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Colombian Latinas and Latinos webcam women. submitted by ucamme21 to u/ucamme21 [link] [comments]

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2020.10.07 01:54 IgorovJonez HELP! I need a new Kink. Adderall has pushed me to the brink of my sexuality...

After months and months of speeding on Addys, I’ve traveled to the furthest frontiers of my masturbatory potential. I won’t get too into it (though maybe in another post) but my porn binges have literally led me to learn rudimentary software dev, but all literally to find/obsessively organize (realtime) pics of bob and vagene.
A couple points:

  1. I still fuck, lol. But the few times I’ve had sex on Addy were this weird combination of being the most chemically enjoyable sex has ever been, while also being frustrating as I inevitably succumb to stimdick. Still, sliding my flaccid meat in and out of the warm wet insides of a tinder girl had no right to feel so good. (She was stimmed up too so she welcomed the noodle).
  2. In a rare moment of responsible forethought (if you can call it that), I decided to try to keep my binges firmly within the realm of pictures, rather than video pornography. I’ve heard horror stories of Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction, and other problems caused by pornosaturation, so sticking to pictures is my feeble attempt at avoiding such a fate. I guess the idea is that, with pictures, I’m still to some extent engaging that ‘imagination muscle’ in my brain. After countless multi day porn tsunamis, I can still get rock hard when I want to, and if I’m on my way to a physical hookup, I will be hard before the pants come off.
I’m not looking to throw that foresight into the trash, per-se, but also, that’s exactly what I’m doing? Yeah. I’m looking to fuck my shit up. I NEED A NEW KINK. And look-- I know this is not how kinks work. I know. But why not call out to this speedy void? What else do I have going on right now?
Maybe ‘Kink’ is the wrong word. I need a new... Avenue? Approach? Porn Realm? Pornscape? Honestly I’d be fine just looking at thousands of images, but the chemically induced accelerationism (that I’m sure many of you are familiar with) has led me to write/post this, hoping some speedy stranger might nudge me towards some obscure site, or practice, or whatever.
A few more points:
  1. My interests currently include but are not limited to: Exchanging pics with rando girls on snap, sometimes broadcasting myself on chaturbate, writing erotica (fiction & non-fiction), women with tattoos, women with dirty feet, and stockings/high heels. (Also, Latinas and South East Asians, but I hate to contribute to exotification/fetishization, as these are obviously ‘races’, not kinks or fetishes. I’m mentioning it here for transparency. I do wish one’s attraction to any specific race wasn’t so inherently problematic, but society is weird I guess).
  2. I tried paying for a Skype cam sesh with a ‘webcam model’ hoping it would satisfy this desire for something ‘new’, but it just felt forced and like a waste of money.
ANYWAY… I know that this post is most likely futile. An impossible request, for something that one can only find themself. But the forum exists... so why not try my luck. I’ve searched ‘porn’ on this subreddit and let me just say, I know y’all are jacking it too lmao. There are many Brothers of the Binge in this here space.
So give me your weird, manic responses, please. Give me your pornlogic, your smutty OCD tendencies. Give me your super secret sexual shame source, or your proud public-knowledge porno patterns. Whether you think it’s too vanilla, OR too weird to share with a stranger, I implore you, share with me your strange corners of the internet, your weird stim/porn rituals, your depraved porn search terms, etc. I want it all.
TL;DR: I’m geeked up, asking you what weird shit you’re into, so that I too can be into said shit, and I’m asking while also knowing full well that this may be the wrong place, and that I may be asking the wrong questions, because I don’t care, because drugs.
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