Naked moms on snapchat

2020.11.24 20:29 dissatisfiedfox Naked moms on snapchat

This is the first time I write my story and put it out there, I have been lurking for some time under my main account but wanted to use an alt to put my story out there and maybe get some perspective on things. I apologize if there are a lot of typos and weird formatting, English is not my mother tongue. Also, this will be long, and messy, and painful. This is me just ranting and hoping some advice might come from this as well. Maybe more than just "break up with him", I just hate thinking the kids will be affected. There is financial stuff as well, I will never be able to live alone on what I make.
So here it goes:
I (30F) met this great guy (30M) on Tinder (yes I know!!), being a single mother living on an island with under 200 citizens made dating impossible, especially since it's a place where most of the people are old people. My family is from there and I had moved back home after a breakup with my son's father, who is no longer in the picture of his own choosing. Anyway, it started great! He seemed like he actually wanted to be with me, it seemed like he enjoyed the company of me and my son. We became serious on the 24 of December 2018.
He gave me a beautiful necklace for my first birthday, saying the next time he gave me a gift it would be a ring but since our relationship was only about 6 months old he wanted to wait until Xmas. this never happened of course. He hinted and hinted once the day approached, and I got a little box, but it was with a new chain for my necklace instead of a ring. And I doubt I ever will get one now...
First D-day was before this, about 4 months in, so in April, I was playing on his wow acc. when someone wrote to him suddenly. Looking back on the chat history I saw how they had a super flirty tone, how he told her she could mount him and such after she told him she liked mount farming. How he told her he wanted to come to see her originally but then met me. Not big deals looking back and kinda silly but it was a breach of what I deemed appropriate in a relationship. I told him this and got the "you snooped, how dare you!". I laid out my boundaries for a relationship. That I actually view such things as sexting and snap sex and such as being unfaithful and would like him to stop such behavior if he was doing such. we agreed!
The second D-day, September, was him being super drunk and showing me his premium Snapchats , yes plural! He gets abusive when he drinks, not physically but mentally and he wanted to hurt my feelings since he felt I was being a party pooper for taking his cognac. The same day he had kissed a woman while being out drinking "just for fun", which his cousin who works at the bar could tell me. I reached out to this woman telling her that he is in a relationship and that we had a kid who looks at him as his real father, and if she really wanted to mess with this. They had been talking A LOT on Snapchat so I figured I should tell her this, I was obviously pissed and hurt. She immediately apologized, saying she newer could be an AP cause she had been cheated on before. She deleted him. I got blamed by him though, he felt I had no right, I embarrassed him, and I was once again being snoopy. So instead of owning up, once again he turned it back on me.
I also found he had a lot of other girls on there which he sent and got nudes, he talked dirty with and just acted a fool with. He knows the rules by now so why put it all at risk!?! I explain the rules of our relationship once more. we agree once again, but he is still mad I "snooped" and reached out to that woman.
I have since got him to stop drinking, I put my foot down, told him it's us or the alcohol. He is the sort of person who can't have just one beer to calm down, he always overdoes it, and it's a fucking shitshow for me to clean up. EVERY TIME! His parents even got called by him once to watch the shit show and how he treated me while drunk, and they were mortified.
Fast forward to may 2020 I go to check something on his pc, and lo and behold! Third D-day! Not only has he spent about 300 euros on naked pictures from girls on Kik, but he has been watching an insane amount of porn, no wonder our sex life was dying! He has also been looking into a form of the website like onlyfans, only it's very explicit. I have no problem with a healthy amount of porn, I watch it myself sometimes but I think it's wrong to watch so much that it becomes a problem in your real relationship. Once again we have the argument, this time over text. He is trying to do the "you snooped" thing again. But I lay down the rules, explain how it's wrong to go outside the boundaries we put up. Explain that once there is two-way communication it's not just porn anymore, then it's cheating. you form a relationship OUTSIDE of your relationship when you do that. And why pay for it! It's fucking free on a huge number of sites! I tell him how sad this makes me, how much he hurts me doing stuff like this. I am also cursing him and being a bit mean, I am super hurt and just want it all to go away, I want to throw away the whole damn man. He tells me he doesn't view it as cheating since it's not physical. I am fucking livid and I tell him to go fuck himself and oh btw I just found out I am pregnant so yay am I right? He doesn't believe me ofc, so I tape the test to the door when I bring his beloved PC into the hallway for him to pick up. he is staying a few days at his parent's house.
Then we reconcile, he shows remorse(!) and I am stunned. HE SHOWS REMORSE! Like it never happened before now that he actually told me he was sorry. he wasn't exactly begging me to not leave him but it meant something. He bought me flowers, while also getting his mother some, but I will take em! We decide to keep the baby after a huge amount of talks about the future and boundaries and what we want from life, we talk about my boy, who now is his boy as well. how we could be a nice family if we tried if we really worked at it. (oh boy here come the tears typing this) We get a new apartment, and for about four months things are good.
Then BOOM! Another D-day! While uploading pics to our shared photo app I see dickpics in a private album. My cheated-sense is tingling, and I feel that sinking feeling once more. I ask him "WTAF MAN, what is this?" and he spills the beans. told me he once again bought pictures on Kik, from two women. he just opened one of em and then deleted the other one and asked for a return of his money. Aaaand again with the chat about boundaries, how this hurts, and even more so since I am about 5 months pregnant. he doesn't think it makes it worse ofc and once again says he doesn't look at what he's doing as cheating. BUT I DO, and so does every sane and normal and decent fucking person.
After talking together he tells me his feelings for me are changed, he looks at me as a friend he fucks. not his girlfriend, he doesn't have romantic feelings towards me anymore. but he doesn't want to break up either. He wants it to come back naturally. But that it is hard. He says it is because I never give him space or lets him off the hook about cheating. that I am distrustful (DUUH!!) and it is unfair. Then a friend of ours told me how he told him after we had a fight that my BF feels imprisoned, how he feels like he wants to be free to do what he wants, to drink a beer if he wants to and just do what he likes. BUT that it would be mean to break up with me now that I am about to drop this baby (I am currently 32 weeks, so third trimester) and that he needs to wait until I get the baby. ofc I confront him with this, and he denies feeling like that. He says he has no such plan for the future and no such thoughts. Then why tell your friend this!?! ugh!
He talks about us buying a house together soon. He talks about our future with me and his kids with his parents and I am just so fucking confused! His parents are great btw, actually, his whole family adores me and my son. They believe I made a better man of him. Before he was a drunk 30yo man living in his parent's basement, now he is a responsible adult with (soon) two kids. He has an awesome GF in me who makes sure everyone in our house is feeling loved and cared for and have filled bellies. I do everything for this man and they all see how much I do for my little dysfunctional family. I am a caring person, that is too nice for my own good(his brother's words). His parents know all our issues, his mom and I talk about this a lot and she says she sees a whole other man from her son now the past two years (yes FFS it's only been two years, not ten!). That he cares about us, and that he would be completely broken if I ever left him. but she is also pissed at her son for being such an utter asshole towards me. They cant reach into him though, cause he just tells them to mind their own business. But she tells me he talks of OUR future TOGETHER with them, and it confuses the hell out of me!
So here I sit, heavily pregnant, with a child who looks at this man as his real father, and another one on the way who is his by biology as well. I go from being just indifferent and to having extremely toxic thoughts and mistrust for this man. I am struggling and I hope that typing it all out will help me some. I go from being completely dissolved in tears hurting so damn much, to not giving a damn as long as my kids can grow up with us both in their life. Trying to stay strong for them but sometimes when I am alone utterly failing in doing so. Still absolutely love the ass of this man, and while he has done so much to hurt me I so want us to work. He is everything I look for in a man, except the cheating obviously.
I just can't get myself to break up either! some it is because my son, who doesn't remember another dad than this man won't get the same treatment that his biological kid will. on paper, he is not his. so I doubt he will take both the kids for visiting if we break up. How am I supposed to tell a five-year-old boy that the man he believes to be his father isn't after all and that his little brothesister is allowed to go stay with daddy but he isn't? How the fuck can I ever put him through that!?! I would take a thousand D-days and tons of pain and suffering if I could know for sure that day never comes. For my kids, I can endure it all, even though it kills me to some extent.
I am not void of fault in this relationship, I have been hurt and mean. I have been super distrustful and bitter. I have been cold and maybe at times unfair. But I have NEVER cheated or ONCE let my eyes wander.
If you read this far, THANK YOU! I didn't put a Tldr in here cause I don't know how to summery this shitstorm. Sorry for the messy and ranty format. It felt good putting it all out there. even though I look like I have no self-respect, even though I look like a weak little worm with no backbone... I just... Needed to vent.
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2020.11.22 19:25 SuccessfulMarsupial2 Sense of reality is messed up. Not sure why?

I am having a rough weekend and need support. I know this post is long. I'm sorry. I just really need help. Please be kind. I have posted about this once before here, but this is a more coherent version. It helps me to hear more perspectives. Because I am blaming myself again for everything. And it hurts. I feel like there was something going on with my ex and a married woman before we broke up, but I didn't notice anything between them again until after we broke up. He says they are just friends and that he's trying to help her out. He blamed me for the break up and said we were both burned out. And that we needed to focus on ourselves. He said I had not focused on myself for a long time. He also suffers from depression and stress from work.
I was doing well for awhile, but I find myself staring at my walls all day, can't get up, and blaming the end of my ten year relationship on me. I wasn't at my best during the last few years of the relationship, so that is why I blame myself. I was depressed and not as much fun anymore because I failed out of medical school due to unresolved health issues that held me back. I felt empty and lost inside and was trying to find my way again. My life was a living nightmare for awhile. Becoming a doctor was my childhood dream. I lost my dignity when I had to leave medical school for many reasons. I was experiencing PTSD and I did tell my ex my doctor said I was too. Not to say we didn't have good times after leaving medical school, but I wasn't as full of life as I used to be because the situation with medical school was severely traumatic for me. We still laughed together and went on vacations, but me feeling lost and scared inside probably ruined the vibe for him. My ex was supportive of me going back to medical school to start over fresh until I got an interview request from a school two states away. He said that he didn't want to have to sacrifice for me any longer to go back to school. He said the first time was too hard on him and he wants to focus on himself. And that he needs to figure his life out because he was extremely stressed at work. He admitted to me that he would not have finished his degrees if it weren't for me motivating him, because I take education seriously. His life mantra is "do whatever makes you happy" -- which has caused him to give up on his first dream career as a college professor to work in a distillery AND our ten year relationship. He has a pattern of taking the easy way out. My philosophy is to fight for your dreams because that is meaningful. He used to be the sweetest person I ever knew until he started working for this distillery. He is "cool" now, unlike before when he was a science guy.
During our relationship, I caught him talking/flirting with other girls on facebook every now and then. It wasn't anything so bad that I wanted to leave. But a few years ago, after leaving medical school, I opened his snapchat and a girl he met in undergrad was messaging with him. I'm not sure who said it, but there was a message in there that said "I wonder what things would have been like had we dated." Turns out this girl is married and her husband was going through chemo for liver cancer. She is a therapist and had a hard life growing up. And this girl recently donated part of her liver to keep her husband alive and has posts on facebook about how she gave her husband the gift of life. She was probably giving my ex the attention that he so craves. She seems very much like a people pleaser. Apparently I wasn't giving him enough attention. After that, I noticed that he was snapchatting with some girls he tutored at the college he worked for (before he started working for the distillery). I doubt it was anything sexual, he isn't that stupid, but I still feel it was inappropriate. He was in his mid-20s at the time and they were about 20-22. He said they were good friends of his. He was also following women who posed naked on snapchat before we broke up. And a few weeks after he broke up with me, I noticed that the married woman from a few years prior was on his social media liking all of his posts. I asked him about it and we had a huge argument, which is not like us. The weeks leading up to me moving out, he would tell me he had to go down to his car for something he accidentally left in there. He wouldn't come back up for 20-30 minutes. Suspicious. And one time I saw him sitting in his car talking on the phone for a long time late at night. When I moved out, my ex said that because I let him keep some of my furniture, I could continue to use my account on our family plan for spotify and disney plus. A month after I moved out, I noticed that he deleted my name from the disney plus and added the married girl's name. I asked him about it and he said that her husband was being a jerk and that she recently moved out and that he changed all of the passwords. I know somebody who knows her husband and she said her husband is actually a very nice guy, so who knows. He then kicked me off of the spotify account the day before my birthday without warning me. I thought I lost all of my music, but luckily I didn't. I'm pretty sure he added the married girl to that account too. And they have been adding songs to a collaborative playlist called "adore you" that has rap and country songs about love. My ex hates country music, so whatever. But she likes it. I asked him why he lied to me about her and he said he's only helping her out and that he's not interested in dating and he isn't trying to replace me. Interestingly enough, these two are still married. They're just living apart. I have a mutual friend who knows them, and she said that the married girl no longer participates in his facebook group for his liver cancer updates though, but that she still has many photos of them on facebook together and still has his mom listed as her mother-in-law.
My ex ended things abruptly before a family event of mine. Said no to couple's counseling. He was mad because I was "controlling him" by asking him what time he would be home from his buddy's house to help me clean for family coming over. He said "I'm over this." I was only making $28,000/year when he broke up with me, which is hard to live on in our city. He gave me a month or two to move out due to my lack of funds. But then he would come home and tell me that his friends were wondering why I wasn't gone yet and maybe to kick me out. But then he helped me pack my stuff because he felt bad. And he would still make dinner for me until I moved out. He was back and forth with being hot and cold. He said he wants to focus on himself, work, and hang out with his friends. And he said he wants to feel free because he has always had to live under the expectations of others (his parents were very strict with him growing up). When I moved out he saw me crying, and then he started to cry. He never cries. And he said he love and misses me, but he can't BE with me. He said that he just wanted time and space right now. And he stared at me in silence for at least ten minutes. He made it seem like this would just be a break. But then after six months of no contact he brought some of my things over that I left at our old apartment and he was very nice and nervous and said I looked much better and to keep putting that energy back into myself. But then I got upset and told him how hurt I was about how he would be nice one minute and then awful to me the next. And he got mad at me and said he never wants to talk again. And that I need to respect his boundaries and that he didn't "want to" but he was going to block me. Basically, when I brought up the shitty things he did, he lost his temper and blocked me. He said he never wants to talk again. His mom said she is more worried about me than him, which I find odd. And she randomly reaches out to make sure I am okay. Our mutual friends say that he is a "problem solver" (yes, I know) and that he sees this as the only way to solve our "problems."
I admit I was the one who made most of the big decisions with us, but he would go along with it and act fine until afterwards. And THEN he would complain. My stomach hurts thinking about it. We were such close partners. I pushed him to be his best. He used to tell me that I calmed his inner demons. But when I had my own to deal with, that is when he said I wasn't the same any longer. And now he resents me and probably likes this married girl because she probably listens to him better or licks his wounds or something. He would tell me one day all the things I did wrong and that he needed to "heal" and then the next day he would say that I didn't do anything bad at all, but that he needed to focus on himself again. And that he feels so guilty about everything. I am going crazy because I don't know what reality is anymore at this point. I feel like the monster, but then again is that only because he blamed me for things? Or is it because I knew I wasn't at my best recently and have guilt? He said he tried to talk to me about things, but all I remember is him bickering with me like one of my brothers would do about things. And then he would act fine, so I figured he just needed to vent. I had NO. IDEA. the level of his frustration with me. It was not communicated effectively. When I told him I would do anything to fix the problems, he said it was too late. He said the only way for him to heal is to not talk to me. I felt like a total monster when he said that.
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‏بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم This was my longest streak ever but I did not make it to day 40. This relapse process started from a few days. The first small trigger started the day before when I accidentally wandered upon a picture of a half naked women , completely unintentional, so much in fact that I was on my school computer , looking up political cartoons. Then the day after I was on my phone to much and keep in mind I deleted all social media except Reddit and Snapchat. Of course I get a ad from Reddit and one of the ads showed the behind of a woman. That of course triggered me and caused me to relapse. But I wanna mention that the second after I orgasmed it was not pleasurable at all, the pornography, the masturbation, none of it. As I relapsed I started crying , crying my heart out, my heart was racing so much Wallah that I thought I was going to pass out. I was just sitting on the toilet while impure crying . I then when to do ghusl then started crying again. What struck me the most was I looked at my mom , even though she doesn’t know I felt like I just slapped her across the face, I disappointed her , I dishonored her. I then prayed 2 rakaas for forgiveness and I was crying in Sujood, I did this out of fear . I was never able to cry in Sujood before. For the past weeks during the streak I have been going to football practices 3 times a week and I have been going outside the days I don’t have football. Un-coincidentally the day I didn’t exercise was the day I relapsed. Shaitain was telling me , “don’t worry, it’s just one day if not exercising , it won’t kill. BUT IT DOES. I should have never broke my routine. Never ever make excuses to break your routine, whether it’s reading, running , whatever . Here’s my analogy, it only takes one domino to knock the rest of them down. It only takes one missed run , one missed mediation, one missed reading session , for you to fall back. On NoFap I never felt so tranquil during prayer. Prayer is us communicating with Allah, and I genuinely felt that. I was just on day 39 , imagine getting over it entirely!! I felt as if I was a hafiz , I don’t even know how to explain , I just had immense satisfaction on NoFap. Another mistake I made is over confidents, I had another whisper saying “your almost 40 days in, you are your own man” see during the first few weeks I used my phone not very often , I didn’t binge watch YouTube anymore, etc but I gave in thinking I wouldn’t relapse. The overall lesson here is to be consistent. I also during this streak reminded myself about death very much I watched vidoes about death almost 2-3 times a day . I ask Allah that he grants me and all my brothers and sisters success in overcoming PMO
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2020.11.14 04:44 weird-questions-acc- Snapchat moms naked on

this is the number game. u know. this one.
sexual questions start at 98 u horny people

  1. Age: 15
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Height: 5’6
  4. Weight: idk
  5. Where are you from: New York
  6. Zodiac sign: Libra
  7. Name: Jack
  8. Middle name: redacted
  9. Last name: redacted
  10. Birthday October 13th
  11. Languages: English
  12. Favorite color: Blue
  13. Favorite food: Pizza
  14. Favorite activity: Watching TV and Drawing
  15. Favorite music genre: pop or rap
  16. Favorite artist: bbno$ or billie eilish
  17. Favorite song: i don’t rlly have one
  18. Favorite movie: don’t have one either
  19. Favorite video game: right now it’s probably vrchat
  20. Favorite TV show: idk
  21. Play any sports: i play basketball
  22. Last thing you did: Watch TV
  23. Do you currently have a job: not right now
  24. Future job hopes: idk a biologist or something would be cool
  25. Have you ever drank/smoked anything: Yes
  26. Have you ever done drugs: No
  27. Any pets: I used to have a fish and a rabbit
  28. Most favorable memory: watching tv with my older brother
  29. Most embarrassing moment: lol i have no clue, sorry :)
  30. Dream vacation: Tokyo
  31. How many family members: 4. my mom, my brother, me, dad
  32. How many friends: idk like 15 irl and 20 online
  33. Do you plan on going to college: ya
  34. Do you use any other social media than Reddit: Instagram and Snapchat
  35. Who do you follow: on instagram? a lot. reddit? not a lot
  36. Have you ever had an internet argument: like ten min ago
  37. Most used social media app: Reddit
  38. What’s your username on each app: not willing to share
  39. Have you met any friends online: yes
  40. Do you follow any NSFW accounts: No
  41. Last person you dm’d: no one that would like it if i shares that information
  42. What was the last message you sent: 😁
  43. How many followers on social media: 2 on this reddit account, like 1000 on insta
  44. Amount of time you use social media: over 5 hours a day
  45. Most expensive thing you own: phone or oculus quest
  46. Do you own anything about 1k: computer
  47. Most prized possession: my friends
  48. Do you own anything embarrassing: No
  49. Weirdest thing you own: these questions are so weird i literally have no clue
  50. Do you own anything popular. my phone and vr
  51. Do you own anything considered rich: i mean yeah i have a macbook
  52. Do you own anything futuristic: if you’re counting vr then yes
  53. Coolest thing you own: vr
  54. Oldest thing you own: i have no clue i don’t have a lot of old things
  55. What did you buy/get recently: a dongle for my headphones
  56. Hair style: blonde and wavy. medium length.
  57. Hair length: medium
  58. Hair color: blonde
  59. Nice
  60. Body style: skinny, thicc ;)
  61. Ethnicity: white
  62. What are you wearing: black sweatpants. blue sweatshirt.
  63. Eye color: brown
  64. Are you wearing makeup: nope. too much work. don’t think i’d like it
  65. Type of underwear that you are wearing: boxers
  66. Favorite outfit: volcom
  67. Facial hair: none it would be dope to have a cool mustache tho
  68. Sexuality: bi
  69. Relationship status: single 😍
  70. Who is your crush: non existent
  71. Celebrity crush: ariana grande
  72. Have you cheated on someone: never had anyone to cheat on
  73. Ideal girlfriend/boyfriend: cuddles, someone adorable, cares about me. someone i can shower with love and will reciprocate it.
  74. Ideal date: cuddles and watching a movie
  75. Have you ever asked someone out: no i’m a pussy
  76. What do you hope in a relationship: someone to share all of myself with.
  77. Are you interested in anyone: no
  78. Do you real life/online date: no
  79. Are you a virgin: yesh :)
  80. Have you ever seen anyone naked: sexually no. i’ve seen like family members naked when i was little.
  81. Do you have any piercings or tattoos:
  82. Have you ever had a same sex experience: no
  83. Have you ever sent a nude: yes i regret it a lot
  84. Have you ever sexted: yes
  85. Have you ever kissed anyone: nope
  86. Am I attractive: personally i am not. you probably are. sexy fucking beast come over here.
  87. Have you ever slept together: no
  88. Do you want to have sex: if it was w/ someone i cares about
  89. Are you straight/bi/gay: bi
  90. Dick size: 6.6. kinda big. nothing huge. idk where i stand i know 5.5 is average i think but it still doesn’t feel big yk.
  91. Pubic hair: slightly trimmed. will probably do more if i get a partner
  92. Do you have any body hair: pubes, armpit hair, i get facial hair but i shave it
  93. Are you circumcised: nope. all natural. as one should be.
  94. How often do you masturbate: haven’t since nnn but usually like once a day or every other day
  95. Have you ever watched porn: no NEVER EVER EVER EVER
  96. Ideal sexual/physical attributes: idk someone cute again. big hoodies. adorable. nothing specific
  97. Favorite sexual fantasy: getting rimmed but don’t tell anyone 😳
  98. Turn on/turn offs: kinda the same as the other one. turn on - cute, open, loyal. turn off - idk just the usual ones. mean, not trustworthy
  99. Any kinks: ok fine yk what? i’ll admit it. i wanna be rimmed and i wanna be pegged. of course it’s not a necessity but it would be nice.
  100. Ideal sexual position: haven’t had sex 0/10
  101. How do you masturbate: idk rubbing my foreskin and my frenulum over my head feels good lol. right hand up and down.
  102. Do you own a toy: no sexual ones
  103. Have you ever been caught masturbating: ye
  104. Have you walked in when someone was having sex: no thank god
  105. Biggest fears of sex: premature ejaculation
  106. Any STD’s: you can’t really get one from yourself
  107. How often are you horny: not very. like every other day
  108. Most embarrassing sexual story: none really
  109. Are you currently horny: nope
  110. What do you expect in a sexual relationship: someone open. someone loving.
  111. Where do you go to schools: online school
  112. What classes do you take: um a bunch of different hard ones.
  113. What grade are you in: 9th
  114. Most favorite teacher: math
  115. Least favorite teacher: don’t have a teacher i don’t like. computer science maybe
  116. Highest/lowest grade: lowest english, highest PE lol
  117. How long is your school day: 10 to 3
  118. Did you do your homework: not the weekend hw
  119. Any tests, quizzes, exams coming up: not this monday but the next one
  120. Last bad grade: A 21/20 on a project.
  121. Last good grade: 10/10 on like a lot of things
  122. Are you rich/poor: me personally i’m not rich
  123. Where do you stand in the wealth class: i don’t have a job personally
  124. How big is your house: pretty darn big
  125. Take a picture of your house: no uwu.
  126. How much do your parents make: no clue. not a little amount. both parents have good jobs.
  127. Do your parents struggle with debt: nope
  128. Do you own a pool: No.
  129. Do you live in a gated neighborhood: No
  130. Do you have expensive stuff: yes
  131. How big is your room: smallest in the house. i don’t know the measurements
  132. What kind of school do you go to: public school online.
  133. Send a selfie: no i’m ugly
  134. Do whatever I say: go for it
  135. Dm me: feel free if you have any interesting question
  136. Ask whatever you want: penis size?
ask or dm me questions i guess
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2020.11.02 12:50 stupid_thing_throw Naked moms on snapchat

Is something like this ever forgivable?
So I am 19 and I met this girl on Omegle and we got along well. I’m in Maryland and she is in England. We exchanged Snapchats so we can keep talking. I asked her how old she was and she said she was 17 so obviously we can only be friends and do streaks and whatever. She persisted and said what if she sent this and proceeded to send a pic of herself half naked, so the I left the chat so it can automatically be deleted. I told her that that was inappropriate.
The next day she decided to spam pics of herself again so I did the right thing and deleted the chat again. I reacted negatively to the ones I did see and told her again that it wasn’t right and after some time I decided to unfriend her. She then added me on another account, expecting an explanation(because I’m too nice unfortunately) she explained that she was actually 18 and that she actually wanted a childhood she never had(which doesn’t make sense with what she did). She said her mom kissed her out with nothing, not even ID for proof. She later apologized and asked if we could be friends, I initially said yes but after thinking it over I had to unfriend her and block her on her accounts. (I asked legaladvice and relationship_advice on another throwaway about what to do and they told be to just block, report and move on.)
The chats are deleted and I have nothing saved. I never sent a nude pic back either.
Is something like this never forgivable or should I just be reasonable here and after a few weeks/months or so talk it out? I asked my Best friend about this and he said that I could but it depends, that in this specific situation she is just a random person on the internet and I owe her nothing. I just don’t like the feeling of blocking someone forever.
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2020.10.16 06:33 BlakeBarnes00 Naked moms on snapchat

This was two years ago around Christmas iirc. I remember a lot of the small details because it was quite eventful and one of my favorite nights and we talk about it all the time and me being me I was posting videos of the whole thing on Snapchat, including people doing drugs because fuck I was young and dumb.
I was selling cocaine, LSD, xanax, and opiates to my friends and their friends around my age (I was 18) and also I sold to adults that liked my tactic of not cutting the shit down, just charging a bit more than street price, you get what you pay for and adults understand that.
Well this night I was having a little party with some girls, a few of my close friends, and some adults in their thirties to fourties either sold to, sold with or bought from at my place in this trailer park between two towns, I loved this place because I fit in and was liked because I was young and I knew more about drugs than everybody there and they loved me right back. Well it was rounding 8 pm when I got the idea to trip with the girl I was particularly interested in, so I offered her a tab, and she denied because she had to drive later, so I took her tab along with mine. I had some serves come through, and people acted like they weren't watching but they were staring as I weighed out the cocaine in front of the customer. It's almost like they never have seen me do it for them, but the guy stayed and chatted for a minute, him and I did a couple lines together and said our goodbyes. Inside was getting a bit warm so I stepped outside, lit me a cigarette and took me a bump of cocaine. My friend Brandon stepped outside and he let me know that he needed some cocaine because he was trying to get the attention of this girl, so he bought a gram, and we did a bump each out of his bag smoked the rest of my cigarette, and went back inside.
Now I love Jack Daniels, and my friend brought some because he wanted to trade for a dub of cocaine, which I did and I started to just drink straight outta the bottle. By this time the L had started to kick in, I'm feeling fucking lifted, my face was partially numb along with my throat and the liquor was refreshing. We play music off of the TV and it's great, the girls are dancing on the guys, the guys are cheering it on, I'm doing coke off the counter with the girl I invited and then comes the question that set the night into when I got busted.
"Can we get some bud?"
I didn't sell bud because it was bulky and smelt, so transporting it in this county that crawls with police is not my cup of tea. But we all kinda could do with a bit of bud it seemed, but I'm not gonna pay for it since I'm already sharing coke with a few people. Well we had to drive down across town, go a few miles down a highway to this hotel where my plug/friend was staying and dealing out of. The drive there was great, I was driving perfectly fine, music was bumping, windows were down and my nose is as running and I kept sniffing like I was sick which is a big turn off of coke heads if you ask me. My plug Chris waved me up to the room he was staying at from the balcony, I went in with the girl I invited to the party just to kinda show her in a way that I was the man, I know my ego was hella inflated from the cocaine. He shows me all the weed he's got, shells out some prices, and she pulls out the money that the people put together to buy a half oz. Me and Chris do a couple lines and take a shot of Jack Daniels, which was almost gone at this point (drinking and driving is not a good idea, I even if the cocaine you're doing has sobered you up, and driving on a psychedelic is not wise at all, but at this point in my life I was reckless when I was manic) so I gave him the rest, said bye to the other people in the room, and dipped out.
Now we are driving back, we are loaded with drugs so I drive cautiously, I know I got cocaine on me that is over 3.5g, so I could be locked up if I get caught and there is a pungent smell of weed flowing through the car when we were stopped at red lights. I drive the normal way, things are looking nice, I'm feeling fucking fantastic, but I notice there is this huge cluster of lights and cones and cars ahead on the other side of the road. It's a police checkpoint. This was not a problem to me because I wasn't planning on driving back that way until work in the afternoon, which I should be sober by then.
We pull up at the trailer now, we stay in the car and roll up the blunts we had and stepped out of the car to go smoke them on the patio chairs in the much less heated air than a closed in box. Blunts are in rotation, baggies of cocaine as well, beers being passed out to those that like Michelob, which at the time I had grown accustomed to so I had a few. We could hear the music from inside the trailer and things were still good. I noticed my friend had snuck off with that girl he was trying to get with and I noticed my room light was on through the window, I didn't like anybody in there because that's where I stashed my stuff, but I trusted this friend like a brother but the girl not so much. I went in and checked on them, asked Brandon to pass me my stash box, I carried it outside with me and sat it down next to me and put my beers on top of it.
We all start getting a bit wild and some you can tell are horny now that the coke is being passed around as per usual, and the girls decided to ask us how to play poker, so we showed them a quick run down, just a easy five card draw to keep it simple, and some of us partnered up with a girl or guy for some reason. We get to playing, but my friend Rick, the guy that owns the trailer and rents to me and is in his fourties, gets horny as a mother fucker and blurts "We should play strip poker". I know what he's just trying to see these younger girls naked cause he's like that, I didn't really respect that but to my surprise people obliged. We deal a new hand of cards, and clothes start coming off. The girls being new, and the other guys just being assholes, would lose hands left and right. Not gonna lie I was enjoying it too, we all were because we were just having fun and all were high, speaking of which we switched to a bong during the poker game, easier than rolling up new blunts while your tweaking on cocaine and your hands are trembling.
Soon after a while more serves came so we stopped playing, I got the stares by my friends as I served the cocaine as per usual, and we moved back inside to sit on the couches. The girls really didn't seem to car about their clothes, some just walked back in in their bras and panties. We all start doing lines of coke off the girls and body shots because that seemed fun. The girls were all for it. They fit the exact definition of a snow bunny if I've ever seen it. Brandon comes back, now wants more coke, I tell him he's gotta slow down but still serve him regardless. He gave me a bump out of his bag and he went and sat down on the couch next to the girl he spent some time with. She looked wired, eye wide open some powder under her nose and sweating (later I found out Brandon helped her boof some cocaine, which makes it absorb more because it's more bioavailable in the rectum).
The party starts to wind down now, people are starting to leave, but these mother fuckers were smart and went a way that avoided the checkpoint, other people from the trailer park didn't, and I was stupid and didn't either because I wasn't thinking clearly. I left with my friend Kalie, at this point she was driving because I started to peak on LSD, so in reality it's not my fault this happened, and it's not like we could just turn around, the police had a huge spotlight aiming down the road and police officers parked in the median to catch people trying to avoid the checkpoint.
Luckily for me I know I left all my LSD at the trailer, somebody else took the bud with them, and I left my big bag of cocaine there too, but had my personal ball for when we got to the pool for me to share with the girl I invited and her friend that Brandon spent all his money getting high with, and finally Kalie be because shes one of my close friends. So knowing this is in my pocket I quickly tuck it between my buttcheeks and pray. Kalie tells me to throw a baggie and straw out the window on my side because her window didn't work, I grabbed it and then noticed that there wasn't enough time to toss it so I panicked and just held it.
We are pulling up to the first officer at the stop, he looks in the car goes through a few standard questions about sobriety to Kalie since she's driving and she lies her ass off but the cop takes it. Then he gets my attention and I look at him, and right off the bat he notices the dialated eyes I'm repping tonight. Asks me "Sir have you taken any pills, cocaine, methamphetamine or any illegal substances?" And in Florida I know you can't be charged for being under the influence so I said I did some LSD. He then tells us to pull over to the side. Kalie does so. I'm panicking still and just cram the baggy and straw into my front right pocket because I had nowhere to hide it. I just hoped the feeling when he frisked me wouldn't be enough to notice.
He tells me to get out of the car first, and for being in a bad situation I still felt hella great and I swear on my life, the lights were dancing nutcrackers which I just stared at as he frisked me. He goes down my sides and felt the straw through my jeans, luckily since he was concentrated on this he didn't do that weird thing where he puts the side of his hand through your buttcrack which wouldn't made the ball of cocaine fall down my pants leg. He reached in my pocket and pulled out the baggy and the straw, and pulled my hands behind me and put them in cuffs. He asked what it was and this is where I should've just kept my mouth shut, but I didn't and I said "well I'm already in trouble, so its a baggy that was used to hold cocaine" and he told me to sit down on the curb. They were also conducting a search on the rest of the car, where they found a stolen ID and purse that somehow ended up in Kalies trunk, so they placed her in handcuffs, and she was 17 at the time so this put us in a pickle.
Kalie starts crying and panicking claiming she didn't know how that got in her car, but 9/10 of the law is just possession is what we say here, so since she had it she's taking the charge. As for me I thought I was being arrested, which was likely, however since Kalie was underage she had to call her parents to come pick her up, and she refused. I knew this would just create problems so I called one of the officers over and told them her dad's phone number. To this day I believe this is what got me out with just a paper arrest with a court date. They didn't charge me for the amount of cocaine in the baggy, and only hit me with a paraphernalia charge.
Kalies parents eventually pull up to the checkpoint, and they didn't look upset or anything and these people loved me and knew about my addictions so they didn't judge me for getting in trouble. We pile up into separate cars, Kalie, her dad and me get into Kalies car and her dad drives to the closest Wawa gas station so that he can get picked up by Kalies mom and go home. Kalie and I got in the car and both of us let out a big sigh, Kalie didn't realize this but since she was a minor her charge would be expunged, me however I wouldn't. I didn't have any charges or have any leaks of me selling to anybody in law enforcement that I know of so this kinda ruined my good streak. Kalie and I decide to go back to the trailer park and just relax.
We drive back towards the trailer park, passing the checkpoint once again, go about a mile down the highway, take a left into the trailer park and park on the side of the road. Immediately people came out of the trailer door, the older dealers. They welcome us in, but it seemed odd. Kalie went into my room and I followed her and gave her a Xanax to calm down and hopefully go to sleep, I grab my drug box and sneak it into the bathroom to get myself some herion, I had to hide this drug use because they didn't like it around the trailer park. I crush me up a fine line of the brown rock, pull the cocaine out and lay down close to a dub of a rock and crushed it into a fine powder, mixed the two together and railed that line. It stung for a second from the heroin but the cocaine quickly numbed that out.
I box my stuff back up, go into the living room where the adults were gathered talking quitely for some reason. When I got in there they went quite. I'm started to speedball now, my legs felt non-existent and my heart felt confused by the mixture. Rick calls me out, and starts talking about the other people from the trailer park that got arrested for going through that checkpoint tonight, he didn't seem pleased that I came back somehow. I showed him my ticket for being arrested and he was like "But you had shit on you, and you got away with it. You had to have snitched on somebody." Or something along those lines, I was nodding in and out very frantically. Up then down, up then down.
So in the state of Florida, undercover police can't do drugs undercover, it's still illegal and Rick knew that, and judging by what he said he thinks I'm an undercover and an informant. So he pulls out his baggy of cocaine, dumps the whole about two grams on the counter and starts to cut it up and my body just started to feel numb but that good kinda numb, like I was becoming Jello pudding. And he starts to make a line, and not a small line a fat rail. He demands I do it, and I really don't think thats a good idea with how much I already mixed, but he starts to get aggressive. I take a deep breathe and bend down, kinda stumblingly I line the bill he rolled up to the line and snorted the whole line. My nose started to bleed a little now, this never happens on cocaine, I knew the herion is messing with my nose.
He seems relieved because I took the line, he can trust me now. I feel relieved myself because I'm in no state to defend myself. My cocaine fiending self helped Rick finish the rest of what he dumped out, it felt only like the best thing to do to ease the tension. We sit down on the couch listening to some music and I just let my body melt into the couch and my mind trip. I was really wanting another line of heroin now since I did more cocaine I didn't feel balanced but my legs seemed to not work so I just forgot about it.
Hours go by now and I start to sober up a little, I feel really gross and like dog shit, withdrawals. So I dose up my normal morning lines, a dub or more of cocaine to wake up and a solid line of heroin to keep the withdrawals away. Just like coffee for a normal person that didn't get into drugs. I get up before the heroin take effect and walk outside to the patio and sit in a chair and spark Marlboro up, count the money I gained from the night and just drifted out of this drugged up life I had given myself like a dumbass.
Now I'm 20, sober for six months, still on probation for the paraphernalia cause I couldn't pass a drug test to save my life, just got out of a two month coma because of a fentanyl overdose on April 28th of 2020. I'm proud of myself for getting out of that life style, even if it is boring and I have a lack of entertainment now without drugs.
For being as young as I am, I acknowledge how unbelievable this sounds, and looking back I do too, but it all started because I had habits I had to support due to poor coping mechanisms I developed for my mental illnesses, I became a cocaine, opiate and benzodiazapine addict for three years of my life.
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2020.10.07 15:56 HaulA7Octl What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)2

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