foul words and even threats. As a last resort I started sharing this with my parents. I know I was stressing them out but they are the only ones who listen to me and understand me. Recently, they have ordered me not to talk to them at all because apparently I am not respecting this family and damaging the relationship I have. Am I right to feel suffocated? Is this emotional abuse? Does the relationship flourish only if one person puts in all the efforts?
There is such a huge difference between daughter and daughter-in-law. People want their daughters to have all the happiness, to live their lives lavishly, never to lift a finger at their homes and get to do whatever they feel like. On the opposite side, people also want their daughter-in-laws to be earning, doing all the household chores, tending to everyone and the house itself, never to speak up or have any wishes and to top it all never to feel sad or tired.
Such are the double standards of the institution of marriage in India. We want to our children to have good education, wear branded clothes, vacation in foreign countries, watch western movies but we don't want to broaden our thinking and understand to allow some space for a new member we are adding into our family. Instead, we want our family as intact with that new member as an optional support system, a business deal if you may, to increase our wealth at expense of another family.
So, parents should teach their children to follow their dreams but don't expect them to be all fulfilled. This way when the dreams shatter, one can hope that it will hurt less.
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2020.11.08 14:30 frieddurian Cam 4 cam india

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2020.11.07 13:07 Icy_Review_2785 Cam 4 cam india

CCTV Camera in Preet Vihar
Smart security is total security.
Now it's time to upgrade you with high security systems with CCTV camera installation in Preet Vihar, in this way CCTV camera for home offices are playing a vital role. There are various security cameras available for you like Dome cameras, Bullet cameras, high definition and Day/Night vision cameras much in demand. CPSECURITY is known as leading service provider in all over India. If you need to protect your Home, office, factory or any other premises so it is always a good option for you to install CCTV cameras. We are dealing in various CCTV brands for you in affordable price like CP Plus, HIK Vision, and Schneider Etc.
CCTV camera for home and commercial purposes
Security is the most vital issue everywhere, the demand for CCTV camera in Preet Vihar and CCTV camera installation in Preet Vihar has increased manifold. Gone are the days when security cameras were installed only in banks, etc. In this era, where no one can be trusted, such CCTV camera in Preet Vihar is even used by households. CPSECURITY is working in this direction to provide high-quality CCTV services in Preet Vihar at affordable rates. We have tried to show the importance of cams Preet Vihar, best CCTV camera in Indian this page. We have also tried to make the readers aware of its usage and prices.
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