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A subreddit for fans of the 2018-19 NBA Champion Toronto Raptors.

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Things that make you go AWW! Like puppies, bunnies, babies, and so on... A place for really cute pictures and videos!

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Well I finally did it. Caught up with all of the games barring CS3 and 4. I came into Cold Steel thinking it was the first game. Did my research and after CS2, I decided to go back and play it all. And I fell in love with Queen Estelle and her crew. And now I can say I have a special place for the characters of Crossbell.
Personally, Zero was kinda like FC. It was good, I liked it. But didn’t really pick up until the backend, and I view those games a set ups for the grand finale in their second games. But after this sub has praised Azure to no end, I went in with HIGH expectations. And I will say, I was not disappointed. I will say aside from the 3rd, Azure is the best game in this series I’ve played.
From the very start I felt it was at a quicker pace. By Chapter 2 I was fully invested. Seeing the West Trade Conference from the Crossbell view was interesting, and I was one my toes wondering when shit was gonna hit the fan. And loved the cameos from Olivier, Kloe, Mueller, and Julia. Elie and Noel being her fan girls was a nice little nod to how the girls flock to Julia.
Noel and Wazy were excellent additions not just to mix things up but to give us new characters to play off of the main foursome we already knew. Wazy’s reveal was kinda crazy. I did not expect that at all, but I was so here for Kevin and Ries coming back. We want more of these two Falcom!!
Towards the endgame of the game, I kinda saw things being eluded to. Like Bell being the big bad of this game. And well kinda of all of Crossbell. I thought she was wicked. Extravagant. And that villain outfit was everything. She’s deplorable and she loves it. The whole Ian reveal was kinda jarring. For me it came outta nowhere.
One of my new favorites though is absolutely Rixia. Lloyd did end up with her and seeing her background and her opening to Lloyd was nice. And seeing her learn to “love the light” was a great progression. And we got a good chunk of playtime with her which I was more then thrilled with. Rixia was ahhhh-mazing.
Those last final sequences were absolutely fantastic. From the team breaking into the tower. And Kevin using his Stigma to destroy the Pink Aion. That scene with him and Ries had my heart tugging. They really do care for each other and I felt they show it in very subtle ways.
Now an endgame cameo(s) I was not prepared for was Renne, Joshua, Queen Estelle, and Pater Mater coming to face off against the hulking Blue Aion. And seeing Pater Mater sacrifice itself for Renne was heartbreaking and I never thought I’d shed a tear watching a robot die. But it was sad af, and RIP Pater Mater.
By the final dungeon, I kicked all of the henchman aside. Sigmund was the only one I felt was challenging, surprisingly Arios wasn’t as hard as I expected him to be. And Lecherous Shirley and Wald were just normal boss battles. I thought Bell’s boss battle was very unique from any other battle I’ve had in the series, and it was actually I really fun battle for me. This soundtrack was amazing.
My end team was the OG four, plus Noel and Rixia. And that dragon KeA thing was a doozy but a fun doozy. Nowhere near as crazy as the Amina fight from the 3rd. But by the end, my crew saved KeA, and Bell went off to join Ouroboros. Oh and by the way Arianrhod is cool af and I can’t wait to see more of her. And loved Duvalie’s cameo.
All and all, this was a breathtaking game, and one of my top 2 in the series. The hype was deff lived up too, and I felt it was the perfect way for me to end catching up with everything pre-Cold Steel. I’m just pumped to go into 3 now knowing everything that happened beforehand.
All I can say is diving into this series is absolutely a haul, but a haul that’s worth it in the end.
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So I am trudging through the wonderful experience that is trails 3 and idk if this is the place to post this but Kloes story (so far) has been the most emotional I have watched. I expect Agate will impact me as well when he is unlocked BUT something about Kloe has just pulled my heart strings.
She seemed to be this shy timid girl fr the start of trails 1. She is completely unsure of her ability to lead. Connects with orphans as she was one and then when you see her origin story at the Academy it adds souch weight to the interaction she had with Joshua.
My... Head... Exploded when she told him she loved him. My heart cried out because we all knew joshua's answer and the face that she did it anyway shows how much she grew. To be able to accept that they can never be but have the courage to tell him anyway. Good God the writing of this game!.
But I did that first and so when I played the academy second my eyes burst again. Because seeing her come to who she was and have that acceptance shows even more why I am feeling that she right now is sitting at one of my favorites (and trust me I love them all).
Again maybe this isn't the place to discuss these things and I'm sure the rest of the doors will continue to blow my mind (I'm still in chapter 4) but that Kloe story is setting else.
I guess I see myself in her (though I am not a princess or a prince lol)
Edit: I realize my title may be viewed in a man er I was not trying to portray. Yes men (if you identify as such) can cry. I just didn't think a game this old could leave such a strong impact on myself.
Edit#2 - just saw Kevin's story. I can't even begin to process as there is so much to unpack here just wow.. for everyone saying door 15 is going to be worse than that... God, Andraste, Odin, The Maker, and Adios watch over me.
Edit#3 - i completed star for 15. It's worse.... It's so much worse.... My heart..... And my eyes cried and continue to when I think back 24 hours later... I now understand
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parfuemerie_kloes Alles ist anders... Unsere Gedanken sind bei euch... Wenn wir euch helfen können, wir tun‘s gerne... Ruft uns an, wir machen aus euren Bestellungen ein Überraschungspaket. Eure Veronika Klös und Martina Höhl und das gesamte Team #werbeundfoerderungskreiswt... submitted by go360photo to u/go360photo [link] [comments]

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Hi, currently in need of who to chat with in here. No gender specs. I'm 26, so would prefer someone older.
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Sky really did this so well.... Shera x Olivert, Julia x Mueller, Kloe x Lechter, Agate x Tita, Zin x Kilika...
Not full fledged romances, but at least planting the seeds for romance between other characters so to speak (and for shipping discussion among fans) instead of making all the girls fall for the main protagonist. This is my only humble wish for the next arc.
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My chihuahua, Kloe is very attached to my mum. I’m the only one at home since my mum is at work. Suddenly during my lecture, she starts yipping and dancing as if my mum came home. But she hasn’t.
I thought she had to use the toilet but she didn’t. I texted my mum and she said ignore her. I don’t think I should though. Is my dog going mad?
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So from what little information I could gather, I heard that Hajimari is like Sky 3. And if thats the case will we see Anelace or any of the other bracers we grew to love in the Sky games? Or any of the sky NPCs like Nial,Dorothy, Kloe ect?
(I dont want to much info just that we get to see some characters who wont make it to Cold Steel 4.)

Also will Hajimari help explain Moon door 5? Again I ain't looking for to much information but I do expect Dorothy and Nial cause in Sky 3 Dorothy travels to Calvard for two weeks? So I hope we get to see at least them, and Zin
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