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2020.09.09 04:33 Shagrrotten Son mother voyeur

By Roxana Hadadi
“Why go on? Why keep trying?”
Our world is not enough.
For centuries, we have longed for space—to immerse ourselves in its vast expanse, and to lay claim upon it. “It is a beautiful and delightful sight to behold the body of the Moon,” Galileo wrote in 1610. The partner to fascination is obsession, and so much of the cinematic exploration of space has been situated in the gap between those two poles of feeling. James Gray’s meditative, gorgeous “Ad Astra” is an exemplary entry in a long line of films (“2001: A Space Odyssey,” both versions of “Solaris,” “Contact,” “Sunshine,” “High Life”) which explore whether it is bravery or hubris that sends us outside of our own world. The way to make sense of something incomprehensible is to assign structure to it, to organize it, to control it. Hence the symbolic value we assign to extra-planetary service, and the tension that results between that rigidity and the immense mystery of what awaits us past our earthly border.
In James Gray’s “Ad Astra,” released just almost a year ago, Brad Pitt’s Major Roy McBride is perceived as the ideal American patriot. He spent three years in the Arctic Circle, a combat zone. He excelled during his career with the U.S. military’s Space Command (SpaceCom). His jawline could cut glass. And yet practically everything about Roy McBride is artificial, a facsimile of sincerity. He secretly sneers at colleagues who revere him. He is repulsed by the corporatization of discovery. His father, renowned astronaut H. Clifford McBride (Tommy Lee Jones), has been missing for most of his life, and Roy has lived in his shadow ever since. McBride left Earth as part of a U.S.-led project to prove the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life, and Roy grasps at his memory as a saving grace. His father stood for something, and so Roy must too. “I will not rely on anyone or anything. I will not be vulnerable to mistakes,” Roy promises, but how lonely an existence that must be. How impossible to maintain. In “Ad Astra,” Roy travels to the stars to find his father—but what he finds, more meaningfully, is the strength to let him go.
“Space I understand.”
An intertitle at the beginning of “Ad Astra,” the font blood-red against a black screen, announces “THE NEAR FUTURE, A TIME OF BOTH HOPE AND CONFLICT. HUMANITY LOOKS TO THE STARS FOR INTELLIGENT LIFE AND THE PROMISE OF PROGRESS.” There’s a thin line between our reality and that of “Ad Astra,” and it’s a purposeful muddling on Gray’s part. The progress in this world’s exploration of our solar system is significant, but not unattainable. We recognize the possibility presented in “Ad Astra,” and can imagine ourselves inside it. And so too is it easy to accept the handsome authority of Major Roy McBride (Pitt). At first, his pledge in fealty to SpaceCom seems admirable.
“I am ready to go. Ready to do my job to the best of my abilities. I am focused only on the essential to the exclusion of all else. I will make only pragmatic decisions. I will not allow myself to be distracted. I will not allow my mind to linger on that which is unimportant. I will not rely on anyone or anything. I will not be vulnerable to mistakes.”
But Gray cross cuts Roy’s professional vow with the evidence of its toll: his retreating wife, Eve (Liv Tyler), who with barely any dialogue communicates to us her feelings of abandonment. Although her outline is fuzzy, as if Roy never really saw her at all, the sound of her keys being left on the counter of the home they once shared is definitive. Hurt people hurt people, and Roy McBride is a hurt person. Traumatized by his father’s absence, he has compartmentalized away nearly all emotions—a flaw in his personal life, but a benefit for the demands of SpaceCom. He is infamous for his reliably low pulse rate, even during emergencies, and commended by his colleagues for his calmness. Regularly scheduled psychological evaluations, in which Roy spills his feelings into a portable transmitter and waits for approval from a faceless voice to continue with his work, determine his mental fitness. His admissions are always blandly expressive, and the okays to proceed are always immediate. The rigorous training required for his SpaceCom position, and how thoroughly he has set himself apart in nearly every way, has turned his elitism into a festering wound. His poster-boy image has a toxic-masculinity edge, and he knows it: “I see myself from the outside. Smile. Present a side. It’s a performance, with my eye on the exit. Always on the exit.” People are impressed by him, and he can’t stand them. “Just don’t touch me,” he thinks to himself when presented with a cheering room of colleagues. He grins, and the gesture doesn’t reach his eyes. “Take care, Major. Be careful,” someone warns before he steps out for a space walk, and his “Thanks for that” reply lacks any affect at all.
“I always wanted to become an astronaut for the future of mankind and all. At least, that’s what I told myself,” Roy admits, and the admission carries a jagged sarcasm, and a blunt candor. At first, Roy’s resentment of his career and its myriad obligations feels mundane, but juxtaposed with his presence among the stars, his disinterest takes on a sort of subversion. To experience the singularity of no longer being on Earth, but outside of it, and to still be unfulfilled—that displeasure undermines so much of what we expect from this genre, and what space cinema normally imposes on us about the specialness of these people. Imagine Tom Hanks in "Apollo 13," or Sandra Bullock in "Gravity": Would either of those heroes disparage the astronaut experience like this? Still, Roy goes through the motions, and he does them well. When a catastrophic power surge hits the International Space Antennae on which Roy is performing maintenance, electrocuting numerous people, setting off explosions in the upper towers, and thrusting the station into chaos, Roy springs effortlessly into action. He literally flips a switch to stop the chain reaction. When he tumbles backward from the antennae toward Earth, he has the presence of mind to maintain communication with colleagues on the ground, offering technical commentary the whole way down: “Control—McBride. I’m in a spin. Atmosphere’s too thin to stabilize. I’m trying to keep the tumble down, so I don’t black out. Control, do you read?” The fall seems to last forever, and we stay with Roy as he plummets steadily toward his death until he manages to flip over, deploy his parachute, and steer himself to the ground even as debris falls around him. When people run out to offer assistance, he doesn’t meet their eyes. “‘A self-destructive side,’ that’s what she used to say to me,” Roy says, alluding to Eve without saying her name. “I should feel something. I survived. I should feel something.” Roy’s unlikely escape is the stuff of immediate legend, and his actions save lives. But is either of those enough to make him a human being?
“We are world-eaters. If my dad could see this now, he’d tear it all down.”
The electrical storm that nearly killed Roy, SpaceCom explains to him in a classified briefing, is part of a series termed the Surge. The phenomena are destructive, wreaking havoc across the globe and leaving tens of thousands dead, and their origin is outer space. Esteemed SpaceCom astronaut H. Clifford McBride had a son he left on Earth, who grew up to be Roy. And H. Clifford McBride had a project he devoted more decades of his life to than he did his family, and that project was the Lima Project—the first manned expedition to the outer solar system, tasked with finding evidence of intelligent life outside of Earth. Into the great unknown the elder McBride traveled, certain he would return with secrets as yet undiscovered, and the younger McBride has been intermittently exalting him and cursing him for it ever since. Building himself in his shadow; struggling to live up to an impossible ideal of a man 29 years gone and 16 years disappeared. So when Roy learns that Clifford is still alive near Neptune, firing off surges of antimatter that are causing the Surge and might destroy the planet he left behind, it’s a revelation that upends everything he thought he knew about his father, and about himself. There is a lifetime of pain in Roy’s “My father’s alive, sir?”, more emotion exhibited in those four words than during his entire tumble from space to Earth. And yet when SpaceCom asks for Roy’s help in reaching Clifford, believing “a personal plea from you to your father might elicit a response” and asking him to travel to the Moon, then Mars, and finally to Neptune to try and communicate with Clifford, Roy’s skepticism is clear in his shifting eyes, in the slight pause before he agrees. “‘Are you with us?’” Roy growls mockingly, repeating SpaceCom’s request. “Like I have a choice.”
Clifford’s survival unsettles Roy, his father’s seemingly reckless use of the dangerous antimatter unnerves him, and the two reveals open up a schism between what Roy thought he knew about Clifford, who SpaceCom has immortalized for decades as a lost hero to discovery, and what Roy feels about the world around him. “My father was a pioneer,” Roy seethes in voiceover when SpaceCom dares to suggest that Clifford could be operating his own agenda. In contrast, Roy seems to wonder, are these people worth saving? An archived message from Clifford to Roy 27 years ago paints his father as a godly man, a loving husband and father, an optimist who is appreciative for the international attention in the Lima Project, an explorer convinced that he will be the person who finds intelligent life. “We know we will,” Clifford emphasizes, and Roy is visibly overwhelmed watching the clip, blinking back tears.
But Roy is reminded by his father’s former colleague, Col. Thomas Pruitt (Donald Sutherland), who will accompany Roy to the Moon, that he never really knew who Clifford. Roy was a child when Clifford left (flashbacks rendered in grainy film show a tousled-haired, cherubic-faced young boy, burying himself in a hug from his faceless mother while gazing up at the sky), and Clifford was an idol. With every new revelation that Clifford might not be who Roy thought, the son is forced to reassess his own life, too: his own priorities, his own pettiness. “A voyage of exploration can be used for something as simple as escape,” Pruitt cautions Roy, not knowing that this warning applies to the son as well. “It’s dangerous business, as we know. Best not to subject others to it,” Roy had said of why his career caused his separation from Eve, presenting himself as a man more committed to the SpaceCom cause than to his own family—perhaps closer to Clifford than he thought. And after Roy and Pruitt journey to the Moon, the former is disgusted by its commercialization: by the $125 cost for a blanket and pillow pack on the flight, by the slogan “Earth’s Moon: Where the world comes together,” by the DHL and Subway locations on the base. “All the hopes we ever had for space travel covered up by drink stands and T-shirt vendors. Just a recreation of what we’re running from on Earth,” Roy complains in a voice little bit like Tyler Durden’s. No place is safe from humanity’s corruptive influence, Roy believes. The only hope is the intelligent life that Clifford has certainly found through the Lima Project, which might present a way for humanity to start again. A chance for people to do it right.
In this divided state, Roy moves forward toward reunion. Perhaps paradoxically, the increased distance away from the Earth he seems to loathe makes real for him the facets of humanity he hadn’t previously considered. On the Moon, when his and Pruitt’s convoy is attacked by pirates and Roy has to commandeer a rover to drive them to safety, he notices a photo taped to the display by their now-murdered escort—a wife and child, hereafter missing their husband and father. Roy endured that too, and he knows the life-shattering pain this death, caused partially by his presence in this place, will cause. Once Pruitt is injured and Roy realizes he must continue the journey on his own, he feels a pang of sympathy for the man his father called a traitor (“Why does he still do it? Why can’t he just let go?”), and his look back to where Pruitt sits slumped is the only time we see Roy turn around rather than move deliberately forward. On Cepheus, the ship taking Roy to Mars, he disagrees with but ultimately admires the captain’s willingness to respond to a distress call, and then regrets the man’s death after he is attacked and killed during that deviation. As the rest of the crew prays over the captain’s body, he observes them quietly, their faith a fascination. “They seem at ease with themselves. What must that be like?” he muses. Roy has never known.
“Most of us spend our entire lives in hiding.”
After Pruitt’s injury, he shares with Roy a secret communication from SpaceCom that makes clear their intentions. They don’t trust the younger McBride, believe that Clifford purposefully endangered the Lima Project crew and “may have lost all control,” and are unsure whether Roy’s personal messages to Clifford will sway him. “What happened to my dad? What did he find out there? Did it break him? Or was he always broken?” Roy wonders, and his desperate desire for connection pushes him further away from the cold, calculated man he once was. After the Cepheus captain’s death, he is more truthful with his psychological evaluation than he’s ever been.
SpaceCom: “Are you ready for your psychological evaluation?”
Roy: “I am on my way to Mars. We answered a mayday call, and it ended in tragedy. We lost the captain.”
SpaceCom: “Your answer is being processed. Please continue.”
Roy: “Well, that’s it. I mean, we go to work, we do our jobs, and then it’s over. We’re here and then we’re gone.”
SpaceCom: “Please describe how the incident itself affected you.”
Roy: “The attack. It was full of rage. I understand that rage. I’ve seen that rage in my father, and I’ve seen that rage in me. Because I’m angry … that he took off. He left us. When I look at that anger, if I push it aside, I just put it away … all I see is hurt. I just see pain. I think it keeps me walled off, walled off from relationships and opening myself up and, you know, really caring for someone. And I don’t know how to get past that. I don’t know how to get around that. And it worries me. And I don’t wanna be that guy. I don’t wanna be my dad.”
During this admission of self-doubt and self-hate, Gray makes us simultaneously a witness and a voyeur. Switching the perspective between a head-on close-up of Pitt’s face and a profile shot from over Pitt’s shoulder, with starlight illuminating Pitt’s individual eyelashes and the oceanic green of his eyes, Gray gives us the clearest view of Roy’s individuality, and the grief he carries. Shockingly, Roy’s unprecedentedly unrefined evaluation is approved, and it sets in motion the trauma Roy will increasingly voice. In the brutalist Ersa Research Station on monochromatic, pockmarked Mars, after delivering first a bland SpaceCom-approved communique that is ignored by his father, after admitting to himself “I don’t know if I hope to find him or finally be free of him,” Roy deviates from the script.
“Dad, I’d like to see you again. I recall how we used to watch black and white movies together, and musicals were your favorite. I remember you tutoring me in math. You instilled in me a strong work ethic. ‘Work hard, play later,’ as you said. You should know I’ve chosen a career that you would approve of. I’ve dedicated my life to the exploration of space. And I thank you for that. So, I hope we can reconnect. Your loving son, Roy.”
The effort this message takes is clear, from the gaps Roy leaves between his sentences as he searches for the next one to the tears held back in his eyes, and SpaceCom’s repudiation is swift.
“Your personal connection has made you unsuited for continued service on this mission,” they inform him, punishing him for the honesty Roy dared to admit, barring him from continuing onto Neptune, and failing his next psychological evaluation. Trapped in a “comfort room,” Roy’s fractured mind is ironically underscored by the videos of birds, bees, ocean waves, chrysanthemums, and grass projected onto the walls. With Roy so far from Earth—and unsure of whether he even believes Earth is worth yearning for—what relief can these images provide?
For Helen Santos (Ruth Negga), though, the director of Ersa Research Station, those images of Earth’s nature are a reminder of her one visit to her parents’ home planet, and an exemplification of everything Mars cannot sustain. The atmosphere is inhospitable. Helen and the other research station staff live underground. Her longing for another life is genuine, her isolation in this place is palpable, and her connection to Roy is another shock to him. Her parents were crew members on the Lima Project, and H. Clifford McBride killed them. “We will not turn back. We will venture further into space. We will find alien intelligence. I am forever driven on this quest,” Roy watches his father assert in a video clip after admitting to turning off life support for his crew, both mutineers and otherwise. Everything Roy thought about Clifford was a SpaceCom cover-up, and every way in which he’s molded himself after his father’s legend has been the result of a lie. As Roy holds the transparent tablet, watching Clifford’s manifesto of discovery at all costs, Gray layers the faces of father and son on top of each other, making them nearly indistinguishable. Only Roy’s sob at realizing the depths of this deception disturbs the synchronizing effect.
“I am alone, something I always believed I preferred. But I confess. It’s wearing on me.”
With the additional knowledge provided by Helen in his possession, Roy is activated once more by the same humanist inclinations that have increasingly guided his recent actions. “I will deal with him. I will deal with my father,” he swears, and his certainty in that moment has an emotional edge missing from his past behavior—a sincerity he previously lacked. He accepts Helen’s help to stow away onto the Cepheus, now making its way toward Neptune to deploy a nuclear weapon against his father. In a stunning sequence, Gray moves us inside and outside of Roy’s field of vision: We follow him as he disappears into the pitch-black water of an underground lake, are alongside him in his helmet as he breaks through layers of rising bubbles, and then watch as glowing orbs of orange and yellow light align into the form of Roy’s body, moving toward us on Mars’s dusty surface. Through those natural elements, we see Roy reborn—a man formed not in the image of the father who left him, but in the water and sunlight that are vital for supporting life.
“You’ve alive. All this time. I must accept the fact that I never really knew you. Or am I you, being pulled down the same dark hole?” Roy considers, but every subsequent action, despite moving him physically closer to Clifford, separates our understanding of the two men. Roy tries to avoid violence in coming onboard the Cepheus, and although all three crew members are killed, he takes responsibility for his actions: “I boarded the Cepheus against mission directives. I did not do so with hostile intent. But because of my actions, I regret to inform you all crew members are now deceased. The flight recorder will tell the story. History will have to decide.” He makes clear that his primary goal is to “destroy the Lima Project in its entirety.” And during the 79-day journey from Mars to Neptune, he embarks on a sort of inward-gazing fever dream, a mélange of exhaustion, melancholia, and euphoria. He remembers his childhood, and the soothing comfort of his mother, and the wind turbines that dotted their land, and the productive energy they harnessed—so different from the Surge, and the possibility of planetary destruction. He watches a video from Eve, marveling at how openly she speaks of her love for him, and her frustration. He remembers the message he dictated to her before his trip, but then deleted (“I made a promise to always be truthful, but I wasn’t … I didn’t want you to go”), and berates himself for how he wronged her. He yearns for her forgiveness, and then rages that “Forgiveness is bullshit,” and then weeps. And through it all, Roy hears his father’s voice calling him, and haunting him. “When do we find all the intelligent life out there? And we know we will.” “I am free of your moral boundaries. I have total clarity.” “I know for certain I am doing God’s work.” Out there, in the unknown, did H. Clifford McBride become someone else? Or did he only abandon the artifice of who people wanted him to be? Those questions are impossible to answer, and yet Roy obsesses over them as he approaches Neptune: “All my life, I was terrified to confront him. I’m terrified even now. What do I expect? In the end, the son suffers the sins of the father.” But where there are sins, there can be absolution, too.
“Let me go, Roy.”
The reunion with his father, the one that Roy never expected to experience, is subdued, somber, and devastating. Clifford is not particularly surprised when Roy, whom he hasn’t seen for 29 years, appears onboard the Lima Project station. He had heard his son’s messages, after all, and understands the SpaceCom mission Roy has been given. He doesn’t ask whether Roy was affected by another Surge storm emanating from the Lima Project, although the navigation through Neptune’s rings nearly killed Roy. He doesn’t comment on the blood smeared on the station walls, or on the bodies—spinning in a macabre ballet in zero gravity—that Roy passes on his way to find his father.
The elder McBride is a man clinging to the edge of an idea, and nothing can dissuade him from it. “A captain always goes down with his ship,” Clifford says, and he will not return to Earth. Why return to a failed experiment? Clifford refuses to accept that no other intelligent life could exist in the universe. He will not abide by the suggestion that Earth, and Earth alone, is all we’ve got. “This is home,” he says of the Lima Project station, and his speech to Roy is an exercise in uncompromising zealousness:
“This is a one-way voyage, my son. You’re talking about Earth? There was never anything for me there. I never cared about you, your mother, or any of your small ideas. For 30 years, I’ve been breathing this air, eating this food, enduring these hardships and I never once thought about home. … I knew this would widow your mother and orphan you, but I found my destiny, so I abandoned my son. … I have infinite work to do.”
What else is there to really say? Roy’s “I know, Dad” captures so much: a lifetime of being made small, communicated in three words. But he refuses to compromise the tenderness he’s nurtured over this journey—the gentleness he’s waited years to offer his father. He helps Clifford put on his space suit. He not unkindly refuses Clifford’s insistence that Roy stay so they can work together. He presents the reality made plain from the Lima Project’s failure: “Now, we know we’re all we’ve got.” And when it comes time to embark back to the Cepheus together—when Clifford tries to yank Roy into space with him, and when Roy sees that his father will never acquiesce to leaving the great unknown behind, even as it has disappointed and defied him—he lets his father go.
A whole life spent in veneration and bitterness disappears in that moment. Roy watches Clifford float farther and farther away. As Roy spins, moving in and out of the illumination of Neptune’s rings, we see the sobs and screams being unleashed inside his helmet. Clifford was a hero, and then he was a ghost, and finally, he was just a man. Flesh and bone. Passion and fervor. And in the end, Roy notes, the creator and curator of a collection of research that was staggering and expansive, and never enough:
“He captured strange and distant worlds in greater detail than ever before. They were beautiful, magnificent, full of awe and wonder. But beneath their sublime surfaces, there was nothing. No love or hate. No light or dark. He could only see what was not there, and missed what was right in front of him.”
A striated planet, with layers of rock shaded milky cream and dusty burgundy. Another planet splattered in curves of jade and yellow, like dribbles of graffiti running down a wall. Another planet enveloped in a murky gas. Another planet icy blue, another planet volcanic red. All unique, and all the same: barren. A Freudian theorist would have a field day with a fatheson duo desperate to find life in deep space, who eventually realize that the fertility they crave was only made real in the planet they left behind. But Clifford’s surrender to the galaxy that refused him is, inadvertently but definitively, an act of kindness to his only child, perhaps the only one Roy ever received from his father. After Roy finally finds his authentic voice, the most healing opportunity he is offered is to listen, and to let his father go.
Once Clifford is enveloped by the stars he so loves, once Roy destroys the Lima Project and stops the Surge, once he uses his ingenuity and training to jettison himself through Neptune’s rings and back to the Cepheus, once Roy’s path back to Earth is programmed, the son breaks free of the orbit of the father. “I am looking forward to the day my solitude ends, and I’m home,” Roy affirms, and so the unknown of “Ad Astra” moves both away from the solar system Clifford spent his life exploring and that offers Earth no second chance, and away from the man Roy once was toward someone deciding to take a second chance on himself. The unknown now, the home that awaits Roy, is Earth, the planet he loathed in mimicry of his father. The loneliness of our existence finally makes real the preciousness of it.
When Earth appears outside of Roy McBride’s window, he smiles. “Look at it. The big blue marble. Never ceases to amaze me,” Pruitt had told Roy during their flight to the Moon, and that observation seems particularly poignant now. The green trees, the blue water, the wispy clouds: It is Roy’s privilege to see them again. People run to help him, the hatch door opens, and a hand extends inward. After a moment, Roy reaches back for it. In his final psychological evaluation, Roy’s adapted perception of our world persists: Commodified and flawed as Earth may be, it’s our only shot, and our responsibility is to embrace it and improve it. “I’m unsure of the future, but I’m not concerned. I will rely on those closest to me. And I will share their burdens, as they share mine. I will live and love.” As we listen to that proclamation, Roy drinks a cup of coffee in a café. He turns to the window. He sees Eve. And in that moment, he’s not H. Clifford McBride’s son. He is his own man, and his next journey awaits.
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2020.09.08 21:28 Zealousideal-Art-974 Voyeur mother son

Sunday evening my son 29 yo and his livein girlfriend 25 yo of 7.5 years came over for the evening/ night to see his younger sister whom was visiting from out of town and leaving the next morning. We live about 1 hour and 15 mins away. I cooked all day and went to bed about 1.5 hours after their late evening arrival. His girlfriends younger brother had a bday earlier at her parents home that they went to. Mind you his sister had been here since early last week and no attempt to separate the visits. My husband of 29 years this coming December, has enrolled in a massage therapist school to get licensed just recently. He is serious about opening his own business, and already has a therapeutic room set up in our home, including massage chairs, a pedicure bowel, portable foot massage and massage table. I awoke around 1:30 am in the morning, to noise disturbances and realized I had left my car door open. I go down and get the keys out of my car and lock it. Come back in the house and noticed the pillows and blankets were still on the kitchen island, that I had left for our overnight guest to use. They like sleeping on the sectional in the basement when they stay over...There is no sign of them or my husband in the basement, in the garage or on the main floor. So I go back upstairs and realize they are in the therapy room. I open the door, lights are dim, may have been some soft music playing and my husband is sitting there in front of my future daughter in law with her feet in his hands while she is stretched out in the massage chair, and he is massaging her feet. Meanwhile my son is stretched out in the other massage chair, and doesn’t respond when I open the door. My husband acts like nothing is wrong, I close the door and walk away to process what I have encountered, return to the room and let him know I was on my feet all day cooking and cleaning and I didn’t get a massage. I also mention that is what the portable foot massage is for, then I went back to bed. Well he comes in the bedroom and I ask him to leave, because I am offended that he is even trying to justify what he was doing. Then he goes and gets my son who comes in and ask what is wrong, then I get attacked by both my husband and my son... I feel as though all three crossed several ethical boundaries, I am sure the weed, and alcohol contributed to their misjudgment. I will never get that out of my head, my husband is a big critic of feet, always has been and always tells me how nice my feet are. One of the very few things he compliments me on. I believe I am headed for separation and ultimately divorce. Am I over reacting to what I encountered? I want to ask my family and close friends who have healthy relationships for advice, but the last time I did and they intervened, he accused me of severing his reputation versus accepting the criticism and advice. He is always looking out the garage window with binoculars, we had the windows tinted to protect the flooring and furnishings; we have several single women in the neighborhood and even watches one of his friends wife’s who is a fitness instructor. I am not jealous, just think we see things differently. I once told him that watching other people without their knowledge is considered voyeurism and he blew up.... this was 3 or 4 years ago... when he isn’t outside watching the neighbors, he is on the video game or I have to give him my undivided attention, sometimes for hours, and only him talking... I work all day from home and so does he, so after dinner, I like to catch up on the news and watch a show, but not able to do as often as I like and he regulates that indirectly.... any advice would be appreciated. I have read up on foot fetishes and ethical boundaries for those in the massage business, I don’t see where he is justified in massaging anyone’s feet, without the credentials, a paid fee and some people are just off limits. I don’t have a problem with him caring for his mothers feet, our daughters feet or grandchildren (if I had any) or young nieces and nephews, but he isn’t doing that behind my back. This really was a hard blow...may have to see my counselor regarding this.... would love to hear from someone who is in the massage therapy profession or educates those going into the profession. I know ethics is one of the first topics in the curriculum... he would not feel comfortable with me massaging another person period. I have been chastised for giving a male family friend a hug.
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2020.09.08 13:32 ET_Cooper Voyeur mother son

I do like following true crime, but I’m into unsolved cases, and for most of the time of this case, it seemed to me so obvious that the parents did something to Jonbenet and then covered it up, that I didn’t consider it unsolved, and so didn’t pay too much attention to it.
Then when I heard about one time Jonbenet photographer Randy Simons being busted for child porn, I started thinking there might be more to the case than I thought. Now I’m an IDI person, but...wow. One of the most amazing things I’ve seen since reading/watching/listening about more on this case is how 100% proof positive many people are they “know” who did it. I mean, I do consider myself an IDI person, but I’m only...MAYBE...70% sure of that. I mean, it’s kind of impressive how many people out there have no training to solve crimes are SURE they’ve figured out one of the hardest cases in American history. Again...kind of impressive. :)
Anyway, here are my accumulated questions, comments, and thoughts I have regarding the case. It’s REALLY long, so I don’t think many people will read it, but I just needed to get it all out of my head.If you respond to this, please post whether you are an IDI, RDI, BDI, PDI, or JDI or undecided person upfront, and what percent sure you are of your theory. Also, I’d love for anyone who reads it to respond to each item, but this is long, so I understand if not.

  1. In July 1996 the Ramseys’ Charlevoix, MI home was part of a “Tour of Homes” in that area. In the Fall of 1996 an unusual suitcase and pair of cowboy boots were found in Jonbenet's bedroom in that house. Also, her bed was found messed up too as if the person had slept there.If an IDI, this could match the M.O. of him possibly taking a tour of the Ramsy’s Boulder house before entering that home.
  2. Does anyone know the size of the cowboy boots found in the MI house? Was it ever compared to the 2 sets of boot prints found in the CO house?
  3. This also seems to match the M.O. of the Amy/Ninja Guy attack, as it’s assumed the attacker in that case may have been in the home while the mother and daughter were out, then waited.
  4. The above leads me to believe if an IDI then it may be someone who breaks into the houses prior to committing the crimes and, like the Golden State Killer, sets things up, or at least plans what he’s going to do later.
  5. I think if there was an intruder, then it’s someone for whom being in the house is part of the excitement of the crime.It would also explain why certain things in the ransom note seem to show knowledge of what they may have found around the house, like a stub or something showing $118,000 as the Christmas bonus.
  6. It’s said by John Ramsey in one interview I saw that Micheal Helgoth was at least partially exonerated by the fact the Hi-Tech boots belonging to him did not match that the size of the Hi-tech bootprint found in the Ramsey’s home the day of the murder. If true, it seems the police do have the size of said print, but I couldn’t find that information on the internet.Again, I do wonder if this was ever compared to the size of the cowboy boots found in Jonbenet’s room in the MI house.
  7. Seems many people think Jonbenet’s was talking about Santa coming to visit her “after Christmas” means Bill McReynolds, but Jonbenet was at many places where she could’ve/did run into other Santa Clauses. Like, The Boulder Philharmonic Christmas Pageant, 12/96, Lights of Christmas Parade on 12/6/199, The All Star Kids Christmas Pageant on 12/17/96, Southwest Plaza Mall on 12/22/20, etc.Do we know if any of these Santa Clauses ever looked into/questioned by police?
  8. Would there have been anyway for the murderer to know the alarm system was off?Again, in the Amy/Ninja guy case, there was an alarm system. It was only for the ground floor. When the Ninja Guy/Attacker fled, he jumped through a window on the top floor master bedroom instead of running to the ground floor to escape. To me this implies he may have known that the alarm system was for the ground floor.Is there a way the intruder in the Amy case, and possibly in the JBR case could have known these things?
I believe the security system was from a place in Boulder called "Safe Systems":
http://www.acandyrose.com/s-evidence-alarm-system.htmAnyone know if the alarm system was the same in the Amy/Ninja Guy attack?
  1. For those who think BDI, AND that the end of the 911 call has Burke saying “What did you find?”, does this mean that the Ramseys found Jonbenet, assumed Burke did it, and staged the kidnapping, murder, and rape before finding out for sure if Burke had injured Jonebenet?
##. Burke once hit Jonbenet with a golf club. If nothing was legally done to take him away then, why would the Ramsey’s assume that he would get taken away for hitting her a second time to the point they would then strangle and sexually assault their daughter’s corpse?
  1. If any of the RDI accidently why do you think they’d fake a murder, kidnapping, and a rape/stragulation? Why not just a stage a murder?
  2. I don’t believe this myself, but has anyone theorized a Boulder police officer, or Boulder police officers, may have done it? I find it interesting any little thing the grieving parents do is on purpose as part of their master plan, yet anything the cops do is because of ineptitude. Think about it:
* Who would have the night off and know the police were undermanned that night? A cop.
* Cop-like flashlight and bootprints?
* The note says they know police procedures.
* Apparently they didn’t use the K9 unit they had. This could have helped either find the body and/or the way a kidnapper escaped before they knew it was a murder.
* A cop may have known the Ramsey’s didn’t have the alarm system on as they may have been called out when the kids set it off previously
.* If someone saw a cop enter the house, he/she could’ve said they saw someone enter, and ewas why they were in the home.
* Usually criminals who stage crimes get someone else to find the body/see the staging. The cops missed checking the wine cellar, and sent John to look for clues.
* The note threatened the Ramseys wouldn’t get their daughters body back for burial if they didn’t listen. The police tried to hold back the body to the Ramseys.
* People think the Ramseys had friends come over to mess up any DNA, but the cops did far more than that to mess up the DNA, including apparently letting the victims’ advocates clean.
* This could explain why they are always so insistent the parents did it. (It isn’t but it could, and a lot of the theories I read on this case are completely hypothetical.)
  1. By the Hi-Tech boots, and possible use of a stun gun, it seems like (if not Boulder PD) the suspect would have either a military/police background or an interest in either or both.
  2. Why would the Ramseys invite people over specifically to mess up the DNA profile? They live there. Any Ramsey DNA can be explained with, “We live here”.
  3. If the RDI, why did John admit he broke the glass in the basement? If it seems like if he invited people over to mess up the DNA, and purposely took the body upstairs to mess up the DNA, wouldn't he want to leave this as a suspected way for the “fake” intruder to enter the house?
  4. I don't think people talk about the fact John made 2 calls to his pilot, not 1. The first was to say Jonbenet was missing, so the flight was off. I often hear people talk as if it was one phone call to leave, and often this false “only one call was made, to leave” is claimed to have been made prior to the body being found, as if he knew the body would be found and wanted out.
  5. If the RDI, why would they let Burke be taken to the Whites w/o him? It seems like they would want to make sure he didn’t say anything to blow their cover.
  6. The note says that they will call the Ramseys, but doesn’t list a phone number.18. People say that the Ramseys didn’t mention the fact the kidnapper didn’t call when he was scheduled, but does this mean the police never said anything either? In fact, I believe the other officers left Linda Arndt there alone before the call was scheduled to arrive. That seems just as odd as the Ramseys not mentioning it.
  7. If the note was faked by the Ramseys, why fold it? It had a crease in it. Their story was it was found laid out on the steps, so why fold it? This seems like the act of someone who wrote the note and then folded it to put in their pocket for a later time.
  8. If the RDI, why drop clues in the note like the $118,000, especially after they never turned on one another at any other time?
  9. I think if an unfamiliar IDI, the $118,000 was partially put there because the intruder wanted to show off they’d been snooping in the house previously.
  10. Obviously the ransom note is a fake, but I think it seems like more of a fake to keep the Ramseys from calling the cops. Especially if they knew they could easily get $118,000. Asking for millions, they may have said “We can’t get that in time. Call the cops.”
  11. If one of the Ramseys wrote the ransom note, why ask for a small amount when they knew they were not going to have to get it?
  12. Why would the Ramsey’s write a note that gave them until 10AM before calling the police, then call 911 at 5:52 AM?
  13. Pasty’s handwriting couldn’t be ruled out as the writer of the note, but it was on the lowest scale of not being ruled out.
  14. Access Graphics Human Director of Human Resources Gary Merrimen’s handwriting sample was a higher match for the random note than Patsy. T or F? He was also former law enforcement.
  15. I believe Ex-Access Graphics employee Jeff Merrick sued the company for about $118,000.
  16. From the ransom note, the writer seems to be someone who is highly literate.
  17. The ransom note seems to be written by someone who is not only a fan of movies, but a fan of cop/kidnapping movies.
  18. The writer seems to relate to the kidnappers in these movies, possibly at the same time.
  19. The ransom note seems to mention at least 4 movies: Dirty Harry, which has a kidnapping and an anti-hero cop, Speed and Ransom, in which the bad guys are cops, and Nick of Time, in which 2 people impersonating cops abduct the lead character’s child.
The intruder could relate to cops, but specifically to those who have a “villain”/bad streak, or people pretending to be cops.
  1. The movie Ransom came out in November, 1996. While I obviously can’t say for sure, it doesn’t seem like the type of movie parents with 2 young children would be able to go see, especially since one of the parents was a busy business man at the time. Again, can’t say for sure, but seems unlikely.
  2. Although not like any other kidnapping note, the ransom note does remind me of 2 notes from other crimes: the Leopold and Loeb note, and the Pizza-Bomb-Bank-Robbery note. Both were written by someone who considered themselves smarter than everyone else, and perpetrated the crime specifically to show they could pull off the “perfect crime”.
  3. The writer of the note seems theatrical.
  4. The kind of tape used in the crime was apparently the type often used in theater. Could the intruder have been a theater student, or work in a nearby theater? Or a theater in Hickory, NC where the tape was manufactured?
  5. The tape was from Hickory, NC, and made there in November 1996. Is that enough time to get to Boulder for sale? It’s literally weeks before the crime. There are questions as to that:
  1. The tape used on Jonbenet was manufactured in November, 1996. This is the same month the movie Ransom came out.
  2. Bob McReyolds was a literary professor.
  3. Janet McReynolds reviewed movies.
  4. Does anyone know if any suspects were ever described by Bob McReynolds’ daughter and/or her friend after they were kidnapped and the daughter’s friend molested?
  5. I don’t believe this theory either, but… I’ve heard police discovered McReynolds went to adult books stores for a fetish not considered tied to the case. I’ve heard his son was also considered a possible suspect. What if McReynolds’ fetish was voyeurism, and it took the form of having his children watching him? If so was that why his daughter was abducted with her friend, and could his son have assisted with JBR? What if Burke is partially scarred because he was forced to watch what happened to his sister? Pure, seculation, but what isn’t on this case?
  6. Where did the practice/first draft ransom note go?
  7. I don’t think SBTC means anything except to the person who wrote it. I remember reading about one serial killer, called himself “The Cat” or something. No reason. Even after they caught him.
  8. I’ve heard some people say the word “listen” is odd in a note since you don’t listen to a note. It’s not. People often write like they spoke. I wrote”heard” above for things I read, and I doubt any of you blinked an eye.Have none of you ever said “I was talking to” someone after you texted or e-mailed with them?This is just reaching.
  9. The note mentions John’s “southern charm”. He’s not southern.
  10. I think the idea that Jonbenet’s name wasn’t in the note might be because the writer wasn’t sure how to spell it is an interesting one. I don’t think I believe it, but it’s interesting.
  11. I keep reading the pineapple was the same "down to the rind". Does that mean she eat the pineapple chunk/s INCLUDING the rinds? That seems as odd as putting it in milk.
  12. Is there any way to know if the tea next to the pineapple was hot tea originally?
  13. The bowl the pineapple was in had Patsy and Burke’s fingerprints on it. The tea glass had Burke’s. The spoon had no fingerprints on it. Seems odd.
  14. Apparently the spoon was a large silver spoon that was used with the nicer silverware. It was apparently kept in a drawer in the bar area away from the everyday plates and utensils. This area apparently was visible from one of the main windows in the house.
  15. The flashlight was also from that drawer in that bar area.
  16. Again, the glass with the tea apparently only had Burke’s fingerprints on it. If hot water was poured in the glass, it seems odd a parent would serve it to a child like that as glass is a great conductor of heat, and the glass had no handle. Also, no parents' fingerprints were on the glass. But Patsy’s prints were on the bowl, so did she serve Burke the pineapple, but allow him to get the tea himself? And the spoon?
  17. The above makes me think if an IDI that he may have made this odd combo of food. He could’ve been wearing gloves and grabbed the bowl, cup, and spoon from around the house, leaving whoever’s fingerprints were on them prior to his touching them. The other idea would be Patsy gave Burke pineapple, let him make himself tea, and Patsy or Burke got a large, fancy spoon from another part of the house, with the flashlight, and neither left any prints on the spoon (or flashlight). Either way, the lack of fingerprints on the spoon from another room seems odd.
  18. I have a “lite theory” based on the fact that the crime took place on Christmas, and the note mentions them getting Jonbenet back by New Years. I think the intruder may have been house sitting, or a college student left largely alone by not going home for Christmas. This would mean if he had decided to take her, he’d be able to hide her until around New Years.
  19. I think if an IDI he may have thought of taking her as a sex slave, but that the money and phone call, etc were all just a ruse to prevent the cops from being called for as long as possible.
  20. There was a shoe imprint from a Hi-Tec brand work boot found in the mold growing on the floor of the room Jonbenet’s body was found in. All the investigators who’d been in the room had been tested with no match to the Ramsey’s or the police investigators. T or F?
  21. Additional partial shoe impressions were found near Jonbenet’s body in the same room, and also on the toilet tank in the basement’s bathroom. T or F?
  22. Were the prints on the toilet tank checked to see if the stains were from the mold in the room where Jonbenet’s body was found?
  23. An unidentified pubic hair was found on the white blanket that covered Jonbenet’s body. T or F?
  24. John Ramsey and the police noted a scuff mark on the wall under the open window in the train room where the suitcase was found. T or F?
  25. Jonbenet’s body was wiped off. The autopsy found some of the liquid on the body. T or F?
  26. A rope was found inside a brown paper sack underneath a bed in the guest bedroom next to Jonbenet’s bedroom that John Andrew used when home from college. The rope and bag did not belong to the Ramseys. T or F?
  27. Small pieces of material from the brown paper sack were found in Jonebenet’s bed and in the coroner’s body bag used to transport Jonbenet. T or F?
  28. Unidentified brown fibers were found on Jonbenet’s body, the paintbrush, the duct tape, and the rope of the garrote. T or F? (Apparently Lou Smit believed these may have been from work gloves)
  29. The suitcase found under the window in the train room had a pillow sham, duvet and a Dr. Suess book in them. T or F?
  30. Fibers from the sham and duvet found in the suitcase were found on Jonbenet’s shirt also. T or F?
  31. Fibers from the basement carpet, but no fingerprints, were found on a baseball bat found just outside the Ramsey home. The Rameys claim it was not theirs. Burke has siad it was his. T or F?
  32. Forensic examiners found Jonbenet’s blood on her Barbie Doll nightgown found next to her body. T or F?
  33. Fibers from the rope used to strangle Jonbenet were found on her bed. T or F?
  34. Dark animal hairs were discovered on Jonbenets’s hands. The hairs matched nothing in the house. T or F?
  35. The FBI discovered black beaver hair stuck to the duct tape. No other beaver hairs were found in the home. T or F?
  36. Does anyone know the story on the size 12 Wednesday underwear Jonbenet was wearing? I’ve read several conflicting things. Is the story Jonbenet put it on herself when she got dressed that day?
  37. People say the Ramseys didn’t give interveiws/speak to the police until months after the murder, howver the truth is:
- Boulder police officers interviewed them throughout Dec. 26, 1996, the day JonBenet's body was found.
- Police questioned them both Dec. 27 and John again Dec. 28. Officers were with the Ramseys24 hours a day from 6 a.m. Dec. 26 through 2 p.m. Dec. 29, when the Ramseys left for the funeral in Atlanta.
- Police questioned Burke Ramsey on Dec. 26. The conversation was tape-recorded without either parent present and without parental consent. A police psychologist interviewed Burke on Jan. 6. Burke was interviewed again, over three days, in May 1998.
- Handwriting samples were given by John (Dec. 26, 28, Jan. 5, 1997); Patsy (Dec. 28, Jan. 4, 1997, Feb. 28, April 12, May 20), and Burke (Dec. 28).
T or F?
  1. People seem to think it’s odd Burke may have waited in his room while something was obviously going on in his house. Who wouldn’t come out of their room to see what was happening? I can see it both ways. As a kid, I probably would’ve been right out of the door interested to know what’s going on, but my sibling probably would’ve waited in their room.In the Elizabeth Smart case, Elizabeth was kidnapped right in front of her sister, but she waited 2 hours before telling her parents out of fear.
75 If you are someone who thinks every kid would have left the room, are you also one of the people who wouldn’t have called the police because the ransom note said not to?
  1. Burke wasn’t in the house for that long after the police showed up. The 911 call is around 5:52 AM, and Burke is dressed and taken out of the house around 7:00 AM. People often talk like he was in his room for hours. A kid not coming out of his room due to fear or confusion for 1 hour and 8 mins isn’t that hard to believe.
  2. They say in most crimes where the criminal staged a crime scene, the criminal who staged it lets someone else find it, hence the purpose of staging it. Why would John have staged the crime, then found it with no one seeing it?
  3. I’ve heard it said John did things like tear the tape off to ruin the DNA, but then why put the tape on in the first place? The plan was to place the tape on as part of the staging, then rip it off with no one seeing it to explain why his DNA was on it? Why not just not put any tape on?
  4. Why would John or Patsy Ramsey tie and bind Jonbenet only to loosen the ties with no one seeing them?
  5. Seems like his story of “distraught father isn’t thinking of DNA evidence and his trying to see if his daughter is breathing” seems a lot more plausible than the above.
  6. The suitcase found in the basement was John Andrew’s. It was usually kept under the stairs (although I’ve also heard it had been kept in his room he had in the house). It had a blanket/comforter in it with semen on it (apparently John Andrew’s) and Dr. Suess book. It was usually kept in John Andrew’s bedroom they had for him in the house. T or F?
  7. Does anyone know what Dr. Suess book was found in the suitcase?##. The Ramseys’ neighbor Joe Barnhill said he saw John Andrew approach the Ramseys’ house on the night of the murder. He later recanted. Did he recant that it was John Andrew, or that he saw anyone at all? I’ve read he later admitted he didn’t 100% know what John Andrew looked like. T or F? I’ve also read the man he saw was blonde. T or F on the blonde part? (The attacker in the Amy/Ninja Guy attack was blonde.)
  8. If the Ramseys did it, where do you think the following items went:
* First draft of the ransom note.
* The cord.
* The tape.
* The rest of the paintbrush.
* The fluid used to clean Jonbenet’s body.
* The cloth used to clean Jonbenet’s body.
None of which were apparently found in the home.
  1. If you think they threw it out, why not get of things like the flashlight, pineapple, etc? And before you get hung up on those items specifically, I just mean why get rid of some items of evidence and not others, especially since the ones found would have been yours anyway?
  2. It seems funny to me that RDI people dismiss John Douglas and Lou Smit by saying they “were fooled by the Ramseys” with both of their vast amounts of experience. I’ve heard many point out Patsy had theater classes in high school and/or college. John Douglas basically created FBI profiling. In my mind, that trumps school drama classes.Meanwhile, the Boulder PD botched the crime scene. If anything it seems to me it’s more likely they’re embarrassed by how badly they botched the crime.
  3. Many RDI people seem to think the garrote was placed around Jonbenet’s neck, or slightly tightened. It was not. It was tightened to the point her neck was indented, kind of like a sausage link. I don’t blame these people. The photos are upsetting, but to me this looks like it was done by a sexual deviant. I doubt even a parent trying to protect their other child (who didn’t get in trouble for accidentally hitting his sister with a golf club previously) would do this to their daughter especially since there wasn’t a need to fake that kind of assault in the first place.
  4. I read a comment once where someone said they had to strangle Jonbenet because while fighting her Burke pulled her shirt leaving a mark on her neck. Yes. Because no criminal would ever pull a child’s shirt during a struggle.
  5. I believe she was also molested with the paint brush afterwards. T or F?
  6. If an IDI, I think the reason he wrote the ransom note inside the house instead of before was because if he was caught breaking into the house with the note that’d be worse than just getting caught for a B&E.
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2020.08.26 22:23 RTKGuy Voyeur mother son

Riding in the Oasis reminded me of a time back in my childhood when my older brother owned a van and I would ride in the very back of it, parked on a cushioned bench seat without the slightest safety feature available. Sure, it was fun to be so free and wild until you realized you’d be sailing through the car at sixty miles per hour if there was ever a serious accident. At least Lazlo’s desk chair was bolted down and had a seat belt; it was better than nothing, but not by much.
Right out the gate, Lazlo nearly got us hung up on a fallen tree just turning us around, and I clenched my teeth every time she got close to the edge of the road, a steep slope awaiting a careless misjudgment. To ease my mind, I got familiar with the surveillance system. Lazlo had password-protected anything I wasn’t supposed to tamper with, but that left me plenty of archived footage to look through. I found the video footage timestamped to the arrival of our new predator. Lazlo had predicted that the video would be scrambled or too static-filled to be useful. She called it, all right. She believed the beast had to be putting out some kind of radiation in an electromagnetic spectrum, interfering with radio signals and video equipment. The last clear image captured was Lazlo outside Oasis fitting a drone with a battery. Then nothing but distortion for several minutes until the picture cleared up to show an empty perimeter and a blood trail. I was disappointed that I couldn’t see the creature for myself, but at least we’d have a clue to its presence – video static.
We traveled down the gravelly road in silence for the first forty minutes of the trip, all of us contemplating the nature of our new adversary or trying not to think about Abbott. I appreciated the way Lazlo and Theo could push away their emotions and stay focused. I found it hard to do, even though I had barely known Abbott. It was easier to stare at Voyeur Four’s surveillance footage and slip into my role as a warning bell ringer. But I found the silence of the group growing oppressive. Dark thoughts began to slip into my mind, doubts about our chances of getting back, or what kind of reception we would find back in Crusoe. And naturally, I still had a lot of questions to ask.
“Have there ever been this many MLs in one area before?” I asked.
“Which one of us are you asking?” Lazlo replied.
“I didn’t have a preference,” I said.
“Then you might as well talk to me.” Lazlo’s voice carried much fatigue. It occurred to me that I hadn’t seen any of them sleep since they’d rescued me. How long had they gone without it?
“Theo tends to clam up when he’s on the job,” she explained. “As to your question, the largest cluster I know of was the Kentucky pack of 1976. That one clocked in at ninety-seven confirmed.”
Ninety-seven? The group around Crusoe was three times that number. We really were in unprecedented territory, then.
“Keep in mind, we’ve only known of the MLs since 1958,” she continued. “They may have been out in the wilds a lot longer than that, and perhaps living in other countries.”
I hadn’t even considered the idea that MLs were a global problem, and I asked her whether that was actually a thing. Lazlo snickered. “They’re like rats and starlings – they find ways of getting around. There’s an unconfirmed account of MLs running around the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Ukraine. Bet they love it there… not too many people to munch on, though. The Russian Wranglers have gotten pretty tightlipped…”
“Don’t drone on and on with the radio,” cautioned Theo. “We need to stay focused.”
“Aye aye, Skipper,” she joked in a nautical voice. I felt an abrupt swerve just then, as if Lazlo was reminding Theo he didn’t have all the power.
“I’m not trying to beat a dead horse here,” I said, “but could there be a connection between the size of the group and all the behaviors we’re seeing?”
“As Abbott used to say, that’s the mystery,” Lazlo answered. I could hear a tinge of sadness as she mentioned him. “Correlation versus causation. Do we have a bigger group because these MLs are smarter than average, or are they acting differently because they’ve reached a certain numerical advantage and are getting more coordinated? And what does any of it have to do with them performing a ritual and creating a brand-new type of monster? I got nothin’, Hector, and that scares me more than anything else.”
Lazlo silenced after that, and I was about to let it go since my questions were causing more discomfort than I intended. But it was Theo who picked up the thread by uttering two oddball words.
“Beachhead species,” he said.
“What what?” replied Lazlo.
“Abbott’s idea. I asked him one time where he thought the MLs came from. He told me that he had a working hypothesis that suggested the MLs were a beachhead species. He admitted that it was a little out there, but after today… Well, he may not have been so out there.”
“Explain,” insisted Lazlo.
Theo cleared his throat and began to do just that. “Imagine you’re a species that figured out how to manipulate genetic codes and the building blocks of life, but you’re not so good with computers and robotics and rocket science. You still want to do space travel, though. Either you want to expand your species, or your planet is about to get destroyed through some global or cosmic event. However, space travel takes too long and eats up too many resources for you to send your own species through space, and there’s no warp drive in the cards. Instead, you use what you got – you create some kind of simpler life form that could survive centuries or millennia out in space, put them in a bunch of space-going containers, and launch them out towards inhabitable planets around distant stars. Places where life like yours could take root.
“Abbott believed that the MLs target humans by design, because we’re the most advanced species on the planet. They’re designed to do that on any world they arrive on. They don’t just eat us, they process us, perhaps even analyze our DNA. Then they make more of themselves. Once certain conditions are met, like reaching a population goal, they switch gears. They would have created a beachhead on the new world, and at that point they would begin to prepare it for their true masters. Abbott didn’t know what that would look like, but he did end his explanation by suggesting that if the MLs were advanced bio-factories capable of cloning themselves, they might be able to do more.”
I had no idea how to respond to all that, other than just not respond. Lazlo paused before she added her two cents, and she sounded more rattled than before.
“Abbott didn’t seem all that surprised by the thing that attacked us. Maybe… maybe he believed it was the next step in their development. Dear God, what if the rest of them do the same thing?”
“It’s just Abbott’s wild-ass idea, Laz,” Theo cautioned. “Remember his rule? Wild-ass ideas stay in the wild unless the data proves otherwise.”
“I like that rule,” I remarked. “We should definitely stick to…”
I trailed off abruptly as the video monitor showing Voyeur Four’s camera feed emitted a series of bleeps that I interpreted as alerts. I focused on it, apprehension coiling around my heart. Voyeur Four wasn’t just following the Oasis; its camera was also positioned to see the road ahead of us, to give us some warning of potentials obstacles. The gravel road ahead predictably wound its way through dense trees and steep hills, though it would soon link up with a paved section that would finally lead us to a highway. Lazlo would have to go slower for the next few miles to keep us safe. That wasn’t what triggered the system. That honor went to the motion blips coming into frame as we neared that section, the ones dotting the hills and trees along the road. The ones shaped like our old unwelcome friends.
I didn’t bother to count them. I didn’t have to. Third Eye did it for me. Eighty-four confirmed motion blips. Eighty-four of them, and most of them were ahead of us, the rest closing in.
Somehow I managed to get this blood-chilling information imparted to the others. Lazlo cursed the MLs’ non-existent mothers. Theo grunted and then ordered me to grab the loaded shotgun he’d left by my chair. He had given me an extremely brief rundown on how to use the shotgun – pump, point, shoot, repeat. I had eight shells. Also watch for recoil. Nowhere near adequate training, but at least I’d be less likely to miss with this weapon.
“You two call them as you see them,” Theo instructed. “And Lazlo, no matter what, you keep driving. You don’t stop for anything. Understand?”
“Yeah,” she replied, not sounding convinced. I didn’t blame her. I knew she was the most confined of us, stuck in the cab with only a pistol and a few flash balls for defense while trying to keep the Oasis from crashing. If Theo and I didn’t keep her safe, none of us would be making it out of the woods.
We closed in on the cluster of blips, and I glanced at the steel door, held in place by nylon straps that looked too fragile for my comfort. I told myself that we were moving too fast for the MLs to latch on and that Theo could deal with any who tried. As long as we kept moving and kept on the road, we’d be safe.
I didn’t believe it for a second, and I gripped my shotgun tightly as the Oasis began rounding the curves of the road.
“Two on our right,” called out Lazlo, her voice focusing me back to the monitor. Sure enough, I spotted two humanoid blips closing in from the right side of the road. A shot rang out and one of the blips went sprawling. The other one sprinted away from the road in response. I didn’t hear any more gunfire, so I figured Theo was only interested in getting us to safety, not scoring kills.
I saw a group of three lingering on the left side of the road. “Three on the left,” I called out, hoping that was the proper way to report sightings. I felt the vehicle swerve as Lazlo tried to give us distance from the group, and another gunshot sent the three MLs scurrying for cover.
As we rounded a bend, I almost swore at the sight before me. We were heading into a serious cluster of the bastards, at least a dozen, and I couldn’t tell if they were on the ground, in the trees, or both. “Monkeys in the trees!” Lazlo yelled. Theo responded with several rapid shots, and I could hear something thump onto the roof, followed by two more thumps as the blips on the monitor converged on our vehicle. Another rapid burst of fire and a lot of frantic movement from the ceiling told me Theo had his hands full removing intruders.
Then I spotted another group rushing the road, coming at us from the hillside to our left. I tried to get out a warning, but the cacophony occurring on the roof drowned out my words. I saw the blips take flight as they hurled themselves at the vehicle, and I could hear the bangs as they made contact. I couldn’t tell if they were hanging on or if they had fallen away until Lazlo confirmed the worst.
“Shit! We got clingers. Three of them, on the left side! One’s at my window!”
Theo didn’t reply unless you counted the bullets flying above us. The bastards knew what to target, and they were either distracting Theo or attempting to overwhelm him. I was still free, though, and the steel door opened out to the left side.
I unbuckled my seatbelt and moved to the door, keeping my thoughts fixed on loosening the straps and not on how exposed I was about to get and how this door wasn’t getting closed again once I did this. I was in pure reaction mode. The team needed me, and I wasn’t about to lose anyone else if I could stop it.
I worked loose the first strap very quickly, then had the second one get snagged and fight me briefly before I cleared it. The door didn’t need much prompting to swing outward, smashing loudly against the side of the vehicle and then hanging at an odd angle. A parade of foliage and duff-covered hillside sped on by in the distance. I grabbed up my shotgun, predicting that an ML would come to exploit this opening. For once, my fears proved completely accurate.
It popped its head into view from the right side of the door, its jet-black eyes staring at me, its mouth agape with wicked teeth. It seemed flummoxed by its luck, and it hesitated. Usually when I found myself face to face with these things, I felt like a chicken dinner awaiting its fate. This time around, I was just so tired of these damn things.
My shotgun roared, and I was surprised by the recoil and thunderous noise of the weapon. But my aim was true, and the horrid black eyes disintegrated before the blast, the body losing its grip and falling off onto the road below.
My first kill. Was I an official Wrangler now? I made a note to ask Lazlo about that when I…
Shit, Lazlo. I rushed to the opening and poked my head out; a move I now know to be far too reckless. Looking towards the cab, I could see two more MLs clinging to the driver’s side door. One had a rock in its claws, pounding away at the reinforced window with it. Finding a handhold to brace myself with, I raised the shotgun at the two monsters one-handed… and clicked on an empty chamber.
Damn it, forget to pump the gun.
The MLs noticed me. The good news was that they abandoned their efforts against Lazlo. The bad news was their efforts were now on me. Like a pair of swinging chimps they maneuvered toward me, screaming with desire. Suddenly I didn’t feel so apathetic about them, pumping the shotgun as I backed away from the opening.
These two came through the doorway simultaneously, one going low, one leaping to the side. A smart move – I couldn’t target them both. The low one came at me fast, but my shotgun proved faster, and its midsection turned into a cloud of dust. I pumped the shotgun immediately and tried to bring it up in time, but the second one was already leaping at me, sounding out a wailing war cry. It crashed into me, knocking me against the computer desk, forcing me to drop my shotgun as I grappled with it. Pain laced up and down my back from the impact, my arms grabbing its thin arms as it tried to rake me with its claws, its lethal mouth snapping away inches from my nose. I had expected it to be stronger, but I found I could keep it at bay at that moment. It writhed and twisted in my grip, but it got nowhere… until it remembered its feet.
It plunged all six of its toe-claws into my thighs, and it felt like nails punching into my skin. Pain drove away my fear, and I tapped into my well of anger once more. Only one move I could think of – I head butted the thing right in its forehead. I was rather surprised by my own aggressiveness, and so was the ML. Stunned, it couldn’t stop me as I pushed it off, grabbed up the shotgun, and turned its face into a vacant hole.
I stood there, panting, my head growing sore, my back aching, and my thighs bleeding from six puncture wounds. At least I remembered to pump the gun again as I sat down at the computer desk, training it at the opening in expectation of more company. I could then hear a voice in my head trying to get my attention, and it took me a second to remember it was the radio.
“Hector? Respond, damn it!” Lazlo sounded desperate. How long had I been unintentionally ignoring her?
“I’m… I’m here, Lazlo,” I finally said.
“You son of a bitch,” she said, relief in her voice. “You weren’t supposed to come to my rescue.”
“I won’t make it a habit,” I commented, watching the air grow thicker as the MLs corpse began to dissolve. I couldn’t hear any more gunfire above me, so I glanced at the Third Eye video. It seemed clear ahead of us, the only lingering blips falling behind the vehicle.
“Theo, you okay?” I asked.
I heard a grunt and a colorful metaphor. “A little banged up, but the roof is clear,” he reported.
I then spotted a group of blips on a downward slope to our left. The road was bending away from them, so they didn’t appear capable of intercepting us. “Well, keep an eye to our left. There’s…”
The picture on the monitor suddenly dissolved into an avalanche of wavy distortion. At the same time, I heard a light static noise drone through my head. My heart revved up again – our new adversary had entered the fray.
“Guys, the thing’s back,” I said to the air. “Guys?” No use. The radio was scrambled. But I could get to Theo through the ladder. At least I could warn him. I ached all over as I got up and moved to the rungs. Looking up, I could see his boots as he moved about the turret, no doubt searching for more hostiles. It was poorly lit inside the turret and I couldn’t see much else.
I yelled up to him, and at first I didn’t think he could hear me. Then he repositioned and looked down at me with a questioning glare. “Why aren’t you using the radio?” he scolded.
He must not have cottoned onto the static. “Theo, it’s…”
Suddenly there was a massive squeal as the turret’s interior grew much brighter. Theo reacted instantly, trying to twist and bring his gun to bear against the thing attacking the turret, but the thing got a hold of him and yanked him clear. I was abruptly staring at the sky, with no sign of Theo or his attacker.
As if I had a secret death wish, I slung my shotgun and found the strength to climb the rungs into the turret. I was in wild pursuit, with no thought outside of somehow saving Theo if I could. I passed through the wreckage of the turret, which now resembled a peeled orange. I squeezed through the serrated opening in the steel, the jagged metal ripping at my clothes as I climbed onto the roof.
It was still here. So was Theo. It was much like how Lazlo had described it – a pile of humanoid dirt with legs and multiple arms that emerged and receded from its central mass. Two of those limbs gripped Theo, one at his throat and one holding his right arm out wide. Theo gritted his teeth and pounded against its grip with his free hand, but it was like pounding a cement wall. They stood on the edge of the roof, the thing deciding whether to kill Theo here or take him away for future consumption. It was clearly unconcerned by my arrival.
I noticed Theo’s rifle was missing, probably over the side and lost. Just me and my gun, but I knew I couldn’t shoot without hitting Theo. Hell, if Lazlo was right, I wasn’t sure the shotgun would be enough. I felt equally stupid and helpless, coming to Theo’s aid just in time to watch him die. What the hell had I hoped to accomplish?
But then an epiphany hit me, or perhaps just a desperate thought. This thing, whatever it was, was a product of the Meat Locusts. It was born of their DNA and their bodies. Surely it still had some similarities with them. Surely it still shared a weakness.
I was still wearing the flash ball belt, and in one smooth motion I pulled a ball off, pushed its trigger button, and held it up in my right hand. I looked away and prayed that I was right.
The ball went off with a brilliant flash, but my eyes avoided the lion’s share of the light. When it cleared, I found a very different scene before me, as if the flash ball had shifted reality. The dirt-thing was gone, replaced by a different brand of monster. This thing was thin and lanky, covered in the same gray reptilian skin as its brethren, four long arms jutting from its skeletal torso. Two arms were covering its face, the other two lashing out wildly, suggesting it was either in pain or disoriented. It had released Theo from its grip, and he was using the opportunity to crawl away from it along the narrow roof, nursing his right arm as if it was injured.
It stopped flailing about all too quickly, lowering its arms away from its face. Like your typical ML, it had the same basic contours – no hair, no ears, slits for a nose, and a ghastly wide mouth. But its teeth were different, more akin to shark teeth than rows of needles. And its eyes… those eyes were not the black holes used by the Locusts, but almost human, solid black irises swimming in a sea of white jelly. They locked onto me, penetrated me. If there were any lingering doubts that this thing wasn’t the next step up the ML evolutionary chain, sharing a hard stare with it wiped them away.
It seemed to be waiting for me to try something, go for my gun or reach for Theo. Instead, I mentally counted the seconds to the ball’s next flash and closed my eyes as the ball flared once more. I opened my eyes again, preparing to bring up my gun and gun down my blinded enemy, but it only stood there patiently, a slight smile on its face. Panic and confusion battled for supremacy within me as I looked straight into its unholy orbs. There was a blue sheen that hadn’t been there before. Some kind of built-in eye protection. The damnable thing had adapted. I must have caught it off-guard and ruined its focus, making it drop its masking power. But it was ready for me now.
Desperation guided my decisions now, as I threw the useless orb at the thing and then tried to aim my shotgun. It came right at me, the flash ball bouncing off its emaciated chest as it stepped over Theo and reached for the shotgun. I got off one shot, but the blast went wild and hit only air. Two gray arms gripped the weapon and sent it flying out of my grip and over the side of the vehicle. I froze up, out of ideas and too terrified to think straight as one arm grabbed my neck while two others restrained my arms. I couldn’t believe that something so thin held so much strength. I was pinned in place, its patronizing smile turning sinister as it pulled me close.
We were passing another hillside and out of my peripheral vision I could see a pack of MLs surging toward the road, screaming in an oddly harmonious tone that struck me as a cheer or a show of solidarity, of triumph. They were still too far away to catch us, but they didn’t need to, and they knew it. They were watching their leader punish the ones who had hurt their brethren. They were here to watch me die.
The thing finally opened its mouth, expanding it unnaturally wide, and I could see past its rows of carnivorous teeth, into the back of its throat where a round orifice rimmed with a set of fanged teeth awaited my face. I’m pretty sure I was screaming at that point. All I saw was my worst nightmare preparing to envelop me.
A burst of gunfire broke me out of my paralysis, and caused the creature to close its mouth and recoil away. Baffled, I chanced a look downward and saw Theo holding a pistol in his left hand, yelling in pain and anger as emptied his weapon into the creature’s right knee. The joint held together even as bullet after bullet smashed into it, but the knee quickly grew dented and damaged. Something like pain finally penetrated the creature’s demeanor, and it backed off to cover its wounded leg with two of its arms.
I remembered my own pistol, and in a proud moment of actual competence I pulled it from its holster, flicked off the safety, and opened fire at the creature’s face. I definitely missed more than I hit, but a couple of rounds found its cheeks and caused it to recoil even further, disorienting it. Then the vehicle did a sudden turn as we rounded a steep bend, causing me to topple onto Theo and the creature to topple off the roof.
Theo and I took a long moment to get disentangled from each other, exchanging incredulous looks as we sat up and stared at the road behind us. The creature was already standing up as the rest of the MLs sprinted onto the road and surrounded it. Every one of them stopped in their tracks, giving up pursuit and watching us recede into the forest. Perhaps they were instinctively protecting their leader, or perhaps their master decided it wasn’t worth the effort any longer.
I shared one final stare with the four-armed monstrosity as we cleared another bend and the pack vanished from sight. Despite our successful escape, I felt no cheer. The romantics in life like to believe one can see into the soul of another through their eyes. I don’t know about that – I certainly couldn’t detect souls that way. But I know hate when I see it. I knew that thing hated me, and that it wasn’t ever going to forget my defiance.
I don’t know how far it will carry its hate, but I doubt I’ll ever sleep soundly again.
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