Spycam x

2020.10.28 08:52 Articguard11 Did anyone hate both themselves and the game (Soiderman) doing the financial district drone challenge ?

Idk about you, but most of these taskmaster challengers aren’t that bad - they’re pretty easy to master after 10 minutes. But this one? No. This goddamned taskmaster really put me through the ringer, holy god. It took me 2 hours to complete - I refused to relent. I had to get ultimate at that point, and I even levelled up an entire rank purely from those little 25xp pluses you get from each try. It was literally driving me up the wall. If anyone suffered too, what exactly tripped you up? What kept getting me was the spy cam between the two brown buildings and getting to the next spycam on the roof. Just couldn’t get enough momentum and I always wound up scaling it ☹️
Thanks to the speed power suit ability, I eventually wound up finishing with 41000. Some blokes on YouTube managed to get 45000 and I honestly just think that’s plain sorcery.
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2020.10.23 12:10 eliassrm X spycam

Hello to valorant Community, I've got ideas about the agents abilities combination. My idea is add or subtract of characters abilities and make the game more liable on other teammate performances, let me give you some examples:
Jett + Phoenix : cloudburst and hot hands => it makes flame cloud (just VFX)and Jett's cloud burst can be effect by viper toxin, too
Viper(opponent) poison cloud can be destroyed by phoenix blaze or hot hands( flammable toxic gas)
Sage's(opponent) slow orb can be destroyed by Sage's slow orb,
Sova owl drone and Cypher spycam can affect noise on each other in short distance activity, also on opponents drone/camera
Phoenix hot hands/ Brimstone incendiary can be destroyed by Sage's slow orb (hot and cold)
Let me know your ideas and hope their development team receive it and add it to game I think it would be amazing
And afterall I think thisbgives a Valorant a unique attributes that distinguish it from csgo and overwatch https://www.reddit.com/VALORANT/comments/j6fjr8/future_development_idea/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
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2020.10.11 10:53 cabbarkkg Spycam x

Hello everyone, i want to build a spycam. There is no problem about programming but i want to use this module with external power supplier. I dont want to use usb power. I thought i can use 2s lipo battery 7.4V but its too many volts for esp’s input 3.3 or 5V. Maybe i can use 5v or 3.3v regulator in order to reduce 7.4V. However, if i do this in that way, there will be many components for my project. And also if i use a lipo, i have to buy a balancer, that means too much money for this project i think. Have you any better idea for extarnal power supplier ?
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2020.10.09 03:26 JustaRookie_3 Spycam x

Hey, I'm new to the game and I'm currently practicing Cypher. Just wanna ask if Cypher's spycam was nerfed because I can't seem to place it on high areas just like the other videos in youtube.
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2020.10.01 11:59 Ok_Top9258 Spycam x

Hello! I plan to study for a year in Korea (business to be specific), I'm currently having some worries after reading the news and watching some youtube videos. My biggest fear at the moment is being a 19-year-old woman living alone in Korea. Apparently, sexual harassment and assault are quite common there and something a woman should be aware of. I've also heard that spycams are an increasing issue in South Korea. I don't want to generalise but after watching documentaries, speaking to people and reading so many stories it's made me second guess going there, the people I've spoken to and watched make it seem as though the moment you step outside your house you will get sexually assaulted, they also make it seem as though the moment you use a public bathroom you will be all over the dark web. Can anyone who lives in South Korea (especially a woman) give me some heads up or advice on this matter? is it as bad as the media is making it out to seem?
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2020.09.26 07:37 eliassrm Spycam x

Hello to valorant Community, I'm a visionary guy who plays casually and from my point of view, I've got ideas about the future of Valorant. My idea is based on rock, paper, scissors scenario in Valorant or, in other terms, add or subtract of characters abilities and make the game more liable on other teammate performances, let me give you some examples: Jett + Phoenix : cloudburst and hot hands => it makes flame cloud and damage all inside them and Jett's cloud burst can be effect by viper toxin, too Viper(opponent) poison cloud can be destroyed by phoenix blaze or hot hands( flammable toxic gas) Sage's(opponent) slow orb can be destroyed by Sage's slow orb Sova owl drone and Cypher spycam can affect noise on each other in short distance activity, also on opponents drone/camera Phoenix hot hands/ Brimstone incendiary can be destroyed by Sage's slow orb (hot and cold)
Let me know your ideas and hope their development team receive it and add it to game I think it would be amazing
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2020.09.22 02:30 Ihavecreepneighbors Spycam x

My neighbors are spying on me and my family as I'm writing they will read exactly what is on my screen and the disgusting individual names Ozzie who works as a maintenance person has managed to hide spy cameras in my apartment.
I know this because I can throw a middle finger and they react to it or do something lewd and they know what I'm doing.
So I hired a Computer Forensics team to remotely access my device and modem. It set me back 500 but it finally gave me somemproof that something was going on.
They said the amount of attacks on my firewall were absolutely unusual and the data is being sent for further analysis by more senior analyst.
They went through the process of "securing my network" but these scumbags creeps can't help themselves and just gotta see my 5 year old take his bath each day.
I have filed a report with the FBI, and the authority your report pedophiles that collect pictures of nude children too. That was just done today though.
1 is there anyone in the Phoenix area that may be able to help me find a spycam 2 these creeps are still on my network after a professional secured it. They are smart but. .. there's something being missed.
These scumbags will go to jail the minimum for possessing nude photos if underage children is 10 years. Then they get to register as sex offenders.
I want that day to come as soon as possible.
Here is a clip of my son who was frightened by this creep. You can hear in his voice his fear is real and the creep laughed about it.
I need some help and if anyone can offer any suggestions or service please let me know. I want to burry these two in lawsuits and make them pay for the damages they have done to me and my family. And restore our God given right to privacy. Alex frightened by OZZIE Here's the clip
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2020.09.16 19:59 Meda17Sepl X spycam

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2020.09.16 16:24 phantasmaldream Macbook air! Help!!! Camera!

I just got the 2020 Macbook Air. Runs on OSX Catalina. I am debating on returning it whether or not I can fix the camera and the fan over heating ( this seems to be common on macs).
I was wondering if anybody knew whether a 1080p tiny-spycam would be able to fix the camera quality. The macbook camera is 720p and the fapriet 1080p webcam is too bulky for me. I could tape the spy cam to the camera, or does it need a usb? Or is there any free service I can download to fix my camera quality? Or just return it and find a different laptop? Please help.
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2020.09.09 04:09 throwaway2948124 X spycam

I'm a female in Korea for the first time. She constantly warns me about spycams in bathrooms and so on. I don't doubt that they exist and that the consequences are obviously grave, but to be paranoid about looking for spycams literally anywhere I go--that can't be the degree of the problem, right? Has she read too many things online, or should I actually be very concerned?
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2020.08.27 00:10 jrushFN Spycam x

Hi all, I wanted to start a discussion about Killjoy in pro play. Although it may just be too early to understand her uses in the game, it seems like she's seriously lacking in high skill matches (while being incredibly powerful in lower level matches). Below, I wrote about each of her abilities, as well as my suggestions for how to make them more useful and balanced simultaneously. KJ as a concept has a lot of potential to shake up the Cypher meta, but in her current state, her abilities really struggle to keep up.
To me, it seems like using Killjoy in pro-level play is essentially a decision to give up 90% of the utility you'd get with literally any other agent. KJ is just way too situational for high level matches, and even when she finds herself in an optimal situation for utility use, the impact is very hit or miss. Ability by ability, everything can be outclassed by another agent choice.
The turret's potential for gathering information is basically just a worse version of Cypher's spy cam -- sure, it alerts you of WHEN people are pushing, but it doesn't show how many or even offer the potential to track enemies.
The alarm bot is good in theory, but in practice it gets destroyed too often to be useful, and you'd be better off using something like a recon drone/dart, trapwire, boom bot, etc to get low-risk info. The vulnerability effect is a decent reason to use it in iron-silver gameplay, but once people start anticipating it and breaking it, it becomes redundant.
Her nanoswarms are extremely powerful (even OP) when used PERFECTLY, but that perfect moment very rarely happens in high level play. Once you know the lineups for KJ to place/toss her nanoswarms, you can easily go searching for her as she solo camps a defuse waiting to detonate. Plus, the ability to break the nanoswarms almost makes me think that even a Viper or Brim molly is better for the job, even at the cost of less damage.
In terms of balancing solutions... I'm not sure how Riot should go about this, but I have a couple ideas.
The turret can be buffed by showing the enemie(s) it targets on the mini map -- giving some extra information without crossing the line into spycam-level-territory of info gathering.
The alarm bot could get some more health so it's harder to break. But I'm not sure that's the best way to go about buffing it, as that might make it more of a nuisance than anything else.
I wonder if maybe the alarm bot would be improved instead by giving it suction cups so it can stick to walls or other surfaces that makes it less predictable. Or maybe Killjoy can decide the direction it bounces in upon activation when she plants it, so there's less predictability in destroying it.
The nanoswarms need to be reworked entirely, to be honest. As of right now, the most effective way to use them at a high level is to abuse exploits so they clip through structures (which, funny enough, as I wrote this, Pop Flash released a statement banning intentional clip-related exploiting with KJ). Her abilities should be consistently viable without exploiting, however, and the most effective use should not be uncounterable. There's currently several places on Bind B site for example where you can throw her nanoswarms and they become completely hidden in a structure, and that is an issue.
If the nanoswarms were to be balanced and viable, they would need the following adjustments:
1) Their damaging mechanics should change so that they strengthen to their current power the longer they are active, rather than STARTING at 15/tick. Make it a 1 tick first, then a 5 tick, then a 10 tick, then 15 ticks for the remainder of their activation -- this makes them less of an instant death trap when used effectively, but still very strong. Currently, when they're detonated you can easily take 60+ damage minimum before even being able to back out of them, but with this change, the damage decreases to ~30 before you can move out of the way.
2) With the former mechanic change in mind, I think they would benefit from a proximity mechanic -- not necessarily automatic detonation within X meters, rather an alert when an enemy comes close to them. This would let KJ detonate them before they get destroyed, as well as give them more info-gathering potential. It also would allow for more counterplay: enemies could bait the nanoswarms into sending their alert so KJ hastily detonates and wastes them. Plus, even if the nanoswarms catch enemies by surprise, they still would have more time to escape with their lives due to the damage nerf I suggested.
I'm really interested in hearing what everyone thinks -- outside of her ult (which I think is solid), I think there's a lot of room for changing the way KJ works. It's clear that her abilities aren't really effective in comp play, and perhaps it will just take some time, but I still wanted to make these suggestions and discuss.
TLDR; Killjoy is relatively useless in pro play but extremely powerful in low level play. I suggest reworking her abilities, especially her nanoswarms, to be more viable and balanced simultaneously.
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2020.08.25 04:02 CrinerBoyz Spycam x

In Star Trek Generations, there is a cascading series of events that begins with a simple misspoken word and culminates in the climax of the film, most notably causing the destruction of the Enterprise-D and the death of Kirk.

  1. During Worf's promotion ceremony on the holodeck, Worf "walks the plank" aboard an old-style naval vessel to retrieve his his hat. Once he has successfully done this, Riker orders the computer to "remove" the plank, intending to bring Worf back aboard the ship.
  2. The computer does not retract the plank but instead deletes the plank from the simulation, and Worf falls straight down into the water. Everyone laughs because it was a simple spontaneous mistake.
  3. Data does not understand the humor of the situation and inquires about it to Geordi and Beverly, but misunderstands still, and in an attempt to be funny, shoves Beverly into the water with Worf.
  4. Beverly and Geordi are not amused because it was kinda cruel rather than funny. Data is ashamed.
  5. Data is finally convinced after this situation that he must install his emotion chip in order to continue his personal growth since he is still not grasping basic things like humor, even though he knows what risks it could bring.
  6. Data can't control his new emotions all too well, and when Dr. Soran turns out to be a maniac who knocks out Geordi and holds Data at gunpoint, Data (for the first and maybe only time) is too scared to act and save Geordi. Acting here would have presumably both saved Geordi and stopped Soran from escaping.
  7. Geordi is kidnapped by Soran and a camera is secretly installed in his VISOR. He is then returned to the Enterprise.
  8. With the camera, Lursa and B'Etor are able to discover the Enterprise's shield modulation and deal it crippling damage.
  9. The Enterprise suffers a coolant leak, the stardrive section is evacuated and explodes, and the saucer crash lands on a planet. The Enterprise-D is destroyed.
  10. Picard pursues Soran, fails to stop him, gets sucked into the Nexus, retrieves Kirk as backup, and the two of them return to the real universe to stop Soran together. They succeed, but Kirk is killed in the process.
So there you have it. Riker mixes up his words, Data gets confused, decides to install his emotion chip at the worst time, fails to act when he normally would because of it, which allows the bad guy to get away and install a spycam to find vulnerabilities and destroy the Enterprise. Failing to stop the bad guy early also directly leads to a series of events that ends up killing James T. Kirk.
Do I think Riker deserves the blame for these tragedies? Of course not. If anything you could blame Data for picking a bad time to experiment with unpredictable alterations to his personality, Geordi for using old VISOR tech that turned out to be a huge security vulnerability, or Picard for not picking a much better slightly earlier time to leave the Nexus and stop Soran. Riker's mistake doesn't even register compared to those poor choices.
But if there's any lesson to be learned from this, it's to choose your words carefully on the holodeck. That's a lesson they should've learned after Moriarty!
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2020.08.23 02:11 dummy1412 Spycam x

So I live in Chicago as an international undergraduate student. Just recently I've moved into this new place with 3 other girls. So at first we were all excited but after a while we noticed that some of our food and bathroom stuff either are used or go missing. So 3 of us girls ask each other and we all say it wasn't us. Then we ask the 4th girl together she basically plays victim instead of denying it and makes a while bunch of excuses.
So first incident: girl1 catches girl4 in the act of using ranch sauce. Girl4 quickly puts it back in fridge while girl1 says nothing. Later she asks girl4 and she says I thought we were friends and that was my ranch. Girl1 points out girl4 didn't even have ranch at the time.
Second incident: girl2 notices bathroom smells like her shampoo. She asks everyone. Me and girl1 say it wasn't us because we have our own shampoo. She asks girl4, she says that she keeps her stuff in her room and doesn't like putting it in the bathroom and when she needs shampoo she gets out of the shower to go get it but otherwise keeps it in her room. Mind that she keeps her body wash in the bathroom but not her shampoo?
Third incident: so me and girl1 keep food in fridge, eggs, orange juice and soda. So I would in the morning make a mental note about my juice levels. When I get back in the afternoon, someone helped themselves to a cup. Girl1 had sprite and she marked it that morning, later in the evening someone had a cup. So I ask about my juice girl1 and girl2 have their own bottles of orange juice. Girl4 makes a bunch of excuses but again doesn't deny it. In fact she guilt trips me by saying first girl2 and now you. As for the sprite soda, only me and girl1 were living with girl4 because girl4 and girl2 were arguing so much that girl2 decided to move out - mind she only lived here for a week on a year lease. So I don't drink sprite and girl4 basically made up her own excuses that someone put water in her milk and ate her eggs and that we should let it go and not blame each other.
Fourth incident: so I noticed someone has been using my shampoo. I basically have those big pantene bottles that have the handle lock if you know how to twist it. So like I didn't say anything but just lock it now. So girl4 goes in to shower, I go in to use toilet. Bathroom smells like my shampoo and my shampoo was spilled and unscrewed from squirting cap so that it looked like it wasn't used. And I have OCD like habits. I don't like spilled soap or cleaning liquid so I wipe that down after use and have both my handles facing the same direction after a shower. So I go in toilet and see spilled shampoo over the bottle, handle facing wrong way, and the bathroom smelling like my shampoo, and girl4 is the only one that was using it before me. But just to be unbiased, I went to girl1 and asked her. Did you use my shampoo, she said no. So I go to girl4. I planned on just asking her if she used it and get a yes or no answer. But I lost my temper after she came out of her room and basically just asked her if she thinks I'm stupid to think that I wouldn't notice. She used the same excuse of keeping shampoo in room but body wash in bathroom. At the end I asked her just yes or no did you use it. She said no.
So there were many more just like this. It seems rather petty but as college students we're all tight on money and on the first day i told everyone: " I don't mind if you use my stuff but just let me know" I'd like to think I'm a pretty nice person. If Someone i know is going through a hard time i dont mind materially supporting them for daily stuff, but when someone secretly uses my things and later denies it and I'm just left thinking that I'm just imagining it and end up worrying about paying for more expenses than my own use...well I'm fine with acting like a bitch in that case.
So all 4 of us girls have a sit down talk about girl4 allegedly stealing our stuff. She doesn't deny it but makes excuses about the previous tenant being a thief and then guilt tripping girl1 and makes excuses that her food was stolen too and she keeps her stuff in her room then basically says "just watch me! If I dont do something like that! I don't need to prove myself to all of you, if you suspect me then just watch me!"
So my question to all you reddit folks, what should I do? Can I take her "watch me" as a tacit agreement on being recorded? Girl1 and girl2 are both witnesses to that statement and I've mentioned the idea to them to set up the camera in a common area (kitchen) to record without audio as proof. But its just an idea, haven't actually bought the spycam yet. I'd really not go through the trouble, is there a peaceful way to resolve this?
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