Lesbian gynecologist video

2020.08.25 05:26 ryu289 Homophobes can never blame themselves


We keep warning you about Hollywood’s blatant attempt to groom your children into accepting their pedophilia-entrenched tendencies, but people continue to keep their heads in the sand. Well, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the propaganda, but fully expect Centrists™ to continue to justify it while shows like Baby-Sitters Club on Netflix continue to normalize socially-debilitating vices such as child-transgenderism.
How is it socially debilitating?
Thankfully, sane people downvoted the video for reveling in societal degeneracy. Not only did they downvote the video but the comment section was filled with true patriots and humanists who came out against the current push from Hollywood and Big Tech to normalize child grooming and child transgenderism.
Even though it isn't child grooming?
You know just because they are against trans people, doesn't make them heroes.
This is all part of a push to incrementally include child grooming agitprop in everyday media until it’s normalized.
It’s part of the three ‘I’s campaign: Infiltrate, Inculcate, Indoctrinate.
They weasel into a community, they change its standards, and then they brainwash people into thinking the new standards are “okay”.
Considering your blatantly loaded language, I think thou doth protest too much.
"What they won’t do is allow viewers access to information about the dangerous and disruptive gay lifestyle, facts that they try to hide to the best of their abilities:"
Or perhaps you are the one trying to lie to the public about what the "facts" are and encourage them to not think for themselves and listen only to you.
"Nevertheless, the gay agenda won’t end here. GLAAD already made it known they want 20% of all on-screen characters to be gay or some part of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum by 2025, this is despite the fact that gays only make up 1.6% of the population, according to Time Magazine. That means that gays and lesbians will be over-represented by 12.5 times the amount of their demographic population in the U.S."
Billy, your article from Time is from 2014 and outdated. First off the actual numbers have them are 4.5. Why can't you have the actual numbers? Because you think that it is still to high for your argument?
Also you seem to misunderstand GLAAD's resoning... Let's see: https://www.glaad.org/sri/2019/additional-recommendations
GLAAD and The Harris Poll found that 20 percent of American millennials are LGBTQ, so this inclusion is a positive step towards reflecting the real world
Is it that hard to provide the real context Billy?
Gays and lesbians are only 1.6% of the population but gays account for 67% of all HIV cases.
What else does the CDC say? https://www.cdc.gov/msmhealth/stigma-and-discrimination.htm
Gays have high rates of substance and drug abuse.
Lesbians have high rates of alcohol and tobacco abuse.
Lesbians have double the rates of domestic abuse.
Lesbians have higher rates of heart attacks.
Lesbians and bisexual women have high"er rates of obesity.
Lesbians and bisexual women have higher rates of breast cancer
First link goes to the CDC again! Billy this is confirmed again. Discrimination causes minority stress and health disparities: https://scholar.google.com/scholar?as_ylo=2019&q=minority+stress+hiv&hl=en&as_sdt=0,31&as_vis=1 http://homoresponse.blogspot.com/2011/06/mental-health-and-substance-abuse.html
Your second link advertises a 2007 book, but you have to buy it to see anything.
The third link says this: https://web.archive.org/web/20170808013111/https://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20110218140612/http://rds.homeoffice.gov.uk/rds/pdfs10/hosb0110.pdf
"The small numbers of respondents identifying themselves as gay/lesbian or bisexual, combined with the significant proportions of respondents unable or refusing to answer the question on sexual orientation means that figures on prevalence of domestic abuse by sexual orientation should be treated with caution."
Which you forget to do
Domestic violence in the gay community is no higher that for heterosexuals: https://mainweb-v.musc.edu/vawprevention/lesbianrx/factsheet
Violence appears to be about as common among lesbian couples as among heterosexual couples(1,5). In addition, the cycle of violence occurs in both types of relationships.
In addition to this:
Many lesbian batterers grew up in violent households and were physically, sexually, or verbally abused and/or witnessed their mothers being abused by fathers or stepfathers (6,7,14).
In addition, a unique element for lesbians is the homophobic environment that surrounds them (4,10,14). This enables the abusive partner to exert "heterosexist control" over the victim by threatening to "out" the victim to friends, family, or employer or threatening to make reports to authorities that would jeopardize child custody, immigration, or legal status. The homophobic environment also makes it difficult for the victim to seek help from the police, victim service agencies, and battered women's shelters.
Your fourth link says: https://www.acog.org/clinical/clinical-guidance/committee-opinion/articles/2012/05/health-care-for-lesbians-and-bisexual-women
"Women who identify as lesbian or bisexual encounter barriers to health care that include concerns about confidentiality and disclosure, discriminatory attitudes and treatment, limited access to health care and health insurance, and often a limited understanding as to what their health risks may be 4. Lesbians who are unemployed or work in a setting that does not offer health insurance are not allowed to participate in their partners’ employment benefits package in most circumstances 4 5. Lesbians and their partners often face additional challenges such as a lack of availability of health care providers offering fertility services to women who identify as lesbian. Obstetrician–gynecologists who elect not to provide fertility services to lesbian couples or individuals should refer them for these services. Sexual orientation should not be a barrier to receiving fertility services to achieve pregnancy. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (the College) endorses equitable treatment for lesbians and their families, not only for direct health care needs, but also for indirect health care issues; this should include the same legal protections afforded married couples 4.
Fifth link: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16883925/
"For the most part, lesbians and bisexual women face the same health issues as heterosexual women, but they often have difficulty accessing appropriate care. Physicians can improve care for lesbians and bisexual women by acknowledging the potential barriers to care (e.g., hesitancy of physicians to inquire about sexual orientation and of patients to disclose their sexual behavior) and working to create a therapeutic physician-patient relationship. Taking an inclusive and nonjudgmental history and being aware of the range of health-related behaviors and medicolegal issues pertinent to these patients enables physicians to perform relevant screening tests and make appropriate referrals. Some recommendations, such as those for screening for cervical cancer and intimate partner violence, should not be altered for lesbians and bisexual women. Considerations unique to lesbians and bisexual women concern fertility and medico-legal issues to protect familial relationships during life changes and illness. The risks of suicidal ideation, self-harm, and depression may be higher in lesbians and bisexual women, especially those who are not open about their sexual orientation, are not in satisfying relationships, or lack social support. Because of increased rates of nulliparity, the risks of conditions such as breast and ovarian cancers also may be higher. The comparative rates of alcohol and drug use are controversial. Smoking and obesity rates are higher in lesbians and bisexual women, but there is no evidence of an increased risk of cardiovascular disease"
So discrimination is another factor.
Why do you pretend discrimination isn't a factor?
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2020.02.05 06:52 asheatsrainbows Gynecologist lesbian video

I’m not sure where to start with this but I guess I’ll start with some back story with my mother and I.
I remember growing up (up until 12yrs) things being completely fine. This is when everything changed. Obviously I started going through puberty and became more reclusive as far as changing in front of my mom, I no longer felt comfortable kissing them on the mouth, and the thing that really set everything off, my mom found out I was lesbian by snooping through my laptop.
Now, the two small things made my mom angry which I find weird enough, but as a huge Christian when my mom found out I liked girls shit hit the fan. It was a huge outrage. My father has never cared but my mom, even 9 years later (I’m 21) is still a huge asshole over this.
My mother is constantly belittling me. She did through my high school years saying I’m gaining weight, I’m getting fat, etc which I’ve never been self conscious about my body until this. I’m not a twig but I’m not overweight either so I don’t even know where it came from but it has caused a lot of self hating over the years.
When I turned 18 I moved the fuck out so I could find myself. I was never allowed to wear things I like, my mom forced me into dresses growing up, would ground me if she found out I had a girlfriend, and take all my stuff for MONTHS. All while going on Jesus rants. Well I cut my hair short and after months of her bitching that I never drive to come see her I went with my best friend and roommate at the time because I knew shit would once again hit the fan. Man she was pissed I cut my hair short. It’s too butch for her as she would say. During this time she’d constantly give me shit for it, say men don’t like girls with short her (hello I’m a lesbian) and one specific comment she made was that I’ve always had a big nose but cutting my hair made it bigger. Never thought I’d be self conscious over a nose.
It feels like it’s just always getting worse. I try to talk to her and “deal” with it. She’s my mom. I do love her. She’s always screaming at me now as I’ve moved back in over nothing. I play my video games too much or I don’t come out of my room often enough, I never wanna talk. How can i talk when nothing I do is good enough?
Today as an example it slipped that I had made a doctors appointment for the gynecologist. It’s literally nothing major just need to ask some things. Well she tried to ask me why I’m going to see them. I told her I didn’t want to talk about it, because let’s be real, who feels comfortable talking about their genitals to their parents? And even then, this is a sex related visit. Hell no. She was absolutely outraged. She started yelling at me about how I don’t tell her anything and she tells her mom everything and that I just hate her and I’m hiding something. I explained that I am hiding nothing, I’m just an adult and don’t want to discuss it. She then comes into my room on 4 separate occasions prying to get an answer. Asking me things like if I have an STD or an Infection or anything like that. Once again I try to politely explain I’m not talking about it.
She does this with anything I don’t want to talk about. I’m not a naturally open person, so it’s not uncommon for me to not talk to anyone about a lot of things. Plus I just really don’t believe half the things she nosey about is her business.
All my life it leads to arguments and her calling me stupid and selfish and that I hate her and she wishes I would love her etc etc. she’s always gaslighting me and trying to turn my dad and I against each other. I’ll say I’m not doing something and she’ll tell my dad that I said I would do it. It’s caused so many arguments and heart ache, I can’t stand to be in this house anymore. I’m just saving up my money to move states away right now.
The constant arguing and her belittling me and trying to guilt trip me is just getting way too much. I’m so depressed here, I try to avoid her as much as possible. Nothing I ever do is good enough for her. My girlfriend and even her mother has said that aside from her obvious homophobia, that this is mental/emotional abuse. I’ve never really thought about it and I guess I’d just like some more input from people.
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I posted this on another Happy Endings forum a few weeks ago (have since updated some stuff before posting it here), and I've been meaning to repost it here on reddit, and now with todays depressing news, it seems like a good time to put it up....
For anyone missing the Happy Endings cast, heres all the upcoming stuff to look for them in soon that I've been able to find:
Upcoming TV stuff:

  • Zachary Knighton just appeared as Elijah Wood's mailman on the new season of Wilfred, not sure if this is a recurring role of just a one time spot. He also mentioned on twitter a while back he's in the upcoming season of "Always Sunny in Philadelphia", possibly playing the same character he played on there several seasons ago? I'm not sure. Would be funny if he was returning as that character to get some revenge on the gang, in the similar way Chase did on Max -- too bad we were robbed of another season, I wanted them to continue the Max/Chase thing, darnit!
  • Adam Pally and Casey Wilson will be guest stars on the new season of "Comedy Bang Bang" on IFC starting in July. Casey's the main guest for the September 13 episode titled "Casey Wilson Wears A White Lace Dress & A Black Blazer" and Adam will be involved in some kind of skit with Chelsea Peretti and Doug Benson, they posted the pic on the Comedy Bang Bang facebook page a while back, it looked like he was playing a UPS delivery guy. Casey will also be appearing in some sketches on the Comedy Central show "Drunk History", premiering on July 9th. Heres a pic of her filming a sketch as Dolly Parton.
  • I posted this last week, but another reminder that Adam and Casey are gonna be the two panel comedians paired together for "The Jeselnik Offensive" episode that airs on July 23 on Comedy Central. Thats gotta be the one I'm looking most forward to, I hope we keep getting to see the cast keep doing some stuff together in the future. I definitely think Casey and Adam will keep working together in stuff anyway, since they were already good friends before Happy Endings. In a perfect world they'd end up on another show together and Damon/Eliza would end up on another show together, they were my 2 favorite pairings on the show, it's a shame to waste the perfect chemistry those 4 had.
  • I posted about this the other day, but Casey is co-starring in Paul Scheer's new Adult Swim pilot called "Filthy Sexy Teen$", which is a spin-off to Scheer's other funny Adult Swim show "NTSF:SD:SUV", I now kinda remember that "Filthy Sexy Teen$" was a fake tv commercial they ran during some of the credits on "NTSF" last season. Much the same way "NTSF" originally started as a fake tv commercial during the first season of Childrens Hospital.
  • Of course it's been rumored that Damon will go back to New Girl now, possibly for at least a couple episodes.
  • I haven't been able find any upcoming projects for Elisha yet, but with the announcement of FOX doing a 24 reboot, I assume she's likely to make some appearances in that. I think she surprised everyone on Happy Endings with how funny she was as Alex, lets hope this isn't the last we see of her doing comedic stuff. Don't think anyone ever would've guessed Elisha Cuthbert would be so good at comedy all these years!
Upcoming movies:
  • I'm sure most here have heard about this by now, but Damon's filming a movie he's starring in with Jake Johnson (Nick from New Girl) called "Lets Be Cops", lets hope it turns out to be good.
  • Adam is also currently filming his first lead role in a movie called "Search Party" that he stars in with TJ Miller (The Goodwin Games, played Shershow in Happy Endings season one) and Thomas Middleditch (UCB comedian) and also features Alison Brie from Community and Krysten Ritter from Dont Trust the B in Apt 23.
  • Casey recently made a movie "Ass Backwards", that her and June Diane Raphael (NTSF:SD:SUV, Burning Love, Sadie the lesbian gynecologist on New Girl) wrote and star in together. It was at Sundance earlier this year and is supposed to be a female take on "Dumb and Dumber" type buddy comedies. It will have it's LA premiere at the 2013 Outfest in July and is coming out with a wider release later this year. Another Sundance movie Casey co-stars in called "C.O.G." (written by David Sedaris) will also be at Outfest and will have a wider release on Sept 20. Casey plays a rare dramatic role in this one.
  • Zachary has a new movie hes in called "Teddy Bears" that premiered at a film festival Seattle earlier this month, its some kind of dark comedy that also stars Gillian Jacobs and David Krumholtz. I was watching a video interview with him where he mentioned he's shooting a movie in Austin Texas this summer, haven't been able to find what the movie is yet.
  • Eliza recently co-starred as the love interest in an indie movie called "Shanghai Calling" that was on VOD earlier this year, I remember her talking about it in an interview and saying she had to learn Chinese for the movie. They just announced it'll be on DVD on September 17.
I'll update in the replies of this thread if I find anything new, others can feel free to add to it if they hear about any new projects or appearances. It's sad we won't see them get to keep making the show but With the talent of this cast I have no doubt that they'll all find lots of work in their post-HappyEndings careers. After how good they all were on Happy Endings, I would think they'll all be in high demand when networks are casting for new sitcoms, especially come pilot season.
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2013.06.13 01:05 tabledresser Lesbian gynecologist video

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Date: 2013-06-12
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Questions Answers
What is your opinion on Men's Rights movements? I think they're much more concerned with bashing feminists than actually getting more rights for themselves.
Would you agree that there are some aspects of the feminist movement that are deserving of being bashed? Like what, for example?
Well there is a plethora of reading material ranging from essays to discussions that address this sort of thing. Maybe you'd be interested? I figure radical feminism explains itself. I'm aware of all that. I just don't buy it. Sorry.
Do you think men are virgins or just chaste? What's your opinion of the virgin/whore dichotomy? What does feminism, as it applies to film, mean? I realize you could probably write a library on the subject, but I'm just looking for the "elevator pitch" version. Q1 This will come up a lot in this thread but there's no actual definition for virginity (I can talk more about that in a bit). But I'll assume you're using the usual definition which is intercourse, and this is regarding straight men (more about that later too). Generally speaking, men who haven't had penetrative intercourse are considered virgins, but chastity has a moral component to it as well. It can be bodily but it can also be spiritual. Q2 The virgnin/whore dichotomy, which classifies all women as either virgins or sluts is a lazy and sexist way to think about female sexuality, which exists on a spectrum, with neither end being better or worse than the other.
Q3 To me personally, it means that some of my work looks at the world through a feminist lens. I'm really interested in how we women identify ourselves, as opposed to how we're labeled by our society. Q4 Virginity is there for you to define.
Whats the average age for popping your cherry anyway? I heard someone say it's like, 14 or some stupid figure. Surely it's higher than that? (E: Spelling) So at the risk of driving everyone nuts, can I assume you mean intercourse between a man and a woman? Because there are A LOT of ways to define what virginity loss is (and I hope people will weigh in on questions about queer virginity)
Anyway, for intercourse, the average age in the US is about 17. But that doesn't take into account all the non-penetrative or non-hetero sex people engage in.
OK, fair enough, break it down as much as you can then. By first sexual activity, intercourse, homo and hetro and so on and so forth. Let me get you some links to the latest research. It's pretty interesting because the interviews were done privately into a tape recorder, and researchers felt they got more honest answers. Especially from guys who were reporting less sexual activity than expected. Hang on and we'll find it!
Generally speaking, about 1/3 of college freshman consider themselves virgins. How they define that is pretty much up to them. Because there are so many ways of being sexual, you have to look at a lot of different data sets to get specific answers to those questions. I hope the links are helpful.
I REALLY don't believe that figure. granted, I don't know american culture but it's the same in my country, (the netherlands) it's said to be 16 here. That's the reported average, but of course that means there are many younger and older people as well. Maybe in The Netherlands people are more honest about their sexual histories. The age in the US has been creeping up and some think it's because people (guys) are lying less.
There's just way too many virgins at my age(21) for that to be accurate. It's hard to take a measure of sexuality solely through intercourse. It leaves out everyone who doesn't have sex with one penis and one vagina in the room. I know everyone wants to know if they're 'normal' but there's really no such thing.
Here's the most recent study from the CDC. It's a bit dense but has a lot of good data. Link to www.cdc.gov Here's another compendium of data from The Kinsey Institute: Link to www.kinseyinstitute.org
What was your intention in creating this documentary? Did this change during the process? The intent started forming right after I had sex for the first time. Realizing all of those myths were... well...myths, really made me start thinking about virginity in a different way. I had pretty much been lied to about what a big deal it was going to be. And it SO WASN'T.
Over the past few years I became more interested in virginity culture, slut shaming, purity balls and what we've been including/excluding as "the right kind" of virginity lost.
I seems like whether you’re interested in having sex or not, it’s very difficult to be open about your needs and desires without getting slapped with a slut or prude label if you're a woman. Or just to feel like you're a loser if you're a guy who's not sexually active. It's just serves to shut you up and defines your whole being. We need to define who we are.
That's what the film really ended up addressing: labels, definitions and how dangerously misleading they can be.
Tell me more about artificial hymens... I vaguely understand why they exist, but how do they actually work? (I think I read somewhere once about artificial blood being involved..?) Ooo! One of my very favorite topics. I think artificial hymen is a misnomer, because as you've guessed, they're really artificial vaginal blood.
They are little bits of plastic embedded with red liquid that are inserted up into the vagina. The plastic dissolves and the unsuspecting penis eventually pulls out with some telltale red spots. You can actually order them online for about $30 a pop (so to speak).
It's all pretty absurd and funny–until you consider why people feel they need to buy this, why there's still a belief that women bleed the first time they're penetrated, why Egyptian clerics have been calling for the death penalty to any woman using this.
On a similar note, women who have never had penetrative sex sometimes get stitches in their labias (mis-named hymen reconstruction) to guarantee they bleed on their wedding nights.
Now I've bummed myself out.
What, so the stitches get ripped out?! owww. Yeah. Guaranteed blood. A doctor in the film talks about doing these surgeries when she was a gynecologist in the Middle East (not that this practice is at all exclusive to that culture)
What books do you recommend to everyone that they should read or what books have changed your life? Two books really changed my life: In my 20s I read 'The Mists of Avalon" by Marion Zimmer Bradley, which is a retelling of the King Arthur legend from the point of view of the women of the story. It made me think about the power of alternative histories. In my 30s I read "Woman: An Intimate Geography" by Natalie Angier. It made me think about my body, my sex life and my desire in a new way. By the time I finished the introduction, I knew I would never think about myself the same way again. And she did an amazing job of firing a giant bullet through the heart of evolutionary psychology.
These books will be compiled in to a spreadsheet with your name and the date you did your AMA, so that if you revisit us on a future date, I can remind you of what you were reading the last time you visited our fair site. The non-fiction I'm reading now is a biography of Dr. Alfred Kinsey by Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy because I'm a big Kinsey fangirl and I got the book when I was at the institute last month.
Aren't virginity auctions just prostitution? Or is it different because they're selling an idea? Do they happen super often, I've only heard of a few. The rest is a fantasy in the mind of the buyer. What they're really buying is the ability to be the first to put their penis into that vagina. This seems to have value for some guys, and maybe other can chime in on why that is. There have been several in the news over the last several years, even an auction for a sex doll's 'virginity.' The part of this that really bugs me though, is that all the titillation around it just reinforces the idea that virginity is a THING that has a singular VALUE, and once a woman has intercourse the value is gone.
Are people losing their virginity earlier now than they were, say, 200 years ago? 50 years ago? Thank you for the interesting AMA! Good question: Just to continue driving everyone crazy, I'll assume you're talking about intercourse when you say losing virginity. I'm not a historian, so if someone is, please jump in! From my understanding I think you have to factor in that people used to get married a lot earlier, so that would skew the results somewhat. The big leap is with more unmarried women having sex today as compared to 200 years ago. As for 50 years ago, probably, but a lot of things happened that no one talked about back then. I think people are much more open about sex than they used to be. For me the most important thing is not how much sex people are having, but how they feel about that sex. These days women are a lot more sexualized in the media, and may be having more sex because of it, but it also seems they're made to feel more guilty or ashamed about it at the same time.
What has had the biggest impact on the change (up or down) -- religion, the sexualization of females in the media, the increase or decline in sexual education in schools, the feminist movement, other media influences (movies, music, etc)...? Interestingly, over the last 20 years, age of first intercourse has gone up a bit, especially for guys. This could be because of more honest reporting, or just doing other sexual acts more.
What's the weirdest virginity myth you've come across? There are a lot of really weird virginity tests that have been used to test women's 'purity.'
Historically, a woman would smell a head of cabbage to see if it made her pee. Or having her sit over a smoking barrel to see if smoke came out of her mouth. The idea was that having intercourse opened you up from vulva to throat so there was an open passageway. There's another to do with string.
Now people check hymens, which is in itself a terrible virginity myth. You can tell as much about a woman's sexual history by looking at a hymen as you can about a guy by looking at the tip of his penis.
How rare is it for a 30 year old American woman to be a virgin? I think based on the submissions we get for The V-Card Diaries, you're in good company.
In the film, there are two cool women both around 30 who consider themselves virgins. One has had no sexual experience whatsoever, and other has never had intercourse but has done other things. Of course by that standard many lesbians will stay virgins their whole lives, which tells you how useless the definitions can be.
Anyway, you might fall somewhere on that spectrum, so keep this in mind. Being sexual is a long process with many different steps. Take it one step at a time, see what you like, do more of that if you can.
But if you've never had any intimate contact despite wanting to, sometimes there are bigger issues holding you back from your sexual debut.
Since pop culture is so influential to societal norms, are there any recent fictional explorations of virginity/sexuality/etc that you've admired or thought were useful? Or any that drove you nuts? That's a great question. I like when sex happens without a lot of fanfare or editorializing.
Friday Night Lights always did a great job with sex and the episode where Coach's daughter Julie has sex for the first time with Matt (QB1) is lovely.
My interns really like the show Awkward, or at least the first season.
The two Glee episodes about virginity loss both drove me nuts: Link to www.virginitymovie.com
Link to www.virginitymovie.com
What are your thoughts on Game of Thrones?! They've got a lot of virginity references! Oh I LOVE Game of Thrones. We talk about this a lot on a podcast I'm on. That culture is SO patriarchal so of course attitudes about male and female virginity are pretty predictable.
Jon Snow and Podrick follow a common trope of the tender young lad being schooled in the ways of love by a more experienced woman. It was pretty hilarious that they were both genius love-makers right out of the gate (didn't Snow invent cunnilingus?)
The women are of course totally solied and useless if they've had sex outside of marriage. But the virgin we really love to talk about is Brienne, who seems to get a lot of power from her 'purity' that really has nothing to do with sex. Partly being unattached, she's free from the influences of a husband. And her moral purity gives her strength, sort of like Joan of Arc.
Do you feel like as a woman discussing things of a sexual nature is frowned upon? That's a great question! I think that women are allowed to be talk about sex within pretty strict parameters, mostly to turn guys on. And I totally grew up understanding that I wasn't supposed to talk about sex at all because otherwise someone would think I was a slut. I got over that.
Do you think couples that save themselves for marriage miss out on what most couples believe to be the fun part of the honeymoon? It could make for a really awkward honeymoon, or a disappointing one, if you've been taught that the first time you have sex will be the greatest experience of your life if you do it right. (spoiler: it's usually not)
I just feel like it would be very awkward for virgins to endure in this sexcapade. It also puts a lot of pressure on that one night and one act. You know, it's a process.
I'm a 25 year old male virgin. Just how rare a species am I? By the age of 25 most guys have had some kind of sex, but I don't think you're nearly as rare as you think you are. We get a lot of V-Card Diaries submissions from guys who aren't sexually active.
That's why I love that project so much. It is basically shouting 'you are not alone and there's nothing wrong with you.' Check out the stories at Link to virginitymovie.herokuapp.com
I could have used it when I was 23 and still a virgin. I thought I was the oldest living specimen on earth and it didn't help I was going to art school. Granted I was female, and it wasn't quite as stigmatized for women. But still. Ugh.
Why did you stay a virgin till that age? It just didn't happen. I was carrying around a lot of conflicting ideas. On one hand I was terrified of getting pregnant, and on the other I was sure that I would fall madly in love with whomever was my 'first.' By 23 I had decided that I'd do it with the next convenient partner, which turned out to be a guy I had dated a few times. I didn't get pregnant and I can't remember the guy's last name-so much for mad love.
Personal choice? People lie, potato_88. People lie. So does pop culture. So does advertising.
like me in that it sort of just didn't happen? There's a vast conspiracy out there to make you think you're the only one not getting any, and to fix that you must immediately buy some Axe Body Spray™ and get a subscription to Maxim.
My 20-something year old boyfriend is male virgin, as are most of his unmarried male friends. They're mostly all engineers, too... Correlation or causation? You be the judge! How do your boyfriend and his friends define virginity?
What i wanted to add on that question.. about how many of them are really virgin? i suspect thats pure fiction.. It's pretty much fiction, although you hear about that once in a while. My favorite porn expert Gram Ponante hasn't been able to verify any first-time intercourse in adult videos.
They're all experienced adult video actors who are really good at acting in a way their audience thinks is 'innocent' complete with white panties and knee socks and pig tales. Yup.
At Barely Legal it was interesting that the producer described her films as depicting a woman's 'first good fuck' as opposed to a classic virginity loss.
How did you become an expert in this? Over 5 years of researching, shooting and editing a documentary, you learn a lot. Whenever I had a question, I would find someone who knew the answer then start formulating my own ideas about it.
I was really fortunate to learn from a lot of smart people about different aspects of virginity culture: history, politics, queer sexuality, religion and stories from regular folks. My virgin godmother is historian Hanne Blank. Check out her work!
I need to know: How do i lose my virginity? (Guy speaking here) ;) You'll need to find someone who finds you attractive–something TOTALLY in the eye of the beholder, by the way–which could include having an appearance they like, being fun to be around, having some confidence, good hygiene, a sense of humor, not being a jerk, being easygoing and non-judgmental.
I’d also recommend having a very broad idea of what might be attractive to you. I’m not saying you’re this person, but a lot of the guys we hear from who aren’t meeting women in fact just aren’t meeting supermodels. Or they’re only looking for women 10-15 years younger on dating sites. So everyone needs to get over that.
Dating can really suck, no denying it. But like my friend Rosie’s mother used to say “There’s a shoe for every foot” which is true, but you do need to try on a lot of shoes to find the right one."
1) lower their standards; and, 2) allow women to keep their fixed standards high. Sounds like a (depressingly) accurate representation of reality. If your standard is you are only interested in international supermodels or women 15 years younger, and you're not getting any play, it's not a bad idea to widen your search options. Also, my standards of what women might find attractive are pretty broad. I don't think good hygiene and not being a jerk is too high a bar for most people.
Do you think exposure to internet pornography causes people to lose their virginity earlier, or is the opposite true? I'm sorry, I really don't know the answer to that question. I do think there is a relationship between porn and virginity, but it has more to do with how we learn about sex. Given the shameful lack of sex education in the US, and Abstinence-Until-Marriage (which replaces education with bad science and dogma), young people get most of their information about sex from porn.
Which is pretty sad, because if everything someone knows about sex was learned from porn, they might have some pretty messed-up ideas about what real sex looks and feels like. And they'll be a pretty lousy partner to someone as well, since porn sex is staged for camera angles, not pleasure. Don't even get me started on all the degradation stuff. This is not an anti-porn rant. It's an anti-learning-about-real-sex-from-porn rant. Pro tip: Many real women would prefer their partners don't cum on their face.
One of the best sex ed sites out there, by the way, is Scarleteen, so everyone please check it out.
How does one explain the "virginity myth" to a child growing up in the current culture that still has expectations of virginity at marriage? I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with waiting until you get married to have sex for the first time, if it's your choice. I think the problems happen when you make that decision based on bad science, shame, fear and sexism (Abstinence-Till-Marriage I'm looking at you).
The other problem is the belief that having intercourse somehow totally changes your body or your value in some profound way. It's not just the abstinence industry that wants you to believe that, but also the folks who sell white wedding dresses, virginity porn, virginity auctions, the writers of fairy tales...they all profit on that idea.
How often do you ask girls out? Most of the time, the guys who write us about being older virgins also have social awkwardness issues. It's really hard to create an intimate relationship when you have trouble interacting in the first place.
Being shy is the most common reason.. Another option could be to hire a sex worker. Dan Savage had a really interesting and sensitive column about that a couple of months ago [here]( Link to www.thestranger.com.)
I guess I would say social awkwardness. I have lots of friends but the opportunity to have sex just never came up except in paid situations. That's a pretty common problem and it's really hard to put yourself out there. The fear of rejection is very real, but you have to weigh that against your desire to have an intimate relationship.
Work on becoming comfortable with yourself: Being polite but clear when you're interested in someone. Try not to be angry or frustrated, take each opportunity as it comes and move on if it doesn't work. Seriously, we're all pretty self-conscious and insecure sometimes. The trick is to get past it and try again.
Thank you for this AMA! I find this whole subject very interesting. I have two questions- 1) what is your favorite definition of virginity? And 2) are there any books that you could recommend on the subject for those of us who'd like to learn more? My personal definition of virginity has definitely evolved over the course of doing this project. As a young woman, it used to be the never-had-penis-in-vagina-intercourse model, but once I thought about it for even a minute I realized that was pretty narrow since obviously lots of people don't ever have sex that way. I also started wondering why it was centered on an act that wasn't even producing an orgasm for a majority of women.
A lot of people want to do away with the concept of virginity altogether, for good reason. Virginity culture is really oppressive for women, and sometimes stigmatizing and shaming, not to mention deadly.
But I look at it a bit differently, and I can see how important sexual milestones can be. I think we have lots of virginities to lose over the course of what will hopefully be long sexual lives, series of first times that make up our sexual history. We actually give out our own kind of subversive V-Cards with 10 cherries you can punch every time you have an new experience.
While we're at it, I do try not to use the phrase 'losing virginity,' but rather 'making a sexual debut.' That sounds so much more exciting to me.
What was it like to be on a porn set for Barely Legal? What was the film crew like? None of us had been on a porn set before so it was pretty surreal. But it's weird how quickly you get used to standing around while I couple of people are having sex on the hood of a car.
Everyone was very nice, although I have to admit the older guys were pretty creepy. But it was a well-run set with lots of food and good moods all around (maybe thanks to the producedirector Erica Maclean). I'm sure a lot of porn sets are depressing places, but this one wasn't.
For days afterwards, though my production assistant and I saw EVERYTHING from a sexual perspective. It had seeped into our brains and everything became about sex. It wore off eventually, thank god, because it really freaked us out.
What qualifies one to be a Virginity Expert? Years of work on a documentary on the subject. But, I replied more fully in SnookSnook's similar question.
Would advice would you give on losing your virginity to a guy who cant get any? Hmmm...I guess the first question would be why do you feel you can't get any. Let me know and I'll reply!
Not sure what Reddit can learn from this AMA since most Redditors are "virginity experts," but regardless, thank you for what I'm sure will be an informative AMA! :) OK, I'm laughing...I guess we're all virginity experts to some extent in that we start out that way. But I really want people to think about virginity loss as a process, and not as a one-time event that changes your body and your mind and your value. I think we have multiple virginities to lose.
Also, making this film I've learned a ton about all the misinformation we still get about becoming sexual.
Hi Therese! I'm a PhD student researching links between national identity and virginity in the United States. I'm so excited the film is available and even more excited that you've taken time to chat via Reddit. Thanks!! I'm really excited it's out now. It's been a long road but we're all really proud of the film.
Thanks!! I'm really excited it's out now. It's been a long road but we're all really proud of the film. Do you have any questions? I think there are some other virginity 'experts' in this thread!
Congratulations! I am very excited about this film. I believe this dog WILL hunt. Graydon! So nice you took time out from Omnivore to join the conversation.
I remember my first time, but a gentleman never tells. (Shout out to Ms Jacquelyn James). She wasn't bad. She was just drawn that way.
I read this really great article from an intentional virgin on chastity. Like Therese said, chastity has a moral component to it as well. It's more than just "saving sex for marriage." Link to www.tampabay.com. Thanks! And sorry I haven't answered your question yet!
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2013.01.25 12:48 blankeyes1 Lesbian gynecologist video

Hi All,
So I was thinking about the types of posts that consistently occur on /TwoXChromosomes and how it would compare to the Bechdel Test if the posts on /TwoXChromosomes were a movie.
Obviously there are some issues with using the first two criteria of the Bechdel Test on a non-movie medium like Reddit, but what about the third criteria? How often does /TwoXChromosomes talk about something that is not involving a man? What if you included posts that talk about men by implication? For example, pregnancy, birth control, sex (excluding lesbian sex), sexual abuse or rape (when perpetrated by men).
I am curious about this beacuse my experience of /TwoXChromosomes could basically be summed up in those exact conversations. For example, depending on how you look at it, 7 of the top 10 posts for today would not meet a test that excluded those issues.
The only post on todays top ten that appeared to have no gender bias to me was the one about a friend's suicide. While I genuinely liked the one about an 11 year old girl who climbs mountains it again focuses on the gender of the individual. There was also one about Quiting Smoking, but upon looking at that one its about anorexia which to me has a very strong female connotation (although this is likely influenced by the fact that its posted to /TwoXChromosomes implying its a woman asking).
What got me started thinking about this was wondering how often /TwoXchromosomes is a place where women can get together on the internet and just talk about whatever they want to talk about without it being about men, or being made overtly gender based.
I want to say that I'm not trying to curtail what anyone talks about on /TwoXChromosomes. I am just curious what everyone here thinks of this issue, the same way that I think the Bechdel Test isn't meant to tell movie producers how to make movies, but rather to start a conversation about what is being made.
I also want to apologize for doing this as a throwaway account, but I have some trepidation regarding the reception of asking these questions, and don't want to have any backlash spill over to my main account.
These were the top ten when I looked at /TwoXChromosomes as of this post:

  1. 966 I'm having an abortion tomorrow and my justification is that I didn't want to get pregnant (self.TwoXChromosomes)
  2. 756 I'm just a little fed up of this. (self.TwoXChromosomes)
  3. 197 Classmate ended her life. Sad day. (self.TwoXChromosomes)
  4. 173 Air Force Officials Aim to Eliminate Sexual Assault - "The Air Force goal for sexual assault is not simply to lower the number. The goal is zero. It's the only acceptable objective." (aetc.af.mil)
  5. 138 New Mexico Legislation Would Criminalize Abortions in Cases of Rape: "If this became law, and you were raped and made pregnant, aborting that pregnancy would amount to evidence-tampering, a first-degree felony." (slate.com)
  6. 118 Hey 2X... so I just found out that I'm pregnant. (self.TwoXChromosomes)
  7. 106 How I took control of my medical care, or how I fired to gynecologists in one day. (self.TwoXChromosomes)
  8. 101 I'm only 18 and smoke 10-15 cigs a day. I want to stop now because...Possible trigger (self.TwoXChromosomes)
  9. 100 Friends consider me a virgin even though I've had gay sex. (self.TwoXChromosomes)
  10. 94 11-Year-Old Girl Shatters Climbing Records. This girl is incredible. - [8:35] (youtube.com)
If you don't know what the Bechdel test is, its a test which judges movies based on three criteria to determine the presence of women.
  • Does it has to have at least two women in it with names?
  • Do these women talk to each other?
  • Do these women talk about something besides a man?
You can learn more about it here
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