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2020.11.28 07:55 entalingsweet72 I rejected her and she made my life a living hell

A bit of backstory on me. I'm 18 and am from Atlanta, Georgia. My parents divorced when I was young and my Mom moved to London to run her own business and I stayed here with my Dad. They're both really wealthy, and I mean REALLY wealthy so whenever I feel the need to see my Mom they're willing to fly me out to London. And that's where my living hell begins. In London.
It was June and I was in London visiting Mom. On my last day I went to her office and asked if she wanted to get dinner. Naturally she had forgotten that I was leaving but said we'd have dinner together at a pub near my hotel. Night rolls around and my Mom calls me and tells me she can't make it because she has a business call. I didn't mind too much, she loves her job and it makes her happy so who am I to destroy that? I decided I might as well enjoy dinner on my own on her tab and while I was looking through the menu I noticed a girl, who will remain nameless due to this still being an open investigation, sitting a few seats away from me, bawling her eyes out.
I handed her a napkin and she smiled at me. I asked how if she was okay and she spun me a story about how she was supposed to be meeting her boyfriend here but he bailed on her. Apparently, despite only being 17, she was going to ask him to marry her and even had a ring ready. She then showed me a video that was sent to her of her boyfriend kissing another girl at a party. Despite having a girlfriend, I've never been good in knowing what to say in these situations, so I just said to her "any guy who would cheat on you or reject you doesn’t deserve you". She seemed to agree and then I asked her if she had eaten anything while she was at the bar. She said no, so I offered to buy her dinner to cheer her up.
We spent a few hours chatting and getting to know each other. I told her about my life in Atlanta and she told me how she had been abandoned by her Dad years ago and had pretty much had to raise herself because her Mom was a flake. Eventually I noticed the time and told the girl it was time for me to leave because I had an early flight. She seemed disappointed and then I told her not to worry about the bill as I would charge whatever she had to my tab, including any drinks she wanted after. As I was leaving she asked to take a selfie with me, I agreed. She then asked if she could kiss me to say goodbye. I told her no and that I could never be unfaithful to my girlfriend like that. She responded to me saying "okay, well then tell her you didn’t kiss me. Tell her I kissed you!" and she did. She planted her face all over mine and wouldn't stop until I pushed her off. I told her not to do that again and I walked out of the pub. I was waiting for maybe five minutes for a taxi and then she came out of the pub and told me I'd left my phone inside. She gave it to me, I thanked her, and left.
The next day I got on my flight from Heathrow and miraculously slept the whole way, which I've never done before. As much as I love London, it was great to be back in Atlanta so I could see my girlfriend again. There were still two months of summer left so we could enjoy all that time. My Dad was already leaving by the time I got home, he had a business meeting in Dubai and would be back in a few days. He got into chauffeured Rolls and left me with his AMEX Black. My friends came by and invited me to a beach party that night, but that they needed me to get alcohol first. I offered to drive and I took them to this really rundown liquor shop where they always believe my Fake ID. After that we went to the beach and I finally saw my girlfriend after a month being apart. A few hours passed and we were on our own little area of the beach and I asked her if she wanted to go back to my house. As we were getting ready to leave she got an alert on Instagram that I had been tagged in a post. To my surprise, that girl from London had posted the selfie of us and then another photo of us kissing which I didn't even know she took. Needless to say but my girlfriend was pissed and she took off before I could even explain what was going on.
The next day she called me and asked to meet. Thank God, I could explain what was happening. When I got there I found a table for us to sit at and behind me I heard a familiar voice speaking. I turned… it was her. The girl from London. She was here in Atlanta. She told me her Dad was here on business and she tagged along so she could see me. She apologised for uploading the photo and hugged me just as my girlfriend walked in. I broke away from the girl and she noticed my girlfriend, apologised to her too, and left. My girlfriend was pissed but I explained everything to her. She accepted the story and apologised for the night before. But then she dropped another bomb, she was breaking up with me. She loved me but didn’t want to be in a relationship where she was feeling threatened by other girls all the time. I tried reasoning with her but she had made up her mind. Naturally I was angry so I stormed out of that coffee shop. The girl was still there, she noticed I was angry and I just broke down and told her everything. She apologised for her involvement and then I decided to screw my ex-girlfriend and take this girl on a tour of Atlanta. That was my second mistake.
After the tour we ended up at my house. I offered to drive her back to her hotel but she asked to see my house. Wouldn’t hurt, right? Wrong. I let her into my house and took her to the bar and made her a drink. We talked for a bit and then I found a hole in her story. She said she came to Atlanta with her Dad but she told me in London that her Dad abandoned her when she was a kid. I questioned her, she told me she was with her Uncle but he was her father figure in life so she calls him Dad. Oh well, I’ll let it slide. A few more drinks later and I started to really feel the pain of my breakup and that probably explains why I asked her if she wanted to see my bedroom. I’m sure you can picture what happened next.
It was the walk of shame the next day as I instantly regretted my decision. When I went downstairs she was in my kitchen. (Side-note, I’m sick of calling her girl so Imma refer to her as Piper from now on). She was trying to cook but was just making a fucking mess. I told Piper that what we did last night was a mistake. Naturally she was hurt and had a bit of an outburst, but she seemed to understand in the end. I gave her a ride back to her hotel and offered to buy her dinner before she left as an apology. But she told me the only reason she was in Atlanta was to see me, seeing as there was nothing left for her she was changing her flight and leaving tonight. I honestly didn’t even care, it would be better for my ex-girlfriend and I if she were gone. I desperately needed to talk to my ex, we still had each other on Find my Friends so I found out she was at the coffee shop and I went to see her. We talked, I told her everything (minus what happened the night before) and she admitted she was too quick thinking and that we could try again. Nothing could describe the way I felt then, I told her I was going to cook dinner for her that night and I went off to buy ingredients.
On my way back from the market, Piper was still on my mind. I went to her Hotel and apologised for the way I treated her and offered her a ride to the airport and to pay her hotel bill, the least I could do, right? She accepted, but when we got to the airport she told me it was best for us to lose contact permanently. I agreed, and we went our separate ways. You’re probably wondering how she made my life a living hell if she’s gone now? It’s over, right? Nope. There’s still much more to this story.
That night I was getting dinner ready for my girlfriend and there was a knock on the door. I checked, no one was there. I went back to cooking and here was another knock. It was my girlfriend this time. I sat her down at the table and presented my cooking to her. She loved it. But then she asked me about Piper, she saw us leaving the coffee shop together the day before when I gave her a tour. I told her what happened, not about the sex though, I told her she tried coming onto me but I rejected her. No way I was telling her the truth and screwing things up again. The doorbell rang again, no one was there. When I got back to my girlfriend the power went out. Something weird was happening, it didn’t seem like a coincidence. My girlfriend was freaked, and then my phone started ringing. When I answered it there was a lot of static. But then I heard it. Her voice. It was Piper. “Check your messages”. She sent me a video, it was a video of us having sex. It took me a minute to figure out how she got it. But then I realised, I had a security camera in my room and she must’ve stolen the video to blackmail me. She sent me another message:
“PLAY IT COOL, SCUMBAG. IF YOU DON’T WANT YOUR PRETTY LITTLE GIRLFRIEND TO SEE THIS VIDEO, MEET ME TOMORROW”. I responded to her: “Don’t tell [Girlfriend’s Name] about this or you’re dead”. She sent me directions and told me to meet her there. When I replied “fine”, the power came back on.
The next day I followed the directions she gave me. It was some industrial yard in the middle of no where. She was waiting for me with a smug grin on her face and a fucking Rolls Royce Cullinan which I have no idea how she got. The way she was talking to me, it was as if she was trying to change the story. As if I followed her there or I asked her to be there. She was delusional, saying things like I forced her to sleep with me, forced her to come to Atlanta, stole her passport so she couldn’t leave… I had no idea what she was on about so I decided to fuck it and go home. When I was walking back to my car, she threatened me with that video again. I’ll admit, I got angry, and I stormed up to her and she started acting like a damsel in distress. I yelled at her and she started gasping as if I was hitting her or scaring her or something. I told her to leave me alone and when I was walking back to my car she put her arms around me and wouldn’t let go. I gave her a small push and she flung herself back as if I’d full on shoved her. She hit the ground and I heard a guy calling out to us. He thought I’d pushed her and was coming to give me a piece of his mind. Piper told me to catch her if I wanted the video and she took off in her car and my idiot self decided to chase after her down the highway. She called me and started taunting me, and then I realised how crazy I was looking by chasing her. I realised that my girlfriend already knows how deluded Piper is so I could just say she forced me to have sex with her. I told Piper to do whatever she wanted with the video and I turned around and went to find my girlfriend.
I had her meet me at my house and I told her everything. She didn’t care. She said we were on a break and that I was fair game. I honestly couldn’t believe it at first, but she was more worried about our safety so we decided to go to the cop shop together and file a report. Before we could go my Dad called me and was super pissed because of a shit ton of charges I’d made to his AMEX. I had no idea what he was talking about so when I checked my statement you’d understand my shock when I found out that Piper had used it to pay for her flights, hotel, rental car. I didn’t understand though, I had the AMEX card in my wallet. And then it made sense. In London, I never left my phone in the pub she had stolen it and taken my credit card details from it. This was more evidence for the police. Before we could leave two cops were on my door step. Apparently Piper had been admitted to hospital for bruises and said I assaulted her before. I couldn’t believe it, she was making me look psychotic. The cops arrested me and took me down to the station.
Let me just say first that the Detective was clearly biased. She started going on about how I’m a rich entitled boy and that because I have Daddy’s money people owe me and that if I don’t get what I want I’m angry. No idea what her problem was, but I told her my story. She showed me CCTV footage from the industrial site. I knew it was a complete setup. Piper had positioned us so she was right in view of the camera. Except you couldn’t see when she forced her arms around me so it looked like I had assaulted her when she followed me. This girl had thought of everything. The Detective told me she told the hospital staff her ex-boyfriend assaulted her. More lies and delusions. She’d also told the Detective that I forced her to come to Atlanta so I could use her to end my relationship with my current girlfriend (who I’m referring to as Scarlett from here on out). I used the fancy hotel and Rolls Royce as incentives to keep her here and stole her passport so she couldn’t leave. She then showed me a picture that Piper had taken of us on the plane. She snuck onto my plane and took a photo of us while I was asleep. That’s why I slept so long, she must’ve drugged me. After a few hours I was let out of questioning pending an investigation. Piper was in the waiting room and immediately pretended to freak out when she saw me. She ran out of there and Scarlett told me I should go home. I offered to let her come with me but she told me she was going to take a walk. No idea what that was about but I obliged. When I was driving home I got a call from Piper. She told me she’d drop the charges if I sent her one nude photo of myself.
I was an idiot and desperate and I sent it to her. I know what you’re going to say, spare me the lecture. After I’d sent it I found something under my bed. It was Piper’s passport. She must’ve planted it there to support her story. Scarlett came storming into my bedroom after, I knew why Piper wanted me to send her the photo. She was meeting with Scarlett at the time to try and convince her that I was a bad person. She made it look like I had sent her the photo on my own accord because I was obsessed with her. I fell right into her damn plan. Scarlett told me after I’d sent the photo they both went to the police to file reports. She broke up with me again, and I knew there was no changing her mind. I knew the police could be coming for me any second, so I called my friend Michael and we went to Piper’s hotel together. This friend, he’s a hacker. I needed him to find out what room she was in so we could find evidence against her. It took him a while to hack into their system and it took even longer to find her room. She wasn’t booked in under her name, she was booked in under a name that was almost distinctly like mine. Damn obsessed she is.
What we found in her room was more than enough to prove she’s crazy. Remember that video of her boyfriend cheating on her? It was a fucking TikTok. More research and it turns out when she stole my phone she turned on Find my Friends to track ME. We found her diary, it was a bloody scrap book of photos of me. This was everything I needed to prove my innocence. I immediately made a beeline to the police station… but Piper was already there.
She was making a big scene about how I’d been harassing her because of my “sick twisted obsession”. Her scene made me so angry that I snapped at her! She ran out of the police station and I chased after her again. She kept enticing me as we drove. I followed her all the way to some farm estate out in the country. I followed her into a field. I still remember what she said to me: “You wanna play hide and seek? Come and find me”. She took off running and I followed her. Eventually I lost her, but then I heard something behind me and everything went black. The next morning I woke up in my car. Blood covering my hands and a cut on my head. Piper’s car was there too but there was no sign of her. I knew things weren’t good so I got the hell out of there. When I was driving home I was pulled over by a cop. Apparently a warrant had been issued for my arrest after a 911 call came through from Piper last night. The cop found her bloody jacket and a knife in my car and I was taken in. They never found her body but with the 911 call, the bloody clothes and the DNA in my car they came to the conclusion that she had been met with foul play and I was the assailant.
Three weeks later and I was in prison with a life sentence. I finally got to have visitors. Scarlett visited me and she told me she thought Piper was still alive and she and my hacker friend were trying to find her ex-boyfriend who could give them clues. It was a sad gathering because I couldn’t leave and when I got back to my cell there were three guys waiting for me who attacked me because apparently they don’t tolerate murdering women. The search continued for Piper’s body and apparently the Detective started having doubts about the story too. Eventually my hacker friend was able to find Piper’s ex-boyfriend. He told them the whole story. Her name was fake, she was using a name similar to his. He said she was dangerous and that we should stay away from her. She tried to kill him after he rejected her marriage proposal. She stabbed him and when he played dead she disappeared off the face of the earth. They had all the evidence they needed. Along with the diary, they handed it all to the Detective. She ordered my immediate release. But Piper wasn’t going to accept that. She kidnapped Scarlett and snuck her onto a private jet to London.
When I was finally brought home, she called me and told me she’d kill Scarlett if I didn’t come to London. She told me what happened that night at the farm. She lured me into the field and then knocked me out. She dragged me back to my car, stabbed herself with the knife and planted the evidence in my car before stealing another car and going into hiding. She kept constant tabs on me and watched as her plan fell together.
The flight to London was quick and when I got there she lured me to an abandoned house. She had Scarlett tied up in the Basement. I ran down and untied her but then Piper came out and was dressed exactly like her. Same clothes, same tattoos, same hair. She’d had a complete mental break. She was looking like fucking Carrie with the candles she was holding in her hand. I didn’t understand the candles but then I caught a whiff of an accelerant. She was going to burn us to death. I tried to treat her as Scarlett and convince her to let me out of the house so we could get help. She wasn’t buying it. She threw the candles on the ground and the house went up in flames. If she couldn’t have me, no one could.
I grabbed Scarlett and carried her out of the basement. Piper tried to follow me but I kicked her back into the flames. I can’t even describe how terrifying her screams were as she was engulfed in the flames. We ran out of the basement, but Piper was still alive. She grabbed me with her charcoal hand and begged for her life. I told Scarlett to keep going and I kicked Piper in the face and she fell into the flames once more. I ran out of the house and met Scarlett. It was finally all over… or so I thought. Piper came running out of the house covered in flames. She said we could never kill her and she would always be here. She misstepped and fell through partially melted ice into an ice cold lake. The flames covering her body went out and her body fell to the bottom of the lake. This time it was over.
Flash forward to six months later. Scarlett and I have been taking all the time in the world to be with each other. We’ve been in London the whole time as the investigation came to a close. They didn’t find her body but they think it just disintegrated from the fire and the remains of her body evaporated into the water. Scarlett and I are closer than we’ve ever been and I think this whole conundrum has been a learning lesson for us. Every now and then as I’m walking I see a flash of blonde hair turn the corner as I’m walking. Sometimes I see her face, but I know it’s not her. It can’t be. She’s dead.
I debated for a long time posting this story here, but I decided it was finally time to share it with the world. I’m sitting here in my apartment finishing it up right now. Oh hang on, there’s a knock on the door. It must be Scarlett, she was out shopping for dinner. Either way, thanks for listening.
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2020.11.26 07:39 Anch0-Chili Nude girls beach video

some context: (this might be a bit long sorry) this last summer was crazy for me. I had a best friend that I would hang out with almost every weekend. we’ll call him teddy. once COVID started I didn’t see him for a few months, so I went to spend the weekend at his house. we would hang out and play video games all day pretty much and then at night I would hang out with his older sister. we’ll call her hannah. I went into her room and we would watch shows and stuff until we went to bed. the next weekend I came back to his house and repeated the same activities such as playing video games with teddy, and at night watching a movie with hannah. this time halfway through the movie we started cuddling. my heart was fucking racing and I didn’t know what to do because something like that has never happened to me.
I end up making out with my first girl that night. these next few months were the weirdest in my life. her parents unfortunately found out about me being In her room and us doing stuff so I was kinda banned from being at his house at the same time as she was. we were however allowed to go to the beach together, so we went to the beach. my parents drove me there and also unfortunately witnessed her on top of me while we were making out. my dad actually screamed “STOP WRESTLING” from across the beach. they were actually pretty cool about it in general but it was super embarrassing to her. anyways I’m getting sidetracked.
At some point hannah started being really weird and wouldn’t text me back and was being passive aggressive which really weirded me out because she’s usually so sweet. (I learned she was dealing with terrible emotional trauma and depression and was trying to get rid of me by trying to make me hate her)I wouldn’t sleep for days because of this. the only thing that helped me get through this was video games. I sat up playing destiny 2 for about 48 hours straight without eating or drinking. this hurt so bad because I was so attached to her and didn’t want her to go. the only thing I felt was guilt for something I wasn’t aware of / didn’t do. we ended up breaking up and I cried myself to sleep for weeks after that. I couldn’t do anything and I only felt sad. it hurt so much. I still talked to her about it throughout feeling terrible. it’s been six months and I have moved away from California and to Washington (she lives in California) and i flew back to San Francisco just to see them for a week and also meet up with a girl who ended up cheating on me. it was actually great I had a lot of fun except we broke a lot of teddy’s moms rules and we also got caught smoking weed. teddy actually ended up bending the truth and being a pussy in general on top of throwing me under the bus for no reason.
I also had met this girl at some point and we had exchanged nudes. I was very excited about this so I immediately texted all my friends and for some reason teddy fucking asked me for the pics. idk why but I said yes. and now that’s hes telling on me about shit and not being a good friend he I told someone to kick his ass to teach him a lesson. (He was on the gc when I said that) from here he threatened to leak my nudes to gc which he recently added his older sister hannah to. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. so my ex girlfriend and some of my still close friends have seen me naked which just makes me want to barf. I don’t talk to teddy anymore for obvious reasons. Except his sister Hannah won’t talk to me either because of this. I have no one. I lost all of my close friends. I have barely anyone to go to when I need help. hannah was the coolest nicest person I had ever met and she understood me so well and I couldn’t ask for anyone better than her and I have lost her. what do I do. I still love her so much. and she looks like she’s enjoying her life and it makes me happy and so sad the same time. how do I get through this? please help me.
TL:DR I lost all my friends and I’m very depressed.
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2020.11.21 17:47 Everme1 Nude girls beach video

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Context: Early twenties single male. Didn't masturbate or orgasm (besides wet dreams) until 22 years old. Never had a porn problem. I date often and make marriage a high priority.
**Note: "**Masturbation" in this post does not involve porn
Growing Up
I grew up in a very letter of the law home, I frequently held myself to higher standards than all of my peers because of it. I remember my dad telling me that if I got an erection from something I did with a girl, it was something I shouldn't do (lol because holding hands does this for me). I also came home and told him about my first kiss after it happened and he told me it was wrong, and that I shouldn't kiss.
Because of these and other messages, I suppressed my sexuality all growing up.
During the last few months of my (two-year) mission (I left the summer after High School), I started struggling with depression - I noticed it mostly when we didn't exercise in the morning because of a meeting. Around this same time, I started feeling (what I now know was) pent up sexual energy with nowhere to go. The only thing I could think of to do was read "A Parent's Guide" in the gospel library app because it had something to do with sex. I would take small glances at it at the end of personal study when my companion wasn't looking - nothing really helped though.
Finding an Outlet
About a year after I returned home from my mission I was dating someone pretty seriously and started reading "Sexual Wholeness in Marriage" to start prepping. I read the intro and realized for the first time ever how little I actually knew about sex and sexuality.
This led me down a bit of a rabbit hole for the next few months. My near engagement ended up getting broken off, but I somehow knew this was a journey I still needed to go on.
Since I wasn't getting any sexual outlet (kissing, cuddling, holding hands) from a relationship anymore, my sexual energy started building up to probably the worst its ever been. There was a point about 4 months after the breakup that I literally felt like my penis was going to jump out of my pants. I wasn't doing anything sexual and I would often feel this way.
Finally, after reading a couple things about masturbation in the church in forums similar to this and praying about it, I felt like this might be the solution to what was going on.
I had absolutely no clue what I was doing, but I got in the shower one day and tried to masturbate. It didn't work.
I tried again the next day, and I figured it out. That orgasm was a spiritual experience - I had NO IDEA my body could do that. I knelt down immediately after and thanked God for my body.
Interesting side note: I didn't ejaculate. I think my body just wasn't used to that.
Coming to Grips with the Reality of Sexuality
After that first time, I thought it would be a one time thing - like, let your sexual energy out and then it won't come back (sound logic, I know lol). One night about a month later though, I woke up to myself touching my genitals and (in my fun overactive conscience brain) decided this was way too out of hand and I needed to talk to my bishop about it. I think he could tell it wasn't that big of a deal and just sent me on my way.
I lasted about 3 more months before I realized that these feelings weren't going away anytime soon. I read the Daniel Burgess article on masturbation and it really rang true for me - I've masturbated 1-3x a week since then (about 8 months).
Becoming comfortable in my own skin
Throughout this process, I also found that spending as much time as possible naked (alone) did wonders for me. It boosted my mental health, gave me a better self image, and normalized the fact that I'm a sexual creature. It sounds weird to say out loud, but when you see your penis/naked body sitting there as you're reading the scriptures, journaling, or doing something else, you get a fuller picture of yourself. Wearing clothes sort of separates you from the fact you have an entire body that is beautiful, and God given/created.
This reminds me of what Satan said to Adam and Eve in the garden about being ashamed of their nakedness. There's nothing shameful about a naked body - there is only beauty there. Somehow we have twisted this one in the church though and sound much more like Satan than God.
De-Sexualizing Women
There's definitely a covert message in the church that our naked bodies are something to be ashamed of. There is also a much more blatant one that women's bodies are PORNOGRAPHY!!! I grew up thinking the definition of pornography was a naked girl, or a girl whose shirt showed some of her chest (or whose swimsuit showed some of her stomach). This message is so damaging. I really wanted to get over this because I was physically anxious and struggled with "creepy guy syndrome" around any girls who didn't dress like they were 40 year old men at a church basketball function.
I've tried a couple things here that didn't really help:
I learned about anatomy. I watched some real life anatomy YouTube videos as well.
Figure drawing. I had heard of figure drawing classes, but because of COVID couldn't go in person, so I tried drawing non-sexual naked women from figure drawing websites.
These weren't very helpful because looking up naked people online (no matter how "realistic" they look) Isn't reality - it still feels like something you're doing that must be hidden which doesn't help contribute to the idea that women's bodies are not pornography
What actually helped:
Through this whole journey, I learned about naturism/nudism. I had sent emails back and forth with a guy whose screen name is Bryan Saturdays - he used to write about his experience with naturism/nudity in the home.
This is what he told me when I asked him about this: "As soon as you can, find a way to experience mixed-gender, non-sexual nudity. I promise you, there is NOTHING that will teach you to disassociate the female body from automatic arousal like real, raw, honest, pure unsexual nudity."
I was suuuuper skeptical at first. I felt like I was being deceived, I felt like I was going to ruin my chances of service in the church etc. (fatalistic, I know).
I was scheduled to go to a naturist meetup where I live, but it got cancelled because of COVID. I sat on the issue for about 4 more months, and finally decided it was time to try it.
I made my way to the closest nude beach on a Saturday this September. I remember walking onto the naturist section of the beach and seeing a couple old guys there reading/sunbathing. I said "here goes nothing" and stripped off and started putting sunscreen on.
There weren't a lot of people at the beach, and I didn't want to be creepy - but I knew somehow that if I was able to see and be seen that day - something good was going to happen.
I ended up taking a stroll down the beach (naked) and found three people around my age sitting there (2 girls, one guy), naked as well. I honestly don't know what got into me (maybe 2+ decades of wanting to solve this problem?), but I decided to say hi and try to make friends with them. I went up and introduced myself - I could tell one of the girls was uncomfortable (I don't blame her), and the guy they were with as really upset I was talking to them.
But one of the girls was so kind to me. We spoke briefly, she mentioned they were just about to leave or I could hang out with them.
That single interaction did more for de-sexualizing women, and helping me be comfortable with myself than anything else I have done.
After I walked away, it was like "oh, that wasn't even that exciting." But it was exciting precisely because it wasn't sexually exciting, it was just n.o.r.m.a.l.
I started dating someone shortly after this experience (we have now broken up). I didn't really feel the need for more non-sexual nudity because I felt I was working toward something that would allow for a sexual outlet (marriage) + it's hard to find someone (with good reason) that would be okay with their boyfriend/husband going to a nude beach alone all the time.
There are arguments for and against mixed-gender, nonsexual nudity and I don't pretend to know all the implications for every single situation.
What I do know is that a lot of YSA struggle with feeling like there's a line in the sand where they are non-sexual beings on one side (before marriage) and sexual beings on the other. This simply isn't reality.
This story shows how I've tried coping.
Today, this is what I do:
- Masturbate about 1-2x a week
- Spend time meditating, working, or studying naked when no one is around
- Make dating and marriage a high priority without rushing into the wrong thing
- Eat as healthy as I can (fortunately or unfortunately this increases testosterone which in my experience increases libido)
- Exercise daily
- Remind myself every day that I'm worthy of love and that although the church would never come out and condone some of the things I've done/am doing, I still feel the spirit guiding me and am growing closer to Christ in the best way I know how.
TL;DR: Sexually repressed since I can remember, eventually started masturbating in my 20s, went to a nude beach to help desexualize women. Still not sure if this is the right answer, but it's what is working for now. Would love any advice or people to relate to.
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