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sex is for civil discussions pertaining to education, advice, and discussion of your sexuality and sexual relationships. It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for people of all genders and orientations which demands respectful conduct in all exchanges.

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A place for pictures and photographs.

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A more mature subreddit aimed at posters and commenters over the age of 30 years. *SO30 - Enabling the over thirty crowd to try everything from butt plugs to bitmoji since 2015!*

2020.11.25 19:03 unknownlinsomnia Reallifecam sex new video

In this setting i was a 13 year old girl in 7th grade and just got out of my first “serious” relationship. anyways, i started talking to this guy that was a freshman in high school and i thought i was soo cool for talking to someone who was in high school. it was more freaky talking then dating talking, you know what i mean? but he made me feel happy so i kept talking to him and whenever he asked for nude pictures i’d send them because i just had so much feelings for him i don’t know why, but i did. and we ended up hanging out for the first time and he wanted to smoke weed with me, which was something i’ve never done before, so i was down to try it with him, so we hung out in the middle of the night and smoked down the street from his house and i was so high, like i wasn’t sure how much would get me high, but now that i know more about weed, we smoekd at least 4-6 grams FOR MY FIRST TIME, so i was really high and i asked him if i could go to sleep for an hour before i go home, and he said yes that’s fine, so i fell asleep and he woke me up like 15 minutes later and he was touching all over me and i said “what? i thought you were gonna let me sleep” and he said “yea but i just couldn’t help myself” and i was like “okay well let me get more sleep i’m tired as fuck” and he just said “okay” and went on his phone and then he woke me up again on top of me this time and was like “bro can we please fuck, i’m so horny” and i was weirded out because we did freaky stuff but i’ve never had sex before so i felt uncomfortable. and i told him that. he said “please for meee” and i wanted to say yes but i just couldn’t i was so paranoid already from the weed that i just couldn’t, i said “another night” and he said “no right now, pleaseee” and he wouldn’t stop. i was too high to really function correctly like i was barely even talking, i’m just telling what i remember. i told him i was not okay with having sex, i did not consent to him. i faded back into sleep and woke up and he was on top of me and i was laying on my stomach and he had my arms pinned to the bed and he was full on fing me... i couldn’t react how i wanted to because of the weed, but i said “what are you fucking doing i said no, please stop” and he said “wait just a few more minutes” and i started crying just sitting there knowing i couldn’t do anything about it. i don’t even have recollection of when he stopped or anything, i just remember waking up and he was in the corner of his room with a towel in his hand and i was laying naked in his bed on my stomach. and he came over to me and said “my dads gonna be waking up soon, you have to leave” and i just got dressed and left like nothing happened. now i really liked this kid, it was such an absurd bond, he liked me in the weirdest way and i liked him in the weirdest way. after that night he was constantly texting me and calling me trying to hang out almost every night since, and i went over there a few times, mostly just did freaky stuff didn’t have sex or anything because it was weird and i did not know he raped me til i had a vivid ass dream about it like i swear that weed was laced but i know this happened.. just try and understand. but basically he put a face on whenever we hung out after that night and acted like we never did anything. i cut him off because i was obsessively attracted to him and had a really really bad weak spot for him. it didn’t matter who i was dating, who i was talking to, no matter who i was hanging out with, he could easily just text me and i’d be coming over to his house that night. so i blocked him and cut him off of every social media platform i had him on. and he made a separate account like 3 months later and texted me on it and said “hey this is ******” and it was that easy, i added him back on all my social media and we started talking again and he was just simply making small talk, but later in the conversation he told me “you know how i told you i had sex with 2 people before you?” and i said “yea” because he told me his body count was 2 when i first started talking to him, anyways, he said “well it wasn’t.. you were my first” and it sent chills down my spine because i got a flashback of him raping me from that night. anywayssss we hung out again and hooked up again, and being with him and doing freaky stuff with him just gives me such a good feeling like almost that feeling when you come back from a 2 month vacation and you’re finally home it’s like “ahhh finally” like a good feeling. and he’s just my weak spot. and over the 2 1/2 years we talked since i was 13, i developed a very obsessive feeling towards him, like i wanted to hang out with him every night and i get urges to just want to have sex with him. anyways i’m now 16 and suffering from post traumatic stress disorder(ptsd) , from him and all the shit he did to me. i’m also in a relationship for almost a year now but i get horrible urges to want to talk to him again. i want to be with him again. i like miss him almost. the feeling he gives me is like nothing, nobody else can do, not even my boyfriend. and my boyfriend is the best man ever, he’s my everything, but i can’t help myself, it’s so bad i’ve tried to commit suicide 3 times and got baker acted. like i can’t help myself, but to want him. i want him so bad. like he’s so addicting. i have such an obsessive feeling towards him i fucking hate it and nobody knows that’s why i’m anonymously posting it on this app. i need your guys’s help, please. i don’t want to cheat. i don’t want to break up with my boyfriend. i just want all of it to stop. please help me.
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2020.11.25 19:02 Xxflameo__hotmanxX Reallifecam sex new video

I am strongly considering marrying this girl. We are both religious so we have not had sex yet.
However, we were talking about sex and she says she does not want to give head at all... but will try it with condoms. Also, she does not want to have unprotected sex at all (to prevent early pregnancy) and does not want to be on birth control. However, she does want to receive head - like really wants to, but then tells me I don’t need to do it since she is not going to do it. Btw, she is a virgin.
I don’t like that at all because it’s creating this give and take relationship where we are bartering on sex.
Unrelated note, I want multiple kids and she only wants one... so we settled for 1 biological born and 1 adopted.
So this means... my penis will never touch her vagina outside of the 1-2 months we try to get pregnant in our entire marriage. On top of that, I will have to deal with her unenthusiastic blowjobs which will probably stop after a few months into marriage (just my prediction by the way she talks about it).
Her reasons for not giving head is “it’s gross,” and won’t get on birth control because of how hormones might affect her body - again, she doesn’t know because she is a virgin.
Outside of these things, I do like everything else about her. Any advice on how I should proceed?
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2020.11.25 19:01 thucdiem Just finished the series for the first time and here are some opinions.

  • B. Davis is iconic through the entire series.
  • Dan Scott hates condoms.
  • Season one was the best from start to end. Would re watch.
  • There were too many pregnancies and pregnancy's scares so by the time Brooke had her SECOND scare like was there nothing else they can cover? like STDs?
  • they say lucus and haley are best friends ... i just don't see it.
  • They should have never brought rachel back in season 7 to be dan's wife like what the actual fuck
  • I skipped half of season 7 and most of 8 and the only thing I remember is Millie loves cocaine.
  • I don't know why Payton punched Brooke in the face after she saw that sex tape of her and Nathan like pot kettle.
  • That sex tape was the only time I found Nathan interesting. Well he was kind of okay when he was all angry in that wheelchair.
  • It was really random that they built up Jake and Payton's relationship and got everyone invested in their sweet little thing to have her say Lucas' name in a dream. like random af.
  • It was weird when Nathan saw Keith in the water that one time... like they barely said 2 things to each other on the show while Keith was alive.
  • Was confused when Payton was attacked by her stalker the very first time the show runners thought the best course of action afterwards was to dye Chad Michael Murray's hair the exact same color as her stalker
  • I have no idea who Quinn is and that is just how memorable she is but she kept on getting more and more blonde and she kind of looks like Megan Markle.
  • I didn't really cared what happened to Haley and Nathan because there was zero chemistry so when they had relationship troubles I wasn't really invested because they were really boring. Still till this day the best onscreen couple for me would be Lily and Marshall from HIMYM.
  • After writing the bullet above I realized that I just don't like Haley.
  • What even happened to Lucas' job at the school as a coach? Random.
  • There was so much drama in the first 4 seasons there was really nothing left to cover after that.
  • That dude that played a sports agent in the show needs a lot of psychiatric evaluation ... like a lot.
  • I was really hopeful he and that Quinn girl as shot dead in season 7 finale.
  • Dan Scott saved season 9 and thank god that season was only 13 episodes
  • The only creative thing about season 8 was all of the covers of that Gavin Degraw song but lets be honest i got tired of the covers after 5 episodes and then just watched the finale.
  • That cute little boy who played Nathan and Haley's son was the best part of season 5.
  • The best thing in season 6 was Brooke fostering that teenager. Brooke is such a queen.
  • To add in some drama in season 8.. they brought in Haley's mom to basically die while her dad died a few years earlier but like in season 1 she said she had a crap ton of siblings? Hot mess express right there.
  • That psycho nanny was cool and she had more chemistry with Nathan than Haley did.
  • I was praying for Dan to come back to be the bad guy again in season 7-9.
  • They should have ended the show at the end of season 6
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2020.11.25 18:58 That-Imagination9462 Reallifecam sex new video

Hello something I see several times a day (I'm sure we all do) is people referring to trans women as men because they were born male and have a Y chromosome. I won't lie, this makes me feel sick and depressed. I guess my viewpoint would be is biology really that deep?
To be clear, I do 'believe' in biology. I'm studying to be a doctor. I believe there are two sexes (male/female) and of course intersex people that have a mixture of male/female biological characteristics. I guess I just take issue with the "i'll always be biologically male but i live as female" stance because to me it sounds like "i'm a man wearing a woman's costume". I also find the "trans women are trans women" rather than "trans women are women" just to mean "trans women are men". I know that I have a Y chromosome and am thought of as 'biologically male'. But I also have high oestrogen and virtually no testosterone, I have breasts, I'm getting facial feminisation surgery this year, I present as female and have a 'female' voice. Once my penis is gone (which I'm getting removed as soon as I'm viable to), why would I describe myself as biologically male for the sake of a chromosome that has virtually no effect on my body? Wouldn't I just describe myself as a woman? I genuinely don't think it's that deep. It's not like a guy would unzip my Y chromosome and have sex with it if we were in a relationship. I'd consider that purely a man being with a woman. What's your opinion on sex chromosomes/biological sex? Am I being too dismissive of the fact my body developed as male?
I'm not looking for affirmation as much as just hearing what other people think on this :)
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2020.11.25 18:55 Some1inreallife Reallifecam sex new video

During the other months when I would regularly masturbate, I would pretty much think about sex when I am masturbating or am in the mood to. Now that I'm doing NNN, pretty much 70% of my thoughts are about sex. I've been fantasizing about sex more, I've been hoping for a wet dream (I think I might have my first one), and I've been thrusting my hips forward in my bed a lot more than usual imagining myself having sex with a girl I'm friends with on Snapchat who has sent me nudes before.
No Nut November has truly changed me psychologically speaking. I'm usually not this sexual because I at least had an outlet to express it. Now that I have this outlet removed, it's getting built up in my mind to where I want to let it out by actually having sex even though I know it's not the most realistic option for me at the moment.
Is anyone else going through the same thing that I am going through?
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2020.11.25 18:53 Lost_Messages Reallifecam sex new video

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2020.11.25 18:52 auberginecactus High Myelin - Blood Test

Age: 26 Sex: Female Medication: None Non Smoker, non drinker.
What autoimmune condition causes high levels of myelin in the blood, aside from Mutiple Sclerosis? Tested high after a bout of Optic Neuritis.
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2020.11.25 18:51 yourenotquiteme Sex video reallifecam new

A lot of people can relate to this mindset but I find dating, romance, and just being around people in general to be exhausting. I'm a woman and chose sterilization because I didn't want kids. I have no regrets at all. I also knew that aside from not wanting children, I didn't want the same guy stuck in my face until I'm dead. Marriages can be happy but most of the people that I know are unhappy or bored with their partner.

Who wants a dead bedroom? Most of the guys who talk to me on Reddit are unhappily married. They're not ass holes for saying that they miss their freedom. That's a relevant need. I feel like marriage just strips you of happiness, at the end of the day. Of course there's bills to be paid and adult responsibilities. It can't be all fun and games but routine is dreadful to me.

I don't fear dying alone or not sharing experiences with that special person for two reasons: 1) I'm not alone. I have friends and family. People also seem to like me more often than I like them, so when I open up, I make friends easily. And 2) You can't get everything you need from one person. Affairs happen because boredom sets in. Boredom sets in because people need change and adventure. I know there are people who are happy with a sedate existence. I also know some people have morals that they feel they need to uphold. Fine. I'm just saying that monogamy gets boring.

And when it comes to dating? Well, I'm tired of that, too. As a woman, it's usually perceived as us being the ones looking to settle down. The thought actually makes me uncomfortable. I know that I can't be happy with just one person. I also know that I don't want an open relationship because that entails still explaining where I go and with whom I'm doing it, and blah, blah, fucking blah. Why can't I just have my fun and friendships that are close and entail sexual contact, sometimes? Has society really engrained in us the outdated notion that sex and romance are the same? Are we really to believe there is that one special person in the whole world, just for us? Who decided that? It sounds like a Disney princess film.

People can connect on many levels and we will feel connections many times with different people in our lifetimes. I don't want to be tied down to one person to experience connections, to have fun, to be free. Clip my wings, why don't you? I had to get this off my chest because no one I know understands. My friend is married to a woman with the personality of a wet sponge and he's still trying to convince himself he's happy, despite their lack of a sex life and her cold personality. That's what happens when you're desperate. My mom is hung up on a guy who only visits once a week and has a wife back in Africa, but he LoVeS her, right? OK. My other friend is so bored with his wife that they sleep in different rooms now! My aunt and uncle are always nitpicking and I haven't seen either of them unstressed and happy in years. 5 kids and 0 happiness. No thanks.

The other reason I'm tired of dating, besides the other person expecting this to end in a walk down the aisle or some hokey shit, everyone, myself included, comes with their problems. We all have baggage and usually that baggage is family that I have zero interest in seeing. How many of us can honestly say we don't have crazy relatives that we only want to see on holidays, and sometimes not even then? Every single guy and girl I have ever dated has family that they think should be locked up some where.

And if they're not overzealous in whatever they believe in, be it religion or politics, then they're backhanded nice. Drop compliments that aren't really compliments, being passive aggressive, the usual. No one ever really accepts you into their clan, that's why people have so much trouble with their in-laws. No matter how great you are, you are almost never good enough for your partner, according to their family. Now, certain in-laws get along, and that's great, but again, there's so much evidence to the contrary. Talk to your friends or family. Read about it in books or online. They actually have sections in bookstores on how to deal with in-laws.

I'm selfish, I put my happiness first, and I'm aware of it and honest about it. However, I'm not sorry. I'm a good friend when they need me. I'm my mother's only ally because my family is dysfunctional and she has no one to talk to. I don't shit on the relationships of people I know, at least not to their faces. I'm telling you guys because I have no way of saying what I really think without them falling apart over it. It really helped to admit this. I'd rather have fun and no attachments. Sue me.
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