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2020.11.27 15:12 greenandgreener 31 [F4M] Anywhere - Looking for a lifelong, old fashioned relationship

  1. I watched a video clip before I went to bed last night. A cow lost her calf at birth. Her human then drove hours to another farm after he heard that there’s a calf available for adoption. He met with the farm owner, took the calf back to his farm, and introduced the little one to the momma cow. At first he was worried that they might not get along. But the momma cow accepted the little one. Some Redditors asked me for clarification before: “What’s your take on surrogacy?” These people either claimed that they “liked my profile a lot”, or that they “have been wanting to message me for weeks”. The answer’s written in my profile: “Surrogacy goes against my morals.” Kids, to me, are a gift from God. Not necessarily the Christian God, I guess you could say that they are a gift from the Mother Nature. And so if I was infertile, it would be the natural selection at work. Instead of finding ways, say like surrogacy, to go around it, I’d rather accept it. Wanting kids, to me, is not about wanting to pass my genes on. It’s about wanting to raise kids together, with the person I love the most in the entire world. So, to me, raising biological kids and raising adopted kids, are very much the same. People leave because of infertility. In fact people leave because of all sorts of things. I put my take on surrogacy, and my take on other stuff up front, to avoid getting into a situation like that. It’s a long profile, I do know. I did it on purpose. I did it so the majority would avoid contacting me. “She’s kind of a lot of work. Stay away from her.”
  2. Yesterday I watched a video clip on YouTube. A fox was trapped in the football nets. In the comment section a guy said he was in the same situation once. He saw a fox stuck in the nets while he was in the middle of the gym class. He ran to the fox. The teacher told him to come back, or there will be consequences. He didn’t listen, found a pair of scissors, and cut the nets loose. The kid got detention for a week. I wondered what for. Was it because he didn’t listen to what the teacher said? Or was it because he skipped the gym class without the teacher’s consent? Regardless, I think the kid made the right decision not listening. And I know the fox would agree.
What I am looking for -
Short version (there is a long version, with explanation, follows) -
A single, monogamous, adult man who is looking for a lifelong relationship, has time to be in a committed relationship, will become my best friend, is in shape/ not too out of shape, is reasonably healthy, is mentally healthy and stable/ mentally unhealthy and unstable but has been monitoring the progress, mentally available, is a meat eater, is a non smoke rarely smoke, is a non drinke social drinker, is a non drug addict (weed is fine), is a non gambling addict, is a non porn addict, is a virgin/ non virgin but was always responsible to their exes (always wore condoms and never had STDs), is okay with no cohabitation, is okay with no premarital sex, is not into anything kinky, wants kids (biological kids/ adopted kids), is okay with your spouse not taking birth control pills, is okay with your spouse not wearing an IUD, is debt free/ with justifiable debt, is religious/ non religious, is eligible to apply for a passport (and meet each other)
If you do not agree with everything I said above then we are not compatible. “I agreed with most of the things you said.” What does that even mean? I have had enough messages telling me that they do not entirely agree with what I said but would like to see where things go. The answer is nowhere. I do not have time nor do I want to build a castle on sand. I also have had enough messages telling me to reconsider things. I won't.
What I like -
Good food
Hot food
Hot soup
Warm words
Wool yarn
Wool clothing
Names with stories, say like, street names
Dining wares
Old stories - old movies and shows
Good stories - movies, shows and documentaries, books, music with good lyrics
Good arts
Thrift stores
Flea markets
What I am looking for - Long version -
A strictly monogamous relationship that is happy, healthy, supportive, and lasts forever. I am not looking for dick pictures, chat buddies, dirty chat buddies, hookups, love affairs, friends, friends with benefits, sugar daddies, sugar uncles, sugar sons, rebound dating, short-term dating, several years dating, polyamorous, open, or online-only relationships.
Communication - I would make time to talk to my SO every day, and very much prefer so, even just to hear that they are safe and sound. But I would be understanding if they are out in Antarctica and the satellite Internet at the work station does not always work properly, or something like that. I would like to deal with all the hardships in life together as a team. Having arguments in a relationship is somewhat unavoidable. I like straightening things out, right away, in a logical, non violent, and non abusive way. I apologize when I make mistakes. Giving silent treatment is really not my thing. I am not saying that I do not have a temper. I do. I do get angry, but within reason. Keeping promises and being punctual are important to me.
Mental health - The amount of toxicity I could take is arguably higher than average, but please alert me if you are struggling mentally. On a side note, I hope you do not like watching porn. It is a poor choice, and is both physically and psychologically damaging. I am not asking everyone of you to agree with me on this, or any other things I say in this post. Whatever floats your boat, strangers; just let me have the freedom to find whatever I am looking for.
Distance - I am not looking for an online marriage. You could join me here. Or I could go there. A solid plan with solid dates would be needed. Future faking is a fucked up thing to do to another person. If you need nude pictures, phone sex or Skype sex to make a long distance relationship works, I am not the person you are looking for.
Meeting for the first time - I have given this a lot of thoughts, still I do not really know when and where would be good to meet up. We could meet either before we go into a relationship or after. It would probably be fairer for us to fly to a foreign place to meet, it means we would have to trust each other enough to do that. In that case it would make more sense to meet after the relationship has already been established. I think it is doable to fall for someone just by talking. Though I am aware that people are often not who they claimed they are. Those who say they are loyal could be experienced cheaters. But we will see. When in doubt, I ask questions.
Marriage - I have never been married but I would like to get married. The last thing I want is a divorce. The word marriage has sort of become a dirty word now but I am old fashioned. I like relationship labels, and I hope you are the same. A side note, I'm not into having a big wedding. Or a diamond ring. Or to dress fancy for a pre-wedding shoot. The National Gallery of Art has three self portraits of a Hungarian photographer and his wife. I would like to have a wedding like theirs. Which means I would just like to hang out with my SO somewhere, take some pictures ourselves, and call it a wedding. If you never had a proper family, fear not, we would have one on our own. However, having a toxic childhood should not be an excuse for exhibiting toxic behaviors. I would never set myself on fire to keep you warm. It would not help.
Sex - It would be too intimidating if you have had unsafe sex, a lot of sex, or many sexual partners in the past. Premarital sex is off the table. People make fun of those who have never had sex, which I do not get; I do not care and even would very much prefer that, because I would not have to grieve over your past. But, then again, grieving is a part of life. It is alright if you are not a virgin, just do not lie to me about your sexual past. I do not really have a sex drive. Mentally speaking, I would be okay if you never wanted to have sex, I would also be okay if you wanted to have a lot of sex. Because I do not specifically crave for sex; I crave for love. In other word, I count all types of affection as a whole, and sex does not specifically stand out from all the rest. Physically speaking, I would not be compatible with those who have a high sex drive, as I think overindulgence in sex is destructive. Also, I would not be compatible with those who are into kinky sex/ filming sex tapes. There is nothing wrong with those, they are just not my thing. I think having boundaries in bed does not mean I do not love them, or love them less than those who have no boundaries. I would never take birth control pills/ wear an IUD, because they have many side effects that I do not want to deal with. Respect my choices.
Kids - I do not have kids. But I would like to raise kids. Ask yourself, honestly, if you are mature enough, and ready to be a father. "But I am not ready, just yet; there are things I want to achieve before I become a father." Find someone younger, then. I would like to add that I have no reason to doubt my fertility as I take reasonably good care of myself. I have no, and never had any, chronic diseases or illnesses. Am at a healthy weight, somewhat slim even. 5 feet 7 inches tall. In the event that I was infertile, surrogacy would not be an option. It goes against my morals. So, again, think twice. I would like to raise adopted kids, and treat them like they are my biological kids. I would not dump my husband if, he was found to be infertile at any point of the marriage. Technically I would be fine if you do not want to raise kids at all, but providing a home for some orphans is something I could do, and I do not want to pass that on.
Living together - I have always, and still am against the idea of living together before marriage. There is nothing wrong with cohabitation, it is just again not my thing. I would gladly introduce my roommate when I was in school to you if you are worried that I have some weird quirks. I might or might not bribe her before I introduce her to you.
Money - I am not rich, and was not born rich, but I have no debts. Never had debts. I am aware that some debts are justifiable, like student loan. I worked in the academia. I just started doing something new, related to my field of study, and that makes me happy. Whether you are a postdoc, or a high school drop out, makes no difference to me. For those who think that throwing me a sentence like “I am a lawyer” would be enough to make me talk, have some self respect. I am fine with my Reddit inbox collects only dust.
Religion - I suppose I have always been mostly an agnostic. My parents sent me to a Christian middle school, then a Christian high school. It would be great if you are a God believer and do not mind me being a non religious person. We could read Bible together. It would also be great if you are a non religious person but follow traditional values.
Smoking, drinking and doing drugs - I do not smoke cigarettes. Or vape. Or whatever. I do not do soft/ hard drugs. Have no past addictions. I do not take over-the-counter drugs even. I do not drink alcohol. If you drink responsibly, then I do not have a problem with that.
Dietary choices - I am an omnivore. Have no food allergies. Please be a meat eater. I do not want to get into an argument with you over a tuna egg sandwich I make for our kids. I would not raise my kids vegan. They should be able to make their own choices when they are old enough. I like cooking quite a bit. Would learn to cook all your favorite dishes.
Pets - I do not have any pets.
Gaming - I do not gamble. I have never played any video or computer games. Game soundtracks though I do often pay attention to.
Tattoos - Sure, why not?
Earrings - Why not? I would buy you earrings.
Long hair - Why not? I would braid your hair when you are asleep, though.
Politics - I am against communism, and totalitarianism. Trump 2020. Please read my reddit history. I pretty much stopped using this account altogether, except posting on Foreveralonedating, because this account has 33 male followers, and that is creepy, and makes me feel very uncomfortable. But my reddit history should give you a hint on what kind of a person I am. (Update: 68 followers now, which shows you how disgusting and creepy some, if not most, men on this site are.)
P.S. This is Reddit, a wonderful yet utterly dangerous place, strangers. Especially for women. So many people prey on the weak. Even scammers would tell you that “you are everything I have been looking for since forever”. Canned messages are easy to spot, because I am smarter than you imagined. There were people who messaged me from throwaway accounts, which I noticed later filled with porn posts. Accounts with no post history are fishy. Anyhow at some point let's do a photo verification. Maybe we could take a selfie while holding a piece of paper with something like "Today's February 33 1920" written on it. Thank you all for sending me a selfie right off the bat. But I do not trust you enough to click on it. Also please do not ask me to talk to you over the phone/ do a video chat with you right off the bat. If you absolutely do not know what to write, check out "pinned post II", there's a list of 30 questions. I talk to one person, if ever there was one, at a time.
TL;DR - I am a non religious person who holds traditional values and beliefs, which for obvious reasons give me a hard time these days. If you see this post, message me, no matter when.
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2020.11.27 00:40 bigpoppapump88 Mother & son nude

The controversial subreddit FemaleDatingStrategy on numerous occasions have spoke about Indian men. They often spoke in an generalizing patronizing tone drenched in misandry. On the otherside, some of the criticism are valid and can be used in a constructive manner. Here is an exposure of some of the comments that they have made from the following posts:
- Be prepared to have a lifetime of non-orgasmic sex and be ready to be sl*t shamed to the highest level incase you demand anything or masturbate. Men think sex is something humiliating and derogatory done to women.
- This is it. Every brown dude I know is a LVM who cannot do basic chores
- Desi men basically just want to marry a hot and young version of their mothers. They do nothing for themselves or anyone else. Most of them grow older but don't know how to adult or develop any beneficial life skills. God forbid if you have a leaky toilet or need some shelves put up, you need to work extra hard to save $$ because desi men are essentially useless when it comes to fixing anything.
- As an Indian woman, I could not agree more. I stay away from Indian men like the plague. If it’s not him (in rare instances) it will be the mother in law or his other family members.
- The two high value men I know are in my family, one is my older cousin. -He helps his wife with housework/cooking and takes her on date nights and stuff -Does not have a temper at all, really nice guy -very active in his children’s lives with school and extracurriculars -knows how to fix everything!!! Carpentry, pipes, etc -takes care of himself and his appearance.
- Then I met an India-born man here in the US who seemed like a HVM unicorn. Well-educated, dream job, bespoke suits, amazing and generous in bed, owns his own condo that looks great and is very clean. Seems great right? Nope. The entitlement that Indian culture breeds in their men is horrible and never goes away.
- He started negging me and I became his emotional dumping ground. He had no boundaries with his mom. I also noticed that he was very comfortable with lying for his own ends. Everything revolved around him, he was literally incapable of understanding other people’s POV.
After a year of being his emotional punching bag and feeling my own health decline, I finally got him to enter therapy and fucking left.
- Indian men are the worst. Every time a creep has traumatized me with nude photos of their unwashed genitals, it's either Indian men or the men from my country.
- Honestly as a fellow brown girl ....girl...THIS . The extent to which you're expected to suffer for the men in your life is just gross and ridiculous. How dare we have a voice or anything that is an inkling of independence. Not only will you be beaten, there will never even be an acknowledgement of your feelings. Indian men don't understand consent. This culture doesn't allow for it. I say this as a rape survivor. They also believe in having multiple partners but only for themselves ofc. The wife must be dutiful, and if she knows about the extramarital affair, it is bc of "her inadequacy." Indian men have hurt me so much in my life.
- They don't teach them that women are humans. Right from pornified Bollywood movies to misogynistic religious shitheads, Indian men are taught that women are "items" to be taken by force and sex is something humiliating, derogatory and dominating thing done to a woman.
- This was a great post! As a Indian woman I completely agree. Indian males are a bunch of gross, perverted, low value males. I'd rather be alone for the rest of my life than marry one. Mothers of sons are the worst pickmes I have ever met. One of them I know irl literally defended r*pe. Don't even bother entertaining an Indian male, here or abroad. 99% of them are lvms.
- I remember when my old roommate traveled to India for vacation and came back with her tour guide from the trip as her boyfriend. He was the most demeaning, cruel, and had zero respect for women.
- I'm half Indian too but even I am happy I was born in Jamaica and not India, it's like a subculture of manchildren over there.
- the six indian men currently in my DMS are offering me money just to text them back and this title is what i’m going to send to shame them lmao
- I've had a couple of really good looking Indian guys try to chat me up on ODS. Many of them looked like they were wealthy too. Still a big hell no from me and I never respond to them. I'm sure there are some Indian men who aren't misogynists but I have yet to meet one.
- Brown men in general are so gross and sexist. Very very few are decent. Most I’ve met either actively or passively hate women.
- I'm a first gen immigrant Indian, moved to the US in my teens. As a freshman in college I exclusively dated Indian men (because parents expected it, I suppose). And boy does this ring true. First college bf was stalking me for months before I was actually introduced to him at some social event. Second college bf was so bitter about our breakup he wrote an ebook about it..Both were terrible in bed, not very well endowed, poor physical fitness and generally unwilling to learn or do anything for the woman.
Also the sexual repression almost invariably makes these men turn to porn addiction. They are absolutely brain-washed by sexualized images and have an unhealthy fetish for white/blonde women (white women, be careful of these men)
Now I am married to an American/white man. Easily the best relationship of my life. He is respectful, attentive and does not put me down every chance he gets. He works out and eats well. We do equal chores at home, split bills proportionate to our salaries. My parents absolutely love him. I had to go against a lot of family aunties raising eyebrows and such, but it was was worth it.
- I’ve dated a few Indian men, all disappointments. Gaslighters, narcissists, emotionally unavailable, unreliable. I had brown men in my last career (finance) think they’re more capable than me just by being men. I’m out on brown men... it was nice to have that validated my maternal grandfather who agreed I was too good for Indian men.

I want to put this out so now we really know what they think about us? So what do you guys think?
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2020.11.24 01:53 Voodoo_Clerk My Employee the Voodoo Puppet (Part 4)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 5
My, my, my. I’m sure many of you are very concerned about Travis. But don’t be. He’s safely suspended from the stage where I left him. Just let him have some rest and let King Creole have a chance at talking to y’all. I must say, many of you seem to hate me. Maybe even despise me for kicking little ol’ Travis like he’s a puppy. Some in particular are very hostile to me.
And I can understand that. You’ve all been hearing from a biased source after all. I would hate me as well. But why should I care about what any of you think? After all, you are some of the people that turned my puppet against me after all. Started planting all of those doubts into his little mind. Think about that, if faceless creatures started planting doubts in something you care about.
But I don’t hold grudges! Especially with possible future clients. Travis has been rather good at detailing what working for me once looked like. And of course, you know the tragic story of Charles Sumner. But Travis is leaving a big hole in the story. Something that for some reason he didn’t say. And that concerns the sweet Ms. Elizabeth. Or has she liked to be called, Liz. From his account, I forced him to take the young Ms. Liz down into the basement and turned her into a doll. I did that, I won’t deny my beautiful work after all. But he didn’t tell all of you what happened shortly after I tied her down.
Now if you recall I had been very rudely shot several times in the face by the young Liz. Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly happy about this situation. But I was not one to worry over such trivial situations. Travis stood dutifully next to me as my body healed itself. Liz thrashed and yelled out for Travis to help her. But the strings kept him docile and under my control.
“Travis, be a good boy and look away for this part. We must be respectful of the young lady.” I hummed as I produced a knife from my suit pocket. Travis was forced to turn around by the strings and be kept still as I sliced off Liz’s clothes. Some may think me a pervert but I assure you all that I take no pride in doing such things to a woman. It simply makes the process easier if she is nude. Finishing up with that I made my way over to Travis.
“Anything else, sir?” He asked me in that cheery tone I love so much. His button eyes looked into mine and I knew in his mind he was wishing he could do what Henry and his thugs did to me a hundred times over. But now he was safely under my control.
“Just stay here while I get the necessary materials.” I smiled, patting him on his back and heading to the corner to grab some pieces of porcelain. Making sure that whore was in her proper place in the corner. I knew the whole time she and Travis were planning a way of escape, but I was confident enough that it would fail, and I was interested to see where it would all go wrong.
As I gathered the pieces of porcelain I needed I heard Ms. Liz let out a loud scream. I looked over confused and saw Travis climbing on top of her. For a moment I thought I had lost control over him. But I still felt the strings connected to my fingers. So what was he doing? More importantly, why wasn’t he standing in place as I told him to do?
“Travis! Just what in the hell do you think you’re doing?” I shouted at him. Standing up and walking over to him. Grabbing him from the shoulder and yanking him back I saw that a grin was on his face. Not unlike the one, he wore when I had control over him. But this time there was something sick about it.
“I’m silencing this bitch!” He said with some giggles. I looked over him and saw that he had taken a decent chunk of flesh out of her shoulder. Disgusted at him ruining my canvas I beat him over the head with my cane. Kicking him off the girl and quickly fusing some porcelain to her wound so she wouldn’t bleed out before I could have some fun with her. Looking over at Travis I raised my cane again to strike him, but he simply stood up and waited at the table. A blank look over his face as he stared at Liz on the table.
“Travis?” I asked him, stepping closer and waving my hand in front of his button eyes. Raising a brow at his inaction. I shrugged, however. He seemed domesticated enough so I went about with my plans. The rest of Travis' story is true. I did smash Liz in front of him and leave him there. Although there’s a reason I believe he said it was all his fault.
If you recall after I had turned him into my very own puppet he said he was losing his sanity. Why do you think he stopped bringing that up? Travis was held in my shop for a very long time. And was not allowed to sleep. In fact, he still isn’t allowed to sleep. So how does he say he keeps falling asleep? He doesn’t I’m afraid. I must admit this to you all fair readers. It would seem Travis has developed a fun side to himself. Do you need more proof? I admit you must think of me as the least reliable source after all.
I didn’t kill Travis’ mother. Quite a bold claim, eh? Travis breezed past his mother’s warnings of rain. Said that the last words were that he loved her? A sweet sentiment. Of course, it didn’t end that way. I and my mother arrived just as Travis ran out of the house on a mission to somewhere. Probably some failed way of getting rid of me. Needless to say, he had broken down the door in his attempt to escape his own house. If he hadn’t been in such a hurry to enter the house he would’ve noticed it was broken out of, not in too.
Stepping inside with my mother it was obvious to see a struggle had broken out in the house. Making my way into the kitchen I raised a brow as I found his mother’s lifeless body on the floor. Now there was something I wasn’t expecting. You all thought I had killed her? Have I had any reason to do so? She asked me for nothing, she had not harmed me before. Yes, I wanted to do it to punish Travis. But didn’t I say I’d do it in front of him? Where is the fun in him arriving to find her dead already?
Kneeling over her head, I placed a hand on her and gave her some temporary life. Trying to find out from her what had happened. Her eyes sprang to life and looked around the house frantically. I looked at her with a chuckle. Waiting for her to calm down and reveal what her last words were.
“Travis? It’s so cold...So cold...It’s so dark and cold outside...put on a sweater. What are you doing?! Ahhh!” She screamed at me. Now that really brought my attention up. If Travis was the last person she talked to. And we had just seen Travis run out of the house. It doesn’t take a detective to figure this one out, does it? I brought the findings to my mother and she confirmed my thoughts.
“Why would he kill his own mother? After saving them from you?’ She asked, handing me back the head which had since fallen silent. I shrugged back at her and set the severed head back down. It didn’t make much sense to me. But it did the more I thought back to it.
“Momma? Is it bad that I refused to allow Travis to sleep?” I asked her. As she was the one who created the way to keep my body alive and my soul kept inside said body. She looked at me for a second and then to the head on the table.
“Charles. Don’t tell me you did that to the boy? You know very well what happens when a resurrected body is left to think for itself for so long.” She sighed, taking a seat on Travis’ surprisingly nice furniture. I shrugged and looked away.
“I thought he didn’t deserve to sleep,” I explained. How was I supposed to know that Travis was going to end up growing an insane personality? Mother sighed and thought for a while before looking at me.
“We have to keep him alive a bit longer, son.” She finally said. “I know you want your revenge and you’ll get that, my love. But for now, we need to make sure he doesn’t screw with any Loa and undo everything I worked so very hard for.” She said, standing up and wrapping her arms around me.
“Fine. But I at least get to use him in performance for you.” I said with a smile. To which I got a happy nod. So we waited for Travis to come back for wherever it was he was going. And when he did, he ended up lighting my pants on fire and booking it. Shame. He’s a slippery salamander. I admire that in him.
Do you really think I’m lying? Fair enough. But let me ask you this. Why would I only cut off her head? Where is the fun and showmanship in that? Why didn’t I turn her into a living voodoo doll? Or bring her back to life to attack him? A simple decapitation is simply too boring and unoriginal for me. King Creole takes great pride in his work.
This must be hard for y’all to hear. And I understand that. You’ve grown attached to him. Like a puppy. But any feral or rabid dog must be put down. And I intend to do so. What’s wrong with him? To the best, I can piece together is that he blacks out and this violent personality takes over. It happens suddenly, just like when I cornered him in his house with Alexandra.
After he had thrown me against the walls of his kitchen he then turned to Alexandra. Who confusingly looked at him. Then let out a scream as he attacked her. He lurched towards her and nearly took a chunk of her arm off. Luckily the woman was able to grab a pot and strike him in the head. Sending him into my arms as he slipped into unconsciousness.
“Thank you, Alexandra. I always knew you were a good girl.” I said with a chuckle as I patted his head. She watched as I set him down and approached her. She lifted the pot to hit me next, but I raised my hands to show her I meant no harm. “Easy. I’ll let you stay with Olivia.” I chuckled.
“How on Earth do you think I can believe that.” She said with the pot still firmly held in her hands. Then I pointed down to the voodoo puppet at my feet. She hesitantly lowered the pot but still put some distance between her and me.
“Let’s just say lil ol’ Travis isn’t right in the head currently.” I said with a chuckle, pushing my hat up and brushing the bangs out of my buttons. “Have you noticed that?” I asked with a smile, looking down at the floor and putting my foot on his head to keep him down on the floor just in case.
“I...thought it was just grief.” She mumbled, stepping back and sitting down in one of the kitchen chairs. Face in her hands as she let out an exhausted sigh. “He locked himself in the bathroom. First I thought it was just crying but then he started throwing and ripping things apart inside there. And well, his mother’s head certainly put some doubts in my mind.” She said, rubbing her arm and avoiding the gaze from me.
“Figured as much. I’ll take him off your hands.” I said with a toothy grin. The feeling of the stitches in my mouth about to rip is a feeling that makes others worry, but it makes me want to smile more. Just to see how far they go until they burst. Sorry for getting off track there!
“No! Keep your hands off him.” She declared, picking up that pot again and about to hit me. Until little Ms. Olivia came running and hugged me by the legs. I looked down at her and smiled as I rubbed her head.
“Don’t hurt him, mommy!” She shouted, gripping my leg tightly and refusing to let me go. Despite her mother’s protest. She looked at me in defeat and lowered her weapon in defeat. Chuckling I picked her up and balanced her against my hip.
“My knight in shining armor.” I joked happily. Tapping her on the nose and smiling at her as she giggled. Wiping some tears from her eyes. Yes bringing back her old mother was a low blow. But it was the only way to get them out of the house and protect Olivia. I would never hurt a child.
“I will stop you. And save Travis.” Alexandra mumbled to me. Coming over and snatching the girl from me. Keeping her close and putting distance from me. I shrugged and grabbed Travis by the hair and started dragging him away. “I’m sorry Travis.” She said sadly as I dragged him away. If I still had eyes I would’ve rolled them. She cares far too much for him. I gave her a second chance to raise a child and now she wants another one. Give a mouse a cookie, eh?
From my findings, it seems that Travis’ murderous personality is quite the sadist. From just hanging up there on stage I can examine his words and his actions. He can’t do much swinging and hanging up there but he certainly has the mouth on him. It’s pretty easy to tell when it’s Travis talking and when it’s his more fun side talking. His more fun side has the voice of him under my control.
“Sir? Will you let me down so I may have my fun?” He asks me. Gnashing his teeth at the strings suspending him. He thrashes around and demands to be released. He wants to have his fun. He clearly has some issues that he wants to let out.
“Tell me something, Travis my boy.” I asked, walking around him on the stage. Going over and sitting at my piano. Playing some scales to ensure that I will never lose my skills. He craned his head to look at me, the stitches on his neck nearly breaking at that angle. “How’d you kill your mother?”
“Oh! That’s a fun story, sir!” He said with a happy noise I can best describe as a ‘squee’. I smiled at that and continued to play. Letting him relay the fun little details of the action. “I was on my way to some graveyard when my momma told me to put on a sweater. Since it was so cold and gonna rain or something like that.” He shrugged, the best he could being suspended from the strings on his arms and feet.
“And what did you do?” I asked, giving the keys a nice flourish to get the details out of him.
“Well, I went into the kitchen where she was and grabbed a big ol’ kitchen knife. I grabbed her by the hair and drove the knife into her neck! She let out a scream but I think the knife caused her to stop talking! So right after that I grabbed the knife and just hacked away at her!” He said with the giddiness of a naughty child. I rather enjoy this side of Travis.
“My, and to think you believed I would do something so crass and unsightly.” I said with a chuckle. Ending my little practice session and walking up to him. Having the strings lower him so that I could meet him button to button I saw that there was the same kind of bloodlust that I first had when I had killed Henry and his thugs. Seems that when you're first brought back to life and you aren’t properly taken care of some, unexpected results can happen.
Well, momma never said her method was perfect. I bet most of you still don’t believe me. But I issue a challenge to all of you. Pay careful attention to the next upload. I’ll give Travis his little cellphone and he’ll be able to update y’all. If at any time you see that Travis seems to be suddenly in a different location or talking to a person for a second, and then they’re dead the next.
You’ll know I was right.
That’s all from King Creole folks!
I look forward to seeing what lil ol’ Travis has cooked up for me.
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You may know the name Laci Peterson, but do you know the names of the other women missing from Northern California? Around the time that pregnant Laci Peterson went missing, it has often been said that five other women pregnant women went missing from the Modesto area… But is this really the case?
Few months ago, I did an extensive two-part write-up on the case of Laci Peterson, a young pregnant woman from Modesto, California who was murdered by her husband Scott Peterson in 2002. For whatever reason this case has stayed in the public eye for almost two decades and although her husband is behind bars waiting execution for the murders of Laci and her unborn son, rumors still swirl online that Scott Peterson is innocent and was railroaded Modesto Police Department and the rabid media. If you are interested in this specific case, I would suggest you read my two-part right up which you can find here. and
In case you are unaware here's a brief rundown of Laci Peterson's case. Laci Rocha Peterson was 27 years old 2002. She was married to a 30-year-old man named Scott Peterson and the couple was expecting a baby in February of 2003. Christmas Eve 2002 Laci Peterson went missing and her husband Scott soon came under suspicion. Within days Scott was the prime suspect in Laci’s disappearance. The case of the pregnant mom to be and her handsome husband soon became a media sensation that garnered more attention than anyone ever would have expected. Within a couple of months, it emerged that Scott had had a number of affairs and was uninterested in being a father. Several years later he was convicted for the murder of his wife and son. Laci's body washed up on the shores of the San Francisco Bay less than a mile from where Scott Peterson was fishing on that fateful Christmas Eve, nearly 100 miles from the Petersons’’ home. Due to the passage of time only Laci's torso was found.
For reasons that are somewhat unclear to me, Scott has hundreds or even thousands of supporters online who are convinced of his innocence. Scott's family has paid for several documentaries to be made (Such as the ID network’s “The Murder of Laci Peterson”) that have painted Scott in a good light and made the jury and investigators look like bumbling idiots. Even though Scott has been in jail for 16 years, his supporters still rally around him and create Facebook pages, Innocence websites, petitions, and even primetime documentaries to tout his innocence.
One of their favorite things to bring up is the fact that five pregnant women went missing from the Modesto area within a couple of years Laci going missing. Many Scott supports have claimed that there was clearly a serial killer or a cult targeting pregnant women in the area and that this should create reasonable doubt regarding the guilt of Scott Peterson. Some defenders of Scott have even gone so far to say that all the women missing have similar characteristics. One Facebook page claims that all the missing women were pregnant and Hispanic or Hispanic- passing, like Laci*. On one of the Petersons’ family websites, it claims that many of the women were found in water, and were health conscious as well. If all these things were true, a serial killer would have be considered as a possibility in Laci’s case.
*Just to clarify, Laci was full Portuguese and passed for Hispanic. Her missing flyer even had to note that she was white, but did not look white.
The case discussed most extensively online is the case of Evelyn Fernandez whose headless body was also found washed up on the shores of San Francisco Bay. Various articles and documentaries have talked about the similarities between Evelyn's case and Laci's case, but they also point to these five, other mysterious women who went missing in Modesto during the same timeframe. Evelyn's case has gotten some media attention due to documentaries but it didn't seem like the other women had their stories documented anywhere.
The discovery of Evelyn’s case with circumstances which were so similar to Laci Peterson's disappearance, has also reminded people that attractive, white (or white looking), middle-class women get more media coverage than anyone else. The cases of people such as Evelyn fall by the wayside, meanwhile Laci's case is remembered decades later. And what about the other women? Surely, they deserve some attention as well.
Today, I planned on remembering the women that didn't get the media attention while also looking into the similarities and differences between these women’s cases and the case of Laci's murder, but I discovered something that I did not expect. These pregnant women so often talked about in documentaries and online simply don’t exist.
As many of us know, intimate partner violence is a major problem all over the world. Sadly pregnant women are more likely to be abused or killed by partner than non-pregnant women. Some studies have even shown that homicide is one of the leading causes of death for pregnant people. Most of the time the woman's current or ex romantic partner, and usually the father of the child she is carrying, is the perpetrator of these crimes. When I sat down to write this piece I expected to find stories that fit this scenario, however, this wasn’t the case.
The only information I could find was information on Evelyn and Laci. Begrudgingly, I decided to use the list on (which stands For Scott is Innocent), and I found a list of 20 women on this website who the author (Scott’s family and the SPA team) claimed disappeared under similar circumstances to Laci “near” Modesto. However, as I began exploring these cases it quickly became apparent that a majority of the missing persons cases bore no resemblance at all the disappearance and murder of Laci Peterson. And the term “near Modesto” simply meant in California or Washington state. Most of the cases mentioned on the website are solved. But most importantly, some of the women on the list do not even exist and the citations provided for them are websites that don’t work or articles that don’t exist.
Some of the women listed were missing at one point but have since been found alive (1 or 2). Another group were women who were missing at one point but whose cases have now been solved (4). Some cases are mostly solved, but remain unprosecuted (6-7). A fourth group of women on the list, completely do not exist (6, although 2 appear to be a simple mistake). In other words only 4 or 5 of these cases have the potential to be related to the murder of Laci Peterson. Only three women on the list came from Modesto, none of whom were pregnant and two of the cases happened in the 1980s, decades before Laci vanished.
The people on this list come from different backgrounds, regions, races, and ages. Some were mothers or grandmothers, others were high schoolers. As far as I can tell, the five mysterious women who are all pregnant and missing from Modesto never existed. This false piece of information has been spread by Scott Peterson’s supporters for years. Not only is the narrative of a serial killer stalking the area false, it is incredibly rude and disrespectful to these women who have passed on. The Peterson family are using people’s daughters’, mothers’, and friends’ stories to create a false narrative in order to exonerate Scott Peterson, a family annihlator, who is exactly where he needs to be. Let’s look at these cases that are supposed to “prove” that pregnant women were going missing from the Modesto area. All names are taken from the SII website.
Jeannine Sanchez Harms of Los Gatos, California (90 miles from Modesto) went missing in July, 2001 after a night out. The 42 year old worked at a computer company and was not pregnant. Harms case was cold for a few years but has since been solved. Her killer, a spurned lover of Jeannine’s, has since passed away and the case is considered solved and closed.
Toni Clark of San Francisco was a senior in high school and a talented athlete in 1990. Clark was driving home one night when she was struck from behind by another vehicle and presumably flew into the San Francisco bay. Her body was never recovered and she is assumedly decreased. The driver of the other car was tried for vehicular manslaughter but was not convicted as Toni’s body was missing and the jury felt that the no one could prove that Toni had actually died. Toni was about six weeks pregnant at the time. Her case is tragic, but law enforcement believes it was nothing more than a fatal car crash.
Karen Modaffi is one of the women listed on but she doesn’t exist.
Kristen Smart, a Cal Poly student was a college freshman when she was last seen. She was not pregnant and lived 217 miles from Modesto. The main suspect in her case is a man named Paul Flores who was found to be in possession of some of Smart’s bloodied jewelry. He has never been charged in her case. Law enforcement has confirmed that this case is not related to Laci’s case.
Tera Smith was 16 years old and not pregnant in 1998 when she vanished from Redding, California, 250 miles north of Modesto. The blonde high schooler left her home one day to break up with her boyfriend- a married 29-year-old father. She never returned home and her body has never been found. Tera’s boyfriend was sentenced for statutory rape due to Tera’s age but has never been charged with her murder or disappearance. It is considered closed.
Heather Marie Carpenter was 22 years old in Aug 2003 when she attended a party, doomed to be her last. Carpenter was living in Redding (a five-hour drive from Modesto) and was not pregnant at the time of her death. Patrick Michael Larmour confessed to killing Carpenter and was sent to prison. The case is solved and closed.
Angelina Evans was last seen in Sacramento in May 2001 when she was 26 years old. She was seven to eight months pregnant. She went for a walk, and was never seen again. Very little information is available; however, the case does bear a resemblance to Laci Peterson’s story.
According to, Consuelo Lomeli, was apparently 8 months pregnant when she last seen in 2002 in Tulare, California. She apparently disappeared with three or four of her children. However, I can find no information on this case. The only place their names are mentioned at all are on a Charley Project blog post comment section with no additional information. It appears she was found alive. This case does not exist.
Guadalupe Areias like Consuelo above was apparently 8 months pregnant when she was last seen 11/26/2001 Longview, WA. However, this person again does not exist.
→ A little digging has led me to believe that Guadalupe they meant to mention was actually Guadalupe Castro who disappeared in Washington state after going to meet with her estranged husband, Gergorio. Sadly, Guadalupe and her older daughter Agueda age 3, have never been located. Gregorio fled the area and has not been seen since shortly after the disappearance of his family. He is considered the prime suspect.
Jeanette Gomez Espeleta of Fullerton, California, a five-hour drive from Modesto, was last seen in November 1998. She was 8 months pregnant. Jeanette was excited to be a mom and had a baby shower planned when she went missing. Jeanette’s ex-boyfriend who was purportedly the father of her unborn child, confessed to killing her and dumping her body in the ocean. He took investigators to the place he dumped her body and although her body was not recovered, he is in prison and the case is considered closed.
Ornaith Murphy and her husband Kieran Murphey were both last seen 12/16/2001 aboard their vessel Sola III which was docked in Jack London Square, near Oakland. The couple were both Irish nationals in their 50s. Ornaith was not pregnant. She and her husband are believed to be lost at sea or victims of a murder suicide. Either way this case does not bear resemblance to Laci’s murder in any way shape or form.
Wendy Jamie Abrams-Nishikai was last seen in Berkeley in 1989. She was not pregnant at the time. Very little information is available.
Amparo Aguilar, age approximately 18, was purportedly last seen in 1999 East Palo Alto. Very little information is available. This woman may be no longer missing, meaning that this case, does not exist.
Kristen Modafferi went missing June 23rd 1997 in San Francisco. She was attending summer classes at UC Berkeley and she was not pregnant at the time. Kristen’s case is odd but there is a prime suspect in her case.
Kathy Irene Sweet, 32, had been dead only a few hours when a Stanislaus County sheriff's deputy found her nude body inside a pickup parked in a north Modesto almond orchard Jan. 14, 1998. She was not pregnant at the time of her death. Her death is believed to be homicide but no other information is available besides one Facebook post from the California DOJ. This case in Modesto bears little resemblance to Laci’s case.
Teiaar Nakea Rowe of Stockton, California was 24 years old when a farm worker found her body dumped in an almond orchard. Teiaar was not pregnant when she passed away. The only information on her case is one Facebook post, and one find a grave memorial.
Lynsie Ekelund, was a physically disabled college student in her early 20s when she disappeared from Placentia, California a six-hour drive from Modesto. She was not pregnant. Her 2001 disappearance was solved after a confession from a man named Christopher Michael McAmis who led investigators to her body. Her case is considered solved and closed.
Ruth Bender, 33, was last seen getting into a green van at the Greyhound bus station in Modesto in 1986, according to the but his woman does not exist.
→ I believe the woman they tried to profile was actually 15-year-old Susan Robin Bender who went missing in Modesto after getting into someone’s car in 1986. Susan was acquainted with Loren Hertzog, a serial killer and he is presumed to be her killer. An old friend of Susan’s is also a suspect.
Ruth Leamon, 16, went to a Modesto store for a soda in 1982 and never returned. Like Susan, Ruth knew Loren Herzog and he is presumed to be her killer. Leamon was not pregnant when she went missing. Herzog and his accomplice, Wesley Shermantain were in jail at the time of Laci’s disappearance.
Evelyn Hernandez - See information below. Law Enforcement has a prime suspect and the case is considered solved, but not closed.
All in all, four of the women’s cases are solved and closed (Lynsie Ekelund, Jeanette Gomez Espeleta, Jeannine Sanchez Harms, and Heather Carpenter). Seven cases are not closed but have been practically solved (Tera Smith, Ruth Leamon, Susan Bender, Kristen Smart, Kristen Modafferi, and Toni Clark). Five cases-Karen Modaffi, Consuelo Lomeli, Guadalupe Areias, Ruth Bender, and Amparo Aguilar-do not exist at all. Aguilar and Lomeli may have been located alive. Ornaith died at sea in what was most likely an accident.
The only cases that are unsolved are, Teiaar Nakea Rowe, Kathy Sweet, and Angelina Evans, Wendy Abrams-Nishikai, and of course Evelyn Hernandez. Let’s take a closer look.
The Unsolved
Teiaar Rowe was found dead in Stockton, California in an almond orchard. Rowe was 24 or 25 years old at the time. She was clad in only a black-and-white skirt. Detectives said they believe someone dumped Teiaar Nakea Rowe's body in an orchard after killing her elsewhere. The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department located Rowe's car in south Stockton. Rowe left behind a husband, four siblings, and several children. Her cause of death was stabbing. Rowe was a similar age to Laci, but she was not pregnant. Rowe was also African American and she was not found in or near the water. If you have any information on Rowe’s case, please call the San Joaquin county sheriff’s office cold case unit at (209) 468-5087.
Kathy Irene Sweet was found dead inside her boyfriend’s truck in north Modesto in 1998. Kathy’s boyfriend has been questioned and partially cleared by the sheriff’s office. Sweet was in her 30s at the time of death. Sweet also used the name Kathy Irene Meadows and sometimes went by the name Cindy. She was not pregnant, she was white, and she was not in water. Tragically, there is only one Facebook post on this case; that is the only information available. Please call Stanislaus area crime stoppers at 209-521-4636 if you have information on this crime.
Angelina Evans was 26 years old when she was last seen in Sacramento, California in May, 2001. From the Charley Project,
“Witnesses saw Evans get into a pickup truck painted black with primer. She has never been heard from again. Evans's family members told authorities that it is uncharacteristic of her to leave without warning. A baby was abandoned shortly after Evans was reported missing, leading to speculation that she was the child's mother. That theory has never been confirmed. Evans's case remains unsolved. Evans's family says she was associating with a rough crowd at the time of her disappearance. She is a Hiram Johnson High School dropout who left behind five children when she disappeared. She was living in a motel on Stockton Boulevard in Sacramento.”
Like Laci, Angelina was pregnant and in her mid-20s. However, she is not Hispanic or Hispanic passing nor was she found in water. Angelina was believed to be a doe who was found in a burnt-out dumpster in June, 2001, but DNA has ruled it out. If you have any information about Angelina’s disappearance please call the Sacramento Police Department at 916-264-7895 or 916-264-5655. This case unlike the others is somewhat similar to Laci’s case.
Wendy Jamie Abrams-Nishikai, age 21 was a UC Berkeley student with a young daughter. Wendy was last seen on Halloween 1989. She was not pregnant at the time. Although her race is listed as white, she could pass for other races such as Asian or Hispanic/Latina. Abrams-Nishikai is still missing and very little information is available in her case. If you have information please contact the Berkeley Police Department at 510-981-5938.
Evelyn Hernandez- For years, Evelyn has been called the other Laci. Her case was first compared to Laci’s case by attorney Matt Dalton who was briefly a member of Scott Peterson’s defense team.
Evelyn Hernandez was an immigrant from El Salvador who was living in San Francisco in 2002. She was 24 years old and had a five-year-old son named Alexis who she was raising on her own. Alexis’ father was a man in a navy who Evelyn had briefly dated but he was no longer in Evelyn or Alexis’ lives. By age 24 Evelyn was working in the medical profession and was dating a mechanic named Herman Aguilera. Evelyn was 39 weeks pregnant in May 2002, when she was last seen at a convenience store near her boyfriend’s home. Some sources say she was last seen at her son’s school on the same day. At the time Evelyn had just discovered that Herman, the man she had been seeing for quite some time, was actually married. According to family members, Herman was upset that Evelyn was pregnant and told his friends that he didn’t want another child. On May 7th, 2002 Herman reported Evelyn and Alexis missing. In July a pair of legs and a torso washed up on the shore of the Bay only a few blocks from Aguilera’s work place. DNA testing showed that the body was Evelyn’s. Herman immediately “lawyered up” and his wife provided him with a rock-solid alibi. Herman has since left the area but law enforcement has always considered him the prime suspect in the murder of Evelyn and the disappearance of her son Alexis. Tragically, the body of Evelyn’s full-term baby boy, Fernando, has never been located. Please call the San Francisco Police Department at 415-553-1071 if you have any information.
This story is all too tragic, and the parallels to Laci’s case are astounding. Evelyn and Laci were about the same age. Both women were hugely pregnant. Both were recovered from San Francisco Bay, headless and armless. But most importantly, neither appear to be the work of a cult or serial killer, rather both were most likely victims of domestic violence. Evelyn’s case may mirror the case of Laci but it does not prove that pregnant women were disappearing without a trace. Besides this story, none of the other women disappeared or died in circumstances similar to Laci Peterson.
Let’s look now at the cases of the pregnant women
Toni Clark died it was likely a tragic car accident in San Francisco, 90 miles from Modesto.
Guadalupe Castro was last seen in Washington state, 1000s of miles from Modesto, and her husband is most likely to blame.
Jeanette Gomez Espeleta’s case has been solved. Again, her boyfriend was perpetrator. And she lived in San Diego area, not anywhere near Modesto.
Angelina Evans’ case is a little like Laci’s but there is not enough evidence to know anything for sure.
Evelyn Fernandez’s case is similar to Laci’s but her boyfriend is the most likely suspect.
What about those in Modesto?
Kathy Sweet was not pregnant and was in her 30s when she was found dead in Modesto. Very little is known about this case- but it doesn’t bear any resemblance to Laci’s disappearance and murder.
Susan Robin Bender age 15 from Modesto went missing in Modesto after getting into someone’s car in 1986 at the bus station. Susan was not pregnant. Susan was acquainted with Loren Hertzog and Wesley Shermaintine, a serial killer pair who are presumed to be her killers. An old friend of Susan’s is also a suspect. (Shermantine and Herzog, the Speed Freak Killers, were in jail at the time of Laci’s disappearance.)
Ruth Leamon, 16, went to a Modesto store for a soda in 1982 and never returned. Like Susan Ruth knew Loren Herzog and he is presumed to be her killer. Leamon was not pregnant when she went missing. She is also white and the case does not resemble Laci’s case
In conclusion, I set out to write up the cases of the missing pregnant women from the Modesto area but instead I discovered something stranger. After reading about all these people and looking into the unsolved cases, I think it is safe to say that the missing, pregnant Modesto women don’t exist and the outcry about a serial killer being involved in the murders of Laci or Evelyn, was not a misunderstanding. It was a well calculated, fear mongering tactic used to by the Peterson family to create doubt that simply doesn’t exist. And the media ate it up like a salacious sex scandal. So, the next time your friend tries to convince you that Scott Peterson was nothing more than an adulterer, and that a serial killer or satanic cult was actually to blame, remind them that the victims of the killer don’t even exist. And without victims there isn’t a crime spree.
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I was looking through some old files on my computer, and found this story I wrote for a small writing tournament on Wattpad. Through real-life issues, I was forced to drop out after the first round (which this story won, yay), but I figured that this story is better to be shared, instead of collecting electronic dust on a USB drive.
I could feel the bitter chill of winter shredding through the heavy layers of my fur coat, soaking my skin with frigid sleet and snow. I clutched onto the small pouch at my side with a pale hand, freeing a sigh of relief as the dark leather was bone dry, despite the oncoming storm. Bone oils and melted fats were wonderful at repelling the elements, up to a certain point that this coat had surpassed roughly an hour and a half earlier. I let out a shivering breath and had to hold back the urge of whispering a tiny, tiny incantation to break the chill. I couldn't risk wasting energy, resources, or the chance I might be discovered by the coachman sitting just a few feet away.
"H-how much longer until arrival?"
Even from my position behind him in the carriage, I could see him tilt his head forward and squint, shielding his eyes from the ice flying through the air. He looked for a moment, glanced at a tower of ice that probably used to be a trail sign, and gave a quick nod.
"That's Brailmore Thicket, so we aren't far, Madame. If the sky wasn't so angry, we would be able to see the towers of Halden from here. I can almost taste the feast upon my lips as it waits for the coronation of young Brennan-"
"Please, just focus on keeping your horse on the right path. The last thing we need is to end up across the Hynlenan Border and pillaged by bandits in this cursed weather."
I pulled the remainder of the waterlogged hood around my auburn hair, desperate for any sense of warmth in the slowly-building ice storm. Meanwhile, my fingers delicately manipulated the small items inside of the pouch, idly counting and categorizing to make sure everything was accounted for without ever opening it. Through the leather and pile of coins laying on top to act as a diversion, I could feel a smooth opal, barely larger than my thumbnail, and a long shard of iron from a broken hammer resting against each other. Last but not least, my ring finger gently caressed the side of the pouch, feeling the almost non-existent weight of a Darsnip petal that was just beginning to rot.
As the coachman predicted, the singular horse pulling our two-person carriage was soon guided to a stop outside of the large oak doors framed with a pair of armoured guards. A third, slightly shorter figure was standing behind them underneath an alcove to stay dry while clutching at a large scroll. They quickly glanced up with a mouse-like grimace, carefully eyeing me up and down.
"Name and family, Madame?"
"Atalia, from the Resteif bloodline."
"Step out of the carriage and over here please. You, young man, the stables are just down this path, and there is free lodging for coachmen during the coronation."
"Yes, sir."
I did as the man asked and carefully climbed from the elevated platform, slipping slightly from the thin sheen of ice slicked across the wood. One of the guards stepped forward and began patting down my clothing, obviously feeling for concealed weapons. Of course, there were none.
"Open the pouch, Madame."
Again, I followed his instructions as I undid the small loop attaching the leather satchel to my waist, showing the small bundle of coins to the men. As I rifled through the pile to show that it was the only thing in the pouch, I delicately guided the three additional items to remain underneath their metallic cover, and away from the sharp gaze of the guards.
"It is bitterly cold at this time. Shall I enter and join the festivities, mayhaps?"
The man nodded and rapped a small wooden mallet on the oak doors before the opened enough for me to step through. The two guards that handled the doors from the inside quickly ushered me onto the marble tiles before once again shutting out the elements. Another figure, much younger than the one holding the scroll outside, stepped forward with a sheepish look. If I had to take a gander, this was probably her fourteenth or fifteenth winter as she held her gaze to the polished tiles.
"May I take your coat, Madame?"
I smiled and removed the mostly-soaked article of clothing while also palming a pair of coins in my off hand. As I handed over the waterlogged furs, I slyly pressed the coins into the young girl's hand, to which she gasped. I silently hushed her and watched her turn towards the closets with a beautiful smile sliding it's way across her cheeks. Those two gold probably rivaled four months of servant's pay, further emphasizing the lack of fairness from royalty, especially the Haldens. Those who are wealthy only seek more wealth, even if it means stepping on the toes of those scrounging for scraps.
Keeping my false smile, I stepped down the tiled foyer towards the large ballroom flanked by another pair of steel-clad guards. I briefly adjusted the deep neck of my dress, making sure that a sizable amount of skin from my bosom was revealed to the light, and forfeited a wink to the gentlemen guarding the entrance.
I repeated the plan in my head once more as I stepped into the noisy room stocked full with laughter and jovial music. Huge ornate chandeliers draped from the ceiling like ripples of a glass ocean, adorning the dim room lit by candles along the walls. The scent of a dozen different perfumes attacked my nostrils and I reeled slightly as I scanned over the crowds. There were several dozens of faces weaving through dances, each from the different townships and nearby kingdoms to celebrate the eldest son taking the throne. Then, my eyes fell across the second step of my plan.
The second of the now-passed king's sons gingerly waltzed through the crowds, stealing smiles, laughs, and even the occasional dance with several of the stunningly gorgeous women, whether or not they were accompanied with a man. I knew Alister to be of twenty-two years, being three younger than the eldest, but a staggering nine above his youngest brother. I quickly discerned a pattern to his movements and stepped into the crowds with the dark blue dress flowing around my ankles. With the people as cover, I slyly dipped a hand into the small pouch now tucked under the folds of my dress and fingered through the coins until I felt the delicate petal graze my skin. Although the music from the string quartet in the corner was relatively soft, the various conversations happening provided ample diversion from my subtle whispering.
"Formutha balecine al'ardas rotanus."
The petal held between my thumb and forefinger burned away underneath my touch, the ashes working their way into the leather of the pouch. It was a simple incantation, but by the same definition, it was a weaker one. Still, it seemed that my minor charm had worked as Alister turned his gaze to my direction with a sly grin. He stole a few more quick dances and shook a few hands, but slowly began moving through the crowd towards me. Meanwhile, I turned my back and pretended to examine the architecture, soon feeling a pair of fingers tap my shoulder. Not giving me a chance to turn around, Alister stepped from my side to stand in front of me, extending a hand out in a very formal offering.
"Care to dance, lady...?"
"Atalia, and I would be mad to refuse a dance from a Halden."
I graciously slipped my hand into his before tracing my fingers up his arm and laying both my palms on either of his shoulders. His hands found the sides of my torso and felt along the smooth silk of my dress before stopping at my waist. His perfect brown hair was combed to the side, but I locked my green eyes with his sparkling blue and gave a wide smile.
"Doesn't the second son of the Halden royal family have other women to court and other hands to shake?"
"Compared to one with beauty like yours, I think I could spare a bit of time, Miss Atalia."
"I never realized you were one for such flattery."
"My father taught me a lot of things, but speaking false truths was not one of them."
"You're a real charmer, but I'm nothing more than a girl from the kingdom."
Alister's grin widened as he brought our embrace a half-step closer.
"Well, considering my family rules said kingdom, I say that you have the potential to be a lot more than a 'simple girl'."
I raised an eyebrow in a cocky grin.
"In what sense would that be, Your Highness?"
Even with the knowledge of Prince Alister's very exuberant personality, along with my simple charming incantation, I was still surprised when he closed the small gap between us and laid his lips upon mine. He had lived for twenty-two years and had probably bed four times as many women, but I hadn't expected this part of the plan to go so easily. I gently locked my hands around the back of his neck and tilted my head upwards to return the kiss with equal passion. For several moments we gently swayed to the music with our mouths pressed together before he gingerly broke off and whispered into my ear.
"There's something special about you, but I think I need to spend a little more time with you to figure out what."
"Are you trying to seduce me? I must say, you are getting dangerously close to succeeding,"
"What would you do if I was?"
I caressed my lips against the side of his cheek, some of the red coloration of my makeup being left behind on his slightly tanned skin.
"I think that's for the Prince to decide."
He pulled away slightly, his smile slightly tilted like the beginnings of a drunkard's ballad.
"How would you like to be my personal 'guest' during the feast? Each of the children get to choose one individual to sit at the main table with them, and they are able to personally meet each member of the family. Such has been custom with every Halden coronation since the birth of the family."
I gave a dazzling smile fit with pearly whites, causing his skin to shiver underneath my touch.
"I would be more than honored, Your Highness. Now if you'll excuse me, I do believe that you have more hands to shake and women to flatter, correct?"
He gave a weak smile, telling me that I had his will bent into whatever shape I desired.
"None as gorgeous as you, my lady."
I returned the witless grin with a sultry wink as I turned to walk off into the crowd, holding a single deep brown hair as a stolen prize. Step one, get into the castle. Step two, seduce Alister, knowing that he would be the easiest to court. Step three, secure a seat at the head table, with the rest of the family. Step four?
Prepare for the toast.
My feet seemed silent amidst the soft music as I danced and wove my way through the various guests. Eventually, I stopped aside one of the armoured brutes standing at the western exit.
"Excuse me, do you mayhaps know of where I could wash up before the feast?"
"Down the hall, take your second left, fourth door on the right."
I gave another wink and gently dragged my hand across his shoulder as I walked past into the aforementioned hallway. Before he left my sight, I could almost see the hint of a blush between the slits of his polished helm. Gods above, men were so, so easy to manipulate. Regardless, I followed the directions, keeping a careful lookout until I knew that I was alone. I turned down a slightly dimmer hallway, the candles having burned low until shadows danced across the walls like a living mural. Reaching into the pouch once more I pinched the opal between my forefinger and thumb before gingerly procuring it into the fading light.
"Gorthadun malfezi algoratish toraduni."
As the last syllables whispered past my lips, I pressed down hard on the opal, now having lost all structural integrity. The fragile gem shattered into a faint dust held in my palm, glittering slightly in the candlelight before soaked into the meat of my tongue.
As I gingerly licked my palm to ingest the powder, the surprisingly bitter taste made my face scrunch together, trying to hold back coughing it up. I gave a pained swallow and pressed to where my throat meets my breast.
The powder sticking to the inside of my esophagus suddenly flared with a burning pain as I gritted my teeth to hold back a whimper. Tears welled up in my eyes, but I glanced through the pain down at my arms. This needed to work.
Slowly, the air and light around my skin seemed to morph and shift ever-so slightly, wrapping my arms with a refracting coat. I watched as my form seemed to disappear, the light bending itself to shield me from view. Unfortunately, my dress stayed visible, but I had planned for this.
In a matter of moments, the dress was neatly folded with the pouch locked in it's folds, hidden away behind one of the dozens of tapestries adorning the stone walls. My bare yet unseen form quickly darted down the hall towards the kitchens, and I wasn't surprised at the sight of two more armed guards standing at the entrance. Obviously to keep the guests out, such to prevent unhealthy things from finding their way into the food or drink like hairs, illnesses...
I silently walked up to the oaken door, stepping between the two men. Because they were almost standing in front of the door, the gap I had to work with was barely enough to squeeze through, but it was just enough for me to get close enough. Slowly extending an arm, I held a silent breath as I rapped a single knuckle on the door and stepped back.
Both guards jumped slightly, and one of them gently pushed the door open to answer whatever chef had knocked on the inside. Using the brief half-second opening, I slipped through the gap, however my thigh grazed the edge of the other guard's metallic armour. When he didn't react, I made a silent vow of thanks to the padded gambison that was probably underneath the plates. Hell, I could probably punch his chest and he would be none the wiser.
Unfortunately, the kitchen staff weren't heavily armoured, meaning a touch with any of them could mean detection.
Through the overpowering scent of fresh breads, sauces, roasted meats, and steamed vegetables, I had to fight the urge of scarfing down the foods being set on the plates. I had a job to do, and I needed to do it fast. Ducking and weaving under arms, in between chefs, past woodfires, and even sliding between one servant's legs, I eventually found my way across the kitchen to the massive barrels of wine. Swiftly and silently curling around to the back, I climbed up the side to reach the spigot pointing the the hardwood ceilings. Thank the gods for rich people having their wine barrels sanded smooth, or else I would have gotten half a dozen splinters in my palms and knees. With a quiet 'pop' that was drowned by the bustle of the kitchen staff, the spout slowly opened, just enough to see a lake of dark wine inside. My fingers curled around my ear, collecting the single strand of Alister's hair that I tucked for safekeeping, and let it drop inside of the dark barrel.
"Torinthalae vuentalon cormascus albadhir."
As the bloodline of the Halden family disintegrated into the liquid, I silently replaced the tap and climbed back into the small alcove beside the barrels. I could feel the cloaking spell's duration waning, giving me another two minutes at most to return to my clothes. The idea of suddenly appearing in the kitchens bare as the day I was born was humorous, but would alas ruin the purpose of the night. So, I began to move. The two guards at the entrance I used would probably be very confused about someone knocking at the door twice, so the best course of keeping suspicion to a minimum would be to follow the servants currently bringing the food to the dining hall.
Normally, I would have enjoyed being so close to the delectable feast, but I was running out of time. Once again weaving through bodies, I approached the entrance to the dining area as both the servants and guests were entering. I half-sprinted across the cold tile floor, allowing myself to shove aside a few guests as I passed through the crowd. Luckily they were so close together that they just looked to each other with nasty glares, assuming the other had the audacity to push them.
The halls were practically empty as the crowd funneled towards the feast, allowing me easy access to my clothing, garments, and money pouch holding the shard of rusted metal. As the last few strands of my hair began to give a faint auburn glow in the candlelight, I was tying up the back laces to my dress and returning to join in with the crowd. Seamlessly slipping into the bustle as people were seated, I jumped slightly as a hand laid onto my shoulder from behind.
"Come, Lady Atalia, I have been searching for you!"
I plastered a sultry smile across my face as I turned to face Alister once more, graciously taking his hand as he led me to the head table.
"Sorry, I was washing up before the feast. I presume you did as well, with all of the people you greeted?"
"Of course, my Lady. Now come, our seats are right over here."
We passed by dozens of other folks, with several of the women giving me less-than-tasteful leers as they obviously wished they were courted by Prince Alister instead of I. A handful of servants gingerly pushed our seats in as the two of us took our places at the head table, and I could see other men sitting beside each of the four sisters at the other end. Large platters of the same steaming meats and vegetables I had seen previously were laid out in front of us, in addition to the beautiful chalices being filled with the fragrant wine stained a brilliant dark purple.
Time for step five.
Brennan, the eldest son soon to be appointed king stood up from his chair with the gilded goblet in one hand as his other rung a spoon against the metal, silencing the crowd.
"Lords, ladies, brothers, sisters, and all other esteemed guests, I personally must thank each and every one of you for joining in on tonight's festivities. Although the passing of my father through his slumber still troubles me, I do understand that eventually this day would come. I also understand that eventually my own end will come and the burden will be shouldered to Alister, or even my own son, should I have one. As of right now, I propose that we raise our goblets in unison to honor the man who's shoes could never be filled."
With a silent nod, dozens of filled chalices and goblets were held up into the air, as well as my own next to Alister's.
"For the brave, the bold, and the caring, King Halden."
"To King Halden!"
The crowd all replied in unison as everyone lowered their drinks to their lips and took a large sip. As the refreshing wine touched my lips, I leaned forward slightly to look down the large table and confirmed that every single one of the royal family had drunk from their goblets.
With the final chant of the crowd, everyone set down their drinks and proceeded to enjoy the feast, as well as I. Growing up the way I had obviously provided few chances for such a meal, so to say I enjoyed it was a vast understatement. Alister noticed my enthusiastic feasting and let out another drunken smile.
"I had to step out of breakfast to get to the stables in time. If I wanted to hire a coachman, I had to do it early."
He gave a small chuckle as he sipped at his wine.
"If that is the case, then by all means, please continue."
I returned the smile and continued scarfing down the various meats and vegetables adorning my plate, soon polishing off the pewter metal with a piece of bread to soak up the remaining juices. I looked up to notice many of the other guests were beginning to finish their meals, in addition to Brennan now standing up and clinging his spoon against his empty goblet.
"I presume everyone enjoyed their meal? We had the finest chefs in the kingdom-"
"Actually, mine seemed to be a little burnt."
I cut off Brennan as I stood up myself, drawing the attention of everyone in the room. Alister began gently pulling at my arm to sit me down but I stayed exactly where I was. King Brennan looked at me quizzically and raised his goblet.
"Well that simply will not do. Servants, get this fine lady a perfectly roasted slice of beef."
"Ah, well I'm afraid that would also be a bit burnt. You see, your whole family loves burning things, and I don't see why your servants wouldn't as well."
Brennan lowered his goblet to the table and gave an awkward smile.
"I beg your pardon? None of our family are chefs, so I don't understand how you would come to that conclusion."
"Oh I never said anything about burning food, I was more referring to, you know, people."
Brennan blinked a few times and opened his mouth to speak, but I cut him off before he could utter a word.
"It would be over a decade ago at this point, but I do understand that the entirety of your family participated and helped to fund a certain hunt within the city, Correct? I believe the person in specific would be Patricia Valdonyr who was burned alive for being a witch."
"My Lady, I'm sure you understand that witches cannot be trusted. Their dark magics are nothing but dangerous to themselves and everywhere they live. They need to be eradicated."
"Even if the witches don't do anything bad? Even if that witch in question is the reason why the Haldens are a royal family?"
The guards began to move forward slightly at this point, but I continued talking.
"Just over half a century ago, a man discovered Patricia's connection to magic and asked for help. He asked for unbelievable wealth and power on the promise that she wouldn't be harmed, and thus she delivered. She turned dirt and stones into silver and gold, while also making it so that people listened to every word he had to say. That man then built a castle with his wealth, and started the Halden name, but they don't tell you about that part."
Brennan looked uneasy, and the entirety of the room began to scoot their chairs away from me.
"That man then became drunken by his own wealth, and thought that Patricia would give that power to another, so he had her burned at the stake. What many don't know is that fair Patricia had a daughter named Teryn. I am still sorry to say that fair Atalia Restief is still probably asleep in the family cellar."
The guards began sprinting towards me, grabbing my arms and forcing them into manacles as the entire room stared me down in horror. However, the best part was that a few eyes were looking at the royal family with slight hints of mistrust, after learning the truths of their wealth. I began almost shouting over the guards as they began pinning me to the floor, but I put up no fight.
"The Halden family say that witches aren't to be trusted, but the opposite speaks truth. My mother gave you everything you had, so a single life in trade just couldn't cut it. I hope you enjoyed the wine. Formuthalice."
The moment that final word passed my lips, I could see the entire family seize up in their seats, shivering slightly. A rush of satisfaction flowed through my veins as nobody else in the hall seemed to be affected. With Alister's hair having been the root of the poisonous incantation, only those sharing the same blood as Alister would deem it fatal. Several seconds passed of the royal family sitting in invisible pain before their eyes rolled upwards to reveal the whites, and thin lines of crimson began to streak from their noses. Several of the guards holding me immediately rushed over, giving me a brief chance to reach over to the pouch on my hip through the chaos. I could feel the shard of iron underneath all of the coins, and I took a deep breath before pressing my thumb onto the metal. Pain shot through my entire arm as half an inch of iron tore through the skin of my thumb, but I focused on remembering the words I needed to say.
"Gormutha albitrionis!"
After the brief instant of feeling like I was folded in half and kicked in the stomach by a stallion, I opened my eyes and struggled to become accustomed to the darkness of the abandoned house. Everything was exactly where I left it three days prior. The small pile of spell components still sat on the table, and a weathered bedroll laid flat near a fireplace, already prepared with kindling and tinder. I could hear the splattering of sleet and hail against the roof as frost clung to my breath. Once again, I was completely nude, coughing while the bitterly cold air pierced my lungs with it's unforgiving blades. The blood dripping from my right hand was already beginning to freeze as I fumbled over towards the prepared fireplace and it's adjoining tinderbox. It only took two strikes from the flint to start a few small embers, quickly spreading the flame as a smile crept across my lips.
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2020.11.09 00:02 dlschindler Mother & son nude

"In Navajo, Ana’í means...enemy...Anaa’ means war. Sází translates to something or someone that was once whole and is now scattered, a word used to describe the final point of corporeal decay, as a body turns to bones and is strewn by scavengers and erosion."
-Craig Childs, Oct. 3, 2005
Faces were glistening with sweat in the gathering gloom and firelight. A storyteller reminded the new warriors of good things, but even those good things were now tainted with the reality of the world they now knew. She finished her story by saying:
"I remember when I was still just a little girl, these canyons were full of the blossoms of beautiful plants and the berries of juniper were the color of sunset. My sisters and I would play there beside the streams that ran clear and cool. There was never a fear of any kind of enemy then, in those times. It was still a long time until the sad times and the time of migration. The sad times; that is when the songs-that-are-stories became silent and the mothers had no babies to sing to in the night. Before the silent times. You see, before then, these valleys were all filled with the music of human voices and everything was peaceful." said Sihu, grandmother to the gathered boys. They could not be boys any longer. Their fathers and uncles were dead, fallen in battle, and new warriors were now needed. But she could see in their eyes that they were still just boys and they were not ready to join the Qeleteqe.
Of the three the oldest was Tcivuv-tame, then Kwewe-bous and the youngest, far too young for battle: Tsay-sikya. Upon each of their faces the Black-handed Woman put her mark with her drenched fingers. They were no longer sons and boys; receiving the Nayawa meant they were licensed to kill and to say prayers to the Naked God. When the moon rose the men of the Qeleteqe would come and claim their new warriors. Their mothers were weeping in the shadows.
This was a time of shame and despair: when men slaughtered each other and there was no more peace.
The Black-handed Woman was none-other than Sihu's last surviving sister: Pekyewo. She wore no mask for the ceremony. Masks made for this ceremony were made to look like the face of Pekyewo; wherever the original Black-handed Woman was not available, in distant fortresses. Everywhere the last of The People lived in fortifications built in the shelters of the earth, cliff-sides. As she left a dark stain on their faces she said their new warrior names and took from them their boyhood names given by their mothers. She called them from oldest to youngest:
"Deer-fang" as she marked Tcivuv-tame. Then she wiped the scalding darkness on Kwewe-bous and called him: "Wolf-eyes"
But even the callous witch known as the Black-handed Woman hesitated before she burned the dark substance onto the skin of the youngest: Tsay-sikya. Her hesitation let some of it drip from her pinky-finger to the earth and there it let a curl of steam where it hit the dust. The other boys made a pained face as the Nayawa scalded their skin and left a mark that would last for many years as stained their flesh, heating painfully as it mixed with the moisture of sweat from the firelight. Then she branded the boy and said his new name:
"Snake-color" she called him. But his name sounded childish and unintimidating. The other two boys, despite the pain of getting marked, tried not to laugh at the little warrior's name. It rhymed with 'yellow-runner' and meant he was a coward and weak and it sounded much like his child-name of Tsay-sikya. The Black-handed Woman had given him a weak name. Then the ceremony was over and they had to leave the comfort of home and wait outside for the warriors of the Qeleteqe to come for their new recruits. When the moon rose they would follow the secret path up the cliff. The boys stood there with their faces cooling and waited.
Snake-color felt a tear break free of his eye and scald his cheek anew. It would be a permanent blemish to his warrior-paint. This made his shame even worse as he stood with the others and waited. He said his first prayer to the Naked God, in his thoughts:
"Dear God, make me strong and brave. I know my people are suffering, but if I am brave enough, strong enough, then I can help end the war. Help me fight so fiercely that I can somehow make the fighting stop. Make me a man. Thank you God. Thank you for hearing my prayer."
The moon began to climb through the canyon's cleft and into the air. Beneath it the secret path to the cliff fortress was lit up and the warriors of the Qeleteqe could be seen moving like shadowy figures. They had spears and bows and daggers made of sharpened bones. Some of them carried axes and others had clubs. So heavily armed that they carried little else but weaponry. These warriors, seen in the firelight that bathed the rocks behind the walls, had faces scowled with violence, to replace their fading Nayawa paint. The leader wore one gold earring, a ring that was gauged into his left ear. The symbol of a temple guard, before the times of strife had escalated. The leader spoke to them slowly and with malice in his voice. He was deadly-serious when he said to the boys:
"I am Hawk-smiling. This is my division of the Qeleteqe and tonight we come for warriors from this place: Cricket Village. Who answers this call?"
"I answer." Deer-fang said loudly.
"Me too." Wolf-eyes tried to sound manly, but his voice squeaked.
"I do too." Snake-color, the youngest, said in a voice that betrayed his youthfulness. He was but a child. They all were, but he was obviously too young.
"Is this all the men you have here?" Hawk-smiling was not happy sounding with his new recruits.
"Take them and go, or take me instead." Pekyewo used a charming and feminine voice to make this trade, from the shadows.
"Of course." they were murmuring. The warriors of the Qeleteqe all looked up to behold some vixen; but instead they were greeted with the sight of the original Black-handed Woman stepping forward from the entrance of the cliff-house. She stood there in only her shawl, her hands still steaming in fresh Nayawa and dripping the burning substance onto the steps. The warriors gasped in horror at the sight of her face. It was no mask but a ruin of warfare atrocities and a twisted nightmare of violence.
"I think not." Pekyewo laughed witchily. Her cackling and giggling continued as they shuffled their steps away from her and nervously turned and left, taking the boys with them. They could hear the echoes of her real-voice as they fled at a terrified pace, walking with urgency to escape the Black-handed Woman of Cricket Village.
None of them had the courage to take that woman, so they had accepted their recruits instead. Hawk-smiling grunted at the shame of his men, fleeing from a woman who had offered herself to them, but could say nothing. He had felt the most fear of all: as the first among them.
The boys did not understand what their great-aunt had done. She had found it funny somehow, so it must have been a joke. So they were smiling. They all had seen her enough times to have grown accustomed to her ruined face, although in the firelight and when she scowled she could still frighten them. They walked at the pace of the grown men with longer legs and the boys struggled to keep this pace. Back down the moonlit path and out of the canyon they went with their new brothers of the Qeleteqe.
Hissing and rattling, brother-snake was coiled and they all stopped. The warriors had no animal friends. War had corrupted their spirits. A rattlesnake barred the path up ahead and Hawk-smiling told Wolf-eyes to fight it. Obeying orders Wolf-eyes threw rocks at the serpent until it fled the rain of stones. Wolf-eyes felt shame at hurling stones at brother-snake, but he knew he had to do whatever was commanded by the leader of the Qeleteqe.
"Very good. No enemy must stand in your way, boy." Hawk-smiling put one hand on Wolf-eyes's shoulder and assured him. His feelings about the animal changed and Wolf-eyes looked proud in the setting moonlight. He easily could have killed it, but driving away the rattlesnake was enough.
For the rest of the night they continued to walk until they reached a silent and mournful Kiva. Here were the supplies and the encampment of the entire Qeleteqe. Warriors from two more divisions were gathered. All together they formed an army of over sixty warriors. There were new recruits in the other divisions from other nearby places: Juniper Village and Grasshopper-creek Village. Hawk-smiling said to his new warriors:
"We once numbered in ten times this amount. But we have fought to the last of us, and this is all that still stand against the awful priests of the Sun God. No desert deity smiles on our clans and no true god smiles upon theirs. Blood will continue to drench the desert sands and the fertile canyons until only one way remains."
"What does this mean?" Wolf-eyes felt bold enough to ask.
His question was met by silence until another man spoke up. He was not of the Qeleteqe and he was not even of The People. He was tall and in the morning sunrise his shadow was even taller from where he stood atop the beams over the pithouse near the abandoned Kiva. He therefore cast his shadow over the gathered Qeleteqe, quite deliberately. They could see he had the feathers and the robes of a priest of a nomadic tribe called the Pocoteli.
The Pocoteli were well known to those of The People whom had left the old ways of the Sun God and now lived outside the laws of the desert. The strange people, the Pocoteli, had come for a long time before the strife began. They were traders from far to the south that brought gold and goods and also the Naked God. They had given the Naked God to a man called Hoota. He was now a prisoner of the old priests of the Sun God. The priests of the Sun God dared not execute Hoota or release him as long as the Qeleteqe was still banded. It would bring the old ways crashing down if they made a martyr of Hoota.
With his arms outstretched to extend the darkness against the rising sun he said to those in his shadow:
"The Naked God is here and now is the time to rise up and take back what belongs to everyone. No more will the old ways obfuscate the truth and oppress The People. All of the land will be green and verdant when the desert deity dies with the last of the old priests of the old religion. Let this day be the one where your sacrifices bring forth the new and powerful Naked God!"
The warriors thrust their weapons up into the rising sunlight. Then they followed Hoota's second-in-command, a man who now commanded the entire Qeleteqe. His name was Little-light and he introduced himself to the new recruits brought from three different villages to this place. Then he introduced the Pocoteli priest of the Naked God as Mentiroso. He had with him several of his Pocoteli friends. They all wanted to see Hoota rescued and the priests of the Sun God destroyed. It was explained that they were devoted to the Naked God and had given their faith to Hoota who had spread it to many villages in the early days of the drought. Now Hoota was a prisoner of the priests of the Sun God.
"In the House of the Sun. The Kiva of the Sun God. A pilgrimage has begun and we shall go there as well." Little-light told all of his warriors.
They set out and found one of the many roads by afternoon under the terrible heat. It was as if the Sun God were trying to kill them with high temperatures. The boys were very thirsty and Hawk-smiling told them they could go into the canyon nearby to find water. They were given water-skins to fill and they had to carry them back full of water for the other warriors.
"I will kill any pilgrims of the Sun God with my spear." Deer-fang told the other two. Only he had a weapon, the other two had to carry the water-skins back full. The shade was cool and they soon found a stream there.
Snake-color, the youngest, had set eyes on someone bathing in the water while the other two did not notice. She was very beautiful and had white blossoms in her hair. She looked up and froze in terror at the sight of three Nayawa covered faces. She was alone, nude and defenseless. Somehow this made her a shimmering beauty to Snake-color. In his heart he felt far more terror at the sight of her. He thought she must be a nameless goddess he had heard stories of.
They talked of their own bravery as they filled the water-skins, but then they looked up at the sound of a splash. She had retreated unseen by the other warriors.
"What was that?" Wolf-eyes had thought he had seen a nude girl disappear into the bushes.
"Someone bathing?" Deer-fang wondered also.
"A spirit." Snake-color stood there and said, the flash of his eyes startling the other two as they looked at the youngest warrior. He was not known to say things that were mistakes and so they took his word and made no pursuit or investigation.
They took the water-skins with them but Snake-color looked back and saw her watching from where she hid. Their eyes met across the stream and it felt like that instant lasted for a very long time. Snake-color did not want to look away from her gaze. He felt strong and brave as she stared at him. Her fear had become something else as she heard him and saw the warriors leave. He had raised her spirit and now her eyes flashed in a startling way. Then the moment was over and he had to leave her and follow the others away.
When they reached the top of the bluff there was dust and screaming. Some pilgrims were caught and being slaughtered by the warriors. The boys stood and watched in horror. Wolf-eyes fell to his knees and wretched into the dust. All around the warriors straddled their victims. They were punching them, strangling them and smashing in their heads with rocks. All around there were many dead bodies with arrows and spears in them.
The last of the pilgrims was held to his feet by Hawk-smiling with a shard dagger to his throat. He slit the man's throat then and blood sprayed all over the place. Then the violence was over. The Qeleteqe had found these men and women and children and killed all of them.
Deer-fang stood with his mouth open. He had peed all over himself in terror at the sight of carnage. Never had they seen such a thing. All the killing was so vicious and ruthless and happening like it could not be stopped. This all was observed by Snake-color but he did not react except to pray again to the Naked God, quietly in his thoughts and muttering:
"Dear God, so this is battle? I do not like it. There is no strength and no bravery. Instead you showed me something just a little while ago and I felt strength and bravery then. But is this what you really want? I am doubtful. Show me again what you showed me before and take this from my sight. I know I am a man now, but what are you, my God? What are you? Thank you, I guess. Yes, thank you, though."
"Deer-fang, that woman there is not dead. Use your spear and kill her the rest of the way." Hawk-smiling told one of his new warriors. There was no obedience. The boy just stood there trembling. He dropped his spear. Hawk-smiling grabbed the crawling wounded-one by her hair and slit her throat and her blood shot out and covered each of the boys in red.
Wolf-eyes was crying and said:
"I want to go back to my mother!"
"You are not going to do that. You boys are not ready for this, but you will be soon enough." Hawk-smiling promised. He walked over to them and smeared more blood on them. Only Snake-color didn't flinch.
"I am ready to be a warrior and kill." he said.
"See? Very good. The little boy is ready. You older boys should be more like he is. You deserve his name instead." Hawk-smiling admonished them.
"I wasn't finished talking." Snake-color looked up and met the warrior's cold eyes.
"I will kill for the Naked God but I see no reason to murder women and children. I will fight warriors who stand against my god. But there is no reason to kill these kind. These are still of The People and they were innocent."
"No. You are wrong. These are the enemy and this is how our war is being fought. You imagine battlefields with warriors bravely dancing but war is about fear. Fear of supporting the wrong god. This is to end that god and bring about peace and fertility. The rain will come and the drought will end forever if the Naked God stands without the rivalry of the Sun God. It is the heat of the sun, the orb of the Sun God, that is killing us all."
"Then take some of the water we have brought." Snake-color was strangely calm. The other warriors were of the new recruits and shocked by the brutality of the massacre or of the veteran Qeleteqe and panting with the exertions of murder. Only Snake-color was calm, among all of them.
It was time to leave the dead there and continue to the nearby pit-house of Charcoal Village. But before they left Hawk-smiling and his warriors stopped to see a warrior being admonished by Little-light:
"What have you done? You stole turquoise and Ooqey and precious offerings they carried to the Sun God? These things must be left on them."
"I only took stuff that is valuable. They are dead and they don't need it."
"You stole from them! That is not what we meant to do. Leave all of that stuff!"
And so nothing was taken from the dead. Apparently it was wrong to steal any of their offerings the dead carried to their god. Murder was justifiable but not theft. The purpose of the killing was not to rob them and so there had to be a difference. And the difference was made clear by Little-light. In his anger he walked over and kicked all of the things that were stolen out of the warrior's hands and it all went everywhere and landed back on the ground where it belonged.
At sunset the band of warriors approached Charcoal Village. There was music and dancing as they arrived and nobody saw the warriors surround the place and wait in the darkness watching and awaiting orders.
It was a wedding.
Snake-color's eyes flashed in the sunset and firelight at the sight of the girl he had seen bathing earlier. So the Naked God had listened and now he saw her again. She was standing like an offering dressed all in blossoms of white and the petals of flowers and the silver grass woven into her skirt. Her long hair was being braided to the rope of the wedding pole to be cut free by the groom. The groom was across the fire from her and he looked handsome and nervous. She was smiling at him with such a wondrous gaze it made Snake-color feel even more proud of her. She was so brave and beautiful and he loved her without hesitation. His heart swelled with pride as he remembered she had seen him and loved him. And this was her, a girl of such strength and beauty that everyone could see and she had loved him back. Snake-color felt very proud as he watched the wedding.
Dancers and musicians filled the night with a joyful sound and scene. Then Snake-color felt a kind of awful dread inside and he realized they were The People but the wrong kind, they were ones who still worshiped the Sun God. The girl had a necklace of the gold disc of the Sun God and so did her groom. When the Qeleteqe were ready, would they kill all of these too?
Horror was felt by Snake-color. He himself was part of the Qeleteqe and these were his enemies. Then the moment of celebration and peaceful gathering was finally interrupted. Little-light and Hawk-smiling and the other warriors showed themselves. The music stopped and so did the dancing. At first, in the silence, nothing happened.
Warriors started to eat some of the food and stare at all the beautiful women. Snake-color could not bear to see what he thought was going to happen and he stepped forward as well, between the bride and Little-light.
"Don't harm her!" Snake-color stood in defiance. Then he felt the powerful grip of the warrior's hand on his neck lifting him.
"Stop!" the bride ordered, her voice a trembling sonnet of fear. She did love Snake-color and he could hear it in her vocalization, loud and immediate. There was silence then. Everyone was watching this central thing unfold itself.
"You tell me this? To stop?" Little-light looked at the girl, the bride of this wedding and then said:
"I was going to let everyone here live, I thought. This is a confused place in a confusing time. Should some of you join the Naked God and abandon the Sun God? We are not savages. We have just cause." Little-light insisted, still holding the boy in the air with one hand gripping the neck. He sounded sincerely defensive. He really didn't want her to think he and his Qeleteqe were savages and moreover the guests of the wedding and the residents of Charcoal Village.
"Then that is how it should be." she begged the powerful warrior. Now she sounded insistent but submissive. She was helpless to do anything but speak.
"I am the daughter of the high priest. This union should make this into a village of the Sun God. They pray not one way or the other. Show mercy, show the strength of the Naked God by showing mercy." she spoke up and at these words there was a lowering of the young warrior he held up with just one strong arm's grip. He was still choking him inches above the ground.
Little-light made a commanding gesture to lower weapons and step away and all of his warriors did that; vanishing out of sight and back into the night. All except Hawk-smiling who had his shard dagger to the throat of the groom. The young man had yet to speak but his spirit insisted he do so and he said:
"Don't harm her, she is Taalawa. You might harm me and free her of her pact, but do not cut her hair!" he spoke, despite the bite of the blade.
"Don't say that Koongya!" the bride, Taalawa cried out to her groom. He looked deep into her eyes with love, knowing his words had cost him his life.
Then Hawk-smiling slit his throat and his blood did mistily gush out. His body fell and the smell of blood met Snake-color's nostrils. Little-light laughed and dropped the choked boy to the ground. Then it went dark for Snake-color.
He awoke some moments later to all sorts of wailing and cries of anguish at the slaughter of the groom. His body lay nearby.
"What have you done?" Taalawa was screaming. Her voice was hoarse. She could say nothing else over and over. Her weeping and tears wet her face and it was like when she had first turned and saw Snake-color at the stream. But that is not where they were anymore.
Little-light wrapped his arms around her, holding her. Then without ceremony Hawk-smiling walked to her and cut her hair with the same blade. For a moment the horror of what they were doing to her silenced all of the wedding guests. Only the sound of the sharp object sawing through her hair and the wedding rope that braided it to the pole. Then the shrieks of horror of the women screaming at them to stop their brutality.
Hawk-smiling finished cutting her hair and she struggled free of Little-light and went to her fallen groom. For another moment she knelt by him, trembling hands reaching out to touch his remains that lay dead on the ground.
"You killed him!" she protested, glaring up at Hawk-smiling. He and Little-light just stood there by the wedding pole. They both realized they might have gotten a little carried away.
"Get her, she is coming with us." Little-light noticed the young warrior, Snake-color getting to his feet shakily. Then they too vanished into the darkness around Charcoal Village with the rest of the Qeleteqe. Snake-color had no choice but the make her a captive. He walked to her reluctantly and touched her shoulder. She was sobbing and crying as somehow a maiden and a widow at the same time.
"Come on. You are a hostage now. You have to come with me." Snake-color said to her. There was very little force in his young voice. She looked up to him and this time she saw him as her enemy. The love was gone.
Snake-color felt his heart break. He offered her his hand and she took it and got to her feet. She was taller than him and looked down. Their eye-contact was locked and they were saying something to each other silently. Everyone saw this but knew not what it could be that they were saying.
Taalawa followed her captor to the waiting warriors and they continued their march to the House of the Sun where her father would not be pleased to see her among his enemies. She was a precious hostage and with her they could make an exchange of prisoners. The question was, would this work? Was she worth Hoota to the priests?
Snake-color prayed again as they walked:
"Dear God, you have put her in my care and by my side somehow, but it is horrible, now she hates me and she is among enemies. I was there when they killed her new husband and then they cut her hair. Why is this happening? I am happy she is with me but the circumstances are as terrible as they can be. Why God? I mean to say thank you, so I guess I will: thank you."
As the sun rose above the distant hills they were nearing the House of the Sun God.
"Will the war soon end? Will there be peace? Maybe that is what I should have prayed for." Snake-color thought. He was very tired. The Qeleteqe stopped in an arroyo and rested there out of sight. Taalawa slept by his side and sometimes sobbed and sniffled in her sleep. Snake-color watched this and eventually he too fell asleep, surrounded by all of his brothers: her enemies.
They shared a dream that night. In this dream:
Alone they stood ankle deep in a stream of cold water. Birds flew around them in a swirl. They turned around and each other were there. Then they played in the water, laughing and splashing. They became the birds and flew away. In a distant and verdant place they stood side by side and many of The People were there. A hole opened up in the sky, which was like a cliff wall, it looked natural and fertile, like a belly-button. Sorta a naval of the whole world. The People each held the hand of another person and together the couples jumped merrily into the hole. Taalawa asked her companion:
"What is your name?"
"Tsay-sikya." Snake-color told her.
The girl was then suddenly dressed as a bride again, her hair long and braided and with white blossoms. She laughed and smiled and her eyes flashed and then she leaned down and kissed the boy's forehead.
"I love you Tsay-sikya. Together?"
"Yes" he agreed and they took each other's hand and ran to the hole-in-the-world and jumped through it together. They both looked back and saw the world behind them was entirely dead, none of The People remained. They were in a new world and there was no sun, just warmth and there was certainly no war because there was no Naked God.
Then Snake-color awoke and saw her staring at him. She whispered in the early light of dawn:
"I had a strange dream. Is your name Sikya?"
"Tsay-sikya." he whispered back to her.
Then Taalawa sat up a little bit and leaned over him and gently kissed him on the lips. It sent a strange feeling through him. He felt loved again but this time it was not a proud feeling, it was a sad feeling. A kind of happy feeling that was lined on the edges with profound sadness.
The sun was rising and all the warriors were well rested and as they got up they looked upon their prisoner with unmasked lust and hatred. But they could not harm her, she was an important hostage and Little-light had need for her so they could trade her for Hoota. She was safe among such cruel warriors. Only Snake-color was trusted with guarding her. He was obviously in-love with her.
And the cruelest thing was to make him her enemy. He could not set her free but had to be the one to walk behind her as they marched. Under the hot burning orb they walked directly across the desert until they found another pilgrim road much closer to the House of the Sun.
Then the Qeleteqe stopped and took up hidden positions as a scout signaled that someone was on the road ahead. Many of The People were walking slowly and Snake-color left Taalawa in the shade of a big rock. He climbed it enough to see over and beheld these ones:
They walked with grim slowness and many of them wore only rags and sorrowful faces. Some had dried wounds and others broken limbs and burns. All were victims and refugees and they had covered themselves in dust and ashes. They were walking the road and leaving the lands of The People.
"Not again." Snake-color worried that another massacre would befall these poor wretched wanderers. But instead the Qeleteqe hid and many of the warriors covered their eyes or their ears, as though afraid of these of The People.
"We don't attack?" Snake-color dared ask, relief evident in his voice. Hawk-smiling had his back turned to the walking crowd as they shuffled past hidden death-dealers.
"Ghost-folk" Hawk-smiling said quietly and then he shuddered in fear.
Snake-color took another glance and felt a chill of dread at the awful sight of them. They were alive but not one warrior anticipated killing them. They were free to escape and migrate away. No harm would come to the Ghost-folk; whom had safe passage to leave all the horrors they had experienced behind them. It didn't matter what god they had prayed to. They walked away from it all.
That afternoon the Qeleteqe reached the House of the Sun. The place was built of many houses and rooms in the shape of a rising sun and had served as the capital of The People and was where the priests lived.
For nearly a thousand years, it had stood countless droughts, many worse than this one.
But Hoota had taken power from the Sun God when he spoke words to so many rural villages on behalf of the Naked God. A foreign deity that promised no more Sun Priests and that fertile seasons would come always. This had begun the early troubles and those had escalated into warfare. Now many of The People lived in fortified cliff dwellings in canyons guarded by towers and watched over by either god.
It seemed that nobody was in the House of the Sun. The Qeleteqe wandered around unchallenged until they found just one warrior waiting for them on the road towards the sunrise. Of course, the Sun-dagger Temple would be the final refuge of the priests.
He stood alone with a stone-club, an Omaha. He had his earring of gold like the one worn by Hawk-smiling. A gold ring gauged into his left ear.
Taalawa was standing before all of the warriors, refreshed with some water as they all were. Dark rings under her eyes shown she was feeling ill from the strenuous journey and heat-stroke and dehydration. She was still alive, refusing to die in the arms of her remaining loved-one.
"I am going to go with him, he is Clouded-might. None of you can beat him in a warrior's duel and what honor would you have if many of you fought him together? See how brave he is to stand alone and claim me? You would be cowards and the Naked God would not listen to your prayers if you did not fight him one of you at a time." Taalawa held her hands up and said these words loudly to all of the Qeleteqe. They shuffled their feet nervously. Not one of them wanted to fight Clouded-might and so she simply walked from them to him.
"She is right and also I am the temple-guardian and I stand in your path. The same thing will happen and you cannot go past me as long as I stand here." Clouded-might told the many warriors.
"I will fight him." Hawk-smiling said, knowing he must or he would no longer be first among his warriors.
"So the traitor will be the first to die." Clouded-might chuckled. He had seen Hawk-smiling and recognized the temple guard that had become a believer in the Naked God.
They fought a violent duel and soon Clouded-might had beaten Hawk-smiling to the ground. He did not spare the life of the fallen warrior and raised the Omaha for a killing blow. Hawk-smiling let out a terrified scream and then it was over. His head was smashed by the heavy club.
"Is there not one among you who can fight me now?" Clouded-might pretended that his wounds were painful and that he was tired.
Two warriors suddenly rushed at him at-once and he killed them both as they reached him. Then another tried to run at him while letting out a warcry. Clouded-might picked up the spear and threw it heartily into the crowd of warriors where it found a home in someone's leg and went clean through.
"I have courage!" Deer-fang charged with his spear aimed at Clouded-might. He died with that courage frozen on his face.
"Who can fight me? Are you all just boys? I see Nayawa but not one warrior with courage!"
This time it was three warriors that came at him and in a blurry dance he struck them each aside and as they lay gripping broken parts he showed them no mercy, raising his bloodied club in a death-blow for each of them.
"You die!" one of the leaders of a division of the Qeleteqe, named Scorpion-star, shouted as he fired an arrow into Clouded-might's leg in retaliation for the spear he had thrown. Then he sent five warriors to finish the lone temple guard.
They charged at him and cut him with their spear points, adding to his wounds left by Hawk-smiling's shard dagger. There was dust and sprays of blood as he surprised them with the same shard dagger and slashed open a wrist and kicked dust into another's face. He struck one alongside his head and that warrior staggered away. He had taken a spear and spun it around and knocked one from his feet. He clubbed that one in the same movement. Then they stabbed him with their spears.
Grunting in pain the big warrior still held the fight and crushed another skull. He picked up the shard dagger and as one of those five warriors tried to stab Clouded-might again he threw it and stuck it onto the eye of his enemy. He took the spear and turned with it and put it into the last warrior. Then he smashed the two that he had injured and followed the staggering and stunned warrior and split his skull from behind.
Clouded-might had many wounds but he stood there still.
"I will fight you now." Scorpion-star walked boldly to go and fight the panting lone warrior who dripped blood from many wounds. Then he too was struck down.
The warrior with the spear through his leg was crying out and moaning horribly. It was the only sound as everyone stood there unsure what to do. Little-light became frustrated and went and killed his own warrior with an ax to silence him.
"Someone slay that warrior." Little-light commanded and pointed at their enemy. He stared down each member of the Qeleteqe until only Wolf-eyes met his gaze. The boy picked up a stone and walked close to their enemy.
"Is it you that finishes this? You are just a boy! Send me a warrior!" Clouded-might bellowed.
Wolf-eyes felt only a little bit of fear as he prayed in his thoughts:
"You, God, see me standing alone before this terrible warrior. I have thrown a thousand stones that hit their mark. Only when I meant no harm was no harm ever done. Dear God, make my aim as true as my courage as I stand here. Thank you, God."
"What do you wait for?" Clouded-might asked his only willing foe left among the Qeleteqe.
"No enemy will stand in my way." he recalled with words he spoke and with sincere accuracy he threw just one stone which struck Clouded-might in his forehead.
The warrior fell backwards and died with sunlight in his eyes and golden left earlobe.
It was at that moment that the Qeleteqe looked up and around for their prize but she was gone. Somehow during all of the fighting she had fled. Only Snake-color had seen her go back into the House of the Sun. It was in vain that they searched all around for her and found no trail of her. She had doubled back and hidden herself very well.
The remaining warriors regrouped and were about to leave after an entire day was gone searching for her.
Snake-color had deserted the Qeleteqe during the scattered search and when they left to go to the Sun-dagger Temple. Surely they would find the priests there and kill them all and rescue Hoota. Or maybe something else would happen. Snake-color did not care. He was tired of war and wanted to find Taalawa.
He took a bow and some arrows from where Scorpion-star had left the weapon and also his own spear. He knew that with the Nayawa he must be armed or die whenever he was seen by any enemies. But he had abandoned war. He doubted that the Naked God cared.
Wandering the halls of the great place, that had once held many festivals and thousands of The People, he felt very alone and afraid. Darkness and echoes were all that remained. For days he explored the derelict House of the Sun and eventually he gave up finding her there.
A light shone at night atop the cliffs of Sunlight Canyon where all pilgrim-roads led. No more tribute came here, but perhaps the Sun Priests were not so long gone?
Someone had the brazen stance to remain overlooking the place.
And so he thought that Taalawa had gone to the lights up there. And he made the ascent up steep paths. When at last he came there he found strangely dried up dead bodies posed and decorated as Pocoteli upon pallets that sat overlooking the House of the Sun below. The mummies were very old and shriveled and sat with empty staring eye-sockets. The voice Snake-color had heard when he started his journey spoke from aside where he hadn't noticed him there:
"They are living-ancestors. They will live here with us and the Pocoteli will have their home here. A home for us, a wandering tribe from so far away. Now we have our very own land, as the Naked God promised us." Mentiroso was sitting there. A red and green bird was on his shoulder. It spoke too:
"Where are the Sun Priests?" the bird asked. "Parrot want an eye. Give pretty parrot an eye. An ear?"
"Your bird speaks?" Snake-color sounded amused. He almost forgot the creepy ancestor-mummies.
"He does. Parrot speaks the words he heard when I met my new bride." Mentiroso smiled back, bemused at the attention towards his colorful bird.
"New bride?" Snake-color looked around and saw that the curtain of the pithouse was drawn. His dry throat suddenly choked him. A dreadful feeling was gnawing at him. A very bad feeling.
"She was very beautiful."
"Just a moment, I will show her to you as she is, joined with the Pocoteli." Mentiroso left the bird there and stood with eagerness. He skipped to the pithouse and went inside.
"She was." the bird said. It didn't seem amusing anymore.
Then there stood Mentiroso and he stood in hideous glory shouting the kind of prayer that the Naked God really heard. He wore a strange new costume of a stretched hide as a robe and a crown of amaranth and a mask of another human's face.
"All for you, my lord, Yacatecutli! We, no longer of the Pochtecas, were cast out again and again and now we have come at last to our great home! Thank you for this that is now ours!" the priest of the Naked God danced as he shouted this prayer with wild eyes. He held the legbones in his hands and shook them as scepters with many strips of colorfully dyed leather, feathers and golden bells.
Snake-color stared unblinking at this spectacle of horror; seeing that Mentiroso was quite mad. Bile and rage welled up inside him as the horror of the moment beat in his heart like a drum. He stared directly at what Mentiroso was now wearing.
He was wearing her skin.
Without any further hesitation Snake-color aimed the bow and shot an arrow into him. Then another arrow and another. The priest was still moving until the spear was pushed downward into him. Then he was as dead as his ancestor-mummies.
He untethered the bird and it flew away saying:
"All for you! Thank you!"
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2020.11.03 22:21 austnbrianna Mother & son nude

On mobile Don’t steal my posts.
TW: sexual assault, molestation, foul language, mentions of drug use and alcoholism, mentions of abuse, fat shaming , and death. Let me know if I missed anything.
It’s a long post. Sorry in advance
I usually steer clear of certain details because I’m not looking for sympathy. Im not looking for attention Im triggered and I need to get this out. Growing up Money Vampire sold drugs. For a time she was even well known in many areas. Whenever she had to handle business she would pawn me off on people. We had plenty of “family” that were willing to “watch” me for a few days until she bothered to come back to get me.
Up until I was 6 I spent a lot of time with my JNGPS where I was repeatedly molested by two older cousins. Both of my JNGPs were functioning addicts who worked crazy hours and were too high to pay any attention to us on their off time. The molestation stopped when my cousins were removed from the home due to drug use but resumed when they were placed with MV briefly. More often then not I was sexually assaulted while I was supposed to be watched wherever she dropped me off at because she dealt with shady people and their idea of watching us was to lock us outside or in a room. I never told because I felt like it was my fault. Also a part of me knew that if I told it would do more harm then good.
If I was home with MV I either had to be really quiet because she was napping (read binging until she passed out) or because I was getting on her nerves. It’s not that we didn’t have good times. The bad just outweighed the good. In fact majority of our good times were spoiled by her .
By the age of 6 MV was with Stepmom #3 who preferred to be called an adjective similar to delicious. #3 was a stripper who was 10 years younger than MV with a son around 3 or 4. I didn’t like #3 and I’m pretty sure the feeling was mutual. MV and #3s relationship was tumultuous at best. They argued all of the time which resulted in #3 having black eyes and bruises constantly. She left many times but always came back. I think her breaking point was MV leaving her son outside for hours after being dropped off at the front door by his dad.
By the time I was 8 #3 left for the last time but came back for the things that MV wouldn’t give back to her. I’m assuming #3’s family convinced her to go to the police because later on that night I saw flashlights. The entire house was dark and MV was downstairs naked listening to music (MV spent majority of her time in the nude. She didn’t care about company, neighbors , ect.) I remember looking out of my room window and saw the police surrounding our home.
I heard a commotion so I went down stairs to see our big screen tv with a whole in it. MV butt naked on the floor surrounded by officers in hand cuffs screaming “ Go back upstairs!” Another officer called me to the door and asked me to unlock it with the promise not to hurt my mom. I remember cutting my heel on the glass. MV begged me not to open the door but I did anyways. (She still holds that against me).
After spending hours at the police station I was placed in the projects with my JNGREATAUNT who is an alcoholic. For the 2 1/2 years that I lived there I was told how nasty, spoiled, greedy, smelly , not worth the money and bad I was constantly. I was nasty because I never volunteered to clean up but I never had to at my moms so I didn’t know better. I was spoiled because I didn’t know how to keep myself up. I was bad because I spoke up for myself and stressed JNAUNT out. I stunk because I had no home training ( I was hitting puberty but no one gave me the talk so I didn’t know better). A few time JNCOUSIN would smell me getting out of the shower and if I didn’t smell soapy enough I’d have to bathe again. The one time MV did try to show me how to properly wash we took a shower together I was 9 and she basically had me open my labia for her to see and “demonstrated “ how to clean myself.
My JNAUNT and her adult children would sit on the front porch drinking while loudly complaining about me but also expecting me to keep an eye on their young children. My JNAUNT would basically hype her children up to do her bidding.Naturally I acted out because of my home life. At 10 I was sexually assaulted by our 14 year old neighbor but again was too scared to tell. I started acting out more and eventually I was put into foster care where I was abused physically and emotionally.
In between foster homes I (maybe 13?) was placed with JNCOUSIN, JNAUNTS oldest daughter and MVs favorite cousin who had a personal grudge against me. She went through my things and told MV my personal business. She also made me sleep on a pissy mattress or in the hallway when she was mad at me so I acted out more. Eventually I was placed in a group home and things went downhill from there.
Although I saw my family less and less throughout the years whenever they did see me it was the same bs. I’m trifling,fat, boy crazy,etc. The same people that were supposed to love me could never say anything nice about me. They fatshamed me starting from preschool until I dropped 50lbs at 21-22 then I was skinny shamed. It was always “Cousin x,y, and z are so skinny compared to you”. I had to beg them not to refer to me as thunder thighs until I was 25 when I refused to respond. They greeted me with “Youre getting thick” for over 20 years until I lost the weight then it was “Don’t you lose anymore weight”
Basically I was trash while my other cousins were the light of their lives . Despite my crazy home life I maintained my grades. Unlike my other cousins. Everyone said I would be a teen mom (not momshaming young mothers) boom! Made it to 26 no children. Cousin got pregnant in high school, hid the pregnancy but somehow her baby was a gift from God? I bring exgf to family reunion it’s a scandal. Cousin has relationship with a woman she’s applauded. I quit my job for a better paying one I’m worthless. Cousin gets fired from every job. It’s because they don’t understand her. Other cousin flunked out of college because she couldn’t trust her man on the road so she travelled with him and lied about it fucking crickets. I drop out to work I’m a disgrace. Of all of my cousins with exception of one that’s in the army I’m literally the ONLY one who lives on their own with no help. I’ll starve before I ask them for anything.
I’ve had my fair share of fuck ups. I will not pretend to be perfect or angelic. But I have never deserved their treatment of me.
The fact of the matter is I will ALWAYS resent my family. I will NEVER have a relationship with them. They have shit on me from day one and I’m tired. I’ll never be good enough for them and that’s ok with me. And MoneyVampire can kiss the entire width of my black ass thunder thighs fucking included !
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2020.11.03 01:33 throwRAcheatingdadi Nude & son mother

I’m 19 years old, I have two sisters one 23 and one 17, I also have my mother. A little over a year ago we lost my dad in a car wreck. My dad was all of our heroes, I strived to be a man as good as him. Everyone that knew my dad, tell me I’m the spitting image of him and that they can see his mannerisms and way of thinking in me. I can also see my dad in my older sisters fiancée and parts of him in my little sisters boyfriend. At first I thought it was sweet. Now it’s sickening.
6 months ago was my mom and dads anniversary. I wanted to make my mom a scrapbook of him. I have the passwords to all of his accounts as he couldn’t remember them to save his life. I logged on into his Google photos and saw some things I wish I hadn’t seen. There was a album labeled with the name of a family friend of 15 years. I was confused as to why he’d a have a album dedicated to her and saw her nudes and videos. It was disgusting.
I was in shock and didn’t realize what was going on, eventually it all clicked. My dad was fucking her. I was disgusted, livid and saddened. I decided that I was the only person that ever needed to know this. I my family would be destroyed if we found out our patriarch was a cheating scumbag. 3 months ago I was about to lose my mind. I needed to speak to someone so I went to the family friend my dad had been with.
I told her I knew and needed some questions answered. She told me everything they had been cheating for 9 years and were in love. At the time of his death they had been talking about running away together. I also learned that it’s possible one of her sons is my brother as the timelines match up. This made me feel so much worse. I wish I had never spoken to her. I told her if I ever saw her pretend to love my family or give a damn about my mom, I’d tell her husband.
I still feel plagued by this information. I wish I could forget it. How can I be a good brother, father and husband of my role model was him? How can I be a good man when the man who taught me to be a man was him? Why do I still miss him so much despite all of this horribleness.
I’m so lost and feel broken. I can’t talk to anyone in my family about this, I don’t know where else to turn.
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