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2019.06.16 18:36 Ma7ich Sam totally spies porn

Welcome to Deathbound, the 2nd book of the Hellbound series.
This first chapter is meant as both a short perspective summary and new stuff to slowly get into things again, though it is best to read Hellbound first. Enjoy!
Hellbound Chapter 1
Hellbound Epilogue
My stories
Admiral Stephen Dai – Dimensional Plane of Earth – Stephen Dai’s home near Toronto, Canada – 4 Years and 51 weeks since the Infernal invasion of Earth
Stephen stretched himself and yawned. It was the last day of his vacation, and his wife had forbidden him to do any more work unless there was an emergency. Still, Stephen couldn’t help but sneak his hand towards the tablet. Surely it was brimming with endless emails and updates. Perhaps not emergencies, but definitely some important things. Things that were better off handled now rather than later.
“Don’t you dare touch that!” his wife shouted from the open kitchen.
Stephen tsked and slowly craned his neck over his leather chair. “I won’t, dear.”
And he wouldn’t. Not for another two hours, then it would be midnight and his vacation would be officially over. Surely, she couldn’t argue against that.
Stephen tsked again, but this time against himself. His dear wife Katerina was right. He really was a workaholic. He grabbed the remote to the tv and turned it on. He pushed the buttons on the almost antique remote and found a channel he wanted to watch. Music channel. Sports channel. Sports channel. E-sports channel. E-sports channel. News.
“What’s that you’re watching, dear?” Katerina asked.
“Nothing, nothing!” Stephen hastily replied as though he was just caught looking at porn. He tried going through the channels a bit faster, but this was the bit where there were like 30 news channels in a row and the ancient remote was having some difficulty processing his repeated finger jabs. That was the downside of liking the touch and feel of old school technologies and tools. Paper cuts and chaos from paper, an angry wife storming in from the kitchen from a remote control. He really should’ve opted for the holographic controls.
“No work, no news, no nothing! You have to relax, remember!?” Katerina said as she finally stopped next to Stephen’s chair.
“I know, I know. Look! I’m trying to flip through, but it’s taking forever. Remind me again why we need hundreds of channels?” Stephen asked, trying to deflect the conversation away. Briefly he wondered how he could relax if she was watching his every move, but he decided that was probably going to lead to an even less-relaxing series of events and conversations.
Finally, he was done with the news channels and the tv turned to a documentary channel. Stephen saw that they were right on time for the episode itself, as the promo had just ended, and the intro was already showing all kinds of flashy images, accompanied by deep and bombastic music.
He saw satellite footage of Yggdrasil, a picture of the God Baldr, along with clips of devils invading Central Park in New York and the various spaceships entering orbit over Earth to then disappear into various wormholes into the dimension of Arenal, followed by all sorts of impressions of rallies, protests and riots of various cities on Earth. Shit. He really wanted to watch this. Stephen snuck a quick glance at his dear wife hoping she would be okay with this.
“Oh, this looks interesting. Let’s watch this.” Katerina said.
Stephen mentally pumped his fist into the air, whilst struggling immensely to act cool. “Mmh, sure, it looks interesting enough, just before bed.”
Stephen stared dead on as the narrator began to talk, feeling the suspicious stare of his wife on him. “Almost five years ago a great tragedy struck for 9.410 people and their families and friends when they were struck down in the Infernal invasion of Earth. To honour the victims and commemorate humanity’s victory over the erstwhile mythological devils we present to you now part 1 of 3 in the Arenal Series.”
Slowly Katerina moved towards another chair and sat down, seemingly too interested in the content of the documentary than trying to catch Stephen working.
The first part was a repeat of what had happened in that first chaotic month. The documentary properly summarized the correct series of events in a chronological order and paid tribute to the innocent civilians who were slaughtered in the first moments on that nice summer day when the devils first came through their wormholes.
The nearest contingent of U.N. marines, stationed near an old castle in France to get ready for a parade of the newly adopted Paladin class exo-suits, were called into action to spread over Earth and help the local police agencies and sometimes national defence forces to defend the local population from the chaotic onslaught.
The documentary didn’t tell much of the details, but rather showed it, by hovering the various details about the police agencies, the corvettes of whichever nation involved, and so much more on top of the footage of the fleeing civilians that was being shown. Grotesque faces with shark teeth. Horns on fire. Red skin that allowed for no distinction as to how much innocent blood had flowed. Cloven hooves that trampled the blood-soaked grass underneath.
The documentary then continued its focus on the U.N.S.D.F. 5th Marines, specifically naming then lieutenant Sam Robinson, callsign Valkyrie. Somehow the documentary had gotten audio clips of Stephen’s own speech that he gave to the marines as they were about to go in. Did he give permission to spread that clip around?
He heard his wife sigh. “I try to forget, and make you relax, but it seems that I can’t. You’re too important.”
Stephen replied by giving a wan smile and reached out to caress her over her hands. Katerina turned to him and smiled back. “I know I give you a hard time, but I am proud of you, you know that, right?”
Stephen nodded. “I know dear.” He continued watching. The documentary kept its focus on Sam Robinson, clearly trying to create a hero out of her. Deservedly so in Stephen’s opinion. The first half of the episode ended with showing real and simulated footage of her and her squad engaging with various devils, with the last clip being a simulated view of Sam being the first to go through the wormhole to chase the enemy into unknown territory.
As the commercials ended he realized he was snacking on bits of hot popcorn that his wife had made. The second half of the episode was a summary of what had happened on Earth in the aftermath of the attack. Nations and the U.N. scrambled to get a response, but having taken only one devil prisoner, and faced with an enemy that seemingly had came clawing out of the ground, the response was not adequate enough to calm the civilian population.
Here then was the origin of the first new faction, or rather, ideology. People took to the streets, claiming that literal devils clawing out of the ground and flinging fireballs around as they slaughtered innocents were the signs of the biblical apocalypse. The uncertainty, lack of information and inability to provide a tactical response from national governments meant that unrest and fear grew and spread, culminating in the ideology’s main point of view.
To fight the apocalypse through all means necessary. It took them a while to organize and fully hash out intercontinental differences, but over the years massive protests and worse, bombings, have appeared near governmental institutions, often accompanied with religious manifestos. Thankfully due to their violent nature they have not attracted many people, though that has made it hard for law enforcement agencies to catch them. Still, it made Stephen sigh.
The documentary briefly listed the hundreds of attacks on Earth and in the Solar System and paid its respects as it condemned the violence. Then, it continued with the chaotic days that followed when each new snippet that came from the U.N. or a national government was seen as gospel, and promptly devoured by hungry worshippers. Information leaked, the source of which still wasn’t fully clear. Though Stephen had his theories, it was most likely that each country leaked separately at different timings, which made it convenient for their own political agendas, and much harder to track.
The documentary then went into the biggest question most people had. Was it superior technology the devils used? Humanity only had FTL-drives and had many weaknesses in terms of navigation. If it had to fight an enemy that could appear anywhere, then how could they win?
Or was it magic and were the devils tied to many weaknesses as well? Footage showed swords, shields and plate mail armour. Rare footage from the 5th Marines showed devils being gunned down by railgun fire by the dozens. Clearly, it was magic. No enemy would be foolish enough to have superior technology and sacrifice lives that way.
Theories were plenty and varied. From a martyr-like warrior society that was indeed superior, but morally different to the idea of a technological progression not being a ladder, but rather a tree. Many paths lead upward and theirs had found wormholes, but not gunpowder. It was absurd, but in a time of great uncertainty and the threat of invasion looming over everyone’s head, anyone who had a semblance of credibility was listened to.
What was the real answer? “You’ll find out in the next episode!” the narrator said.
Katerina groaned. Stephen’s eyebrows raised slightly. “I had briefly forgotten why I don’t watch tv.”
After a quick bathroom break, Stephen returned and thankfully the commercials were just about done. “And now, part 2 of our Arenal series”.
“Magic.” The narrator said as a flashy introduction began.
“I hate it when they do that.” Katerina complained as Stephen chuckled and shook his head.
“I can usually stand it, but this is ridiculous.” Stephen replied as the intro took a mercifully short while to finish.
The documentary’s 2nd part then started in earnest when it showed some more rare footage, this time from the point of view of then commander Sam Robinson. Because there was no satellite or communication ship to connect to, there was no Command Actual, and thus she had been promoted in the field according to protocol to be a commander.
Stephen knew she wasn’t fully up to the task, and it showed in the reports and debriefing. She had to make plenty of difficult decisions, while being in unknown territory for a month, dealing with a whole new slew of enemies, magical variables and scenarios, and hundreds of potential new factions who could betray them or be their best allies yet.
Sam and her squad had made allies out of the elves and would’ve made friends with the dwarves if they hadn’t betrayed her and she killed one of the dwarven kings. Leaving the POW behind in a cage with an elven Mage and a spy bug wasn’t the best decision, but if it had worked out, they would’ve been home earlier by weeks. Carpet bombing the area best suited with self-made pipe bombs to go back home was an interesting decision, but after thinking about it, one Stephen himself would’ve probably made. Going in from the edges of the area and hope they wouldn’t get caught while giving the enemy all the time they needed as opposed to catching them by surprise would’ve been a less risky decision but had a higher chance of none of them getting through.
Sam was correct in her decision, it was more important to get at least 1 person through and warn Earth of the incoming 2nd invasion wave. Still, the risk showed itself and Myrael got his arm blown off. And Sam got kidnapped and sent to literal Hell.
And literally kicked herself as she apologized to Myrael and the rest of the squad and Arundosar when it was pointed out that, even with the limited information they had and the limited capabilities of Arundosar, that they could’ve opened 2 very small portals. One from Arenal to Earth, pointing towards the sky so that it would eventually reach a satellite and thus U.N. Command. And one from a safe place somewhere on Arenal far away from the invasion army to that first portal. They could’ve warned Earth of the incoming invasion and given intel, whilst getting ready to move north to the elves to get more crystals. Or they could’ve waited as Earth’s forces moved to counterattack through the portals of the devils.
It was fascinating to watch Sam try and literally kick herself a second time as the rest of the squad tried to reassure her that they didn’t blame her, and it was their fault too. With Sam having come back from Hell, still recovering from her wounds, having a devil’s voice inside her, Stephen admired her devotion to duty as she immediately applied for further training in command and strategy.
Stephen sympathized, he too had made plenty of mistakes. Sam did the best she could, and she vowed to learn from them. Further considering that they were all coming from a months-long deployment off of Alpha Centauri and were just about getting ready for some well-earned Rest & Relaxation, Sam and her squad did really well, and were commended for their efforts. The medal ceremony was an interesting one as well, as it really seemed like Sam was going to reject it for truly believing she failed in her duty and mission. Thankfully her therapist had advised her to take it, if not as a reminder to do better.
The documentary skipped all that and instead showed a few snippets of footage here and there that had been declassified. Encounters with elves, dwarves. A gigantic devil and strange portals in the sky as Sam and her ‘Paladins’, so nicknamed by Arundosar, defended a small elven city so that the citizens could flee. Katerina was suitably shocked. Stephen held her tightening hand.
More snippets were shown. The most impressive was of course, the footage that Stephen had seen with his own eyes. The kilometres tall and wide home of the Conclave of the Gods, Yggdrasil, the world tree. The even larger devil that Stephen fought with his flagship, alongside the Heavenly Dragon. This was all newly declassified footage.
“Oh, dear god, you fought that!?” Katerina squeaked out loud.
“Uh, yes.” Stephen answered as he squeezed her hand to reassure her.
The documentary didn’t show the massacre on the ground. That footage had been deemed too sensitive to release. However, it did show the complete and utter devastation of the Hells after the Heavenly Dragon fired its main gun. That footage had been used as a damned propaganda bludgeon by the Chinese to assert their dominance and righteousness to continue their chosen path forward.
The Chinese, like many other nations, wanted to make new colony sites on Arenal, on the land that humanity now claimed. Or rather, re-claimed according to the Conclave of the Gods. The documentary continued on with humanity’s victory and only now started showing the medal ceremony as Stephen couldn’t help but start thinking about the current situation on Arenal.
All major powers had reasoned simply. It takes weeks to travel to the current colonies, and that distance had created a structural deficit in terms of governance. Distance lead to a lack of control, which lead to corruption. It also meant that smugglers and pirates had plenty of opportunity. Decades ago this caused the Mars war. Today they were almost ready with mopping up the rebels-turned-pirates on Alpha Centauri thanks to the guiding hand of Vice Admiral Hank McDowell.
Establishing colonies on Arenal would be something completely else. A portal, or wormhole, would get you there immediately, as long as you had the ability to buy magical crystals. And since every damn nation and species on Arenal coveted simple centuries old technology or human gold, getting these crystals was extremely simple.
Colonies on Arenal would be simple, cost-efficient, with no regard to terraforming, oxygen, water, agriculture, gravity, strange diseases, and most important of all, directly governable and next to potential trade partners with exotic trade goods and the most elusive resource so far, magic.
Magic. “Magic is a force that had recently been established as a 5th fundamental force that is absent in our own universe for reasons unknown.” The narrator said, coincidentally following Stephen’s thoughts. The documentary was simple in its explanation. We were learning a lot, because we had the tools and experience in figuring out the other 4 fundamental powers in our own universe, but it was still slow going. Part of the reason it was slow going was because the Conclave of the Gods and every top-tier magic user simply refused to go into depth of what made magic tick. It was understandable if not frustrating. It was the one thing they were good at in comparison to humanity’s domination in everything else.
Like the other fundamental forces, if you had full control over magic, the applications could be endless. What was strange was that rather than machines or external means of control, it seemed that magic was also dependent on a cognitive will that shaped and formed the magic. An example that was used by the scientists and the resident half-elf Arundosar was that a car powered by electricity or oil had to be driven in an analogue fashion with your steering wheel, pedals and other tools. A hypothetical car powered by magic would have everything be done inside the mind of the magic user. They had to think of the engine, how the magical fuel would flow, how it would use that fuel, and on top of that they would have to think of all the other directives such as steering, braking and more.
It made magic complex, difficult, and something that has baffled scientists for the past 5 years.
The documentary episode ended, bringing Stephen somewhat back to his senses as he watched the outro of the 2nd episode. He stood up to get a bottle of wine and a set of glasses, only to realize that his wife was already coming back from the kitchen with the exact same idea.
“Ah, wonderful.” Stephen said as he delicately took over the wine bottle and began the routine process of opening it.
As usual, he poured it, she sniffed it, they both tasted it. Delicious. French wine this time.
“Delicious.” Katerina said. “We should keep the other ones in reserve for a party sometime soon.”
“Perhaps next week? There is that official ceremony in Ringtown.” Stephen answered.
“Ah, yes, good idea. And that does remind me, I need to start packing soon.” Katerina replied.
The last episode of the documentary started. Stephen focused on his wine as the documentary was done explaining the human side of things, and having just explained humanity’s progress on magic, now began to explain the rest of Arenal.
It showed a simple map of Arenal. It was well over a million kilometres wide and suitably impressive as it basically showed a massive island floating in space. Yggdrasil was in the middle, and humanity’s dimensional border area was near the middle. It was thousands of kilometres away from Yggdrasil, but relative to the surface area it inhabited that was close by enough.
The documentary showed the massive mountains and the underside of Arenal, which was relatively flat, with a bulb in the middle where Yggdrasil was, making the whole thing resemble an egg that was just cracked open into a pan. Why was Arenal flat? Presumably magic, and most likely the magic that was coming from Yggdrasil, but once more, scientists weren’t sure.
What annoyed Stephen more was the recent resurgence of idiots who denied everything experts said and claimed that all of this was extra evidence that Earth was flat as well. Thankfully the documentary ignored that.
The documentary then flipped the map to show a top-down view. A small circle in the middle represented Yggdrasil and outwards spiralled an endless amount of diverse and far ranging eco systems. Deserts, local tundra’s, swamps, massive forests, plains that stretched for tens of thousands of kilometres. Beyond that there were even more extremes. Mountains higher than Mt. Everest, oceans that plunged deeper than that. Desert dunes that dwarfed the Sahara. And of course, the magical landscapes. Areas where magical crystals illuminated the landscape, fertile land for mining if they weren’t beset by massive and dangerous magical wildlife. Lands that were set ablaze with fires that didn’t die out. Deep holes that let one fall through, all the way through to the other side of the flat and magical planet-esque thing, that everyone called Arenal.
It was next to one of those massive holes that the dimensional border area was with Earth. And it was there that the documentary showed a time-lapse of the past five years. Parts of it was simulated, but the majority came from various satellites and drones from most countries that were developing their own little enclave surrounding the middle part of Ringtown. That is, the top of the large particle accelerator and what the city, or town back then, was named after.
Starting in the west you had the enormous hole to the underside of Arenal, with large chasms and ravines leading towards it, as though it were an enormous scar in the land. From there you had some mountainous terrain that turned into cragged hills and more ravines in less than a kilometre. The hills would occasionally still pop up, but after that the terrain became level quite quickly. At the edge of the mountains and the level land is where the dimensional border area was with Earth and thus where Ringtown was founded.
Every country recognized the value that magic could present, if not the threat if left misunderstood. Never before in history was it so easy to get funding for scientific studies. The result was one the largest particle accelerators, built in record time. The top half was purposefully left above ground to allow for mass adjustments and repairs in case it was needed in this new and unexplored field. The result was people, humans and non-humans alike, quickly calling the town some variant of ring or circle. Two years ago Ringtown beat Circleton and other variants in the naming competition, and thankfully the almost endless jokes surrounding holes and ends stopped. Though secretly Stephen suspected that perhaps people were just no longer repeating the same jokes in front of him.
The time-lapse of the documentary showed what the collective budgets of Earth and cheap automated labour could do when every damned country wanted a piece of the magic pie. Within the first year the particle accelerator was finished and the smaller impromptu one that was built in mere days was removed, replaced by state of the art pre-fab modules meant to colonize hostile worlds. Endless offices and supporting infrastructure around it popped up like weeds. Those were energizing and almost frantic days. Stephen still remembered debating with nations for close to three months on how to plan the base-line infrastructure of this jointly-governed, U.N. headed, neutral-for-all town. Circle roads around the accelerators? Grids? Let each country choose for their own section? In the end it became a circle within a grid, along with diagonal lines like in Barcelona.
The second year saw the very ground ripped open, deep underground detectors planted to help safeguard against some kind of intrusion from digging species, along with a tunnel system to allow active personnel access and defend vital areas. This too was done quickly and with the combined budgets of most nations as it concerned defence. Part of that effort meant that the mountains nearby were quickly claimed and made into heavily fortified military bases from which recon drones frequently popped in and out while massive railguns overlooked Arenal.
The third year was when civilian life was finally accounted for. Proper houses and apartments that let the sun in and let you have some fresh air were built and the hardy, dour and stoic housing units were stripped of any sensitive information and “gifted” to the people of Arenal. Stephen still scoffed at that. Politics didn’t change. They might’ve cared about those people but so much of that charity was about the optics of having non-humans building slums on the edge of town and refusing to leave until they could get a job or some kind of human secret to sell. He had warned the member states of this happening, but as usual, they waited until the last possible moment, apart from some of the more charitable and humane countries.
And really, who hadn’t expected this? Humans wanted a piece of the magic pie, and they wanted a piece of the human pie. Besides, the humans were notoriously against slavery, or so they heard in whatever form of news they had, so they would most likely be completely safe from any incursion or raid from devils or otherwise if they setup shop near the human town. By the end of the third year the time-lapse showed an indicator of human life reaching jumping towards 200.000, and non-human life nearing a tenth of that.
When the go ahead for mass industrialization and exploitation of the land around the city was granted to various national and a few private ventures, that’s when the real boom began. The documentary zoomed out of the quaint and heavily fortified city that had a strange little extra circle of housing units right next to it where the various elves, dwarves and orcs lived. The zoomed-out view grew and grew until it showed most of the land that once was humanity’s in the past. Then the coloured borders grew and grew in a similar fashion as humanity lay claim to the lands that were unoccupied directly next to it. Then when they bordered the elves and dwarves, the borders continued to grow further as land was traded for technological secrets. The total amount of land secured in that year was roughly 1 million square kilometres, or twice the size of Spain.
Most of it was fertile. What wasn’t would be used for small production hubs or local centres. By the end of the 4th year everything was put to use. Smaller scientific hubs, airfields, space ports, massive farms the size of small countries. Local towns and transport and trading hubs. Most were in the hands of the most competitive powers. Together the East-Asia bloc and the US-EU bloc took up roughly one-half total. Then came the others; India, Russia, Brazil, Nigeria, and somehow Mars got a piece as well. The remaining 10 percent was divided further into the other countries that had also put up less in terms of scientists and budgets. But Ringtown kept growing and growing. Suburbs were pushed ever outward as the centre became ever more concentrated with multi-level rail networks, drone ports and high-rise buildings that were threatening to grow taller than the mountains they were next to.
The documentary continued, now nearing the final minute of the time-lapse and showing the last year in full swing. A fully concentrated commercial district popped up to accommodate the intricate international nature of the city and area, as well as the numerous scientific, industrial, logistical and agricultural endeavours that were going on in and around the city. By the end of the time-lapse the led lights of the shopping centres and commercial headquarters outshone the stars and had given rise to the idea that human streets were paved with gold.
The time-lapse ended with full tallies of important numbers. Invested; billions in every denomination worth something. Return on investment; nearing break-even already in some areas, others needing a few more years. Number of humans, slightly over 2 million. Number of non-humans, slightly under 350.000. And at the very centre of it all, built right above the particle accelerator, a similar circle building, held aloft through its connection to various high-rise towers and infrastructure hubs, was where the main wormholes to and from Earth were opened. Number of wormholes with almost constant connection to Earth; 27. The smallest large enough to feed and receive data from Earth’s satellites through laser bursts, the largest big enough to fit constructor ships that were carrying whole ten-story buildings. The shimmering light from that portal stood high and proud as waves of neon light swam over it.
The hair on Stephen’s arms stood up, so awe-inducing was the view. A view of what humanity could achieve if it just so happened that all their militaristic, scientific, political, cultural, social and economic goals aligned across all nations. A city of growth and prosperity, shared by hundreds of cultures and languages, a dozen species, and a heart of science and exploration.
The documentary ended their last bit with a summary of everything that had happened and what they knew so far. At the very end they gave a quick glimpse of the possible future. What was an open secret amongst every individual with a shred of strategic prowess. “What if humanity discovered the secret to what made magic tick?” The narrator asked. “And they could use that power and master it, as they have done through the centuries with the other fundamental forces?”
The documentary focused once more on the logistic and scientific heart of Ringtown, showing the various wormholes. “What if…” The documentary panned up and zoomed out, showing an empty sky with the city at the bottom. A new wormhole appeared, massive in size, dwarfing the skyscrapers at the bottom of the screen. Through it came a recognizable space ship that was the size of the city itself. A colony ship.
A new voice appeared. The pilot sounded business-like and stoic. “Ringtown command, this is colony ship U.N.S.S. New Light. Just arrived from Earth.”
“U.N.S.S. New Light, we receive you. Welcome. Closing wormhole in 5 minutes.”
“Roger, we’re already through.” The pilot replied as the massive colony ship kept on floating and started to turn around. A quick time-lapse once again, showing day turn to night as the colony ship turned around and did its last checks. “Ringtown command, this is U.N.S.S. New Light, we’re ready. Requesting a wormhole to star system designate Lightvale, coordinates 12-05-04-1990-31-07-Alfa-Zeta.”
“U.N.S.S. New Light, request received and granted. New wormhole will open up in 2 minutes and remain open for 10 minutes, please accelerate now.”
Stephen heard Katerina gasp, for her this was a new revelation. She was watching the ambition of every major power on Earth and beyond. If they could figure this one out, space travel would become infinitely more swift and cheaper by the trillions. And more importantly, they could keep a closer eye on what was going on.
2 Hours later
Stephen couldn’t sleep. As usual. He didn’t blame himself, nor did he worry about his work-induced insomnia. Because it was finally past midnight and his vacation was officially over. Katerina was in bed next to him. Would she notice if he sneaked out and grabbed his tablet? Should he just go full out and request the paper files and folders? Or should he just listen to her and stay in bed just this one night extra?
“Oh, just go already.” Katerina suddenly said, startling Stephen as his body reacted in shock, but his mind tried to reel it back and pretend to still be sleeping. This failure of indecision between flight and freeze made him spasm in bed. She lightly smacked him on the forehead.
“Ah, sorry dear.” Stephen said as he rubbed his forehead. “It’s just that it’s less than a week before all the ceremonies and other things, and a lot of other business as usual things have to be done concurrently.”
Katerina sighed. “I know, I understand. Just don’t forget what the doctor said. You’re 79 years old and nearing the retirement age. It’s alright to cut down some hours and delegate more. Besides, your future replacement will need all the practice they can get.”
Stephen smiled and kissed her on the forehead. Then lightly flicked her back on the forehead as well and got out lightly cackling as he got to work while her foot missed his ass.
Continued in comments because character limits are bs.
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2018.02.15 02:17 Jay444111 Spies totally sam porn

Okay, first before I do any single thing from here on out, I am going to put a gigantic warning here.
What kind of fetish's are we talking about? Fucking all of them.
The series is about 3 teenage girls as they are basically covert ops into a program called Whoop which... well... Whoops the ass's of super villains that actively try and perform James Bond level crimes... most of which involve fetish shit. Oh, and yes, skin tight outfits are the standard attire.
Sam is the smart one in green.
Alex is the one in yellow. The tomboy of the group.
Clover is the one in red, a valley girl and also has the most body transformation shit happen to her.
There is also Jerry their chief of Whoop who is a kickass old guy that could probably go toe to toe with Big Boss.
Now, more about the show, it usually shows what the super villain is doing, then the girls get called in to investigate, one of them gets involved in the fetish stuff... usually Clover. They escape, then they go in head first and defeat the big bad, find out that the fetish stuff is reversible and then go back to their lives as regular teenagers.
Also, it's a french show guys, that alone explains a ton.
What is important is that the show AWAKENED the fuck out of an entire generation. Whether that be furries with Clover turning into a cat girl. Latex outfits in every episode. Muscle girls, various monster girls, weird shit involving balloon heads, lots and lots of bondage, and most famously the Passion Patties episode about BBW.
If you were to type in Totally spies on deviantart, you will legitimately get instant fetish art on demand. Which fetish? All of them. As kids we didn't know it, but our minds knew and figured it all out later on as we figured out that, hey, that girl over there in that latex outfit is amazing.
Totally spies legitimately gave birth to a ton of fetish artists and possibly even helped create the first beginnings of porn patreons with the inspirations for fetish art.
So whether you like creepy sex stuff or not, the show wasn't the worst thing ever. I mean, it ain't even close to something like Looney Tunes, but it's something which having on in the background wouldn't be really bad. You might just discover something about yourself!
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2017.04.19 22:28 MugaSofer Sam totally spies porn

Aisha Laborn, AKA Imp, is a member of the supervillain team the Undersiders.
Physicals Fairly unexceptional teenage girl.

We had too much distance to cover before we could be sure of our safety. Or of Imp and Ballistic's safety, anyways. Even with another two minutes, or another five- well, people weren't that fast as a rule, and neither Imp nor Ballistic were runners. It looked like Imp had hurt herself in the fall.
- Prey 14.4
She's strong enough to wield a fire axe:
Flechette was loading for a third shot when a girl in black clothing with a horned demon mask and black scarf struck her weapon with a fire axe, splitting the metallic string and knocking it from her hand. - Parasite 10.3
She was beautiful, as feminine as Brian was masculine, with high cheekbones, a long neck and even though she was two or three years younger than me, she already had breasts larger than mine. I could be convinced to chop off a finger for legs, a waist and hips like hers.
Damn, this family had good genes.
You just needed one look at Aisha to know that she was going to be drop dead gorgeous when she had finished growing up. All that said, though, she had a streak of hair bleached and some of that bleached hair had been dyed into a stripe of purple. It was as though she had gone out of her way to look trashy, with ripped denim shorts over neon green fishnet leggings, and a strapless top I would hesitate to even call underwear. Any envy I felt towards her was accented by an almost offended feeling, as far as how she was spoiling what she'd been naturally given.
"Am I interrupting?" she said, her tone vaguely mocking, as she gave me a look I couldn't quite figure out.
- Tangle 6.3
Power While her power is active, Imp is impossible to notice or remember.
Flechette was loading for a third shot when a girl in black clothing with a horned demon mask and black scarf struck her weapon with a fire axe, splitting the metallic string and knocking it from her hand.
The girl with the horns was on our side, wait- I could almost remember her. Some relation to Grue.
Then it slipped from my recollection, and I was distracted by the fact that Flechette was disarmed, her weapon broken. How had that happened?
- Parasite 10.3
We were halfway up when we came across a pair of unconscious PRT officers. I looked at Tattletale.
"Imp did this," she told Regent and me. "She went ahead, remember?"
It took me a few seconds to realize who she meant.
It had to have been a grenade. The blast ripped through the upstairs hallway, and left me gasping even from inside the stairwell. Tattletale was up before I was, hauling me to my feet and up the stairs, Regent followed just behind us.
The grenade had been of the nonlethal variety, but not quite a flashbang. The gathered soldiers were reeling, stunned, and Imp was crouched by the only one who was still conscious. She drew a taser from her sleeve, tagged him, then stood. She had one of the PRT's grenade launchers slung over one shoulder, the flamethrower-thing in one hand, and the taser in the other.
- Parasite 10.4
She could slice Shatterbird's throat and they wouldn't even realize she was there.
They would, she suspected, realize that Shatterbird was dead or dying. There was a fifty-fifty chance, anyways, that it would force them out of whatever effect her powers had on their brains. It had happened to her before. - Interlude 13½ (Donation Bonus)
Her allies are able to talk about her while her power's active after a few missions with her:
"Imp is staying behind as well," Tattletale informed him, "So we've got redundancy there."
"Christ," Grue snapped his head from one side to the next, as if he could spot his sister that way. With a note of alarm in his voice, he asked, "Imp's still there?"
"Imp's perfectly fine, by the way. At least, I can't find her, but nobody's reacting like they found a spy in their midst."
- Plague 12.3
... but they still lose their memories of anything she's done recently.
My hair was tied around a piece of paper. I had to use my bugs to untie it.
I recognized the lettering. A series of symbols that all strung together so it was hard to tell where one began and one ended. I'd designed it, when I was making up the code to keep my superhero notes private.
I'd left myself a message? When?
As confusing as the message was, everything made sense when Imp made her presence known, dropping the veil of her power's effect.
Right. I'd had her tie the note into my hair so it wouldn't confuse or distract me while I was in the field, something I'd only notice after the fact.
- Monarch 16.2
Imp didn't give him a chance to touch her, backing away, swinging one hand through the air, as if to swat his hand away if he tried. "You've said enough! You don't want me to celebrate my first legit win where I was actually fucking useful? Fine! Don't want me to go on patrol? Fine! I'll accept that shit because I'll take orders from the guy who actually pays me. But if you're going to whine because I want to play video games with a teammate, I'm not going to stand here and listen to it! Deal!"
"If you'd just-" Grue started. He stopped and sighed.
"What?" I asked.
"I was going to say something," he said, turning around. "But I can't remember what."
-Monarch 16.6
Blocks senses other than sight:
"Put the weapon away," Cherish said, her voice quiet.
Aisha gulped, realizing the trap she'd just stepped into. "You can hear me?"
A second passed, and there was no response.
"Put it away, or I'm going to leave you quivering in a corner, shitting your pants."
"You can't hear me." Aisha gripped her weapon and stepped closer.
- Interlude 13½ Donation Bonus
She stopped as Crawler appeared in the doorway that led from the kitchen to the front hall, looking through to see his teammates on the far end. His voice was a mangled mess of sounds that only barely approximated anything like speech. "I don't smell anyone."
Smells can't find me, then, Aisha thought.
- Interlude 13½ (Donation Bonus)
Weird bug senses
"Christ. Skitter, can you send a few bugs over that way, tell me if she's in one piece?"
"Bugs sense things so differently, my brain can't translate what they see and hear into something I can process. It's all black and white blotches, high-pitched squeals and bass throbs." I paused. "Imp's perfectly fine, by the way. At least, I can't find her, but nobody's reacting like they found a spy in their midst."
- Plague 12.3
Operates passively:
It was like a dark joke, a grim comedy. Just when she'd started to figure things out, grow up and catch people's eye, the world went to hell and she got her powers. Now she became invisible if she lost her concentration.
Not that it was invisibility, really.
Her power didn't do anything because she wanted it to. It worked only if she surrendered to it, let it act on its own. Pushing it to work harder had the opposite effect.
- Interlude 13½ (Donation Bonus)
[Mind control] over me shorts out when I use my power, and that's any time he slips up or goes to sleep. Then he forgets who I am, and I'm free to come after him and fuck him up.
- Imago 21.3
Blocking the Clairvoyant, a borderline omniscient:
I used my hand to take hold of the clairvoyant’s.
My awareness started to unfold.
I could sense the entirety of the world, from atmosphere to ocean floor. I could, if I wanted to listen for it, hear the wind, the patter of rain, see the shimmers of heat on one side of the planet and the frost forming in caves on the other side of the planet, day and night at the same time.
I could count all of the individual collections of people. Using Doormaker, the Doctor had scattered mankind over every available earth. Collections of a few hundred to a few thousand. People used to civilized life were starting over from scratch. Makeshift shelters, fires, crafting tools. They were tired, frustrated, and above all else, they were scared. There was no news, no media, no way to follow the ongoing fight.
When I stopped looking, they didn’t leave my attention. They carried on in my peripheral vision, as that field of vision continued to grow with every passing second.
- Speck 30.3
I was preparing to go down with the clairvoyant, making sure we wouldn't break contact even if we had a hard landing, when I heard that voice again, small and afraid.
I couldn't place the recollection.
I could hear the voice again.
Another person appeared twenty or so feet to my left, startling me.
A gray mask, horned, with mischievous eyes, a mouth hidden by a scarf or cowl she'd piled around her shoulders. She was the source of the voice. She'd been with me, keeping me company.
- Speck 30.6
Blocking someone whose power is "can sense people":
"Do you sense her?" Imp asked.
"Her?" Sam asked.
"Guess not."
She stopped suppressing her power, and she could see the faces of the others change. Confusion.
"Four wheel drive. Don't care if it takes a while to get there. Besides, you can sense people, worst thing you can hit is a wall."
- Teneral e.2
Shielding other people:
"Right. If we go charging into this, we or one of his hostages will get killed." "I could go in," Imp said. "Get them, walk them out." - Monarch 16.13
"I marched the fatty out of the building as soon as I'd made sure the robots weren't going to attack again. Grabbed the keys from a cop and drove off. No way you can say I'm useless again, Tricksy." Trickster looked at her ‘guest'. "I won't." Director Piggot, the fat woman, was handcuffed and kneeling beside Imp, head hanging. - Monarch 16.2
"Imp?" "For this coming fight? Rescue," I said. "The enemy won't target her, they might not target anyone she can get in contact with. Fallen allies, captives, Imp gets them to safety." - Queen 18.4
"Weld," Skitter One spoke up. Her voice was quiet. "Surprised you're here. Did Imp help you get close?" - Scourge 19.1
Her power actively counters attempts to figure it out:
I was getting the distinct impression that it was easier to recall her and react as if she were present if I hadn't been actively trying to pay attention to her. It was almost as if actively trying to commit her presence to memory had the opposite effect. Except how was I supposed to put that knowledge into practice, if acting on that knowledge counted as recognizing her presence?
- Parasite 10.3
People forgot her as soon as they saw her, to the point that they didn't register her presence. She could feel it, her power rolling over her skin, jabbing outward, invisible to sight, touch and anything else, making contact with the people around her and pushing those memories away.
And like her metaphor comparing her memories to a broken arm, her power seemed to respond to the attention of her subjects; the harder they tried to remember and focus on her, the faster she slipped through their minds.
- Interlude 13½ (Donation Bonus)
Equipment Tools:
The two of us held flashlights, but Imp was barely paying attention to hers. She held a knife much like mine, and she dragged the point against the wall as we walked down the hallway, carving a groove into the paint.
- Parasite 10.1
The gathered soldiers were reeling, stunned, and Imp was crouched by the only one who was still conscious. She drew a taser from her sleeve, tagged him, then stood.
- Parasite 10.4
Around the girl guide stuff, she found a small tape recorder and an old pair of binoculars. After finding an old backpack that had never been emptied of the school supplies, she found some notebooks that had only been filled in about a third of the way. She tore out those pages and tucked the notebooks under one arm.
Everything went into a compact black handbag, along with her taser and knives.
- Interlude 13½ (Donation Bonus)
A distance away, Imp appeared, electrocuting Spree with a jab of her taser and bringing an end to the stream of duplicates.
- Imago 21.6
It's spider silk. Tensile strength like steel, but flexible enough to resist wear and tear that steel wire would experience. And it's lighter than the steel would be. Knives won't cut it.
Imp would wear hers as a simple black bodysuit, complete with a scarf and the horned mask Coil had provided.
- Colony 15.1
Imp had pulled up the spider-silk hood that I'd worked into her scarf, covering the back of her head, and cinched it tight. It wasn't perfect, but it was leaving her almost totally protected.
- Scourge 19.1
In the same moment, I turned to Imp and Imp turned to me. The black lenses of her mask met my yellow ones straight-on.
- Scourge 19.2
Weaknesses Some Sensory Powers:
Cherish (telepath, kinda)
"Put the weapon away," Cherish said, her voice quiet.
Aisha gulped, realizing the trap she'd just stepped into. "You can hear me?"
A second passed, and there was no response.
"Put it away, or I'm going to leave you quivering in a corner, shitting your pants."
"You can't hear me." Aisha gripped her weapon and stepped closer.
Cherish whirled around, her eyes flitting right and left, searching for Aisha. "I'll scream. He'll come in here, and a couple swings of his knife, he can cut you down, invisible or no."
"It's not invisibility," Imp said, uselessly.
- Interlude 13½ (Donation Bonus)
Tattletale (superpowered intuition/deduction)
We were halfway up when we came across a pair of unconscious PRT officers. I looked at Tattletale.
"Imp did this," she told Regent and me. "She went ahead, remember?"
It took me a few seconds to realize who she meant.
- Parasite 10.4
"You have seniority, you have more experience, you can apparently keep track of Imp, and you can identify our enemy's weaknesses."
"I'm not sure I have more experience," Tattletale admitted
- Colony 15.5
And Imp was there. She drew her knife across the psycho-Leet's throat. Eidolon froze as Leet staggered and slumped against the windowsill, blood pouring from the open wound.
I felt a momentary confusion. Leet was dead? Eidolon seemed to be reeling as well, but he recovered faster. He wheeled around to strike out with the effect again.
"Leet's dead," I said.
"How?" Tattletale asked.
"Throat slit."
"Imp. She's not listening to instructions. Did Eidolon attack Leet?"
- Queen 18.7
Othello (pet ghost):
"Imp and Valefor… your stranger powers against theirs makes for a troublesome fight. Imp is the one I would worry about first. Unpredictable, impossible to track."
"I'm suspicious my power cancels hers out, sir. My other self saw her get close to Butcher. I think she had a weapon." - Interlude 20
She looked down at Valefor. Her tone was more serious as she said, "I didn't think this man-slut would be able to see me."
"You know his powers," I said, glad for the change of topic. "Hypnotic stare, Tattletale said he might have other senses or augmented awareness to track his victims."
- Imago 21.3
In the dim light the monitors shed, I could see Imp trying the door by the stairs. It didn't open. I gave it a try and verified it had sealed shut. I wasn't entirely sure why I'd expected a different result. Maybe I'd been hoping Imp had been making a horribly timed joke? It wouldn't be beyond her. - Parasite 10.4
Aisha bit her lip. Maybe hope was the wrong word, because she didn't really feel anything on the subject. But she knew it would probably be better if her mom miscarried and the kid was spared this shit.
How much of Aisha's problems were because of her mom's lack of self-control and how many others were because of this environment? She'd grown up with a mom who'd never mentally or emotionally aged past fourteen or fifteen.
"You know how hard school was for me? Even as far back as kindergarten, I couldn't sit still. Teacher tells me three things, and by the time they've gotten to the third, I've forgotten the first. And Brian doesn't have any of that."
- Interlude 13½ (Donation Bonus)
Imp starts out as a newbie villain without a good grasp on her own powers.
We don't know how consistently her power works, or if it works in a group that large, and we can't be sure we know every power the people there have, if anyone has some extra senses that might bypass her ability.
- Plague 12.3
His voice was a mangled mess of sounds that only barely approximated anything like speech. "I don't smell anyone."
Smells can't find me, then, Aisha thought.
- Interlude 13½ (Donation Bonus)
Claims her power will work on someone in power armour:
"No way she got here this fast," Tattletale spoke, "She's based in British Columbia, on the other side of the continent. This has to be remotely controlled, like the one she used to fight Leviathan, which means the only eyes on you are digital, and-"
"She's not," Regent interrupted.
"So she's piloting that thing, then?" Imp asked. "My power works on her?" "We can't be sure," Tattletale spoke, "Don't risk it."
- Parasite 10.5
... but she's wrong:
On the third swing I saw Imp duck beneath the attack, then stumble back out of his reach, towards us.
"The fucking fuck!?" she shouted.
"Dragon can see you, you twit, and she's relaying directions to Weld!"
- Parasite 10.5
I wasn't willing to gamble that Calvert hadn't accounted for Imp with some kind of surveillance with an electronic filter, like the screen of Dragon's battlesuit.
- Monarch 16.12
People in suits. One held a laptop while the other typed on it.
"Imp, you can cease trying to run. My men have cameras on you," Calvert gestured toward the laptop.
Imp moved her mask to spit on the ground, just to my right. It was a bit of a shock to find her standing there.
- Monarch 16.13
Grue and Imp in interview room two. Put police tape and a sign on the door with a notice of Imp's stranger classification to remind people why it's shut and staying shut."
- Queen 18.4
Adult Imp After a time skip, Imp significantly increases in skill and control over her power. This version of Imp has relatively few feats, but most of them showcase her increased control.
She'd been attractive in that dangerous too-much-for-her-age way before, and to judge by her body alone, she'd grown fully into it. She was statuesque, wearing the same costume I'd given her two years ago, when she'd been shorter. A quick glance suggested she'd cut off portions to adjust, wearing high boots and elbow length gloves to cover the gap, and wore a cowl to cover the gaps in the shoulders and neck.
- Scarab 25.6
Save-scumming conversations:
"Yeah, no, not falling for that one again. So, Nero, Why don't we get this dialogue moving, and you give me the answers I want, or you can get shivved from behind like your second favorite emperor."
The blond boy made a ‘so-so' gesture with his hand.
"Fuck you," Imp said. "This witty villain banter is a bitch to do."
"Stop trying," Juliette said.
"I'm siding with Juliette, here," the blond boy said. "Maybe you're not the type for-"
Imp used her power, disappearing and then reappearing in quick succession. Not enough to be forgotten entirely.
She drew in a bit of a breath, then launched into it. "Why don't we get this dialogue moving, then? Give me the answers I want, or the only instruments playing at the end of this story will be your voice. Screaming."
The blond boy gave her a thumbs down.
She used her power.
"Start talking, Emperor," she intoned, sounding just a little weary.
- Teneral e.2
Talking while hidden:
"Hey," a female voice said, "Do me a favor, let me know if there are any traps at the bottom of the stairs?"
"Who-" Golem started.
"Just tell me."
"Acid," I said, raising my knife so I could defend myself if I had to.
Imp appeared as she booted the bleeding man in the small of the back. He rolled down the stairs, leaving spatters and sprays of blood as he made his way down, and then collapsed in a pile of bodies. He started screaming, a gurgling sound.
- Teneral e.2
Shadow Stalker drew the crossbow, aiming it, but Imp was already using her power. Shadow Stalker stood there in a daze for a moment, then holstered her crossbow. She fidgeted, pacing back and forth, then snarled aloud, kicking at a lump of snow at the edge of the roof, sending it up in a relatively pitiful flurry.
Anger with no outlet.
- Teneral e.2
Vs Tattletale:
"Seriously," Imp said, from right next to her, her chin resting on Tattletale's shoulder. Tattletale jumped a little, despite herself. "Five minutes, and you don't look at porn once?"
- Interlude: End
True evil:
I can leave little dolls all over someone's place, in less and less obvious places, until they snap, I can steal someone's pants every time they go to the bathroom, I can even, on occasions that warrant something above and beyond, use a knife on someone and leave them wondering what's happening to them as they bleed. But I ask some soldiers to babysit some orphans, and oh, now I'm little miss evilpants.
- Interlude: End
General Competence In partership with her brother, drives out most of the competition in a large area in just a few days:
"Seventy-five percent clear," Imp said. "The Chosen and leftover Merchants mainly moved into our territory and Regent's. Maybe we're not a hundred percent done, but when we scare people off, they stay gone."
"Good. Can you drive out the remaining threats in the next two days?"
"Got this far in three, don't see why not." - Colony 15.4
Stomps two copies of Skitter, complete with all her skills:
"You take fliers, I take ground?" one Skitter asked the other.
"Mm-hmm," the other Skitter grunted her reply.
"Whoopsie," Imp said. She'd appeared behind Skitter One. A slash of her knife ended Skitter One's contributions to the discussion. "Sorry to interrupt.
Miss Militia tested her weight on the staircase, then leaped down to ground level.
She trained a gun on Imp as she noticed the girl crouching over Skitter Two, the taciturn Skitter with the broken legs. Imp executed the girl, glanced at Miss Militia and shrugged.
- Scourge 19.1
Not a total idiot:
Grue smacked his sister lightly across the head. "Idiot! You're supposed to listen when we give you orders."
"I know why you were giving that order," Imp said. "You wanted me to clear out in case he smooshed this building. Except I knew I couldn't get out fast enough. I figured I'd take out that gun guy."
"Leet," I supplied.
"Leet, yeah."
Grue cuffed her across the head again.
"Hey!" Aisha said. Then she cringed, or winced, as if she was in pain. "Ow."
In a quieter voice, she said, "Ear hurts when I speak too loud. Stop hitting me. It was the right call."
- Queen 18.7
"She's a bit of a rebel, but she's not stupid," Tattletale said, "Trust her to hold her own."
- Plague 12.3
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2016.04.10 10:15 ArticulateT Sam totally spies porn

Ok, so last time our runners had completed their first task as professional criminals by rescuing a hostage from a small-time mafia family who ran future-McDonalds.
Since the cyberdeck they found took a month to fence, the group spend some time maxin' and relaxin' until they get a call from their fixer for another job. In the mean time, the players, now in a potentially proper campaign, apply some mild-strength retcon tonic to their characters.
Sam, the Elf Street Sammy, is no longer corp owned (as the Corp Born SIN drawback was fairly hard for both GM and Player to handle) and was now albino and an amnesiac. There were a few adjustments to their cyberware, so they were .3 more human than they were the last time.
Arturia, the Human Face, hadn't really changed much since the last time, other than having a code name. They still hold all the dice for social interactions, and refuses to share on them.
Whisper, the Human PhysAd, is now blind, but has a series of abilities and gear that effectively makes them Daredevil of the year 2072. Came into their adept powers at the age of twelve and was thoroughly enthralled with the Shadowrunning lifestyle throughout their youth, even after losing their eyesight.
The fixer was one of Arturia's contacts, and he was an Orc called Donahue.
Donahue, also known by his near-coincidental surname of Fixerville, wasn't like most fixers. While most would run a bar, restaurant or skype their clients from their cheeto and porn filled basements, Donahue was a realtor. He ran a 'legitimate business' by selling homes in a suburban area of Seattle. Some of the homes on his list (detached four bedroom homes in an 'ok' neighbourhood) he would have listed for extortionate prices, with their apparent quality indicating they were definitely weren't worth it to those who could afford them, and Donahue wouldn't budge on the price.
These homes were radio-shielded, lead-lined and constantly EMP'd, with a local talismonger going through them on occasion to ward them against magical eavesdropping. It was these homes that Donahue would permit his clientèle to meet in, discuss and get their jobs from.
The group met with Donahue at a nice house on 5th Street, and wandered inside while he continued to provide the smug-as-shit realtor sales-pitch. Even when he closed and locked the door behind him, the persona didn't stop, possibly indicating that this was just the normal Donahue.
As the group got comfortable, he explained that the job against the Fratellis had generated some level of unease among the mafia families of Seattle, especially since the group had implicated the Ciarnellis in the previous job. This meant there was a greater demand of runners to perform subterfuge and wetwork as the other families got a little unnerved by the apparent Ciarnelli power-push.
When Sam asked how their fixer knew it was them, since they paid good money for a hacker to scramble and erase information that they were there, Arturia admitted that he had bragged about it when the job was over.
Donahue then got down to brass tax and explained to the group that he had a Johnson waiting for them at a downtown restaurant known as 'Martinis', and that the restaurant was kind of fancy, so they would likely need to go shopping for some nice clothes prior to the meet, especially since the Johnson was kind enough to pay for the meal.
This lead to a brief shopping montage, as it was more or less explained to the group that a good show of etiquette when getting dressed for a meet was to wear something that emphasised your group role. Arturia wore something formal and graceful, to indicate his role as the group face, Sam wore something formal, though also practical and adjusted to permit ease of movement, and Whisper wore something of a cross between a suit and formal robes of a martial artist, to help emphasise their adept abilities.
Martinis itself was a two-function affair; the ground floor was a nightclub, with a long line of late-teens and young adults waiting for their turn to get drunk and dance, while the first floor was a fancy-pants restaurant with a somewhat smaller, more refined line outside.
Leaving their weapons in security boxes by the door and being padded down by security, the group head inside and are guided by a waiter to the table (they were offered menus, and sadly didn't have any in Braille, but did have an audio version of the menu, or could fetch one of the interns to read the menu to Whisper. Whisper just opted to have one of his teammates do that.)
Mr. Johnson, a Minotaur of prim and proper demeanour, was already at the table and delicately sipping on a nice red wine As the group sat down, ordered their meals and favoured wines, the Johnson got right down to business before the food could arrive.
Due to the Ciarnelli power push, his employer would like to get some information on some of their more illicit business transactions, and had reason to believe that an automechanic on the edge of the Redmond Barrens was serving as a covert distribution point for BTL chips. Now, this wasn't inherently terrible, though the chips they specialised in were the kind of things that weren't so innocent. (Instead of skydiving, for example, it would be things like torturing or being tortured, that sort of thing).
He wanted the group to go in and find all the information they can within their nexus, as well as find a journal. When asked what the journal might look like, Johnson explained it wasn't like a standard tablet or dataslate, but an actual leather bound journal. It was curious, but it was reasonable to assume that, in a world so digital, going backwards might be one of the better security options.
The group was offered 20k Nuyen for the job, which was negotiated up to 25k due to Face powers, with a 5k bonus if they perform the job without them thinking that anything is immediately wrong.
Task accepted, Johnson and Arturia shook hands and the deal was made just as the main course was brought to the table. The group enjoyed a delicious, though not entirely filling meal, with Johnson footing the bill as promised before he excused himself and lumbered off.
The task before them, the runners proceeded on their jobs. Arturia got in contact with Donahue to see if he knew where to find a book they can replace the journal with, and was pointed in the direction of Fracas, a talismonger in midtown who might have something of that nature. Then, they contacted another one of the Fixer's contacts, a hacker (who was decidedly made Sandra Bullock's character from The Net)) who would might be able to hack the building. Upon being unable to do so, either by an enemy hacker or a damn good firewall, the group picked up a wireless matrix dongle that they could use, as well as being on the look out for a decker in the building.
With their gear acquired, they went over to the site, only to find it seemingly in the middle of a Lone Star raid, at least from the outside. Squad cars and beat cops form a perimeter around the building. Using their senses, Whisper detects one of the cops to be a mage, with a total of eight people being immediately visible to his ultrasound.
Arturia heads over to the barricade and talks with one of the beat cops, rolling god-like con rolls to convince the guy to let him and his partner, Sam, into the building. While this occurs, Whisper manoeuvres to the back of the building, using their gecko-grips and adept skills to scale the wall to an exterior window.
Sam and Arturia are introduced to the Lieutenant on duty as Special Agents Black and White, and they request a private conversion with the lieutenant, as well as the clerk behind the counter. They're brought into the garage area, where they find a Dodge Rhino (A big, fuck off APC) that had been stripped of its wheels, windows and almost all of the interior (seats, gadgets, everything) and the doors had been welded shut.
As the two convince the clerk that they can get rid of Lone Star, and are aware of the BTL dealing, they stay behind in the garage to inspect the Rhino. Sam disables the cameras before they snoop around and find a pair of datasticks (one labelled Blueprint, the other labelled Transcript) on a workbench. As they prepare to leave, Arturia spies a grate in the wall shift open, and a pair of Ferret drones roll out, tasers raised.
Of course, these are Ferret model drones, the kind you'd get for personal security and punishing mild belligerents rather than fighting two highly trained runners, and in a matter of two rounds, the drones are disabled. Looking through the camera of one, more face powers are applied to intimidate the shit out of the decker on the first floor.
the 'Special Agents' head upstairs, finding the elf decker in the common room, backed against a wall and shakily aiming a pistol at the two, but with Sam helping with the intimidation, the elf drops his weapon and heads downstairs to sit with the Lone Star cops. With the way clear, a window is opened to let Whisper in, and the three make their way to the office where the building's owner is going over some paper work, but not before attaching the wireless Matrix dongle to anearby data port and letting Sandra get to work.
Giovanni Ciarnelli is a portly man, a light shade of red on his face as frustration mounts over the sheer volume of paperwork covering the place. Special Agents Black, White and now Brown, introduce themselves and explain to the man the same schtick from before; that they know about the BTL business and will be able to get rid of lonestar. Sadly, intimidation doesn't immediately work since the fellow is highly aware of how much pull the Ciarnelli family seems to have, but it does provide enough distraction for Whisper to palm the journal, found on a nearby shelf, and replacing it with the blank one.
After a brief moment of negotiation from the 'Agents', the three leave, telling Lone Star that they have all they need and that they can go home (Face rolls high, Lieutenant crit-glitches). Hopefully, their little run would make the Lone Star goons the prime suspects if and when the Ciarnellis notice their paydata is gone.
The group drop off the data at a bar called Murray's in downtown, their contact being an old dwarf named Joseph. The transaction is quick and easy, and the trio suddenly become 30k richer. All in all, a good run.
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2016.04.09 16:15 TheCanadianInfernape Sam porn spies totally

To wait for the hiatus, I will be rewatching every episode of SVTFOE, and ranking them from worst to best. This is still my opinion, so don't get your horns in a twist.
I remember I said a while ago that my least favourite episode was Brittney's Party. That has changed since I saw The Other Exchange Student. This episode isn't even close to making my Top 20 Worst Cartoon Episodes. I wouldn't even put it in the Top 100. The problem is this Replaced = Jealousy trope has been used to death (one of the worst to use this trope was A Pal for Gary from Spongebob). What doesn't help is Star's mental deterioration throughout the episode breaks quite a few boundaries (almost like a torture porn), and how ignorant Marco and his parents are towards Star in favour of Gustav seem WAY out of character.
Favourite Part(s):

I honestly don't hate this episode as much as I used to. It was more of a bland episode than actual things that pissed me off. One thing that questioned me. How can Marco be carsick if he could ride a bus with no problem in Interdimensional Field Trip? Another thing I personally hate is the Mean Girl trope, which is overused in MANY cartoon shows including Kim Possible or Totally Spies. Oh right, it's Disney. Of course.
Favourite Part(s):
This episode was meh in my opinion. Ferguson and Alfonso's inclusion in this episode wasn't that great. Most of the time they were dead weight for Star and Marco. Not to mention they both fall in love with the Pixie Queen. Also, the episode goes from an overpaid phone bill, to the kingdom of Pixtopia, to the shard mines, to interspecies marriage in 0 to 100 mph. That's right. The pacing is WAY off in this episode and too much happens that it is confusing as to what happens next. It has a few funny moments here and there though.
Favourite Part(s):
Also more of a bland episode rather than an episode that made me angry. This episode actually had a good moral behind it and good character development from Star, learning not to be overdependent on magic. How do they end the episode now that Star learnt a new lesson? Oh yeah, have Star do something manually when Marco might actually NEED magic to save himself. That was kinda funny and unsettling at the same time. It's kinda disappointing leading up to the season finale, but it got the job done otherwise.
Favourite Part(s):
I swear, this is the third bland episode on this list. Most of the weaker episodes are bland, but I still think they're alright on a good level. The reason this episode is kinda low is because of how the climax is resolved. It was very funny to see Marco get tortured using WET SOCKS. As a way to end the climax however? Meh.
Favourite Part(s):
I really didn't want to see this episode at the bottom of the pile. However, this one is here because there are TONS better episodes, and most of this episode was filler. It's just Star and Marco trying to change a character WE KNOW is still going to be evil at the end of the episode as the 'Status Quo is God'. This episode was more filler for me but it can be seen as otherwise.
Favourite Part(s):
PAGETURNER: start || 24-19 || 18-12
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2015.11.23 02:12 chibuezephoibos [SPOILERS] My Thoughts on Spectre

Hello 00's, I just got back from seeing Spectre earlier today and decided I would comment a little on the spoiler review thread, but my comment turned into a full on review, so I figured I should just make a separate post about it. So, without further ado, here goes.
Although a lot of people are saying that this latest installment is returning Bond to its old days, I completely disagree. In fact, it does the exact opposite.
We'll start with the cold open. To say the least, it left a lot to be desired. Although I could immediately tell it was Bond who was in the costume, elements of the sequence felt a lot like a rehash of the street Carnaval scene from Moonraker. Moving into the scene, the sexual encounter felt very forced, we don’t know who the woman is, something that is unusual in the Bond films, and all of Craig’s dialogue and actions felt very over acted.
Now, to the song. Before I begin I would just like to state that I don’t care whether or not a man or a woman sings the theme. But, I think it’s safe to say that as far as Bond themes go, this one was pretty bad. Obviously, it wasn’t as bad as some of the later themes like Madonna’s Die Another Day or Duran Duran’s A View to a Kill, but it was still pretty bad. The song itself was not written for the movie, it was just a song Sam Smith happened to have recorded already. As a result, it has little to do with the plot of the film and unlike almost every other Bond theme it didn’t mention the name of the film. As for the opening credits sequence, I was speechless. I found the whole thing very unconventional. Showing Bond naked and being caressed by women was never done before, as the most we saw of him in previous intros was his CLOTHED silhouette gliding through the frame. The close-up kissing and tentacle porn sequence was very unnerving and by closing the sequence just as it had opened with the image of the ring was unusual. Overall, a confusing and somewhat repulsive opening credits sequence.
Now let’s talk henchmen. The big dude who never speaks felt like a Jaws remake, but in contrast to our beloved metal-mouthed giant, his backstory was underdeveloped, unexplained, and his sequences were short lived. For example, why did he paint his thumbnails silver? We’ll never know. Its details like that that left me confused. Why add them if they aren’t explained? The only time we see him and Bond have an actual fight was in the train, which felt almost identical to the fight scene between Jaws and Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me (Moore), and its ending and ultimate disappearance of the unnamed henchman left me disappointed by the lack of continuity.
The villains also felt disappointing. The Bond-Blofeld story was also poorly developed. It came off almost like a reworked Austin Powers backstory. For those of you who don’t remember, Austin Powers in the twin brother of Dr. Evil; two men who part ways in young adulthood and join different sides of the same conflict. Just ew, really. I also found way too many elements were reused from older Bonds, especially OHMSS, like the clinic at the top of the mountain, Bond trying to catch Blofeld once again, as well as the whole thing with Dr. Swan being White's daughter, just like Dalton has to befriend Blofeld's Daughter to gain access to Spectre in OHMSS. Also the final scene was reminiscent of OHMSS. Bond and the girl drive off into the distance in a beautiful classic Aston (Dalton’s 1969 DBS, and Craig’s 1964 DB5). But instead of the girl and Bond being married and Blofeld killing the girl, they just drive off happily ever after.
As for casting, the only major issue I had was with the lack of Felix Leiter. Apart from having his name dropped once by Bond in conversation with Madelein we don’t see him, which is a shame, because I thought Jeffrey Wright did a good job in Casino Royale.
Back to the nitty gritty. The entire movie felt really boring and apart from certain parts of the opening sequence and the train fight, the whole film was really slow. Just a bunch of talking, and walking, and more talking, and more walking, and for all of that dialogue, none of it felt like any sort of exposition. It was just dialogue for the sake of dialogue, and it wasn’t even interesting. All of the fight scenes and chases felt wrong. The car chase was 5-10 minutes of linear driving through an EMTPY Rome. Driving down the main boulevards in Rome at any time of day is almost impossible. The traffic is nearly as bad as it is in LA, 24/7. The train fight was also done in a practically empty train apart from maybe two other people sitting in the dining car and the waiter. The kitchen car was empty even though people were having dinner, and the only other person we saw on the train was a guy who he handed his tuxedo to. And just like in The Spy Who Loved Me, Bond is wearing a white tuxedo, and the girl is wearing a silver dress. More reused elements.
Coming back to the dialogue, it felt like it was trying to be something it wasn’t. The film is dark, depressing, and action focused, but the dialogue tried to add elements of the Moore era that didn’t really belong. Witty dialogue was out of place. For example, during the car chase, James presses the atmosphere button which plays some jazzy music as set up by 009, presumably for when he wants to woo a lady. In that same scene, the two cars are going down a narrow alley, and a large Italian man in a small blue fiat gets in the way, to bond pushes him with the Aston and the Italian guy comes to a slow stop hitting a decorative barrier post at the end of the alley. Sure, people laughed, but it felt wrong, just like any witty remark James made at all during the film. The best comparison I can draw is that attempt at Moore-esque dialogue was like putting horseradish and anchovies into a cake. I think that says enough.
That appropriately brings me to my next issue. This movie did not know what it wanted to be. It felt like a complete remake of OHMSS. The Craig movies have all progressively gone away from the classic Bond structure and come closer to the Bourne movies; typical blank slate, and generic story action fluff pieces. I’m part of the late Brosno early Craig generation, but I grew up in a family of Bond lovers and saw all of the films alongside the new releases. Thanks to that, I became somewhat of a Bond purist. And now, I miss the older films, with insane villains, ridiculous bases in ice castles, hollowed out volcanoes, or underwater spiders. I miss the diabolical plans to take over the world with giant space lasers, nuclear warfare, and solar manipulation. And most of all I miss a funny Bond. A guy who, although womanizing and breathtakingly handsome, has a relatable charm and whit about him that makes him seem closer to the average movie goer. Instead, now we have boring villains, with boring bases and boring plans to take over the world. Gone are the moon bases and submarines and in come the plans of total economic domination. Our beloved Bond with his charm and whit becomes a gritty blanket action hero. To paraphrase Karl Marx, “A spectre is haunting Europe”, and it seems it’s doing exactly that.
(Overall Rating 6/10)
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2015.08.22 10:18 RunnerPakhet Sam totally spies porn

Almost a week ago, I posted and asked about ideas, about how to clean out an entire building of goons. And yeah, as I got many helpful replies, I wanted to tell you, how the entire mission went. And yes, I am fully aware that shadowrunners are supposed to be professional criminals, but somehow our group is less and less so.
This was a solo run - or at least it was supposed to be - of Pakhet, my character, though she took an NPC along first. But yeah, in the end it was a team of six runners working on this. The poor GM had to NPC everyone, but the Doc.
The escalated search for a prostitute
I start of with Pakhet, because that was the adventure that escalated. But it started with a simple enough mission: Later that evening, after she had finished work, she phoned her fixer, if he had any sort of “small job” for her. Yes, he had. A prostitute had gone missing several days ago and had know appeared in a pretty hardcore simsense porn online. Find her and – if possible – bring her back alive.
Alright. So Pakhet phoned Murphy, as she basicly felt, that she owed him (after all he had lost his nice armor on a mission she was his bodyguard on) and after all: That charismatic elf kid normally is really good at getting information out of people.
Well, they are at Hamburg and of course there is St. Pauli and the Kiez, on which the girl had gone missing. They knew in what general area the girl had last been seen, so they went there the next day on noon to look for anything that could help them. Of course because it was noon most people being around there where tourists and very few prostitutes and other people who, for example, owned “businesses” there. Pakhet got quite annoyed after she got asked by such a business owner, whether she wanted “work”. But at least they got some information out of that guy: A nearby bar, where the girl used to hang out at. Well, he did not exactly give them the information knowingly, but they got it either way.
So after changing disguises Pakhet and Murphy went to that bar later that day. Apparently it was really mostly a normal bar (even though one could rent rooms above it) and discotheque. Murphy went with his SIN, according to which he was the son of some rich ass and as Pakhet's SIN went for “private security” she was his bodyguard. So he started to aggressively flirt with a few girls, while Pakhet went to talk with the bar keep, complaining about her job being a glorified babysitter. After a while she went on with the story, that she was supposed to get back money from “that girl”, because the kiddo went over his allowance. So she found out, where the girl was working. “Kiddo” though also found out, who her boyfriend was and after a few minutes in the matrix Pakhet was able to find out, where he lived.
The two of them decided to first go to the boyfriend – because maybe he knew something. After all the guy she was working for was most likely the Johnson and hopefully he had already given all the information he had. Murphy managed to con them into the building without much of a problem and was able to get a hold of the boy, who was still living with his parents. He had not seen the girl for the last two weeks and when she had run of after a party. But he was really worried, which is why Pakhet decided to not tell him about the porn part. The boy was very helpful but did not know much. But it seemed that he had taken up a fight with the girls pimp (aka our Johnson) and gave them some hints, that made them think that the Johnson indeed might know more then he had told them.
Well, Murphy and Pakhet went to the bordello owned by our Johnson – but once again disguised. Pakhet wanted to actually go flirt with the pimp, because she concluded after some observation, that he let his guard down way to much around women. Murphy, though, was totally against it, because he could not handle how “out of character” it would be for her – at least the way he knew her. So he went with a new disguise (an “ex lover” of the girl) and tried to get some information. But it was a dead end.
Okay, that seemed to be leading to nothing, so the two of them thought about what could have happened to the girl. Obviously the most probable answer was “snatchers”. Both did not know much about snatchers but Murphy is not leader of his small gang of street kids for nothing. A few calls to his brothers and sisters and they knew where different snatcher gangs where working from including some information to what kind of people they were selling “slaves” to. So they obviously went with a snatcher gang who got girls for porn and prostitution. They watched them take a girl at a parking lot and followed them... Till those guys were controlled by the police. Somehow they managed to con their way out, but the girl was taken to a hospital and the snatchers retreated. And so Pakhet and Murphy had to go on and watch them. This time they were able to follow them with Pakhet having a fly-spy drone land on their van and follow the signal. That was: Until her drone console was being hacked. She had to shut off the control (after all she is a street sam, no decker) but still was able to follow the signal.
When the signal stopped she suspected a trap and parked away from it – just for her car to start again. Great, that thing was being hacked, too. Well, damn it. She removed the car battery, because it was the fastest thing to do. Just for her to be shot at by drones. Great. Just great. Pakhet managed to get into the car, just for three snatchers and two drones to start firing at the car.
Well, what those snatchers had not anticipated was that the Jack Rabbit was a fucking tank that could take way more hits. So while Pakhet changed into her proper armor, Murphy fired at the snatchers with magic. After he took out one of them and the two drones (thankfully his speciality is electro magic) sending the rest to flee. By then Pakhet was done changing and took the two snatchers and the rigger out with her Para-Shield. She bound them up with cuffs and first took a look into their van, to find an unconscious girl. But Pakhet would not be Pakhet, if she was not prepared. She examined the girl and realized that she had been narcojected. As Pakhet herself uses Narcoject for the Para-Shield she had the antidote with her and woke the girl up. The girl – of course – was frightened, especially as Pakhet of course would not remove her helmet. But thankfully Murphy was there and with his winning smile he got the girl's trust (and a bit more).
Meanwhile Pakhet phoned the Doc to help her with those snatchers, who needed to be dropped somewhere. She ordered Murphy to get her (now pretty beaten up) car back to the hospital and used her time, to use some antidote on one of the snatchers. The guy woke up with a gun to his head and basicly shit himself, once he realized that: “You are the invincible iron bitch!” Well, great, apparently Pakhet had made herself a street legend name. But yeah, the guy spilled all the beans and said, where those girls were held and the porn was shot and so on.
While Murphy drove off (oh, he will be so dead, once Pakhet finds out, that he fucked that girl in her car) the Doc arrived and he and Pakhet decided to drop the snatchers of at the next parking lot and give an anonymous tip to the police. The doc had contacts within the police, so no problem. Pakhet wanted to basicly instantly go, storm the building and get the girl out, but the Doc managed to talk sense into her. So they both drove back to the hospital (where they live) and waited for the next day.
Sadly on the next day they got the message, that there was too little evidence against the snatchers and that they would probably not be charged. Well, shit, but Pakhet and Doc went to the building, where the porn was shot and ninja'd their way in. On the third story they found some suspicious looking stuff, but no porn. The next story was the same. But on the fourth story they not only found a couple of guards, but also rooms in which the porn was shot. Mostly due to dumb luck they stayed unnoticed. And yeah, the porn shot there was some hardcore rape porn – with the rape being real and some of the girls and boys being raped being just teenagers. Same on the next story. On the seventh story they also found something, that basicly can only be discribed as a “butcher's medical facility” where a girl was fitted with a sim rig.
Pakhet needed quite a bit of self-restraint to not do something stupid. You need to see, Pakhet is overly protective of “the innocent”, especially children. She also hates people who imprison people for sinister reasons, she hates rape and rapists and she has a thing about people breaking other people's will that ticks her off, too. So, yeah, this is basicly what hell looks like to her. But thankfully she had enough self-restraint to not start of a fight, because she and the doc had been hopelessly outnumbered.
Once again they had to retreat to the hospital, but she phoned Murphy to come there the next day. She also phoned Alice, an elite technomancer, who normally is overly expansive but agreed to go for half the price (after all she almost ended up in such a situation herself). And the doc phoned Hazel, his new matrix security for the hospital. So with this team they met the next day around noon and started to make a plan. Storming the building was out of the question. Even if the rest of our main team was present, they would still be outnumbered. Alice suggested to send the video the doc and Pakhet made of the interior of the building to ProSEX (a coalition of prostitutes, former prostitutes and people who care about the lawfulness of prostitution with some political influence in Hamburg), but Pakhet did not quite trust them, as those guys work together with HanseSec and we all knew HanseSec is corrupt and incompetent and also tend to criminalize the SINless. Still, to give them a chance Pakhet sent Murphy, to try to get into contact with ProSEX. But as they did not knew, whether ProSEX could be trusted another plan was needed. So Alice was asked to hack into the buildings security and also try to find out anything about those guy running the thing, while Hazel was going to cross reverence databases of missing persons with the girls Doc and Pakhet had seen in the building.
While the backup plan was set up to probably use NeuroStun gas, the Doc started to brew up antidote for that stuff, while Pakhet made another phone call. She knew she could not trust her fixer with this, so she phoned Mr Schmidt, the Johnson from out Gas-Rig-Adventure, whether he knew people, who could help. Indeed he knew one person. A runner, who had formerly been a sex slave and had been freed, so he would not only know people working against this, but also was likely to help.
Alright, so Pakhet phoned that runner, who went by the street name of Jack. He suggested, that they could meet up in a bar. Accidentally the one bar Pakhet and Murphy had been investigating in a few days ago. Well, as the barkeep had promised her a free drink for “the evening” she went there earlier then the meeting time. Thankfully the same barkeep was working there and while doing small talk she tried to find out some information. Then a guy showed up and started aggressively flirt with her. Annoying. When he would not let it go, she tried a prank and ordered him a very spicy drink... But he would not stop. Great. Well, it turned out, that guy was Jack, who tried to find a not too suspicious way to get her in one of those rooms over the bar. So Pakhet played along after a while and both of them went to the back.
A few hints ticked Pakhet of to realize, that the guy was probably a former Bunraku, but she did not say anything. Jack agreed to help for near to nothing but a date and did also contact a few people he knew could help.
Pakhet received a few mails and a phone call. The phone call was from her fixer. Apparently the porn guys had been warned, that she was after them and they had played a bounty on her head and had hired a few runners, as well, to take her our, if she was to come near the building again.
Murphy meanwhile had found some information: He had found somebody from ProSEX, who could be trusted and would meet with Pakhet. He also had found out of a former runner, who was now running an orphanage and who also agreed to meet with us the next day. Back at the hospital she also got the information from Alice and Hazel. At least ten of the girl had had a SIN and for five there was even some bounty, if they were brought back to their family. Also Alice had managed to hack several stuff in the building, to find out that they had upped the security there and had installed additional tech security, against which our sneaking gear would probably be useless.
So the next day Pakhet met with the ProSEX woman in a church (a place Pakhet never had set a foot in, if not for a run) and after some talk got the problem with the SINless, the ProSEX woman agreed to take care of that. Also she said, that there were some HanseSec people, who could be trusted and who would take care, that the scum would end up in Big Willy for a long time.
One problem though: Pakhet could hint, that maybe there would be more security then seen on the videos, but not of the runner team preparing a trap for her, because that would maybe blow her cover.
Well, only so much one can do. So first of all she and Murphy went to meet up with the woman, who owned the orphanage, which actually was a very oldschool farmhouse outside of Hamburg. The woman – “Mother Goose” – was friendly, though she warned Murphy quite insistently about his mentor spirit. But she agreed to help, so we could hide the girls there for a few days. Also she knew some people who could help, too.
After that Murphy and Pakhet were on their way to meet with the Doc, who had been looking for some psychiatrists who would be willing to work in the shadows for a while, when a gull started to fly next to them. Well, it turned out that at least Pakhet knew the gull – and the gull knew her. Because it was a air spirit, that several times now had been summoned by Kah Pak and apparently somehow had become a free spirit since the last time, the group had seen it. Because the spirit loved fish Pakhet got some fish to feed it. The spirit asked quite a few questions about the physical world (especially about meta human obsession with metal). And it asked what Pakhet and the others were up to, so Pakhet told it. But it flew away before they got to the doc.
Alright, later they got the information, that ProSEX were going to make their move the next day around noon. So Pakhet, the Doc, Murphy, Hazel and Jack went into the area of the building a while before that. After all there was still a runner team waiting there for Pakhet and who would like to keep them waiting? We spyed the area with drones and found the other runners. Well, two sharp shoots were waiting on a sky scraper.
Murphy – who was kinda pissed, that Pakhet's plan for him was to play bodyguard to Hazel (because she was afraid, that he would end up a Bunraku) – insisted that he could take them out. Well, as he can shapeshift into a crow and hence would easily get onto the building, Pakhet agreed. So Murphy flew up there, only to meet a certain gull on the way up there. The spirit actually had decided to help. And so Murphy took those guys up there out with some little magic and then helped Doc and Pakhet to set up a trap for the other runners, who also were taken out easily.
So far so good. But now Murphy had a problem, when a toxic spirit suddenly came for him. A spirit summoned from a guy working for the porn guys, but that acted right now against its orders. Because toxic spirits don't like Murphy. So Murphy and the gull had a fight against the spirit and somehow managed to get out of it mostly unscathed even before the rest could come and help.
The entire shoot out had confused HanseSec, who were already watching the building and decided to move in earlier. So, nothing much to do for us anymore. We drove the van into an alleyway and watched with the drones. HanseSec actually did a good job for once, until the gangers took the girls hostage. But thankfully we had still a decker with us, who used the electrics against the gangers. Nothing, that did much damage, but it was enough for HanseSec to find an opening to take the last few gangers out.
The group watched how everyone got taken away. The gangers as prisoners, the girls either to hospitals or to ProSEX shelter houses. Jack helped to find out where the girl, Pakhet had been tasked to find had been taken to, so she phoned the boyfriend to go see the girl and for heaven's sake help her stay out of trouble. After that Pakhet phoned her fixer, that she “sadly had not been able to take the girl back, as apparently the girl was been taken under protection from HanseSec”. Of course her fixer saw right through it, was a bit pissed and she would have probably had to carry the consequences, if it had not been canceled out by all the other stuff.
So, yeah, no reward, apart from the stuff we got from the snatchers we had beaten up, but we did not sell those things. A completely altruistic mission. And I have to wonder, when exactly Pakhet went from “being motivated by money, though having a certain code of honor” to actually doing good. Well, the answer probably is, that her main motivation right now, is to get the doc out of the shadows and somehow hanging out with the Doc ended up with him rubbing of on her.
Funny enough: In Game at the same time, Slap and Dacart were working on a similiar case. A boy, that had gone missing. His sister asked them for help. They found him. The Likedeeler had him hooked on drugs. They brought him to his sister and Dacart - though having risked much more, then Slap - did not want the reward, as it was the sisters money. So: Yeah, even more altruism.
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2013.07.20 05:26 MostMysticalSkaman Porn spies totally sam

HI! Its me again, in case you forgot, I run a ska radio show called Skawesome Sundays, broadcasting every sunday night from 7 to 10 pm PST
Anways, thats not what this post is about. I have a TON of music that I play, but I still feel like I'm missing out on tons of bands. Every week I get requests for bands I haven't ever heard of. Its a huge bummer to me to tell people that I dont have them to play, or what have you.
I figured the best place to go to get help with this issue is the awesome Ska community of Reddit. I'm going to post a list of all the bands I currently have and play, as well as some comps that feature artists and unreleased material. If something is missing, please comment and tell me a band that I should add (links would be amazing!!!!!) ALSO! Im going to asterisk any bands that I only have 2 or 3 songs for, so if you have a way to get more songs then post as well.
Please help me, help the community. Increasing the ska I can broadcast helps everyone become new fans. And honestly, we need that up here in washington... not much of a scene anymore :(
Without further adieu, my database:
Spunge 4 Point 0** A.W.O.L.** Action Shot Affordable Lawyers** Against All Authority** Alcojuana** Allstonians** Animal Chin** ASOB Askultura** Authority Zero** B. Lee Band/ The Chinkees Backyard Dog** Bad Manners** (this is just from me being lazy, my apologies) Ballyhoo! BAMF** Be Like Max** (I think I have all of thier recordings but im not sure) Bedouin Sound Clash** Beng Beng Cocktail** Big D and the Kids Table Bim Skala Bim Blame Sydney Blindspot** BTMI Bombshell Academy** Bombskare Bottlerocket/ Totally Awesome Fun Band***** <--- do want more Brass Hysteria** Buck-O-Nine Bujie and the Highrise* Case of the Mondays Catch 22 Chase Long Beach Cherry Poppin' Daddies Chilled Monkey Brains CodeRad Corporate Fandango** Counting Coins** Crosstown Collision Crowned King** Dan P / Dan P & the Bricks Dancehall Crashers** Dave's Big Delux** Dave Hilliard and the Rocksteady 7 Deal's Gone Bad** Demon Waffle Diablotones** Downbeat Rulers** Drinking Water Dwarves** (I dont think they have more than one or two ska songs, but I got their cover of KKK Took My Baby Away if thats their only one) Edna's Goldfish** Emily's Army English Beat Evokatones Fandangle** Fatter Than Albert** Fishbone Five Iron Frenzy Flashlight** Flying Racoon Suit For Pete's Sake Front Seat Fiasco Gamblers Die Broke Gangsters** Georgetown Orbits Go Big Go Jimmy Go** Goldfinger Hepcat* Heptet* High School Football Heroes Hipster Daddy O and the Handgrenades** I.A. No Moral* Insatiable* Instant Winner* Jefferies Fan Club* Joystick Juice/ The Waywards KGB* Kind of Blind** La Mancha De Jardin** Left Alone Leftover Crack* Les Happycuriens* Less Than Jake Link 80 Locust Street Taxi** London Ska Orchestra Longbeach Dub Allstars Los Furios Los Kung-fu Monkeys** Lowdive** Lurk Nasty Mad Caddies Madness Master Mahan May Weather Mephiskapheles* Mock Turtle Soup* Morning Glory* Mrs Skannato* Mu330 Mustard Plug My Man Friday* Mysterians Natalie Wouldn't New Morty Show* New Riot* Nigel Mustafa Night Gaunts** <--- files I have dont work NinjaSpy** Nix 86* No Doubt No Such Noise!* NoFX One Groovy Coconut* Operation Ivy ORESKABAND* Original Middle Age Ska Enjoy Club** Pain Pepper* Perfect Thyroid* Pimpbot Poke Da Squid Potshot* Puffin* Rancid Reel Big Fish Regatta 69* Ryth-O-Matics* Royal Crown Review Royal Winnipeg Porn Orchestra* Rude Buddha Rude King* Rude Tuna Ruder Than You* Run and Punch* RX Bandits* S.M.S. Save Ferris Seven Foot Politic* Show Me Island* Skablins SkaBucks* Skalie* SKAM Skanatra* Skandalous All-Stars* Skankin' Pickle* <-- my recordings are bad, looking for better quality Ska-P Skarate Kids Skarotum* Skasmopolitan* Skatalites* Skautomatic Weapons Skavenjah* Skavoovie & the Epitones* Slapstick* Slow Gherkin* Smerins Antisocial Club* Sonic Boom Six* Soul Radics* Specials Squirtgun Warriors* Stacked Like Pancakes Stalking Roxy* Steady Earnest* Streetlight Manifesto Stubborn All Stars* Stucky Lucky* Sublime Suburban Legends Suburban Rhythm Survay Says* <--- just need new album Table Dancing with Betty* Talco* Teddy Ska Band* The Action The Anchorage The Aquabats The Barrymores* The Beat The Beltones* The Blue Meanies* The Body Snatchers* The Brass Action The Clash The Code* The Corporation* The Dirty Skanks* The Flaming Tsunamis* The Forces of Evil The Have Nots* The Hermits of Suburbia* The Hippos The Holophonics The Honeymooners* The Iconoclasts* The Impossibles* The Ivy League Brawlers* The Jellycats The Johnstones* The Ladrones* The Last Slice The Liptones* The Loafers* The Longshots The Mighty Mighty Bosstones The Nods/ The Slackers The NoMarks* The O.C. Supertones The Observer All Stars* The Originals* The Paragons* The Pietasters The Planet Smashers The Porkers* The Positive Downside* The Ryth-o-Matics* The Riots* The Rulers* The Ruts* The Sams Hardcore Orchestra* The Scofflaws* The Selector* The Silvertones* The Skalatones* The Skankaroos* The Skatalites* The Skatastrophes* The Skoisters The Slackers The Smooths* The Suicide Machines The Suspects* The Taj Motel Trio The Talks* The Toasters The Two Tone Boners* The Upgrades* The Upsetters* The Valuables* The Volecanoes* The Waffle Stompers* The Pilfers* Thumper* Tim Armstrong Tip the Van Threat Level Burgundy Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Toots & the Maytals Tuesday After School Uncle Brian* Undercover S.K.A.* UNRB Unsteady* Urkel and the Winslows* Voodoo Glow Skulls Warsaw Poland Bros* Weird Al Westbound Train* YugoKSAvia* Ziptacular*
RANDON STUFF Running Potatoes* 880 South* The Nuckle Brothers*
Compilations Metaliska Hey Brother Can You Spare Some Ska Punk Goes Ska Misfits of Ska Ska Trax - The New Generation Skarmageddon #4 The Pier Spring and Summer Sampler This Are Moon Ska Give Em the Boot Ska the 3rd Wave vol. 2 Cooler Than Your Mom Sno-Core The Ska Parade - Running Naked Through The Streets Happy Christmas
PS - If you like what you see, join us on facebook and hang out for the show!
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2012.08.26 20:59 tabledresser Sam totally spies porn

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Date: 2012-08-25
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Questions Answers
My sympathies while you seem to be dealing with cancer issues on top on gender identity issues. I was raised as a male, yes. It became an issue for me when I was very young but my family is full of religious people and I was to terrified to say anything. I saw a therapist when I was fifteen to sixteen and he both lied to me and betrayed me, causing a serious distrust of doctors. A therapist in Tennesse finally actually helped me when I was seventeen. The hormones helped with body hair growth but I never had much. My facial hair went ice white when I started hormones and has thinned since then and I have has some lasering treatments.
My apologies for my confusion, but you state that you have feminine features with a male sexual organ. Being that most children have "non-sexual" features, were you raised pre-pubescently as a male? At what point did it become an "issue"? How long before a doctor took you seriously? Is it the hormonal treatments that give you a more depillated look, or was it something that you always had? And you are very welcome. Thank you for being a polite person.
A therapist betrayed your trust? I thought that shit was like, therapist rule number one. I'm so sorry to hear that you had such an awful experience at such a crucial time in your life. It has poisoned me against doctors. I am working with them now, but for a long time I experienced soul crushing anxiety at the thought of going to one.
What made you realize you weren't a boy. Did you begin to grow breast tissue, or was it something else? It was a feeling when I was six years old. On my sixth birthday, I wished that I would open my eyes after blowing the candles out and be female. When I wasn't, I walked hollowly through the party until it was done then huddled in my room and cried for hours. I hid it forever because my mother and step father were hardcore baptists.
I wish I hadn't asked. I feel guilty for bringing up that awful memory. I'm so sorry. No, no. I'm okay now, I promise. Thinking about it fucked me up until I started working through it recently. I can handle it now.
Please report this person anyway, prevent them from harming someone else. I will begin doing so, you are absolutely correct.
Are you interested in men or women? Have you had sex/how do you have sex? I am interested with both. I have had sex, never penetration as it just isn't really possible. When I have sex with men, it is anal, obviously, with my partner pitching. Otherwise oral, or with hands or toys or whatnot. With women, it is much the same minus the penetrative sex unless toys are used. I am typically very submissive in sexual relationships.
I've had copious amounts of sex with men and sex with four women at a variety of times.
What kind of women do you find who like submissive transwoman? I'm a gay sub, mostly attracted to men but the prospect of submitting to a woman (because I do love them) is pretty amazing. Well. One of them was very feminine, she was very cute and deceptively strong. One of them was extremely masculine. She was a hockey player, muscular, and hotter than hell. One was small and serious, very cold, calculating and intelligent and one was a tall volleyball player who was the sweetest thing until you got her in the bedroom. My favorite was the hockey player.
More feminine the better for me I think :P. I prefer my women masculine. If it isn't to detailed, I liked her because she didn't waste time with shaving. It was nice.
I've just never known how to bring the subject up. Thanks for the input. I'm kind of uncommon. I'm just honest. All the time.
I envy you. I wish I had the balls to be that way. I'm constantly worried about what people think of me, which is a bullshit way to be, I know. I understand the feeling. I used to be that way.
So I don't know much about the end game surgery, but heard that they basically use your penis to create a vaginal opening. If that's the case, would that not mean you will have a very very small vagina? Yes, it would. Another reason that I won't be having it. It would be nonfunctional, essentially.
Actually some of the thailand doctors use a different technique, they use the scrotum for the vagina, and then the penis becomes the labia. So that would still be an option if you were so inclined. Hmm. Noted. Thanks for the info.
That's sad. I would have assumed that the skin there would be elastic enough. Obviously not like a real vagina and child birthing stretchy but still.. Do you and you boyfriend still participate in oral and other foreplay? Absolutely we do.
There is also a version where they use part of the colon to form the vaginal canal. Its suitable if you don't have the material for a penile inversion. Eh... still just not interested. Thanks for the info though!
How old are you? Do you currently have a partner? What have your experiences with past partners been like? How supportive is your family? I am eighteen years old, I transitioned at sixteen and started hormones a week after my eighteenth birthday. I have a boyfriend whom I live with. My experiences with past partners were mostly when I was still identifying as male. I was mistreated and I have often been beaten and abused. I've had a number of partners force me against my will. Aside that, experiences are... neutral. My mother is somewhat supportive.
My father treats me like shit, refers to me as male and as his son constantly in an effort to hurt me. My step mother is a terrifying bitch monster from hell and that's as nice as I can be. My brother thinks I am a freak and treats me pretty bad unless he is being watched by a friend or my mother. The rest of my family... I have no contact really.
Your bf identifies as straight or queer or does he at all? Bi, I believe, though we constantly joke about how gay he is.
Wow. Looks like you've been blessed with strength in more than one way (frankly, I'm jealous of those biceps!). I've no idea if I could take a 10th of what you've been through. Here's hoping that the rest of your experiences make you the poster-child for the 'It Gets Better' campaign. Haha, yeah. It's already gotten better... so much better. It just takes time
Please take down your face pic!!! to those downvoting, this girl is only 18 years old. Posting full close up nudes with her face could be something she regrets for the rest of her life. Uh. No. I won't.
What is that guy's problem? What a douche. Trolly trolls from trollsville. That's the net for yeh.
What's your favorite kind of salad dressing? Balsamic vinegar, a dash of olive oil and black pepper.
So is this micropenis on IAmA trending? Eh. I saw it and thought it might be an interesting perspective on it from someone different.
Have you ever had someone be romantically interested in you, told them about yourself, and they reacted in a, shall we say, less than generous way? Worst I've gotten was a broken nose off of one guy, but I kicked him shitless afterwords, so all in all I'd say I came out ahead.
That's sad that the guy reacted that way. Good for you that you came out ahead there. You're very cute IMO. Thanks! despite my rather somber dress to avoid the sun most people think I'm rather adorable.
Are you planning on having transsexual sex reassignment surgery? I do not actually. I am rather satisfied with my penis. I am undergoing an orchiectomy very soon, but it is related to possible cancer in my right testicle.
This kind of confuses me, I would think somebody who wanted to psychically be a woman would not like their penis. It isn't a matter of 'wanting' to be a woman physcially. I am a woman, and what is between my legs doesn't affect that in my mind. Surgery is not always the end result of transition, many transwomen choose to be non-op. The surgery is expensive also, and painful with a long recuperation period after. Further, my penis being so small possibly limits the success of such an operation.
All things in consideration, I am more satisfied with having a penis than being slit open.
I know someone very well who had this surgery and let's just say... it's quite the commitment. She's very rich, so the money wasn't an issue, but you have to dilate so much after the surgery, and she was in incredible amounts of pain. I'm glad that you don't have to go through that! It isn't the pain that scares me it's the cost, and it just doesn't seem worth it when i am happy as I am.
Fair enough, I was just curious. As a cis woman I am always interested in what transwomen feel makes them female. Edit: Do you worry about what future male partners will think? Nope, because the man I am with right now is the one. We could not be more in love. Aside that, no males in the past have ever had any issues anyway, nor have women (one of them a lesbian.) As for what makes me feel female, I dunno. I just am, and I know I am.
I think you are just adorable. You really do have a feminine facial structure and such. I was reading through this thread just thinking about how you have a boyfriend now. So my question is, what was your boyfriend's initial reaction to finding out you had a penis, and a micropenis at that? Also, did you know him before you started taking the hormones or did you meet when you became more feminine? And last but not least, what are your "few genetic herpdongs"? Hm... Well. He knew me as male before hand. It's funny, we agree that I wasn't great at being male. I tried way to hard and despite being muscular as a kid, I failed when I got depressed in my teenage years and got fat. My other genetic woopsies include severe sensitivity to sunlight, a fun little bit of weirdness my endocrinologist is studying that has up to this point allowed me to build incredible muscle despite having virtually no testosterone acting on my body. My eyes are strange color, my hair is gray (I dye it.) and I have skin that is very hard to break.
My son also has grey/green and orange eyes. I think it's absolutely beautiful. Hm. Another person like me! I've actually never seen another with eyes like mine. Thank you for sharing!
So, basically, you're a superhero? Nah. Just lucky.
I wouldn't have guessed your hair color was gray. That's actually really interesting. So then your boyfriend doesn't mind you have a penis then? I think that's pretty awesome. :D. He doesn't. He loves it. We're perfect for each other.
Spoken like a true hero. A... A hero? Me?
On a silly note - a silver mane of hair, magic muscles and impenetrable skin - what more do you need? Sam Jackson declaring himself your arch-nemesis?! On a less silly one - overcoming adversity, embracing your sexual identity, standing up for yourself. You could well be a hero to a lot of people struggling with such issues. Now, have you decided the most important thing: cape, or no cape? No cape. Never a cape. Jet engines and tornadoes man.
Do your boyfriend's parents know you're transgendered? How did they react? Has your bf always been pretty cool with it or did it take some getting used to? Like, does he give oral and did he always? They do, and they're lovely about it. They couldn't care less. My boyfriend is bisexual, as am I. He gives excellent oral. Tongue skills like you wouldn't believe.
How did you and your partner meet? I'm so happy for the two of you, and very glad you have support through the mess with your family. You write with the voice of a very strong female and I love it. We met via a gaming website and talked for years. We had a sort of break up for a little while, and then got back together after I had a psycho bitch girlfriend and he had the same. I moved in with him to get out of the toxic household I was living in in Tennesse and we have been happy and building a life ever since! It's really nice.
Are you sterile as a result of your hormone therapy or was that a pre-existing "genetic herpdong"? I've always been sterile due to genetic whatevers.
"Genetic whatevers". Haha. That explains so much in my life as well. I think it does for a lot of people. "Hey, why are you bald?" Sighs "Egh... genetic whatevers man..." "Oh damn, sorry man."
Did you have trouble from bullies in school? If so, how did you handle it? Yes I did. I transitioned when I was sixteen and as the president of the GSA who presented to health classes on sexuality in my school, my face was all over the place and everyone knew in minutes when I told the first person. There were fights, stabbings, brutality of many kinds... but I fought. I fought tooth and nail and I got strong and I made them afraid of me. I'm not proud of the fact that they feared me, but I am proud as hell that I made them stop hurting me - and a number of others.
Wow! Did you ever have problems with the teachers/admins for fighting? In my experience, many times the adults choose the wrong person to punish. Most of them turned a blind eye after a while, knowing if they reported me the bigot principal would have a field day on me, and knowing I would win the fight. I was fined once by the police when a guy attacked ME in a parking lot. I broke his knee backwards and then realized he was the quarterback. School was dark for a while after that. I still feel... I feel guilty I took his life away. He had scholarships, you know? I hate that I did that to him.
You didn't do it to him. He did it to himself by messing with you. I suppose so.
That is horrific to have gone through. Yes, but at least I can look back and laugh at them. I sit on my ass all day writing porn and I make a living just fine. Most of them will end up in fast food making half of what I do. That's very satisfying.
You get paid for writing porn? How does that work if you don't mind sharing? I write porn and sell it via the amazon ebook market place. It's pretty nice actually.
Also, and sorry if I'm being too forward, I'm just curious, do you ejaculate? What's orgasm like? After you get an orchidectomy will anything change in that respect? I do ejaculate. I ejaculate a clear fluid. Orgasms are long and earth shaking and involve moans and screaming sometimes. It won't change as far as I know. I'm under the impression my penis being so small is one of the few reasons I can still get hard.
Do you prefer peeing standing up or sitting down? I sit most of the time because peeing accurately with a penis this small is a real bitch. I stand at home, very rarely, usually when I'm feeling really tired. Don't know why. I don't miss though.
Point of note: When I pee sitting down, I never have 'last drop in the undies' issues.
No last drop in the undies? that's awesome. Hell yes. I have to wipe of course, by nothing lands in the panties. Best perk ever.
Obviously, you look feminine which is a good thing, and I assume that a vaginoplasty, or whatever it's called, is an expensive and unpleasant procedure, but otherwise, what do the hormones do to your body? Less body hair, yes. Boob growth, tons. I am a special case as I was hormonally neutral when I started the mones, so my development isn't so much fighting against the male hormones as it is following a semi standard course. I had some testosterone, more than most females, but more estrogen than most males. My body hair was already scant and is now almost nonexistant. My facial hair has gone white and progressively become more fine.
Less body hair? Boobs growing? Softer voice? I've never met anyone who was trans before (to my knowledge), and I'm just curious about what the pills do, as I guess some trans people must not even take them. My breasts have grown to a c-cup in the space of about six months and are continuing to slowly grow. My bodyfat has began redistributing across my body, my ass is now much fuller and rounder (Though in part because of squats. Lots of them.) My voice was already far higher than most males, and I find now that I can hit notes in the extreme upper registers. My face has rounded some, and looks more feminine.
maybe they do, but I'm pretty uninformed about this. Theoretically I should be nearly incapable of building muscle. However, I seem to be an anomaly as I have increased my muscle mass on hormones 200 percent and climbing, something that my endocrinologist is studying. That's about it really. Also, yes, vaginoplasty is expensive and risky
Yeah, I can see that. You're adorable! Aren't boobs awesome? Oh my god, though, I had really big boobs and had to get them reduced, but they're so much fun to have. Boobs are amazing. Like, I look down sometimes and I'm like "Hehe. I have boobs. Bouncebouncebounce." and then I look up and my boyfriend has his eyebrow raised at me like I'm insane.
Yep, I know the feel. I get distracted by mine a lot. I'm sure he loves it, though. :D. Oh he does. He just finds it amusing.
If you don't mind me asking, did you have your karyotyping done (test for chromosomes)? If yes, what was the result? I haven't yet, but I intend to as soon as I can arrange it.
Thanks for your reply. I wish you good health and a quick recovery (orchidectomy). Aye, thank you. I just wish it would happen already... they're delaying a lot and such, and the pain I am in is already intolerable.
My sympathies. They wouldn't have delayed it without good reason. Be patient and all the best. Aye aye, and the best to you as well.
Random, but do you prefer to dress more feminine or more like a tomboy? More like a tom boy for sure. I have a significant aversion to sunlight, a familial thing made worse by my genetics, so dressing femmy doesn't work so well when it's sunny. On sunny days, I wear this!
Link to
Though when inside I pull the cloth down and open the coat. When it's closed, it should be noted, my boobs are not invisible, nor are my nice wide hips. : 3.
I'm sorry, I'm kind of an idiot so I have to ask--- are you being silly in the photo? or do you really dislike sunlight/cannot be in sunlight? I really cannot stand sunlight. It severely irritates my skin and makes me sick within an hour of direct exposure to large parts of my body.
Nice. I'm quite the pale person so I feel you. Have you ever read the Dresden Files? This is what your outfit makes me think of. I have! I love that it reminds you of that. It's one of my favorite series of all time.
So... is that something unrelated to the private area? Man... you got some shit genetics. Have you ever considered wearing those... er, I don't remember the name of it, but what the muslim ladies wear. I hear they are quite cool. It's unrelated to my testicles yeah. Burkas are rather cool, I understand, but not my style and I have some nerve damage so the heat doesn't bother me much. Can't feel it very acutely. I sweat like a motherfucker, but I drink lots and have fantastic perfume.
Don't take this the wrong way, but you look just like The Shadow. Link to I'm taking that as a compliment.
That's awesome! Totally a compliment. I was thinking of Spy Vs Spy from Mad Magazine days... Oh man, I recall those!
Is there any family history of your condition? Also, theoretically, how would you raise a child with your condition - as a girl - as a boy - neither? Thank you for doing an AMA. It takes guts! I would raise a child as its mother, because I am female. And you're welcome.
Not sure if you misread or don't like the question. I was asking if you were a parent of a child and the child had your condition, what would you do until they were old enough to select a gender? I would raise them however they felt and make them feel free to experiment with their gender to find what feels right.
I've read through your Q&A. You have made it explicit that you have had "numerous" male partners and 4 or so female why have so much sex at such a young age? Don't you think that will further distort you view of love and relationship building? Or do you not care (giving the circumstances)? I was abused as a child, sexually, by a few family members. I understood sex and how it worked and began consentually seeking it at twelve. I've been through intensive therapy, et cetera, worked with my boyfriend constantly, and I know what love is and is not, and we have built a solid relationship on trust, honesty and communication as well as love.
Well it sounds like you grew up quick (as needed). My child hood had sexual abuse in it as wheel. It took me until my early 20's to sort my self out enough to engage in any type of meaningful relationships. I have a tendency to recover from all things quickly. I guess I'm just a survivor.
What are your favorite pizza toppings? I love a good buffalo chicken pizza more than anything.
Awes dude, me too! It's just so tasty!
This person is educating us by letting us ask any question we want about a situation that isn't exactly common and that we may not know much about. But dude, telling someone to kill themselves is sooooooo low its not even funny. Seriously who the FUCK raised you? (See, I can be an asshole too). Thank you for defending me here. That means quite a lot and I want you to know I appreciate it.
Don't. Ever. Leave. Your. Boyfriend. You. Have. It. Made. But seriously, unlimited buffalo chicken pizza.. Sounds great. Nah, we still pay for it. We both have a thing about paying for things and not taking hand outs unless we're destitute and dead broke.
Why did they circumcise it? A valid question.
Is your genetic condition 5-alpha-reductase deficiency? Not that I know of.
Is it Klinefelter's? Micropenis, infertility, naturally feminine features.... Are you tall? I'm not, not that I think anyway. I'm five feet and eleven inches, give or take. Six feet if I'm in my combat boots. As far as I know, not klinefelters, but I'm still waiting for testing.
Have you read Jeffry Eugenides "Middlesex"? What are your thoughts? I have not! But I will be finding a copy ASAP now that I am aware it exists.
Have you ever been tested to see if you're xxy? Not yet. Waiting to get it approved.
My trans friend has so many problems "passing". You are so beautiful, and lucky! She's very self-conscious about it, I wish I knew how to comfort her - it's all about loving who you are! :) I'm always in the dark about how to comfort people along those lines as well. It's a tough subject.
How has your family being very religious, being abused, and you being transgender affected your own religious beliefs? I am an atheist who has to struggle to realize that not all christians are child raping monsters. I do well, but it is hard.
Were you diagnosed with a micropenis as an infant? I ask because I am worried about my son's. I wish I knew the average size for a 17 month old boy, however , I do not want the FBI at my door because I googled "average baby penis size". I was not. It was diagnosed when I was fifteen
This is the first time I am hearing the word/phrase/diagnosis "Micropenis"... but thanks for "rock hard" You do have Fem features, I give you that. Are you changing or opting for surgery? I'm already transitioned and on mones, I'm only having an orchiectomy, not the full GRS.
I know this might be a distasteful question, but it's an honestly curious one. I noticed the last poster that posted about his micropenis was able to ejaculate. If you don't mind my asking, are/were you able to ejaculate before/after you went on your estroidal pills, or is that part of your being sterile? I ejaculate a clear fluid with no impregnation possible.
Thank you for your answer. I appreciate it. No problem.
:( Because of your gender identity? I'm so sorry. I'm glad you're feeling better now. Nope, because of a close friend and a man I loved dying very close together.
That's sort of odd. I mean I saw some people on Youtube that were doing the same thing you were and they look really radically different but over time. I guess it depends the doctors and medication. Was really surprised by some end results. If you do get too feminine just buy a mustache. Ha... Well, the reason my change is less dramatic is because I never became masculine. My testosterone levels were way below developmental levels for males, you see.
Makes total sense. Have you been taking a ton of pictures. I have seen that too, helps to show the process I guess. Glad that it got better for you. Considering you are a Tomboy, any thoughts of getting married? Wedding dress? Or something you never considered? I'm a bit torn. I really want to wear a tuxedo, but my boyfriend wants to see me in a wedding dress, so I suppose I might do dress at the wedding and tux at the reception just to screw with people.
Two weddings? The "bride" typically gets her way considering it is her wedding. You think you may become more of a "girly girl", not just because of your trans but people change their style over time. Two weddings? I shudder at the thought.
Lol to the same guy. Also, what games do you play? Considering you met your bf through a gaming website. I play a lot of things like Skyrim and Deus Ex: Human revolution. Recently I've been kicking the shit out of Morrowind since I never beat it. I play Nazi Zombies some... lots of role playing and sci fi. I love Battlefield Bad Company 2, haven't played BF3 yet. There's a lot. My steam library is pretty big. Borderlands.. more.
My rig can be seen here: Link to
What do you think about fetal dex? I'm unfamiliar with the term.
Dexamethasone to treat (prevent development of) congenital adrenal hyperplasia in utero. Should a pregnant woman with a high chance of giving birth to a virilized baby girl be allowed to choose this course of treatment? Hm. I don't think a pregnant woman should, it sounds dangerous to do anything when a child is in utero. But, I am no doctor, so my opinion obviously isn't the most trustworthy on this one.
Does your boyfriend ever suck your dick? Yes. Yes he does. Skillfully.
So you said you have a boyfriend. Does he know and do you have sex and how? He does know, we have anal and oral, he is always pitching, I am always the submissive party if we're playing like that. We have sex pretty often, like... once a day.
What is your pen name in porn, and what books have you written? Emily Velvet and... oh jeeze... Twenty? Or so?
Do you have XXY chromosome? Haven't been tested as of yet.
My cousin is a FTM, and I've been so blessed to have my own AMA with him about his process. I'm so glad you're happy. Thank you very much. I hope all goes well for the two of you.
Of course. He and I are very close. Likewise for you! Reddit constantly surprises me with kind people like yourself. It's wonderful.
it surprises me with people as wonderful as you. People so open to questions and being content with who they are. :) It's been a long road to get here, but it was totally worth it in every way.
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