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Hi guys!
I hope you can help me.
I’m a classical organist, and I’m trying to make organ concerts accessible to a wider audience. My plan is to have a projector in the church that shows what I’m doing in real time - in stead of looking at some organ pipes with me hidden behind them, the audience will actually see what I’m doing. I think this idea has a lot of potential, but I’m not totally sure what equipment to get.
My requirements are: a total price of hopefully not more than 3-4000$ A HD camera with no more than 1 frame of latency (or whatever is possible) A hd projector with a brightness of minimum 3000-4000 ansi lumens Wireless video (not gonna roll up cable every time I play a concert, esp. not in long complicated churches)
I’ve been researching a lot, and so far this is what I’ve come up with:
Pretty cheap solution; get a Marshall CV506 camera, transfer HDMI through a teradec ace 500 to a projector with minimal hdmi lag like the Optoma HD39HDR (16ms latency at 60fps).
To make this setup nicer, I could get a SDI camera - cheapest option is propably the BM Micro studio camera 4K, connect that to a no-latency sdi streaming thing, and then find a suitable projector. I’m however unable to find anything that takes SDI in a price range of 1000-1500 usd.
These are all my ramblings. Tell me what I should do. I’m very obsessed with latency, but I don’t want people to see me play a key 100ms after I’ve played it - that would be too annoying to watch.
As a bonus I’d love to put a Atem mini in between the camera and the projector to do a lower 3rd, but I’m unable to see what latency that introduces.
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I’m sure we all remember the first day the ultralight craze began, and sometime later, Glorious had introduced what I would consider the whole package for the average consumer. Offering a lightweight mouse complete with RGB and their first take at a paracord-like cable. It became evident that Glorious wanted to disrupt the market. It’s been a long time since the Model O entered the ring, and this time around I think Glorious is aiming for perfection. Today we’ll be finding out if the model O wireless from Glorious is a hit or a miss.
Before we get started, I just wanted to make it clear that this unit was sent out for review by Glorious, but you should know that all opinions here are my own, and this does not affect my review in any way.
Packaging: Coming from the original packaging of the Model O way back in the day, I’m sure many people will be pleased to know that you won’t have to suffer the nightmares of your cable getting damaged due to the packaging. Considering this is wireless, you’re simply presented with the mouse and wireless base immediately after opening the box safely sitting in its place with no cables being forced into uncomfortable positions. Glorious packaging has always been rather minimal, accessories include the USB C cable, wireless base, and dongle along with a sticker and the typical paperwork instructing you on how to get acquainted with your mouse.
Sensor: The sensor being used here is what Glorious is calling the BAMF sensor, their own proprietary sensor. There have been many people claiming it could be a rebranded 3335 or a modified 3370, but I have no way of confirming these claims. Even taking a look inside of the mouse, instead of the usual sensor name being etched in, you’ll only find the words BAMF etched in its place. Using this mouse alongside my G305, GPW, and Pwnage Ultra Custom, performance feels on par with those from a gameplay perspective. The mouse does use a 2.4GHz connection though, and the DPI maxes out at 19,000. DPI steps range from 400-800-1600-3200 by default. DPI steps are indicated by an LED at the bottom of the mouse. To my knowledge, there’s no way to change the polling rate without software, so you’ll be playing at 1000hz by default, not a bad thing, but for those who want to squeeze every ounce of juice they can out of wireless play, 500hz is a must. Before we dive into the software though, you should know that the software isn’t required after you’ve set up your mouse to your liking, huge props to Glorious for this one, as I’m normally the type of person to set it and forget it. Additionally, the mouse includes some instructions on how to change lighting modes and brightness all without the software. Taking a look at the software it’s nice to see they’ve moved on from the previous flat appearance to something more modern with an extremely minimal design that follows the new look of their website. The software gives you a decent set of options. In the first tab, you’re able to adjust the 8 preset RGB effects (excluding LED off). You can also adjust the rate at which the RGB shifts colors, along with separate brightness intensities depending on whether you’re playing wired/wireless, this is really great to see. Moving into the second tab you’re able to change the mouse binds for things like multimedia/macros/shortcuts or you can disable buttons completely. Finally, the third tab gives you the options of removing/adding DPI steps and adjusting the color of these steps. Additionally, you can also adjust LOD from 1mm-2mm, along with making adjustments to your debounce time from 2ms-16ms. Polling rates can also be adjusted here from 125hz-250hz-500hz-1000hz at the max. You can also adjust the LEDs for inactivity (sort of like a sleep mode) which disables the RGB completely from 1m-15m of inactivity, this setting is hidden behind the settings icon. The only real negative feedback I can give for the software is that there isn’t any indication of the battery life percentage. All you’re given is a battery icon with segments on the battery you have left. I’ve spoken with Glorious about this already, and they’re working on it.
Battery life: Battery life is obviously important for a wireless connection, especially in a competitive setting. The last thing you want is your mouse to die in the middle of a game, and in my use, I never ran into any issues like this. I wanna be transparent here, originally I thought I had exact numbers on battery life but there was a flaw in some of the notes I took, so I’d like to apologize for not being able to provide accurate numbers on battery life at this time. The last thing I want to do is mislead people. I urge you to check out other reviewers' thoughts on this for now. However the good news is while Glorious does estimate around 71 hours of use with the RGB off, I am able to confirm that you could potentially squeeze even more time out of the mouse using a 500hz polling rate, as the 71-hour testing was done at 1000hz.
Buttons: M1/M2 are solid here using Omron D2FC-F-7N (20m), the same switches used in the original O. Clicks feel firm and tactile while having a low pre-travel/slightly higher post-travel. There’s near-zero wobble or play with M1/M2, really solid work here. Side buttons here are using huano greens, clicks feel like in use, while having minor pre-travel there’s a fair bit of post-travel to the side buttons. The coating here is a glossy one, and while I’ve never personally been a fan of Glorious side buttons, it’s super easy to rock my thumb into buttons, they’re always within reach for me using a claw grip. I typically prefer some thicker side buttons, while these sit a tiny bit on the thinner side. The DPI switch at the top is also coated glossy, while the power switch feels like a raw plastic which is located at the bottom.
Scroll Wheel: The Model O wireless scroll wheel uses an F-switch green encoder, while the original Model O used an F-switch red encoder. The scroll wheel here feels very smooth in use, while the steps are subtle but defined, the switch used here is also a Huano green. The scroll wheel rubber itself doesn’t feel great in my opinion and gets oily rather fast when looking at previous usage with other Model O’s.
Shape/Coating: The shape of this mouse is low at the front while relatively flat which then dips in the middle and has an extended lower back. The Model O is typically compared to the FK series of Zowie mice. The mouse shares a matte coating across the whole body ignoring side buttons and DPI switch which are both coated glossy
Cable/Feet: Coming from the original first batch of Model O’s this new ascended cable is a night and day difference, it doesn’t feel nearly as stiff or rough as the previous cable while also being much thinner in comparison. It’s also USB C which I hope we see more of, but there’s a minor problem here. Although the cable here is USB C, it can only go in one way. If you take a look at the cable you can see the side with the icon facing upwards is the proper orientation for plugging the cable in. This would be totally understandable considering how something like the G Pro Wireless executed its front plug, but I don’t think it really makes sense to have to worry about plug orientation in regards to using the wireless base. I could definitely see a few customers accidentally busting their cables in an attempt to push it in, but thankfully I inspected the cable’s molding before pushing any further. The underside of the wireless base has a rubber side that should hopefully stick to your desk. Back to the cable itself though, I think for a stock cable it’ll get the job done. It feels much looser and not as heavy as the new G-wolves cables. You’ll definitely want a bungee for a cable like this, it’s nice but it seems like it can get caught under the mouse pretty easily for any low sense players out there going for big flicks. The feet used here are the G-skates from Glorious, they’re pretty thin but solid for stock feet.
Weight: The Model O Wireless weighs at around 70g according to my scale, and around 75g with a bit of cable. Solid weight for a wireless mouse, only a minor increase from the original Model O.
Build Quality: This time around I think Glorious has seriously nailed it, at least with my copy. Squeezing all along the sides I can’t hear or feel any flex, the shell feels really solid here. Adding extra weight from my palm and pushing down hard into the front buttons, I can’t seem to make the mouse creak or crunch in the slightest. Although my only experience with the Model O was a first batch unit of the original O, I’m happy to report that build quality here has much improved. Getting inside of the mouse is pretty tricky, but it’s mostly identical to taking apart the original Model O. You’ll find two screws under the rear mouse feet, and from there a small prying tool allows you to pop open the sides. After you’ve opened it up, take extra care not to get too excited just yet. You’ll want to unplug the RGB ribbon cables and battery cable, along with the cable connecting the side buttons to the rest of the mouse. For any curious modders out there, the Model O Wireless PCB shares the same size as the original Model O PCB. The molding of the top shell and bottom shell might appear similar to the original Model O, but there have definitely been some changes here. You’ll find photos in the gallery above taken with my phone’s camera. The PCB appears to be held in with a single large screw at the back and some pegs.
Final Thoughts: I think Glorious has set the stage for wireless mice and what you can expect from them with future releases. Despite the many issues with Glorious and quality control in the past, it’s refreshing to see a company actually trying to address their problems, while also having their hands in as many communities as possible whether it’s keyboards or mice. I’m hopeful Glorious will continue to find ways to provide consumers with reasonably priced stuff and quality in mind. I’ll be excited to see how well Glorious executes their next attack on the mechanical keyboard market.
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FYI: A previous post I submitted had a flippant title and the purpose of the message was lost in part due to that. So I'm resubmitting the material with a more balanced tone. And what I'm about to share isn't meant to sway anyone to buy or not buy the Pixel 5 or any other phone.
I've always worked in what is considered high-tech. From R&D, product marketing and business development in mobile to media, banking/finance and medicine. Regardless the industry vertical the focus eventually shifted to "how can we make this mobile thing work for us/our customers".
With few exceptions most product family descendants make some iterative technological improvements while maintaining the baseline set by the prior generation. However the Pixel 5 is the first product iteration I've seen from the Pixel line to take an almost unilateral step backwards from the prior generation.
Before we get into the specifics lets start with what strengths the Pixel 5 has over it's progenitors (the Pixel 4 / XL)

  1. 2 gigabytes more ram than the Pixel 4.
  2. Better battery life.
  3. Overall lighter and easier to handle.
  4. Fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone. (very useful given the pandemic)
  5. More haptic feedback settings control. (I'm not sure how this affects day to day use yet.)
  6. 5G data support. (Though in the US if you aren't on T-Mobile and in a major metro area don't bother.)
  7. Greater screen to body ratio. (Less space wasted on the surface by bezels or technology)
  8. Creative speaker placement. (Specifically that of the top speaker which is placed behind the screen, hidden from view and functions surprisingly well considering.)
  9. Addition of wide angle lense on the camera. (At the expense of telephoto.)
  10. Other features / functions that may be exclusive by software alone. (So this really has the least specific value as it they could be enabled on other devices in the family.)
Looking at the list the first two are obvious welcome improvements. And the latter I would offer are of relative descending value.
What was lost or left out in this iteration?
  1. An uninterrupted display. (the speaker placement was brilliant. Unfortunately the camera cutout is a compromise not all can appreciate. Personally I would prefer a small bezel or a similar cut out to the Pixel 3 XL or iphone lines)
  2. Face ID. (Google has had one of the most unobtrusive and effortless implementations of the technology. It rarely failed to recognize me and did so rapidly. Eyes open or closed issues after launch not withstanding. From a user experience it was very well done.)
  3. Audio issues that range from poor speaker design to software bugs that make certain practical necessities a serious effort in compromise and risk. Just see any post about the Dialer or notification sounds. A personal pet peeve regarding the new speaker design is the loss of fidelity and stereo separation for music. Coming from the Pixel 4 XL it's a serious step back. And besides that other issues persist with notification touch feedback sounds fading in and out. Increasing and decreasing in volume with no specific pattern or reason beyond simply (one hopes) a software issue missed in the last round of QA testing.
  4. A move away from the soft touch glass back to an aluminum enclosure that has a significant textured surface. (The aluminum is advantageous to a point but also a potential issue for wireless charging. They address this by cutting a hole out of the aluminum frame. And it may even be the same port hole used to ensure unobstructed 5g radio transmission. But from an aesthetic design and physical feeling it comes off less premium. In addition the soft touch glass back of the last generation had pretty good traction against the skin so you'd be less likely to have it fly out of your hands. But really who uses a phone without a case? 😅)
  5. Removing telephoto lense in exchange for a wide angle. (As a person with decent photographic experience I can see the allure of wide angle vs telephoto for a number of common scenarios. But it's imperative the compromise either or be made with an appropriate compensation in the sensor. The Pixel 5 uses the same 12 megapixel sensor as prior generations. Google does amazing work with software, but it would have been tremendous to add the wide angle and keep the telephoto. So I do see this as much a negative as a positive.)
  6. A much slower cpu and gpu in exchange for 5g integration and increased battery life. (Most unfortunately the processor Google selected for the Pixel 5 is less performant than those from two generations ago. (See snapdragon 845 vs 765g overviews.).
  7. Screen resolution per square inch is much less at 432 PPI vs Pixel 4 XL at 537 PPI.
  8. No touch free gesture support. (I know some people hated it. But the option to have it was another compromise of eliminating the bezels. It would again have been more ideal to leave some bezel for that or just have a wider centered cutout. Like the Pixel 3 XL had. Along with the option to disable the function should someone wish to.)
  9. A somewhat tedious and uninspiring overall design (really what can one do with a slate?) Both the Pixel 3 XL and the Pixel 4 XL had eye catching designs which really begged you to keep them free of encasement. The contrasting colors and if you were lucky enough to get one, the outstanding "Oh So Orange" (even though it really looked peach to anyone who saw it in person.) Both had fun designs that really stood out and also came across as premium in many respects. The Pixel 5 however is much more understated and the limited selection of colors is unfortunate. I do wish they'd offer a few more bold colors.
It is important to remember that the Pixel 5 is not a Pixel 5 XL. And we don't know yet whether any such device is planned. So I would caution drawing exclusive comparisons between the XL variant and the 5 from any prior generations. That said, the 5 stands behind the 4's and 4a's.in nearly every aspect discussed here.
The Pixel 5 is a phone that I would classify as mainstream by today’s standards. A mid tier phone by feature and performance with a more premium price due to the source. I can’t fault Google for putting a premium on the phone. That is standard practice in scenarios like this (to offset volume, manufacturing, r&d and post sales support costs. But they already have the Pixel 4a that largely meets the needs of a mid tier market.
In my opinion they should have taken a Go Big or Go Home approach to the successor to the previous generation. And if the Pixel 5 is not the true successor then we need to know that sooner rather than later. Haha
It's a big risk to release a product so many compromises compared to the prior generation from the same family. I can't speak as to the specific motivations that lead to this product decision but in my opinion the brand recognition gained from putting out a top tier product (that may generate less overall revenue) is of greater value to future generations and the risk in brand perception is more significant if the general perception becomes that of "this is what we can expect going forward).
Anyway. While I am personally disappointed, I do also understand why they might have made the decisions they did. Market drivers as recognized by analysts and also advertised by various industrial leaders left few alternatives for Google to solve the first big challenge this product would face. Where to get a current generation premium processor that also supports 5G.
Qualcomm's current offering is limited to the 765g with an integrated 5g modem or the snapdragon 865 which does not have an a modem. Thus requiring an additional chip to drive LTE and 5g data. I can only speculate as to why this dichotomy exists. And my speculation may be close to the truth but it's largely irrelevant as this discussion is about Google's Pixel 5 and not Qualcomm's product roadmaps.
I believe the decision Google made was the best compromise they could to address two areas of greatest concern that market research has indicated are top considerations for people upgrading phones they've held onto for 5 or so years. They needed to keep the phone small, light and ensure it had great battery life.
That could not be achieved by going the two chip Snapdragon 865 route. To keep battery life within market demand expectations they'd have had to increase the size of the device. However in reducing it's size they lost a number of premium design features that those who do annual iterative upgrades are less likely to be tolerant of.
If 5g were not a concern they could have included a fantastic LTE integrated chip from Qualcomm and likely met battery life and size expectations while improving upon performance from last generation. But 5g is being pushed hard by many industry players. And it's putting manufacturers like Google for their Pixel line in a precarious position.
I do hope that Qualcomm sorts out how to integrate 5g into a single premium CPU die. It will be more and more of an issue as 5g becomes more prevalent. The power demands there are significantly greater and battery life will suffer for it. So size and space left for battery will be critical as adoption increases.
For now 5g is largely a non-starter for most people. So holding on to my Pixel 4 XLs won't feel like as much of a compromise as those I'd make sticking with the 5. I'm likely to return the device to Google as it does not appear to have any critical exclusive feature that could not be tested against with prior generations phones. I do however hope they return to offering more premium designs and specifications for future Pixel phones.
Please let me know if I've missed something here. I have only had the phone for 4-5 days and outside of what has been mentioned I have not had an opportunity to really evaluate other capabilities. I look forward to anyone's feedback. So please do tell me why you like the 5 and what made you decide to go with it.
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[General Information] Name: Ian Faulkner
Age: 18
Birthdate: May 12th, 2017
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Ethnicity: Filipino
Demigod-related conditions: Dyslexia, ADHD
Name Relation Age Info
Pollux Father ??? The god of sailing, boxing, and fishing. Ian’s never met him, but he’s heard good things.
Miriam Faulkner, nee Reyes Mother 41 An immigrant from the Philippines who followed her older brother when he moved to the US. She had a tryst with one of Miguel’s work friends and had Ian as a result.
Allen Faulkner Step-father 40 A businessman who met Ian’s mother thanks to sheer coincidence. While he doesn’t share any hobbies or interests with Ian, Allen always makes sure to support him in whatever he does. At least, now he does.
Miguel Reyes Uncle 47 A rather quirky and carefree person who loves the smell of the sea, fishing, and adventure more than anything. For some reason, he seems to attract all sorts of odd things to himself, including a co-worker that he became close with.
Jordan Faulkner Step-brother 13 Allen’s son from a previous marriage. He and Ian didn’t have a good relationship when they first met. They still don’t talk all that much, but one thing’s for certain: they’ve got each other’s backs.
Destinee Faulkner Half-sister 4 An adorable little girl who’s doted upon a great deal by her parents. She isn’t in school yet, so she usually accompanies either her mother or her uncle while they go about their day.
[Appearance] Faceclaim (“See Ian, now this is how you take a photo!” “You still remember that?” “Of course! ...Wait. You didn’t smile!”)
Height: 5’11’’ (1.80 m)
Weight: 187 lbs
Overall appearance: Ian has steel-gray eyes that look slightly lilac in the sun. He also has an athletic build, thanks to his love of boxing and other athletic activities. However, thanks to the many scars scattered across his body, crooked nose, and resting bitch face, Ian comes off as more intimidating than he really is.
Hair: Ian has short, black, and spiky hair that he likes to keep slicked back.
Clothing: There’s nothing particularly special about Ian’s clothing since he usually likes to dress in either athletic clothing or something simple like a t-shirt and jeans. He does have a tendency to wear things with long sleeves though. And finally, he never leaves behind his pendant necklace.
[Personality] Much like his stoic appearance, Ian isn’t the type to reveal much about what he’s thinking about a certain situation. But when he does speak, don’t expect him to speak more than a few words at a time.
Don’t take his silence the wrong way, however. When he’s in a conversation, he prefers to completely listen to whoever’s speaking at the time, only giving his opinion through nonverbal means like a simple nod of the head. Conversations may seem one-sided with him, but don’t worry, he’s listening.
He isn’t very secretive about what he thinks either, as he’ll answer any question with only the bluntest of responses. He’s also very reluctant to lie since he thinks it’s morally wrong to do. And thanks to his clipped manner of speech, if you want his complete opinion on something, be prepared to drag it out of him by asking a lot of questions, both clarifying and inquisitive. He doesn’t mind, though. Conversations like that are pretty much the norm for him.
And while he might not express how he’s feeling through his facial expressions, Ian’s a rather empathetic and understanding person, which isn’t really apparent thanks to his general awkwardness.
[Powers] Passive: Enhanced Athleticism
Boxing in particular. But he also has a small overall boost to other athletic feats.
Power 1: Ability to Navigate Anywhere
If Ian can clearly focus on a mental image or a physical reference, of any person, object, or location, he can navigate to them if they’re within a certain range. However, he cannot find things that are hidden by the gods or magic.
If he uses this ability on a person, they will experience a feeling of being watched, like having shivers going down their spine or some sort of uneasy feeling.
Ian can circumvent this power’s range limitation if he knows exactly where they are and also has a map. In this case, his power will simply show him the most efficient path to his target.
Power 2: Minor Storm Generation
Depending on the condition of the weather, Ian can summon a small rainstorm, windstorm, or thunderstorm, above his location that appears after a short delay.
However, the storm’s area of effect is limited and also takes a lot of energy to use. On top of that, if he’s not feeling completely calm, this power may randomly activate, but also won’t cost any energy.
Power 3: Enhanced Hunting Capability
Ian’s general senses are enhanced by this ability. This ranges from the usual five senses to other senses, such as balance or space.
As a consequence though, he’s more sensitive to things like flashing lights, loud noises, and strong smells than the average person.
[Equipment and Skills]
Equipment Description
Compound Bow and quiver Both were given to Ian by his uncle on his birthday so they could go hunting together. So far, the bow has only been used on non-living targets.
Celestial Bronze Knuckledusters While they certainly aren’t the best weapon to bring into a fight, they’re certainly better than nothing.
Boxing gloves and hand wraps Because punching things without any sort of protection is a really good way to mess up your hands.
A guitar There are certainly many guitars in camp, but this one is his. It’s beaten up pretty badly, but somehow still works.
A sewing kit Due to the number of times that Ian’s ripped his clothes thanks to his generally bad luck or other circumstances, his mother taught him how to sew his clothes. It’s proven to be useful many times over when he’s had to look after his younger siblings.
Wallet Contains the usual wallet-related things.
Cellphone Ian doesn’t use his phone all that often, even before he came to camp. Other than being a glorified timepiece, Ian currently uses his phone to keep track of his training regimen.
[Backstory] (OOC: Word of warning, just skip to the "now" section if you don't want to read all of this. Co-written with u/CoraxBrachyn)
It was a brisk autumn morning, and the gas stations in Baltimore were just as packed as they usually are.
As he stepped out of his truck, Miguel caught a glimpse at the gray clouds overhead that were starting to converge in the otherwise clear sky. He chuckled to himself, then turned his head to look at his poker-faced nephew. “I think you’re making the clouds a little nervous there as well, little nephew,” he said, giving a small point upwards.
Ian had already looked away from his tightly clenched fists when his uncle had chuckled, blushing a little out of embarrassment as he started to roll down the window. He sniffed the air, noticing the all-too-familiar smell of petrichor that was starting to permeate the area.
And then the smell of gasoline hit him.
Ian made a muffled groaning noise as he clawed for the door handle, quickly stumbling out to the edge of the gas station to get some fresh air. His uncle made a noise of concern but ultimately went back to filling the truck with gas. Which was a good thing, since Ian needed some time to calm down a little.
Normally, he wouldn’t have been affected so much by a smell like that, but his nerves were getting to him, both literally and figuratively. Ian’s fingers trembled slightly as he ran them through his hair. It was still slicked back just how he liked it.
...Just how did he work up the courage to try and do this the first time, all those years ago?
Things were different back then, but all the same, Ian mused. Light banter between a mother and her daughter, the smell of incoming rain, and the creak of old machines as they slowed to a gentle stop.
(”What are you doing here?” Ian growled, none too pleased as he stared down at his hunched over friend, coughs wracking his body as he tried to catch his breath. Green eyes flashed up to meet his own, face set in that rare expression Ian’s only seen one other time. “Stopping you, obviously!”)
But now there wasn’t anyone to stop him from leaving, everything smelled arguably worse than that time, and he didn’t feel as lonely as before, in a sense. Ian thought it was pretty ironic, as he looked around his general area, not a single friendly face next to him.
Before, he couldn’t stand the thought of having to constantly listen to someone talk for extended periods of time, but now he found himself missing that distraction, especially since there wasn’t anything else to do at the gas station other than standing around and look at things.
Felix would have talked about any random thing that seemed to interest him at the time. Zayne would chat about the latest Mist-related thing he saw or ways that they could somehow waste more time. Even Anya would be preferable, though instead of talking, she would just make him run laps around the station, shouting something vaguely encouraging all the while.
Figuring he'd stood around for too long, Ian decided to head back to the truck, thinking that his uncle was more than done filling up the gas tank by then.
He paused when he spotted a girl with blonde hair meandering about the isles of the gas station’s store through one of the windows. Ian stared at the familiar tall girl, perhaps for too long, trying to remember where he had seen her before.
Max felt a shiver run down her spine as she skimmed the chips aisle. Almost as if she was being watched. Her eyes shifted to her left and right, discreetly trying to see if there was someone there. There wasn’t.
She grabbed a bag of Takis, and turned to start walking to the register when she saw him in the corner of her eye. There was a muscular guy standing outside staring at her who looked oddly familiar. She glanced at him and it was immediately apparent. Max smiled and gave him a cheerful wave.
Surprised to see a familiar face, even though he had seen her only once before, Ian gave a stiff wave back. After that, he just stood around awkwardly, not sure of what to do next. While he could go into the store as well and maybe exchange some words, he didn’t need to buy anything, either.
Not that he needed to, as Max quickly paid for her things and stepped outside. “Hey!” she greets cheerfully. “Uh, Ian, right? Or was it Felix...?”
“Ian,” he corrected tersely. “What was your name again?”
“Oh, uh, it’s Max!” she replies, her smile faltering briefly. “Whatcha doin’ out here? Other than, uh... getting gas?”
“Travelling up to a camp in Long Island,” he responded, then tacked on a, “What about you?”, after he realized that it would have been rude to continue having just a one-sided conversation.
“Oh, me too, actually!” Max says. “What’s yours about?”
“Demigods,” he answered truthfully. He doesn’t ask a question in return, but he does look like he’s interested in what Max’s camp is about.
“No way,” Max said, excited. “You too!?”
Ian raised an eyebrow. Usually, when he said something like that, Zayne or Felix would scramble to make the conversation less confusing or awkward. “Your godrent?” he asked, wondering what he was going to have to deal with.
“My what?”
“Your… divine parent,” he saids slowly, trying to plan out that explanation in his head. “Mine’s Pollux, one of the gods of sailing, boxing, and fishing,” he continued, then waited to see her reaction.
“Oh...” Max said, thinking. “Uh... some goat-man said Hephaestus? I think? He builds stuff. He’s really cool.”
“One of the twelve Major Olympians. The god of blacksmithing. Yeah, he’s cool,” he nods.
“It makes sense, too! I build stuff all the time,” Max rambled. “Actually, can I show you something?”
Ian only gave a nod in response, then followed along.
Max led him over to her mother’s car, a black van with flowers on the side. It looked like a commercial vehicle. “Who’s this?” A black-haired asian woman in her mid-forties stood next to the van, wearing a military baseball cap.
“Oh! Mom, this is my friend, Ian!” Max replied. “We met at a museum once. I wanna show him my project!” She turned to Ian. “This is my Mom.”
The woman looked at Ian, sizing him up. She gave Max a slow nod. “Just be careful. Let me know if he gives you trouble.”
“I’ll be fiiine,” Max insisted, before turning back to Ian. “Check this out!”
She opened the back of the van and pulled out two black cases, each one roughly the size of a microwave. She opened both of them, revealing a pair of drones with three propellers each.
“It’s a little project I’ve been working on,” Max said proudly. “They’re almost ready to fly, I just gotta figure out the control scheme...”
At first, Ian reached out to help her with the heavy-looking crates, but then placed his hands back in his pockets when she handled them with ease. “How long have you worked on them?” he asked, tilting his head while trying to understand how the drones worked.
Max pulled one of the drones out of the case, this one painted black, white, and military green. “A few months, now,” she replied, fiddling with the drone. “This one is Emma. If you look here -” she flipped the drone, showing the underside “- she can drop a payload the size of an energy drink. I was thinking this could be used to drop supplies to people in inaccessible areas, but I realized that there’s way more I could do with it.”
Ian nodded along to Max’s rambling, his first thoughts about the drone’s other uses going straight to bombs. He chose not to voice this thought, instead gesturing for her to continue.
“And over here -” Max flipped the drone back and rotated it to gesture to the front “- is a wireless camera. It’s got all sorts of vision modes, like night vision, thermal, infrared... I’m probably gonna add a couple more, if I can think of them...” She placed the drone back in its case and picked up the other.
This drone was painted red, white, and black. “This one is Emma’s brother,“ Max said. “His name is Laserbeak. He’s got all the same functions as Emma, though.”
Laserbeak was truly a… unique name for a drone, especially when compared to the other one. “Interesting,” Ian said, his tone not hinting at his internal confusion.
Max put Laserbeak back into his case. “So, whaddya think? What should I add?”
“They’re useful,” he commented after a few moments in thought. Sure, there were a lot of potentially useful functions that the two drones had, but electronics and engineering were out of his realm of expertise. “What about a tracker?” he suggested, wondering if she had any way of retrieving her drones in the event that one of them malfunctioned or was damaged while they were in use.
Max pondered the suggestion. “Yeah, that’s a good idea!” she said after a moment. “Man, I lose stuff all the time. I should put trackers on more stuff.” She paused. “I should’ve put a tracker on my sister,” she mutters.
Ian gave her a somber and very much understanding expression. If either of his younger siblings went missing without a trace, he’d definitely be devastated. “I could help you look for her,” he offered, not questioning the circumstances of her sister’s disappearance. “I can track down anything within a certain range if I can imagine it in my head.”
“Whoa,” Max said, eyebrows raised. “That’s pretty cool!” Her face takes a more somber expression. “Well, that’d be nice, but I’ve kinda given up looking for her. She’s probably dead. She went missing three years ago, but my mom still has me ask. Actually -” Max reached into her jacket and pulled out a photo. It’s a photo of a teenage girl with black hair in a straight bob.
“This is her. Have you seen her?”
Ian stared at the photo, not recognizing the girl at all. He then closed his eyes and concentrated, focusing on the image of the photo inside his head. Ian sensed nothing and shook his head. “I’m sorry.”
“Didn’t think so,” Max said, a bitter smile on her face. “Thanks anyways.”
A knock on the side of the van startled Max. “Time to go,” Max’s mother called out.
“Yeah, hold on!” Max yelled back. She turned back to Ian. “Hey, why don’t we travel together? We’re both going to the same place.”
“We could ask my uncle,” Ian suggested, and he looked over to where his uncle was standing. He activates his navigation power, focusing on the image of his uncle in his head, and Miguel suddenly looked up from his phone, making eye contact.
“What’s up, little nephew?” he asked as he walked over to where the two were currently standing, not even questioning the way that Ian seemed to signal him over.
“What the heck!?” Max whispered in awe, eyes wide.
Noticing her confused and awed expression, Miguel grinned and started to explain. “Surprised? He usually does that whenever he’s looking for me. Even when I’m standing just a few feet away.” He then gently elbowed Ian in the side, which earned him a grunt in response.
Max slowly pointed a finger at Ian. “You’re psychic!?”
“That’s just how I find people,” Ian shrugged, not explaining any further.
Miguel cleared his throat. “What he means to say is that when he tries to find someone using one of his powers, they usually get a shiver down their spine,” he says as he points to his back. “It creeps out a lot of the people he uses it on, but I’m used to it.”
“Uncle, this is Max,” Ian said as he gestured over to Max. “Can she come with us to the camp?”
Max gives Miguel a little wave. “Hi.”
“I’m okay with it, but I think we should talk to your parents first,” he said seriously to Max.
“Mom!” Max called out.
Max’s mother walked around the back of the van. “What’s up?”
“Can we go to the camp with Ian?” Max pleads.
Her mother sighs and turns to Miguel. “Are you his dad, or...?”
“I’m his uncle, Miguel Reyes,” he said as he extended a hand. “The one who usually looks after him when his parents aren’t.”
“Nora Anderson,” Max’s mother replied. “I make sure she doesn’t cause a reactor meltdown in the backyard.”
“A reactor meltdown?” Miguel questioned as he looked over toward Ian. “And I thought that Felix was your strangest friend.”
“So that’s why I remember the name ‘Felix’,” Max muttered to herself.
“Anyways,” Nora said. “So you’re headed up to the camp?”
“Yeah, I’m just dropping him off. I’m actually surprised it took him so long to decide to go again, especially since his friend’s over there now and all.”
“Ah, that’s nice,” Nora replied. “Well, might as well travel together, right?”
“Completely fine with me!” Miguel agrees way too quickly with a smile. “Means I don’t have to waste as much gas on the trip.”
Nora chuckled. “Yeah, they’re basically scamming us with these prices these days. Need some help moving luggage to my car?”
[Now] Ian exits the back of the van after Max does, more than happy to get some fresh air after being stuck in there for the trip. The jovial banter between all four of them definitely made it better, though.
He takes a deep breath in, noting the faint, but very distinct smell of sulfur in the air as he gathers his bags together.
Miguel then hands Ian one last box, which was labeled ‘for Felix’ in writing too neat to belong to either of him. They both stare at it for a few moments before Miguel claps Ian on the shoulder. “I don’t know what that guy’s thinking sometimes, especially with what happened to Felix, but at least he understands that the two of you are going to look after each other.”
Ian nods stiffly with downturned eyes, gripping his bag tighter. It was still his fault that Felix was sent here, and now was his opportunity to make up for that. Miguel then starts to lightly push him towards the camp’s gates.
“Well, get going! We both know you've got a certain lucky guy to find! And make sure to stay safe and have some fun!"
“Thanks, uncle. And stay safe as well,” Ian says before walking up the hill. And as he reaches the top, he takes a moment to admire the view before activating his navigation powers to find Felix.
Nothing happens, which probably shouldn’t be too surprising since he was pretty far from the collection of buildings he assumed was the cabin area.
The sky began to darken slightly as Ian shrugged and started his trip down the hill. He’d eventually run into someone who could either show him his new cabin or tell him where Felix was.
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2020.08.22 11:41 Icy_Review_2785 Hidden camera wireless price

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2020.08.12 11:28 kaushtubhshri Oneplus 7T Pro Long Term Review! Must Read!

I have been using the OnePlus 7T Pro since past 6 months and here are my thoughts on the device. To keep this review simple and fair, I have divided this review into Pros and Cons. So let's get started.

  1. Price:
For about 500$, OnePlus 7T Pro is incredible value for the package it offers. For people who have a strict budget of $500, the 7T Pro is a definite buy.
  1. Display:
The 6.67 inch Dual curved super amoled dispay with over 500 PPI (516 to be exact) coupled with the super smooth 90Hz display refresh rate and 135Hz touch sampling rate, without any any second thoughts, the front of the OnePlus 7T Pro looks stunning. Added to the eye candy display is the fact that this device is almost bezel-less. No notch, cutout or punch-hole cameras, just pure, astonishing and amazing display on the whole front. To achieve this howwever, the front camera is hidden in the motorised popup mechanism and surprisingly it has held up very well till date. More on that in the build section. Coming back to the display, the colours look awesome, viewing angles are stellar and the outdoor visibility is no issue at all thanks to the 725 nits of peak auto brightness. It's no doubt one of the best displays even in 2020, and in my opinion, even in 2021!
  1. Performance:
Talking about specs, the device has the Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset, coupled with 8 or 12 GiBs of RAM. The standard 865 is just 14% improvement over the already great 855+, so even in 2020, and for next 3 years atleast, the 855+ is not going to disappoint you in any way. The device keeps most of the apps in memory and loading times are fairly quick, thanks to UFS 3.0 storage. Talking about storage, the device comes with 256 GiBs of storage which is more than enough for even the most power users.
  1. Software:
A great USP of OnePlus devices are the unmatched Software experience they offer. Oxygen OS in my opinion is the best iteration of android. It retains the stock look and feel of android but no falling short on the customisation and feaures. The clean and bloat-free software translates to blazing fast performance. The well optimised oxygen OS is also a reason that the 7T Pro is one of the fastest feeling phones in the world. Also talking about the updates situation, OnePlus guarantees 2 major upgrades and 3 years of security updates, but tracing their history, they usually do much more than that. My 3T is still receiving security updates.
  1. Build:
The device is huge and definitely not light at 206 grams, but you get used to it. The Haze blue colour appeals to the eye and the frosted glass finish on the back resists fingerprints to a great extent. The alert slider is my favourite addition. Overall the 7T Pro feels dense and premuim to hold in hands. Definitely on par with its more expensive counterparts.
  1. Cameras:
The 7T Pro houses a capable and versatile camera setup. Consisting of a quad bayer 48 megapixel main camera, with OIS, f/1.6 Aperture and 26mm focal lenght. The Auxiliary cameras include a 16 megapixel wide angle and an 8 megapixel 3x telephoto lens. The front camera is 16 megapixels, hidden in the pop up housing. For the quality the camera takes excelent day light and low light shots. It's not the best but its just below the offerings og Google, Huawei and Apple. The camera is on par with the Samsung Galaxy flagships and similar priced phones. In low light, the dedicated nightscape mode along with the wide f/1.6 aperture helps 7T Pro capture some well lit and detailed shots with minimal noise. The only reason this is in the cons section is its secondary cameras, the wide angle lens offers a great sub-perspective to shoot but the shots are usable at best. Same is the case with telephoto lens. The shots came softened with significant loss in details, and alot of noise. In low light, frankly, I don't recommend shooting with the Auxiliary lenses.
  1. Battery:
The respectable 4000 MAh cell (4085 MAh to be exact) in the 7T Pro is well optimised with the software to get the best out of it. But the battery life is average at best, giving me somewhere around 5.5 to 6 hours of screen on time. My usage includes 30 minutes of gaming, social media, 1 hour of youtube, and casual photo shoots occasionally. That is not bad at all, but not great either. Nonetheless, WARP Charge 30T is a saviour, charging about 70% in 30ish minutes and from 10-100% in less than 50 minutes.
  1. Basic trade-offs:
The 7T Pro, to get along in the flagship race has cut some essential corners. The device doesn't come with wireless charging despite being the glass back. The device also doesn't comes with an IP certification for water or dust resistance, thanks to the pop-up mechanism. OnePlus has also removed some basic necessities, such the 3.5mm headphone jack and the ability to expand storage.
OnePlus 7T Pro is a great device at 500$. Incredible value for money. The device has almost unmatched performance and solid cameras. Not to forget the beautiful all front bezel-less display. This for sure is a great device. If wireless charging, IP rating, Headphone Jack and SD card slots are not deal breakers for you, this is a must buy!
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2020.07.17 17:59 shanabailey Camera price wireless hidden

Image compilation: https://i.imgur.com/kY0OLy4.jpg
New items in Couponsfromchina database. You can set price alerts.

  1. IPRee COB 100LED 30W 600Lumen IP65 Solar Lamp [EU] ($15.01): https://bit.ly/3998jCE
  2. SONOFF 4CH R3 10A 2200W 4 Gang WiFi Smart Switch ($19.34): https://bit.ly/3eIAycx
  3. SONOFF 4CH Pro R3 10A 2200W 4 Gang WiFi Smart Switch ($25.64): https://bit.ly/2BdgiCq
  4. Xiaomi Lofans YD-012V Cordless Steam Iron [EU] ($36.99): https://bit.ly/3h9IHIU
  5. Deerma DEM-DT16C 15L/24h Air Dehumidifier [EU] ($175.99): https://bit.ly/30gFBMp
  6. SONOFF GK-200MP2-B WiFi IP Camera 1080P [EU] ($26.39): https://bit.ly/2CagcMp
  7. UNI-T UTD2102CEX-II Oscilloscope [EU] ($309.98): https://bit.ly/2OzijM7
  8. BlitzWolf BW-S5 QC3.0 Charger [EU] ($9.7): https://bit.ly/2B8zW2i
  9. Blitzwolf BW-FUN2 Electric 400mL Humidifier Light [EU] ($13.68): https://bit.ly/3fDMBtf
  10. Enusic 9V-75V Micro GPS Tracker [EU] ($21.98): https://bit.ly/2CNjzZj
  11. DIGOO DG-W30 IP Camera [EU] ($44.75): https://bit.ly/3fRqG1T
  12. Xiaomi Mijia Walking Pad [EU] ($489.99): https://bit.ly/3eLON0B
  13. Xiaomi Youpin LED Makeup Mirror 1200mAh [EU] ($12.99): https://bit.ly/3j5AgQu
  14. GUUDGO 10LED 5X 2MP Outdoor IP Camera [EU] ($37.08): https://bit.ly/2Oxxx4b
  15. iMars 7010B 7 Inch Car Stereo Radio MP5 Player [EU] ($34.91): https://bit.ly/2OAEtO4
  16. BlitzWolf BW-LT8 Motion Sensor LED Cabinet Light [EU] ($20.73): https://bit.ly/2BcFhpq
  17. Xiaovv V380-W2 1080P Wireless Battery Mini IP Camera ($17.89): https://bit.ly/397i4Br
  18. HIMO Z16 250W 36V 10Ah Electric Bike [EU] ($749.99): https://bit.ly/2OzvigX
  19. Eachine VTX03 FPV Transmitter [EU] ($13.63): https://bit.ly/2ZE1XbB
  20. Caddx Turbo EOS2 4:3 FPV Camera [EU] ($18.54): https://bit.ly/3998spG
  21. BIGTREETECH SKR V1.3 3D Printer Control Board [EU] ($21.99): https://bit.ly/3eKUpIs
  22. EleksMaker EleksLaser-A3 Pro Laser Engraving Machine [EU] ($149.99): https://bit.ly/3fCPhr2
  23. Zeblaze THOR 5 PRO 3/32GB Smart Watch [EU] ($136.19): https://bit.ly/2OC0wnM
  24. Teclast F6 Plus N4100 8/256GB Laptop [EU] ($359.98): https://bit.ly/2CND2te
  25. BlitzWolf BW-S12 Charger With BW-CL1 Cable [EU] ($20.99): https://bit.ly/3eDgpot
  26. 3x BlitzWolf BW-TC10 AmpCore Turbo 3A Type-C Cable 1.8m Red [EU] ($23.39): https://bit.ly/2CNjDZ3
  27. Baseus 100W 5A Magnetic USB-C to USB-C PD 3.0 Cable ($8.99): https://bit.ly/2OxxzsP
  28. BlitzWolf BW-P13 10000mAh Power Bank [EU] ($21.99): https://bit.ly/2OxxB3V
  29. Xiaomi Curved Monitor EU Version 34 Inch 144Hz ($479.99): https://bit.ly/396IIu6
  30. ZTTO Z-81 Aluminum Alloy Bike Phone Holder ($6.23): https://bit.ly/39549f6
  31. EDIFIER K800 Headset ($21.99): https://bit.ly/2CHKBS0
  32. BlitzWolf AIRAUX AA-UM3 Bluetooth Earbuds [EU] ($23.99): https://bit.ly/3eBJn7Z
  33. Flydigi WASP 2 Pro Bluetooth Gamepad ($48.99): https://bit.ly/3fEZCCN
  34. 16GB 1080p Ballpoint Pen Hidden Camera ($16.99): https://bit.ly/2OyX79h
  35. KOSPET Prime 3/32GB Smart Watch [EU] ($179.99): https://bit.ly/2OyKlrb
  36. BlitzWolf BW-S5 Charger & BW-TC14 Type-C Cable 0.91m [EU] ($13.58): https://bit.ly/2ZE4R00
  37. Alldocube X Neo Snap660 4/64GB Tablet with Keyboard ($294.99): https://bit.ly/39ic3SN
  38. PIPO N2 A55 4/64GB Tablet ($119.99): https://bit.ly/397yWZ1
  39. BlitzWolf AIRAUX AA-ER1 Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones ($19.99): https://bit.ly/3h9CNY3
  40. Skymen JP-008 Ultrasonic Cleaner 0.8L ($50.39): https://bit.ly/3954oXy
  41. SKYMEN JP-010T Digital 2L Ultrasonic Cleaner ($107.99): https://bit.ly/2OBXyiR
  42. 10.1 Inch 2 DIN 6800 1/16GB Car Player [EU] ($54.99): https://bit.ly/2CHKKF2
  43. TicWatch Pro Smart Watch Black [EU] ($180): https://bit.ly/2OxxHbN
  44. Hawkeye Firefly 8SE Action Camera [EU] ($119): https://bit.ly/2ZEjy30
  45. NEXTOOL 10-in-1 Multitool ($14.99): https://bit.ly/3fEZFhX
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2020.07.16 12:17 shanabailey Wireless camera hidden price

Products that I did NOT add to database today. Check image compilation: https://i.imgur.com/s1q7tsY.jpg . If you want to add an item to Couponsfromchina database, then click on "Add Product" button on https://couponsfromchina.com/

  1. ✔️ 1Pcs 16GB Full 1080p HD Mini Ballpoint Pen USB Camcorder Video Voice Hidden Recorder Camera 🌐 https://bit.ly/2W8jhlM 💰 Price: $16.99 💵 Coupon: BGFFU310
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2020.06.24 21:54 leeroyzombi Hidden camera wireless price

In all my years of working at radio stations I had never seen such a dump. The broadcast office was full of labelled boxes that dated back years, decades even, and empty paper coffee cups. I would of thought that the least Mr Jones could do before I took over the job was hire a cleaner. It took me several hours just to clear the dust which seemed like it had been settling for years and not just months. I did skim through the piles of boxes out of curiosity; financial reports, listenership records, overdue bills. Nothing interesting, unfortunately.
Silver Oaks radio tower had one of those big, ugly satellite antennas you saw in the old movies, especially the black and white ones. And it sat high above the town. The station still used wireless technology to send out its broadcasts, which was strange because I thought pretty much every radio was digital now. I was so used to working with digital like everyone else nowadays that it took me a while to even work out how to turn on the the damn thing. It made that old crackle sound – do you remember when you used to turn the dial, so it would tune into the right frequency? Annoying as fuck, right? If you think that took patience, imagine how I felt trying to get this piece of junk to tune in properly. But I figured it out eventually, after a couple of hard kicks to the wall and mumbled F-yous.
It wasn’t the most ideal situation, but I couldn’t turn my nose up at the opportunity. Not only did I have the perks of being the only broadcaster at SILVER OAKS 96.6, which mostly consisted of playing he same 80s songs throughout the day and a talk show at night, but I also got room and board chucked into the job for free. Now the room, if you could call it that, consisted of a single sized mattress on a bed frame of dented springs, a en suite bathroom – okay, actually it’s a cupboard with a toilet and the smallest shower cubicle I’ve ever seen. Besides that there was the usual bedroom fixtures squeezed into the room, making it hard to navigate of a morning after repeatedly stubbing my toe. But I didn’t need much else. My divorce had set me back by a lot, finance wise, so I would take what I could get with what little I actually had left.
Still, it’s not all bad. The view of the sleepy town of Silver Oaks was quite majestic to look at everyday. The tower was situated just behind the famous oaks and seeing the town light up at night was mesmerising to watch, especially for someone who didn’t grow up in a small town. I didn’t miss the city much at all and the townsfolk here seemed friendly enough. I really wanted to make it work, but the listenership for the station wasn’t the best which made me have my doubts about how permanent the job would really be. Even with the revival of the station being advertised in the local paper and through word of mouth, it wasn’t getting much attention. I knew that the radio had been ran by a man before me who had died in some freak accident – look, I don’t know the details and I didn’t really care to know. I never asked Mr Jones before accepting the job. I needed the money and a place to lay my head of a night. But one day in the town, this old demented man came out of nowhere whilst I was shopping. I was filling my cart with chips and beer to keep me going through the evening show that night – god knows I needed them with the absolute bullshit these people talked about. Anyway, more about that later – the old man was so… desperate and insistent. The moment he approached me I took a step back as the smell of stale urine filled my sinuses.
‘Get out of there whilst you still can!’ He yelled, startling the checkout staff and getting the attention of the other shoppers. Even for a radio host, I didn’t like being the centre of attention – I truly had a face for radio and I liked having a loud mouth with a hidden face. ‘He was killed you know – it was no accident! They covered it all up!’ He was pointing at the fellow eavesdroppers, who continued to stare on.
‘I-I’m sorry, I don’t-‘ I began, feeling quite embarrassed for him. Finally one of the staff members came to my rescue, I assumed he was the manager. Straight away he took the old man gently by the arm, starting to lead him towards the exit.
‘Come on, Ted,’ he said, ‘go home and get done rest.’ After the deranged old man was out the door, the manager came over to stress his apologies. ‘Don’t mind old Ted, he’s just a bit tired and can be erratic at times. He’s been like that since he lost his wife a few years back.’
‘I’m assuming he was talking about the previous radio host?’ I asked.
The manager sighed. ‘Terrible, terrible situation. You needn’t bother worrying about it.’
I could see the other shoppers and staff were still staring and listening in on our conversation, they all must of known what happened to him. A couple of them were nodding and whispering amongst themselves.
‘I’m er-sorry about making a scene. I didn’t mean to cause you any trouble.’
‘Not at all! Look your groceries are on me today - I’ll let the guys know,’ The Manager insisted before I could refuse. ‘Good luck with your show tonight. I’ll be listening in!’ And away he went.
So I guess I should explain the talk show - ‘The Peaceful Hour’. So The irony of the 11pm show is that it consists of the citizens of Silver Oaks calling in to voice their concerns, issues and anything else related to the town. Why they call it ‘The Peaceful Hour’? I don’t know. Because it’s mostly the townsfolk venting their frustrations about the most mundane things. So far I’ve had a woman who was furious about the tiny graffiti on the town cross not being removed despite her many visits and letters to the town council, then I had a man who owned a family-run drug store who was being buried into the ground by the arrival of a chain in town. He insisted everyone should protest outside the chain and stop shopping there, despite their cheaper prices. Oh, and how could I forget the call about the chickens that escaped multiple times from Goldmayer’s farm! Yes, apparently they were pecking the grass from Mrs Jackson’s lawn every other morning.
‘Uh-Huh…’ I uttered in bewilderment. ‘So have you tried talking to Mr Goldmayer about getting a stronger, more secure chicken coop?’
‘Talking?! I’ve damn near screamed at the man! You try talking to him!’ Mrs Jackson yelled. ‘Does it on purpose, knows I don’t like him and his damn farm!’
It was a far cry from my previous talk show where I was conversing about real world issues and political injustice. I certainly wouldn’t say I ‘loved’ the job so far, not with the lack of material I was actually given permission to cover. It was no wonder the listenership was so low when the conversation was taking a turn to mild vandalism or escapee chickens…
Mr Jones – the owner of the station - wasn’t interested in my ideas to talk more about the bigger world outside of Silver Oaks. He said to me: ‘Silver Oaks is the big world to these people. The station and the newspaper are the only two outlets for these people to express their frustration and their feelings – let them talk. You’ll settle in just fine, kid.’ I wasn’t convinced by Mr Jones encouragement, I felt out of touch with the locals and didn’t have a clue about the town’s stance on certain things having spent little time in it, but I would give it a try.
I braced myself for another night of monotonous tales from an angered local. Snacks were on hand, and I’m not ashamed to say I’d already consumed two beers, with another cracked open just before I switched the ‘On Air’ sign on. Not great for third week in, but it numbed the future headache I would surely get from listening to petty crap for an hour. There was one caller on hold tonight, just like every other night so far. I hoped it wasn’t Mrs Jackson again. Please, not another night of chickens, I thought.
‘Good evening Silver Oaks, I’m your host Jacob Evans and you’re listening to ‘The Peaceful Hour’ on SILVER OAKS 96.6 where you, the citizens of Silver Oaks, lead the conversation. We already have a caller waiting on the line tonight.’
‘Hello?’ A crackled, distant voice said as I connected the call.
‘Hello, welcome to ‘The Peaceful Hour’. Please tell our listeners your name and what you want to get off your chest.’
‘Well, you can call me Sam...’
‘Okay, Sam. So what do you want to talk about tonight?’ I asked again, in a monotone register. There was a long pause, but I could hear his shallow breathing. ‘Sam, are you still with us?’
‘Yes,’ he said bluntly.
‘Okay, what do you want to talk about?’
‘I want to talk about the murders I’ve committed.’
I rolled my eyes. I didn’t expect it to happen here, but the burden of not screening callers before they’re broadcast is having to put up with prank calls. I decided to play along.
‘Uh-Huh. And what murders have you committed, Sam?’
‘Well, which one would you like me to start with?’
‘Take your pick!’ I said, followed by a pathetic laugh. I shook my head and took a huge swing of beer. At least it was an entertaining start to the evening.
‘Okay, how about I start with Dean Reagan?’
My phone suddenly lit up, it was a text from Mr Jones. As soon as I read his words, my childish mood went away just as quickly as it came… it read:
‘Mr Evans, are you still there?’ Sam asked politely.
‘Y-Yeah. I’m here,’ I replied nervously, quickly diverting to my usual tone so he wouldn’t suspect something was off. Although, after Mr Jones text I was curious about only one thing. ‘So who is Dean Reagan? What did you do to him?’
There was a long silence.
‘He was the previous host for SILVER OAKS 96.6 and I killed him. Right there in that tower in-fact…’
This time the painful, prolonged silence was on my end of the broadcast. I was weighing up if this Sam fella really was serious, just like Mr Jones had said in his text. Because let’s be realistic, who admits to committing murder over the radio? This was obviously some scare tactic from the local teens who were clearly giving me my initiation prank call, ya know, a ‘Welcome to Silver Oaks, the last host who died was actually murdered – LOL.’ That’s what I was telling myself, and that’s how I would continue to stir the rest of this conversation as Mr Jones was still blowing up my phone with text messages telling me not to disconnect Sam’s call.
‘Really?’ I said. ‘I suppose I better sleep with one eye open then, huh?’
Sam chuckled as though we were two pals with a private joke between us. ‘Perhaps you should, I’m interested to know why you didn’t even know his name?’
‘Because I never asked,’ I said, ‘I was just told it was an accident and I never wanted to know anymore than that.’
Sam’s shallow breathing fuzzed into my earphones, the sound was actually quite annoying due to the crappy signal. ‘Yes, I’m sure everyone would tell you it was accident,’ he finally said, ‘but Silver Oaks know the truth and I’m here to tell it straight.’
I took a swig of my beer and quickly flashed through the multiple texts that Mr Jones had sent me. They kept coming through like a commentary to what was being said between Sam and I on the broadcast. The last one saying:
‘Okay citizens of Silver Oaks, we’ll be back shortly with our…interesting conversation on local homicides with Sam. Sam, do you mind staying on the line?’
‘I’ll be here,’ he said flatly.
‘This is ‘The Peaceful Hour’ on SILVER OAKS 96.6 and I’m your host, Jacob Evans. Do not go anywhere. This is going to be one memorable show.’
As soon as I set the broadcast to commercial, I picked up my phone and called Mr Jones.
‘Well, this is the biggest pile of bullshit I’ve ever heard in my life,’ I said when he picked up, ‘I’ll give this guy credit, it’s certainly better than hearing about the quality of the vegetables at Goldmayer’s Sunday market stall.’
‘Look, Jacob there’s a-er-there’s something I forgot to mention,’ Mr Jones began, seeming jittery and nervous. ‘Now I don’t want you to think I didn’t tell you this to put you off the job, but this isn’t the first time er, ‘Sam’ has called in.’
I was confused. ‘Okay…’
‘Ya see, when Dean was host, God rest his soul, he would get calls from Sam quite often. They were innocent at first. But they started to take a dark turn.’
I was a little frustrated with how intense Mr Jones seemed, it was almost like no one in this town understood when someone was just playing a joke. A sick one, come to think of it, but a joke none-the-less.
‘Okay, so why didn’t Dean just disconnect his calls?’ I asked.
‘Well, it was good for the ratings and Dean – he-er got sucked into it, obsessed quite frankly,’ Mr Jones explained. ‘I don’t know how to describe it, but he wasn’t himself – at the end, I mean.’
‘Mr Jones, you can’t honestly tell me you think this Sam guy is serious? If he is, we shouldn’t be airing it for broadcast we should be contacting the police! Tracking his GPS. Anything to get the son-of-a-bitch behind bars!’
‘Sam never calls from the same number, and all the numbers cease to exist when they’re tracked. Dean tried. This Sam character, he’s smart. Look kid, just see what he comes out with. We may finally get the real story behind that ‘accident’ and it’ll do us some good for the ratings. It’s a win/win situation.’
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was absolute madness. ‘You seriously want me to have a conversation with a potential murderer who is at large? Are you insane?!’
‘I’ll make it worth your while, kid,’ Mr Jones was pleading with me, but there was also a sharpness to his voice. ‘You don’t really have much choice, do you?’
So that’s how it was. He knew my financial situation and that the divorce had severely drained me. ‘Fine.’
I hung up the phone and cracked open another beer. My buzz from drinking earlier had completely gone after speaking to Mr Jones. I couldn’t believe what I just agreed to. I still wasn’t entirely convinced that this person had committed murder, but I also wasn’t convinced I should carry on the call. I know I originally didn’t care to know anything about Dean Reagan, I mean, Christ! I didn’t know the man’s name until Sam mentioned it. It seemed not only sinister to even discuss a dead man, who may have been killed right here, right where I’m sitting, but not only that – his family. Did he even have family? Was he a loner, like me? Perhaps that’s why he took this shitty job. I downed the rest of my beer and placed my headset back on. I ignored the ‘NO SMOKING’ sign and I lit up a cigarette. A habit I couldn’t really afford, but it was only occasional. Lord knows I need needed one before I put the ‘ON AIR’ light back on.
‘Welcome back, Silver Oaks. I’m your host, Jacob Evans and you’re listening to ‘The Peaceful Hour’ on SILVER OAKS 96.6. Sam is still with us. Hi Sam.’
‘Hello, Jacob,’ Sam replied cheerfully. A little forced, actually.
‘So Sam, we’ve kept our listeners in suspense for long enough. How did you kill Dean Reagan?’
Sam laughed on the other end. ‘Do you not want to know WHY I killed him first?’
‘Sure, why not.’
‘He was different because he was an out-of-towner, which made him a good person to start off with, but he was dumb. Just like most of the people in this vile, decaying little town,’ Sam spat, and I was taken aback by the change in his voice; the venom. ‘Silver Oaks is a snake pit of liars, cheats and thieves. If you really knew the truth about this place, you wouldn’t of moved here Jacob.’
‘Uh-huh,’ I uttered, ‘and how does that justify Mr Reagan being murdered?’
‘Because I saved him from his lonely existence, I saved him from the people in this town. Silver Oaks may appear to be this quiet, idilic little place that is hidden from the rest of the world but that’s its biggest advantage. Silver Oaks is free from government, free from the rules of normal society – the people running this place know they can get away with so much. It drives me insane – has drove me insane!’
I shook my head in disbelief, taking in the last drag of my cigarette before extinguishing it. ‘So you think you ‘’saved’’ Dean Reagan by killing him? Is that what you’re saying?’
‘Yes, I am. If it wasn’t me it would have been one of those corrupt townsfolk or those—those…things that hide in the tall oaks just outside your tower, surely you’ve seen them?’ Sam asked.
‘No, I honestly haven’t any idea what you’re taking about…’ I said, really starting to sense how much of a nut job Sam really was.
‘Next time you drive into town, just look, you’ll see them. Or just look out your window later,’ Sam said dismissively. ‘Anyway, Dean needed to get out of this place, away from all of the scum...I know they’re all listening right now. But he had no way out. No one ever actually leaves Silver Oaks, ya know. Just try. I’ll bet you can’t.’
‘Sam, let’s just summarise for a moment here. You killed Dean Reagan to save him from the citizens of Silver Oaks because they’re all so corrupt and covering up these...these ‘’big’’ secrets?’
‘They got to him. They turned him. And they’ll turn you too!’ Sam was now erratic and hysterical. His earlier composure was completely gone.
‘Turned him into WHAT, Sam?’ I asked, feeling a little impatient with his scattered ramblings.
‘A citizen of Silver Oaks,’ he said calmly. ‘I have to go now, before they figure out who I am, I’ll call again tomorrow.’
The line disconnected, and I sat for a moment listening to the dial tone. I was trying to take in what I’d heard as I crossed my arms and processed what Sam said carefully. He was obviously a very mentally unwell man who needed help. Then I thought about Old Man Ted in the store earlier, he was blaming the townspeople for Dean’s death too. Sam, if that was his real name, sounded too young to be Old Man Ted. Perhaps there is a town conspiracy theory that bats from person to person, but so far I didn’t believe in it. And I still didn’t get any answers about Dean’s death.
‘Well, that was quite the conversation, wasn’t it? We’re going to take a short break but we’ll be back with your thoughts. I can’t wait to hear what you all thought of those accusations. You’re listening to ‘The Peaceful Hour’ on SILVER OAKS 96.6, with me your host, Jacob Evans. Don’t go anywhere.’
As soon as I went off air, I couldn’t help myself. I had to go and look out the window just like Sam had advised me to, knowing in the back of my head how fucking ridiculous it was. These ‘things’ he spoke of made me think of that Disney movie from when I was a kid, which was actually more like a horror movie: ‘The Watcher in the Woods’. God that movie scared the shit out of me as a child. I tried to imagine some weird being staring up at the tower every night - stalking me and watching my every move. Okay, so it was juvenile but it made me laugh out loud just thinking about it. But then I thought I saw…no it was just the wind, surely? The trees were shuffling at least, but I was convinced I saw a bright light flashing or glowing in the middle of the oaks. Perhaps it was just my imagination. I was interrupted from my trance by a phone call from Mr Jones.
‘Hello!’ I answered abruptly.
‘First of all, kid, I do the hanging up in future, you got that?’ He said. ‘Second of all, I need you to get more out of Sam tomorrow. This could really get the ratings going if we keep this up.’
God, the man had no shame if it meant that people were actually listening to his dire station. ‘Are you not worried that people will get pissed off that they’re being slandered by some raving lunatic?’
‘You let me worry about that, you just do the job you were hired to do. As I said, I’ll make it worth your while.’
I wondered if I should even ask the next question, because in my head I know it sounded ridiculous. ‘Mr Jones, what did he mean by ‘’those things that hide in the talk oaks’’?’
Mr Jones laughed. ‘Don’t tell me you’re afraid of a little urban legend?’
‘No, I’m just curious…’
‘Well, supposedly there’s these creatures, aliens, wolves - whatever version of the story is popular at the time – they live in the tall oaks. Just like every other town, it’s just a story.’
‘Do they glow?’ I asked, innocently.
‘What?’ Mr Jones replied a little confused.
‘The creatures?’ I asked. ‘Do they glow?’
‘Yeah, sure. Why not! I guess they could. Look just finish tonight’s show and think about what to ask Sam if he calls tomorrow. Sweet dreams, kid.’
Mr Jones hung up this time, and I took one last look outside the window. It was distant this time, but I’m sure I saw another flash of blue light. Jesus, I need to get a grip, I thought to myself as I took a step away from the window. Now, I’m not one to get spooked easily, especially now I’m in my mid-thirties, but something about all of this really made me feel a chill. Perhaps it was the controversy of talking about someone who died just for the benefit of getting local attention drawn to our broadcast. It felt like I was pushing this exploitive narrative and I hated that feeling. But after tonight, I don’t know…I just didn’t feel safe so I pushed a heavy wooden ottoman in front of the door and a couple of my unpacked boxes in front of the fire escape. God help me if there’s actually a fire, but it made me feel more secure. For the first time in my life I certainly felt vulnerable. There wasn’t long left of tonight’s show, and I only had one caller on hold. Hopefully they would offer some better insight into Dean’s ‘accident’ or ‘murder’, perhaps they’d tell they knew this Sam guy and that he’s taking absolute shit.
‘Welcome back to ‘The Peaceful Hour’ on SILVER OAKS 96.6, I’m your host Jacob Evans and tonight we’re talking about murder, or are we? I’d love to hear your thoughts caller. Tell our listeners at home your name and thoughts.’
‘I can understand what that young man is saying, I have been close to murdering those chickens for months now!’
Great. It was Mrs Jackson. ‘Uh. Huh…’ I mumbled, lighting up my second cigarette of that evening, feeling kind of grateful it was her, but at the same time wishing she would just murder the chickens so she’d stop talking about them.
‘Maybe I should kill Mr Goldmayer! He’s probably responsible for those things out in the oaks! I’ve seen them too, they glow at night and-‘
I cut Mrs Jackson off. ‘Excuse me, they glow, you say?’
‘As I was just saying,’ she said with annoyance, ‘they glow and it’s all because of him messing with those poor damn animals! Cross breeding and whatever the hell he does to them! I could do it you know, my husband taught me how to use a rifle!’
I leaned back in my chair and sighed. Even batshit Mrs Jackson sees things glowing in those oaks at night. Maybe I’m not imagining what I saw, or I’m just as crazy as the rest of them.
God, this town is more fucked up than I thought.
I felt wary about driving through the oaks after what I may or may not of seen the night before, even in broad daylight. I considered having my groceries delivered to the tower so I didn’t have to drive through them, but then again I didn’t exactly feel much better about sitting alone in the tower today either, so what difference would it make if I stayed in or went out? Maybe I should consider installing a camera outside the door so I can see—do you know what? No. It’s ridiculous! This whole thing is a joke! I’m a grown adult and I’m allowing myself to be spooked out by some stupid fairy story the crazy locals made up and I won’t submit to it. So in the end I just decided to drive into town like I usually would.
I’m embarrassed to admit I did go over the speed limit as I drove through the winding road down into Silver Oaks. No signs of ghouls, goblins, monsters or mutated farm animals so far, so I eventually eased back down to the speed limit before I passed Goldmayer’s Farm. It’s a good thing I did, because surprise, surprise, the chickens were on the run again. That’ll be Mrs Jackson calling in, furious about her property being vandalised by them, later on tonight’s show. Whilst I waited for the flock of chickens to cross the road, which obviously made me think of the oldest joke of all time, I studied them and noticed how unusual they were; size wise they were all pretty large. And they were all walking in perfect unison as if they were a row of ducks rather than chickens. Whilst I waited for them to cross, I took a good look over at Goldmayer’s Farm for the first time since I moved to Silver Oaks.
Exterior wise, it looked pretty run down with overgrown, pale long grass and there were no animals to be seen out front. It seemed like the type of place that if you were to knock on the door, you wouldn’t be surprised if Leatherface came charging out at you with a chainsaw. I could hear a faint drilling sound which I figured was coming from the huge red barn next to the farmhouse, and I wondered what on earth he could be doing in there. Mrs Jackson seemed to think he was abusing his animals and turning them into these supposed creature that occupy the oaks. IF that was true, I wanted to know how he would even do it. Seeing plenty of horror movies in my time provided me with the cliché ideas; probably some sort of injection or Victor Frankenstein invention maybe? My imagination was running wild, yet again, so I took one last look at the farm before driving off into Silver Oaks town centre. The drilling sound got louder as I drove away.
I guess I should talk a little about Silver Oaks town centre. It’s like most small towns. A lot of independent small businesses, the local newspaper office, well kept community gardens, a town monument, a church and a city hall. It was basic and had pretty much everything you’d expect a small town to have, but it was actually quite pretty to look at. The townsfolk were very polite and greeted you as you walked around running your errands, it still had a video store that people used quite frequently which I know seems strange now everyone streams on the internet. But I guess that was part of its charm, it was stuck in this time capsule. I never experienced anything like that when I lived in cities with everyone rushing around, the sound of heavy traffic as a constant background noise and people would sooner tell you to ‘fuck off’ than wish you a good morning. Being in the town certainly shook off any eerie feeling I had earlier that morning and made me appreciate what a nice day it was. It made me remember despite how deluded some of the people may be, the town itself wasn’t that bad.
I was walking around the grocery store with my cart when I was suddenly approached by a young guy, probably about mid-twenties, dressed kind of trendy. Trendier than most of the other younger guys around town anyway.
‘You’re the new radio host, right?’ He asked, both his hands resting in the pockets of his trousers.
‘I might be,’ I said, ‘who’s asking?’
He extended his hand, which I accepted. ‘Timothy Dandridge, reporter for The Silver Oaks Standard.’
‘Jacob Evans. How can I help you?’
He signalled for us to move out of the aisle into a quiet corner. It seemed very cloak and dagger, but I followed him anyway. ‘I was listening to your broadcast last night,’ he said. ‘Some er, pretty strange stuff, wouldn’t you agree?’
‘Oh you mean someone admitting to murdering my predecessor, talking about town conspiracy theories and creatures that live in the woods? Nope, pretty standard stuff,’ I said, joking. He only offered a slight smile at my attempt at humour. For a young guy he seemed pretty uptight.
‘Well, I wouldn’t use the word ‘standard’ to describe town. Silver Oaks is very…different in many ways. But I’m sure you’ve already figured that out, haven’t you?’
I studied Timothy’s blank expression, beginning to wonder if he thought any of those things that he heard on ‘The Peaceful Hour’ last night were really true. My gut instinct told me that even if he didn’t, he wouldn’t rule it out. ‘Until last night, I thought so. I guess I still do. I’m not entirely convinced this Sam guy knows what he’s saying, and I certainly don’t believe that weird creatures live in the oaks.’
‘But you seemed stunned when Mrs Jackson talked about the glowing?’ Timothy said, furrowing his brows with suspicion.
‘Because I thought it was crazy,’ I said. Half of me was telling the truth and the other half of me was keeping what I thought I saw to myself, especially from a reporter. Besides, I could of just been a flashlight or something. ‘I was a little out of my depth with last night’s conversation.’
Timothy sighed, and took a step closer to me, we were nearly touching cheeks when he whispered in my ear. ‘You’re out of your depth in general, Jacob. This place has had many strange incidents for years, and it’s hard to explain why. Dean Reagan’s death was just one of them. And Sam, he knows the truth. You have no idea what they did to Dean, he let this town consume him. I’d be careful that the same thing doesn’t happen to you.’
I took a step back. ‘Are you threatening me?’
Timothy shook his head. ‘No, I’m just giving you some friendly advice. I can be a real friend to you, not like all of these phoney, crazy bastards,’ he said signalling to the other people who were shopping, seemingly minding their own business, except for the occasional glance. ‘They may seem like nice, ordinary people, but when you’ve lived here long enough you learn that everyone in this town is hiding something. And don’t think they’re not watching you, because they are. They’re probably listening to us right now, they’re good at that, even when it looks like they aren’t.’
He tried to get in close again, so I took another step back. ‘Tell me why I should trust someone who condones murder?’
‘The person that Sam killed wasn’t Dean Reagan. Not anymore.’
I shook my head and grabbed my cart, ready to walk away. ‘That doesn’t even make any sense! He still killed a man. It’s wrong. It’s unlawful.’
‘Do you see the law here? In fact, do you really see Silver Oaks, or do you just see what you want to see?’ Timothy asked, withharrowing conviction. And I thought about his question. Sam already mentioned that there was no real law system in place. And when I considered it, there didn’t appear to be a Sheriff’s department or police station around. Maybe they dismantled the police? I know some places do that. I don’t know.
‘I just see a small town that is still clinging onto a tragedy. Despite whether Dean Reagan was really killed, or did die from an accident, it seems to have the people around here pretty riled up. Sam needs to turn himself into the authorities so the town can move on. Where is he anyway? WHO is he?’
‘No one knows were Sam is. But he’s in this town, somewhere. Hiding. No one ever really leaves Silver Oaks. No one really can.’
I nodded my head at Timothy’s delusional comment, the same comment Sam had made on ‘The Peaceful Hour’. ‘Okay, well it was nice meeting you!’ I said sarcastically as I steered off with my cart. But Timothy grabbed me by the arm before I could walk any further. I looked down, feeling my face flushing with fury. I was just about ready to brawl with this idiot.
‘Please, Jacob!’ He pleaded. ‘Just open your eyes a bit more. I’m not crazy, I’m just trying to help you. Can I come over to the tower later? There’s something I want you to hear. It might clarify a few things for you. Help you make sense of what I’m trying to tell you…away from prying eyes.’
I bit my bottom lip as I considered his proposal. I swiftly nudged his hand off my arm and walked away at a steady pace. ‘Eight O’Clock,’ I said with my back turned to him. ‘Don’t try anything stupid, I’m handy with a baseball bat.’ I lied.
After paying for my groceries, I packed them into my car and opened up the fresh pack of cigarettes I just bought. I ended up smoking the rest of the pack I had last night and this morning, and I know, I promised myself I wouldn’t smoke regularly again but desperate times and all that. I hadn’t smoked like this since my divorce but it was helping calm my nerves. I decided to lean against my bonnet taking in the sunshine, something I’d rarely seen since moving here and probably one of the things I missed about the city. Eventually the heat on the bonnet started to burn my ass after a while, so I decided to take a walk around town as I didn’t feel like going back to the tower straight away.
I still had something that Timothy said playing on my mind, about not really seeing Silver Oaks, and I had no idea what he meant until it dawned on me that since I had been here, I had not seen a single child or baby until today. They were school kids, all boys, in a grey uniform, all walking in perfection unison like the chickens I saw earlier. The strange thing about them was that even though they all had different hair colours, eye colours, different heights; they all looked the same facially. Close family members maybe? Cousins? Either that or one guy really was a very busy fella spreading his seeds around. But still, it was unusual.
Then I noticed that the church was actually boarded up, with an imprint on the front where the crucifix used to be. Come to think of it, the building looked very derelict, like it hadn’t been used in decades. There were birds sitting on top of the church roof, big birds, and they didn’t look like any species I’d seen before. It was hard to tell from this distance, but their eyes seemed to be bulging and their feathers were extremely long on their wings. If it wasn’t strange enough that there was still a video store here, like I mentioned earlier, the people who were going in there – which was quite a lot — weren’t coming out of there with DVD rentals. They were coming out with big duffle bags. What they had in them? I had no idea. Timothy was right, I never really SAW Silver Oaks. But now that I finally did, everything seemed off.
I drove back up to the tower, listening to the auto playlist I left on the broadcast whilst I was away. The car I bought after the divorce was old and slightly beat down, it didn’t have an AUX portal, so listening to SILVER OAKS 96.6 was my only option as I didn’t own any cassette tapes. Just before driving up the hill to the tower, I stopped again at Goldmayer’s Farm and the drilling sound from earlier had gone. There was now several cows chewing the long grass outside the red barn. Still no sign of Mr Goldmayer though, I’d never actually seen him any time I’d drove past the farm. Before I was about to drive off, just to my right I saw those chickens from earlier crossing the road back over to the farm — I assumed they were the same chickens anyway. Only…they were much bigger than they were when I saw them that morning and their mouths and breasts were covered in—oh God. It was blood. No question about it. What the fuck had they been eating? I didn’t wait for them to cross this time. I beeped my horn, making them jump frantically and revved my engine as I sped up the hill.
It all started to stir around in my head — all these thoughts, all these things I’d seen and heard. What the hell was going on in this crazy fucking place? Why hadn’t I noticed all these weird things before? What was with those chickens? Who or WHAT are those children? What the actual FUCK happened to Dean Reagan? And then just as I was about to make my turn up to the tower, this big blue light flashed in front of me. There was something behind it that I couldn’t quite see, it was huge and towered over the road. I swerved the car away from it, and pulled hard on the brakes, making my car screech as I pushed my foot on the brake as hard as I could. The car went flying forward, and I just missed one of the oak trees by a few centimetres. My heart pounded and I tried to control my heavy breathing, I felt like I was about to have a panic attack. I looked in the rear view mirror to see if that thing behind the light was still there, but there was nothing on the road except for my tire marks. I leaned my head on the stirring wheel for a moment and tried to calm down, listening to my breathing slowly decreasing and waited for my hands to stop shaking. After a few minutes, I reversed my car back onto the road and made my way up to the tower.
As soon as I got in, despite it being barely noon, I opened a beer and downed it in one go, then opened another. It helped to calm my nerves. Then I lit a cigarette and walked over to the window to look out at the oaks, it seemed calm and nothing out of the ordinary struck me. But all my doubts before had vanished…
There was something out there after all.
Next: Part Two
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