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Central Bureau of Investigation meaning
"The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is the premier investigating agency of India.[3] Operating under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Home Affairs (India), Originally set up to investigate bribery and governmental corruption"
On 19 March 1987, a group posing as Central Bureau of Investigation officers executed a fake income tax investigation raid on the Opera House branch of Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri & Sons Jewellers in Bombay (present-day Mumbai), India. This case has remained unsolved.
The person posing himself as Mon Singh[1] or Mohan Singh[2] had placed a classified advertisement in the 17 March 1987 issue of The Times of India, asking for "Dynamic Graduates for Intelligence Officers Post and Security Officers Post". Applicants were told to report to the hotel Taj Intercontinental between 10 am and 5 pm the next day. He rented an office at Mittal Towers in Nariman Point to interview the candidates. Singh selected at least 26 candidates and asked them to report to the Taj the following day and were briefed about the 'mock raid' by Singh.
They arrived at the Opera House branch of Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri & Sons Jewellers around 2:15 pm. Singh introduced himself to the owner, Pratap Zevari, and produced a 'search warrant'. He ordered the owners to turn off CCTV cameras and surrender a licensed revolver held on the premises. Singh and the fake contingent of Central Bureau of Investigation officers did not allow any phone calls and took samples of ornaments for assessment of the quality of the gold. Singh picked 'samples' of jewellery and had them sealed in polybags. Cash was also collected. After 45 minutes Singh asked two men to put the briefcases in the bus. He asked others to keep watch on the shop and left in the bus to 'supervise' another raid. After about an hour, the owners called the Bombay Police.
Police investigation revealed that he booked room number 415 at the Taj on 17 March and he put an advertisement in the newspaper. Police found that Singh reached the hotel after leaving the jewellery shop and hired a taxi from there. The taxi dropped him at Vile Parle where he hired an auto.[1][2] He was last seen there and there was no trail. The police put out a nationwide alert. They sent a team to Kerala as his hotel record showed that he hailed from Trivandrum. A person named George Augustine Fernandes was arrested but later found that he was not involved. They also sent a team to Dubai but no headway reported.[2] The heist amount ranged from ₹30 lakh to ₹35 lakh (equivalent to ₹3.5 crore or US$490,000 in 2019
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The aperture of a lens is its maximum opening. The bigger the aperture, the more light is gathered, and the less light you need to take a good photo. This is the most overlooked lens specification, but it very important, especially if you like to take photos indoors without flash or from a reasonable distance. best-cheap-dslr-cameras Lens aperture is measured in f/numbers, such as f/2.0 or f/3.5. An aperture of f/2.0 literally means that the lens opening is half the focal length of the lens. Thus, smaller numbers mean bigger lens openings. You would rather have a lens that is f/2.0 than a lens that is f/4.0.
I really like have a fast (large aperture) lens. It means I can shoot photos indoors without flash, and these look a lot more natural than flash photos. You can also take a lot of photos less obtrusively without a flash. Digital photographers tend to shoot a lot of photos, and you can drive people nuts if you shoot 20 flash photos in ten minutes. They will hardly notice your shooting these twenty shots with flash disabled, and you will get much better candids.
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The 33 Degrees of Eyes Wide Shut
Since its 1999 release, Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut has been evaluated as a dissection of marriage and modern sexual relationships, a sub-textual critique of consumer culture, an indictment of hierarchical class structures and much more. At its functional surface level, it is typically graded as a sort of Rube Goldberg machine built out of dream-logic vignettes for use as a psychometric tool on the audience.
True, Eyes Wide Shut is all of those things. But this is not one of those analyses.
As much as I love Kubrick the Social Commentator, he has been given his huge due for many years and there is little left for me to say about him. No– It is Kubrick the Codemaker who interests me here.
For over two decades, fans of the film who choose to take it at anything more than face value have been transfixed by it’s layered complexity– a nebulous network of double-meanings, multi-purpose metaphors and hidden symmetrical concepts; a subterranean labyrinth of symbolism and veiled intertextual references that seem to number in the hundreds. It is a fertile Petri dish for conspiracy theory that perpetually walks the line of ambiguity, keeping those who try to decode it left in the dark.
This guide is for those fans. It is not an introductory companion to Eyes Wide Shut. If you are new to the film, this will hardly make sense to you and I recommend that you start somewhere else.
If you are a devotee of this film who has been baffled by it, or you were once ensnared by it’s mystifying tangles and have long since given up trying to decode it, please read on. I believe I have the answers that you have been looking for– or at least some of them.
As best I can tell from searching the web, I appear to be the first to be privy to this information apart from Kubrick himself. While putting it together, I was ethically hesitant to share what I had found, since I know Kubrick liked to stay tight-lipped about his films and let the viewer figure things out on their own. But ultimately, I think that (A) 21 years is a damn long time to have a secret hidden in a major Hollywood movie seen by millions, (B) the reveal of the secret will open Eyes Wide Shut up to re-evaluation and fairer criticism than it has historically received, and (C) There are still more things hidden in the movie. I need your help to find them.
So here we go. Welcome to the end of the rainbow.
At its heart, Eyes Wide Shut is a code with a cipher, and that cipher is the 33 Degrees of the Scottish Rite.
From a full description of the Degrees at :
“The Degrees of the Scottish Rite are one-act plays often staged with costume, scenery, special effects, and the full rigging of any production. Their purpose is to examine different philosophies, ancient religions, and systems of ethics. Through all of these, people have tried to answer certain universal questions. The Degrees of the Rite do not tell a person what he should think about these questions. Instead, they tell him about what great thinkers and civilizations of the past have thought, and they try to create a situation in which the candidate or Brother can gain insight. Agreeing with Socrates that the unexamined life is not worth living, the Rite helps with this self-examination by providing reference points.”
In Scottish Rite freemasonry, a mason progresses through 33 honorary stages, or degrees, by manifesting the virtues of the Rite. Each degree is associated with a set of moral or philosophical precepts. When he has spent sufficient time in a degree, the mason is inducted into the next, and is given a ceremonial masonic apron, which bears colours and symbols associated with that degree.
The Scottish Rite code in Eyes Wide Shut is far more encompassing than I anticipated when I started to uncover it. I’m still piecing many of the details together, but I have enough objective evidence to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that this code was deliberately included by Kubrick for reasons that should become relatively apparent.
The basic outline is that from the beginning of the film until the end, Bill Harford traverses all 33 of the Degrees of the Scottish Rite. Eyes Wide Shut is essentially a 32 act structure, ending at 33, where the educative associations of each Degree are encountered in chronological order, and provide a through-line and philosophical arc to the film. Whenever the next Degree is presented, it’s arrival is marked by hidden symbolism and Masonic colour schemes.
The Degrees in the film are also clearly delineated by their associated bodies: each body lines up with a distinctly segmented portion of the film. These are as follows:
The Lodge of Perfection (4° – 14°): This segment is from Ziegler’s party until the first arrival at Somerton.
The Chapter of the Rose Croix (15° – 18°): This segment is from the Somerton party, and goes through Alice telling her dream to the start of the next day. Technically, this is split into the “Third series” (two degrees at Somerton) and the “Fourth series” (2 degrees at dawn at the Harford house).
Council of Kadosh (19° – 30°): This segment goes from the start of the day after the Somerton party, when Bill starts revisiting the locations from the day before, up until his confrontation at Ziegler’s pool table.
The Consistory Degrees (31° – 33°): This segment goes from when Bill arrives home and confesses to Alice until the toy store at the end.
The Scottish Rite begins at the 4th degree so I’ll explain from there. I am still in the process of properly locating and unearthing most of the Degrees beyond the 8th, but I will still include some of the more obvious sequences from the second half of the film which cement my hypothesis beyond all doubt. Either way, there are probably a lot of things I have missed, so the game is still afoot.
Regarding the first three standard “Blue Lodge” masonry degrees (1° – 3°), these appear to be represented through the Harford family/household itself, in the opening scenes before the Ziegler party. That part will require a separate investigation, so I will give that it’s due analysis later.
I have found other amazing things outside of this Masonic arc, but let’s deal with this bombshell first and I’ll tackle them another time.
If you feel any of this is unconvincing, the most plainly self-evident of the degrees in the film are the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th and the 25th, all of which immediately follow one another**. The 8th, and the 15th going into 16th are also fairly patent. They are the ones that made me sure of this.**
I would also recommend checking with your copy of the film rather than just view the screenshots I have taken, as they will not always do the justice to the scene in question.
Let me know what you reckon.
Discovery of The Code
Like most of the secrets of this movie, a hint as to the existence of the code was hiding in plain sight the entire time; this time in Ziegler’s rumpus room.
Pay attention to the dialogue:
Suppose I told you […] that everything that happened to you was staged“, says Ziegler (over a glass of 25 year old scotch,)
This describes Bill’s journey as echoing the staged morality plays of the Degrees of the Scottish Rite (as quoted in the description at the start of this analysis). Note that both Bill and Ziegler each specifically to the liquor as scotch; as in the Scottish Rite.
Now, if my rationale for this sounds flimsy or “reaching” to you, ask yourself: How come a big-shot like Ziegler doesn’t have a liquor cabinet? How come he has everything on a clustered table?
It’s because Kubrick wants us to see all the bottles.
The table contains exactly 33 bottles of scotch. Hence, The 33 Degrees of the Scottish Rite.
A quick note on the Degrees:
I have been mainly using a summary of the Degrees as a quick reference table to identify the appearance of the colours/symbols/philosophies of each degree. However, Eyes Wide Shut digs deeper than these summaries, and draws details from the actual text of the Degrees themselves.
Where appropriate, I may include such text from the original 1884 release, The Book of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (or AASR for short). It would seem Kubrick, as a renowned bibliophile, has drawn from this directly; the earliest major collation of the Masonic traditions.
It can be accessed online here:
In the AASR, many of the chapters for the Degrees have a subsection called “The Apartment & It’s Decorations”, describing the appropriate adornment of Masonic lodges and apartments for the different degrees. Anyone who understands how Kubrick uses mise en scène in Eyes Wide Shut will also understand why this is relevant. There are draw-dropping connections in there, but for brevity I will again devote a separate investigation to these in future.
A quick note on Jewels and Constellations:
1) On top of colours and symbols, each masonic degree has a special jewel that is associated with it. In Eyes Wide Shut, although the colours and symbols always appear in the scene associated with that degree, it seems that the jewels of the degrees often appear in other scenes, spread throughout the film. The jewels are worn or connected to characters who are linked to the relevant degree.
2) There are multiple scenes in the film where soft lights are used to project constellatory dot patterns onto the clothes of characters from behind the camera. Judging by how these relate to the degrees of the scene they appear in, they seem to be representing stars. In at least one case, the lights are definitely referencing an astrological symbol associated with the relevant degree.
Ok. Enough preamble. Let’s start the scavenger hunt.
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Via the Steam Community:

This build is a candidate for a full release. If you encounter issues, please report them in the forum so they can be fixed before this build goes out to everyone.
If you encounter issues with this update, please post in the SteamVR Bug Report forum. If possible, please include a system report to aid in tracking down your issue.
  • Fixed mouse override not working when laser mousing in Desktop View.
  • Fixed mouse override positioning in Desktop View.
Windows Mixed Reality
  • HP Reverb G2 users will now be prompted to install the Windows Mixed Reality driver if it is not already installed.
  • Fixed RoomView (camera) regression.
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2020.11.23 09:46 rw3iss Media/Creator Laptop with 15.6" screen 300+nits 95%+ srgb, < 4.7lbs, RTX GPU, Ryzen? Good keyboard < $1800

I've been scouring reviews and can't decide between some models. Have some notes below.
I'd love a Ryzen CPU (but not entirely necessary), and an RTX GPU. The screen is semi-priority, should be bright and have great color, preferably 120hz+. The keyboard and trackpad are priority too, as I'm a programmer doing some CAD on the side. I'm located in the US.
The choices I'm narrowing it down to are the MSI GS66, and the ASUS Zephyrus G15. The Legion 7i is also pretty nice (for the keyboard and screen), but I'm not such a big gamer (I wish it had a Ryzen). There are also some other models which seem appealing (MSI Creator 15, MSI Stealth 15M, Lenovo Legion 7i, Razer Blade 15, Zephyrus M15). The Stealth 15M seems nice and portable, but I'm not sure about the screen and keyboard (same with the other MSI machines). The Dell XPS 15 9500 is nice, but only a 1650 gpu :( The Eluktronics RP-15 is also a nice candidate, I'm just not sure about the keyboard, trackpad, or screen quality so much.

  • **Total budget (in local currency) and country of purchase. Please do not use USD unless purchasing in the US:**$1800 USD
  • **Are you open to refurbs/used?**Yes
  • **How would you prioritize form factor (ultrabook, 2-in-1, etc.), build quality, performance, and battery life?** Performance > Build quality > Battery.
  • **How important is weight and thinness to you?** fairly important. I would like something < .8" thick, and should be less than 4.7lbs
  • **Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A.**15.6" non-4K, 120hz+, near 100% sRGB and accuracy, and 300+nits (preferably closer to 400+). Preferably not OLED (but open).
  • **Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run.**Do mostly web programming, CAD with Blender, and some digital workflows (Photoshop). I don't do video editing at all. Light gaming. Prefer RTX card for CAD.
  • **If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want?**Don't do much gaming, so anything would probably be fine with any RTX card.
  • **Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)?**Keyboard is a high priority (numpad is okay with or without), and so is screen. I come from a Macbook and would like a similar keyboard (ie. Lenovo - I don't know about the other keyboards in the models I mentioned. I tried the Asus G15 and G14 keyboards in store, they are okay, a little mushy).SD card would be nice but not necessary. USB-C and USB-A (gen2) would be nice. HDMI should be 2.0 and support 4k @ 60hz (but not a deal-breaker).
  • **Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion.**A Ryzen process with an RTX is kinda what I'm looking for, but with a good screen! I think only the Zephyrus G15 hits this (I think it has a good screen, not sure), but concerned with the build quality and keyboard performance - but please correct me if I'm wrong.

I have a decent chunk to spend, been collecting so many notes I'm up to my ears in tech comparisons and can't decide. Anyone have any advice/concerns about these models below? Here are my notes on them. Sorry if they're a little messy:

MSI GS66 Stealth: -i7-10750H - 2.6ghz-5.0ghz (8 core?)
-RTX 2060-2080
-15.6" 240Hz 3ms, or 300hz? (slightly dim?)
-300hz screen: 93-100% srgb, 65-76% adobe, 78% P3 (like blade 15), 960:1 contrast, screen brightness not great? (330nits)
-2666mhz memory up to 64gb (3200mhz???)
-thunderbolt 3, usb-c, usb 3.2 gen2
-keyboard: 1.5mm travel - like a blade 15... tiny more travel distance, good for typists...
-trackpad: glass surface, good...
-great experience with touchpad and fast response screen ?
-fastest read speeds in a laptop?
-great screen? 3ms response - feels fast? bright and decent color accuracy.... 180 degree flat screen fold
-can get hot, high fan noise (very)... blows hot air to right
-shitty speakers and microphone?
-99.9whr battery: but background apps drag it down? 8hrs on web test... heavy load: 1.5 hours, 6-7 hour battery youtube? 10hr office, 230whr adapter
-nice trackpad but not brightest screen?
-new hinge design (from gs65) that is smoother
-IR camera
-keyboard is better than gs65?
-Comparisons to GS65: -

MSI CREATOR 15: -15.6" FHD Finger Touch panel, 60Hz 72%NTSC: 97% srgb, 70% ntc, 75% adobe, 76% P3, 364 nits, 800:1 contrast :(
-i7-10875H - 2.3 - 5.1GHz
-RTX 2060 (can configure to 2080)
-2x nvme
-wifi 6, bt5.1
-usb c gen2, usba gen2, thunderbolt 3, SD card, ethernet
-external monitors connect directly to dgpu
-up to 64gb 3200mhz memory (2 sockets)
-99.9whr battery: 10hrs on low power, youtube playback... (best battery?)
-keyboard: 1.5mm travel ?
-2.1kg / 4.63lbs (actually 4.9lbs?)
-webcam above
-can undervolt
-touchpad works well, but is a little wide/palm touch?
-some thermal throttling?
-poor contrast and color in a creator laptop? only 60hz.
-add cooling pad and undervolt -.1V for better thermals + liquid metal
MSI Stealth 15M: **-**i7-1185G7 4 cores uip to 4.8ghz
**-**15.6" FHD (1920x1080), 144Hz, IPS-Level, 45% NTSC?? (page says 72% NTSC?)
-RTX 2060 Max-Q
-3200Mhz up to 64gb
-1x M.2 gen4
-microsd, usbb4/thunderbolt 4
-52whr battery (12 hr rating)
- .63" thin
-1.69kg = 3.7lbs
-Not great screen?
Razer Blade (Early 2020):
  • Processor: 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-10750H 6-Core (2.6GHz / 5.0GHz)
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2060 (6GB GDDR6 VRAM) (to 8GB maxq?)
  • Display: 15.6" Full HD 144Hz, 100% sRGB, 75% adobe, 4.9mm bezel, 400 nits, factory calibrated --- OLED????? - good contrast
  • Storage: 512GB SSD (M.2 NVMe)
  • Memory: 16GB Dual-Channel (8GB x 2) DDR4-2933MHz
  • Battery: 65Wh
  • Trackpad: best?
  • USB and Thunderbolt 3: USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB-A) x2, USB-C 3.2 Gen 2, Thunderbolt™ 3 (USB-C), hdmi port
  • Wireless: Intel® Wireless-AX201 (802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax) + Bluetooth® 5
  • Webcam: Built-in HD webcam (1MP / 720P)
  • Dimensions: 0.78" x 9.25" x 13.98" / 19.9mm x 235mm x 355mm
  • Base: 0.78"x9.25"x13.98" / 4.7lbs
  • Battery: 7.5 movies, 4-5hrs normal use
  • $1500-1800
++ renders a video faster than every other laptop (macbook, dell xps, etc) - turing nvidia graphics card
--picks up a lot of fingerprints...
--palm rejection problems
--not the greatest feeling keyboard?
--cant undervolt?
+/- Advanced model has SD card, no ethernet, base has ethernet and no SD card..

ASUS Zephyrus G15: -Model: GA502IV-AZ037T
-15.6" 1080p 240hz screen: 1000:1 contrast - Jarod's tech shows 94% srgb / 72% adobe, 317 nits
-Ryzen 7 4800HS or Ryzen 9 4900HS
-RTX 2060
-3200mhz ram (up to 40gb)
-no thunderbolt, webcam, or SD card

ASUS Zephyrus M15: **-i7-**10750H
-rtx 2070 Max-Q
-15.6" - FHD 240Hz 3ms 100% sRGB coverage, onmly 300nits?
-16gb 3200mhz ram
-1tb nvme
-14.2 x 9.9 x .78
-6hr battery
-dim screen?
Lenovo Legion 7i: -i7-10750H 2.6ghz - 5ghz
-RTX 2070 Max-Q 8GB
-dual channel 3200mhx
-15.6" 500 nits 144hz (same as macbooks), g-sync, 7.6ms: 100% srgb, 96% ntsc, 100% adobe rgb, 90% P3, 475nits measured, opens 180 degrees
-thunderbolt 2, BT5
-touchpad: NOT glass...
-quality: all metal
-keyboard: 1.3mm travel, rgb, 3 levels brightness
-can optimize bios for more battery life, and undervolt
-14.1" x 10" x 0.8"
-usb-c, usb-a gen2, ethernet, hdmi 2.0
-230whr adapter
-make sure it has vapor chamber, and g-sync... ? (but still has bad thermals?)
-80whr battery, 5.5hrs realistic
--throttles, also turbos a lot
-models can be different, check vapor chamber, etc
-touchpad isn't glass?
-not greatest battery
-annoying lights?

Eluktronics RP-15: -Ryzen 4800H 2.9ghz
-RTX 2060 6GB
-3200mhz ram
-15.6" 144gz 1080p 300nits, 98% sRGB, 68% TSX, 73% adobe rgb, 73% P3, 850:1 contrast
-SD card, HDMI 2.0, USB-C, USB-A, Ethernet port, 62whr, NUMPAD
-Keyboard: rgb backlighting, keyboard isn't the best? a little firm... activation force is tough?
* Performs higher in CPU-heavy non-games due to higher process power limits (see cinebench on desktop)
-under load, still remains cool, -has a lot of ventilation
-material: feels like razel blade material
-NVMe with extra
-Wifi 6, BT5
-14.16" x 9.67" x 0.78"
$1150 barebones
-not the greatest keyboard?
-screen not bright enough? only 850:1 contrast
-not sure of trackpad...
--camera at bottom of screen... but at least it has one.
--gets finger prints

Any thoughts on the above ? ? :-)
Anyone know of a Ryzen + RTX 15.6" system with a great screen and keyboard for typists? :-)
Many thanks for any advice!!!
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2020.11.22 19:38 Shwingbatta Candid camera xxx

Hi everyone, what would you guys say is the best and most simple for running and gunning live stream 360 video?
I sell new homes and quite honestly i dont have the time to transfer video files, edit and upload. I want to be able to just shoot and upload. my content is all based around being raw and candid walking through homes and talking about them, the community etc and want to be able to do that in 360 so clients can get a better view of the home.
I may not always do a livestream but at the very least probably just record and then upload.
What cameras produce the best quality image/sound for this style?
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2020.11.22 19:01 unknownmiffler Candid camera xxx

  1. Remove any flashy stickers or brand name labels from your bike. Make the brand look as common as possible. You can also get cheap crests taken off of Walmart bikes online. Thieves prefer brand names like specialized over unbranded bikes.

  1. Buy second hand so the bike already looks worn. Not only is this going to help the environment and keep another bike from a landfill, the models of a bike from 2010 to 2020 are often similar. Just make sure to give it a tune up and some lube and it'll ride good as new. Black bike chains are just as good and are better at hiding their true age than a brand new silver chain.

  1. Repaint parts of it with a cheap matte black or army green spray paint. Don’t be modest with the paint. Over-spraying is a good thing. Not on the gears, chain, or brakes though. If you want to paint the whole frame, do so, but I'd recommend just the handlebars and pedals (they often have a brand displayed prominently, one which cannot be removed. thieves often read up on the most expensive bike parts and just scoring a good one can get them a nicer payday.)

  1. Decorate it with ugly stickers. Vinyl is the best and one of the harder to remove. It'll also make the thief think twice: it'll probably take more effort to remove them, and they are some good identifying marks for you to put on the police report.

  1. Attach a milk crate or a rusty rack for carrying stuff. Add some duct tape and cloth: a solitary bandana or streamer will make it look worse. Add a black garbage bag with aluminum cans to finish the look off nicely.

  1. Going off the last point, put a grocery bag and duct tape over your seat. Not only is it going to help out with the waterproofing, it'll make it look cheaper. Don't use brand name seats, or go with a company that has a small or obscure logo.

  1. Make specific parts of it look cheaper. A good quality seat post can look quite expensive. Use either used ones, or scratch it up and toss some dirt on it. Don't use carbon fiber anything, those are too obvious. Make your rims look cheap. Remove any stickers that signify it's brand or model. Make it ordinary. Spray paint them, taking care to not get any into the holes.

  1. Fake rust parts of your bike with modern spray paint from the hardware store. Viable candidates for rusting are parts of the seat post, bottom of the crank, wheel well, screws, pedals, and spokes. Do not overdo it, or it'll look obviously fake.

  1. Scratches are the best thing. Scratch up the frame as much as you can where it doesn't interfere with the function. Deep scratches with a specific word or numbers can help you identify your bike if it's ever found, and are harder to paint over. Battering a few good dents with a sledgehammer is also a great option (just make sure to not have it impact the structural stability of the bike.)

If you have an electric bike, use far greater caution.

  1. Batteries go for a bit. Make sure that your battery holder is a cheap fabric bag. Add realistic holes. Make the wiring appear haphazard and place random extra ones around it. Use battery packs that appear mismatched. Like a few red packs mixed with blue or green cased ones. Use a black garbage bag inside the fabric one. Toss random heavy duty and normal zip-ties around in there, and add come thin cloth strips to add to the look. Add random functional bits of duct tape to the box.

  1. Scratch up and paint or add rust to the motors. Put mud and cheap spray paint on the pedal assist. Spray paint the gear controller. Put duct tape over the holder for the computer and scratch it up. Downgrade the appearance of your throttle through scratches or removing the cover or get a cheaper looking one.

Simply making your bike look cheap will help you keep your bike safe. Just make sure to follow good locking procedures, such as locking only to concrete bike racks, using two u locks (one through front frame and wheel, another through back frame and wheel) and refraining from using alleyways or dark places to lock it. Just locking it near businesses that have a camera (find ones open 24/7 as their cameras are always rolling) and lots of people reduces the risk all the more. Take a good picture of the bike before and after for police reports. Good luck.
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2020.11.22 04:01 j7c5 Candid camera xxx

Video Analytics User Manuals Are a Guide to Dystopia A few years ago, when you saw a security camera, you may have thought that the video feed went to a VCR somewhere in a back office that could only be accessed when a crime occurs. Or maybe you imagined a sleepy guard who only paid half-attention, and only when they discovered a crime in progress. In the age of internet-connectivity, now it’s easy to imagine footage sitting on a server somewhere, with any image inaccessible except to someone willing to fast forward through hundreds of hours of footage. That may be how it worked in 1990s heist movies, and it may be how a homeowner still sorts through their own home security camera footage. But that's not how cameras operate in today's security environment. Instead, advanced algorithms are watching every frame on every camera and documenting every person, animal, vehicle, and backpack as they move through physical space, and thus camera to camera, over an extended period of time. The term "video analytics" seems boring, but don't confuse it with how many views you got on your YouTube “how to poach an egg” tutorial. In a law enforcement or private security context, video analytics refers to using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer vision to automate ubiquitous surveillance. Through the Atlas of Surveillance project, EFF has found more than 35 law enforcement agencies that use advanced video analytics technology. That number is steadily growing as we discover new vendors, contracts, and capabilities. To better understand how this software works, who uses it, and what it’s capable of, EFF has acquired a number of user manuals. And yes, they are even scarier than we thought. Briefcam, which is often packaged with Genetec video technology, is frequently used at real-time crime centers. These are police surveillance facilities that aggregate camera footage and other surveillance information from across a jurisdiction. Dozens of police departments use Briefcam to search through hours of footage from multiple cameras in order to, for instance, narrow in on a particular face or a specific colored backpack. This power of video analytic software would be particularly scary if used to identify people out practicing their First Amendment right to protest. Avigilon systems are a bit more opaque, since they are often sold to business, which aren't subject to the same transparency laws. In San Francisco, for instance, Avigilon provides the cameras and software for at least six business improvement districts (BIDs) and Community Benefit Districts (CBDs). These districts blanket neighborhoods in surveillance cameras and relay the footage back to a central control room. Avigilon’s video analytics can undertake object identification (such as whether things are cars and people), license plate reading, and potentially face recognition. You can read the Avigilon user manual here, and the Briefcam manual here. But what exactly is these software systems' capabilities? Here’s what we learned: Pick a Face, Track a Face, Rate a Face If you're watching video footage on Briefcam, you can select any face, then add it to a "watchlist." Then, with a few more clicks, you can retrieve every piece of video you have with that person's face in it. Briefcam assigns all face images 1-3 stars. One star: the AI can't even recognize it as a person. Two stars: medium confidence. Three stars: high confidence. Detection of Unusual Events Avigilon has a pair of algorithms that it uses to predict what it calls "unusual events." The first can detect "unusual motions," essentially patterns of pixels that don't match what you'd normally expect in the scene. It takes two weeks to train this self-learning algorithm. The second can detect "unusual activity" involving cars and people. It only takes a week to train. Also, there's "Tampering Detection" which, depending on how you set it, can be triggered by a moving shadow: Enter a value between 1-10 to select how sensitive a camera is to tampering Events. Tampering is a sudden change in the camera field of view, usually caused by someone unexpectedly moving the camera. Lower the setting if small changes in the scene, like moving shadows, cause tampering events. If the camera is installed indoors and the scene is unlikely to change, you can increase the setting to capture more unusual events. Pink Hair and Short Sleeves With Briefcam’s shade filter, a person searching a crowd could filter by the color and length of items of clothing, accessories, or even hair. Briefcam’s manual even states the program can search a crowd or a large collection of footage for someone with pink hair. In addition, users of BriefCam can search specifically by what a person is wearing and other “personal attributes.” Law enforcement attempting to sift through crowd footage or hours of video could search for someone by specifying blue jeans or a yellow short-sleeved shirt. Man, Woman, Child, Animal BriefCam sorts people and objects into specific categories to make them easier for the system to search for. BriefCam breaks people into the three categories of “man,” “woman,” and “child.” Scientific studies show that this type of categorization can misidentify gender nonconforming, nonbinary, trans, and disabled people whose bodies may not conform to the rigid criteria the software looks for when sorting people. Such misidentification can have real-world harms, like triggering misguided investigations or denying access. The software also breaks down other categories, including distinguishing between different types of vehicles and recognizing animals. Proximity Alert In addition to monitoring the total number of objects in a frame or the relative size of objects, BriefCam can detect proximity between people and the duration of their contact. This might make BriefCam a prime candidate for “COVID-19 washing,” or rebranding invasive surveillance technology as a potential solution to the current public health crisis. Avigilon also claims it can detect skin temperature, raising another possible assertion of public health benefit. But, as we’ve argued before, remote thermal imaging can often be very inaccurate, and fail to detect virus carriers that are asymptomatic. Public health is a collective effort. Deploying invasive surveillance technologies that could easily be used to monitor protestors and track political figures is likely to breed more distrust of the government. This will make public health collaboration less likely, not more. Watchlists One feature available both with Briefcam and Avigilon are watchlists, and we don't mean a notebook full of names. Instead, the systems allow you to upload folders of faces and spreadsheets of license plates, and then the algorithm will find matches and track the targets’ movement. The underlying watchlists can be extremely problematic. For example, EFF has looked at hundreds of policy documents for automated license plate readers (ALPRs) and it is very rare for an agency to describe the rules for adding someone to a watchlist. Vehicles Worldwide Often, ALPRs are associated with England, the birthplace of the technology, and the United States, where it has metastasized. But Avigilon already has its sights set on new markets and has programmed its technology to identify license plates across six continents. It's worth noting that Avigilon is owned by Motorola Solutions, the same company that operates the infamous ALPR provider Vigilant Solutions. Conclusion We’re heading into a dangerous time. The lack of oversight of police acquisition and use of surveillance technology has dangerous consequences for those misidentified or caught up in the self-fulfilling prophecies of AI policing. In fact, Dr. Rashall Brackney, the Charlottesville Police Chief, described these video analytics as perpetuating racial bias at a recent panel. " are often incorrect," she said. "Over and over they create false positives in identifying suspects." This new era of video analytics capabilities causes at least two problems. First, police could rely more and more on this secretive
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There is a saying by Ram Dass that when you push something away forcefully, you are still attached to the thing. This describes my relationship with technology for the last 10 years. I've been aware of the fact that I need less of it, but have lacked the ability to resist it. In Ram Dass story, I have become an example of ”the horny celibate monk”. Constantly reaching for what I know I should resist. A sucker for anything on my phone that provides a momentary dopamine release, wether it is checking reddit, messenger, news, instagram or you name it. I’ve been Increasingly aware of how it affects my ability to concentrate on slow tasks, to read a book or just to be in the moment. Now, one can’t extinguish fire with fire, so how could buying another piece of tech set me free from it?

The idea was rather simple, I would buy a device which provided the essentials, but would let me leave the addictive fluff behind, without making me feel like I lived in the stone age. A dumb phone wasn’t it, but the Apple Watch seemed like a plausible candidate. I opted for an SE with cellular. It has let me do the following:

  • Leave my very captivating Oneplus at home. I no longer reach for it, since I can’t. My pockets only carry an Airpods Pro case and a thin wallet. Of course, Ram Dass would have preferred if I was able to resist it. But I’ve come to believe that this kind of tech hijacks our evolutionary programming. We lack the tools to resist it by nature. I even swapped the Oneplus for an old iPhone 6s, in order to have a compatible device and to reduce its allure. I can do my redditing and instagramming on my laptop in a thoughtful way instead. I will carry a full DSLR in my bag when I want to take photos.
  • Still be able to do the essentials. I can take calls, send an SMS, receive messenger notifications when its appropriate, monitor incoming emails and navigate with maps.
  • Go to bed without scrolling on my phone for 30 min before I sleep and after waking up. I leave my phone in another room and simply let the Apple Watch wake me up with its taptic engine. I’m less inclined to snooze or delay my start of the day this way and still manage to get more sleep.
But keep in mind, that if I had used the watch as a complement to my phone, it might have made things worse instead. I guess this dualistic relationship with technology is as old as time. I recently saw it depicted in Kung Fu Panda 2, where Shen, the main antagonist and crown prince, exploits his familys proficiency with festive fireworks for its destructive potential. Technology provides amazing opportunities, for those that can use it for good, and not fall for its traps. In a nutshell, when used for good, the Apple Watch is brilliant in 2 ways. It has the potential to free us from the most addictive and harmful aspects of digital life, while handling the essentials in a very natural and intuitive way. This makes me excited about tech again. We don’t need the next generation Qualcomm processor, a faster screen or a higher MP camera. We need tech that vibes with human nature. So, give the minimalist approach to the Apple Watch a try. Activate that e-sim and leave your phone at home for a day.
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The next chapter of my fanfic, Code Azur: Lelouch of the Fleet, is now up on AOE.
Can be found here

It unnerved Lelouch that all the submarines and destroyers looked and acted like children. The fact that they were happy to go into battle didn't help either. It didn't feel right to have kids as soldiers. But, if that's the way they manifested, then he would have to get used to them.
He could handle the destroyers just fine, as well as some of the other child looking kansen. The submarines, on the other hand, were a completely different story.
“Ahoy commander” a girl who had introduced herself as Upholder, said with a mock salute. Trying her best to sound like a pirate. Unsuccessfully.
Behind her were two other girls, Upright and Una. All three of them were submarines and were wearing pirate themed outfits and swimsuits. Said swimsuits were, well, not the kind of thing you would give to a kid.
Queen Elizabeth, who was standing beside him, sighed “Command, meet the submarines, Upholder, Upright and Una” she said, looking like she was trying her best to remain calm “They are members of the Royal Navy's submarine fleet”.
“Aren't you forgetting something, queeny” Upholder said with a smug grin “About us being a bunch of rebellious little blighter's?” she said as the other two stared giggling.
Elizabeth's face turned a bright red “You, little, so and so's!” she said sounding very annoyed.
“I take it you don't like them much” Lelouch observed.
“Hate them! They're underhanded, unfair, and damned un-English, and should be hung as pirates!” Elizabeth said loudly.
“Ah come on queeny. Admit it, you like us” Upholder said with a smug grin, whilst Una held up a pirate flag. Elizabeth gowned as her head dropped “Just, get into formation around the fleet!” she ordered, “We will your support if we get attacked. So, get into formation quickly”.
Upholder smiled “Ok. But remember, we will like to spend some time to get to know the new commander at some point,” she said before the three girls rushed off and jumped off the side of the ship.
“I'm sorry about them,” Elizabeth said, still sounding a bit annoyed “Rebellious little blighter's. I should never have voiced my opinion on submarines”.
“Whys that?” Lelouch asked.
“Well, they might be a bit more manageable” Elizabeth replied, “They only started acting like pirates after my opinion on them went public, and they've been nuisances ever since. Oh well, that should keep them under control, for now at least,” she said before she turned back to Lelouch “Anyway, now that their occupied, let is return to our tea,” she said before she turned and walked towards the front of her ship. Lelouch followed, not wanting his tea to get too cold.
When they had left the tea party the maids were still setting it up, and only a few people had shown up. Now all the guests had arrived.
Only a few members of the fleet had been invited, the battleships Warspite and King George V, the carriers Illustrious, Ark Royal, and Unicorn, and the destroyers Vampire and Javelin. The cruisers Belfast, Hermione, Edinburgh, and Sirius were also there serving them. The rest of the fleet were busy keeping an eye on things, as it would be a very bad idea to have all the fleet's kansen on one ship having tea.
He sat down in-between Unicorn and Ark Royal. Unicorn was a young girl, about the same age as the destroyers. She had long purple hair, like Javelin, and a long white dress. She also had a unicorn plush toy with her, which looked like it was alive and could somehow eat.
He wasn't going to ask how that's possible.
He also couldn't help but notice that Ark Royal kept shifting her gaze between him and the destroyers. He knew from Colossus and Hercules that the carrier had an obsession with destroyers. He would have to keep an eye on her.
“Ah, your majesty, commander” Illustrious said as the two sat down “I hope the submarines didn't cause you too much trouble”.
“They didn't, thankfully,” Elizabeth said with a sigh “Their currently on escort duty. But I don't think that will keep them occupied for long. We don't expect any Siren contacts during this trip”.
“Well, at least this will be an uneventful trip,” King George V said before taking a sip of tea. She then looked Ark Royal, then at Lelouch “You know, now that I've seen you two together, you two do look surprisingly similar” she said.
“What?” Lelouch said sounding slightly confused.
“Oh, sorry. But I overheard Duke of York saying something about you two being siblings” George said, causing Ark to spit out her tea,
“George,” Ark said sounding rather surprised “Siblings, really. You know we kansen are not born traditionally, and the only siblings we have are our sister ships. Which I don't have as I'm the only one of my class,” she said, “Still, there are some similarities between us, like the hair and face. But apart from that, there's nothing similar about us”.
Lelouch glanced over at Ark. He had to admit, there were some similarities between them. The hair really did make them look like siblings.
Nunnally would have laughed at that.
Elizabeth sighed “Lady's please. You're being insensitive,” she said, “Lelouch did lose his sister to a siren attack”.
“It's alright, your majesty,” Lelouch said calmly “I have long since come to terms with my sisters passing”.
“Of course. My apologies” Elizabeth said before she took a bite out of a scone “Mmmm. These are really good” she said before she turned to Sirius “Your cooking's improving”.
“Oh, I didn't make the scones. The batch I made had to be thrown away” Sirius said, “Lelouch made these one's”.
“What!” Elizabeth, King George V, Illustrious, Ark Royal, Unicorn, Vampire, and Javelin all exclaimed.
“You can cook!” George said sounding surprised.
“Cook, clean, washing up, vacuum, do the laundry. You name it, I can do it” Lelouch said before he took a sip of tea “I had a paraplegic sister to look after, so I had to do all the housework and cooking”.
All the girls looked at him with surprised looks on their faces.
“You must have really loved your sister,” Elizabeth said sombrely.
“I did,” Lelouch said, “I always wanted to make the world a better place for her. But, with the sirens around, that's not possible”.
“Agreed. We all want the world to be a better place” Elizabeth said, “The sooner this pointless war is over, the sooner we can focus on our primary objective. To defeat the Sirens”.
“Indeed,” Lelouch said. It was surprising that the people of this world could still fight amongst themselves whilst under attack by an alien threat. But then again, humans were surprisingly stupid creatures at times.
“Ur... commander Lelouch,” the quiet voice of Unicorn said besides him.
“Yes, Unicorn,” Lelouch said, turning towards the young escort carrier.
“Can... can I call you... big brother?” Unicorn asked.
Lelouch pasted for a second. He had read up on all the kansen of the royal navy, focusing on the one's under his command first. Unicorn saw the royal navy's fleet carriers as older sisters and had asked several commanders if it was ok to call them big brother. Most of them refused, but one commander tried to abuse her after asking. He was promptly arrested by the military police. But it shocked him to find out that he was not only released with all charges dropped, but was now an admiral of the royal navy.
If he became the commander of the Azur Lane, he was going to make sure that no one got away with barbaric acts such as this.
“Yeah, sure you can,” Lelouch said calmly and politely. He didn't mind the young carrier calling him big brother. It helped that it would improve his public image, as someone friendly to the kansen under his command. Also, he didn't want the Illustrious sisters to break his legs. They did that to a guy once, and unlike the admiral who got away scot-free, he did not have any charges on him dropped.
He patted Unicorn on the head, to show that he meant well. He then turned back towards the others. He could see a smile on Illustrious' face. It was a friendly one, but also had a hidden threat behind it. 'Harm her, and you won't wake up tomorrow'.
Despite her ladylike appearance, she was a cunning and dangerous woman. He would not want to get on the wrong side of her.
“So, I am wondering, what are my chances of becoming the next commander of the Azur Lane?” Lelouch asked.
“Oh right. Your chances of becoming the next AL commander” Elizabeth said before she finished off her scone “These are really good by the way. Anyway, you'll probably be up against the commanders the Eagle Union and Sakura Empire are putting forward. So it's going to be an even battle. But knowing the Eagle Union, they're going to try some unhanded tactics to try and get their commander in charge. It's how they got Grant Kline in charge”.
“So, expect the Eagle Union to cheat,” Lelouch said.
“Yep. We don't know how they're allowed to get away with it, but we think it has something to do with them having way more power in the AL then all the other factions” Elizabeth said “We and the Sakura Empire have been pushing for reformations within the Azur Lane, to reduce the amount of power the Eagle Union have over the organisation. But it has been like talking to a brick wall with them” she said sounding annoyed “If we can get one of our own in command, then it will be a lot easier to reform everything and balance out the amount of control the factions have over the Azur Lane”.
“With any luck, the Sakura Empire should back us up on this one” Illustrious said “Even if they can't get their own commander in, seeing that we share the same goal, they surely would try to get ours in,” she said.
“So, we can trust on their support then,” Lelouch said with a smile. It was nice to know that Japan would be with him on this, especially after everything he's done for their country. Admittedly he hasn't done anything for this worlds Japan, so it's kind of a moot point. But it made him feel slightly better.
“Indeed we can,” Elizabeth said with a smile “But that's if we can communicate with them properly. They've been suspiciously quiet as of late, and have recalled all of their personal and kansen from the main AL base”.
Lelouch's smile quickly turned into a frown. This was very suspicions behaviour from the Sakura Empire. Recalling all of their troops and being very quiet. They were planning something, something big.
He felt his chances of them supporting him in becoming the commander of the Azur Lane drop significantly.
“Well, let's just hope that they're on our side when the time comes,” Lelouch said.
The rest of the party was spent talking about other things and generally, getting to know the girls under his command a lot better. He learnt a few things about them, as well as a few things that he wished he didn't know.
As they talked, his mind raced with plans and ideas. With the Sakura Empire being suspiciously quiet, he had to plan for the possibility that they were planning something against the Azur Lane, probably to attack it. It was only a possibility, but still, it was something that he had to plan for. Just in case Japan wasn't as friendly as they initially thought.

Meanwhile, just outside the fleets submarine detection radius, the Lurker model siren Lin silently observed the fleet from a safe distance. Watching and keeping an eye on Lelouch Lamperouge, who was surprisingly good looking. For a human that is.
As she watched, she sent back everything she saw back to Observer. The squid Siren in question was sitting within the tentacles of her rigging, with her younger self, Observer Mini, sitting comfortably on her lap.
Besides her was Tester and Purifier, who were watching the large screen in front of them.
“Why did nobody tell me how attractive this Lelouch guy was,” Tester said, watching the screen “I would have been one-hundred percent with this plan from the get-go if he was this good looking”.
“This is the first time we've seen him with a clean face,” Purifier said with a smile “Your sure we can't kidnap him?” she asked.
“For what purpose would we kidnap him for” Observer retorted with a smile “He knows nothing we don't already know. And he's not yet the commander of the Azur Lane, so all we will be doing is ruining Zero's plan”.
Purifier sighed “Fair point”.
Observer shifted her gaze away from Purifier and back towards the screen “Lin, maintain your observation of Lelouch, keep his fleet within sight at all times” she ordered.
“Copy that Observer” Lin responded.
The screen then changed to the Lurker Nin, whose transformation into a Gato class submarine had been completed. She looked a lot more human now, with short blond hair, pinker skin, blue eyes, and a different swimsuit.
“Nin, I see your transformation has been completed,” Observer said with a smile.
“Indeed it has,” Nin said “All the changes have been made, and the necessary documentation I need are all done. Now, all we need to do is get me into the Azur Lane main base, sneak the documents into the commanders quarters, and then I'm in”.
“Good” Observer said “What about the assault fleet, how long till it's ready to attack?” she asked.
“Oh, it's ready Observer,” Nin said before she turned the camera around, showing them a large fleet of mass-produce ships and sirens “The fleet is ninety-nine percent complete. We're just waiting on a few more mass-produced ships to be finished, then we can commence our attack”.
Observers smile got larger “Excellent. Launch the attack the moment the ships are finished. I'll be sending Purifier to lead the assault. Remember, this attack is supposed to be a distraction, so don't try to cause too much damage to the facility. Just make sure you complete your objective before the attack finishes. We estimate it will last ten to fifteen minutes, so be quick” she said before turning to Purifier “Purifier, whilst this attack is only a distraction, you have to make sure that the base commander is killed during the attack. With him dead, the Eagle Union will not be able to muster a new candidate for the commander of the Azur lane”.
“Understood,” Purifier said with a smile, summoning her rigging “I'll make sure he dies-”.
“Excuse me,” a quiet voice asked behind Purifier. The Siren turned around and saw Purichi, her child version who was also made after a small skirmish with the Azur Lane of simulation eighty “Can I come to?” she asked.
“Sure you can,” Purifier said with a friendly smile, patting her younger self on the head.
Purichi smiled. This would be the first time she'll be allowed into one of the simulations, and have some fun with the Azur Lane girls as well.
She was going to have a lot of fun out there.
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