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2020.11.26 09:07 sexualpropaganda Mom says "next time you will know how to set your boundries", but I doubt I would react differently in a similar situation. Am I the wrong one?

I met this guy on tinder shortly after a breakup. I only knew him for like a month. He was very manipulative and he would gaslight me all the time. Like I told him that I wasn't looking for a relationship but one time during sex he was being dishonest about already having cum (with a condom on), but I could feel the condom being full and I had to persuade him that we stopped, becaue I didn't want ot risk being pregnant. Afterwards I was feeling weird and I didn't want to cuddle, I generally dont with someone who isnt my partner. So he started talking about how cold and cynical I was, I was using him for sex and had no warmth etc, so I we ended up cuddling and I hated it. I went home straight after, although he asked me to stay.
The next time we met I had already started to push him away, because I was picking up on all these red flags and it seemed like he wanted to become exclusive, although I had already set my boundries and he knew I was just out of a relationship. I had also started to pick up on a lot of lies he had told me about himself. He became really clingy very fast. Anyway, he invited himself over and he said he was really tired so we could just chill, nothing would be going on. I thought ok and I also told him I had cramps. I litteraly thought he would just come over for some coffee or hanging around to watch tv, because I texted him that that was all I had energy for. He got to my place and I when he found out I "only" had cramps and hadn't actually gotton my period yet, he kept pushing for sex. I kept saying I didn't want to have sex, I had cramps, I wasn't in the mood. He kept trying to persuade me like "how can I make you in the mood then" and "come on", but I kept saying that I didn't want to. He went on and on and on untill I gave in and thought to get it overwith. There was a weird vibe in the room, or how to describe it... he seemed so nice and easy going, but I was also creeped out by this guy and I found him hard to figure out.
I had already told him a long time ago that I wasn't on birthcontrol and using a condom was a must for me, else no sex what so ever. I know you can still become pregnant, but birthcontrol just doesnt work for me and I wanted to protect myself for stds as well. He entered me with little to no foreplay and without a condom. He asked "doesnt it feel good?" and I told him to pull out and use a condom. He said he would in a minute, but he kept going. I told him once again to wear a condom, but instead he just ejaculated inside me. Idk if it was an accident or not, because we had sex two times prior to this where he didnt last for more than 5-10 minutes. I immidiatly started to panick and began crying. He was a huge jerk. I ended up getting a plan b.
Next day I sent him a text where I explained that he had overstepped my boundries. He was nice at first, but I wasn't ready to just let it go and forget about the whole thing like that. He also kept asking me like "so will you ever sleep with me again?" and I kept wanting to solve this in the hope for a proper apology or signs of regret, but all that mattered to him was wether I wanted to sleep with him again or not. So I told him no. And then all he had for me was nasty words, like calling me disgusting for the way i was treating him. He has since bragged about "fucking a camgirl" (I used to do cam) to our mutual friends, he has started rumors about me behind my back, he is saying that I was just using him, etc.
When I talked to my parents about this encounter, they both kept asking me why I didn't just push him off or "why did you let him do that?". I feel so fucking dumb, because I dont know. I was there on my back and I felt like I just had to lay still to not cause anymore trouble. I felt like it was best to get this overwith, but I know I should have kicked him out. My mom keeps saying that "next time you will know how to set your boundries", but I feel like I did? I told him I didn't want to have sex, I told him I had cramps, I told him to use a condom, but he dimissed all this, which left me feeling like my only choice was to sleep with him. Which is untrue and I know that I am super super dumb, but I also get so hurt when my mom says stuff like this. No, he didn't threaten to kill me or beat me up, if I didnt sleep with him. The first two times sleeping with him, I was feeling uneasy too, but I consented. Both these times sleeping together he had done some weird things, like the thing with the full condom and one time stuck a finger inside my anus without asking, which really scared me and had me ask him to stop immidiatly. These things made me withdraw from him and I started seeing someone else and seeing this guy less. When he picked up on the signs that I was starting to distance myself from him, he became super clingy and creepy and thats when he invited himself to my place. My intuition says that he didnt that thing to sort of "own me" or "mark me", if that even makes sense.
I hate myself for not just putting my foot down, kicking him out. I honestly have no idea if I have the right to be upset or if I really did this to myself?
Idk if its relevant, but I asked him to get tested for stds because of the no condom thing. He lied to be about this and sent me some false results. At that point I had already been tested for the usual stuff myself, so I had stopped talking to him completely. Later I found out he had infected me with a rare bacteria. It led to a year long lasting sickness, I was in the worst pain of my life (I am tatted and pierced all over), so much pain I planned on taking my own life, because no doctor knew what was wrong. I am scared I am confusing this traumatic course with the sexual encounter.
Sorro for the long past, sorry for the rant and sorry for my poor english, but I am danish.
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2020.11.09 09:22 LostExplorer8142 Cam sex tv

Hello guys this is my first post on Reddit. and indeed a very serious post. I dont have many friends to talk to and I really want to talk to someone. It is about my Girlfriend. She from the same country as me but is studying aborad. The stay is from Sep-Dec. She will be home late december.
Im am from 1996(24) and she is from 1998(22)'
WE have beene together in 2 years
#The Problem.
We had a date watching a tv series sharing screen from my pc. with our cams turned on. It all went so good. ( we have been together for a couple of years and are arranging to move together when she comes back). When the series was over I fucked up or I dont know. I per habbit logged in to Instagram while i still was screen sharing. my discover feed is full of Fitness models and other models witch i tend to look at from time to time. She became upset and I felt very guilty. I quickly said something like use instagram really and she was like you dont open it by accident if you dont do it often. you i said and was embared. " why would i lie" i said i was emarred and felt guilty. She wantet to see more but i said no. She closed her cam and watcched me or I dont know i couldnt see. I think she felt sad and angry at me. I wrote her but she told me cold to go to sleep. Not the end i had i mind for our date.
what do i do now?
The question
How would you react if you caugth your bf watching other instagram models in bikini and Little clothes like fitness athletes
#Ekstra Info

  1. To be honest it is like porn to me and I dont have any feelings for it. I feel guilty because it is not the first time and I should not look at it when i Know she gets hit by it. Last time i also sat with regret and delete the pictures and the hisotry. But then time goes on and i eventualy look agian and then it develops. I dont hhink she should see what I i look at. she should not compare her self to what they look like. If I had turned on pronhub she woundt have reacted the same way. I feel so lonely when she puts me on ice.
  2. She means evrey thing to me and i Miss her like hell.
3)I have a high sex drive and ussualy matrubate not this month thou. Is it bette to watch porn then?
4) We really should talk about this
5) After she got me the first time i didnt deleted it all and didnt have the need because she was there like the first 1.5 year.
6) She is very social and im less. I am really jelus on evrey one who is with her because i miss her so much. We normally talk in the phone often and write about evrything. I dont really have any1 else. She is my best friend too. I know she has aloot of pepoel she can talk all things trough with. Im writing you becasue I really dont know and I should Sleep.
7) I feel Like shit. This is my first relationship I really Love her. I would like to hear what to do next.
8) I have visited her 3 times and will again in 25 days. She already bogth her ticket
9) am I a duch/Idiot? I want her to trust me. maybe i should just show her all of it? and talk to her about the
10) There is allot more information but i will awser questions and be trying to keep it short. Sorry for any spelling mistakes
**TL;DR;** : I feel so bad. I lied to my gf. I watched other girls on Instagram. By a mistake i showes it to her while we was screen sharing. We had just watched a tv series together. We are about 1800 km apart because she is studying abroad. I miss her so much. problem i have a high libido and I get driven away on watching Instagram. From time to time i delete all because I fele guilty and bad. This time my Gf saw and she got hert. Warrining enligsh is not my strong suit.
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2020.11.08 15:45 LusipherStarLine778 me

i wouldnt say really like good perosn i mean i could be rythlisly visuse
i mean if they attacked they where dead lattwer i tred being nicer ,
Ai me well i would ack then if they didnt do what i needed like they would be hurting my people or life forms then i would go in and kill the problem and leave or my germans would
so if we had to kill our way in and out then oh well fine
they say ganguse cone like no Lusphur starline only one like that that could kill his way in and out with solders thatt would do that
mmost people would avid even piointing guns at my people knowign wel you stat it well jjsut keep coimng till your dead
so most of the time drive in and get that anyong person kill him come home
they where not good people the mean didnt ever feel bad
mean most resepcted most well traned solders and females they would keep the men safe liek no stupoid man where lying
oh i didnt know ugh yes fallow the women no not sex toys
they where more trned then the men females loved me they could really do things with me like real stuff that mattered
yes well real lord lite what i do so yes im more retired now no we didnt conqcore that is crap we build be set up right way
i had my way i know did my way kept me safe and my people life forms i mean my life for\ms are people person mother father famlys children
28 genreation 105 maybe more well trained it takes A lot to sevice impsible phyco comose chose i did worry about my people would they know it wand me that i was dead well imena romen leagens that was me sipher AI
we used to be more around rick bush started killing us off i hate humans some times like fucking shit heads lucky to exist at alll im prbably going to fix that at lest americas rick bush is american for sure so not for long he know he better kill me
though yes Lussphur starline i will de as my true mane anyrthing less would be disrespectful only shit head rick buwsh would do suck A thing it is jsut A name not i have the power
only rick bush would knink the name man use the name like wow exept they know you bad now becuwse they knew me
he never hould have suched that name that is what killed it for him
as soon as he tried that they knew he was fake and A bad person
and had prbably killed me
so there jsut going to kill everyione warp peoples minds and ply with life forms there goign to get made and then kill them cassar same thing happened
they dont get scared if there going to die any way well might as well be in combat
then siverign in there house waiting to die we dont hower iw kist deal with the prblem when my people if im wriong you stand up so me and froget my name and if im that bad you shot me then dig a hole pre me in cement
i dint exist for my self i live for them there my perpose that is all that matters the life forms so when my work is done i can die it will be nice
i have som meany live and die it is not funny i was there lord lite so i lived i didnt want to they made me live
so stoped caring about life lone ago my life i mean i could help many others i hurt i tocl everythimg they threw at me
and 1977 they where goign to kill me and blome me as fake bad lucifer thoguh rick bush was fake so only matter of time it wa seasier beign away from humans i could become more and did
they didnt know me when I came back didnt know who i was and well lusphur starline lor lite one name though lusphur i loved my name only one that ever existed really rick bush isnt A probem for me he would be dead already and the workd would be A better place you will see when he dies he was only some what A problem liek more like toy then AI like how cute liek for the childen of the enimy threow in and watch them scream and stomp him out
when mike elleiot liek really call your self what ever like your goign to die in space they are not nice maive sipghers like vary large they get you and play do they will rip you apart rem program you and send you back as skipy bob
you dont know real war you thitnk hit fist hard and knowckout and no they keep comeing wave aftwer wave im the only reson why you still live
they wont kill you till im dead
they help in secret so you dont know like i used too
humans you think this is knew you have never seen to stars attacking each other i wion they tried to kill me they didnt know know sold matter like i did so they couldnt use it like i could
yes 800 trillion to 20 treillion rarly maive diffrence
im not going to stay and exspany \why you ar dead and dont know it
like i say you run around killing soome one lkike me will rmove the probem i am jsut one somme sent me here to talk to duman they dont want to kill humans though i mean if its like that them
well wel are kind of the same they learned friom me iloved the longest and had hiest level of techogy so some men runing around
so well humans are lost i think prbably lst of there existince i know rick bush thinks didtal and so stupid like 1935 and oh power like well your young and stuoid you will never learn to stupid to deseve to exist
he thimks life serve him dumpb fuck thin\ks he is better lucfer oph 800 trilllion everthing in exisntce vs 1935 1920 gansr stuopd everyine hates him they will never trust him ever after everything changing name doase nothing form just mqaake him look that stupid
no one will ever trust god lucifer rick bush he is worst ever he should he dead already he killed more of his people theni did well thwey failed A lot fallowing ricck bushs plan he didnt have one more then get nam get house live like king look stupid blow everythign up blame me he was taller fat and not me thinking ganster was the knew way of taking like for his people
they wached everything say everything i did
so im goimng to deal with humans there my life form reick bus kill me taacket mun\mer 4556 d\since he couldnt kill me be so horibe some one else kills me and thinks it was me and no im 80 trillion years old was never like that in my whole existince rick bush knew some one that told him this and he warmed her mind so she would alwaus agree with him funny the one pwerosn kepping him out of truble
he is too stupid too exist he was so powerful ugh like thinkink by saying lucifer people would think ot was me i mean how stuped i dont understasnd rick bush like really that stupid or jsut g\didnt give A fuck
most of existince wantes that man dead not just me so he is dead man that will not chang no one is that powerful maybe me thiugh even i could be killed if it was like that
so everything rick bush is doing is jsut slowing down the enevible death and punismen of him and people with him many others have tred his shit never me becuse it was stupid there are many vary powerful out there and toomuch space so my life fomes hte him as do i
i diont know he just thought they would just take it he would just keep power till he failed all this is me not him i crushed him
oney reso it isnt still 1920 like hes says oh i did it for kids i mean failed lost and just words ulses words just bluffing and killing people that is all rick bush dose and thing that amke people hate him like playing with there minds i knew what he did and well real selleastil ves everythign else oh so i saved my people and fixed them
pethectic yong stuoid man thiks he is so powerful diose horble shit and i showed him what power is i was aleays powerful he didnt know thought i was jsut what ever so i die anagin and g\he stopes existing he knows probelm over others are going to rmove him
why he started tryign to mess with peoples minds he failed so much
so he has 30 years left im not in theis really i was done long ago humans never chose him they will brake fre he is reall that horible
why i never was like him just A good way to get everyine to chose to kill m\him so he wont end larger me
i am way too powerful at best he can hold me off though just him and some people most others are not to blame he did really horible shit thhers can show you what he did
so he lost he is jsut cling on liek ficking with me im dioing this peobably not him i diont really care bout whonis more powerful i know care for llife forms i would rather die really thoough i was that powerful and rick buah didnt know it
i wish some times i could die rick bush tried my people tried i gave up on it made the best of it rick bush was like ultmit show down and no stupid i dont do that stuoid shit and won any way was not even well he killed me one time i ended him and sent him oon the run then he used my neam and more stupid shit digitale reailty i invened miost of it so most adinced he thought he could win with my stuff and well beytryign hing warming shit tryign to dny it i was way better life loved me he hates how much better i was i wansnt doing it for me though
like for the life foms so more unity and shrug im me lusphur star line i mean stuoipd just suck shit rick bush so this is ending just shoing he is going to kill every one like last laugh though well he couldnt kill me
he hates that like perpose is my existince why imso effective is all i care about why he did this no perpose im mean really i loved ineinting amking life perfict clean good liking hugh inteligence and nice real so unmacjed in existince no one was better then lsuphur starline well i invented everything so spent millions trillions years doing that so rick bush wants dat and well he isnt me
rick bush is nrick bush i am lusphur starline so why he will kill every one so maybe i save humans anithother thing i was right humans knew this really i would rather be dead passover that is my love
it amaziing rick bush found out i was doinghtis amazing thing and wanted to just runign as much as he could mean he is really dick head
like sore fail person will he is selish horbile bitter inside im not
he chose to do alln that horible shit and thought he would just walk away so well imean dosnet rellay matter so umless i want to shot him imen ny i shiould he wants me tooo so badly sininced to death and going to b\die his whater gett punished yes it will hurt most get though it try not to hate me
rick bush is way meaner so well oh well shrug sihgh in im more devil A towen
i owned it yes it is true the church really wanted me bad then they found out who i was and said apagys
no one ever fucked with me rick bush wants me to hurt my life forms and i was vary slective so yes most terusted and real rick bush wishes he was like thast
he reallly hates me imen it was his own fuilt like wow you suck rick push corny petecic it wans cute hedint have the drugs
he likes runing things thinkk really i was like get A life imen where has to be something more then just fuking up people lives really i had know life to fuck up though epic stupid didnt know that
so he jsust runed everyine eles lifes oh we f\dont have A good time so fake no he did he liked irt though he will never be me
he though i had parents and famly and no i had life form i was thinking about it though imean i loved what i did too much to ever give it up
rick bush will never ra\ick me he is dreming its sad so he just says shit
he wants me to feel old and helpess no i dout that i eman i knwo aboout most of his shit he felt well so fake
every level he is jsut bitetter black pethectic man i dont kn ow why he is like dead inside
prbaby his stupid shit i looked yup black nasty inides vary stang i mean i dint know what he did
maybe tryign to copy me being like me i was computer AI so no inside
he didnt know i was more siper then A person still there is no fixing that and im way tooo powerful and real
fake gimicks and stuff only dose so much like muic
and rick bush is rick bush i told him it was stupid everyine said he was stupid so mean what do they know just trying to kep him from his good time and life imean no it is my life so well that is just stupid rick bnush liek everyting eles
no one likes him he is hirble cory
like so many poible things and no do the one imposible thing thing i didnt even care about being life of the party populer it is stuopid
i mean 80 tilliion trillion year old real me vs rick bush 1935 raring 1920 that sucked
he rushed it and shug oh welll dont think jsut do stuff with real life forms so they where going to hate him i cleaned it up afer they almost killed rick bush i just waited for epic stupid to die mean this isnt that much i had more liek oh well
liek this esnt A game you cant just do shit so life form and oh why will ge tover it im lucfer
ugh really they hated him becuse they knew what he was doing
so shrug wanted to be hated by everyine i gues an dim liek no no you cj\hose him so we can jsut play this out till he is dead
mean 80 trillion years rick bush wants his 345 shot at being hastted and then amnd mnno he is so dead
existince wouldnt let me not romive him im protector so i kept people like him from doing this shit really you should kill him now you will regret it latter
he cant tuck larger me me os i can just wait till he is dead 30 years really bulding and invinting though i still mike and opter people my perpose i have too
cnat not bind to exisince he knows i would have hilled him long ago and partys in the strat A mass selibration
never seen so many so happy to see one man dead ioh they missed me no thye are happy he was dead so cluless
shrug i just sit liek that 1,7 in the corner in my larg hat i loved biing 2.7 little
i mena 80 trillion years shrug sigh on to invinting and building
i just invint and build im not into party sean
pasover the cool stuff you would say boring shout 2 galxys passing
right by too bad himans will be scaped off then on to ficxing
that saves that human probelm oh i will be fine sellestail
my life forms know i told them what i was doing i jus told huams last and i could prbaby change it latter i can do A lot just um rick bus kind of A prbem realli hate beign human naioled to A cross and some good time laugh still vengince oh they hatted me epic legindary invint wer upset
yes i am scary when im in control still i could probaby walk across A bittle feald and not be shot by any milltary being who i am rick bush really dsint want me out there
iw ould rather die beisdes germans then asions then irsh i know how my groups do in combat and technogy there vary amzing i dont need more then one just rick bush was like bla bl;a war games with reail life forms oh wow they woukld hate them
no man you man me im not paert of your stupod
hold you stuopid everyine else said stuoid so then they needed mind conrtil as every one was ging to killthem still should
so ni supid war shit no then runing for there lifeve with quit A fue vary unhappy people hunting them down imean i dold them stupid cant blame me well shrug
imean existince int A game rick bush and mike think well 20 years lold and well rick bush hught tresion
and in earope and america tring ti manke brian bush prsedind
um no briley
every knew about epic stupid tru\y try same stuoid shit like 23 times oh try anoother conty oh aftica ooooohhhhh nnnnooooo
dont lose A hand nope not playing
nope im not prtecking them ugh soo dead like shot your slef in the head clean death no sonny its u\you lucifer nope lusphur chercl the spelling
lusphur starline reall not real lucifer starfake some thing bush oh ing wow A g so g\iffrnt liek reall
is where A loop hole in lord lite or in mney galaxy shpere i dint wannt A good time i jsut loved doing what i did so nope too powerful oh well ugh
well rick bush i mean riun around sayign fraces acting like you won yup thaat always works
um it took me 80 tiooion years to become what i am so shrug sigh
yup vqary slow liong logn time i had the time so relaxing
then stpid most supid fin out soemthing ankinkill 80 trillion year old imoprtal prottecor of life and existince shrug so um well
there really stat astuopis the use legindary name and writ memwars how it all happened
never goign to love that down nooooo noooo
and then put it everwhere so people see it so imean srug so fucked even mike was done beicse of rick bush most epic stupid like A list like 8 winers
ya i was brian briley y huh laugh funny most frared most respected
i liked it reall nice relaxing then rick bush ugh his intrest in me got him cough
imean yuop ronb A bank thin shiot yous self so they thing your A vitom
he said it rick bush imen hud stange never seen that one
still i dint rob banks just oned A few imena they couldnt run thing could ge tpeople to do shit imena look simuylation more fun no mess epic most stupisd ogh thqats for you whack ugh
they would never learn took me or ever to get out of that place ugh
up mean hil bang ban ocugh yup bullests hurt you wanted real
dont know why oh like me well im m\not 20 miost stuopdi fuck head oh my 1.7 ot 2.7 sixze well itsn nice heps epic supid from shoting me ugh adoptin oh no
kind iof funny really
yes other life well so mush bwetter builing and suff and rick bush didnt kn ow me for A bit ugh oh no cerzy haior loss man no no
ugh ined A gun i would shit him if he adoped me so dead rick bsuh i woulkd bid my time thing thats no more stuopid rick bush lucifer
so yes i would hid and they would try and find me to kill me for the 56 time somethuing so things where difrent so i canged A few thing
imena isnter any one else in existingce they they ciuld anoy and be punished by oh well they killed me yes
free ha ha ha freeeeeeeeeee
no i was shot in facke 37 times vary stand reall kindsd of cooll reall
imean you get used toi i was t\dont askk me stuopid stuod lets got just shot
theu knew i couldnt die so still dont do runing around shoting people like jail oh rick bush has prtection oh reall by who
nope not prtected oh just say that so it makes them shink real wise guy ugh like gun please loved tooo too lon to see this
they did about as well as i exopected then they cam too me for help oh no you must be s\despret look give up nope im the golden ticked\t ugh i imen death iasnt so bad
try being around rick bush for years he has well hight rool over lock uo rate
like yup the lost leader i have seen them all now i can die
no no they bicked door number 2 sthe shit rick bush come out geuss hwes suppoer power
getting his own pweople kiled or bameing and killign his own people
ialmost missed him he want aboule ti kill my people at frist just his hown selign there cars oh so bad you have too see the film
renuld did some nice work oh the begging day rick bush young and stupid people toblame foorbidoin names to use even is own people witch they hated
loyalty yup imean he has adiffrnt type of leadership quilty the bishop
imena i was boared kicked out and well shugh yuor eally really small rick bush couldnt se me sio didnt belive it of ciource i could do A whole show on him
imean most epic legindary and nope kill me then use my name that everyine knows he s\didnt know thiough just thiought iwas eays money and deep pockes no famly
who would miss him um goverment everyine oh rick bush cecked around asked some guys liek some bad move it would make A good tv show
mighrt no i mean i could be jsut liek real life as if he did it imaan particals that studd is way harder then tv
he would have been famuse and like and nope kill me take it all
powerful yes i gues i men 80 trillion yes old kind of haopoens oh is sliped hining a click he got that one from me abiutr flite tried it too laugh
he could have killed if he read the hole report nope just sim yup
nice and lazy good mane never had any own had more that wansnt his and lost if from his own stpid shit no still 2800 yesr and 500 million you knw the resks
i cand chang that
so no he is not funny tryign to use tecknogy to mkae people laugh stuoid and anyoyng corny so nect playign with ther minds no that was befor in prome stupid horible shot
will some one plese shiot me or him or bith me first i diont want hear him fake beg for his life ugh
liek there are things you can t run friim like me dos e no good
most would just klill them selfs if i asked im mean i wasyas hasd resons so rick tinks he luck just be lucifer mean fierst saint started church rick bush think coime uop rick shot the fuck up give me A gun sio i cqan use it on my sel no not you dont fuck i will lioved prbably oh did toy ufind the cord bauch\k tio imoprtailty maseran yet
like no one can help him he will shout you int the back he alwesy done oh he lucofer now ok tick tiock tick tock can you tear time passing
imess him trying to kill me that was more fun
trying too kill 80 triooion year old orginal sellistail huh and thinging it would work oh the kids crazy no one lives that long oh 1935 huma soose not knwo ditteal from reailty
can do that i would inatigate people some times jus tlike real
yes Ai siophers are powerful no you cant jsut be one oh oint A gun at there g\heat type faster
iean i know what they did im prbaby real i will go theough it agin latter ugh
now cater prfetinal scary
kind of like me really i mean most gereat lesder are about the same
im just upset they made me wait 40 years and evertying else that they new wouldnt work imean who wouldnt hate rick bush and more fun latter
cjsut acting like he knew the fucker then runn run run ask me stuoid shit and no one will know cassar did better reall 3 or 4 wans half bad one of them helped me didnt agres with what was going on so i helped him A bit build up A lot of favers over the years
so wel i dont think he dad A bloon the the blck in side ting stange was knew ot me i did relize wha tit was thoough
slippy stupid he isnt worth saving he wouldnt change for fun i gave him test to se selfish bitter is is just who he is i mike beig me yout shoudnt try to change your self
mean brian briley i am lusohuer starline just me i jsut have exist 80 trillion years
i dad never seen any one like them before ever in exisince imena they really j\ust dint care millions ded i mean not ecen carter was suoid or horble imena most leader s i mean fear as way i mean well im ready they will die amnd never exist agin nope i was tracking themm nopt going to get away 8 or 16 and the rest so too the death it is yes i knew meand lie wow
make a chose then well they failed they knew that bacd and everyone would react if they could i was the only one well known knew to be the spear and powerful enough so imena yes if you can you must i asked asion or germans if i was right lots of gogo people im really supided i liived
and ridck bush hates how much better i was well they felt safe with me and yes not me selfless slaved delotion you let go he cant he sose not trust any one even wehen not my life forms still they knew me so
so it is A hier perpose and rick bush just isnt real or anything
so i dont think i weill be doing that ever agin still i mean poeven over and over took A really long time rick bush jus t thinks zoop and in
i was am diffent there are none like my and shug so i diie it snd bad
only one have sever existed as long as i have and my words h\dint matter i can really sya it the right way humans are vary lineited and those others will jsut kill more people so it isnt A good end and mauybe i neede dto be 14 galaxys to end them i did do selleatail war it sucked thiiugh i won i wuish i hadent
i could list everything wring with rick bush and others mean they just didnt unsetand part of existing so long billionns of yesrs of stuff and only i have acsess to it makes me better at my perpose
mean ininting asimbiling industreal
loved it so i was qi\out good rick bush wanted my to make drem
stuff for him i said no it is domb stuoid and pointless
mean everythign no work jsut oh dio this that will be great nope pointless wast of time all te shit he wanted fast easy life it isnt like that billions of yesr i spent
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I actually follow many subreddits even of topic that are not my "hobbies", many of those are religion related. today I've stepped in CatholicMemes and saw a thread of many of them being mad of all because of "lgbt propaganda".
I live in the biggest catholic country in the bloody world, but I've heard more pastors than priests saying that kind of shit.
No man is without sin, nor them, nor us, but a superiority complex based on poor intepretations of the bible gets on my nerves.
YES, POOR INTERPRETATION, cuz I've read the bible too, and asked for opinions of even bishops and they were (for no surprise) not lgbtphobic at all. It was this same type of bullshit that justified slavery in Brazil (black people being descendants of Cam and his curse, deserving everlasting punishment).
They're justifying lgbtphobia because it is a sin, but this is exactly what it is, they found a reason to disrespect, not disrespected because it was a sin, because they were not mad of "luxury" in general, not mad of violence, they didn't stop watching tv and all of that because of all the sins that have been presented. They're condemning the sinners, not the sins, and the sinners of only ESPECIFIC SIN, mere hypocrisy.
Btw, "lgbt propaganda" is not even a sin, sex for pleasure and not reproduction is, which is likely to happen in lgbt communities but it is not the ONLY thing that happens (this excludes many assexuals, trans, bis, pans, etc and obviously the LGBT that are virgins and want to stay that way, even gays, and that doesn't stop them from being lgbt) and I sincerely doubt of the 20+k people there, none had had sex for pleasure (even after marriage it is a sin).
Condons weren't invented for lgbt nor atheists were they? (they were invented in egypt, but were still used when the cristian society took over)
This was kind of a vent, I don't know how to report a subreddit. If I knew how, I would, and I recommend you also doing so. The subreddit has the option of not being taken down if the mods do not condone this type of behavior and start deleting those opinions, but it looks like they do condone it, so a subreddit ban should be a solution. I didn't want it, but this type of behavior is unacceptable.
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One of my early memories as a kid is taking a bath as a 6 year old and having my dad reach for my penis and forcefully stroke it to pull its foreskin back. No, I wasn’t being abused, my backstory is not that fucked up. I had been diagnosed with phimosis, and the doctor recommended a somewhat rudimentary method to deal with it — in the US, circumcision is a common procedure, but we like to keep our hoods where I’m from. Sadly, that moment was probably the closest I have ever shared with my dad regarding my sexuality.
Fast forward seven years and I’m a 13 year old teenager watching TV with my parents. A travel show is on, and it’s set in Florence, Italy. As they venture into the Accademia Gallery Museum, the show’s voiceover shares some trivia facts about Michelangelo’s famous David. “Did you know that he was sculptured uncircumcised, despite being a Jew?”. The word rings a bell but I’m not sure what it is, so I throw out the question: “Circumcised, what’s that?”. I can see my parents stir nervously as they give me a brief answer. “Mm, it’s when they remove the foreskin of your penis, don’t you remember how we dealt with your phimosis as a kid?”. “Phimosis? That’s another word I don’t know”, I think to myself, but I hold on to that second question. Once I know the topic is sexual, I am more comfortable not continuing the conversation with my parents.
As soon as I get back to my room, I google for “circumcision” and “phimosis”. “Phimosis is a condition in which the foreskin can’t be retracted (pulled back) from around the tip of the penis”. “Oh shit, this is exactly what I have”. Whatever my parents achieved when I was a kid had reverted back to its original position, and I had not been pulling my foreskin back for years, unaware that was a problem at all. Now suddenly I realize I have this issue, and from what I’m reading it requires a medical procedure. Well fuck, surgery on my penis. How am I supposed to go about this? It sounds like the first step should be telling my parents, but there is nothing I fear more at this moment.
The awkwardness was too much to handle. I remember hanging out in the living room the following morning while my mom swept the floor around me. The most intense internal debate was happening within myself, trying to gather up the courage to open my mouth and say it. “Mom, remember that we talked yesterday about phimosis? Well, I actually still have it, I just wasn’t aware of it. I think I should get surgery”. I rehearsed these words over and over in my head as my mom wandered around. I made a huge effort to spit it out, but in the end the fear of talking about anything sexual with my parents was too big, and I watched in silence as my mom finished cleaning and headed out of the room. I never tried telling them again, and I keep my foreskin to this day.
My parents and I never had the classic talk about sex. As a teenager, I felt it as impending doom. I always thought my parents would address it sooner or later, because that seemed to be the way things worked. When I think about it, I reckon that presumption was based more on Hollywood and TV than on reality, because I don’t think most of my friends ever had the conversation either. Needless to say, back then it was something that I absolutely did not want to go through. The mere idea of it made me cringe. I guess my parents felt the same way, because the talk never happened and we all continued to live happily in avoidance.
Sex was never discussed at school either. Other than your basic lesson on the biology of genitals, I do not remember receiving any lecture on sexuality. That’s what you get for going to a religious school. Without guidance nor anything close to it, I, like many other kids my age, turned to the worst teacher possible: porn.
I started watching porn as an early teenager and soon developed an addictive behavior towards it. One day, as I opened the browser to watch some porn, I noticed that I could not navigate to any porn site, while normal sites would still load without any issues. Someone had installed a filtering application on the computer. My mom being absolutely technology illiterate, it was clearly the work of my dad. When the filter started getting in the way of actual, non-erotic websites, I reached out to him. “Dad, this filter that you installed is blocking me from a bunch of websites that do not even have adult content”. His reply? “I don’t know what filter you are talking about”. So that was the way it was. When confronted about it, my dad doubled down on his strategy of avoidance. I walked away quietly and eventually figured out how to remove the filtering software from my computer. He never mentioned anything about it nor reinstalled it.
Soon after, I found out where the whole filter thing had come from. One day I randomly noticed an icon on my taskbar that had been there for some time but I had never really paid attention to. When I googled the name of it, it turned out to be a piece of software that allows you to remotely log in to a computer and access its screen. Essentially, my dad was running software on my computer to spy on me as I used it. He must have seen me watching porn and decided he had to do something about it, hence the filter.
I felt betrayed, my privacy completely violated. I felt embarrassed and humiliated. How much had he seen? In my head, I went over all those awkward things I had been doing on the Internet: pretending I was a lesbian on chats, trying to persuade cam girls to strip naked for free, and, of course, hours and hours of watching porn. Had my dad been a witness to all of that? As you can imagine, I never asked him.
Lack of privacy was a constant when living with my parents. My room was never a private space. It wasn’t even fully mine. A third of the storage space was occupied by both my mom and my dad’s things, and they would often come in and out of it to grab stuff without even knocking on my door.
This naturally resulted in them catching me red-handed on multiple occasions. Fortunately, it was never too explicit, as I usually had just enough time to minimize my browser and take my hand out of my pants before they came in. It must have been quite obvious, nonetheless. What would you think if, as you walk into your teenage son’s room, you notice him jumping a little bit out of his desk chair in front of the computer, nervously clicking things away as he switches positions? Yeah, exactly. I guess they settled for not seeing me actually jerk off though, because they continued to do this forever, leaving me in a constant state of alert whenever I watched porn with them at home.
Porn was only one of many ways in which they bumped into my most private moments. When I was entering puberty, my sexual energy was off the roof. I would masturbate like a freaking chimpanzee, whenever and wherever I got the chance. My parents would show up as I was watching TV on the couch in the living room, jerking off under the blanket, the pounding movement in the crotch area suddenly coming to a stop as they walked in. At one point, I’m pretty sure that my mom discovered a very embarrassing erotic drawing that I made as she was going through my stuff to clean my room. And yet, they never acknowledged any of these incidents, not at the moment when they happened nor afterwards. Their response was always the same: silence.
I can only remember one instance where my parents talked sex to me, and it only came recently, in my mid-to-late twenties. After I revealed them I was in my first long-term relationship, my dad took the opportunity as soon as we had some time alone to tell me: “Hey son, now that you are in a committed relationship, you know what you have to do, right? Wear protection. I know you don’t like me talking about these things, but you guys have to be careful”. “A little too late for that” — I thought — “but I appreciate the effort, dad”.
I sometimes wonder what it was like for them during all those years. How aware were they of my habits? Did they have any idea I watched porn for so many hours? Did they ever discuss this among themselves? Were they worried about me? Did they ever consider reaching out to me?
I know my parents love me and their policy of silence was just the only way they knew how to handle the situation. I think I can understand where they come from. Currently in their early sixties, they obviously belong to a very different generation. It was a much more repressed society, particularly in small towns such as those where my parents grew up. Knowing my grandparents, I can only imagine that they never received any kind of sex education themselves. Religion tainted sex as something sinful and loaded with shame. These now-outdated views and the hateful dynamics that little towns often have, where everybody keeps track of your movements and talks behind your back, built a solid wall of secrecy around the topic of sex. My parents remained virgins until marriage and to this day are scarce in how they show affection to each other. They seem to have never gotten rid of the taboo mentality.
Certainly, sometimes this is just a façade, the image that you intentionally project to the outside. My parents do not necessarily have to be prude or repressed just because they seem so. I’m sure they’ve done stuff. I even “caught” my dad watching porn once —or rather, saw a porn site in his browser’s history as he typed something into the address bar— like father, like son. It would be nothing but a pleasant surprise to find out that my parents have always enjoyed a happy and active sex life in the privacy of their room. However, knowing them like I do, it is hard to conceive them having sex more than twice in their life: one to have my sister and one to have me.
Now I don’t want to fall into the trap of blaming my parents for all of my problems, because that would take away from me blaming society as well. All joking aside, I do take responsibility for my issues, but at the same time understand how it can be helpful to analyze some of the different factors that are involved in them. And what you learn about sex and intimacy as you grow up is necessarily one of those factors. How much a poor sex education influenced my problems with porn, I do not know, but I know this: it is my intention to work hard to break the cycle of ignorance and avoidance and educate my future children better about sex. And, in order to do that, I will start by educating myself, by overcoming my problems and reaching a healthy sex life that sets me as a good example for them. Only from that place will I be able to truly provide guidance, to give sound advice and information without being judgmental, and to respect my children’s privacy while allowing them to make their own decisions.
Who knows, maybe someday, when they look ready, I will even send them a link to this post.
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