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Want to take your family out for an adventurous trip? Book Miami Beach fishing charter boat today through Sea Cross and go on an unexpected sea-journey. Your kids would definitely love to see the rare fish and the experience to catch them will just blow them away. Give us a call and get full details now to book the best trip of your life.
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Area Under X Y Scatter Graph? : excel (
The above link directs you to the original post that solved my first problem regarding using an 'area' graph in a beach profile. I had to change the x-axis from 'category' to 'date' axis in order for the data to be continuous.
However, I have now come across another problem. As this is now a 'date' axis, all of the x-axis plots have been rounded to the nearest 'date'. My x-axis is in metres, so it rounds 20.4m to 20m, meaning that the beach profile is slightly inaccurate due to the rounding. I think this is because it has been programmed to be specific 'dates' along the x-axis, and you can't be on the 20.4th of September!
Is there a way to alter this so the graph won't round to the nearest 'date' (just plot to 1 decimal place instead)? Thanks :)
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I'm currently questioning my sexuality and gender, but I think I've figured out I'm a Demisexual Biromantic Agender person, who goes by She/They. I'm still questioning, but I think that's what I am. But I just threw myself for another loop by calling myself a woman in my head.
I'm gonna turn 16 soon, in a couple weeks, so me calling myself a woman kinda makes sense for someone my age, but it made me start questioning my gender again. My main source of dysphoria is from my breasts, which feel too big for my age and they can hurt my chest when I jump or run. I've been thinking of getting a binder and maybe breast reduction surgery when I'm older, but I'm not 100% sure if it's what I really want to do. It really all seemed to finally end today, when I landed on the sexuality and gender above, but I'm not sure if it's actually me.
Mostly because sometimes I love my chest. As an artist who spends most of their time sitting in shrimp position with my legs up pull and a tablet leaning against my legs, it's nice to be able to put my stylus on my chest without it falling. But, I don't know if it compares to not being able to jump without what feels like two partially deflated beach balls that have filled with fat and sewn under skin bouncing up and down violently, and generally just not feeling that good on my body. I'm not really sure if it's even dysphoria, or if I'm just hating my body, as I haven't been in the best place in the last several months(I'm getting help soon guys, I promise :)
Yeah, this is shitty, and I'm tired, and all I want is to look good in weird old fashioned dresses I found on a shady website, and dress shirts with suspenders and fake mustaches from the same website. And, as I personally want to become a streamer one day and I'm currently on the path to finding a good way to set up a way to become one, I feel like it would be good to have a mostly solid way to present myself, my pronouns, and my gender and sexual orientation. But it's all so hard and confusing and it's past 3am on a Sunday morning when I'm writing this and insomnia sucks ass.
I know this is long, and maybe got a bit off track, but it feels great to finally say something to someone. If you read this, thanks for wasting your time reading about my bullshit, and seeing why this is kinda weird. Hope you have a nice day/evening/night/morning :)
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Trading for stuff I’m trying to get rid of!
For trade :
Looking for :
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2020.11.29 10:08 MonsterDuckMadness Anyone know what happened down on beach ave, around 5pm yesterday (Nov 28th)?

Fire and police (including forensics) attended. Emergency vehicles were outside 1000 beach ave. Thanks for any insights!
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