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A subreddit for any and all Kaloea bikini girls.

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Girls in tight black dresses, for those of you that think (barely) clothed can sometimes be hotter than nude.

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I’ve been together with my boyfriend for more than 4 years. We’ve been through a lot of changes during this time, but things have always been great between us. I love him more than anything and I don’t want to even imagine my life without him.
My bf is in the entertainment industry, and in the last few months he’s had a lot of success, although it had been building up for the last couple of years really. But now it’s started to get to a really weird point, where people will recognize him sometimes when we’re out in public, grocery shopping and stuff. I'm really really happy for him and all of the opportunities that have come his way, and I don’t really mind the public part of his profession. But all the attention that has started coming from other girls has made me feel quite insecure, and I’m scared that it will just keep building up.
It’s just hard to describe the feeling… I’ve never been a super confident person anyway, and although I don’t hate the way I look and I try hard to eat healthy and go to the gym regularly, I’ve never been the girl that guys just line up to date. Before my boyfriend I had only been with a couple of guys, and none of it was serious. And he’s by far the most traditionally handsome guy that’s ever been interested in me.
But the types of girls that have started pursuing him lately are not only prettier than me, have better bodies than me, but also so much more popular and well-known. A few weeks ago we were invited to what was supposed to be a really casual event, with just a few people, and I just hated it because of seeing how flirty a girl tried to get with him. I just felt like I had to act cool when I wasn’t, and I’m scared that after the pandemic is over this will just get worse and worse.
Social media has been really bad for all of this. I won’t go into too much detail as one can probably paint the picture by themselves. It’s not even the explicit stuff that he gets sent, it’s the cute and flirty messages that I’ve read which made me feel the worst. I never realized people can be so direct before seeing some of this stuff, and it’s obvious in our pictures together that he has a girlfriend.
The first few times he received messages from fans we both thought it was super cute, and the first time he received a nude picture we both thought it was weird and creepy and we laughed about it. But then it just got crazy. I know I can trust him 100 % because he lets me scroll through his social media freely, but I always know that a couple of clicks away I can see a message from a girl way prettier than me who wants to f*ck my boyfriend. He doesn’t seem to care about any of it, but I don’t know if he’s just pretending in order to not make me feel bad.
It’s really messing with my self-esteem, and it’s like a downward spiral of confidence which has affected our sex life as well. I’ve pretty much stopped feeling beautiful around him, and I don’t feel like there’s any point for him to find me attractive anymore if he can just be with an actual model.
I don’t work in his industry, and although I like my job, it’s not something that I will ever be able to have lots of success in, so that kind of makes me feel inferior on top of everything too. I’m just not sure how to handle my insecurities anymore. It feels like I’m just waiting for him to leave me for someone better. And I don’t want to talk to him about it because I feel like I’ll just be highlighting the fact that I’m not being a good girlfriend. I just don’t want to lose him.
I’m aware a lot of this isn’t rational because I know he’s not a superficial person, he tells me he loves me all the time and he’s always been a very kind and supportive person to me and everyone else. But I just feel like any girl would be lucky to be with him and I’m simply just lucky that I met him first, because I don’t know why he would choose me over somebody better than me. And whenever he says or does something nice for me it just makes it worse because in my twisted mind it just shows how special he is and how I don’t deserve him.
I know some people might say I should talk to a therapist about this, but I’m really really terrible at keeping secrets from him, so if I start looking for a therapist, I’ll have to tell my boyfriend why. And I feel like I just can’t do that because then he’ll truly know I’m a total mess.
I'm just looking for any advice on how to overcome this.
tl;dr : I feel really insecure in my relationship and I don't feel good enough for my boyfriend, he is becoming more successful and I feel like he can just find someone better so easily. I've been really low on confidence because of all this lately, and I don't know what to do.
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2020.11.25 15:14 dtyler86 Does the US GDP account for OnlyFans and influencer sponsorships? Patreon?

With the explosive success of only fans during the quarantine, combined with women selling sex to gain sponsorships for brands because of their social media following, how does this play into the alleged wage gap? I can say for sure that I know girls with only fans accounts that attributed to what saving their asses through the quarantine. Also, as I’ll be traveling to Mexico next week, all it takes is typing the hashtag Tulum, and you see girls in thongs with giant followings that are able to leverage serious sponsorship dollars. So Behne can’t do the steaks. No one is signing up for mail only fans accounts, men, even good looking ones don’t have nearly the following on Instagram that women do. This seems to be a very shadowy gray area of GDP accounting. If Angie Verona is making close to a million dollars a year, a girl you went to high school with is selling nudes on onlyfans making an extra $400-$1000 a month, not even factoring in cam modeling, how is this accounted for? Does anyone have any knowledge on this?
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2020.11.25 11:44 throwawayJaZi In girls beech nude

It seems to me that every girl-next-door could make money selling nudes and doing camshows or whatever, if she wanted to. They don't need to be a model or anything, in fact the amateur look is often desired.
But what about regular guys? Men who aren't hugely muscular or anything, just a guy-next door. Would they attract an audience and could they make some money on the side?
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2020.11.25 11:35 ChubbyBunnyBunBun Nude girls in beech

Hi fam... I need some advice or help.. I will try to explain it short but clearly. (I apologize for my English, it is not my native language).
I am in a long distance relationship for over 4 years now almost... Things are getting rough recently and not in a good direction... I lost myself long ago and I don't know what's wrong or right anymore due to issues from my past relationship. My current boyfriend have been doing a lot for me trying to help and help me with my issues... But i recently discovered that he is saving a lot of nudes / women in underwear / big ass or tiddies in his folder (from other women either from NSFW and stuff like that)... He recently also put them as a lock background on his phone ... I really feel uncomfortable with it and i told him multiple times. But he gave me reasons of this behavior for example, that he did everything for me and that's the only "bad" things i can blame him for and i have to accept it. Or that he is doing 50/50, sometimes it is me, sometimes it is his nudes he saved as a background... He tries to explain this by taking the example of people who like nice cars and put them as a background ...
I feel sick and insecure when i think about it because these girls are the opposite of me ...
Many people tell me it's inappropriate, a few tell me it's only pictures... In my opinion as a background it's kinda ... not cool?....
I just would like to know if it's normal to feel that way?... or if it's ok to do that in a relationship ?... I don't want to ruin a 4 years relationship for background because he once told me he wanted to marry me but... It's so painful...
Thanks people...
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Long story short we’ve been dating for 2 years now and he has cheated on me once in the past with a friend of his. He would also contact cam girls and such online and once send a semi nude image of me I didn’t know he took to his friends. He said that the photo thing was a dumb idea but that he thought it was a compliment because he wanted to show me off and you “couldn’t even really see anything” He’d also comment on people’s bodies when we were out. We talked about all of this and I thought things were ok. He agreed to stop talking to sex workers and to not send stuff of me again. And he promised not to hurt me like that again. But for months he always turns his phone away from me and if I wake up next to him he quickly turns his phone off. I’ve tried ignoring it for a while but now I found out he’s still saving stuff from other people and talking to them. And I told him how much it hurts but he acts like he has no idea how it’s a bad thing and doesn’t understand why I can’t trust him. I don’t know what to do or how to go about this anymore. I’m just hurt and confused. He’s a great guy. Just not when it comes to this. With this he’s just a deceitful secretive person who seems to disregard or be totally oblivious to how I feel.
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2020.11.25 08:03 jeremyhasawap Life of a Discord Mod Entry 1

So today a lot of shit went down. Basically, this user who i will call purple asked me to join this discord server and randomly added that she’s a girl while asking me. I really was hesitant cause she seemed like a catfish but i let her in anyway. A few days later she’s saying she’s drunk and starts sending nudes to at least 4 people including videos according to her herself. Then she made her profile picture a picture of her ass. Idk about u but that’s not normal. So alr banned.
Buttttt in that time she was around some dumbass invited her to another server that i don’t have control over, and then the owner of that server starts defending her and then all hell breaks loose as theyre e fighting in general over everything. at the end of it all, a smart admin of this server kicked her out that server,
butttttt in the time she was there an even dumber dumbass invited her to his server and made her a specific channel for thigh pics.
She complained that the first two servers are overprotective and she self harmed cause of us. It split the first two servers staff in half with some defending her by sayjng oh she was drunk, or messing around, or discord has bigger problems or its not that bad cuz other people did it (yeah and they got banned too), one of them is defending her cause he received nudes too (she told us)
so now there is a server out there still trying to recruit people while this girl in there really be distributing porn. And all the mods in there defend it. in a public discord server. And most of us are teens.
oh and shes 16
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I'm in highschool (9th grade). This girl that was cute walked up to me and asked for my snapchat. I gave it to her and we went our separate ways. 10 minutes later she texts me and immediately tells me she liked me (all I knew about her was her name and her being in a couple of my classes) I was caught of guard but me being stupid played along and said I liked her too. She's really freaky and sends sexual texts alot but I kept playing along. Next thing I know I'm in a relationship with her 3 days after getting her snap. Everything was going good till she sent me nudes on the 3rd day which was a major red flag but I acted like I liked them (which I did) but was uncomfortable with the fact she sent them on the 3rd day. I know its stupid to start dating on the 3rd day of knowing someone but I felt like I was pushed to be in the relationship. I'm someone who likes to take things slow but this shit is too much. She already bought me Christmas gifts and tells me she loves me and I promised to never hurt her which makes me feel even more pressured because I dont know if I really like her to the point I want to be in a relationship with her. I dug myself a hole. How do I go about this.
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2020.11.25 03:34 No_Pineapple410 Nude girls in beech

I don’t know where else to post this. People I know kind of joke around about this but are serious at the same time saying it’s disgusting but nothing’s really being done. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do or if I can or should do anything. I have a 15 year old brother and he’s dating an 11 year old. He’s sent her nudes (she doesn’t send back) but he has said they’re in love and are gonna get married. I’m kind of concerned. I would contact the girl but as far as I know, my brother and her only communicate on social media and I don’t know her @ since he wont tell me. my brother doesn't see whats wrong with this situation. he says they're both minors so it doesn't matter. we don't live in the same state as her so its not like they'll be meeting up any time soon but my brother has frequently talked about his sex drive and how he can't wait to lose his virginity. she's too young and then when he's 18 she'll be 14, and he'll gave to wait at least another 4 years. But of course that's if they even last that long. thats pretty optimistic. anyway, my brothers behavior just concerns and so has the way he thinks, and more so now.
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2020.11.25 03:29 CthrowAway90 Ideas for boyfriend-presents please!

EDIT: meant to post on the relationship_advice place as it’s not quite about dating, clicked on the wrong thing and didn’t notice. So I’ll be cross posting there as well. But still def lmk if you have ideas!:) So I saw this Australian Instagram page where she makes keychains/magnets/anything really with a lyric and she has a bunch that are of like girls in lingerie. She also can make custom ones I think, and I really liked that as an idea to get something for my bf. Not specifically for birthday or Christmas or anything, I just want to get him something. but she’s in Australia + covid etc shipping and stiff can be a pain. Plus become extremely pricey for something that might not actually be that pricey. Anyway, I’m not set on the custom acrylic, but I would love some ideas that are more on the sexy/provocative/fun side that I could get him. We’re both like super sexual, if that matters. and we have also been together for 9 years almost lol so I know he’d definitely like anything along those lines haha and I also just want to get him something like that 😏 I’m just bad at coming up with gift ideas in general for everyone 😂 Yes, I’m open to nude/semi nude Polaroids, but I want to one day do a whole like proper boudoir kind of thing for him, so I don’t want to do the photographs rn. Plus he currently gets many self-taken ones over text from me at the moment anyway haha. But yes, any ideas for some exciting presents? Thank you! Also, if you’ve bought your SO anything like fun lmk haha I’d love to hear what it was and how it went!
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💖💖mixed race college girl [19] who only wants to get you hard 🥵🥵 let me tease you with my NUDE PICS and SOLO VIDS on my onlyfans for $5, LINK IN COMMENTS 😘 submitted by babykdot to OnlyFans_NonNude [link] [comments]