Jackass beach voyeur

2020.11.28 07:18 backwoodsbabes Voyeur beach jackass

Backstory: When I was 12 or 13, I can't remember the exact age anymore, likely on the cusp, my friend (female, same age) and I started hanging out with this older guy (~20). Let's call him Jackass. He'd take us places like the mall or the beach. We'd ride around in his car listening to music. He'd take us on his motorcycle, etc. He was fun.
One night, I invited Jackass over after my parents had gone to sleep. We chilled outside for a while. I invited him in. We sat in my room listening to music and talking. We started making out. It wasn't my first time fooling around (with boys my own age), but things started going too far. I told him to stop. I said I wasn't ready. Jackass decided I was. He took my virginity.
My life was forever changed. While I never let Jackass have another chance, I became super promiscuous. I would just go straight to fucking guys I thought were cool. I felt defeated and used after it happened. I guess I was trying to express control over my body after I had lost it. I wanted to be in control. The one who advanced. I don't know, I was a child. I made a lot of bad choices that I know I would not have made if that night didn't happen.
Up until this point, I've only told two people about it. One knew him. The other was decade later and in another state. The first one confronted Jackass with me a few months after it happened. They fought. Jackass won. That was the first/last time I saw/spoke to Jackass since it happened. He's never paid for his actions. And, while I shouldn't have let myself get into that situation, his actions were 100% predatory.
So here we are, nearly 30yrs later. I think about it once in a great while. I've lived a full life between then and now. It's not something that haunts my days. However, during a recent flashback, I decided to look him up. I see that he's got a daughter about the same age that I was when he stole my innocence.
I want to send him a letter telling him that I hope his daughter never meets anyone like him, a predator. That I have never forgiven him. That I hope his life is shit.
I want to remind him of his actions. I don't want for him to think he's been forgiven or that it has gone away. I want him to think about it as if it was his daughter that was raped. I want him to know what a piece of shit he was/is. Bonus if his wife opens it before he does.
When I send this letter, Will I Be The Asshole?
Edit: There will be no return address on the letter. I do not want a response. I might send it to a trusted person to mail out so the postmark is different than mine. I am a 1000 miles away. We have no mutual friends, haven't in decades. I'm really hard to find. He'd have to pay service. Come to think of it, my family doesn't practice the same level of privacy that I do. My father was pretty high profile in our small town. It probably wouldn't be too hard if jackass remembered his name. His wife, on the other hand, would have no clue unless he told her, but that would admit his guilt.
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When I was in 10th grade like 4 years ago I was at a new school and one of my best friend's Nicholas was on of the 5 club officers for the school's roots and shoots club. The club officers were all 11th graders who just used this as a hang out area and something for college applications. They did almost nothing with the club and the teacher who ran the club was frustrated by lack of progress. These jackasses were so incompetent that at international fair, our school's biggest fundraising event particularly for clubs, managed to have a 20% loss.
My friend Nicholas told me that we need to overthrow the officers and he wanted me to be involved. He made a speech and made plans on how making our school more eco friendly, I thought of shit of how we can make an impact on the local area, I planned beach and canal clean ups as well as field trips to wetlands, eco museums and researching how we can volunteer in other areas. I was going to be a public relations officer so I had to make out club look good and get more people involved, which is exactly what i did.
I recrutied like 30 of the underclassmen to join, i bribed some and just convinced others who wanted to join the spectcale. I got people from my grade and the upper grades too. Well reelections are arranged, and 2/3 of the people there were people I recruited and me and my friends won by a landslide. I also made a speech where I completely trashed hte previous officers, not out of disrespect or to shame them but to make the club realize we need a change. The speech pretty much was how the previous officers literally did nothing at all and everything we've done was a massive waste of time and a patehtic failure. People were shocked but the teacher literally said what i said was true, excpet i was a bit too harsh on it.
So yeah the 11th graders hated me becuase we basically stole the election, saying it was unfair and someone even refered to us as Eritrea, which i personally found hilarious because i lived in Eritrea (My parents are diplomats) and Eritrea is basically African North Korea. Half the people i got to show up ended up joining the club so I already increased the club's size, though the 11th graders mostly quit (except the ones that were our friends) and always resented us for taking away their hang out area and their club. I arranged beach clean ups, canal clean ups and other fieled trips and i made our club bigger, my friends did their jobs we got recycling at our school, we spread awareness of how to reduce school waste, and we were trying to covince them to no longer serve plastic bottles. Im fucking pissed cuz after we graduated the roots and shoots officers let this unravel and teh school undid everything we did.
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2020.11.06 13:55 SomersetMackem Complete film list, in order of watching

Training Day
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Green Book
The Big Short
The Terminator
Fighting With My Family
The Royal Tenenbaums
Darkest Hour
The Interview (2014)
Step Brothers
Blade Runner 2049
Knives Out
The Town
Gone Girl
Ocean's Eleven
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri
Blades Of Glory
The IrishmanSnatch
Kingsman: The Secret Service
12 Years A Slave
Wonder Woman
ViceThis Is The End
The Death Of Stalin
Monty Python And The Holy Grail
Justice LeagueWatchmen
Ocean's Twelve
Ocean's Thirteen
The Silence Of The Lambs
Catch Me If You Can
What We Do In The Shadows
Citizen Kane
American Hustle
Get Hard
The Gentlemen
True Grit
Game Night
Triple Frontier
Shawshank Redemption
The Man From U.N.C.L.E
Shutter Island
The Godfather
True Story
6 Days
Paul Blart: Mall Cop
Coming To America
The Hurt Locker
The King's Speech
Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga
Dallas Buyers Club
Due Date
The Post
Suicide Squad
I Am Legend
In Bruges
Gangs Of New York
Million Dollar Baby
Little Nicky
Bridge Of Spies
Ali G Indahouse
The Godfather Part II
The Prestige
The Usual Suspects
Tower Heist
Primal Fear
The Beach
Seven Psychopaths
Lucky Number Slevin
The Waterboy
Twelve Monkeys
The Watch
Black Swan
Burn After Reading
The Lego Batman Movie
Team America: World Police
ET: The Extra-Terrestrial
Bruce Almighty
Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly
Donnie Darko
The Truman Show
The Da Vinci Code
Jackie Brown
Ocean's 8
Bad Boys
Project Power
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Sonic the Hedgehog
The Illusionist
Bad Boys II
Righteous Kill
The Lighthouse
The Lincoln Lawyer
The Social Network
Black Mirror: Bandersnatch
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Hacksaw Ridge
Friday Night Lights
Bad Boys For Life
Apocalypse Now
American History X
Mean Streets
Being John Malkovich
Ready Player One
Midnight Run
American Beauty
Jackass: The Movie
Jackass Number Two
You Were Never Really Here
The 40 Year Old Virgin
There Will Be Blood
A Million Ways To Die In The West
Draft Day
Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
Johnny English Strikes Again
LA Confidential
Intouchables (The Intouchables)
Olympus Has Fallen
London Has Fallen
Enola Holmes
Daddy's Home
The Killing Fields
War Dogs
The Cable Guy
The Men Who Stare At Goats
Angel Has Fallen
The Highwaymen
Cape Fear
The Blues Brothers
Sin City
Over The Hedge
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows
Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets
Source Code
Now You See Me 2
The Man In The Iron Mask
FractureA Bronx TaleGood Time
Durante La Tormenta (Mirage)
Manchester By The Sea
The Greatest Showman
The Godfather Part III
Borat Subsequent Moviefilm
Death Proof
The Fighter
Napoleon Dynamite
Ford v Ferrari (Le Mans '66)
The Interview (1998)
12 Angry Men
Alita: Battle Angel
Mortal Engines
Wayne's World
Wayne's World 2
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2020.10.24 20:18 Forkintheroad12 Voyeur jackass beach

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Abigail that wanted to be the prettiest princess in the world but there was a problem. There was a donkey named Beau that lived in Minot, North Dakota that already had that title.
Abigail didn’t like that. She believed that she was the prettiest princess in the world not some jackass in a crown. Even though she was an 8-year-old, she researched the internet stalking and trying to find the location of this donkey. She ended up speaking to a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of Beau.
She then found the donkey’s email.
Abigail sent Beau a strongly worded 500-word letter telling the donkey why she should be the prettiest princess in the world. She kindly told the donkey to f-off so Abigail herself can be the prettiest princess in the world.
Of course, Beau never replied.
Unsatisfied, Abigail managed to find Beau’s number. She called the number and the donkey picked up, “Heeehaww!” Abigail repeated to Beau what she wrote in the email and kindly told the donkey to piss off so she could be the prettiest princess in the world. The donkey replied, “Heehaww Heehaww Heeehaww…No,” then hung up.
The little girl was furious. One day, she stole her parent's wallet, skipped school, stole a truck, and drove over 1000 miles to Minot, North Dakota. The little girl’s navigation skills were subpar and she ended up driving all over the country. First to New Hampshire because she thought North Dakota was somewhere in New England. Then she drove to Georgia because well…I don’t know. Then she drove to Oregon because Oregon was north and she thought North Dakota will be next to Oregon...
After correcting herself a few times she eventually found North Dakota. It was next to South Dakota. Duh.
She has heard of North Dakota but, like many Americans, she had no clue where it was.
When she arrived in Minot she didn’t know where Beau lived so she asked every donkey in Minot. Then asked every donkey in North Dakota about her whereabouts. Beau should be easy to spot because she always wore a bright yellow crown.
Some donkeys have never heard of Beau while some have heard of her but never met her. Apparently, Beau was a diva in the donkey community. After speaking to every donkey in North Dakota, Abigail scratched her head. “Does Beau even live in North Dakota?” she asked herself.
Abigail couldn’t find Beau. That means she would never be the prettiest princess in the world. The little girl was already wanted by the police for stealing a few trucks along the way to North Dakota. She wasn’t in a rush to return home at all. To extend her stay, she asked every single one of those donkeys again if they have seen Beau.
Beau knew about the crazy little girl stalking her and driving all the way to North Dakota to find her. The donkey fled the state and never returned. She moved to Hawaii and lived in a Yurt in Oahu. The bright yellow crown was still on her head.
The little girl found out about this thanks to one motor-mouthed donkey that had an inability to keep secrets. Abigail ditched the truck and booked a flight to Hawaii with her parent's money that she stole.
When she arrived there, the little girl stole a van to drove an hour north outside of Honolulu to a town called Laie.
Alas! She finally spotted Beau. The donkey was at the beach with a group of beautiful surfers/models drinking Mojitos and blasting underground Hawaiian EDM music around a bonfire.
The little girl walked up to Beau. The donkey looked in shock. How the hell did the little girl found her!? Suddenly the donkey wasn’t speaking donkey anymore but was speaking Oxford University level of sophisticated British English. The donkey kept using big words that no one understood but Abigail didn’t care. All she wanted was the crown so she can be the prettiest princess in the world.
The donkey said no. The crown was fused to her skull so no one could have it. Beau was by default the prettiest princess in the world not some stalkeoddly persistent lunatic little girl.
The little girl refused to go home until she had that crown. Abigail was so upset. She hadn’t bathed in three weeks. Her hair was starting to smell like fish and she traveled over 3000 miles (most of it getting lost). On top of that, she spoke to every smelly donkey that she could find. She wasn’t going to let Beau have the crown. In frustration, the little girl jumped onto the donkey’s face and yanked at the crown.
The donkey yelled help and everyone tried pulling the little girl off of Beau’s face. RRRippp, Snap, Crack!. The little girl finally grabbed hold of the crown but the crown wasn’t the only thing she took.
Since Beau said the crown was fused to her skull, Abigail took the crown and the donkey’s head with it. She ripped Beau’s head off with her bare small hands. Everyone looked and screamed in horror.
Since Abigail couldn’t put the crown on her head, she placed the dead donkey’s head on her head instead.
As blood trickled down her face, Abigail walked off down the beach with a smug face. She was now the prettiest princess in the world.
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2020.09.29 05:47 ClocktowerEchos Jackass beach voyeur

NOTE: I am not in any shape or way associated with the VFE team, I'm just a fan who likes to do creative things and share them. I have no idea about balancing or even how to make mods, I'm just doing this for fun.
Hello RimWorld, its me again, that weeb dude who made the VFE Samurai Idea thread about a week ago. I'm back with another round of ideas because I need something to distract me from the shambles of life irl. And because I've been on something of a pirate-y kick. Yarrrgggggg.
First to clear something up, Pirates vs Buccaneers. Pirates are dicks. They will kill and loot and murder you for money. Buccaneers are less dicks. They will still kill and loot and murder you for money, but they prefer trading and exploring for wealth first. Basically, while Pirates are plain raiders, Buccaneers are more like adventurers. They also start at a medieval level of tech but can move up as the game goes on to represent how their adventures have netted them some new digs.
Important note: Like Vikings, they would be greatly benefits from having ships. I've heard on the pipeline that apparently there is/was a vehicle mod that included ships and cars in the works. All of these ideas are going to be based on the idea that its not going to be required. I know, I know, lot of sad yarr's all around mateys. If Rimworld ever came out with an update that overhauled the seas and ocean tiles, that'd be grand as well.
Storyteller - Material Matty (or Pierce Plunder) Matty has a similar mechanic to the Raid Restlessness of from the Vikings mod: Avaricious Acquisition. Every quad/yeasomething else, the colony will have to grow in wealth by a certain amount. Your are pirates and adventurers after all, you want the money. This isn't just silver, its the overall colony wealth. For example, say you have it set so that every quad, you need to add 1000 more wealth to your colony. If you fail to do that by the end of the 15 days, you're hit with a stacking -10 mood debuff of "no plunder". However, the inverse would also be true, if you say got 3000 more wealth added in the quad, you'd get a stacking +5 mood buff of "lotsa booty!" that would decay over time, effectively giving you a cushioned safe zone for you to not have to do build more wealth.
I'm not so sure about balancing, maybe that after each year, the wealth increase goes up so by year 2 you need 2000 wealth per quad. The whole idea is that your pirate lads and lasses are greedy fucks who always want more and aren't ever satisfied. Part of the challenge is being able to control your colony's wealth growth so that you don't end up in a spot where you have to face down huge raids you aren't ready for.
Beyond the AA mechanic, Matty would act similar to Pheobe except that he doesn't do cargo drops as much and prefer creating quests that requires you to go on adventures outside your base. The best way to think of Matty would be to think of him as the sea; when its calm, things are pretty nice and you'll a series of nice events back to back. However, when the seas get rough and the waves get nasty, so does he and he'll also send back to back bad events that will make you scramble to try and cover it all.

Weapons Apparel Items Artifacts Found only during the Treasure Hunt event or as a quest reward, they will could as having gained a level of colony wealth for Material Matty's Various Acquisition mechanic.
Animals Events Pawn Types As the game progresses, Buccaneers will start to use better weapons. By the end of the game, they'll come with charge weapons and more advanced equipment. While anyone has a chance of spawning in with a Jolly Randy, only the Bosun is guaranteed to do so while staying in the back lines.

Again, thank you for reading my semiconscious stream of thought I wrote instead of going to bed at a reasonable time. Seriously, its like 1 AM now that I'm done writing and I've had pirate music in the background for most of it. Jack Sparrow is going to find me in my fucking dreams in a Randy costume. Speaking of which, I had a good bit of fun making eater eggs to other pirate-themed media and myths, hope someone finds them as amusing as I did.
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2020.09.21 18:24 SinnDesNehmens Jackass beach voyeur

All of my experiences were mini to lowdose Trips between 2-10 mg.
The first thing to mention is that i always drop the solution in mouth for sublingual comsumption and swallow it with water after a few minutes. The effects manifest in about 5 minutes and last for about 3 hour. The peak takes place about 30 minutes in. It has very triptaminlike properties. The thoughtprocess is altered und with higher doses effects of ego desolution start to take place. Even at a dose of 5-10 mg i though random talks were about me providing the identification of things happening with inner fears or insecurities. For example: a friend of mine joked about waterdehydration to be a fairly bad method of getting high. But i unterstood i were ment to be dehydrated and felt like i had to get water. Btw i did not drank for the while moring, i guess. The following experience was pretty intense. We wanted to turn left on the mainstreet but no chance were given to. Every time a chance appeared someone crashed it by not knowing our situation. Behind of us stood already an amout of 7 cars. When we finally got the chance to go a silver Audi appeared driving 70 when only 50 were allowed. I though this will never gonna end, but the driver of the car i was sitting in driving a sportscar himself went quick and said: otherwise we would have still stood here tomorrow.
I cant really discriebe the way i percieved this situation with an altered perception but it was pretty intense.
Long Story short: you have to be some kind of professional otherwise you are just an Idiot doing things you can not predict. At Jackass they state dont do this at home these guys are trained professional idiots. In Germany there is a saying stating something like caution instead of forbearance. We also found many little styrofoam balls on the beach at a see nearby. Discussing about the most efficiant way to spread synthetics in nature.
I often wonder why i encounter these topics always on psychedlics. Is it really just my own perception of what happens or do things take place differently when i am in such a state?
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2020.09.05 22:37 snipa6407 TALES FROM THE DEAD SEA BOOK REVIEW NEEDED!!

alright everyone. I've chosen the name of my book, and I've got a few pages in already. tell me what you all think of it. also, I'm 11 years old.
here it is.

The Ocean has its silent caves,
Deep, quiet, and alone;
Though there be fury on the waves,
Beneath them there is none.
In 2005, the first dead whale washed up onshore.
The happening was not very uncommon, the occasional dead whale would wash up on shore once in a while. But the whale carcass, or what was left of the carcass, that washed up in 2005 was different. And much, much, more disturbing.
The whale was huge.
A humpback whale, but that was just one of the species that the scientists suggested it could have been. On a sunny evening in the middle of July, I was walking down the shore, when I stumbled upon the carcass. It was massive.
But you want to know the disturbing part? Only the lower half of the whale washed up onshore. Only the tail and back fins flimsily hanging onto the gruesome lower half of the body. The entire lower half of the body was scarred and wounded, only the pale colors of the carcass allowed me to identify the creature as a whale. It looked… it looked as if something took a huge bite out of the whale. For starters, a huge section of the carcass was ripped out. Gigantic scratch marks covered the rotting skin of the whale.
After discovering the whale, I took a picture of the whale, and I called 911. They came, covered the carcass with a tarp, and they sent it to some researchers over in Washington.
That was only the beginning.
Keep in mind that all the events and happenings that I will hereby transcribe are all second-hand information. Here is the first incident I have transcribed. A local fisherman, whose name was Travis, was on his boat, fishing for tuna offshore.
He recalls that while he was reeling in a huge yellowtail tuna fish, he spotted something moving beneath the surface of the water.
At first, it looked like a shark fin. But the shark fin was black. And it was ridged, bony. And that was when Travis realized that the ‘shark fin’ wasn’t a shark fin. It was a spike. At the exact same moment, Travis looked down at the water, and… all he saw was darkness. Not darkness, as in the water had turned black, darkness as in something absolutely enormous was blocking the sunlight from entering the water.
Something huge, absolutely ENORMOUS was swimming under Travis’s boat. Travis said that the previously thought ‘shark fin’ immediately disappeared underwater, and after a few seconds, the ‘shark fin’ spike reappeared along with hundreds of other spike fins, all moving in alignment.
The thing under Travis’s boat… looked to be nine hundred meters long. It stretched out into the distance, he couldn’t see the head or the tail of the creature. Call Travis crazy, but he swore that he was not lying. I believe him. The previously thought shark fins looked to be attached to whatever was moving under his boat, moving along with the creature beneath the boat.
After five terrifying minutes, the tail of the creature could be seen from a distance, and it was, based on Travis’s account, terrifying. The tail alone looked to be around a hundred meters long. It was ridged and bony; prehistoric-looking and algae covered.
Travis stayed on his boat until the creature left.
He drove back to shore, but according to him, he didn’t tell anyone. Except for me. I’m a good friend of Travis.
A few days later, five more mangled and attacked whale corpses washed up onshore. This, however, was not dismissed and taken so easily by the community. The dead whales attracted huge crowds, dozens of news reporters rushed to the beach, and animal rights activists lined the road, demanding answers on what happened to the whales.
Eventually, the police and community cleanup crew arrived at the scene. Due to the carcasses’ enormous size, they had to be destroyed with explosive devices. The cleanup crew cleaned what was left after that. Over the course of a few weeks, deep-sea fishermen and sailors reported seeing an enormous shape beneath the water, so huge, so massive, that they couldn’t see the end of it.
More horribly mangled dead whales, and sometimes even great-white sharks, kept washing up onto the shore, and more people saw the enormous and unknown creature far offshore.
And people wanted answers. The community pressured the city council to send a submersible down into the ocean to investigate, and after a while, that’s what they did. The city council hired a team who could operate a submersible, and they sent them down in the general direction of where the creature was last seen. Most people expected the submersible and it’s crew to discover some giant and undiscovered creature, and they were only half wrong.
They did discover the creature.
It lay at the bottom of the seafloor, it’s true enormity being revealed. The crew of the submersible said that the creature looked like a 900-meter-long mosasaur, only, the creature’s skin was plated with black scales, covering its entire body. Its tail was exactly how Travis described it. Bony and ridged, fin-like spikes lining the surface of the tail.
But they couldn’t confirm if the creature was a giant mosasaur, because it had no head. Something else had killed the giant creature.
Something bigger. Much, much bigger.
The Ocean has its silent caves,
Deep, quiet, and alone;
Though there be fury on the waves,
Beneath them there is none.
-Nathaniel Hawthorne
If I forgot to mention I'm a marine biologist, I'll say it now. I'm a marine biologist, and my career is one of the reasons I decided to move into my seaside town. The job isn’t as exciting as I imagined, I didn’t go into submersibles, exploring the deep blue sea, my job mainly consisted of staring at some dead fish for a couple hours, and then writing some study notes.
And since i’m a marine biologist, imagine how convenient it was for the government when they discovered that there was a marine biologist, fresh and dumb, living right beside the area in which the carcass of the mosasaur-like creature was found.
I think I should note that the initial discovery of the mosasaur-like creature’s carcass was kept a secret from the public. The government covered up the finding by saying the submersible team discovered an ‘extremely rare communal pack of great white sharks’ and that they were responsible for all the dead whales.
I was hired to go in a submersible, go to the location of the dead creature, and examine it, and make an assumption of what beast could have killed the mosasaur-like creature that lay dead in the murky depths of the inhospitable ocean it once called home.
On one Friday afternoon, I found myself boarding a small submersible, along with another member of the research team, Benjamin.
(‘Ben’, if you're lazy.)
Ben was skinny and short, had curly brown hair, and light skin. adjusting to the cramped space the submersible offered, I sat down and introduced myself to Ben, for I did not know his name at the time.
“Hey, my name's Yebon.”
Ben smiled. “Hey, Yebon. I'm Ben." he shook my hand. "nice to meet you.”
“the same. ready to go see the Leviathan?” I asked.
“is that what you call it?”
“yeah, it was the best I could think of.”
he chuckled. “okay, let's go.”
Ben flipped several switches, pulled a black lever, and the submersible slowly descended into the blue water, the light slowly disappearing as we went deeper. I feel I should say that the feeling of going underwater, even though the safety of a submarine, is amazing. the feeling is mesmerizing, it's as if you've entered a portal to a whole new world, a completely different environment. dozens of tiny fish darted away from the submersible's porthole, as larger animals, like sharks, came into view.
We ended up going to a location, far away from the shore, where the carcass of the Leviathan was located. when the people who hired me told me how big the creature was, I knew it was big, but up close, it was enormous.
even bigger than I would have ever imagined. The rotting carcass that was once a great beast sat on the bottom, covering a large amount of distance with its dead body.
“wow.” I said. "that's big.”
“I know, right? this is the second time I've seen it.”
I looked at him “the second time?”
“Yeah. I was there when they discovered this thing.”
“wow. so... what do we do now?” I asked.
“I don't know, I'm just the driver. you're the super-smart science guy or something, right?”
I nodded. "let's get started. can you move the submarine at an angle where I can see the sliced neck of the giant dinosaur-fish?"
“on it.”
the submersible turned and moved a little to the left, and I could see the stump where the creature's head had once been. It was a clean cut. not much gore, most of the blood and guts were being swarmed by hungry scavengers and sharks. a true feeding frenzy. From what I could tell, the animal that killed the leviathan must have been territorial, not hungry, since not much of the mosasaur-like creature was eaten, only the head. and judging from the circular and aligned marks on the skin of the Leviathan's carcass, the animal that killed the animal that killed the leviathan must have been territorial, not hungry, since not much of the mosasaur-like creature was eaten, only the head. and judging from the circular and aligned marks on the skin of the Leviathan's carcass, the animal that killed the Leviathan must have had tentacles.
that put an immediate thought into my head: squid. A huge, oversized, monster, squid must have killed the Leviathan. of course, this theory was not a very reliable one, but still, the best I could come up with. but something didn't add up. The Leviathan had bite marks engraved into its skin. huge, deep, bite marks. squid octopus and any kind of cephalopod had beaks, but they didn't have mouths, or teeth. So what had hooked tentacles and razor-sharp, flesh-ripping teeth?
nothing. at least scientifically.
Ben waved his hand in front of my face and grinned. “Hey? Yebon, buddy, you zoned out for a bit.”
I shook my head. “naw. I was just thinking. Or maybe I did pass out from all that brain flexing. Whatever did this was territorial, it killed the Leviathan because it was in its territory, not because of hunger. And whatever killed the Leviathan had hooked tentacles.”
“So we’re in the territory of a giant, mosasaur-eating squid?” Ben asked.
“I’m not really sure if the creature that killed the Leviathan is a squid or an octopus.” I replied. “There were bite marks on the leviathan’s skin. Squids don’t have teeth. Squids and other cephalopods have beaks, but not giant mouths filled with razor-sharp teeth.” “Okaay. Big-ass squid kills smaller-ass mosasaur.”
“Something like that. Heh. Oh, and Ben, can you collect a skin sample of the Leviathan?” “On it, captain!” Ben said, giving me a half assed salute. Ben moved the submersible closer to the Leviathan’s carcass, as a few curious sharks stared at us as they swam by.
Ben pushed a button, and a robotic deep-sea arm protruded from the submersible, and it ripped a piece of slimy black skin off of the Leviathan. The arm retracted back into the submarine, and soon, a piece of moist skin came out of a small tube in a plastic canister.
“Cool,” I whispered, as I picked the canister up.
“Touch it,” Ben said. “Eww, no.” I chuckled to myself, stuffing the canister into a plastic bag. I took a few notes, collected some blood and DNA samples, and we headed back to the seaside docks. Somewhere at six pm, I walked back to my cozy, cabin-like house not a mile away from shore, close to the convenience store on the side of the road. Before I tell any more of my findings, I think I should tell you more about my town.
My town is located somewhere in North Carolina, but that’s about all the location information I’ll reveal. The name of my town in question is Edenheart, and it’s something that you would call the stereotypical ‘small town’. Most of the town’s economy comes from fishing and tourism, because despite our secludedness, lots of tourists come for fishing experiences or to enjoy our sandy beaches. The townsfolk… all of them are… different. You can meet a group of asshole teens, then, turn around and see the nicest guy you’ve ever met.
Oh, and there’s that group of crazy ‘monster hunters’ who live in the woods. Don’t know what’s the deal with them.
Okaaay, I’m getting off topic. Sorry. I’ll talk about the monster-hunters later, because a specific monster hunter soon became the guy who saved me from a psychopathic whacko. Back to the ‘super-interesting story’. I had taken one of the skin samples back with me, and I analyzed them with my microscope I so conveniently had. With my marine biology degree, I found out two things: the Leviathan’s skin was aged. Like, really, really, aged. Based on how old the Leviathan’s skin was, the creature was probably alive before the dinosaurs.
It was probably alive before any plant life existed, when all life on earth lived in the sea. To put it simply, the Leviathan was millions of years old, and it was alive since the precambrian period. But there was one thing that didn’t make sense. (actually, lots of things didn’t make sense, but I’ll focus on this one thing at the moment.
Mosasaurs and anything closely resembling them didn’t even exist in the precambrian period.
And it also didn’t make sense how a creature could live for millions of years, or how the Leviathan got so big. It all didn’t add up. But there was one answer… a outlandish, stupid, idiotic, moronic,
(is that even a word?) brainless, answer, but the most fitting answer I could think of. The Leviathan was from outer space.
As soon as I came up with the thought, I flung myself away from the microscope, and I started laughing hysterically. The Leviathan… from outer space?!! (now that I think about it, the whole thing was stupid.) After I calmed back down, I got back to looking into the microscope, and I started to search my mind for more logical, sane answers.
The Leviathan… it must be the only remaining (now dead,) specimen of a mosasaur super-species that evolved very, very, quickly in the precambrian period.
Yeah, that makes more sense.
And the Leviathan must have also evolved to live extremely long, be resistant to world-ending catastrophes, and below freezing temperatures. But where would a giant, 900-meter long creature hide unseen? Surely it would have easily been spotted by a satellite by now. Maybe, just maybe, there's a undiscovered tren-
There was a knock at my front door.
I walked over to my front door and opened it, only to see Kyle. Kyle Wilson. a guy of pure muscle, who towered over me, looked at me, grinned, and swung a baseball bet at my face, knocking me out cold. Wow, what a shitty place to cliff-hang a story, right? But before I can tell you what happened next, I have to tell you who Kyle Wilson is, and what relationship I have with him.
Kyle… is an asshole.
We were in the same high school together. To put it nicely, he was a freaking, chainsaw-wielding, jason voorhees-style psychopath.
Well, to my knowledge, he didn’t kill anyone. Yet. The first time I saw Kyle was in the beginning of high school, and unlike the other kids, Kyle was standing in the middle of the field, stomping on some grasshoppers and randomly punching anyone who looked at him the ‘wrong way’. I went up to him and told him to stop being such an asshole, and he, having explosive rage, punched me, and he tried to strangle me to death.
The aftermath was less than what people would normally call ‘fair’. The principal wanted to expel Kyle, but Kyle’s dad was, you guessed it, a freaking lawyer, and he threatened to sue the school, and all of a sudden, poof! Just like that, magic, my high school ‘zero tolerance fighting policy’ was gone.
As you can imagine, Kyle absolutely hated me after the fight. I tried to avoid him, but fights eventually became inevitable. Kyle went out of his way to make my life miserable, pushing me down the stairs, chasing after me after school, and trying to punch me every chance he got.
I didn’t know why, but the guy just hated me. One day, I decided I had enough, and I snuck up on Kyle, and I punched him in the back. Or at least I tried to punch Kyle. I missed by a long shot, and Kyle easily caught my fist. I’d like to leave out the details of what happened after he caught my fist.
(he broke my wrist and broke my goddamn nose.) but to my suprise, I was expelled for ‘starting the fight’. I moved to another school, and I thought that was the end of it. It wasn’t that Kyle stalked me after school ended, and he beat my ass up whenever there weren’t any witnesses. Eventually, I graduated, moved out of town, got a degree in marine biology, and I moved to the seaside town I live in today.
In my unconscious state, Kyle laughed out loud and carried me to his car, where he tied me up, kicked me a couple times, and threw me into his car’s trunk. Keep in mind, it was pretty dark outside at this point, so there was no one to witness the whole ordeal. I woke up about an hour later, my head throbbing, and it took a while before I realised I was tied up in the trunk of my old high-school enemy’s car.
Dammit, Kyle, you ugly moron!
Panic started to rise up in my chest, and I felt the start of an adrenaline rush. How had Kyle found me? I lived 6000 miles from my old hometown! And most importantly… What did he want from me? Focusing on escaping, I looked around for that glowing escape switch most cars had inside their trunks. Even If I did find the switch, my hands were tied up. Turns out, there was no switch. Kyle had ripped it out.
Then, the car stopped. That was when I started to panic. From the darkness of Kyle’s car, I thrashed and kicked, trying to get free of the ropes that were holding me down. I heard the driver’s door open, followed by footsteps coming to the trunk I was in. Kyle opened the trunk and said,
“Wakey, wakey, bitch. Get up.”
Obviously, I couldn’t get up. So Kyle did the next best thing, and he picked me up and sparta-kicked me in the middle of the dirt road he had parked on. “Kyle,” I said. “you’ve grown a lot. In ugliness, you shithead.” Kyle kicked me again, and I winced in pain. “Ah, it’s so good to punch you again.” he said, pulling out a pistol and aiming it at my face. My heart sank. “Now give me the skin samples you extracted from the dead creature at the bottom of the sea.” I froze. “What?”
“You know, I saw you come up to the surface with those samples. I know everything. I know about the dead whales, about the dead creature lying at the bottom of the seafloor, I know everything.” “How?” “I have my sources.”
“Okay… well, you know the skin samples were at my house, right? They were right there, in my living room table.”
“I know you’re lyyying,” Kyle sang.
God, I hated him.
“I’m not lying!” I yelled.
“I’m going to count to three. One. tw-” Out of nowhere, at the most convenient time imaginable in the history of the most convenient times imaginable, a black pickup truck passed by us, and the truck stopped, and a man with curly black hair wearing a trench coat and a fedora walked out of the truck, glaring at Kyle.
The guy was huge, almost seven feet tall, and he had a beard that hid his entire mouth. When he saw me being held at gunpoint by Kyle, the man ran over to us and yelled,
“HEY! Get away from him, you asshole!” Kyle laughed. “Oh yeah? Make me!” and he pointed his gun at the man standing right in front of him, and fired.
Well, Kyle did shoot, but he missed at point blank range, because in an instant, the man who even towered over Kyle grabbed the barrel of the gun, pointed it sideways, just as Kyle pulled the trigger. and he twisted his wrist, causing him to scream. The gunshot echoed in my ears, deafening me for only several seconds. The man punched Kyle several times, beating the absolute shit out of him. Kyle eventually escaped and ran into the woods.
“Wow! That was coooool.” I said. “Can you cut these ropes?”
“Sure,” said the man, as he whipped out a hunting knife and sliced the ropes. Laughing, I stood up, checked myself for injuries, and I thanked the man. “Thanks. By the way, that guy was some asshole psychopath from high school. You sure beat his ugly ass!” “Yeah,” said the man. “Your welcome. My name’s Zak.” I instantly recognized the name. Zak was one of the ‘monster hunters’ who lived in a cabin in the middle of the woods, in the middle of absolutely nowhere. I found out about him from ‘small town gossip’, and I actually met him once at a local supermarket a while back. The ‘monster hunters’ were a group of people who claimed that they hunted wendigo, goatmen, tall deer, crawlers, sea monsters, and such.
“Oh, you’re one of the monster hunters.”
‘Zak’ raised an eyebrow. “And?” “Well… that’s pretty cool. I guess.” “What’s your name, guy-who-I-found-on-the-side-of-the-road-who-
Was-about-to-get-shot?” “Oh, my name’s Yebon.” “Well nice to meet you, jackass.”
(why did he keep calling me ‘ass’? I’m not an ass. I think.)
“By the way,” I said. “Can you give me a ride home? I don’t live far from here, and I just got beat up by a psycho named Kyle.” “Sure. hop in my truck”
Although I wasn’t thrilled to go ride in some random stranger’s car, this random stranger had just beat up the guy who had tormented me for five years.
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2020.09.05 14:28 oliviathepiglet Today, I proved my nMom wrong, and I realized I had a “family of choice.”

I was raised by an nMom, an adoptive eDad, an nGrandma, and a wonderful Pep (Belgian immigrant slang for Pepere which is grandfather), who passed far too young. My bio dad lost his custodial rights to me pretty young, and so before my adoptive eDad, my nMom and nGrandma loved to tell me how special the maternal bond is and how mothers and daughters are the only ones who ever really have each other’s backs. I was told without having my maternal lineage to take care of me, I would forever be alone, with no one to call in a crisis. Even after eDad entered the picture, there was always the idea that mothers are “special” and without your mom you are nothing and a failure of a woman for breaking the maternal lineage. I had an nGreatGrandma, and going back as far as I can trace my oral family history, they’ve called themselves “matriarchal” as an excuse for perpetuating a cycle of toxic women and a family headed by the firstborn daughter who was allowed to rule over everyone else with an iron fist.
I believed them. Even when I cut them off and ran away at 19 I believed them, I believed I would be alone and useless and pathetic. I just believed being alone was better than being abused. And this time last Labor Day, I was utterly despondent, and seriously considering crawling back home out of desperation. I was moving into a shitty apartment (last years Labor Day weekend conveniently fell around the 1st of the month), and I moved all my stuff alone. I moved my mattress up a flight of curved Providence stairs (people who have lived in that city will tell you, we hold the Friends “PIVOT!” episode very dear in our hearts!) and blew out my back because I had no one to call in a crisis and I kept moving stuff even after I noticed I’d hurt myself. I had no self worth, and I was dating some jackass who refused to help me, despite us having been together for 3 years at that point, and he’d run off all my other friends so I was dependent on him. My PTSD symptoms had kept me from getting a solid nights sleep in months. My one “friend” was just an alcoholic who used me as her DD... everyone else had cut me off because I kept choosing my abusive boyfriend over them because I was messed up from my mom so bad I didn’t realize how horrible he was.
I literally had no one. Not one single person I could call to help me move out as I tried to have a “trial/partial separation” from my longtime partner that I’d been trapped with since I was 18.
Over the past year I have developed a “family of choice.” I have carefully cultivated relationships with people I trust and feel supported by- and it took time and trial and lots of errors. I made bad friends, toxic friends, dated other men and some truly horrendous women who treated me just as bad, and I definitely am still working through my baggage. It’s not like I woke up one day and said “ah, I’m going to make some positive friends now!” It was months and months of consciously and borderline obsessively seeking out positive likeminded people. Forcing myself to go to board game nights before the pandemic, going on local subreddits and the Meetup app and finding events to meet people at, asking my friends if they knew other people to invite when we went out so I could expand my circle, and actually actively nurturing friendships with good people all took what often felt like more energy than I had.
But... this weekend I really realized just how far I’ve come. My car broke down and I am without transportation- and multiple people offered to help without even being explicitly asked. I have rides to and from work covered for the next week, at a minimum. When I needed a favor and was stranded- I asked not “do I have anyone to call?” but rather “who would be least inconvenienced by asking for a ride?” And I have had to divide the labor among a few different friends to manage to get me here there and everywhere I need to get over these next days- but I have a wider and deeper support network even when compared to people who had “happy” childhoods and have aunts and uncles and moms and etc to rely on in addition to their friends. Because I had enough people to reach out to that I made it work and doctors and grocery shopping and everything is all taken care of by the people who care about me- I have 100% coverage to and from work until my car is due to be repaired.
I stopped accepting anything my nFamily told me as truth around this time last year. I just assumed if it came out of their mouths it was probably wrong or at least skewed to their benefit. So I tried and I failed many many times to build a stronger support network and I finally did it. I have a closer “family” than anyone I know, it just looks a little different than most people.
This victory feels monumental but there have been so many others.
For the first time in my life I’m really excited for the holiday season. I’m going to make the most fantastic thanksgiving dinner at my place (that I now own!! No more renting!) and for Christmas I’ve already received multiple invitations, I just need to see if I can get time off work to travel with my closest friend to visit her mom.
At work, when I was asked a few weeks ago for an emergency contact, I hesitated... and asked “actually can I put two?” because while yes my best friend, I call her my sister of choice, is my first choice for an emergency contact she’s notoriously bad at answering unknown numbers and I wanted to add a backup friend.
When I was having a scary medical procedure done (IUD insertion) I had multiple people offer to, in the middle of the pandemic, hold my hand while I got some copper shoved up my hoo hah and only had to go alone because the pandemic restrictions meant I wasn’t allowed company. I had a male friend, a truly platonic cisgendered male friend, swallow their discomfort and offer before I even asked, and my two enby friends also offered- plus a few female friends. (I am notoriously terrified of the doctors office. I actually wasn’t able to get the procedure done and am going to get the Nexplanon inserted at a later date when a friend of mine can come by.)
When I got dumped a few months back by a guy I had really liked, my friends organized a Corona-approved beach party day to cheer me up. During the middle of a pandemic, they all took time out of their schedules to haul my sorry butt to the beach even when all I wanted was to stay home and cry. And when I go on dates now, I have a group chat of people where we all share our locations so other people can check on us throughout the night to see if we’re safe and at the location we said we’d be at.
I am now known among my friends as a really good friend to have if you wanna meet other people- my bestie calls me a “nexus” because I am the common thread among my friend group and have introduced so many other people to each other that they are now friends with each other AND me.
I have, by any definition, a family I have chosen. I have a family I have built and I rose from some very dirty ashes to get here but get here I did.
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2020.08.23 21:58 HeadOfSpectre Voyeur beach jackass
Even inside the Serpents Tomb, I could still feel the heat from the magma outside. The pocket we’d ruptured to defeat the Rosen had probably almost completely flooded the chamber. I didn’t know if anything was still alive in there. I didn’t know if anything even could have survived but for better or worse, there was no going back. The ground beneath us shook violently. I didn’t want to know just what that meant but I could smell smoke on the other side of the tombs doorway. Cook and I exchanged a look.
“This temple isn’t going to hold.” He said, “Where’s that portal?”

Lila was already ahead of us, moving down the curved hallway ahead of us. I could see several archways looking down into some lower chamber. She stopped in the threshold of one of them.
“We need not look far for it.” She said, “Come! See for thineselves.”
I jogged to catch up to her and paused as I was granted my first sight of the Serpents Tomb.

It was much, much bigger than the exterior had led me to believe. The layout almost reminded me of a colosseum or a theatre. A round hallway encircled the tomb and several rows of stairs, each one easily the length of a skyscraper led down towards a platform that I recognized as a portal, just like the one we’d come in through. Massive spikes of deep purple crystal jutted out from cracks in the stairwell but none of them seemed to compare to the impressive crystal spire that hung down from the ceiling. They bathed the entire tomb in a dull purple light. The ground of the portal itself looked as if it was carved from the same crystal.

Across from the entrance that we’d come in through, I spotted what looked like a carving of a face. The face alone must have been the size of a skyscraper. Just how big, I couldn’t say but it dwarfed the spire hanging from the ceiling. It looked almost like a human skull with hollow eyes and jagged teeth. Although unlike a human skull it had eight horns, two on its head, two hanging down from its jaw and two jutting out from its cheeks.
“The Vast Serpent…” Lila said quietly as she looked up at the skull. She started slowly down the stairs before looking back at us.
“Once we activate the conduit, the Serpent will awaken. We must make haste.”
With that, she started down the stairwell towards the portal at the bottom.

“How would we even destroy this?” I asked, “Cook this place is massive!”
“That magma might do it for us.” Cook replied, “Besides it looks to me like the functional part is the portal itself. If we damage that, it might render the whole thing useless.”
He took out the ceramic grenade from his belt. The last one he had.
“Either way, we’ve got this to destroy the portal on the other side so nothing can follow us through.”

Ahead of us, Lila hurried down towards the portal. She was the first to step on it and looked around warily.
“How was it activated before?” She asked, looking back at us. “What did thou do to get here?”
“There was a pedestal of some kind. Serrano was tinkering with it.” I said. I saw nothing like it in the center of the portal we were looking at. I approached one of the crystals on the edge of the portal and put my hand on it. Despite the heat, it was cool and smooth like glass. Perhaps it was also just as fragile.

Lila looked up at something before heading up the stairs on the other side of the portal. There was a large square indent beneath the Serpents skull. I’d originally dismissed it as damage but from the way her eyes lit up, she must have seen something more down there.
“What did you find?” I asked as I followed her up.
“A means for activation… Perhaps.” Lila replied. She looked up at me, a knowing smile on her lips.
“Come. I can read these runes but thine help may be required.”
I joined her in the indent and spotted a dusty metal panel before us. There were runes and glyphs I couldn’t read but I don’t think I needed to.

“I need thine hand.” Lila said and held hers out for mine. I offered it to her and flinched when she lifted her sword to cut my palm. I jerked my hand back.
“What the hell?”
“Blood is required to activate the mechanism.” She said plainly, “Place thine hand here.”
She gestured to a square shape on the console.
“You couldn’t have used your own?” I asked.
“I did not want to.” She said and stepped back as I placed my hand on the square. A dull purple light emitted from some of the runes. Electricity sparked from the crystal at the top of the chamber, to some of the crystals below.

Lila looked up at it, grinning from ear to ear as it did. On the console, a small door opened and a ball cut from the same crystal emerged from it. Lila studied it before gently putting her hand on it. Her smile faded, but only slightly.
“What is it?” I asked as I nursed my cut hand.
“Navigation.” She replied. She moved the crystal ball and it rolled in place. “Strange. I thought this to be a simple conduit. This is… See for thineself.” She looked at me before taking my hand and placing it on the crystal.

As she did, I realized why she couldn’t put into words just what she’d found. A soon as I touched the crystal, a strong vision entered my mind. I saw a meadow I’d never been in before. I moved the crystal and the vision changed. With every subtle movement it changed. I saw a beach with black waters and unfamiliar ships. I saw a world with strange plants I’d never seen before.
“This portal… It has no single exit.” Lila said softly, “It exits in all places…”
I pulled my hand back from the crystal ball and looked up at Cook. He’d slowly ascended the stairwell and was watching me intently.

Despite the heat in the tomb, I felt cold.
“Jasmine?” He asked, “What’s wrong?”
It took me a few moments to find the words to say.
“We have to destroy it… This tomb, the portal. All of it. We have to destroy it now!”
“Wait, what? Destroy it? After all we’ve done to get here?” Cook asked.
“She speaks true.” Lila replied, “Should we cross through, it would not matter where we went. The Rosen Prince would still use it to spread its sickness to all worlds! It would condemn all of existence!”

I closed my eyes and placed my hand on the crystal ball again. I shifted it, moving it until I saw something familiar. A city. Toronto. Home.

I shifted the ball but only slightly, enough to find a safe place to go. I fixated on that before I took my hand off the ball. Cook looked grave. He held the ceramic grenade tightly in his hand. I could see him hesitating, but he knew what had to be done. So did I.

“Lila. Activate the portal.” I said.
She looked at me quizzically.
“Did you not see? This portal must be destroyed! We cannot guarantee the Rosen Prince would not follow!”
“Technically we can.” I said, “I’ve got a lock on a safe place you can evac to. You can go through first with one of us. The third one stays behind, plants the grenade on the console and runs for the portal.”

“You’d have to move pretty goddamned fast to get through before it blows!” Cook said, “We don’t even know if it will do enough damage! There’s no way to…”He trailed off, eyes remaining fixated on me. He knew exactly what I was thinking.
“No.” He said, “This is crazy. Either we all go or none of us do!”
“There’s a shot at getting at least two of us out of here. Five of us are already gone. What’s one more?” I asked quietly. I looked at Lila before leaving the console to approach Cook.

“I’m not leaving you to die.” He said. I just smiled at him.
“I’m not giving you the choice.” I replied.
I snatched the grenade from his hand and before he could react, I punched him as hard as I could. He fell backwards, rolling down the stairs and onto the edge of the crystal platform.

“Activate the portal, Lila.” I said.
She hesitated for a moment before pressing something on the console. Electricity sparked between the crystals. I could feel the ground starting to shake. Something deep within the mountain groaned as dust and small bits of debris fell from the ceiling.

I could see Cook straining to pick himself up as the air in the portal started to shimmer and crackle with electricity. I walked up to him, still holding the grenade in my hand. He looked at me with genuine hurt in his eyes.
“Jasmine…” He said quietly, “Don’t do this.”
“I told you that I’d at least make sure the rest of you made it through.” I replied, “I’m a lotta things but I’m not a liar.”

I inched closer to him before leaning in to kiss him. It was enough to catch him off guard. He didn’t notice my hand slipping into his pocket to steal his lighter.
“Take care of yourself, Max.” I said before I pushed him backwards.
Cook opened his mouth to scream my name as he fell onto the platform… Then he was gone. The air where he’d been shimmered… But I could smell fresh air. I could hear birds and passing cars. He was home.

I closed my eyes and exhaled. The ground trembled once more as I looked back at Lila. She’d left the control console and was just a few steps away from me. I stepped out of her way. Our eyes remained locked. I saw something in hers… Sadness perhaps. That and understanding. Above us, I could see a glow entering the eyes of the Serpents skull. Cracks formed in the rock around its head as it began to awake from its slumber.

“May thee pass peacefully into the Gloom, Jasmine McKay.” Lila said softly, “And may Lady Mal’ibo protect thine spirit.”
I nodded at her and patted her shoulder.
“Stay safe topside.” I replied, “Keep an eye on Cook for me.”
She nodded in turn and took one final look at the waking serpent before she exhaled and took her steps towards the portal. The air around her shimmered like static… Then she too was gone. I was alone.

I looked at the grenade in my hand, then up at the control console. I felt the ground shake again as the Serpent woke. A frustrated huff escaped the skull above me as its jaw tried to move. I looked up at the creature as it began to break free from its stone prison, but I can’t say that I felt any fear towards it. It was disoriented. Groggy and still bound… For now at least.
“Good morning, asshole.” I called up to it as I started up the stairs. If it heard me, it didn’t offer me any acknowledgement.

“Man, you’ve put me through the fucking ringer. Portals, man eating giants, dragons, sea monsters… and from the sounds of it, I’m about to do you a massive solid my friend.”
I stood before the console and slipped the lighter into my pocket. I took out my gun and aimed it at the crystal ball.
“Cuz today, you’re getting out of prison.”
I pulled the trigger. The first bullet fractured the crystal, ripping away a chunk of it. The second shattered anything that was left.

The electricity that sparked on the portal didn’t fade but the shimmer in the air grew more violent. I figured that meant I’d done some damage. Time to do a little more. I holstered my gun again before taking out the lighter. Reverently I held the ceramic grenade before I flicked open the flame…

I felt the earth quake again, this time more violently than before. Above me, the Vast Serpent loosed a deafening roar and as I lit the fuse, I heard something else answer it. Something inside the tomb.

The lit grenade fell from my hand as I felt a jolt of panic in my stomach. On the far side of the tomb, the wall exploded as something massive forced its way in. As for just what it was… That took a few moments to process.
It was only slightly smaller than the Vast Serpents head, and yet its shape was far more abstract. The shape of it was like a butterfly or a moth. Its body was long, narrow and thin but that's all I could clearly make out. Massive tendrils like a jellyfishes trailed down from it. A shimmering glow escaped its torso. Massive wings, like flower petals stretched out behind it, making it seem larger than it was. Their shape reminded me of a butterfly but there was something off about it… It took me a moment to pick up on the small details.

The flesh of it seemed to squirm and writhe. I could see the corpses of countless burnt Rosen pressed together to form its body. I could even make out the twisted flesh of Yan Naa’gha and Kr'hnzh in its narrow body. Shifting eyes covered its floral butterfly wing and I could smell the stink of its spores filling the room. The Rosen Prince was here in all of its horrible glory… If it had a true form, I imagine that was as close as it could get.

“At last! Your clever tricks shall not defeat me, child. Your misguided struggle shall end and my new Life shall spread across the cosmos!”

The grenade exploded, ripping apart the control console but the electricity from the crystals continued to spark. I’d destroyed its navigation, but the portal itself was still active. The Vast Serpent loosed an enraged roar. Its skull tore free of the wall it was embedded in as its massive form lurched forwards. I could see its slick black body behind that skull. It was like pure darkness, compacted into one terrible being.

It struck the Rosen Prince head on and pushed it back towards the hole it had put in the chamber. It only barely missed the crystals on the ceiling… But looking at them, I had an idea.

I went for my pistol and emptied my clip at the crystals. I could see fragments breaking off but the damage wasn’t enough. The spire was too big. The arcs of lightning that powered the portal moved more erratically though. Clearly I’d done some damage, just not enough. Bits of debris fell from the ceiling and I scurried out of the way to prevent myself from being crushed.

I could hear the Rosen Princes laughter, echoing through the chamber as above me, the Serpent recoiled from it, crying out in pain.
“Loathsome creature. With no guardians, you think to resort to force? I am an eternal font of life! My touch purifies all, even you.”

I looked up and as the Serpent writhed, I could see the tendrils of the Rosen Prince clinging to it. I could see a glow forming within its body as small flowers began to bloom across its flesh. For all its power, the Vast Serpent couldn’t hold its own against the Rosen Prince… and I was out of time.
“Come into my ocean, Serpent… I shall cleanse even your sins. The Spring Eternal is at hand and you shall be my harbinger!”

I had no other tricks. Nothing else to do. The Vast Serpent recoiled and screamed as the Rosen Prince enveloped it completely. In its death throes, it at least still proved enough of a distraction. I changed my clip and took aim at the crystal near the top of the chamber again. With my teeth gritted in rage, I fired on it and prayed like hell it would be enough.

With every pull of the trigger, I saw it crack, I saw pieces of the crystal falling and I hoped to God it would be enough. I fired my last bullet and as I did, I saw the crystal shift. Large chunks of it fell away, too damaged to fight off gravity.

The chamber shook again as the Serpent fought against the Prince and as it did, I saw the electricity coming to the crystal arc violently. At last the crystal fell, plummeting down onto the portal below. It hit hard enough to fracture the surface of the portal and the shockwave from the impact knocked me off my feet.

Thunder roared as the crystal spires around the portal shattered, unable to contain their energy and the ground trembled violently. The massive form of the Rosen Prince drew back from the corrupted Serpent. Its colors flared angrily. Although the creature had no face, I still recognized its shock.

“What is this? What have you done?” It cried, “The conduit, what did you do to it?”
I looked back at the Rosen Prince with a shit eating grin on my face.
“I hope you’re comfortable here, jackass.” I said, “Because you and I are stuck here until this place falls apart and if I’m right… That should be in the next five minutes.”

More debris from the ceiling began to collapse and I scrambled up some of the stairs. I could see the Rosen Princes glow darken in rage.
“No… This is not possible. You cannot deny me! YOU CANNOT!”

I turned and ran up towards the top of the staircase. I could see a slow crawl of magma creeping in through the hole where the entrance to the temple had been, and in the distance I got one final glimpse of that pinkish sky. Bits of the cavern wall collapsed. I could see cracks forming in the floor of the tomb as the Vast Serpent writhed in its death throes, ripping its world apart in the process. Behind me, I could hear the enraged scream of the Rosen Prince and I looked back to see a massive shape creeping up the stairs behind me.

A massive, milky white eye was fixated on me as a shifting tendril of distorted flesh and flowers fixated on me.
“Ignorant child! What madness is this? In your defeat, you would cast this place into the Gloom? You would destroy all to deny my new life to seed all existence? Why? To kill me?”

The Rosen Prince's laughter echoed through the collapsing cavern. A large portion of it fell, splashing into the magma as some of the pillars that had once marked the bridge fell. From the corner of my eye, I couldn’t help but notice that one of them was in jumping distance.

“I am a vast and infinite sea, child.” The Rosen Prince snarled as its mass loomed over me. “Death shall not hold me! Time shall not defeat me! I have consumed GODS in the eons before your kind. I have seen the rise and fall of realities before your own and I have purified them all. Your hubris only delays the New Life of my Eternal Spring. I will have you in time and within me you shall live to see it… COME! COME INTO MY OCEAN, ACCURSED CHILD! YOUR DESTINY IS AT HAND!”

The eye split open, revealing a maw of jagged bones and writhing tendrils. I ran, leaping over the magma and onto one of the fallen bits of debris. My heart was pounding as I spotted the next one ahead and jumped to that. Behind me, I could hear the pained scream of the Rosen Prince as it made contact with the magma. That bought me just enough time to make it to one of the fallen pillars.

I could see a landslide coming down as part of the cavern collapsed. I could see the twilight sky beyond it! That world may have been falling into the Gloom, I may have been dead anyways but I’d be damned if I was going to let that fucking thing get to me before I died!

I leapt between the debris, only occasionally glancing back to see the shifting mass of eyes, flowers and flesh that pursued me, following my path to the landslide. One of the pillars ahead of me toppled over. Part of it landed on the fallen rocks and I made my way there. I grabbed hold of it and pulled myself up before dropping onto the crumbled rock.

The magma was behind me now, and the Rosen Prince was still coming. I climbed the rockslide as quickly as I could. Behind me, the top of the cavern collapsed, burying the Serpents Tomb and what was left of the portal. As I reached the top, I could see the Rosen Prince behind me. A tendril of dead flesh jutted out of the collapsed ruins. Its single white eye remained trained on me as millions of scuttling insectoid legs scaled the rocks behind me.

I kept running and tumbled out onto the snowy mountainside. Before me, I could see the Serpents Realm… Or what was left of it. Masses of land collapsed as the unbound Serpent uncoiled itself. Bits of forest were thrown up into the sky. The distant sea had almost completely drained leaving nothing but the pitch black body of the Serpent visible.

I could see that one of the mountain summits had collapsed. The second looked like it was ready to do the same and I didn’t stop to watch. As I slid down the snow and rock, I spotted a cave just a few feet down.

The Rosen Princes shifting tendril reached the summit of the rockslide. The eye fixated on me before it resumed its chase. I ran for the cave. I had no idea if the gateways there still even worked… But I was about to find out. As I ran into the darkness, I could smell the Gloom just ahead of me. I could hear the running water and when I finally emerged, I found myself on the same riverside I’d been at before.

I looked up into the sky and saw the Serpents Realm coming apart. I could see it losing altitude and falling.
“The Gloom will not save you from me, Jasmine McKay.” A voice snarled behind me. I looked back just in time to see the massive shape of the Rosen Prince emerging through the gateway. I rolled out of the way as it lunged for me. Its serpentine tendril writhed as it searched for me and I kept running. I saw another gateway just up ahead… and I had an idea.

Sooner or later, those gateways would shut down. With no Serpents Realm, there’d be no caverns to lead to. Maybe I wouldn’t make it out of this alive, but I knew I could at least give one last Fuck You to the Rosen Prince. That was more than enough for me. I ran for the gateway and heard the creature behind me snarl in rage.

I passed through the gateway, into the darkness and I didn’t stop running. The enraged snarl of the Rosen Prince told me that he was still in pursuit. Again I burst out onto the icy slope of the mountain. The second summit had collapsed and an avalanche of rock and snow was working its way down the mountain. I only had seconds before it hit me.

There was another cave just a few feet away, I ran for it. The Rosen Prince stayed hot on my tail. Before I vanished into the darkness, I looked back to see its horrible shape jerk violently as the avalanche hit it, but that didn’t sway it. It followed me into the cave, new limbs growing to help it scuttle after me.

The darkness led me into the Gloom once more and I kept running straight. Across the river, I saw another gateway and I ran through it without a second thought. The cave it led me to was lower on the mountain. The valley of the Serpents Realm was almost completely gone and I could see the glimmering horizon of the Gloom far below the writhing coils of the dead Serpent.

On instinct, I moved lower down the mountain. I glanced back and saw the Rosen Prince emerge from the same cave I just had. It roared at me before resuming its chase. There was another cave just ahead. I swerved to get inside and sprinted into the darkness once more. I could see traces of the Gloom on the other side, but I didn’t go through.

Through the haze, I could see the Serpents Realm crumbling. Chunks of the mountain fell between the uncoiling body of the Serpent. I caught myself grinning as I looked back towards the entrance of the cave. Insectoid legs gripped the edge of it as the great pale eye of the Rosen Prince fixated on me once more.
“Not forever.” I replied, “Just long enough for the mountain to come down. Welcome to the afterlife, fucker!”

The pale eye split open, revealing that hellish maw one last time as I stepped back through the gateway. The Rosen Prince lunged at me, trying to follow me but I’d timed things perfectly. Through the gateway, I could see its body seize up before it got through. An agonized scream escaped it as the other gateways began to close. The mountain collapsed around it and as it did, I saw the gateway collapse too.

Even without the gateway, I could hear the pained screech of the Rosen Prince as the segments it had carelessly weaved between the collapsing Serpents Realm and the Gloom were ripped apart. It sounded like it must have really hurt.

In the sky above me, the Serpents Realm hit the ground with an earth shaking thud. I backed away from the collapsed gateway and ran towards the treeline as a cloud of dust engulfed the land around me.

That’s the last thing I remember. After that, all was silent.

“You don’t belong here, do you?”
I don’t remember losing consciousness or even waking up. One moment, there was dust and after that… The voice. I blinked. The river was gone. So were the gateways. Instead I was in… I was in an office.

I knew this office. This was where I’d signed up for the CAF so many years ago. It looked the exact same as it had in my memories; only the person behind the desk wasn’t the man I’d signed up with. It wasn’t even a man… Or human for that matter. She was tall, but not like the Sentinels. She couldn’t have been more than 6 feet. Her head resembled a wolfs with intense blue eyes although there was a hint of melancholy in them. Her fur was pure white and she wore a black evening dress.

It took me a moment to recognize her… This was the same entity I’d seen carved on the wall at the pyramid. The one that Lila had prayed to. Lady Mal’ibo.
“A-am I dead?” I asked. I shifted in the uncomfortable chair I was in.
“Yes and no.” The entity replied, “You are in my Gloom darling but as for how you got here… Well. That was rather unconventional. It’s certainly not how I expected you to go but I suppose death is full of surprises.”
“What is this place?” I asked. I looked at the walls surrounding me.

“A waystation. Someplace where you and I can talk. If you’re asking about the decor, it’s not to my taste. In a sense, you chose this… But let's not get into that. Time may not mean much to me but explaining the way one's mind processes death is still tedious.”
The entity held up a cigarette holder and took a drag. She sat back in her chair, studying me intently.
“Right…” I said quietly, “You’re Mal’ibo, right? That God Lila kept talking about?”
“Different cultures have called me different things. I have countless names and faces... Although I’m rather fond of this appearance. Courtesy of the Egyptians, I believe. They called me Anubus but please, call me whatever makes you comfortable.”
“Okay… What am I doing here, exactly?”

“Call me old fashioned but I don’t like mixing the living and the dead.” The entity replied, “You’ve completed what you’ve set out to do. You escaped the Serpents Realm. Your friends are home safe, the Vast Serpent is dead and the Rosen Prince is contained… For now at least. The only thing outstanding is that you’re technically still alive. Make no mistake, I admire your sacrifice. Despite your best efforts in the past, I am relieved to know you’ve survived this long. I don’t wish to see anyone in my realm before their appointed time. Death is not a happy transition so I aim to make it as peaceful as I can… Which brings me to my point… I know you’ve never valued your own life, darling. I know you don’t see the point to it all and I know that I could simply kill you painlessly and leave your soul to enjoy the more pleasant parts of the Gloom at your discretion. That might sound harsh, but it is the most pleasant end to your life I can offer you. I’m sure that Mr. Compton and Mr. Hopper would be happy to see you, even if the reunion would be bittersweet.”
“Compton and Hopper are here?” I asked.
“The Rosen Prince may have consumed their bodies… But their souls were entrusted to me. I’m afraid the same cannot be said of Mr. Blake or Doctor Serrano. The Rosen Prince took them while they were still alive. There’s nothing I can do for them… Although I doubt you’ll lose any sleep over that.”
I exhaled and sank deeper into the chair.

“So… This is it then?” I asked, “I’m dead?”
“If you choose to be… If permitting you to die now were my only option, this conversation would be much shorter. My role is a dreary one. I don’t want to see lives cut short. Even your recklessness, and the recklessness of those like you is difficult to watch. I can’t undo death. That is not in my power. However… you aren’t dead yet, are you darling? The Vast Serpent was a poisonous and arrogant thing who tried to steal power from me. When I banished it, it tried to take out its wrath on the land of the living. That was why I imprisoned it so long ago. I can’t say I’ll miss it… Yet the arrival of the Rosen Prince was not something I had anticipated, nor was it easy for me to step in. The Serpent would not have my aid and I hold no power over the Prince. In turn, it holds no power within my Gloom… You’ve done me a favor by containing it. I’m willing to do you one in turn.”
“What kind of favor?” I asked.

“I’m a God, darling. The power that bound the Serpent was mine. Those mortals it drew into its prison were clever to utilize it in their portals and while you may have destroyed it, I can repair it. I will only do so temporarily. You were right to destroy the portal. I will ensure more permanent measures are taken after you are through. But if you choose to return home, I will allow it this once… The choice is yours. Stay or go. But know that if you stay, you can not return. Only the living can pass through.”
I looked up at the Entity before me. She took another drag on her cigarette as she waited for my answer.

“If you send me back, I’ll end up with Cook and Lila, right?” I asked.
“I can send you to their location, yes.”
I caught myself smiling.
“Alright…” I finally said, “I want to go back.”
“Then come with me.”

The office around us faded and I found myself standing by the river once more. The Entity stood by my side and casually walked up to the last gateway I’d gone through. She put a hand on it and I gestured for me to go through. I did.

The Tomb of the Rosen Prince was only barely intact. Most of it had collapsed and yet I could see rocks moving out of the way to create just enough space for what we needed to do. The Entity followed me, heading to the newly uncovered console. New crystals grew from it, and I could see more crystal growing to cover the cracked base of the portal. Electricity sparked from them, weak but present. The air around the portal began to shimmer. One last gateway to get home.

“Go.” The Entity said, “Life is a fleeting, precious thing. It should be embraced. The Gloom will wait for you at the end. Perhaps then, you’ll tell me of your life. I look forward to hearing of it.”
I took a step towards the shimmering air and paused before looking back at the Entity. She watched me quietly before I finally walked through the portal.

It was a few days before Montu got around to debriefing us. The official story is that Fred Compton, Calvin Blake, Allen Hopper and Neil Serrano all died when the ruins collapsed.

It’s a load of bullshit… But that’s the bullshit I can stomach, at least.

Within a week of our return, Cook handed in his resignation. A little while afterwards (and with a little bit of encouragement) so did I. Actually being home in my little apartment felt… wrong. It always did. But I guess the company wasn’t that bad. For the first week or so, Cook only stayed there because my couch was cheaper than a hotel. After our resignation though, he found other reasons to stay… I can’t say I can complain about that.

Officially, Lila never made it through the portal. According to Montus report, she was KIA before we even reached the Tomb. Unofficially, she’s been adjusting pretty well all things considered. I think she’ll be alright.

I met my Dad for the first time last month. It took a bit of effort to track him down but, I’m glad I did. I haven’t really spoken to my Mom but that’s nothing new. I can’t always sleep. The nightmares I’ve had are vivid and sometimes, I wake up screaming… I still have dreams about an ocean and flowers… But I think I’m going to be alright. Sometimes, I dream about a woman with a wolf's head and mournful eyes. Those are the dreams I enjoy the most.

I never bothered following up on that Italian dig. Honestly, I never gave a shit. Cook on the other hand did a bit of research. I hear that they’re still excavating out there. I don’t know what they’ll find, or if there’s anything left to find. I don’t know if the portal still works, or if Montu or the archaeologists believed our account of what we saw on the other side of that portal.

I know that if they did, then they should know better than to keep digging.

I still remember the flowers in that sealed off tunnel leading down to the portal. I remember their glow… I remember their smell. And I know how easily they can spread...
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2020.08.18 01:32 Person-324 Jackass beach voyeur

What the hell is wrong with me. Can someone please tell me why I signed up for a lifeguard training course for the (heavily!!!) discounted surf lessons. I'll be out in the peak scorching sun on the beach for 6 hours, 6 days a week for up to 4 weeks. I'm on doxycycline (which makes skin photosensitive already) and just started tretinoin. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with me. The only consolation I might have is that my skin is dark and usually can handle the sun with proper sunscreen use but that's literally no consolation at all because a BIG part of my tretinoin journey is to reduce PIH which I can't do if I'm always in the direct sunlight like a jackass. I'm literally so mad at myself because I've always wanted to learn to surf and I've always wanted clear skin and now both just HAVE to be offered at the same time. What kind of sick universal joke is this. UGH.
Guess I'll have to postpone this tret business and hope my skin forgives me for the trauma I'm about to put it through for a childhood dream. Any saltwater babies here can change my mind on ending tretinoin for now or at least tell me how not to burn my face off whether I stay or go?
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