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PS5 Reviews:
SONY Pulse 3D Wireless Review
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2020.10.11 07:28 jovialquark 100K Giveaway - Autumn in Kyoto, with Bonus Food, Makeup & Sightseeing Recs!

Autumn in Kyoto, with Bonus Food, Makeup & Sightseeing Recs! 🍁 Mood Board - Edit: I updated the mood board in imgur to add some Gentle Monster sunnies, and now the pic no longer auto-loads even though the link works. Apparently it’s a common Reddit/imgur bug, but if anyone has a fix, please let me know!
Right around now, I was supposed to be in Kyoto. 🇯🇵 Oh, COVID, what a multi-layered Lady M Matcha Crepe Cake of a year you've given us - destroying everything from long-awaited Japan travel plans to, you know, American democracy, my personal sanity, faith in a republic that may be nearing the end of its 250-year experiment, etc.
I have a picture of Kyoto up on my second monitor for most of my workday, and it gives me the strength to keep going as I listen to coworkers humble-brag about how great they are over Zoom (which seems to be my teammates' favourite activity). On camera, I'm listening and nodding attentively - but in my head, I'm ambling down the cobbled streets of Gion at night as lanterns glow against traditional machiya houses around me. I'm savouring a strong, heavenly, not-too-sweet matcha from a little neighborhood shop while strolling to Nishiki market. I'm visually feasting on the jaw-dropping fall colors at Rurikoin while simultaneously feasting on charred, syrupy, soy-glazed mitarashi dango (skewered rice dumplings).
And now, I'd like you to come with me on that journey. This community of wonderful, cultured, considerate, beauty-loving, detail-oriented and financially savvy women has been as much of a haven for me lately as dreams of Kyoto - so who better to join me? (Oh, my boyfriend will be there too, but mainly to carry our bags and treat us to wagyu dinners. He's great company.)
I used to travel to Japan often for work, so this is based off real memories and recommendations. I just hope all these small businesses and restaurants are still there when COVID lifts - their artisanship is second to none. I do hear China is creating replica Japanese shopping streets for locals who miss traveling to Japan, so even if some places go out of business, maybe rep versions will spring up on a Guangdong street! (Side note: what can't they rep, seriously?)
(Since I absolutely adored this "Sugar Babies of Capri" mood board, I'm going to follow that trend of writing in the second person. Less cocaine, yachts, and Russian billionaires in this post compared to that one, but hey, that's the price you pay to be in rule-loving Japan.)
On Kyoto "The smell of woodsmoke, the drift of incense; a procession of monks in black-and-gold robes, one of them giggling in a voice yet unbroken; a touch of autumn in the air, a sense of gathering rain. The gentle caress of a Max Mara Labbro that you bought at 1/20 of the price, warming both your body and your soul.”
Pico Iyer, Video Night in Kathmandu and Other Reports from the Not-So-Far East (very slightly amended quote)
Your Journey  
On the 13-hour flight over, you deliberately stayed up the whole time so you could sleep when you arrived - which wasn’t too hard, as you marveled at the surreally polite ANA service and tried out every single sake sampler available while reading Kawabata’s Snow Country. After 10 hours of deep, jet-lagged sleep, you wake up refreshed at 8am in one of Kyoto’s oldest and most revered ryokans (traditional Japanese inns). Often dubbed the best hotel in Japan, Tawaraya has even been called one of the best hotels on earth - and at the price of two 187 Jumbos per night (even if a lavish dinner is included), it certainly better be.
300 years of history whisper around you in the darkness as you stretch and smile, thinking of the day to come. The sheets lining your futon are somehow meltingly soft, yet satisfyingly crisp, at the same time. Kind of like that oversized Toteme button-down shirt you’ve been eyeing on AE. If only you could find these sheets on AE or TB - but alas, these are definitely not being made in any Shenzhen factories, so grey market will be hard to come by.
Memories of last night’s ten-course kaiseki meal flicker back to you, as if you had merely dreamt them in an exhausted haze. That silken sashimi was as buttery and smooth as 187 lambskin - and the plump, fluffy, soft rice reminded you of what everyone says about God Factory’s leather quality, except you can’t bring yourself to buy GF because you're too addicted to 187. After the elaborate meal, you took a dip in the deep hinoki cypress bath to soak away all the plane fufu. You've now been successfully de-fufu-fied, and you didn’t even have to stuff yourself with maxi pads and binchotan charcoal sticks, which is more than you can say for that recent pair of Princetowns you got from Zippy.
Padding across the soft tatami, you throw on the perfect minimalist Kyoto roaming outfit: your Toteme Rennes wool-cashmere sweater in soft taupe, high-waisted dark grey skinnies to make your legs look extra-long tucked into boots, and Ann Demeulemeester badass black leather boots with an unexpected lace-up in the back. You slip on your Cartier Juste un Clou small rose gold bracelet with diamonds (which you’re just going to tell people you got in Japan, since you still can’t figure out if it’s available in the US or just Asia), VCA gold Mini Frivole earrings from non-TS Summer, and grab your tobacco Labbro and camel cashmere White & Warren wrap on your way out the door. What can you say, you're a ho for draping yourself in neutral, luxe cashmere layers.
Oops, don’t forget your black mini rectangular Chanel Pearl Crush from 187! Its little gold ball will be pleased to meet the Golden Pavilion Temple you’ll be visiting later today.
9AM The autumn morning air is deliciously crisp as you stroll to grab your first matcha of the day from Nana's Green Tea cafe. (Weirdly, while super-popular in Kyoto and located in a chic shopping area, there seem to be almost no reviews for this in English. While it's not the fanciest matcha, it's damn good, and the best start to the day.) At neighboring Maison Kayser, you grab a flaky, cheesy poached egg and bacon pastry with a perfectly orange runny yolk. (Japanese eggs are truly one of the world's unrivaled treasures - and hot tip, Japan's bakeries give France's a run for their money.) After a bite, you browse through Japanese fashion and travel magazines at the adjoining bookstore. You can't understand anything they say, but hungrily gobble up the fashion and scenery. Is it your imagination, or do these magazines feel and even smell better than American ones? Why is Japan so good at so many things? You resist buying 12 magazines written in a language you don't speak, and force yourself out the door.
10AM Off to Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavilion, before the bulk of the crowds hit. Framed in deep crimson leaves, the gold temple glints like the ever-so-slightly-too-warm gold hardware on a pair of high-tier Princetowns. Taking deep breaths and savouring the view, you resist checking your phone to see if TS Heidi sent PSPs for that caramel CF with LGHW you recently ordered. You're pretty sure the 700-year-old spirits of the temple's original Buddhist monks would counsel you that true Zen means not checking WhatsApp every 10 minutes. Attachment is the root of suffering, and so forth, you say to yourself as you stroke the buttery leather of the mini Pearl Crush to which you've grown decidedly too attached, as if it were your own child.
12PM After temple-hopping through the rest of north Kyoto, you stop by Kitano-Tenmangu shrine, since you've perfectly timed your visit with the divine secondhand market that takes place there on the 25th of every month. Vintage silk kimonos and delicately woven obis, handcrafted ceramics, and booth after booth of antiques - all set against the stunning backdrop of the traditional shrine and blazing autumn leaves. You could spend 8 hours here, but after both arms are weighed down with antiques, you're starting to question your decision to bring the little Pearl Crush instead of Pink's Goyard GM, or frankly, a 32-inch Rimowa. You head back to the hotel to deposit your treasures.
2PM Late lunch to avoid the crowds: spicy miso ramen at Kyoto Engine Ramen, with a rich, creamy broth studded with chopped green onions, tender chashu pork and red chili threads. The ramen in Japan makes you never want to eat ramen anywhere else ever again. This is both exciting and faintly depressing. You wonder, for the billionth time in life, how to move here full-time. Surely 27 isn't too old to suddenly start learning Japanese?
3PM Since it's been an entire two hours since you were last shopping, it's time for a mid-afternoon shopping break before dinner. You head to Loft, a multi-floor emporium stocked with just about every makeup/skincare/souvenir-related product you could imagine. Rampaging through the makeup and skincare section, you pick up a few new items that'll become staples for months to come: Romand Juicy Lasting Tint in 'Pink Pumpkin' (the perfect orange-y yet neutral fall color which lasts for hours and feels like nothing on the lips), Hatomugi skin conditioning gel (gives that 'chok-chok' bouncy look), Opera oil rouge lip tint (one of the top-selling in Japan - perfect light slick texture with sheer bright lasting color and no gross flavour), and Minon Amino Moist sheet masks (ultra soothing and plumping).
Almost more tempting than the makeup and skincare sections? The kitchenware floor, where you can't resist the cutest new Zojirushi thermos in subtly pearlescent white (keeps your coffee hot for literally 10 hours), and handcrafted blue-and-white ceramics for a bargain that you can't find anywhere outside of Japan.
5PM After depositing your huge yellow Loft shopping bags back at the ryokan and changing into a lustrous deep green Silk Laundry slip, you taxi over to your spiritual happy place, the Philosopher's Path. Lined with exquisite old houses and little shops, the cobbled stone paths, rippling canal, and deep orange leaves lull you into a state of meditative calm. After an amble in which you question the meaning of life and why exactly you're not living in a Kyoto machiya (traditional wooden house that survived thanks to Kyoto being spared in WWII bombings), it's an easy walk to dinner at cult favourite Monk for Michelin-level Japanese-Italian cuisine without the price or pomp.
9PM After an orgasmic seven-course dinner of lightly charcoal-grilled sashimi, greens with yuzu vinaigrette, wood-fired duck ragout pizza, and homemade plum wine, it's time to walk through one of the most magical Kyoto scenes: evening in Gion, the geisha district. During the day, Gion is full of tourists brandishing selfie sticks with the same fierce determination as samurai two centuries ago wielded swords; but at night the narrow, lantern-lit streets quiet to a fairytale slumber, the river glowing with burnished light. Jeweled with teahouses and temples, the neighborhood is full of ghosts, its weeping willows rustling with secrets past. You spy a maiko (apprentice geisha) turning the corner ahead of you, intricately woven silk obi glimmering. You are torn between the following feelings:

You feel all these things at once. This is why reps, and fashion in general, are such a comfort to you. They are about the single-minded pursuit of beauty and craftsmanship, a temporary respite from the complexity and turmoil of the world around you.
You slip into the pebbled stone and gleaming wood entranceway of your ryokan, dip into another fragrant hinoki cedar bath, and fall into a deep sleep.
Mood Board Goodies  
One mini-review, you say? How about FIVE of them! I'm grievously bad at writing out full reviews, and I own most of what's in this mood board (what I don't own is in the process of being purchased), so I'll seize this chance to share some great finds. Apart from the sunglasses and jeans, these were in storage, so please forgive the wrinkles :P
🍂 Silk Laundry hunter green slip dress - original AE listing (with reviews) (size M) and what appears to be a new version of the same listing from the same seller (Fairthee), auth, my photos amongst other items
🍂 Gentle Monster My Ma Sunglasses in brown tortoiseshell - original AE listing, auth, my photos amongst other items
🍂 Toteme original denim in washed blue - AE listing (Fairthee), auth, my photos amongst other items
🍂 Toteme Rennes sweater in creme and grey (yup, two colors!) - original AE listing, auth grey, auth creme, my photos amongst other items
🍂 Acne multi check scarf - AE listing (the link I bought from is dead, but the review pics here look very similar and has tons of great reviews - plus free return if not good in person), auth, my photos amongst other items
BONUS: this won't count as an 'official' review since I haven't found this one yet in our moving boxes, so no IRL pics, but still wanted to share in case people are interested!  
🍂 MaxMara Labbro - unbranded dupe from AE, I have the "Sand" color but another user on here got "Tobacco" and color looked true to auth(Obrix store), auth
❤️ All right, that's it - sayonara ladies! Hope you've enjoyed this journey to my city of dreams, as much as I've enjoyed writing it. ❤️
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2020.10.09 10:53 lynx_elia Spy wc www

Night came and brought surprises with it.
The first surprise was the change in routine at the warehouse. Ekaja watched as one of the lead crew got the guards drunk on purpose before leaving on some nefarious errand. In spite of the probable trap, Ekaja took the opportunity to slip in. She’d been stalking Galatea’s compound for days; she had to take the chance. She set an alarm to trigger when—or if—he returned.
The second surprise was the human-android hybrids. That is what the blood was for, Ekaja realised, studying a console in the bowels of the building. Around her, suspended in tanks, sacs of skin grew and pulsed with the intake of nutrients across their veined surfaces. The human version of cloning. Fascinating.
She prowled the halls, noting android assembly labs; programming bays; the oddly disturbing rooms where skin was phased onto titanium skeletons. It wasn’t until she recognised one of the clones--and spent a moment searching the system for their intended destination--that their true purpose revealed itself: Galatea was building copies of celebrities. For an ‘entertainment’ complex.
Disgusted, she considered seeding a virus in the lot just to piss Galatea off. Then she debated releasing them into the population. Let the galaxy suck on that one, she thought, remembering how her own people were wiped out for fear of their ability to mimic others. But she had yet to find her own DNA, stolen when she’d been impersonating the singer Aurora. If somehow that blood had remained stable enough for Galatea’s scientists to create a clone, she had no idea what might happen. Shapeshifter DNA did strange things when detached from a living body.
Her wristcom beeped: the crew-member had returned. She increased the urgency of her search. Then a hoarse scream brought her up short, echoing in fear through the clinical white hallways. Ekaja hurried towards its origin to find the fourth and fifth surprise, snapping at the heels of the third, piling into each other so that she paused in shock at the torrent.
On the floor of a lab lay an android wrapped in Aurora’s form. Hand around a dead man’s heart. Twitching at the end of a taser.
At the other end of the taser stood the chai-wallah.
Eyes wide, the kid didn’t notice Ekaja at first. Only when she stepped into the room, hand on her gun, did he turn with a jerk, bringing up the taser still attached to the prone android.
“Who’s you?” he said.
Ekaja considered the beardless face. This was the kid who’d inadvertently given away the compound’s location two days ago. She didn’t care about killing him, but she’d give him a moment in acknowledgment of that coincidence. She took another step.
“Stay away!” Realising the taser was useless, the kid dropped it, eyeing his dead crew-mate.
Ekaja reached the blood-spattered pistol in the dead man’s belt before the kid, bringing it up under his chin and forcing him back into a desk.
“What happened?” she said, voice low.
“It weren't me,” he said, trying to shake his head against the barrel holding it in place. “It weren’t! She—she killed Alice! I din’t do nufin’!”
Ekaja glanced at the figures on the floor. The whodunit was obvious. Her eyebrows drew down. “But why are you here? Should you not be in Tech?” She’d be a poor spy if she hadn’t identified and mapped all of Galatea’s cronies.
The kid tried to nod. Swallowed. “Alice… Alice sed the ‘droid tech were messin’ up. Wanted ‘elp.”
“So he drugged the guards and snuck you in?” Ekaja’s expression mirrored her disbelief.
Another swallow. “Dunno ‘bout any of”—he stopped, flicking eyes that shouldn’t have been able to grow any wider at something over Ekaja’s shoulder.
Instincts flashed. Pivoting, she ducked just in time to avoid the reanimated ‘droid’s hand from tearing out her spine. Turning the move into a roll, she came out of it, drawing her ballistic gun. Sighting, she fired with deadly accuracy. One, two, three. The android dropped, electronic brain pulverised. The tan skin on its body shifted, cycling through the various shades of human—and some inhuman. Finally, the cells evaporated.
“Fuuuuuck.” The drawn-out curse echoed from beneath a desk. Ekaja pulled the kid out.
“Are there any more?” she said. The kid looked at the hybrid, back at her.
A chorus of electronic screams rose through the building.
“I will take that as a yes,” she said.
[WC: 743]
Need to catch up?
Prologue Taste Wrath Secrets Captive Worship Karma Return Wants and Needs Enemies Allies, Friends, and Lovers The Calm Before The Storm The Event That Changes Everything The Point of No Return
Thanks for reading! :)
This post first appeared on Serial Saturday: Raised Stakes.
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2020.09.11 18:57 ThreesForDays12 Spy wc www

Intro: Y’all probably don’t know who I’m am, since I started really being social with this game since March, but I’ve been playing since MM16, so I'm really familiar with this game. Notoriously, you may know me as the guy who made the most disliked post recently, but anyways...
Anyway, the point of this guide is so new players know what they should do, and experienced people can use this as well. It’s for everybody. I will go through every game mode, AH, Team Building, Def. Strat, etc. Other people can make more complex guides on one specific aspect of the game, but I’m going to go through all of MM21 and give you a detailed description about what it is and what you need to do with it. Let’s get started.
Solo Modes
Master Series
Please do them. All of your stamina should be focused on MS until you finish all of the stages: Julio, Ramsey, and the two new MS(IDK what those players are.) Use the collectitles you get for upgrading Lamar to 87. Later, when you team gets better, you can evo your MS players. Don't make pro packs with them. They have horrible odds, and you won't be able to upgrade your players. Lastly, it's key to be in an active league, but I'll talk about that later. Also, it helps to have a 75 ovr offense and defense, which I'll tell you who to get that in team building portion
Madden Today
You can use this in a number of ways, and to be honest, you can choose either one on a given day. You can:

  1. Play team history
  2. Play the component blitz
  3. Play the coin blitz
  4. Play the XP Blitz
  5. Play the position/team badges blitz to stack up on emblems
  6. Do a combination of 1-5.
  7. Save your stamina.
Suggestions: I would do 4 first, as your XP bar is low. Don't do it before MS, though, as that is your #1 priority. If you're done, 1 is more rewarding, I'd do 2 if you need to make FF with badges, 3-5 if you have nothing to do. And you could always to 6. You can do 7, but you don't maximize your stamina that way. You can decide.
This, in my opinion, is the best part of the game. Having a great group of members is a nice way to have fun in this game. I would recommend going to either the MM discord or MaddenMobileH2H. I've been in my league(Grindstone, where y'all at) since April, and it's been a great experience. Whether it be custom League Tourneys, having a MVP leaderboard for LvL, getting advice on players and team building, or just talking about general stuff, leagues are essential for having a great year in MM21. Also, you can request certain things, like cooldowns, madden bonus packs, or MS stages(like I was talking about before). Basically: It’s a good idea to be in a league.
These are basically the same mode. The only difference is that you get 2 play count for each play in LvL. Arena is 3. I can’t tell you exactly what to do in these modes. What I can tell you is until you have a team your comfortable in, do not, I repeat, do not pass all the time. My suggestion would be to go WC(Yes, I’m biased. West coast is the best coast. Been that way.) But this isn’t the place for me to go over all the plays. If someone has a guide like that, please tell me so I can link it in here
Now, overdrive really ain’t as relevant as other modes. But people still play it. My suggestions for this would be 1. If you lose 3 times in a row, take a break. You’ll play better. 2. Be strategic. I don’t play OD so I don’t know specific strategies. But I can tell you to look at each coaches and look at their tactics and plays. I run Lynn because of Y Cross Flood, but there's also Reid with Seattle, which has been continently a great play for many years. It matters how you play. If you run Spread of Smash Mouth, I’d pick a coach that has great passing plays. If you run Vert or WC, vice versa. Again, if anyone has other tips, comment it or give me a link to a guide I can link to here.
The Yard
Not much I can say about this mode. It can get really frustrating to tackle, but it can be fun. i’d suggest using all of your stamina every other day. That‘s 10 events a day Customizing you player can be cool as well, and you can link your player to console and play with your avatar on console. Overall a cool mode, although it could be executed better, like adding an Arena-type mode. Also, you earn gems, which are valuable (sort of) for your team, like using it to buy program stamina.
Team Building
Please pay attention to power. I get it, pwr is a touchy subject. But you’ll be able to keep up with players that would of been better than you, and you won’t fall so behind when you play really good players. Next, if you pull a 80+, don't keep it. You can use that to buy more players, instead of keeping one great player. I’d first get all 40 pwr players. Then, get to all gold players. You’ll still have elites in the MS players and Lamar. Then, make FFs. It’s a hassle, but 80s cost about 150k to make if you use the AH. Furthermore, coins are easy to make. Speaking of coins...
Coin Methods
  1. Play the coin blitz: I wouldn't take this option. It gives you about 30k for 450 stamina. Not worth it imo
  2. Sniping: Best way, but also the hardest. I don't use this route. There are some masters out there with filters that I don't have, so I can't really help anyone on this one.
  3. Price Check all your players every week: This is what I do. For example, fired up players about 3 weeks ago jumped in price. I sold 2 81s and made around 500k-750k off them.
  4. Don't build auctionable players: This one is a hard one. It's so tempting to just build and build your players. And sometime you can. But here's what I'd do: Let's say for example that a new promo comes out with 85 as the buildable and auction master. And let's say the players went for a 1m. Now, you need 20x Program Golds. If you looked at the AH and saw that the players were going for 110k. 110k x 20 = 2.2m. In this case, you would just give everything to the AH and get the 85 afterwards, making you a 1m coins. If those same players went for 20K, and 20k x 20 = 400k, then you would build. In short, the AH is a great place to price check the player you are about to build and see if it's better to build
  5. Don't keep high value elites: This is sorta like what I said in team building, but I'm saying it again, mostly because this is how I have 1.5m+ coins at the moment. If your team is a 80 ovr, and you pull a 88 ovr, yeah, your team may look better, but that one player alone won't win you a game again a team that an 84 and has a 2 ovr power advantage against you. DOn't keep that 88, get 5m+ coins, and steadily increase your ovr.
  6. Find your own methods: I had one more method I was going to say, but I decided not to, so I don't ruin my filter. If you can find filters that don't seemed used, use them.
I can't say much about this mode. It really doesn't benefit me at all. Ever less now, since Field Passes don't include seasons anymore.
Draft Tournaments
They should be coming out this weekend. I can update this section when that happens. What I can say for now is that this mode should(hopefully, provided that EA executes it good, which I believe they should.) have you excited. If you don't know what this is, it's like Draft Champions on console. Hopefully that helps.
Only thing I use this for is my Madden Bonus Pack and buying promo stamina. I'd advise everyone to do the same. Don't fall into the trap of buying packs. You're gambling at that point, and 99% of the time you'll be disappointed.
Tablets are for increasing the amounts for rewarded you get in the game. Suggestions: Do it evenly. Get everything to level 1, then to level 2, etc. Clipboards are for increasing your team's (or in some cases, decreasing your opponents) stats. Tbh, I don't see a difference with my team when I have them. I'd suggested using boosters for now, as stats aren't high, but later on in the year reducers will make a huge difference when stats are capped out.
Programs are a touchy subject. Most people(and I agree on this one) think that there's too many programs that use program stamina(We have 4 currently) and regular stamina should get programs too(If EA moves Top 100 and Legends to regular stamina, we'll all be happy.) But to the point: This is where you will find some of the best promos EA will make, like Most Feared next month, Thanksgiving on Nov, Christmas/New Year's in Dec./Jan, 4oJ in July... you get the point. This is where most of the players in the programs will be on your team come next August. Most of the suggestions I could give you have been already said previously.
Madden Workshop/Core Sets/Collector Sets
Madden workshop is where you get your team, position, and scheme badges, and there's used in program sets, evo'ing players, and building FFs. This is where you'll find yourself if your building a player. A big tip I'd give you is to not play Team History for team emblems. Change your team by tapping you logo and clicking "Favorite Team" or something like that. Then choose the team you'll use for making a badge. Then, go to the store, go to the Madden Today sections and find the emblems for the team you selected and buy until you have enough. They cost 1k for 5 emblems. Thank me later.
Defensive Strat.
Don't have certain plays for you, but I can tell you what type of plays you should use. Your strat. should contain a lot of zone blitz. 3 Double Sky and Press are imo the best of them. You can use man blitzes to, like Mike Will Blitz or Pinch Buck O. Lastly, always have either 4 Buzz Flats or Spy(I think that's what it's called.) in each situation. That's the advice I'd give you.
Well, that it. That is my ultimate guide for MM21. Wanted to make something like this for a while, but didn't have the motivation. Now, I do.
My last thing to say is that if any of you guys see any errors in my text, or have any suggestions, please leave it in the comments, and I'll get back to you to see if I can add it in the guide. If you read this far, thank you. It means a lot. Have a great day.
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2020.08.22 21:26 earthcomedy Www spy wc

As a person who went to medical school, I was shocked when I read Neil Orr’s study, published in 1981 in the Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Dr. Orr was a surgeon in the Severalls Surgical Unit in Colchester. And for six months, from March through August 1980, the surgeons and staff in that unit decided to see what would happen if they did not wear masks during surgeries. They wore no masks for six months, and compared the rate of surgical wound infections from March through August 1980 with the rate of wound infections from March through August of the previous four years. And they discovered, to their amazement, that when nobody wore masks during surgeries, the rate of wound infections was less than half what it was when everyone wore masks. Their conclusion: “It would appear that minimum contamination can best be achieved by not wearing a mask at all” and that wearing a mask during surgery “is a standard procedure that could be abandoned.”
I was so amazed that I scoured the medical literature, sure that this was a fluke and that newer studies must show the utility of masks in preventing the spread of disease. But to my surprise the medical literature for the past forty-five years has been consistent: masks are useless in preventing the spread of disease and, if anything, are unsanitary objects that themselves spread bacteria and viruses.

Schools in China are now prohibiting students from wearing masks while exercising. Why? Because it was killing them. It was depriving them of oxygen and it was killing them. At least three children died during Physical Education classes -- two of them while running on their school’s track while wearing a mask. And a 26-year-old man suffered a collapsed lung after running two and a half miles while wearing a mask.
Mandating masks has not kept death rates down anywhere. The 20 U.S. states that have never ordered people to wear face masks indoors and out have dramatically lower COVID-19 death rates than the 30 states that have mandated masks. Most of the no-mask states have COVID-19 death rates below 20 per 100,000 population, and none have a death rate higher than 55. All 13 states that have death rates higher 55 are states that have required the wearing of masks in all public places. It has not protected them.
Copied these from his newsletter which you can read here. Though it may also touch upon viewpoints disgreeable to the average Redditor. Even anti-mask/lockdown Redditor.
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2020.08.17 13:31 lynx_elia Www wc spy

The target was so easy to catch it was laughable. Ekaja hid her grimace as she checked the hover cuffs on the boy’s wrists.
“Keep quiet, idiot,” she hissed, watching for Enforcer patrols. Not that many came into the slums this time on Solstice morning. There’d be an uptick in arrests later, when families were celebrating their differences the usual way - drunken brawls; a few deaths; the occasional depressed child running away from home.
Ekaja had gotten to this one first.
“Stop struggling,” she said. “I am not taking you back to your asshole father, if that is what you are thinking.” The boy paused. “Good. Now shut up and come with me. I do not want to drag you all the way.” Her voice hardened. "But I can."
Dax finally looked at her. Swallowed. Then he nodded.
Crouching low on the rooftop skyline, she led them past his abandoned bedding and activated their hovers for descent to the alley below. Arms outstretched for balance, Dax showed remarkable adeptness using the new tech. Then again, his big sister had been extremely adaptable as well.
“Where are you taking me?” Dax pulled on Ekaja’s jacket as they wove through the crisp morning streets. She hushed him again, crossed a semi-busy intersection and crept down another alley behind a baker’s. Dax’s stomach rumbled, but Ekaja hurried him on through a plas-steel doorway out of place in its old brick surroundings. Beyond lay a single empty room. Immediately Dax pulled back, ready to run again.
“Uh uh”--Ekaja grabbed the skinny boy, ripping his thin T-shirt in the process.
“I don’t know who you are, but even I know to stay away from places like this!” Dax said.
The door was locked, having sealed shut as they entered. Dax hammered against it with a cry.
“Stop it, you fool.” With a flick of her wrist, Ekaja opened a portal in the centre of the room. “I am not a paedophile! I work for Kali.”
The boy hesitated as the hum of the portal reached him. Shivering, he crossed his arms, pupils wide. Beyond the oval rip in the air was a lushly decorated room. The furnishings were artisan-made, draped with colourful throws from across the planet. Warm light streamed through arched windows. Tropical botanicals hovered strategically, catching the sun. On a low table, treats and foodstuffs were laid out like an offering to the gods.
“Who’s Kali?” Dax wondered.
“Only the woman who launched your sister's career,” replied Ekaja.
She took Dax’s unresisting hand and stepped them both through the portal, closing it behind them. The starving youth glanced once at her for permission, then set to devouring the plate of food. Ekaja winced at his lack of hygiene and self-control, whilst storing away the boy’s mannerisms in her memory. She hadn’t played slum Human before. It might come in useful.
With Dax occupied, Ekaja moved into the adjacent room and brought up her wristcom. Her boss answered instantly.
“Lieutenant.” The face on the screen was serene and beautiful, with eyes as red as the goddess for whom she was named: Kali.
“Namaste, boss. Retrieval is complete,” Ekaja said. “The boy is stuffing himself as we speak.”
“Good. Any issues?”
“None.” Ekaja sighed. “He had already left home. All I had to do was pick him up.”
“Too boring for you? I’ll send someone to take over shortly. Then I’ve something more suited to your skills.” Ekaja perked up. “I want you to infiltrate Gavin’s organisation while I set the bait on this end. What about Henri, the jack you took in before?”
Ekaja nodded. “I liked him. I have the body suit, still.” For Kali’s benefit, she touched her head above the left ear where her tech point connected. “I can arrange a cover story.”
“Good. When Aurora hears about her brother’s disappearance from Gavin’s people, they’ll insist she must only negotiate with him. He’ll string her along, of course, and I’ll be... unavailable. I want to know what he thinks Aurora is worth. As Henri, you must collect her before the negotiations finalise, then go in her stead. We will put that overeager slime in his place, Ekaja.”
The Lieutenant smiled. Finally, a decent challenge. She’d been feeling underwhelmed lately, underused.
She was itching to get into a new skin.
WC: 719
Ekaja Kaur is a professional. As a top Lieutenant for New Earth's most vicious crime boss, she spends her days as a spy and assassin, keeping her secret shapeshifter identity from a galaxy who would destroy her. But when a job goes wrong, she must risk everything to prevent her secret's reveal. Dodging two planets' worth of mobsters and mercs, Ekaja must use every resource she has to avoid her species' fate... And professionals don't run and hide.
So, this story is out of writing order but that's because serials have moved from Theme Thursday on writingprompts to Serial Saturday on shortstories! Our first week we were asked to make a beginnings story. Hopefully it gives you a little insight into the instigating incident of our story. And finally reveals our shapeshifter's usual name, too!
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2020.08.15 10:31 D-Bot2000 Www spy wc

Make Captain Marvel have to face more difficult moral decisions, and give Nick Fury stronger motivation, as well as greater conflict with Captain Marvel.
I enjoyed a great deal of Captain Marvel, however there were a few story beats and character choices that I felt held it back from being the best film it could be.
My favourite aspects of the film were the interactions between Carol Danvers and Nick Fury, the Skrull twist, and the stunning visuals, though I felt the overwhelming power of Captain Marvel undid much of the tension and drama of the film.
Still, I firmly believe that incredibly powerful characters (such as Captain Marvel or Superman) can face challenges and trials without having to rely on the trope of the bad guy being even stronger.
As such, my fix here keeps most of the story from the film as is, but adjusts some key moments to give what I hope is a more satisfying experience.
Also, I have some more discussion after the fix as to the reasons for my changes. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my fix, or any changes you think would improve this movie, so please let me know in the comments.
The Fix
The movie remains pretty much unchanged right up until the Skrull chase scene on Earth, where Nick Fury kills a Skrull and takes him back to the lab for examination.
(I would, however, slightly tone down the comedic aspects of this fight, especially this particular moment, as Carol’s cavalier reaction here undercuts their threat as villains.)
Once Nick sees that Skrulls can shapeshift, he is immediately and borderline obsessively interested in the possibilities this offers. The thought of an army of spies who can look exactly like anyone on the planet holds an incredible appeal to a spymaster like Nick, and would revolutionise SHIELD’s espionage efforts.
On orders from the director of SHIELD (really the Skrull leader Talos in disguise), Fury tracks down Danvers and offers to help her on one condition: at least one live Skrull stays on Earth for study and research. Carol, having no love for the Skrulls at this stage, immediately agrees.
The story then proceeds as it does in the actual movie, with Fury and Danvers travelling to the Air Force base, Carol discovering her memories of her time as a pilot, Talos being revealed as the SHIELD director, and Danvers and Fury escaping in the cargo jet to the home of her former flying buddy Maria Rambeau.
Also like in the movie, an unmasked Talos approaches Carol and Fury at Maria’s place (with several of his men, including his “science guy”), and is able to explain that his people are refugees from the genocide of the Kree army. Talos says that Dr Lawson, Carol’s mentor from her time in the Air Force, was actually the renegade Kree scientist Mar-Vell, who was working on a faster-than-light engine to help the remaining Skrulls escape the Kree before she was killed by Kree forces.
Carol is convinced, and agrees to help Talos get back to his ship. Nick Fury is less understanding, but is brought around by the idea that he can get his hands on advanced alien technology.
After the scene where Carol chooses her new suit colours, there’s a scene where we see her working on something small in Maria’s shed. Nick joins her and restates that though he’s sympathetic to the plight of the Skrulls, their original agreement still stands; when all this is done, he gets a live Skrull for study.
Carol is now against the idea, pushing back on their deal, but Nick is adamant. Carol says in that case she’ll just knock him out and leave him here, but Nick replies that despite the fact that he’s on the run from SHIELD, he still has several ways to contact them, ways that Carol doesn’t even know about. Even unconscious, or dead, in under two minutes he can bring a whole squadron of armed forces here, ruining her rescue mission before it even begins.
Carol says he’s bluffing. Nick says maybe, but she can't possibly know for sure unless she tries him. Is this really a coin she’s willing to flip?
There’s a moment of tension as Danvers considers attacking Fury, but there’s simply too much at stake, so she’s forced to agree. As Nick Fury leaves the shed, we pan down to see Carol was working on modifying a beeper.
The story once again then continues as it did in the film, with Danvers, Fury, and Maria travelling with Talos and his science guy in the modified Air Force cargo jet to find Dr Lawson’s spaceship. They land in a hangar similar to this one from the start of the movie.
Talos is reunited with the remaining Skrulls, including his wife and child. Talos’s wife, Soren, reveals that the faster-than-light drive is fully operational, but that without Dr Lawson they lacked the knowledge to operate it.
Soren shows the group Dr Lawson’s old lab, and says that Lawson’s computer was locked. They knew that if they entered an incorrect password the security protocol would delete everything, so they didn’t dare try. Carol looks over the desk, seeing a heart-warming old photo of her and Lawson together in front of her old fighter jet.
Carol immediately knows what the password is, and enters her old call sign, “Avenger”. The computer unlocks.
The Skrulls are overjoyed, seeing not only instructions on how to fly the ship, but also detailed schematics on the design and creation of the engine itself.
However at that point the Kree forces attack (led by Jude Law as Carol’s mentor Yon-Rogg), boarding the ship and holding everyone prisoner inside the lab.
As in the movie, Carol is taken to meet with the Supreme Intelligence, and is eventually able to overcome its influence, removing her inhibitor chip and finally unlocking her true power as Captain Marvel.
Captain Marvel does battle with her old squad mates, however Yon-Rogg slips away from the fight and triggers a self-destruct sequence on the ship, thinking that if the Kree can’t have this technology, then no one can.
In the confusion of the battle, and with the ship now falling apart, the Skrulls (with Nick and Maria) are able to break free of the Kree captivity and start to fight their way back to the cargo jet. Talos stays behind for a moment, looking over every single page of Dr Lawson’s work.
Though he does not understand the science, he knows that with the memory-reading technology of the Skrulls they’ll be able to recreate all the words and shapes of the equations and formulas as long as they’re in his head.
His wife Soren begs him to leave it, but he stays, desperately scrolling through until he reaches the last page. He finishes, and starts to run to catch up with his people, but is shot through the torso by a stray bullet, falling to the ground gravely injured.
Telling the rest to get to the jet, Nick Fury and Soren go back for Talos, with Nick personally supporting Talos as Soren leads them to the hangar.
The ship is almost ready to blow, shaking and shuddering as explosions rack the halls. They get to the hangar, where Maria is busy readying the jet for take-off. It’s been damaged by some falling debris, so she’s forced to make several last-minute repairs before they can leave. Unfortunately, at that moment a number of Kree soldiers burst into the hall behind them.
Taking an alien weapon lying on the ground, Nick tells Talos and Soren to get to the jet. He’ll hold them off until the jet’s ready, then join them. Talos says they can defend themselves from the jet, but Nick says the hangar is too open; with so much space it will be easy for the Kree to surround them and damage the jet. Keeping them in the chokepoint of the hall is their best bet.
Talos and Soren enter the jet, with Talos collapsing to the ground. Soren checks on their child as the Skrull science guy tends to Talos. Maria says the jet is now ready, and Soren calls to Fury.
Nick fires a final few rounds down the hallway and makes his way to the jet, but at that moment a massive explosion tears through the ship, collapsing the roof of the hangar and separating Fury from Maria and the Skrulls.
Nick starts to climb over the rubble, but it’s going to take time.
The science guy says they can’t afford to wait. Not only is Talos, their one hope at creating a new lightspeed engine, badly injured, the ship is about to blow. They have to go now. Maria refuses to leave without Fury, but thankfully at that moment Nick appears on the jet, yelling at her to get them all the hell off this ship.
With everyone onboard, Maria pushes her jet’s engines to the limit as they make their escape. Back in the hangar, we see Nick Fury still making his way over the rubble, shocked to see the jet leaving without him. On the jet, we see who we thought was Nick Fury was actually Soren in disguise. She changes back to her true form, and with tears in her eyes whispers an apology as she watches the man she abandoned get left behind.
The jet races back to Earth, the ship exploding behind them and sending a wave of flaming wreckage their way. Maria dodges the debris as best she can, but just as they enter the atmosphere one of her engines is hit.
They go into a tailspin, Maria desperately fighting for control, but it’s clear they’re about to crash. They miraculously stabilise, and it’s revealed that Captain Marvel is holding them up. With her powers she’s able to restart the stalled engine, giving Maria control again.
Everyone breathes a sigh of relief, until Yon-Rogg appears in a one-man ship, firing on the jet in a mad attempt to slaughter the remaining Skrulls. With no weapons, Maria flies off into a nearby series of canyons for some cover, while Captain Marvel goes to deal with Yon-Rogg as he gives chase to Maria.
Yon-Rogg’s ship is incredibly agile, and as her former mentor he knows Carol’s moves, so he proves to be an elusive target. Danvers struggles to land a clear blow, and at that moment Yon-Rogg reveals that he’s contacted the Kree armada. Three massive ships, led by Ronan the Accuser, enter Earth’s orbit, with Yon-Rogg saying they’re here to cleanse Los Angeles (where Carol first crashed onto Earth) and any other city that might have Skrulls hiding in them.
Captain Marvel is torn; if she stops the armada then Yon-Rogg will be free to kill the Skrulls and Maria, but if she stops Yon-Rogg then Ronan will slaughter millions. For all her power, she simply cannot be in two places at once.
Maria comes in over the radio, telling Carol that she needs to stop the armada.
Danvers is extremely reluctant, unwilling to let her friend die, but Maria doesn’t have time for Carol’s saviour complex. She’s a goddamn United States Air Force pilot, she can handle this.
Still concerned, but ultimately convinced, Carol leaves Maria to her fight as she heads out into space.
Up with Ronan, Captain Marvel takes on the armada. Unlike in the movie, where this was a moment of triumph, this is now a scene of determination. Not only is she stopping the attack, she’s making a show of force, sending a message to the Kree that she is never to be underestimated.
Captain Marvel effortlessly destroys two of the three ships and cripples the third, which is captained by Ronan. Staring him down, Ronan realises he will not win this fight and orders a full retreat.
Back on Earth, Maria races along the twists and turns of the canyon, Yon-Rogg right behind her and firing mercilessly. Things look grim, but Maria notices a natural stone bridge up ahead. She flies towards it, drawing Yon-Rogg’s fire as she executes a barrel roll to dodge his blasts.
She pulls up at the last possible second, the bottom of her jet scraping the stone as she flies free of the canyon. Yon-Rogg is caught in the falling debris of the bridge he’s unwittingly fired upon, his wings are damaged, and he’s unable to fully clear the bridge himself.
Yon-Rogg’s ship’s lower half slams into the bridge as he pulls up, tearing off much of the hull. Though he makes it out of the canyons, he crashes to the ground, clearly unable to fly.
As Maria safely lands her jet elsewhere, a triumphant Captain Marvel touches down next to Yon-Rogg. As with the actual movie, he gives his speech about her needing to prove herself to him, which she cuts off by blasting him.
She sticks him back in his wounded ship, using her power to kickstart its engines and giving him a message for the Supreme Intelligence: leave us alone, or suffer the consequences.
As Yon-Rogg hurtles off, Carol flies to where the jet has landed. Talos has now received medical attention from his people, and while he’s still in a lot of pain, he’s at least able to stand and walk around outside.
As Carol joins the group she notices Nick Fury is missing and asks where he is. Just as Soren is about to explain what she did, a Skrull escape pod like the one Carol used at the start of the movie slams into the ground.
Nick Fury stumbles out, battered and bruised, but very much alive. Everyone is overjoyed to see he made it out safely, with Talos helping him away from the wreckage of the pod.
However, Nick turns on Talos, grabbing him and putting a gun to his head. Captain Marvel demands to know just what the hell he’s doing, and Fury replies that he’s calling due on their deal. Marvel powers up her hand, but Nick uses Talos as a cover, denying her a clean target.
Fury reveals that it wasn’t a bluff about him contacting SHIELD. He has a subdermal tracker that he’s activated, and in less than two minutes he’ll have choppers here to take him and Talos away. Soren begs to take his place, saying that Talos is the only one with the information they need to make a new lightspeed engine, but that just gives Nick even more reason to hold on to Talos.
Captain Marvel is still trying to get a clear shot; Nick tells her that if she doesn’t lower her hand he’s going to put a bullet through Talos’s skull. She says that will rob him of his chance to gain the Skrull’s technology and abilities, but Nick counters that he’ll either get Talos or he won’t; he’s got nothing to lose and everything to gain here.
With no other option, Carol slowly lowers her hand. However, while it’s still lowering, she fires at the ground at an angle, sending a spray of molten rock at Nick Fury. Talos is able to dodge, but Nick takes the blast head on, scarring his face and blinding him in his left eye.
Distracted, he loses his grip on Talos, who dashes clear as Captain Marvel slams into Fury with a shoulder charge, sending him flying into the dirt. The Skrulls and Maria get back on the jet and blast off, while a furious Captain Marvel stands over a beaten Nick Fury.
As he comes to terms with the pain, Carol reaches down with one hand and lifts him off the ground by his collar. Reaching into her suit, she pulls out the beeper from before, pushing it to his chest and making him take it.
She says that despite all the changes she’s gone through, Earth is still her home. So, if ever there’s a truly grave threat with no other option, Nick can contact her with this beeper. She says doesn’t want the burden of Earth’s safety to weigh on the minds of the people she cares about, like Maria and her daughter, so she’s giving him this responsibility.
But, if she gets to Earth and finds out Nick’s been doing something she wouldn’t approve of, a missing eye will be the least of his concerns.
Her speech done, she drops him back to the ground. She flies off as we see SHIELD choppers coming over the horizon, while Nick Fury lies in the dirt and confronts the harsh reality of just how small he really is in the grand scheme of things.
Back at Maria’s home, the Skrulls and the humans share a brief moment. Carol says they have to go, as SHIELD forces will undoubtedly be here shortly. Talos and his people express their undying gratitude to Maria, and offer whatever they have as thanks. Maria turns them down, saying anything they gave her would just be used as evidence (or worse) by SHIELD.
As they get back on the cargo jet, Maria is concerned for their plight; they have no real ship, no technology, and their only knowledge of lightspeed rests in the head of a man who doesn’t even understand it.
Looking over the Skrulls, Captain Marvel says they’ll find a way, subtly allying herself with them.
Breaking the tension, she also says she’s the only person they know who can pilot an Earth jet, so they’re going exactly nowhere without her. Joking, Talos points out that technically Maria could be their pilot if she wanted. Despite her daughter’s overwhelming approval, Maria laughs and says she’s more than happy with her little Louisiana-shaped slice of the galaxy.
As the Skrulls board the jet, Carol and Maria share a final hug. With tears in their eyes, they break apart, and Captain Marvel takes her place in the pilot’s seat. They take off, flying out into the great unknown.
Some time later, we see Nick Fury typing away at a computer in his office, his trademark eyepatch now in place. Agent Coulson arrives, asking how he’s doing after all that’s happened, and how he’s coping with his injuries.
Fury says he’s doing fine, making a deadpan remark that losing an eye gave him a new perspective. Echoing the sentiments he expresses in the first Avengers movie, he says he sees now that the people of Earth can’t wait on someone else to solve all their problems; we need a way to defend ourselves from whatever comes our way.
We see his screen, where he’s working on a document called the “Protectors Initiative”. Carol’s file is on his desk, and after looking it over for a moment, he changes the title to the “Avengers Initiative”.
End Credits
The main change I made here was to make Nick Fury less of a fully-fledged friend to Captain Marvel, and instead more of a general ally. In the movie we were given, I thought someone like Nick Fury would have a much, much greater interest in shapeshifting abilities, as it’s basically the ultimate spy weapon.
Their banter and back-and-forth did a lot to humanise Carol Danvers as a person, and I wanted the somewhat friendly distrust between the two of them to evolve into outright hostility by the end to make Captain Marvel’s choices that much harder.
Further, I liked that the actual film was trying to show Fury as a younger, more open and more trusting person, but I also felt they should have shown at least one reason why he became the man he did. Therefore, I felt his betrayal from Soren, and Captain Marvel reneging on their agreement (even if it’s for all the right reasons), would be major factors in shaping his worldview.
By making him more antagonistic, I hoped to increase the tension in the film, while also giving a stronger reason as to why Nick Fury never called Captain Marvel for any of the other world-ending scenarios he faced.
Also, though I really did like the film as is, I absolutely did not like that Nick losing his eye was basically a throwaway joke. Nick’s missing eye is his most recognisable feature, and I thought it was a major missed opportunity not to tie this into his character development.
With my fix, his damaged eye is now a constant reminder of his hubris and his weakness, and also a strong motivator for him to always search for new, stronger people he can win to his side. He says in Winter Soldier that the last time he trusted someone it cost him an eye, so I also wanted to tie in to that line here.
As for Carol Danvers, I specifically wanted to give her problems she couldn’t simply punch her way out of, while still giving her room to demonstrate her full power.
As such, I changed around the order of events in the final battle so that Yon-Rogg and Ronan were equally pressing threats. I wanted to show that even with the incredible things she can do, Captain Marvel still needs to rely on other people at times. Importantly, it was her friend Maria who shows her this, reaffirming her own abilities as a pilot in the process.
Without getting too metaphorical, with this particular scene I also wanted to showcase a practical application of third-wave feminism, specifically this movement’s emphasis on individuality and respecting personal choice.
Maria does not have the powers of Captain Marvel, but she is still a resourceful and independent woman fully capable of making her own decisions and seeing them through. Essentially, this was a statement that there is no one, “right” way to be a woman, and that both Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau have strengths and weaknesses, and each are deserving of respect for their abilities.
I really don’t want to appear like I’m simplifying such a complex issue, but I do recognise that this was the first female-led film in the MCU, so I felt it was important to showcase not just a paragon of strength and determination like Captain Marvel, but also a more human hero like Maria.
This was also the reason why I had Carol Danvers acting as a pilot when she flies the cargo jet away at the very end of my fix. Though she now has god-like powers, I wanted to highlight that it was her skills and attributes first and foremost as a person that got her to where she is. After all that’s happened, she is still herself.
(Obviously at some point she’d need to get outside the jet and do stuff in space, but I think the scene can stand on its own.)
Finally, I added the self-destruct to the Skrull ship to add a greater sense of urgency to the escape of the Skrulls.
I knew I wanted to have the final showdown be Nick trying to take Talos, because he’s the Skrull we as the audience know best, and would therefore have the strongest connection to. Talos’s character means he’d be willing to leave himself on Earth if it meant his people were safe, so by making him indispensable to the Skrulls it adds a stronger motivation not to want to lose him.
Also, in the actual movie the Skrulls don’t really need Captain Marvel in the end. They have a ship with a faster engine than anyone else, and a pretty good cloaking device. Yes, they may need her protection, but they’ve managed to survive this far.
By taking away their ship, but still giving them hope for building a new one, I wanted to give a more concrete reason for them to stick together, while also giving a logical explanation as to why the Skrulls either would or wouldn’t be around in any sequels.
In conclusion, I hope you liked my fix, but please let me know if you think there’s anything I could improve, or what you personally would want from a Captain Marvel film.
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2020.08.03 15:20 numsixof1 Www spy wc

My 78 year old mother's Sony NAS-CZ1 finally gave up the ghost. It was basically a little Sony shelf unit with built in CD-Player. It had really good sound for it's size.
Here's a link to it for reference:
She wants something with similar sound quality but it looks like that market has severely dried up.
Has to have a CD player, attempts go get parents into streaming have failed. Bought them an echo last christmas but they unplugged it because AM radio said it was spying on them.
Needs to have pretty good sound and not be massive. Old unit had a footprint around 18in wide. Their space can probably accommodate a bit wider but not too much. Its going in a small room so it doesn't need to be booming.
It will be mostly used for classical/choir music (ie old lady music).
Budget is $200-$300, can order from anywhere in US, looking for new if possible.
I know Bose is still very active in this market but I'm not a fan of Bose especially in the value department. Better sound through Marketing yeah no thanks.
Options I've been able to find thus far:
Sony All-in-one. Looks OK but seems like the speakers are on cheap side build wise. Also its Sony so we know quality may be iffy these days.
Reference: https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Streaming-Communications-Bluetooth-HeroFibedp/B00TRACZX4/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
Yamaha MCR-B043BL, reviews seems good.
Reference: https://www.amazon.com/Yamaha-MCR-B020BL-Micro-Component-System/dp/B019ONOGQM/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=mini+stereo+system&qid=1596416854&sr=8-13
Black Horse Option: Get a KEIID VW Head Unit gimmick and some decent bookshelf speakers like some Miccas
Reference: https://www.amazon.com/KEiiD-Amplifier-Bluetooth-Receiver-Headphone/dp/B07H6X3YQN/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=cd%2Bplayer%2Bwith%2Bamp&qid=1596425916&sr=8-1&th=1
I've looked at some other options like a Denon setup but there were a lot of bad reviews on its quality control. Also a lot of well reviewed units seem out of production which figures.. I'd imagine this market has been decimated by Bluetooth/streaming setups as who needs a CD player anymore?
Anyway any advice would be helpful.
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Code is valid for 1 day and it will be available for free in your account for lifetime as soon as you enroll the course. Enroll as soon as you see it.
1) [Free] Increasing Emotional Intelligence
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5) [Free] Planning Quality Management (PMI - PMP)
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Hello Welcome to Agency Season 12! This season was a Captains Tiered To4 with Gadgets and Roles.

New Players:
Episode 2: Bolded Episodes Indicate a Highlighted Perspective
Teams Episode Links
Yellow Team
Daffz Episode 2
GeeSam Episode 2
jaydenVEVO Rendering Issues
flameorb Episode 2
Blue Team
Bacan Episode 2
LightningSpark7 Episode 2
VernonN Episode 2
poempedoempoex Computer in shop
Lime Team
Spacepod Episode 2
Jarofcats Episode 2
buttergolem1 Episode 2
OnlyCosmia Old Computer Wont Turn On
Grey Team
CH0CK Episode 2
Kelawesome Episode 2
MicrousMC Episode 2
YellowVitt Episode 2
Pink Team
Chasmic Episode 2
Ixolock Episode 2
ScottPirie Episode 2
floobel Episode 2
Red Team
DarrenBGP Episode 2
Emerric Episode 2
Ilikepie212_123 Episode 2
ShyGus Episode 2
Pink Team
Apex_Twinkie Episode 2
QuilJ1 [Episode 2]()
c1n Rendering Issues
warriorcat Episode 2
Green Team
SD_UHC Episode 2
Glyphical Corrupted
ThePeridotKnight Episode 2
PaperVinnie Episode 2
Purple Team
BSBrent Episode 2
CruelFives Episode 2
Jakekub Episode 2
MaverickMC Episode 2
Episode Links
Episode 1
Special Thanks
  • Magik for Hosting!
  • MrCraftinator for the intro!
  • Dannythecool for the renders!
  • Codwhy for the logo!
  • Treyasaurus!
Hope you all enjoy the twelfth season of Agency!
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2020.05.30 01:46 ConohaConcordia Www spy wc

Chen Jiongming's World Federation: Detailed How to A few days ago Kaiserreich was updated and I noticed that the exploit for Federalist China to core any country in the world was not mentioned. A dev, u/Rylock_KR , said he was not aware of this exploit and asked me to show how. After a few days of procrastination I finally got around to do it, it's incredibly simple yet incredibly broken.
Step 1:
You need to unify China as the Federalists. The preferred way is to play the Liangguang Clique and win as Chen, which is not too difficult. There are a lot of people out there that are better than me at this game and they will tell you how to do that. You should be able to do this in 1940.
Step 2:
After swapping to the Federalist tree, you need to go down the path that leads to "New Foreign Ministry". This focus unlocks decisions which allows you to seize Macau and German cities, as well as the "Offer Membership to X" decision (pic 1) --- which annexes the target faction member, granting all of their troops and their ships, as well as instantly core all provinces they hold. (Proof in pic 2)The said faction member doesn't even have to have cores on all their territories, nor do they have to be Han Chinese tags; it applies to puppets you released. They just have to have a land border with you, but this can be cheesed --- see Step 3.
Step 2.5:
It's worth noting you do not have to do Step 2 immediately. You can wage war as usual, and you only really need Step 2 done when you are about to annex someone you do not have land borders with --- i.e. Japan, the United States, or some unfortunate sod in South America. Another exploit that you can use is the "Form Republic of China" decision, which for some reason also show up for Federalist China --- it gives a -50% wargoal justification time buff for a year or so. Use it wisely. As you are a democracy, you will want to artificially keep WT high by constantly justifying on majors.
Step 3:
In the case you do not have land border with a nation you want to core, you can feed them territories that do have connections to you. Pic 3 demonstrate this by feeding Hiroshima to Philippines and Kyushu to Korea. Note that Japan itself is under occupation pending annexation event, which will be later released (Pic 5). You can click the Offer Membership event and then click the annexation event, which you grant you a land border with Japan after 40 days; then you can integrate Japan as usual.
Last two pics shows the end result of this annexation spree. China usually has 600m core manpower which is modified by Japan's 100m, meaning that the cores are real, not some UI bugs.
Further Studies
In my run I was able to reunify China somewhat easily as Japan got itself into a war with the Entente + the RP, but RP crushed Russia in a few months and then crushed the 3I which just managed to kill Austria. PSA had reunified USA, but the Entente was unable to kill UoB and therefore is very unlikely to go into war with Germany. I simply did not wish to fight the RP, so I decided to use Japan as a testbed on how to core countries separated by ocean.
In retrospect, the naval build up took way too long and I should have just killed the Red Raj, then use the infinite manpower to wage a slogfest war against RP and leave Japan for the last... but I digress. To do a real WC with this, I think there can be a procedure to be followed:
  1. Collapse of the Reichspakt. Germany is way too powerful if they win, and their units are nigh impossible to kill. Much harder than whatever shit 3I throws at you, at least. Germany also seem to have infinite manpower as of this patch. I would not want to fight a victorious RP unless their manpower goes to 0, which does not seem to happen after La Resistance. As for how to make it happen, I am sure there will be people better at answering this than me.
  2. Prolong the 2ACW as long as possible. Ideally it should be a slogfest that lasts until after 2WK, just finishes when you are about to attack. It will be difficult but you don't want the end to happen too early, too long before you gain a foothold in the Americas. You DO NOT want CSA to win. They will join the Internationale and make you life much more difficult.
  3. You will want 2WK to end in an Internationale victory but you don't really want to prolong it too much. Russia will get a fuck ton of troops if it lasts for too long, and Europe is merely a stop for you, not the destination.
  4. Once China is unified, destroy either the Raj or the Russians. The Raj's manpower will help you pull off any stupid blunder you made, and the Russians will give you some much needed resources and industry. They are likely both isolated, too. Collaboration government spy action will help you to capitulate them earlier than usual.
  5. Start building a navy at the same time.
  6. Destroy the 3rd Internationale. Should be quite easy. Remember to invade Ireland, give Ulster to UoB and like Dover to whoever will have a land border with you. This will give you ways to core them later.
  7. Now, you should have access to Curacao, a Dutch core/possession in S. America that can be yours by integrating them. Start justifying on S. America. Or just kill the Entente, knowing you have access to the American continent.
  8. Kill everything that comes into your way. Remember to build a few nukes.
  9. Finish by re-invading Japan, using nukes to secure landings.
Final Note
The methods described in this post, obviously, are an exploit, and overpowered as fuck. The moment China secures either Russia or Raj, it will be incredibly difficult to stop, the rest merely being a test on the players' willpower to slog through the entire world. The devs will probably patch it out soon. But I do hope that before you guys do that, let us enjoy this for a bit, maybe let some YouTubers make some videos on it, etc, etc. It is hilarious and people deserve to know.
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2020.05.01 03:58 tomizzo11 Spy wc www

I'm trying to use this flow sensor in a Raspberry Pi project. I'm trying to figure out the best way to count the pulses that are outputted.
My theory is that there should exist a counter IC where I can poll the count status via I2C or SPI (which the Raspberry Pi supports).
However, I can't find such a device on Digikey. All of the chips I've found output the count via output pins which would waste a lot of I/O on the Rapsberry Pi GPIO. Of course I could find some GPIO expansion chip that is I2C/SPI compatible. However, I feel like a serial interface counter should exist.
Is anyone aware of one?
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