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post whatever you want, as long as it's somehow related to moms, aunts, grandmothers, parenting, parents, etc.

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This is a subreddit dedicated to the **discussion** of Mail Order Marijuana & the Cannabis Community in Canada.

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A place for new parents, new parents to be and old parents who want to help out. Posts focusing on the transition into living with your new little one and any issues that may come up. Ranting and gushing is welcome!

2020.11.29 02:12 Collegesuxks Thinking about locking my hair

I’ think I want to loc my hair, I’m 19 and it’s been on my mind a lot this year ever since I found out about it. But my mom doesn’t want me to. She’s afraid I’ll regret it then Have to cut it off. But I’m at this point with my hair where I love like box braids and faux locs but they seem to be doing more damage to my hair really so I just wanna wear my natural hair out and embrace it. But that is hard to do. I find I have the most difficulty and I am most insecure about my hair. Not saying that locking my hair will make me embrace my hair but knowing that the hair is mine and not this fake hair, I feel will make me feel better , any opinions?
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2020.11.29 02:12 doggieblindfold Mom step nude

We know who Rosanna and Sharona are. Jenny is a real person too. People have cute little theories about Jesse’s girl and Stacy’s mom. But no one cares about the guy who said all the things in Money for Nothing. I want to hear from that dude.
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It’s like 7pm and it’s pitch black out and we’re driving home on the highway and no ones in sight. I’m just trying scroll through Reddit, and my parents are talking and whatever, while I’m riding in my car and my mom slammed on the breaks cause she almost hit a dear. As soon as she hit the break I slammed forward and I had a brief second where I thought I was dying.
But now we’re just stopping for ice cream before going home so it’s all good
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I live with my mom, and we run off of a well. Several months have ago, anemone ran a test on it, and we were told it has coliform in it. We were told its probably fine to shower, and brush our teeth in, so I've been doing that. Maybe I am TA for that?
I'm mostly concerned about spreading the coliform to others. So, what's going on is a contractor was gonna fix it, but they are taking ages to get to us. Im super thirsty right now. We have a little milk left, but of i drink it all then my mom will want to go to the store to buy some more, but shes not supposed to, because she's on quarantine. I know shed go to the store anyways, because she's stupid, so I was just gonna drink some of the water, and risk getting sick, and risk spreading it. WIBTA for that? AITA for showering in it?
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2020.11.29 02:08 BigManPatrol Step mom nude

My aunt just died this morning. My cousin (17m) and I (22m) used to be really close, but we’re not as close as we used to be because we’ve just not been in the same city as we’ve gotten older.
He went out of state to visit his mom’s family for the holidays, and he found her passed away this morning. I love with all of my heart, and I want to do anything and everything I can. I just don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to say.
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Im dating impaired when it comes to women. I've had mostly relationships with men. But as of late, I'm finding myself longing for a connection with a woman. I've met so many women id love to date.
About me: I'm 5'2. I fit into "futch" on the spectrum. Im neither butch or femme. Just a comfortable middle. I like jeans and t shirts. I usually have a color of the rainbow hair. Right now it is purple. Before it was red and black. I do have kids. And a mom bod to boot. I like to read, watch TV, and bake.
Im not too picky when it comes to women like I am with men 😅😅
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2020.11.29 02:07 FunBipolarIsMisery Today a person I was supposed to trust for a recovery program violently traumatized me today and I was reminded exactly how my mom made me feel like I can’t trust anyone.

Bear with me this is going to be a long ramble but I feel like I’m in a serious crisis that I need to share this somewhere where I can be understood.
A little over a decade ago when I was 14, I found my mom’s drawer full of written passwords for all sorts of accounts and I started reading her emails because she was telling people things about me that really messed me up and my friendship with people a lot and I couldn’t figure out why I was always the awful kid that everyone believed me to be and why it seemed that many people avoided me or keep telling mom things that I confided in them.
It all started when my pastor who I have confided in for help from her abuses, forwarded her all of emails between us, after she demanded that I show her our emails and I refused. I found out when she confronted me in rage after we got to home one Sunday after they had a talk where my pastor apparently tried to “reason” with her and hear her side of story.
I started changing my interactions with certain people and I would lie to them about things I knew they would be telling my mom, changing stories with different people and limiting my sharing because I’ve lost trust in people and her and it was the only way I could have a safe friendship. I couldn’t have a relationship with anyone without her jeopardizing or ruining it by slandering my name and my individual self in general. Or putting me in a painful vulnerable place where I was hurt and humiliated. I eliminated a lot of friends because of this reason. I was always seen as a rebellious and troubled kid who disrespected their mom and need to be “put in their place”. My feelings were never valued or valid. I was never able to trust people the same way.
I have been in a recovery program for addiction and I had a sponsor who I have confided in with things that I needed to get out in order to improve my recovery, and this morning after nearly two months of talking to him, he brought up things that I had confided in him in the meeting when he was sharing. While I was right there. He explicitly said that his sponsee shared x with him and he thinks I was wrong. I have never felt violated and humiliated because some of people in the group knew he was my sponsor. I felt vulnerable and violated of my trust that plunged me in a mental crisis and I haven’t been able to talk to anyone. I blocked him and I don’t feel safe in the program so I will have to find another way.
I feel disgusting. I feel humiliated. I feel deep hatred for myself right now for daring to open up. I feel like everyone’s not safe now and existing while suffering this pain feels unbearable and there’s not one person who I feel safe enough to reach out for help.
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