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Disclaimer: like in my previous post, I know your first feedback will be that 55k is too short for adult sci-fi. I know, and I've identified a few small publishers with a history of publishing novellas and short novels that I'm going to query first. I think the arc of this story works best in a shorter format, but if I'm unsuccessful then I'll explore reformatting to increase the word-count.
Thanks so much for those who provided feedback last time, and thanks in advance for any feedback you might have on my edits!
In 3209, humans have long-since colonized the galaxy, unified under one government, the Alliance. ADAM, an interstellar freight pilot and talented engineer has obsessively pursued adventure since his father left him as a child to do the same. He lives and works with MARI, the sentient AI that helps operate his ship. Over the years, MARI and Adam have become close friends.
Unhappy with his uneventful career, Adam’s almost excited when a routine pickup results in them crash-landing on an uncharted planet. The planet, Arcadia, is home to an advanced, 300+-year-old colony, kept hidden to stay independent from Alliance rule. In contrast to Alliance colonies, Arcadia is built to be sustainable, living in balance with its environment. A local aerospace company takes responsibility for their crash, offering a place to stay and a human-like body for MARI while they repair their ship.
After getting to know an executive at the company, EMILY, and her friend, ALAN, Emily mentions an engineer recently died, and offers Adam his job. While on a hike to clear his mind, a ship crash-lands near Adam. He rushes to the scene and witnesses Arcadian military arrive and murder the ship’s survivors. After they leave, Adam searches the wreckage and discovers a survivor, a young teen, HANNAH, traveling on vacation with her now-deceased parents. Adam promises to help Hannah escape.
After finding their ship being dismantled for parts, they’re convinced Emily is responsible, and confront her. She is equally appalled to learn of Arcadia’s murderous underbelly, and she gives them her private shuttle to escape. She's then murdered by an approaching military ship who discovers her betrayal. A tense chase ensues as Adam, MARI, and Hannah attempt to escape, but are ultimately captured.
They meet LUTHER, Arcadia’s founder. He reveals that Arcadia’s citizens are immortal. The colony is an experiment to test if time can cure humanity’s apathy for long-term sustainability. He fears if the Alliance got a hold of his life-extension treatment, the galaxy would crumble from overpopulation. Arcadians can still die of unnatural causes, and Adam was intentionally led there to replace another engineer who died. Hannah’s crash was accidental and threatened the population balance and secrecy of Arcadia. Luther offers an ultimatum. Live and join the Arcadian experiment, or Luther will kill them to protect its secret.
They initially agree, and while waiting for their induction ceremony they learn Alan is the guard assigned to watch over them. They form a closer bond with him, especially Hannah, who reminds the guard of the sister he left behind centuries earlier. She has a heart-to-heart with him, convincing him that immortality isn’t worth losing those you love.
At their induction ceremony, MARI exposes Luther’s murderous tactics in front of the whole city. The citizens are unmoved, willing to accept murder as a cost to keep their own immortality and prevent it from falling into Alliance hands. As Luther is about to murder the three of them with the crowd’s support, he’s shot in the head by Alan.
With his help, Adam, MARI, and the girl escape on a small ship, ready to start a new life together. Adam learns that real adventures are nothing to wish for, and he’s happy to embrace a stable life. They share a newfound love and sense of responsibility for Hannah, who is still grieving the loss of her parents, but happy that she has found the two of them.
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Hello, disclaimer before people will just assume stuff and not read the whole thing as it been shown by some users recently...
This post isn't to defend the sexualization of minors , it is a real problem and it's present everywhere, mostly in American teen pieces of media which are almost cosumed by the rest of the world. Yandev is guilty of sexualising his cast of characters, you'll get no objections to that from me.
Now, as many of you might have noticed, there's been a lot of fanart of yansim's characters that have been criticize for sexualising minors, some justified and some over reactions.( And some falsly called "child pornography" by the same user over and over)
Calling out bad things is fine and might I add, in many cases necessary. However, it seems it has become an obsession , people will inspect the poses, where and how some parts are hidden by a "shine" or some bs, the length of the skirt, the look in the characters face and more. You know what this remind me of?
Nuns teaching in Catholic schools, asking girls to sit on their knees to make sure their skirts touch the floor. Teachers asking girls to cover their shoulder because it might distract the boys. People being offended at moms who are breastfeeding in public spaces.
The point I want to make is, as much as pervs will sexualize characters, so will prudes. By wanting to hide everything, you are making those parts sexual, and it is even more disturbing that you point out they are minors so you shouldn't be able to see a freaking silhouette (referring to some mulberry's magical girl art that was posted on here) you are the one making the subjection of breast and hips sexual.
As an exemple, in many communities, both men and women are always topless, and it's viewed as normal because it is not sexualized.
As another example, ankles and shins used to be seen as very sexual, it would be scandalous for a lady to show them. It would be viewed as indecent .
What I am trying to say is, please call out disgusting behaviour, but please think about how you are viewing things and in most cases, when wanting to help you are actually causing more harm. Overacting because of some random fanart is not helping, if anything it makes things that are not that bad appear 100x worst and this will go on until we are back to hiding our legs because the feminine body is way too shocking to look at.
Also people being pedantic about ages are sometimes being harmful as well, concentrating the debate on a number can become dangerous. It removes moral questioning and then leads to some reasoning like:" well now that person's 18 so there's no problem picturing them ib some hardcore porn" here are some exemples in which I find that thought process harmful:
People having countdowns to some celebrity 18's birthday, which will make her legal, happened with Billie heilish and Millie Bobby Brown recently...
Another exemple I saw not long ago, a lawyer would approach 17 years old girls online then tell them to contact him as soon as they turn 18 so they can travel together, and wanna know the most disturbing part about this? The comment section from that news site was filled with litteraly thousands of grown men seeing no problems with that and congratulating the lawyer for being smart about it.
See what I mean now? This way of thinking is dangerous for young girls, 18 is still a teen and this number is mostly viewed by people as a green light to become gross about someone who's brain is not fully formed...
So yeah, be careful when you are pointing fingers and using pedantic arguments, you might mean well, but you are not always helping.
Also if sexualization of minors is something you truly care about, focusing only on some indie garbage game almost nobody's knows about, make you look desperate for drama and pathetic. This is a real issue that merits real discussions without people just blurting out sofism when they see a 2d character that has big tits
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(The group decides to kill Nazbaz.)
"I ain't buying your bullshit," Matt said before pulling the trigger.
"NO-" Nazbaz let out before dropping to the floor after the bullet hit him in the forehead.
Nazbaz is dead.
"I think you made the right choice." Seb supported Matt's tough decision.
"Hey, Clem... Holy shit... You and AJ are okay!" Clegane said kneeling down to them.
Clementine just looks at him, still frightened.
"Oh fuck, Right..." Matt suddenly said.
"What's wrong?" Sam asked.
"Remember what happened before we got kicked out months ago?" Matt told her.
"Troy," Seb said as he looked to the ground.
"Yeah... Even though it was months ago, she is still a little girl." Matt sighed. "You can't just... Ugh, fuck that fucker."
"We need to get out of here," Clegane suggested. "Let's get inside that sports car see if we can get that working. We could use that car and our one."
"I agree." Matt supported Clegane's suggestion.
"So this whole time Clem hasn't been speaking?" Sam asked.
"Possibly. But probably not much. And today's event didn't exactly help." Matt responded.
4 years later.
Matt is driving the van through the woods following wherever the path is taking them. They come across what seems to be a school. They approach it and stop, and a boy who was standing guard on the tower that was as tall as the wall of the school stood aiming his bow and arrow at the car.
"That's far enough!" The boy yelled, which actually was used as a signal for his people to come ready for the meeting.
"How do you wanna approach this?" Clegane asked looking at Matt. "A teenager at watch?"
"We wanna join them right?" Sam asked.
"Let me talk then?" Clementine asked. "I'm probably around his age."
"Me too." Seb jumped in.
"I'm I?" AJ asked, feeling slightly left out.
"Sorry, kiddo." Clem looked at him with a smile. "You're still a kid."
"That's bullshit," AJ said frustrated.
"AJ!" Clem said in a louder voice. "Mind your language."
The group leaves their van but without anyone having their guns drawn. Some people of the school exit the gates with their weapons drawn and aimed at the group.
"Hey there," Matt breaks the silence. "We aren't here to cause trouble."
"We'd like to know if we could join?" Clegane inquired. "We've got a few kids with us if that helps."
"You guys are all just kids?" Sam asked in a surprised tone. "The adults inside?"
The kids look at each other. There were about 8 of them. They start to talk to each other before the teenager with blonde hair turned to the group.
"There aren't any." The boy with the blonde hair said. "It's just us kids, kids of the Ericson's school who do whatever we want to do."
"No adults? For real?" Sam asked in disbelief.
"Who runs this community?" Matt inquired.
"Well, I do, but we act as a council, but I have the final say." The blonde-haired teen said. "My name is Evan, Evan Vance."
"I'm Clegane, this here is Seb, Clem, AJ, and Sam."
"This here would be Martin," Evan said. "Sorry about his size, he blocks some good views sometimes."
"Wow, dude," Martin said laughing.
"This little fella here is Josh, and that kid with the machete is Deni."
"And this is Violet!" Martin told them.
"And I'm Aidan." Said the boy who was keeping watch.
"I'm Stephenie, Steph for short, and this here is Fern," Steph informed them.
"Nice to meet you people," Clegane said smiling.
"Can we join?!" AJ said excitedly.
"That's the tough decision here..." Evan sighed. "I'm not sure how well it would be taking in adults."
"We can pull our weight," Matt told him.
"I guess you could," Evan admitted. "And that's what we'll need you guys to do."
"Y'all have kids as well..." Martin said, as he looked at Clem.
The group was granted entry but they had to give up their weapons. They were shown around the school with everyone being introduced,
Ericson's school consists of 11 kids. Evan, Martin, Violet, Deni, Aidan, Josh, Stephenie, Mitch, Nate, Fern, and Jaydn.
They were also shown places like the greenhouse, the Admin Hall. Until finally they were shown the Eternal Rest building, where the bedrooms were.
Seb and Clem were walking around together.
"What do you think of this place?" Seb asked. "Personally, I think it's cool! A place run by kids."
"It's well hidden it seems," Clem replied. "The woods keep it hard to find."
"Well, we found it," Seb told her.
"No shit," Clem responded. "We did follow the road... Maybe if the road is found, it wouldn't be so hard."
"What do you think about the new people?" Seb asked.
"They don't seem to be too bad..." Clem answered. "But holy shit, Martin says he is like 17, and he is huge for his age."
"Yeah, that's crazy." Seb agreed.
The group goes to sleep at night. In the morning when they wake up, Evan tells them some of them will have to go hunting/find food in about an hour.
The group decides that Clementine, Matt, Clegane, and Sam go out to find food. And thus, in about an hour they leave to go look for food.
The four come across a train station building. They enter it and look for things that they might find beneficial. They enter the second room and open up a trap door that was inside. They use the duffel bags under the table in the corner to pack the food in with. Suddenly, a man enters from behind them. He has his gun pointed and stood at the door.
"Oh shit." Said the man. "Sorry, uh..."
The man puts down his gun.
"I was just looking for food, but looks like y'all beat me to it, I'll leave." The man says as the others are cautiously looking at him and Clementine having her gun drawn at him.
The man turns to leave, and then suddenly stops with his hands up. The group walks up to him to see Kenneth Pointing his gun at the man.
"Kenneth...?" Sam says in shock.
"... Sam...?!" Kenneth replies.
Sam runs at him and they hug each other.
"It's you guys, you found Clementine!" Kenneth said in joy. "Who's the man?"
"I'm a stranger to them, I was looking for food and I just ran into them." The man says. "I was leaving, I don't wanna cause trouble."
"You seem chill... I'm Kenneth. You?"
"Name is Tim."
The rest introduce themselves to him.
"Fucking hell, dude," Matt said smiling at Kenneth. "I never thought we'd run into each other again."
"Me neither, brother," Kenneth said smiling. "This is making me miss Hayden, dude."
"Hayden... Fuck, man. It's been so long. I also do miss that dude." Matt says in return.
"You guys were looking for food, right?" Kenneth asked.
"Yeah, all of us actually," Clegane told him.
"Well, shit you not, I was too," Kenneth informed. "But, I know a place that has food, but there is a problem."
"What's wrong?" Sam asked, still holding onto him.
"I'm by myself, and the place is packed with walkers," Kenneth informed them.
"I can come with you and help," Tim says stepping forward.
"That'd be great!" Kenneth says with a smile. "Sam you mind coming too?"
"Of course I'm coming you donut!" Sam mocked.
"Well, I think one more would be enough if I'm honest. Clegane, Matt, which one of you want to come and help me?" Kenneth asked. "We gonna have some good feast tonight."
Who should go with Kenneth, Sam, and Tim?
View Poll
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2020.11.25 01:44 AzzyBowoy The Last Mother (AzzyBowoy)

[I decided to write a short story. Dont worry! The Micro Fluffy Farm story is being worked on, I'm just unmotivated and busy with schoolwork, but I still wanted to release a short story.]
After the near collapse of several important ecosystems due to fluffies, world governments executed an extreme fluffy extermination project. The project envolved artificial viruses meant to infect specifically them, forced sterilizations of all fluffies (no matter if they are owned by a breeder, in a shelter, or at a home), cash rewards for the bodies and a release of a mutated version of fluffy, that caused all of its children to be born male, but prevented them from being alicorns, so the mother wouldn't murder the mutated children.
The project was extremely successful. With the shutdown of the last breeder cashing in on the dead fluffy award, scientists could officially confirm the fluffy as extinct in the wild. Only a few hundred sterilised fluffies owned by the richest of the rich still exist. This moment in humanity possibly will be a good teacher in the dangers of invasive species and messing with what shouldn't be toyed with.
You are reading the news on your phone, when you see the time and decide to start making dinner. Once you are done, you set the table, but as you are about to dig in, you hear a light knocking and scratching at the door. When you were a teen, it was still common to see a few fluffies begging for homes, so instinctually, you didn't see it as weird, but this feeling only lasted for a second. You think to yourself:" No way. Is that what i think it is? It couldn't be! I should go see."
You walk over to the door, slowly open it. You don't see anything standing in front of you, so you look down, and, somehow, a fluffy is staring back at you. The fluffy is purple with an orange mane. The fluffy seems to be an earth pony, but maybe the horn is just hidden under her long poofy mane. The fluffy seems to be very scared.
M- Fluffy H- Human
M:"Pwease, nice mistuh, nu huwt fwuffy! Fwuffy su hungwy an fwuffy am soon mummah. Pwease be nyu daddeh... Babbehs need wawm housie!" The fluffy immediately says apon the opening of the door. You stare down at it, confused as to what you should do. "Should I?" You think to yourself. No one sells any fluffy-specific products except as collectavle items, so if you keep it, you would have to improvise, but if you say no, the mare might restart the fluffy population if the male fluffy wasn't a mutated variant. You decide to take her in for now
H:"Sure, come in..." You reluctantly move out of the way to let the mare waddle in to your home. The fluffy immediately smells the food and looks at you with puppy eyes and leans against your leg.
M:"Pwease, nyu daddeh, pwease giw fwuffy som' nummies!" You aren't going to give her your dinner, but you have to think of something. You look in your fridge and see a few extra carrots you bought and peel and cut one up. You put the pieces in a bowl and put the bowl on the ground and fluffy immediately digs in.
While the fluffy eats, you try to think of what your next move is. You could possible use an old blanket for bedding, but what about food and defication? The fluffy has finished her dinner and is yawning.
M:"Fwuffy am sweepy.."
H:" oh okay, hold on." You grab an old blanket and fold it in roughly a square and place it in your bathroom. The fluffy follows, waddles on to the blanket, squishes it a bit with its hooves while saying how soft it is, and lies down in a ball much like a cat would.
M:"tank 'ou daddeh..." The fluffy then lies down and falls asleep.
You consider this the perfect time to go look for something it could use as a litter box to not dirty your floor. You look threw old junk and boxes and stumple apon your cat's old litter box. You guess this will have to do, but you don't have anything to put in there, but at least you still have this place where the fluffy could at least not make a mess. You grab two bowls, fill one with water and place them on the ground near the fluffy. You put the box in the corner of your bathroom and then think about your next steps
"How did this fluffy get pregnant?" "Where did it come from?" "How did it survive this long?" "Should i report this? If yes, then to who?" These thoughts go threw your mind as you quietly stare at the pieceful fluffy sleeping on an old blanket.
"I shouldn't worry about that today, there are other things i need to figure out." There aren't any pet shops that kitty litter open at this time that you know of. You will have to go tomorrow. But what about the food? You look that up and read in an old archived hasbio fluffy care handbook, that they can eat vegetables and spaghetti, but for people on a budget, they can live comfortably on fluffy kibble, as long as they get some variation in their diets for the fluffies mental well-being.
No one sells fluffy kibble anymore, and you dont know how or have the patience to make it yourself, so plants and spaghetti are your only options.
You lightly nudge the sleeping mare and it coo's to your touch, but eventually wakes up slightly confused.
M;"mhgh? Fwuffy wan' sweepie..."
H:"Sorry to wake you, but i need to talk to you" you pick the fluffy up and put her on her feet. She is still sleepy. You think it is adorable to see.
H:"see that box over there? If you ever have to make poopies or peepees, simply go in there. If you go anywhere else, those are bad poopies, okay?"
M:"o-otay..." The fluffy stares with half closed eyes
H:"could you please repeat what i said?" The fluffy looks slightly annoyed at not being allowed to sleep.
M;"nhhg... Owny make good poopies in boxie... Can fwuffy sweep nao?"
You put her back on her blanket and leave the room. You think to yourself "That was a bit of a dumb idea trying to explain the rules when she wants to sleep" you decide not to punish her in any way if she were to forget for now. You decide to contact your uncle, who is a veterinarian. He had a lot of experience with fluffies before the extermination, so you think he might be able to help. You decide to call him and explain the situation.
V- Uncle/veterinarian
V:"hey! Long time, no see! Er, talk i guess, anyway, how are ya?"
H:" Hey, i dont mean to bother you, but i am in a situation and i think you might be able to help."
V:"If this is about girs, your dad would be a better person to talk to" he laughs slightly
H:"Please, this is serious. You might not believe me when im saying this, but trust me that i am not lying. A pregnant fluffy has just knocked at my door and i dont know what to do. Currently she is asleep on a blanket in my bathroom."
A few seconds of silence set in.
H:"Uh, hello?"
V:"No i'm still here. That is an extremely unlikely story, but if you aren't lying, you have 3 options. You could either, euthanize the fluffy, cause a miscarriage or let her give birth and neutee all of them including the parents. Where is her special friend?"
H:" I don't know. She came here alone."
V:" That's not good. Well, send me a picture of the fluffy and when she wakes up, ask her what she knows."
H:" ok, bye"
You hang up. You take a picture of the fluffy and send it to your uncle. He liked the picture and texted back.
v "i guess you weren't lying"
h:"Yeah, i think it might be best if she gave birth and her along with babies are neutered."
v:"Well, if you want to keep them as pets, you will have to give names, though i'm sure someone would pay a LOT of money for a fluffy pet."
h:"That was kinda my idea with the babies."
v:" okay, well i have to go. Swe you later!"
h:"Okay, bye!"
You finish your dinner and look tjrew your stuff that you could give to the fluffy as toys. The only thing you find is a stuffed bunny from when you were a kid. You decide that it will be good enough and decide to give it to the fluffy tommorow. You realise you sti haven't decided on a name.
××The next morning××
You wake up and enter the bathroom to see your new fluffy friend still asleep. Suprisingly, they used the litter box, but due to the smell, you have to clean it, which wakes up the fluffy.
M:"Hewwo daddeh! Fwuffy make good poopsies!"
H:"Yes, you did!" You lightly scratch her head.
M:"soon mummah hungwy. Can fwuffy haw sum nummies?"
H:"Of course. After that, i have a gift to give you, okay?"
M:"otay, daddeh!"
You leave the bathroom and cut up another carrot to give her as breakfast. The fluffy seems a bit displeased with it being the same food, but other than that, she happily digs in. After she is done, you bring the old toy you found and give it to fluffy. The fluffy immediately gets excited.
M:"nyu toysies? Fwuffy wub nyu toysie! Tank 'ou daddeh! Fwuffy haw bugges' heawt wawmies!"
H:" its no problem! I will have to leave for a little while to get some things for you, okay? I won't be long, i promise!"
M;"wa? Nuu..! Nu weawe fwuffy!"
H:"I promise everything will be alright. If you ever feel sad, try hugging the toy i gave you!" Okay, i have to go."
You close the door, but as you do so, you see the fluffy tightly hugging the toy you gave it. You drive to the store and buy some kittie litter, vegetsbles and a few blocks and balls for her to play with.
You get home and bring her the new toys. You pour in the kitty litter in to her litter box and decide to ask the fluffy a few questions.
H:"Hey, little gal, do you mind if i ask you a few questions?"
M:"Otay, daddeh"
H:"Where did you come from? Where is your mommy?"
M:"mommah an' famiwy ge' foweva sweepies by meanie munstah's. Owny fwuffy an' bwuddah wun away." She says in a slightly sad tone.
H:"Oh im so sorry to hear that. If you don't mind asking, where is your brother now? And where is your special friend?"
M:"fwuffiea nu fiwnd otha' fwuffies, so bwudah speshaw fwien'!"
"Gross" you think to yourself.
H:"Okay, well where is he now?"
The fluffy falls silent. Slightly sad, not wanting to talk. She seems very upset.
H:"Its okay, if you don't want to say, but i will give you a reward if you do."
Her ears slightly purk up, but then they fall back down out of sadness.
M:"w-weww, few beight times ago, fwuffy an' speshaw fwien' weawwy hungwy, su num gwassies, buh den fwuffy see weawwy big bawky munstah. Speshaw fwien' twy to scawe away wile fwuffy wun, buh munstah... Munstah giw speshaw fwien' foweva sweepies..." The fluffy begins to tear up. You hug the fluffy to comfort it and start to pet it. The fluffy is an earth pony. The fluffy soon calms down and you put her back on the ground.
H:"Well i promised a surprise, and i wasn't lying. For being a good girl, ill make you sketties tonight, but first, there is something else we have to do. I haven't given you a name yet!'
The fluffy pirks up and becomes excited.
H:" How aboouuuttt...... Plum?"
M:"Pwum wub nyu namesie! Pwum get sketties nao?"
H:" I'll make you sketties for dinner, okay? Here, you can come with me and we can watch TV"
The fluffy follows you to the living room and you gently put her on the couch and turn on a kid's channel
H:" And if you need to use the litter box, just tell me and i'll bring you to it, okay?"
M:"otay daddeh!"
And so they spent the day and in the evening, the fluffy enjoyed some well prepared sketti's. This continued for about a week, then it became hard for the fluffy to move, so she was repositioned in to living room, where her butt is leaned against the litter box while her food and water bowl is put in front of her.
Then, one morning, you hear "bigges' poopsies!" Coming from the living room. You run in and see the fluffy giving birth. She gives birth to 4 fluffies. 2 stillborns and 2 living ones
One is a white unicorn and the other is green unicorn. Both living one's seem to be male, but because her sibling is her special friend, they don't have the male-only mutation and you know you need to get them all neutered. You send a picture of the fluffies your uncle, and he says to bring them to him in about 1 1/2 weeks. Those days pass by, the fluffies are now running around, but still drink milk. You put all three in a box with bedding and bring them to your uncle's veterinary office. He is waiting for you there, so you don't have to talk to the receptionist. He performs the operation and you get the fluffies back.
You decide to name the white fluffy snowflake and the green one - leaf.
Many years pass by. A lot of the last few fluffies still in captivity die off. There are only about 25 left in the whole world.
Sadly, after many years, plum passed on too. Her two children were very sad to see their mother pass on.
There are only 6 fluffies left. You decide to get her cremated. The crematorium performing the cremation congrstulate you on owning one of the last fluffies, and apologise for your loss.
A few years later, your fluffies are 7. The last known fluffy has died and it is thought that the species is finally extinct
One day, while playing, leaf ran hard in to a wall and the horn crushed the part of his brain behind it, killing him.
Snowflake was very sad after this. You had leaf cremated aswell. You decide to take pictures of your last fluffy to document the last fluffy in existance. You decide to tell the world, but few believe you. They think the pictures are old faked ones.
Now with only snowflake left, the fluffy shall never know the history or the weight of an entire species that it carries on its shoulders. A history of happiness, good intentions, horrible consequences, spilled blood, violence and many tears spilled over the years. This one fluffy has known pain, just like his mother, but he shall never fully grasp the cosept of him being the last of his kind. He will live his days as the remnant of a once colourful, yet quite dark time.
The end
[Thank you for reading my idea for an alternate future for fluffies! I apologise if the ending seems a bit rushed, but i wanted to write something. I hope you enjoy!]
submitted by AzzyBowoy to fluffycommunity [link] [comments]

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2020.11.23 20:02 mixedbreedmaiya Hidden girls cam on teen

Hey, everyone. These days I'm usually looking for fandoms, and I do have several strong cravings in previous posts that you can check out if you're so inclined - but I also periodically decide to resurrect all my old original concepts on the off chance I might find a really great partnership (or two). Hopefully I'll catch someone's eye. (:
I do have a few things for which I'm specifically looking in a partner, though, so let me lay those out for you before I get ahead of myself:

  1. I'm looking for "advanced/literate" partners with as much love of the language as I have (know your possessives, "your" vs. "you're," proper comma usage, flowing sentence structure, etc.).
  2. I only do hetero pairings, and my characters in these ideas are all female.
  3. I'm a SFW writer. Think PG-13; I love romance and conflict, but don't get gross. That said, 18+ partners are still preferred.
  4. I'm well into my 20s, so I don't feel comfortable writing with minors.
  5. Email is preferred, but I can do others. Just ask.
  6. I don't do one-liners. Multi-para, please. Give me something to work with (without giving me eight-page novellas every post).
  7. Sometimes I disappear. It happens. I have major depressive disorder and can sometimes lack the motivation to reply. If that happens, poke me. I might say I'm not into it, or I might just be having a bad day. If it doesn't work out between us, please know that it's me - not you.

All righty, so, ideas next? I think so.

A. Moon Dancers (Medieval Fantasy):

Most of life as humanity knows it is lived during the day. The world awakens at dawn and retires at dusk, unfailingly. There are nocturnal beasts, of course, but those are just animals. And what traveler or criminal hasn’t stayed up to walk by the moonlight many a time himself? Even still, night is meant for sleep and silence, and daytime for work and play. But that’s not true of every sentient race in the world. There is a race of people, called the Aventine (AH-ven-teen), who not only live their lives at night, but are physically incapable of retaining consciousness in the daytime. Think of them as the “elves” of the world – magical, fairly mysterious, largely peaceful, in tune with nature. Not a lot has been known about them over the centuries. They keep to themselves most of the time. In old days, they would even play harmless, good-natured tricks on their human counterparts, or leave playful messages, or sit and soothe a child who had awakened in the night while his parents slept on. There was goodwill between the two peoples. They were seen as anything from myth and folklore, to guardian angels, to fairies, to spirits of good fortune and blessing. But just as with anything people don’t understand, mystery eventually turned to wariness. A wedge was driven between them as mutual suspicion and fear began to take root, and the “Moon Dancers” (humanity’s nickname for them) withdrew into themselves. They have to be the more proactive in protecting themselves, after all, because of their very nature. Like I said, the Aventine are only active at night. When the morning comes, they immediately fall into a deep slumber, like flowers that only bloom in the evening. Nothing can break that sleep, and it’s not possible to “stay up late.” They’re completely vulnerable if this happens out in the world – not something you really want when the other race finds you unnerving at best and downright malicious at worst. What usually happens, and is supposed to happen, is that they retreat into the Vale, a magical place kind of existing outside the normal realm. There, they’re free to sleep and dream away the whole day. Now, I have in mind to play a young Aventine woman with your typical failings of curiosity, rebelliousness, wanderlust, and inquisitiveness. She’s restless with this careful life of secrecy, always watching the sleepy human towns and villages, wondering if they’re really so bad. I’d like the other role to be left up to you: do you want to play a human? Someone who encounters her, with ensuing potential for adventure as they learn about each other and have to protect each other from their respective peoples? Or do you want to play another Aventine who is either tasked with keeping her out of trouble or is trying to convince her because he actually cares for her, with that potential for adventure as they’re discovered and cut off from the Vale and have to navigate this terrifying world ruled by humans? There are lots of possibilities here, and I’d really like to brainstorm with you more about the world, the story, etc. The only thing I ask is to play against a male character, because…hopeless romantic.~

B. The Wyv (Medieval Fantasy):

There are beings called Wyverns in the world. They have a form that looks like normal humans on the surface, and they were once a thriving, powerful race. They have formidable magic, live extraordinarily long lives, are even purported to have prophetic capabilities, and their other forms are similar to dragons - hence the name. Derp. They lived largely in peace with the other races of the world, even somewhat deified by mortals. A long time ago, the other races of the world started hunting them like animals, sometimes for the hide of their beast forms, sometimes to harness their magic. They were largely wiped out over the years and are now very rare and *very* hidden. A lot of people actually think they're extinct, and some don't believe they were ever anything more than legends and fairy tales. The discovery of one would be a big deal, and among nations that are in conflict, having something like that in their arsenal would give the holder quite an edge. I would like to play a young Wyv either in captivity by one such nation, or on the run from it, and I'm looking for someone to build his/her own *non-Wyv* character and collaborate on the world and story with me. I want you to have creative freedom with your character. The only thing I ask is that there be no human-animal hybrids, and no other Wyv. That would defeat the purpose.

C. Demon Seed (Medieval Fantasy):

So, the idea is that there's this one kind of magic that is seen as unholy and evil. It's also an exceedingly rare gift; someone is born with it only once every (insert large amount of time here). There is a legend and superstition surrounding them that says they're the descendants of a demon who in ancient times came and bred with mortal races to corrupt them and steal them away from their benevolent gods. These people are referred to as demon seeds and are both hated and feared. They're seen as bringers of death and misfortune. And over the eons, this view has been supported by the seeds - because being hated and mistreated will ruin people, and many of them became the villains everyone said they were.

My girl will be the current seed, shrouded in superstition, trying to make sense of what she actually is and how the world sees her. I'd like to discuss more world- and story-building with my partner and leave the other character up to you entirely.

D. Inseparable (Medieval Fantasy):

This one is actually the only one in which I'm not looking for romance. Rather, I'm looking for a deep platonic bond between my character, a sentient creature type, and yours, some sort of humanoid creation (the only races I'd like to avoid are the ones considered half creature/half human).

Now, bear with me, here. My character is a half-demon (apparently I'm in a demonic mood?) tigress. There are two "clans," for lack of a better word, of feline creatures that are more than just wild animals. They're bigger, they're sentient, they can "speak"; think of them as more spirit creatures than animals. I gave them ridiculously corny names eight years ago when I came up with this, so I'm not going to embarrass myself by putting them here - but essentially, the panthers are bad, and the tigers are...considerably more benevolent. You do not want to run into a panther at the best of times; you only have to worry about a tiger if you've wronged them or the lands they protect. Panthers are demon-cats, like one of my tabbies would be if she had supernatural abilities. If it helps, I'll call the tigers the angels. Guardian spirits, more like.

So. My character is the product of mixed parentage. Her mother was a tiger; her father was a panther. Don't ask how that happened. The world is not black and white. She lost her mother as a cub, however, when poachers raided the glen her kind called home and pretty much wiped them out (my guess is they had some help, if you know what I mean). I would like to find someone to play a character who finds this little mystical fuzzball, "raises her," probably without either of them really knowing what she is, and thus creates such a sweet, timeless bond of friendship.

We could either start with their meeting and then time-skip to adulthood a few years later, or start with adulthood. Beyond that, the challenges they face, the rest of the story, any baggage of your character's own to bring into play - that's all open and up for discussion. It's just the relationship and my own character I have.

E. Wishes & Whims (Flexible):

So I had a dream last night, and it's led me to doing some plotting and musing today. I'd like to do something involving a genie, of sorts - only not exactly the typical "three wishes" deal. I envision young female spirit sort of being, trapped by some great power and freed by a young man, who then becomes her "master." Now, I'm not talking about *that* kind of master, so kindly get your mind out of the gutter. She would attach to him; want to do things for him and make him happy; protect him at all cost. It may be that once, these beings were in partnership with humanity (and/or other mortal races); a soul link would be created between two individuals who were compatible, and they would fight together, with the human(oid) channeling the spirit's energy. I'm thinking that there are certain people who are *born* with the innate ability to link with them. Perhaps humanity began taking advantage of this partnership/pact system, however, and began using the links to conquer instead of just protect. So, most of them abandoned humanity and refuse to pact now - but she didn't. She still believes, and is waiting for her soulmate.

Or maybe she's just extremely grateful to be freed. I kind of like pact systems, and a bond growing out of that, but I'm totally open to discussion and brainstorming, too! It's just a rough idea I pulled out of the air, anyway.

F. Fish Out of Water (Realistic/Fantasy):

(Note: This is probably the lowest on my preference list. I've had a few attempts to start it, but it always sort of falls flat. So I'd love to get a really good version going, but I'm a little discouraged about it. Keep that in mind.)

This is kind of a mix of modern realistic and medieval fantasy settings. It involves a young man from the "real" world (our world), and a girl from another world entirely; a world with magic and knights and medieval kingdoms. However, unlike your typical, patriarchal systems, her homeland recognizes equal female authority, as well as female knights and warriors. The world from which she hails is currently under threat of cataclysm, and the girl in question is one of those warriors. Though young, she was tracking down some magical doo-dad to help her country turn the tide of impending doom, but she was intercepted by a powerful sorcerer on the other side. There was a fight, and in the commotion, the artifact was destabilized, and there was an accident. She (along with the object) got dumped into another realm. Boom. Earth. She has no idea where she is, or how to navigate this odd place and its even odder customs. Enter your character. Whether he's some plain 9-to-5-er, or something more interesting - that's up to you. It may even turn out he's some special, prophesied hero in her world and doesn't know it. The point is the comedy, frustration, and emotion of the fish out of water situation. If you've seen the movie, Enchanted, you can see an example of that - though I'm not intending to play a giddy, stereotypical Disney princess. She's fiery and determined. I do want a bond to form between them, though. And eventually, I think it would even be cool to take the RP back into *her* world, where *he's* the one floundering,

G. Reverse Phantom of the Opera (Paranormal or Fantasy):

So, I've finally seen the show, and I love it, but I'm not looking for a direct copy. It simply serves as the inspiration for an idea I had; I'd like to change up the genders (i.e. female phantom) and potentially make her *actually* a ghost of sorts, or some other kind of being, "haunting" the theater. It's really just a rough, vague concept, but it's open to all kinds of discussion and interpretation.

H. Post-Apocalyptic:

I don't really have any specifics on this; it's more a general genre. However, I do not want zombies. I want something more sci-fi and dystopian than horror or fantasy. Ruined civilizations, humanity struggling to survive... That kind of thing. Rating rules still apply here, though!

I. Paranormal Collaboration:

Talking actual ghosts, here, not just things flying off shelves a la corny ghost hunting "documentaries." I'd love to play a ghost against a human. Skillet's song, "Lucy," inspired me a bit here.

J. Science Fiction:

I also love sci-fi and am happy to come up with an idea together. Except for my Star Trek love (Voyager), though, I'm not interested in space travel. I like artificial intelligence subjects and futuristic things, but not really keen on aliens and interstellar ambling.

K. Frozen (Medieval Fantasy):

Based on a song, not the Disney movie. This one is also not romantic, but I'm still looking for a male character. It involves twins, a young man and woman, and a massive secret kept by the sister from her brother at all cost. Historically, she had always been a happy, friendly, open girl. Suddenly, after the invasion of sorcerers and their demon familiars leads to the death of their parents, she becomes hard and closed off, but extremely protective of her brother. The exact reason remains unknown (though I'll happily tell you if you want spoilers), but the two are nearly inseparable as she tries to protect him and he tries to find his old sister once more.

It's based on the song, "Frozen," by Within Temptation. If you listen to it, it will give you a good idea of what's going on. This is an old idea I had while playing WoW, so it's totally up for world-building and fleshing out.

L. Hand of Sorrow (Medieval Fantasy):

As you might be able to tell, this story uses Within Temptation's "Hand of Sorrow" as its sort of theme song. Basically, there's a guy who's more or less a champion of his people. He's a knight or something, and he has to travel to some holy site to receive his calling. He has a lover, more of a clerical type; sweet and quiet and fully supportive. She accompanies him on the trek. However, once there, they both receive a calling of different sorts. They learn that a great evil will rise and that either the man will die or the evil will. The kicker? She's supposedly the one who will bring this evil to pass and be the greatest enemy. This freaks her out, and she hides herself away in fear for the man she loves and the world. He doesn't believe it and thinks there's another way, and they set out on some adventure in search of a different answer.

There's room for building and fleshing out on this one, too. Fun fact: I was also inspired by Nickelback's "Lullaby" when I came up with this one.

M. Angels (Modern/Realistic):

This involves a cult of of people who believe in "mercy killings." The primary doctrine, or mission, surrounds providing “merciful deaths to the irredeemably suffering.” Fittingly, they call themselves “Heaven’s Host,” and the individuals responsible the actual murders are specially-trained assassins called “Angels.” Terminology such as “mercy,” “release,” and “freedom” are used liberally while there is not a single mention of words like “murder,” showing it to be a psychological state of delusion rather than a self-acknowledged band of hit men. The members of the Host truly believe that they are doing the work of angels and profess to value peace and compassion above all else, yet outside the walls of their weekly meeting place, every person appears absolutely normal, with normal lives and responsibilities. We can play this several ways: a "suffering" victim and their would-be "savior," two members of the cult, or a member and a former member now marked as a target because they've fled and are deemed to be suffering. I d'know. We can talk.
If you're still with me, please feel free to PM me. I don't respond to comments, so please use the PM function. Thanks!
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2020.11.23 04:03 sufferlittlekids Teen girls on hidden cam

I was a totally normal, feminine girl with a very happy childhood. I played D1 sports, and I was recruited from a young age. I never heard of trans people until I went to college, but I readily accepted them, and I'm still friends with some of the trans women I met then today. When the idea that "gender is a social construct" was taught to me in class, it made total sense because I understood I was bisexual. At the time, gender did feel like a social construct, because I was depressed and felt empty inside... college athletics were super hard, funding and enthusiasm for women's sports fucking sucks, and I had blown out my ACL. I had surgery and then intense physical therapy and lifting everyday, and from school I had a new group of 'leftist' friends who valued me for my wit, not my capacity to chase a ball like a dog, which I couldn't see the point in doing anymore.
Then when Occupy happened in 2012 on campus, I built up a following on twitter for livetweeting protests. I joined a queer feminist reading group, I cut all my hair off, and I dropped out of school and sports completely. I tattooed something like ACAB somewhere on my body, and I made anonymous accounts online to post from because I felt the need to hide my weird politics from my family, who had stopped talking to me. After a few years, I became 'non-binary,' like many of the women in my new friend group, all the while being in relationships exclusively with men. I got tons of tattoos, experimented with binding, fucked with my hair, changed my name, ruined my relationships with polyamory, and when I went back to school and on to teach, I instructed students to use 'they/them' pronouns with me because 'gender isn't real' in my first year.
Unfortunately, I look back on all of that as humbling evidence that I am truly retarded, and that our brains are wet, impressionable mush until age 25. Thankfully I repaired my relationship with my family and I never chopped my tits off.
What changed everything for me was deleting my Facebook and Twitter 3 or 4 years ago. I did it for tedpilled reasons, and because cancel culture is so freaky. But once I was way less online, I noticed that every non-binary person in school was a narcissist and the rejection of gender had become a gender, which made no sense. I felt pretty hemmed in by the decisions I had made, so I moved away.
I didn't know about Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria until I read the detrans subreddit.
I felt non-binary because I didn't feel like I had a gender inside of me, and I still don't feel like there is a gender inside me. That's why I don't think trans women are women 'inside.' Trans women do not have some mini Platonic ideal version of themselves in a dress and heels at the helm of their consciousness, hidden by their corporeal form. I think they are just people who are more comfortable presenting feminine, either because they want to attract a man or because it's hot to them. I don't think we are 'assigned gender' at birth because our sex is instead a material reality that is empirically observed. With sex surgery available, why is it wrong to say that if you have a pussy, you're a woman? Post-op trans women are women, pre-op trans women are trans women. 'Non-binary' people aren't real. People will look at you and guess your gender no matter what you try to do. There is nothing beyond material reality.
And I totally support free hormones and free sex surgery under a nationalized healthcare plan for anyone over the age of 25. Puberty blockers stop brain growth and permanently ruin your fertility. Wait until your brain is done growing. You might be a nihilistic teen right now who wants to kill all men and can't conceive of birthing another person into this meatgrinder, but children are a very wonderful thing and your feelings on that might change.
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2020.11.22 20:39 Dave6234 Teen girls on hidden cam

This happened back in '94... I was 10 years at that time... a couple of us friends, all mostly the same age used to play in an abandoned plot with a partially constructed building on it... there were 6 boys (including me) and 3 girls in our group.
Now, there was another group of boys and girls (all teenagers) who also used to frequent this plot for you know the usual teen stuff (drinking, smoking, making out, etc.).
I still vividly remember this one summer afternoon, we decide to play hide and seek in the abandoned building... this older teen (named Darren) I think about 16 from the different group that I mentioned is already there and insists we let him play with us... we thought it'd be exciting, an older teen playing with us 10 year olds... we didn't think much and let him join us.
So, the game progresses and it's time for me and others to hide... Darren decides he wants to hide with me... both of us hide under what looked like a countertop in a room in the building... 3 minutes in, it gets a little hot and stuffy and Darren's behind me... he's so close I could feel his breath on my neck... it smelt of alcohol and cigarettes... after about another 2 minutes or so, he puts his hands on my shoulders and begins rubbing them... he then asks me if I like it... I said yes without much thought... so he continues rubbing them for another minute and I decide it's time for us to come out of hiding and I tell him... he insists however, that we stay hidden for some more time... so we stay.
We're still there hiding, he rubbing my shoulders however, now his left hand is around my left thigh.. I was in loose shorts since it was summer and could feel his hand all the way up to my crotch... I froze in shock. This was something totally beyond my ability to process at that time. He sharply pulls down my shorts a little and has his right hand directly on my belly. He then pulls his dick out and is now continuously rubbing and nudging it into my crack (no penetration though) all the while groping my thighs and crotch and licking and kissing the nape of my neck. I now begin crying at this point. Sensing this, he immediately put his right hand over my mouth muffling the sound.
After about 10 mins or so, he came. His semen all over my ass. It felt disgusting. He puts his penis back in, pulls his handkerchief or something out from his pocket and begins wiping the cum. He then fixes my clothes. I was still crying and shaking from the whole ordeal which felt like an eternity. He turns me around, his hand still over my mouth, pulls a switchblade out, he helds it across my neck and starts intimidating (bluffing). He tells me that he knows where I live and that he'd kill me and my parents if I mention any of this to my friends, family, anyone in school, in the neighborhood, etc. 10 year old me, I start trembling, I was mortified. I decide not to scream and agree not to tell anyone, anything about what had transpired that day.
We both come out of the room... Darren followed closely behind lest I make a scene... we were now out in the open. My friends looked surprised, they thought we had left because apparently we were hiding for like 20 minutes. Darren makes something up and I nod. I then tell them that I wasn't feeling well because of the heat and would like to go home. They all agree and we depart. Before we leave, Darren pulls me aside and reminds me of our "little agreement." I tell him I won't tell a soul.
I reach home, go straight to my bedroom, strip naked and dump the clothes i was wearing in the trash. I decided to burn them because they still had his stench. I took a shower because I had to get his stench out of my body as well. I felt so dirty and soiled. I was still shaking from what had happened. I couldn't eat or sleep well for weeks and would sometimes have nightmares about it. Gradually, I began to feel better as I got busy with school and extracurricular activities and those memories began to fade and heal.
It's been 26 years and I still haven't told a soul about it but now y'all know.
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2020.11.21 18:14 GalEdit Teen girls on hidden cam

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2020.11.20 04:23 SunshotDestiny Teen girls on hidden cam

So I thought of this fic idea a while ago and having spent the last week playing Shadowrun I really am itching to write some cyberpunk Shadowrun inspired fanfiction. But while I have an idea for the plot and the related time travel elements, I was wondering if anyone could help me and spot any issues with the premise.
So the premise is that traveling through time was made possible in a future where science and technology is merged. A large corporation CEO forces a would be teen assassin into becoming a time traveler. The catch is that two things happen in doing this. Nothing can travel back in time that isn't directly attached to the traveler. It also allows a "black box" of the previous timeline and of the operatives actions to prove identity and mission completion of the traveler
To better equip travelers they therefore are given cybernetics that increase speed and other physical attributes. Weapons are with incorporated into limbs (think deus ex) or holstered in limbs (ala robocop). Damage to limbs uses incorporated spells that mimic "healing" but draw from the stamina of the organic portions of the traveler. Or in other words the traveler having a cybernetic component "healing" will experience extreme fatigue and hunger.
As for the time travel itself there is a hidden cost. The reason that time travel isn't used as much is that the very act of moving through time the first leap permanently and completely erases your presence from time. You never were born, you never lived, and ever interaction you have is undone. Even if your parents have a child who was convinced at the same time as you, the DNA that resulted in you would not occur.
This also means travelers need to be young, as to old and the butterfly effect of their erasure from time can have unforseen consequences, and to young and they can't be trained properly as operatives. This limits both their use and availability for use on missions.
The would be assassin would be sent back in time with the mission of protecting the CEO when she was a teenage girl. To keep the assassin from just killing her themselves they woul be out under a compulsion both cybernetic and magical in nature. With the twist that if they want, after the mission is complete the compulsion would be lifted and the assassin free to carry out their revenge big they still want.
So this outline and framework of the stories world. Does anyone see any issues or plot holes from a narrative standpoint?
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