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2020.11.25 22:08 _Nameless_Nomad_ Stranger on my roof

Long time Reddit lurker, but finally decided I’m motivated enough to post an odd experience I had. I initially tried posting this on let’snotmeet, but I guess it didn’t fit the criteria. I’ve had a couple instances of burglary happen to me in my life (break in resulting in a stolen PS3 and an attempt at one of my motorcycles, weird guy lurking in the bushes outside my house at 2:30 am which I mentioned briefly in here once), but none were quite as strange as this one.
It was close to 2 am and I had just gotten off work. My girlfriend and I recently moved into this house and it had pretty much everything we wanted; open living areas, large windows and several skylights for an abundance of natural light, large backyard with a pool, big patio area... you get the idea. Upon coming home from my swing shift and being a night owl, I powered on my PC and turned on the TV in our spare room to unwind before going to bed.
After gaming for about an hour and a half, I got up to use the restroom across the hall. My cats followed me, the fat one brushing up against my legs as I’m sitting on the throne, and my smaller cat looking up at me. As I’m washing and toweling off my hands, I notice that the smaller one is still staring up, not actually at me, but past me. I look up at the skylight about ten feet above me, seeing nothing but black and the reflection of the bathroom’s lights. I grab my gun from the counter (I’m fairly suspicious, especially at night, so I carry it anywhere in the house I go), and aim it up at the skylight, flipping on the attached taclight. To my absolute shock, a face is looking back down at me from outside the skylight.
I audibly curse, instantly angered by the thought of someone on the house. I call for my dog, fast asleep on my bed, and run out the front door into the middle of the street. As I aim at the roof and light it up, I see what I think is a person’s head disappear behind the crest of the roof as if they’re heading the opposite way towards the backyard.
I sprint past the side of the house and through the gate into the backyard. Everything I thought I saw within the last minute was confirmed when I heard the rattle of the chainlink fence buckling under the weight of someone climbing it. Behind our house is a large parcel of land containing a church, and their own crops of food, mostly corn. I scaled my fence, pursuing the intruder until I saw him vanish into the cornfield. Even though I was armed, I wasn’t following him in there. I yelled a very angry and threatening rant full of colorful language to the corn, then climbed back into my yard. As I’m storming back around to the front, I noticed that our ladder that I normally keep against the side of the shed is set up on the porch near the lowest point of the roof (I now keep it locked inside the garage).
As with the previous incident where a guy was hiding in the bushes at our last place, I called the non-emergency police number and explained what happened. About 15 minutes later I saw a patrol car go by, but haven’t heard anything else about it from them. So calling them was, once again, pretty much useless, but at least there’s a record of it for whatever good that might do.
Final thoughts: After this happened, I was wondering why anyone would have any interest in being in our roof. All I could come up with was this; At night, I close the blinds in all the windows completely. No way to see inside. Maybe they were up there looking through skylights to see if there was anything worth going in for and get an idea of the layout of the house? If this is the case, it also opens up the possibility that the guy on the roof could have been a spotter for someone on the ground that I could very well have run past and not noticed in my mad dash to get through the side of the house and backyard. Or they could have been a voyeur... who knows? Thoughts or ideas?
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2020.11.23 12:55 Xenton Voyeur big

Again, many spoilers within. Do not read ahead if you haven't finished thee game
I've heard lots of people complain about the game - the ending feels abrupt, or deus ex machina, or the figurative literary magic becomes basically actual magic.
But here's what really burns it all down for me:
Disco Elysium is the quintessence of frustration.
I'm going to kinda do this bit by bit, so bear with me:

This is the most common gripe I hear about the game. We do all this work, all this effort chasing leads and observing clues... only for a deus ex machina character that we've never heard of to drop in and explain literally everything. Evrart isn't the brains, what happened to the last union leader, who killed the merc, the rare cigarettes, the footprints, the peephole, the supernatural events.
Literally everything summed up in one unsatisfying series of "Task complete", one after another.
It's not rewarding, it's not solving a puzzle. It's being handed a book of answers and being told "Congratulations, you're a big puzzle solver"
For players invested in the mystery, it's like being cuckolded by frustration.
Which brings us to:
All through the game, we get vague options to show growth - abstaining from alcohol, ending thoughts about our past, the ledger of oblivion - we are constantly provided with "outs" to show we don't want to care anymore.
Alternately, we get plenty of ways to dive into the mystery, to try and build a piecemeal understanding of who this person was and who we lost - maybe even how to get it back.
And then, we get all of that summed up in a miserable conclusion over which all the player agency has no bearing.
All of our decisions mean absolutely nothing, all the character we imparted onto the protagonist was meaningless and we have absolutely no bearing on the outcome.
I GET that that's the point, that we're MEANT to watch somebody self-destructive remain self destructive, but again: it's just pure frustration.
You work so hard, only to be told "Oh, you played your whole game dismissing Harry's past and making every dialogue about who is is now? Nope, that's now how this story goes, sorry buddy"
Speaking of which
Almost nothing you do matters here. You can be the best detective, you can be the worst detective, unless you literally do the bare minimum to reach the end without actually solving the case (Which is surprisingly difficult given, as I mentioned, the case basically solves itself in the end) - you get told
Well, Harry, you are an odd fellow but I must say you steam a good ham solve a fine case.
Which is just an immensely frustrating way of "Rewarding" the effort and time you put into the game. There's no way to fully redeem yourself and no way to change basically anything that happens.
You find out there's a 2mm hole in the world! The Pale is a cancer! It doesn't just grow, it spreads! What does this mean?
You don't get to find out.
Holy shit, a psychic praying mantis! This stupid side quest was apparently core to the entire fucking game. What's the greater ramifications for this discovery?
You don't get to find out.
Is there a curse? We talked to so many of the people and tried deciding which buildings were part of it and whi----
You. Don't. Get. To. Find. Out.
But what about the union
There's about to be an insurrection!
But the night club, drug trade, husband dead, Dora, book store, Cuno, Who the fuck is Cunoesse, Sylvie, Cindy's coal furnace...
So basically, all of things brings us to one of the things the game looooves giving you: A pointless ultimatum. One after another. An endless stream of apparently black and white choices designed to change the nature of your playthrough but actually do...
There's no meaning to any of them.
That's the whole nihilistic point of this game - everything you do means nothing, you're the voyeur on somebody else's misery and the "Game" is a series of false choices and meaningless distractions along a railroad where you get drip fed a story that was decided before you got here.
For anyone who's ever played a video game, that's the epitome of frustration.
What a powerfully artistic statement - make a story that'll make some players happy and most players frustrated, then tell the frustrated ones that "That's the whole point!".
I'm not condemning those who enjoyed the game, by no means.
In fact I enjoyed the majority of the game and I'm sure the conclusion would have been amazing, depending on your playstyle, initial engagement with the game and particular real life personality.
But for me, it was an exercise in frustration, a disappointment I've never had in video gaming before.
All the work to make a wonderful stew, only to burn the bottom and make the whole thing taste like ash.
Also, some subtlety every now and then would have been nice:
Hmm, this poster is communist
submitted by Xenton to DiscoElysium [link] [comments]

2020.11.21 08:29 Debyeld1 Voyeur big

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by Dietcokediamond
Omovember Day 5: Drunk
Seteth, though never particularly a big drinker, sets out to have a drink with Byleth and the other teachers. When he and Byleth end up alone together, the night's events affect Seteth in some unexpected ways.
(Please be aware of tags; this is an omo fic but if you're in to Seteth being made uncomfortable in awkward, vaguely sexual situations you'll probably also like it? Maybe?)
Words: 1804, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Series: Part 3 of Omovember 2020

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2020.11.11 13:33 nicklo2k PSG - This Is England 2019 - Part 2: The Ballard Of Rob Holding

So, we’re back! The January transfer window is about to open. Unfortunately, Herrera turned down Athletico Bilbao’s contract offer. Looks like he’s destined to be a left back.
Part 1, in case you missed it.
Following a suggestion from u/reversechinlock I’ll be breaking up the wall of text with some image links and some sub headings. However, I didn’t read that until near the end of January, so… not a lot of in game shots at the start of this.
The “World Team of the Year” is announced. Neymar and Marquinhos are in, with Mbappe on the bench. I only assume that Wilshere’s name was misspelled as “Coutinho” on the ballot papers.
Keylor Navas wins “North American Goalkeeper of the Year”. It’s not like he has any competition. Zac Efron comes 2nd and Kasey Keller is 3rd despite having retired in 2011.
Neymar wins the “Foreign Player of the Year” award in Ligue 1. They don’t announce 2nd and 3rd, so I’ll just assume that Tavernier was the runner up.
It’s January! Pickford, Holding and Stones all stroll into the club. Sorry Marquinhos. You may have just been named in the World Team of the Year, but Rob Holdinho is taking your place.
PSG have the 1, 2, 3 for December Player of the Month. Mbappe wins, Tavernier is 2nd and Wilshere is 3rd. DO YOU SEE THIS SOUTHGATE? PICK MY BOYS.
Mbappe dedicates his award to me. Aww, sweet. I’m still going to end up selling him. This is like getting attached to a puppy who you are sitting for a friend. Stop making me like you. It’s going to make it harder to give you away.
I offer Marquinhos and Thiago Silva to clubs to try and raise some funds. They are both very unhappy about this. I get Silva to speak to Marquinhos and Marquinhos to speak to Silva and they both calm down. I can’t believe that worked.
The £90m I have spent on John Stones is a record transfer fee for an English player. It smashed the previous record of £80m for Harry Maguire. I still can’t believe that Slabhead cost that much.
Idrissa Gueye moves to Juventus for £19.5m. The Juventus fans aren’t happy, since he isn’t a big name. They would have preferred Wilshere.
Scott Dann and Leighton Baines agree to join me for free at the end of their contracts. However, since I can pay a small fee to bring them in immediately I do just that. I want a fully English bench as soon as possible.
Maxim Choupo-Moting moves to Lokomotiv Moscow for £1.5m. This is the first time in his whole career that he has cost a transfer fee. Every other move has been a free.
Next game is Riems in the Coupe de la Ligue. I am on a run of 8 games without conceding a goal. If I keep a clean sheet here I will break the record for consecutive clean sheets. Perfect game to debut a new keeper and 2 new CBs.
Henderson has been named my new Captain. I know he is the right man to lead us to our 9th clean sheet in a row. And he does! Riems are smashed 4-0 with goals from Hendo himself, Neymar, and 2 for MOTM Mason Greenwood. Wilshere picked up another assist. DID YOU HEAR THAT YOU WAISTCOAT WANKER?
Due to concerns over the wage budget the board have decreased the amount of transfer revenue retained to 25%!!! WHAT THE HELL?
Rennes are beaten 2-0 in the Coupe de la Ligue quarter final. Man of the Match Jack Wilshere sets up Tavernier before scoring one himself. WHAT MORE CAN THEY DO GARETH? Also, Pickford saved a penalty after debutant Leighton Baines’ lack of pace led to him hauling down the attacker. That’s another clean sheet and a cup semi final to look forward to!
Gareth Southgate was spotted in the stands for the quarter final. He was watching pretty much my entire squad. Ah, fuck it. May as well…
Side quest unlocked: Get Rob Holding his first ever England cap.
I sell Kimpembe to Man U for £30m. The board put £7.5m of that back into the transfer funds. I can’t help but feel ripped off. At least he’s off the wage bill.
Marseille are brushed aside 2-0 at home with goals from Maddison and Neymar. That’s another clean sheet. Pickford, Holding & Stones are yet to concede a goal for PSG. Thiago who?
Oh, that’s also 20 unbeaten in the league. To be honest if I don’t manage to go the whole season unbeaten I will be very surprised. There is no competition. The UCL is where I’ll be tested.
Herrera has picked up an injury in training. I guess double intensity left back training disagrees with him.
The media have finally realised that I’m only signing Englishmen.
I ask the board to build us a stadium. They say no. I ask them to buy our current stadium, since we don’t own it and are renting. They agree to this after saying, and I quote: “We’re looking to make the club the most reputable in Qatar”. What? The owners may be from Qatar but I’m pretty sure that PSG are still based in Paris, France (not Texas).
Next up is Havre in the 10th round of the French Cup. The Dominos League 2 side manage to do what no team has managed since mid November when they score against me. Fortunately Tavernier (pen), Rob Holding and Jack Wilshere each score to give us a 3-1 win. Wilshere is once again named the MOTM. Bellingham breaks another record, this time for being the youngest ever player in the French Cup.
We beat Marseille in the Coupe de la Ligue semi final 2-0 with goals from Mbappe and Greenwood. Pickford wins the MOTM award after making 9 saves. Shitbag Kehrer has a bad game, getting booked and doing a terrible job of defending as Greenwood just walks away from him to find space before scoring the 2nd.
Following on from a suggestion from u/OverrunInMidfield I try to sign Lee Cattermole. VVV accept the bid, but Cattermole doesn’t want to negotiate a contract!!!
Montpellier put up a brave fight, but eventually lose 1-0. The keeper puts in an inspired performance, but is unable to prevent Daniel Sturridge from finally scoring his first goal for the team in his 13th appearance.
I offer Spurs Neymar in exchange for Harry Kane. They refuse. So Instead I agree to sign Herbie Kane from Liverpool on a free at the end of the season. I’ll just tell everyone he’s Harry.
Following another suggestion, I sign Antonio from West Ham. Looks like Mbappe will be spending some time getting used to the bench.
The transfer window is about to close. Time for some panic buying!
Thomas Munier pulls his knee ligaments in training. I think he’s just trying to make sure I can’t sell him before the window shuts. Nope. He limps his arse across the Channel as Watford sign him for £7.75m.
I agree to sign Ashley Young on a free at the end of the season. I pay 500k to make the transfer immediate. He is comfortable playing on either side at fullback. Hopefully no birds shit in his mouth.
I already have Ben Alnwick, but thanks to u/teasdale94 I am made aware that he has a little brother! I immediately sign Jak Alnwick from Rangers for 45k. He’s 7 years younger than big bro Ben. Maybe I’ll make them fight over who gets to sit on the bench behind Pickford. Keylor Navas and Johnny Rico weep quietly in the background.
I loan Ander Herrera to Wolves. They pay half his wages, and have the option to sign him for £6.25m at the end of the deal. The board had to be convinced to allow that, since for some unknown reason they think he’s worth more. Still, at least now he can play as a makeshift left back!
The day has finally arrived! Just hours before the transfer window shuts, I am able to name an entirely English starting XI for the first time. Ashley Young can’t be named in the squad since he played for Inter earlier in the day before making the move. By the start of next season I will have the bench sorted too. As for now Neymar, Mbappe and Marquinhos are lucky to sit on the bench (made out of English Oak).
Saint-Etienne are completely destroyed 3-0. It takes Antonio just 9 minutes into his debut to score. MOTM James Tavernier bags the other goals, 1 penalty and 1 a back post volley from a deep freekick. Wilshere is subbed off with a knock, but luckily it’s just a bruised shin and he will be fine.
Hold the fucking phone. The current top scorer in the league is no longer a PSG player. Dembele at Lyon has picked up 12 goals. Just behind him are Neymar and Tavernier on 11 each. I’d love for right back Tavernier to win Le Golden Flip-Flop, or whatever they call it in France.

Literally the moment that the transfer window slams shut, my board announce another one year sponsorship deal. This one is also with a European Telecommunications Company and is worth £106m. The company may as well be called Financial Fair Pay-to-win.
The fixtures are piling up. After playing on the Friday night, my next game is in the cup on Monday, before another league game on Wednesday and again on Sunday. The French FA fine teams for not playing enough first teamers in the cup, yet expect them to play 2 games in 3 days. It’s kinda bollocks. Good thing I have Jak Alnwick and Ashley Young to give debuts to in the cup.
I end up rotating the entire starting XI, meaning that on top of debuts for Young and Young Alnwick, I also give a debut to Scott Dann. We win 2-0, with goals for Neymar and another for Daniel Sturridge. Jak Alnwick manages to make 7 saves on his way to a well earned clean sheet.
Toulouse are the next team brushed aside 2-0 following a brace from Mason Greenwood. I rest Tavernier because he was 1 yellow away from a suspension and the next game is 2nd in the table Lyon.
The media make a big deal as to how we are 23 games unbeaten in the league, as if that’s actually a big deal. We are walking the league with my English heroes. The real challenge will be in the Champions League. There we may face some competition.
2nd place Lyon up next. Kehreh is determined to get one over me. He’s a pretty awful defender, considering we managed 33 shots over the course of the game. 3-0 win, with two goals from Mbappe and one for Neymar, assists for Antonio and Greenwood (2). Unfortunately Mbappe pulls his hamstring before he can bag his hat trick.
Lyon again up next. This time in the French Cup quarter final. I have currently gone 37 games in all competitions without defeat. This is the current record. All I have to do is avoid defeat against Lyon and I set a new record. And that we do! Battering Lyon 4-0, with an early goal from Henderson, followed by late goals from substitutes Veratti (2) and Sturridge.
We warm up for Ajax by beating Metz 2-0 at home. Goals from Mason Greenwood and James Tavernier (another penalty) round off a dominating performance. That’s 12 league goals for the season, 2 short of the top spot which is currently Nice’s Kasper Dolberg. On the downside, Henderson picks up a groin strain. Bollocks.
I give Henderson injections so he can play vs Ajax. We scrape through 3-2 away, with 2 goals from Mason Greenwood and one from an unfit Mbappe. The second leg is going to be interesting.
Andy Carroll still won’t negotiate with me. What the hell?! His contract is up in the summer and I want to sign the “rangy” striker. Maybe if I scout him he will feel more loved and will make the swap? Possibly he is concerned he will have to learn French? Little does he know there is more chance of me making the fans learn English.
MOTM Ben Chilwell and Michael Antonio each grab a goal as we walk through Angers 2-0. Wilshere picks up another assist. I give Silva & Marquinhos 45 mins to avoid them killing me in my sleep. Neymar sits on the bench for the full 90 as I chose to bring on Antonio ahead of him to play out of position.
Angel Gomes signed a new contract with Man U. This ruins my plans to sign him on a free at the end of the season. Instead I am re-training Ashley Young to play as a left winger. That was his old position before becoming a full back, so hopefully he won’t take too long.
England’s next 2 fixtures are near the end of next month. Both are friendlies, meaning that I will be able to pull players from the squad. This could be Wilshere’s best chance! And Holding… and Tavernier. YOU HEAR ME SOUTHGATE? PICK MY BOYS OR YOU DON’T GET HENDERSON!
I bring in Newcastle United icon Steve Harper as a goalkeeping coach. I had to pay Newcastle £500k compensation for him! I also add Peter Crouch as a coach to give him his first ever job in coaching. Some will say it’s a risk bringing in an untested coach, but look at his coaching stats!. With a Geordie Legend and a well known giant former striker in my coaching staff, maybe now Andy Carroll will join?
We absolutely destroy Amiens 6-1. Michael Antonio gets 1 whilst Mason Greenwood bags 5!!! His 3rd was a penalty which Tavernier let him take to get Mason his hat trick.
Those 5 goals added to the 3 he already had in February are enough to get Greenwood the Player of the Month award in the league. He is the 3rd PSG player to win it after Neymar and Mbappe, but he is the first Englishman!
Monaco are demolished 5-0 in the semi-final of the French Cup. Greenwood is injured during the game, and super sub Mbappe scores twice. Neymar, Tavernier (penalty) and Maddison are the other scorers. Greenwood’s injury is torn wrist ligaments, so he’s out for 4-5 weeks. Gutting.
This journalist looks like they’ve just come straight from the gym.
How the fuck did I just draw 0-0 with Nantes?! Absolute shite. Without Greenwood I gave Mbappe a start up front and he couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo. We defend well but going forward were about as impotent as Pele.
Immediately following that 0-0 the board set the budgets for the next season. I’m not saying that they panicked at the first time we have failed to score, but this is the budget I have to work with. I immediately start bidding on players.
Jadon Sancho is joining in the summer for £97m. Raheem Sterling is joining for £165m. I am finally going to get my team playing God’s own formation: 4-4-fucking-2.
We edge past Ajax 1-0 with a late Icardi goal, meaning we won 4-2 on aggregate. Another sub-par performance from the team. I yell at them all in the dressing room after the game. And it has the desired effect, as a couple of days later we hammer Lille 4-0, with a Mbappe hat trick and 1 goal for Captain Hendo.
I send Neymar and Henderson on holiday for a week since they both need a rest. I hope they go somewhere together. Maybe a nice caravan on the Isle of Wight? I also send Marquinhos on holiday for 4 weeks, since he is starting to get bed sores from sitting on the bench.
GOD DAMN YOU SOUTHGATE. Once again, Wilshere is left out of the squad. So I follow through with my plan. Henderson, Pickford, Chilwell, Stones and Maddison are all pulled from the squad. Screw you Gareth.
Daniel Sturridge has been suspended for the past 3 matches and I don’t know why. I know he was supposed to have a global ban for gambling irregularities, but for whatever reason that didn’t happen and he was able to play for me. Now he is banned though. It says “banned for the next match” and it says that after every game. He has no suspensions listed anywhere. I’ll assume it’s a bug and this is his gambling ban.
The Champions League Quarter Final draw sets up 2 all English encounters. Chelsea will face Tottenham whilst Man City will face PSG. Elsewhere Barcelona face Juventus and Liverpool face RB Leipzig. In the Seme Finals the winner of PSG/Man City will face the winner of Barcelona/Juventus, whilst there is a possibility of an all English semi final, since the winners of Chelsea/Spurs face Liverpool/RB Leipzig.
Brest (snigger) are brushed aside 3-1 with goals from Antonio, Tavernier and Icardi. Maddison picks up a couple of assists. Opposition striker Irvin Cardona picks up the MOTM award for trying his best.
Whoa. Ok. That victory won us the title. It’s March 20th, and 2nd place still have 9 games left to play. Damn, PSG are too easy. It’s the first time I ever tried managing them. This is way easier than that Blackpool save I tried.
Mourinho wants to sign Tavernier. He can fuck right off.
Tammy Abraham agrees to sign for me in the summer for the completely reasonable transfer fee of £60m & Marquinhos. There’s my big man up top. I can partner him with Greenwood and play a classic 4-4-2. This is it lads. We are gonna storm the world.
I start training James Maddison as a CM, since I’m no longer going to be playing an AM as of the start of next season. I also recall Marquinhos from his holiday to start training as a striker, to try and ruin him before he leaves.
I just realised that due to the week’s holiday for Henderson and Neymar, James Tavernier lifted the League trophy when we won it at our last game. Not bad for a goal scoring right back who GARETH SOUTHGATE REFUSES TO ACKNOWLEDGE.
I see that Brighton are slightly interested in signing my CB Abdou Diallo. I immediately offer a straight swap for Dan Burn, because if there’s one thing this team needs it’s a 6’6 left back. The deal is quickly sorted and will go through in the Summer window.
I sign Sammy Lee as my new assistant manager. It costs me £750k to terminate my current guy. Worth every penny.
We kick off the Final of the Coupe de la Ligue BKT with a full English starting XI, and a mostly English bench (just Neymar & Mbappe). Captain Henderson leads the troops to a 3-0 victory, with goals from Greenwood, Neymar & Mbappe. A good way to warm up for Tuesday’s UCL Quarter Final against Man City.
The cup final was my 48th game unbeaten in all competitions this season. I’ve got to make it past Man City and then Dijon to get to the half century.
We draw the first leg 1-1 at home. MOTM John Stones bags his first goal for PSG against his former side! Neither team escapes unscathed though, as Neymar picks up a back muscle injury whilst Aguero injures his hip. Both will miss the 2nd leg.
Southgate was spotted once again at one of my games, watching Tavernier, Holding, Wilshere… and the other players who he will actually pick.
We beat Dijon 3-1 to stretch the unbeaten run to 50 games across all competitions. Goals from Maddison, Mbappe and John Stones (again?!) are enough to bag us the 3 points. Mouninho is once again spotted watching James Tavernier. He claims he isn’t there to watch Tavernier. He’s such a voyeur.
Holy crap. What a second leg! Greenwood put us ahead before Sterling equalised. Maddison picked up a knee injury, forcing me to move Wilshere further forward and putting Verratti on in Maddison’s place. Fernandinho missed a penalty, meaning we went to extra time. Mbappe put us ahead, Foden equalised before Mbappe grabbed the winner in the dying embers of extra time.
Maddison has sprained his knee ligaments. That’s probably his season over. Damn.
I put Mbappe and Neymar on the transfer list. They are not happy. I don’t care.
Ashley Young and Scott Dann are unhappy with my treatment of Neymar. They have been teammates for less than 3 months! Shut up bitching and win me some games! We have a team meeting where I tell them to shut up. We then have another team meeting, this time about Mbappe. FFS lads. It’s almost like you don’t want a hostile take over of Paris by the English.
Nimes are smashed 4-0 with goals from Tavernier (pen), Henderson and a couple for Greenwood. Looks like we will be getting 100 points for the season. We are already on 90 and have 6 games left to play.
I offer Tottenham Neymar, Mbappe, Silva & £1 for Harry Kane… AND THEY TURN IT DOWN. ARE THEY INSANE?!?!?!
MOTM Tavernier scores another penalty whilst Antonio gets the second as Nice are easily beaten 2-0. Nice managed 1 shot all game.
Neymar agrees terms with Chelsea on a £70m move. I will continue paying £245k of his weekly wages. I can’t help but feel violated, but entirely of my own doing. I immediately start training him as a CB, double intensity.
MOTM Mason Greenwood nets a hat trick and Mbappe adds the 4th as Toulouse are absolutely wrecked 4-0 in the French Cup Final.
Next up are Juventus at home in the UCL Semi-Final 1st leg. It’s a pretty even match, but Rob Holding manages to mark Ronaldo out of the game whilst Greenwood grabbed the only goal as we win 1-0.
I play Marquinhos for 90 mins as a striker against Monaco, to further his development as a striker before he moves to Chelsea. He pulls his groin but I keep him on. We win 2-0 with goals from Henderson and a penalty from Neymar. Tavernier was suspended for this game, hence why he didn’t get the chance to score from the spot.
The Champions League Semi Final 2nd leg away to Juventus is batshit crazy. We win 5-4 (6-4 on agg) after going behind in the 1st minute. Goals from Greenwood, Neymar, Angel Gomes and 2 from Mbappe.
The Champions League Final is set to be an all English affair, as Liverpool take on my PSG side in Istanbul. Let’s hope Liverpool don’t have a repeat of 2005.
We beat Bordeaux 2-0, Reims 2-0 and Rennes 2-1 with goals from Greenwood (2), Tavernier (1 open play, 1 penalty), Marquinhos (playing as a striker) & Angel Gomes. We finish the domestic season off with a 0-0 draw against Strasbourg, with on loan Jude Bellingham getting himself sent off!
This means we finish the season unbeaten, with 106 points from a possible 114, scoring 92 goals whilst only conceding 14.
ROB HOLDING GETS CALLED UP TO THE ENGLAND SQUAD AHEAD OF EURO 2020!!! He’s 1 step closer to getting his first ever cap. Mason Greenwood was called up to the preliminary squad, but was dropped by the Waistcoat Wanker for the final squad. I guess his 33 goals across all competitions this season aren’t good enough. It’s a hideously unbalanced England squad, with 3 keepers (literally a rule), 10 defenders (7 CBs, 2 LBs, 1RB), 9 midfielders and just the 1 striker. I guess Alli or Rashford could play up front if Kane gets injured, but not calling up Greenwood is ridiculous. And no Tavernier, despite only having 1RB in the squad. Stupid Southgate.
All that’s left now is the Champions League Final. Mbappe shows how exited he is to play in the biggest game in in club football by pulling his ankle ligaments in the week beforehand, putting him out of the final. Angel Gomes then pulls his groin, meaning that Mbappe’s replacement is also fucked. I’m starting to regret convincing the board to build our new training centre on that ancient Indian burial ground.
Despite the makeshift right hand side (Marquinhos at RB, Tavernier as a right winger) we manage to beat the reigning European Champions 3-2 in Istanbul! 2 goals and an assist from man of the match Mason Greenwood are enough to tell Southgate to go fuck himself. This also means that Greenwood is the top scorer in the UCL this season with 12. But I guess that’s not good enough for Gareth. Icardi gets the other goal. Salah got Liverpool’s 2.
So that’s the Quintuple. Next season I can try for 6, with the Club World Championships added to the mix.
The fan’s player of the season is James Tavernier!
I think that’s a wrap for part 2.
Next up: Part 3 – 4-4-Fcuking-2
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2020.11.08 19:25 Aiass Big voyeur

This is a bit long... Should i split it into parts? Neah... I'm too lazy....
Physically, the Saproids are not an impressive race. Skinny little guys. Most races refer to them as "the little grey people". But they are really smart. Proportionally to their bodies, their craniums (and their brains) are the largest among the sentient races. And their are also cunning. And greedy. And ruthless.
You could be at war with them, and not even know it! Because they don't wage wars with ships, and guns, and troops. Oh, no! They wage economics wars. Because they are the trade masters. They are present on any stock market around the universe. They have their greedy little paws in every bank, in every vault. Why? Because nobody can multiply currency like the smart little bastards can.
As a result of their intimate knowledge regarding the economics of the universe, they can crash any economy, of anyone who they deem as a threat to them and to their lifestyle.
When humans finally discovered FTL, they were welcomed to the universe. They met all the other sentient races. Trade deals were made. Technologies were exchanged. Shipping lanes were being established.
Everyone was admiring this race of industrious, peace-loving, hard-working people. Everyone liked them, and the humans seemed to like everyone too. Everyone... except the Saproids.
For some reason, undisclosed by their diplomacy, the humans were rather cold and cautious towards "the little grey men". It's not that they refused contact or trade deals with them, or refused to grant them visiting visas to Earth. It's just that, unlike with the other races, the humans didn't seem to trust them. Like at all! Every Saproid that visited Earth, was accompanied by guards at all time. No access was given to more important human technologies, or real access to the human stock markets. Nobody really knew the reason for this apprehension from the humans part. But soon, all over the universe, when someone was being mad or frustrated at the Saproids, began refering to them as "anal probers" or "cow snatchers". These were terms that started from unofficial human sources.
Of course, this behavior didn't go unnoticed by the Saproids. Nor would it be left unpunished. In great secret, the probers - pardon me - the Saproids, assembled their war council. Their greatest minds in the field of economics met to discuss a strategy to bring these upstarts at the Saproids mercy. Like i said before, the Saproids didn't believe in standard warfare. That was for animals, for mindless brutes, as far as they were concerned. No... Their field of battle was the economy, and their weapon was the currency.
But, their access to human economy was basicly inexistent. So, their usual methods wouldn't be efficient against the humans. In order to find a winning strategy, more data was needed. So, a couple of Saproid generals were sent to Earth, to gather more information. They pretended to be just tourists, willing to visit an exotic planet.
The Human Bureau for Xeno Affairs accepted their tourist visa requests. It recommended them a few popular tourist resorts. Because the Saproids couldn't endure colder climates, the destinations were countries in the warmer climates of Earth. Like Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Haiti, Barbados... India was off limits for some reason - apparently for the safety of the cow snatchers - pardon me - the Saproids. Accomodations were made for them, tickets were bought, guides were booked and, of course, guards had been assigned, for their protection, according to the humans.
After a few days of quarantine, some vaccines, and other such formalities, the generals found themselves on Earth, among the humans, and began their observation, and data gathering. The natural beauties of the land left them unmoving. The exotic fauna mostly scared them. The exotic foods, fruits, vegetables - were of no interest (some of it were borderline poisonous!). Sport activities, (such as diving, climbing, hiking, and so on), were just as irrelevant to them. No... They looked for weaknesses in the economy. They watched how money changed hands. They analized what did the humans spent their currency on. They watched, they asked questions, they gathered data. Spreadsheets were made, Graphs created, Power Point presentations...the works! A month later, the generals returned to their home planet, and the War Council gathered once more.
The first to speak was senior general Skump, from the prestigious "Skump, Skump & Skump" trading company. The general stepped onto the podium with confidence. He looked very imposing with two assistants following him, displaying his very long achievements scroll. The general also looked quite refreshed by his time behind the enemy lines, and one could even see a faint tan on his grey skin.
- "Gentlemen", he began his speech, "on my time on the enemy planet i learned a lot of things about the humans. I studied them carefully. And i think i have found an ingenious method to strip them of their currency. To bleed them dry. Not only to make them poor, but to make them direct their money only into our accounts, and to no other race!"
Every member of the council was on their edge of the seat! Their greedy eyes shone with excitement! Little grabby paws were being rubbed together. Some began to drool uncontrollably. Some of them were even hiding erections behind clipboards placed onto their laps! General Skump smiled at their excitement and began to explain his strategy:
- "After i visited several popular vacation destinations among humans, i observed the following:

  1. The humans work almost all year, gathering currency, like any other normal sapient. BUT instead of using the gathered currency to invest and multiply it, they spend a huge portion of the gathered money in only a single month of "vacation". It is a crazy period in their life, that happens every year, when they just...spend! They prefer to spend it on travelling to new places, as different as possible from their standard place of living. They spend on trying new things, new foods, new experiences, new mating partners...
  2. When the humans reach a certain age, they retire from activity. They stop working and they don't make money anymore. BUT, their government pays them money each month! A fair procent of these old humans, when reaching this stage, prefer to move in wamer climates, where they spend their days taking money from their government and spending them. Usually, spending the money as explained on point 1 of my presentation.
  3. The main source of income for those popular vacation sites i visited was the money spent as shown above. The entire economy in those places depends on the money they extract from the tourists. "
- "Gentlemen", continued the general, "i have seen tourism in the universe, but i have never seen an economy so depended on it, nor have i met a race so ready to spend money on such frivolous things."
- "So, after analyzing all these things, i propose the following course of action:
  1. We build tourist resorts! Terrans will come here because they love new places and experiences! If you build it, they will come! They will come with their money, and leave without them! We will make them pay for these resorts! Not only they will leave their money here, but we will also bankrupt Earth's tourist destinations. After all, they can't offer so much "new" as an alien planet!
  2. I am aware that the humans don't trust us, and don't like us. They call us "anal probers", and "cow snatchers". They won't visit Saproid resorts. So, we build them on other worlds. There are plenty of races that will welcome us investing on their planets. We just make sure that no staff is Saproid, that the humans don't know it is our resorts, and they will happily spend their income in those places.
  3. We establish charter flights between Earth and our newly built resorts. The terrans will PAY us to come here and give us their money! Also, this would mean less tourists and less income for the transport companies on Earth. Again - a serious blow to their local economy!
  4. and at last - we will attract the elderly humans. We sell them houses and land, in warm climates. Like all humans, they crave new experiences. So, they will move to these places. Not temporary, but they will stay there until they expire. All the time sucking money from Earth, and spending it on the planets we attract them to! Again - i am aware they will not come to our planet. Instead, we must attract them on planets that are under our unofficial control. So we can benefit from the steady credit flow that will be coming from Earth towards this elderly."
- "Thank you for your attention gentlemen. I am looking forward to your opinions, and to the plans that my fellow generals devised."
The other generals that visited Earth also presented their plans and observations. But, applying all the plans at once was avoided for three reasons: first, too many plans at once might alert the humans that they are under attack. Second - each of these plans required money, and there were only so many resources the Saproids were willing to risk. And third - they wanted not to push this story teller right here too much right now; to leave some room for a potential follow up.
The council members voted and, with majority of votes, chose general Skump's plan as the starting offensive against the humans. They started going over details, calculated return of investment rates, choosing suitable locations, squabbling over who gets to invest where and on what. But, they were professionals. Slowly, the thing were set into motions and the silent war began, without the humans even realizing they were under attack.
In less than a year, ten huge resorts, with hundreds of hotels, on ten different planets were ready to receive their (mostly human) guests. Transport lines were established between these resorts, Earth, and even Earth's colonies. Clips appeared on the human internet, promoting these resorts. Also, as the same time, amazing offers appeared , dedicated to the elderly humans, for houses and lands on warm, beautiful, exotic planets. For the humans that chose to move to these planets, they even offered free transport!
The plan was in motion, and it was flawlessly executed. Results soon became visible. Humans, after being confined on their own worlds for their entire existence, flocked to the new resorts with great enthusiasm! Old people were happy to get away from the crowded, polluted Earth, and settle on warm, new planets. The number of tourists and elderly surpassed even the most optimistic predictions of the Saproids. Money was starting to flow steadily from the direction of Earth, into the pockets of the anal probers. The council calculated that at this rate, in 10 years, humans would spend enough money outside their system, that they would enter a recession.
Mike Lawry was one of the guides that had been hired to babysit that delegation of cow snatchers. He had never before met real life aliens, but he was rather disappointed. He tried his best to entertain them. But the boring, cheap, non-tipping, grey little bastards were not interested in anything fun. They just watched, observed, took notes... At some point, Mike thought they were into voyeurism, but neah... They just didn't know how to have fun.
So, when he was assigned to another delegation, from another species, he had very low expectations. He almost refused the job. But... his professional pride won. He vowed to himself that this delegation was gonna have fun like never before!
So, he did everything with them: took them to shows (concerts, magic shows, cabaret, etc); took them on trips, like safari, hiking; took them onto the sea, for swimming, snorkeling, diving; took them skydiving; took them to fancy restaurant to enjoy a wide variety of cuisines - the works!
At first, the new aliens were just as boring as the Saproids. Like they were scared to do any of the activities.
- "Why do you humans do these things? This vacation?" asked the leader of the delagation. "Seems like a waste of resources".
So Mike explained to them that humans need to take time off their usual work, in order to recharge. A human, without relaxation from time to time, becomes much less productive. And, he told them he was willing to bet that the entire delegation would feel much more efficient after a week under his ...supervision.
The aliens agree to follow his lead, and, after only a few hours, they relaxed, and started having the time of their lives. At the end of one full week, the aliens were energized, happy, relaxed, and felt ready to return to their mundane tasks with more vigor! Well...at least until their next vacation!
And so went things with the next delegation. And the next... And the next...
Word spread, and soon, there was a growing stream of alien tourists on Earth.
At some point, resorts dedicated to human tourists opened on other planets. Most humans that could afford a vacation, went to space! That took some pressure off the Earth's overcrowded resorts, and made room for the ever growing mass of alien tourists.
Josh Brenner was amongst the first people to visit the tourist resorts built for humans, on alien worlds. He enjoyed his vacation immensely! He liked it so much, that he visited three of the mega resorts in less than a year! It was like visiting places from the movies he watched as a little kid. Like entering the universe of Star Wars. So many other races, such wonderful and exotic sceneries, so many strange foods!
However, he did notice a few unexpected things... Apparently, most alien races didn't usually take vacations like the humans did. All the destinations he visited were obviously new , and designed for humans. And even if they were designed for humans, you could easily see the lack of experience in tourism the designers of these places had. Sure - there were hotels, and each hotel had restaurants. But there were was a serious lack of other tourists attractions. Like organized activities, diving in those purple seas, safari excursions to observe the strange fauna, bird watching, sky diving. Nothing like that. Not even souvenir shops. Nothing like that. So, Josh Brenner did what any bussinessman does when he smells an opportunity - he invested! He started rather small - bought a building near one of those resorts. Transformed it into a hotel, but, unlike the resort, he made it suitable for as many species as he could. After that, he convinced his friends and family to invest too. They built a restaurant, opened a souvenir shop, opened an agency that organized all sorts of activities, in order for the visitors to enjoy all the experiences that the alien planet had to offer. And, most important - they promoted this type of tourism to all the other known sentient races! Even if the other sentient races were not used to this type of spending time, it was impossible not to enjoy yourself if humans were organizing your vacation. Soon, it was known throughout the universe that if you wanted to have fun, you turn to the humans!
Josh Brenner and his friends were just the first humans to do this. But they were not alone. Soon, the mega resorts built for the humans were old news. Human built resorts were attracting more tourists, from all over the universe. A brand new market was opened by the Saproids, but, because of their experience in tourism, the humans were the experts on this new market!
Walt Kowalsky was sitting on his porch, sipping his beer, enjoying the warm evening, and view of the spectacular first sunset of the day. The planet Calednia had two suns, that rotated around each other. The sunsets were something else. Like watching two mythological creatures fighting over the rule of the heavens. It wasn't really a sunset. As one sun disappeared under the horizon, the second sun was coming up. This first sunset actually marked the middle of the day.
"Huh... i'm cheating death." snorted Walt to himself. "I'm doubling the number of sunsets i'm going to see before i die". Bitter sweet humour, but that's the humour of an old man.
He had moved to Calednia six months ago, as soon as offers for new homes, on aliens planets began to appear on the internet.
"One last adventure", he had thought to himself when he bought the place. Best decision he ever made! The weather was always perfect, the house was cheap but very spacious and comfortable. The local race was friendly. They looked like ewoks, but less hairy.
"Man, i love this view", he sighed, as the second sun won the battle and climbed up the pink sky.
Just then his communicator beeped.
- "Yeah?" answered Walt, and took another sip of his beer.
- "Mr Kowalsky?" asked a high pitched voice. Sounding suspiciously like one of them anal probers.
- "This is he."
- "My name is Rajesh, from Xerop Utilities. I am calling to ask you when can we schedule a replacement of the utilities in your home?"
- "Huh?" a confused Walt asked
- "Oh, right... I forgot you are new to our planet. You see sir, on Calednia, our company, Xerop Utilities, replaces your water pump, air filter, air conditioner, washing machine and refrigerator every year. We call this preventive maintenance. In this way we make sure your equipment does not break... too often."
- "Woau... You do this for free every year?"
- "What? No sir. You will be billed, of course."
- "Like hell i will! Nothing wrong with my stuff. Nothing broke yet. When something breaks, i'll fix it myself. If i can't, only THEN i'll buy a new one."
- "Mmm... You can't do that..."
Rajesh seemed at loss for words.
- "Listen here kid. Are these equipments my property?"
- "Well... yes sir, of course..."
- "Then, if you want to tell me what i can do and what i can't do with my property, you're gonna have to come here and tell it to me personally, and to my rifle!"
No answer came from the other side of the line. Just a gulp.
- "That's what i thought. Now f**k off, and don't call this number again!"
About a week later, his water pump broke. Walt grabbed his tool box, and opened it. It was only one condenser that burnt itself, but that started the whole contraption. It was rather standard, but cheaply made, flimsy. He replaced it in 2 minutes. But for the pump to break just as that company was trying to sell him a new one, seemed like too big of a coincidence. So he checked all the stuff around his house. Fridge, air filter, washing machine... everything. All of them were decently built, but had some cheap condensers, or cheap fuses, of cables too thin, like they were all meant to only last a few months.
He went online and ordered himself a box of honest, earth built condensers, fuses, and what-not. Just to have some spares. Xenos might replace the entire machine when it stopped working, but to him, that was wastefull.
About a month later, he was at his neighbor's house, at a party. They were a nice clan of ewoks. Happy, cute, and man they were funny after a few beers! Everyone was telling stories, jokes. They were all laughing; Walt was telling them about how he scared Rajesh silly over the phone, to the amusement of the whole party.
- "Wait, wait, wait..." said Blink, the son of his neighbor. "You mean to tell us you fix all these stuff by yourself?"
- "Yeah dude. It's not even that complicated. They are simple machines. Really easy to fix. And if you mess up, so what? They were gonna sell you a new one anyway".
- "Well... i wouldn't mind not buying new stuff every year" said Blink's dad. "It's sucking me dry. If i wouldn't have to replace them, maybe we could afford one of those vacations i keep hearing about. Walt, think you could show Blink here how to fix them?"
- "Sure thing buddy! If he wants too..."
- "I don't know..." said Blink. "My friends will probably laugh at me, saying i'm into old man stuff"
Walt thought for a second then asked:
- "You kids here have a social network right? And the kid with the most interesting posts, the most likes and shares is the most popular right?"
- "Well... yeah"
- "Kid, i'll teach you how to fix them things, and you can post tutorials online for each type of fix. You're going to save your people so much money that your channel is going to be the most popular on this planet! You're going to get so much tail, you're not going to have energy left to fix things!" laughed Walt
- "...Tail? What do you mean?"
- "Nevermind that... It's the beer talking... So? You in?"
- "Yeah.. Ok. Not sure if you're right about the popular part, but i would really like for us to save enough money to go on a vacation."
- "Great! Then it's settled! Man, i'm going to enjoy sticking it to that Xerop Utilities Company. You know, i have a suspicion that company is run by those anal probers assholes... You know that my grand daddy was abducted by those assholes?" And so, the story telling part of the party continued.
In the following months, Radio Shack received thousands of orders from planet Calednia. And the orders kept growing in number and in number of articles. The sales for new water pumps, air filters, boilers, washing machines, refrigerators, and other house hold equipment plummeted. And Blink's channel became the most popular channel on the planet.
The situation on Calednia was not singular. One every planet where old humans moved, at one point or another, similar events developed. The humans refused to replace equipment regularly. If the machines broke down, they just fixed them. Then they showed their neighbors how to fix them. And so on, until spare parts stores from Earth were forced to open branches and deposits on the alien planets, to cope with the demand.
Four years after the Saproids started their silent war against the humans, their expensive built resorts were now shadowed by the human ones and were barely making any profit. All the planets where old humans had moved, and whereon the Saproids had booming companies like Xerop Utilities, were now reporting massive losses.
The Saproid council held elections and removed the generals responsible for this debacle from the leadership.
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2020.11.06 12:18 Asadshinigami Big voyeur

Chapter 1: Mother
“In a child's eyes, a mother is a goddess. She can be glorious or terrible, benevolent or filled with wrath, but she commands love either way. I am convinced that this is the greatest power in the universe.”
Quote: N.K. Jemisin, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
I woke up with a start as I observed my surroundings in this strange and unfamiliar land. I was in a desert-like place and there was no one nearby except for a single house standing isolated in a desolated wasteland. The sun was unusually dull and partially lit up in the sky. I examined the skies further and I realized that there were no stars or the moon but an oddly shaped oval that resembled an eye. There was a house in front of me and it had a foreboding atmosphere. It was a 2-storey house crumbling to its foundation. The house was painted with mild-dark green, orange and a mix of brownish red. The house looked as old as the sky above me. The garden was dark and rotten with dead plants and without any signs of little critters around the area. I reluctantly walked towards the house as I felt my heart growing heavier and heavier in every step I took.
Where am I? What am I doing here? What is this place? Why can’t I remember? The questions kept circling in my head without any plausible reasons or answers that can help me understand what I needed to do next.
“Hello?” I cried out and only the deafening silence in the desert answered me.
“HELLO!!!” I screamed louder and then the door of the house opened as an invitation.
“Well….now what?” I mumbled to myself.
I entered the house and I was not expecting it to be warmer and the interior décor to be livelier from the inside. Somehow, I knew that I was walking into a memory from my past as my mind recognized certain items in the house. There were family pictures on the wall, the golden intricately designed lamps on the table and the glass mini sculptures that were on each shelf. Each of the mini glass sculptures were either dolphins, birds or fishes that symbolized a frozen desire to flee or fly away. I knew that the pictures were of my family members but the details were too obscure for me to recognize their faces or when the photos were taken. It seems rather strange that I was unable to recall any more details about them.
There were white frames around the corridor in an arabesque pattern and yet I noticed there was something hidden underneath the frames at the center of the corridor at the far side of my vision. It appeared to be some kind of a single portrait of a person who was wearing a formal attire but I cannot see the person’s face since the arabesque white frames kept it hidden like a well-guarded secret kept close to a person’s heart.
I also felt that I was being watched by unknown voyeurs but I shook that feeling off as I didn’t pay any attention to that. I needed to focus in exploring the confines of this singular and mysterious house. There was a brightly lit corridor straight ahead with two doors on the left and one door on the right. There was a light switch nearby where I was standing. I turned on the lights and a bright orange illuminated the house to give it life. The scintillating orange hue light revealed a podium, which was between the two rooms. I stepped closer to check that there was a heavy text book on the podium but I could not see what it was as the details were fuzzy and obscure.
I turned left and I opened one door closest to me as it creaked in complaint. There was simple furniture inside as I moved to the center of the room slowly and cautiously. The room was painted light green and the lamp was mysteriously on as if someone was still here. The bed was standard single size and it had a plain blue comforter that was perfectly tucked in around the corners and the sides. There was a student-sized desk with a pale white color next to the bed. There was a mobile sturdy black chair that was slowly spinning round and round near the desk. There were several items on the desk such as one sharp pencil, two broken smaller pencils, a ruler, notebooks and a Psychology book that was titled ‘Treating anxiety and depression’. There was a large closed cupboard on the far side of the wall. There was a simple rug on the floor, it had lines, and patterns crisscrossing repeatedly. I always felt some obscure level of comfort when I looked at the rug because I believed that life can be predictable from time to time. There was a large, borderless and lively poster on the wall of a man with sunglasses, he was holding two guns in each hand and shooting upwards in the air.
The door slammed shut on its own and I was startled by the sudden loud noise. I reached for the door and there was a name that was displayed with bright neon multicolored labels. I read it in my mind ‘Ali Bilawal Khan’ at least three times and then I recalled from my earliest memory from the time when I was an infant.
I was in a big playground and I was playing with a large bouncing ball. The playground had soft sand with a few trees scattered across the area. The shrubs and greenery were also scarce in the open space. There were many toddlers and infants playing together but I was alone since I felt somewhat distant from those kids as I didn’t seem to relate with any of them. My mother was calling that name and I barely realized she was trying to get my attention. She clapped her hands impatiently and then I turned around to see her arms attempting to reach out for me. I instinctively rushed towards her for a hug and the brief precious memory ended at that moment.
“Hey, wait a minute!” I suddenly exclaimed in realization.
I seem to recall that this was my room but how could I know that? I tried to remember but my mind is too foggy and unclear.
The room shook in an instant and a shadow crept out of nowhere and screamed soundlessly in a black noise. I clasped my ears and shut my eyes as I felt the cold embrace of the disembodied specter whooshing towards me.
I fell on my knees and I was shivering due to its extreme icy contact.
“Oh my God!” I cried out.
“What the hell was that?” I opened my eyes again and I looked around to see where the specter went. I got up and staggered a bit since the attack left me physically and psychologically vulnerable. The door was closed and it was locked or stuck as I kept shaking the door handle again and again. Finally, I managed to open the door but instead of the light corridor, there was another bigger room with an expensive looking dining table at the center of the room. It had intricate designs with a fresh golden-brown appearance. The table was covered with a large white and silver cloth with a similar arabesque design. There were six chairs in total; there were three chairs on each side and there was a master chair in front of me. There were three candles on the center of the table and it had an expensive golden design that looked like it was from a fairy tale.
“What is going on? What happened to the corridor?” I was bewildered and overwhelmed by the unexpected change.
An answer came from an old croaking voice with a harsh and cold tone somewhere in the room cloaked in darkness.
“Don’t ask stupid questions, my dear!”
“Who the hell are you?” I shouted in rage but I was shaking in fear.
“Mind your language!” She continued. “Is that anyway to talk to your mother?” the mysterious lady asked in an even but angry voice.
“Mother? What?” The shocking revelation was difficult for me to process at the moment.
The figure stood up instantly and it cracked its neck from side to side. I couldn’t see her face as her hair was concealing it. The candle lights went out in an instant and I felt my guts shrieking out but I couldn’t find my voice to scream. There was a mysterious slithering sound in the background and the heavy breathing filled the room with heated tension. Somehow, I saw certain scales glistening across the room; it seemed to look like it was part of a large serpent. A large red eye pierced through the dark veil and glared at me with unprecedented wrath.
I turned to run out of the room but I was in the corridor again. I turned left and darted blindly forward as fear gave me speed and flight to escape the horrors that my mind was unable to comprehend at all. I turned a sharp right to another room without any lights. It was pitch dark and a perfect hiding spot. I tried to get my thoughts in order after the frightening encounter. I breathed heavily and unevenly as I eventually calmed myself to a more rational state of mind.
I slowly got up and checked if that ‘demon’ had followed me yet but there was no hint of its shadow. Reassured, I crept out of my hiding spot and checked out my current surroundings.
“Where is this?” I asked the dark and empty room, expecting an answer from the phantoms or specters who were probably watching my every move.
However, I shrugged at the thought and decided to find the light switch by using my other senses that were heightened to a superhuman level due to the extreme rush of adrenaline. I felt the minor cracks on the wall and eventually I found the light switch. I bumped my knee on what felt like a big couch or sofa. I almost stumbled but I regained my balance and managed to switch the lights on. The lights revealed more horrors that I could not possibly fathom. There were bodies everywhere and they all looked like….me!
“Aaah!!!” I shrieked in despair and confusion as my eyes could not believe what I was seeing. Each of the bodies had my face twisted in fear and pain. Each of them were naked and vulnerable and their eyes were dark, hallow and empty. I thought I saw a toe twitch or a finger move in each corpse as I was manically spinning round and round at the center of where the bodies lay in a frenzied panic.
“No, no, NOOO!!!!” I kept my eyes and ears closed in an attempt to deny what was in front of me.
I opened my eyes again and somehow the bodies disappeared and it was just me screaming like a lunatic in an empty room. I felt my head rushing and my blood pressure building up as my anxiety shot skywards. However, I managed to maintain some sense of calm after I realized that I needed to find answers after all. Perhaps, my ‘mother’ would know something about it. I decided to push my fear and panic down and to reunite with her in order to find out the truth. Before I do that, I examined the room further in order to look for more clues that I may have missed out due to the horror show I witnessed in that split second.
There was no furniture except a large sofa on my left and there was a smaller table with a tea set. The cup was used and unclean. I touched the teacup and I held it in my hands. A memory fragment was revealed as I heard my own voice echo inside my head when I touched the cup and saw my bleak reflection with tea stains concealing part of my face from the inside.
‘’Hey mom….I am having tea! Would you like some too?” I asked her as she was sitting on that very sofa, reading her favorite romance novel. Everything looked bigger, especially my mother. I must have been a young child back then.
“Yes, my son. I would like that very much!” my mother said in a sweet and loving voice, still reading her book.
I brushed off a tear that crept out of my eye but I couldn’t shake the feelings of regret and pain that were in my heart ever since I encountered that demon that claimed to be my ‘mother’. I put the teacup where I found it and decided that I need to learn the truth about myself.
I left the room but instead of walking into the corridor, I was shifted to the library as if by some kind of magic. The library was filled with all assortments of books that contained reference books, textbooks and there was even a computer on the far right of the library. There was even a multimedia support section next to the ICT lab as well.
“This is really confusing.” I said in an even voice and I wasn’t even scared at this point.
“Wasn’t the corridor supposed to be around here?” I continued my monologue and I felt more comfortable talking to myself in this situation.
“I would have sworn that I backtracked to the corridor.” I thought out loud.
“Oh well, I am in the library now! Let’s make the most of this situation.” I shrugged and checked the library books and resources since I just got here.
I checked the scores and scores of books of every shelf and they were all subject books and reference books that were based on Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Math, English and so on. However, the library did not feel like it was a memory as compared to the dining hall, the white corridor and my room. The library felt unnatural but safe as if there was an unspeakable divine aura and I knew that I was being protected by the unknown dangers that are yet to reveal itself. I felt that time was standing still and I felt less afraid and tense in this mystery and mystical library. I can comfortably seek more knowledge and insight while my eyes eagerly searched for help in these books.
I randomly picked up one book about serpents as the picture caught my eye. The picture contained a black serpent with red stripes and it has red eyes. It was coiled around itself and its face was glaring at the center of the book. Those red eyes and that intense coiling of the serpent were disturbingly familiar like the time I encountered it in the dining hall. Except, that previous encounter felt more…demonic than it was natural.
I flipped the book open and started to read as my curiosity outpaced my fear. I read the excerpts about the snakes’ physical features, territorial habits and feeding habits. I flipped more pages until I reached the end and there was a multimedia CD rom that contained videos and images of different kinds of serpents.
I took the CD out of the book and decided to use the ICT area to check out the information regarding snakes. I put the CD into the CD drive and press the eject button to allow the PC to swallow it. It took two minutes to process it and then the screen came to life. I clicked on a few pictures and videos to learn more about snakes. I learned about their territorial aggression and their venomous strikes to take down any threats that would dare approach or challenge them. I also learned about how they are sensitive towards sounds in their immediate environment and that they are able to track predators and preys alike using their touch, smell and hearing.
“Why did that demon resemble my mother?” I thought to myself.
Apparently, the Science CD gave no clues on that. I needed to research more on that topic. I got up from my seat and rushed straight to the History section to look for more books on snakes in mythological contexts. I learned a lot regarding how several ancient and contemporary societies have their own individualistic perception of snakes as beings of healing, protection or immortality. Yet, there was a general consensus that the snakes are a symbol of death and rebirth.
I searched for plausible answers and tried to come up with a plan in how to handle the serpent demon. I thought to myself that she couldn’t possibly be my mother as I could have been deceived by her and I rationalized that I didn’t see her face and recognize her old voice. Perhaps, I am in hell but I need to recollect my memories and figure out how I can get out of here.
I need to learn to fight against them so I looked at the other section that contained sports books and materials. Thankfully, I found pictorial reference books regarding martial arts and combat strategies. I looked at topics like Kung Fu, Mixed Martial Arts and Weapon Control with keen interest as I looked at the pictures and checked the CD-ROM for instructional videos. Apparently, there was enough space for me to practice my methods and I had the time to practice the techniques in order to prepare myself.
The martial arts trainer in the instructional videos was very clear and informative as I practiced the basic movements until I advanced to the next level. I learned blocking, fighting techniques and I was able to construct weapons from certain resources around me. E.g. I can make a wooden stake by breaking the chair leg or I can sharpen a long stick into a proper offensive tool.
However, I needed more than just the knowledge and skills to fight against the demon. I have to develop a proper combat stratagem to fight that demon who claimed to be my ‘mother’. She was still lurking somewhere in this hell.
I began to create weapons of long sticks and knives to equip myself as I scavenged for weaponry in the library, to prepare for the next encounter. It just occurred to me that crafting the weapons from a combination of wood and other raw materials seemed to come to me naturally. It is like I done this before but I don’t recall specifically in which time period in my life that I learned how to do that. Somehow, my hands knew what they were doing before I was ‘aware’ of how I was crafting the weapons.
I needed something to carry the objects and weapons as I was making preparations. I found a dark green satchel with an emblem of a black dragon at the center of the bag. The bag was sitting still on the study desk. I searched the bag checking for zips and different sections. There was an inside zip that could be used to carry anything like a letter or an envelope. There were at least 2 sections that was adequately and equally spaced out to fit all sorts of things. I decided to keep the satchel since it would be useful in my journey. I checked my weapons and put them on the easily accessible area. I put the random objects on the other section of the bag.
“Did I serve in the army?” I asked myself…trying to remember the minute detail. I heard a loud crash somewhere nearby. I realized that I cannot be idle for too long in this place. I exited the library and I was back in the corridor again.
Apparently, there was a smashed up antique clock at the center of the corridor. The glass of the clock was completely fragmented into thousands of pieces. The minute hand was broken in half while the hour hand remained stable in 3. There were also several minor mechanical pieces of the clock that were on the ground.
“Oh God, what a mess!” I exclaimed as I witnessed the shattered clock. I heard something hissed behind me. I turned around alarmingly, expecting ‘something’ creeping up on me. However, there was no one there except for me in the corridor. I checked the clock again and I touched a part of it. A memory fragment emerged in my mind, I was just a child looking sheepish and guilty because of a broken clock that slipped from my hands.
“Ali!! What did you do?” I heard my mother shouting at me from another room.
“I….uh…um” I mumbled and stammered out of fear that my mother was really going to give me a serious scolding. She never hurt me physically but her harsh words and sarcasms hurt much worse than a beating.
My mother entered the corridor and saw me and the broken clock. She rushed to me but I couldn’t see her face too clearly because of my teary-eyed perspective.
“Oh, you stupid idiot!! What did I tell you about touching precious things in the house?” She screamed at me with a vicious and blazing tone in her voice.
I saw her hand about to touch me but the memory ended right there. I blinked for a second and I thought that was weird as my memories of my mother are gathering in my brain. I shook my head and placed the shard of the clock back in its place and turned around to see where that hissing sound was coming from.
I walked slowly in the corridor. I glanced left and right as I noted that there were obscure pictures on each side of the wall. There were abstract arts and expressionism of grief, despair and loss. I felt a fast-sinking feeling in my stomach as I continued to walk onwards, not knowing what to expect.
There was one picture on my left that looked out of place. The picture was a middle-aged woman who has a gentle and warm face. Her eyes and smile were directed at the camera as if this was meant for me. She was wearing a formal attire of blue and black dress with simple jewelry around her neck and bangles around her arms in the full body portrait. The background was filled with an abundance of red and white rose’s bouquets.
“…Mother?” I asked the portrait, hoping for a clue. I heard a creak and a squeak just behind me. I turned to see an old wooden door opened but I could not see past it because there seems to be nothing but an empty abyss beyond the entrance.
I crept slowly to the door and got a small piece of wood from my inventory. I threw it through the opening but I didn’t hear anything, as if it disappeared from this existence. I draw a deep breath and I went through the door, anyway.
I was in a deep dark forest as the door shut behind me. I attempted to open the door knob but it was firmly shut, refusing to budge.
I heard the hissing sound again…it was louder and closer than ever before. I gasped and panicked. I needed to find a place to hide. I rushed and hid in the green big shrubbery. The similar and disturbing slithering sound was getting closer and closer. I tried to find that very door that I used to enter into the mysterious forest but it disappeared out of the blue.
Two red eyes grew bigger as it were scanning and searching for life in the dark forest. Eventually, I was able to see an extremely large serpent moving about in a rhythmic pattern, with its forked tongue going in and out. I recognized the very same serpent earlier at the dining table, it appeared right after this mysterious lady in the dark spoke to me.
I gaped in horror as I watched the serpent moving around in the forest. Somehow, I knew it was looking for me. My entire body was quaking out of fear and my first instinct was to run, scream and cry out of panic. Although, I stayed put and waited for the demonic serpent to leave the place. What happened next was something that I least expected.
“Where did my baby go?” asked the serpent that was constantly and restlessly searching for me. It had a sweet loving and eager voice that a mother would use for younger children. It wasn’t using its mouth too visibly but I heard it echoed inside my head like a loud radio signal without an off switch.
“Ohh baby….where did you go, my dear?!” the demon exclaimed as she looked from one place to another. I had a single tear in my eye and I felt my heart was turning itself from the inside out. I wanted to confront her but instead I took a step back and a small branch cracked under my foot.
“I found you, baby!!!” the red eyes glared its fury and love towards me. I ran as fast as I could as she pursued me with intense velocity. The trees and dead branches all look alike and I couldn’t seek any refuge as she chased me relentlessly. I glanced behind me as I moved violently like the east wind. The demon serpent was able to phase through the trees and shrubbery with no hint of fatigue like I was experiencing right now.
The demon serpent couldn’t be my mother….my mother was kind and loving I thought as I continued on running onwards. I couldn’t even understand why I am going through all of this. I kept the fear, grief and anger in check as I needed to survive and overcome this demon somehow. I ducked right and somersaulted on one side to hide in the deep and thick shrubs, hoping she cannot see me.
“Baby is still playing hide and seek with me?” she continued to use that sickening loving voice that kept reminding me of my own mother. I gulped and waited as her red eyes were gleaming in the darkness, searching for me. Thankfully, she did not spot me yet. I needed to set a trap to kill her once and for all.
I quietly got my inventory and found some tools and equipment to prepare for the fatal outcome. There were dead logs near me. I sharpened the edges by meticulously cutting and hammering at them again and again. I made sure to keep an eye on that demon as I work on the death trap so that the sound does not attract her whenever she was in range. I made the logs sharp enough to cut through flesh and bone. Then, I attached them nearby the shrubs that covered me from her red glare. I hooked them up as far and high as I could. Thankfully, the trees also played their part in concealing my existence that granted me more time to set the trap properly.
Okay, I was ready to face her….I just have to lure her in somehow, I thought. I visualized how I needed to do this step by step. I would go in front of the demon to provoke her to get after me. Then, I will be in a position to get her spiked by those logs. After that, I can find a way out of this forest. That’s what I thought would happen.
I jumped out of the bushes and shrubs to get on her line of sight. The demon serpent instantly reacted by chasing me with such wild ferocity. ‘Here is my baby….my sweetheart, my darling boy….I am coming to get you!!!’
I ran straight towards my trap as she moved swiftly through the forest. I was in position and I was ready for her.
“Here we go!!!” I shouted with utmost rage and passion to kill that demon impersonating my mother. The demon serpent was at a dangerously close striking range as she geared up for an attack. She tripped the strings in that instant and the logs with spikes were eager to feed on the flesh of their prey. However, the demon serpent noticed the logs and she managed to phase through the traps like it was nothing.
“WHAT?! NOOO!!!” I was in complete despair as my trap failed to kill the demon. One of her eyes looked at me, her pupil sharpened and locked onto me.
“Silly boy! You think your useless traps can stop your own mother.” She said with an even voice. She quickly embraced me in a single swooping movement. I felt the demon’s heated breath was nearly stinging my eyes. Her glare towards me intensified as she tightened her grip. I tried to squirm and struggle out of her hold but she was too strong like a twisty flexible bodybuilder.
“Don’t you love your mommy?” she enquired in that deceptive sweet voice that contradicted with her red eyes of absolute fury. I was getting mixed messages with her tone and demonic face. Our eyes met and my heart skipped a beat and the demonic serpent stayed still all of a sudden.
There was a beating sound of 2 hearts that was thumping at that sliver of a moment in a synchronized fashion. In my horror, I knew deep in my heart that this demon was really my mother all along.
“NOOO! This can’t be true!” I screamed in denial and I struggled out of her grip until I was free from her grasp. I fell on the ground but I got up and ran away as fast as I could. I looked back while I was running but the serpent was not chasing me as if it was in shock or something.
“I don’t understand. I don’t understand. I don’t understand!!!” I kept screaming, crying and running deeper and deeper in the dark and mysterious forest.
I kept on running aimlessly in the endless forest. I huffed and puffed as my movements began to slow down due to the fatigue. Eventually, I found a cave hidden near the pine trees. I followed a path towards the cave as I eyed everywhere for ‘mother.’ I entered the cave and it felt safe and secure, at least for the time being.
“What am I going to do now?” I asked myself, hoping to jog my brain to come up with a different plan. I peered outside to check for any signs of her. Thankfully, I can rest until I gathered enough strength to make a rational attack plan against this demon. My hoarse breathing eventually started to slow down as my thoughts and emotions were clashing at each other in a battle of anarchy and doubt. That demon couldn’t be my mother, could she?
I started exploring the confines of the dark cave. I could barely see anything as I attempted to move slowly and carefully in the cave. I almost bumped my leg at a heavy wooden object. I used my hands to ‘see’ the object and it felt a bit bumpy and wide like a table. My fingers found an object that felt a little sticky and silky like it was made of wax, it could be a candle. Next to it, there was a small box. I picked it up and started shaking it to check if anything is inside of it. There was a slight rough sound, so I opened the box and it turned out to be filled with matches. I could tell by its lightweight wooden and fragile feel with my fingertips. I lit the candle using the match. I decided to keep it in my inventory. My vision got broader thanks to the candlelight and I could see at least some distance away from me.
There was a suspicious looking table on the far-right side of the cave. It doesn’t seem to look like it belonged here. It looks like a dressing table of some sort. I seemed to recognize it as if this was another memory. There was a hand mirror that had a circular black head on the table. Apparently, it was the only object of interest since there were no other items. I picked it up and examine it further as I turned it around to see the back and front of this mirror. I noticed there was a golden etching of a cobra at the back of the mirror. A memory fragment emerged from my mind as soon as I saw the cobra symbol.
“Ali, would you be a dear and get me my mirror from the dressing table, please!” Asked my mother.
“Yes, Mother.” I answered immediately and went to get it for her. I was a teenager as I moved more briskly and surely as compared to my younger years. I went straight to the master bedroom and I found my Mother’s dressing table on the left side.
On the table, there were various items of cosmetics and self-help books regarding counseling and education. My mother used to own a school but it was quickly shut down due to legal and logistics issues ever since its inception. Certain important figures like the politicians, lawyers and medical doctors raised concerns regarding the safety issues and the limited funding. My mother became colder and bitter because of the short-lived school that never really saw the light of day to welcome young bright minds.
I found the black mirror and picked it up. There was a small note beneath it and there was a legal notice of official termination of the school property. I barely read the contents until….
“ALI!!! Where the hell are you?!!” my mother snapped as I was distracted because of the note.
“Oh! S-s-sorry, Mother!!” I stammered and put the note on the desk and rushed out of the room, just to see her standing on the corridor, looking cross with her hands on her hips. She transformed into the scary principal mode rather than the sweet loving mother. She could change her modes so quickly and unpredictably, that I could never stood up for myself.
“Um…here you go…” I was about to give her the mirror but she instantly snatched it out of my hands. I flinched as she nearly scratched me.
“Hurry up when I ask you to give me things! Honestly, you cannot handle simple mundane tasks that I give you!” she scolded as she pointed her finger at me.
I put my head down as I felt ashamed for facing mother’s disappointment once again. I felt angry at her but more with myself.
The memory fragment ended and I shook my head again. These weren’t good memories of my mother so far. For some reason, I kept the black headed mirror in my inventory. I heard the hissing sound just near the cave.
“Oh no”’ I gasped; how could she have found me so quickly? I thought to myself. I needed to find a place to hide. There was a dark corner tucked at the far-left side of the cave. I hid in it and closed the candle with my bare hand. The hissing and slithering sounds grew louder as I saw a shadow moving in its rhythmic snake pattern. Suddenly, the hissing sounds stopped and the heated tension dissipated instantly. I heard bone cracking sounds and minor groans of pain that seemed to be rather disconcerting as the bone crunches and snaps made me flinch in my hiding spot. Then, I heard a woman’s voice that sounded like my mother.
“…Ali? Where are you hiding? I don’t have time to screw around!” cried Mother. Her voice sounded like a middle-aged human woman with an educated English accent. She moved from one side to another looking for me with her red serpent eyes. Her demeanor had altered into a colder and more demonic version than the mother in my memories.
I waited with my breath halted to stop my existence from being known. The woman attempted to move to my hiding spot. I readied myself as I took a sharp weapon before realizing that it was clutched tightly within my death grip.
The demon stopped right there and decided to leave the cave. I was quite surprised and relieved that she left me in peace. I got up and saw her footprints, it looked like those expensive shoes that corporate business women tend to wear. I touched her footprint and a memory fragment emerged in my mind.
I was following my mother into the school and then she told me to wait in the lobby while she gets the things sorted out. She was wearing her formal dull red dress attire without any jewelry. She wore those corporate expensive shoes and kept her purse tucked securely with her left hand.
This was the time that she needed to meet with the school officials and the real estate agent to discuss the official termination of the school property. She looked haggard and stressed out as she walked into her office for one last time.
I waited patiently in the lobby while I was staring at the empty rooms, cleaned out walls and the forgotten dreams of this place. Finally, my mother got out of the office in a rush and she huffed in outrage and disappointment. She signaled me to come with her as she put her sunglasses on to mask her facial reactions. We just got in the car and suddenly my mother hugged me really tightly.
“Oh Ali!! How could they have done this to me? I just wanted to open the school for our wretched community.” She cried.
I said nothing as I hugged her back because I felt that I was in no position to be able to say or do anything for her. She looked at me and took off her sunglasses to see me clearly. Then, she wiped her tears and smiled at me with her twinkling eyes. I felt that this was the only time that she acknowledged me being with her. A bright white flash covered her face in a blinding, yet healing light. For the first time in this hell, I actually felt more hopeful than I ever did before. I felt that there was a way I could reach out to my mother.
On the contrary, I still remembered that my mother is a serpent in this hell. So, I pondered another way for her to reveal the truth. I still have not decided what do as I was about to leave the cave. I was hoping that the plan would hit me before I met my mother.
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2020.10.22 23:41 ScottdaBlu35partan22 Trying to Understand Myself...

I don’t know what I’m looking for or even truly know why I’m posting. This is my first actual topic post into reddit, so bear with me.
Everything I write here is matter of fact and I derive no real pleasure from anything I’m saying, I just need to understand something about myself.
I don’t know how or why it started but I have been interested in the female form since I was 6/7 years old, playing chasing games with girls and lifting up skirts. At a battered women's’ home, I attended with my mother, I once befriended a girl much older than I (13?), who must have thought I was ‘cute’ as she let me hang out with her. I remember like it yesterday that we ended up playing chase and I chased her into a bedroom. She ended up trying to squeeze herself, legs in the air, into the space of a bed and a wall in a mini dress and I found myself face first under her skirt for what felt like an eternity. I loved it!
I don’t really remember another interaction with that girl as I don’t recall staying at that shelter for long.
A couple of years later, I remember being 9ish and expressing interest in a chubby girl in my class, Linda. One day we had a school assembly in the morning and I beckoned her to sit with me. I had brought my coat with me for some reason (maybe it was planned, maybe it was cold?) and I had draped it over both our legs. Everybody’s eyes were forward, but my hands were on her leg under the coat. Keeping my eyes forward, my hand slipped further into her thighs. To my surprise, she even lifted her elbow to help my reach.
I remember my fingers exploring quite greedily what her panties were hiding. I glanced at her and saw her cheeks glowing red. One finger… Two… and then suddenly the assembly had finished. The other kids suddenly got to their feet and Linda pushed me off. We may have ‘engaged’ after that, but I don’t remember that well as that was my first solid memory of interaction with her.
At 12, a 17 year old female expressed sexual interest in me, but I told my age naively. She said I looked ‘older’. My next contacts were at 16, no sex and 17 with a woman in her 30s, no sex again.
At 18, I met a girl my age and she took my virginity and I don’t know if this has shaped me. I lost it at the house where she babysat, being blindfold with sheer stockings and being tied tightly to the bottom of an armchair. She had closed the curtains, but put a lamp on (after the kids went to bed!) and I saw her silhouette sit beside me, unzip me and I felt her cold wet mouth slide over me, making me wince unexpectedly! She gripped me with her lips and tongue and had at me. I felt like I came like a fountain, but was still very much rock hard with the wonders of youth. She climbed on top me and with her big tits slapping me in the face, rode into oblivion, or so it felt.
We went on to fuck everywhere and I mean everywhere we could get away with it, night or day.
In every relationship after I’ve been looking to make things exciting or how I could be better. Ironically, after a while of a new relationship I felt no enjoyment as my mind was constantly thinking of how I make the experience better for her. I express, at the start, how I hold no jealousy (which I don’t) or judgement on her desires and she could be herself. This has resulted in some interesting relationships of which they’ve wanted to ‘tame’ me (I, eventually, agreed to get married to one, now separated) in the past.
I have gone through most relationships involving bondage, blindfold, threesomes, submission, obeying, voyeurism and shared as activities.
I have watched ex-gfs (and soon to be ex-wife) get fucked in front of me as I watch, thinking where I could improve in technique after my friends satisfied her and themselves. I took her pleasuring as a challenge to be even better than my friend and would often ‘switch off’ and focus on her multi-orgasm and get annoyed if she got ‘dry’.
As I have felt before I feel like a robot and now wonder if I’ve been what’s known as a ‘cuck’ in my single life. At times, when my gf was submissive and wore negligees or nothing as my rule was at my apartment, a hopeful friend would visit to get his way with her. When my gf was being fucked and I could hear her moaning, I’d be watching TV sometimes, not bothered. Sometimes, I’d be taking notes and afterwards share her more in a tag team style or together overflowing her senses or drag her to the bedroom for my own lengthy afters.
At no point have I thought this is awesome, as I write. And, now I’m single after years of being monogamous, I feel like I could easily return to those days of searching for excitement I never found again.
I cannot understand why I feel this way and I don’t feel ‘normal’, whatever that is.
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