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2020.11.25 09:20 valour-thief For the voyeur in you... watch me try to go to sleep after a ¹2 hr night shift

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I have been on the nofap active for as far as my badge says 25 days. But have been on the good ol casual voyeurism. Although I wasn't masturbating I used to peek at a thing or two. Starting now I am determined to not do that as well. Who knows what future holds for me but I'm very optimistic.
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Looking for a couple that wants to have someone watch them fuck. I can get a hotel room for us to enjoy. I’d just like to sit back, watch, stroke, and enjoy. 34 year old Italian male here. Let me know if you’re interested
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Hey all
So it's my first time posting on the . I'm in a pretty good relationship, though it has had little-to-no sexual energy for a while now. I have had some fun with friends before now that were comfortable with the conversation blending from chill to hot on the turn of a dime, and would love to find something like that again if possible.
I do a lot of writing and RP for fun as it is, so pretty happy to delve and explore some fantasy. I'm comfortable with stories ranging from just close and intimate, to involving multiple partners of varying combinations. My kinks and tastes can include unprotected/risky sex, voyeurism, B/GFE, height differences (I'm 2M tall almost exactly, so have some experience of picking up and throwing around smaller partners) and some feet focus, choking and ass play if it feels right. Happy to explore other tastes, though draw the line at darketoilet stuff. I might be a little vanilla, but I like to focus on details that excite my partners, so hope this will make up for it for you.
If you're just looking for some chat that has the chance of slipping into something sexy then let me know. I would love to make someone's night, whether it's through fun conversation or mutually reaching orgasm. If you have something in mind then run it by me - I can often get turned on by inventiveness and eagerness!
18+ only please. And I Hope however you're all spending your evenings, you're having fun doing it!
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Again, many spoilers within. Do not read ahead if you haven't finished thee game
I've heard lots of people complain about the game - the ending feels abrupt, or deus ex machina, or the figurative literary magic becomes basically actual magic.
But here's what really burns it all down for me:
Disco Elysium is the quintessence of frustration.
I'm going to kinda do this bit by bit, so bear with me:

This is the most common gripe I hear about the game. We do all this work, all this effort chasing leads and observing clues... only for a deus ex machina character that we've never heard of to drop in and explain literally everything. Evrart isn't the brains, what happened to the last union leader, who killed the merc, the rare cigarettes, the footprints, the peephole, the supernatural events.
Literally everything summed up in one unsatisfying series of "Task complete", one after another.
It's not rewarding, it's not solving a puzzle. It's being handed a book of answers and being told "Congratulations, you're a big puzzle solver"
For players invested in the mystery, it's like being cuckolded by frustration.
Which brings us to:
All through the game, we get vague options to show growth - abstaining from alcohol, ending thoughts about our past, the ledger of oblivion - we are constantly provided with "outs" to show we don't want to care anymore.
Alternately, we get plenty of ways to dive into the mystery, to try and build a piecemeal understanding of who this person was and who we lost - maybe even how to get it back.
And then, we get all of that summed up in a miserable conclusion over which all the player agency has no bearing.
All of our decisions mean absolutely nothing, all the character we imparted onto the protagonist was meaningless and we have absolutely no bearing on the outcome.
I GET that that's the point, that we're MEANT to watch somebody self-destructive remain self destructive, but again: it's just pure frustration.
You work so hard, only to be told "Oh, you played your whole game dismissing Harry's past and making every dialogue about who is is now? Nope, that's now how this story goes, sorry buddy"
Speaking of which
Almost nothing you do matters here. You can be the best detective, you can be the worst detective, unless you literally do the bare minimum to reach the end without actually solving the case (Which is surprisingly difficult given, as I mentioned, the case basically solves itself in the end) - you get told
Well, Harry, you are an odd fellow but I must say you steam a good ham solve a fine case.
Which is just an immensely frustrating way of "Rewarding" the effort and time you put into the game. There's no way to fully redeem yourself and no way to change basically anything that happens.
You find out there's a 2mm hole in the world! The Pale is a cancer! It doesn't just grow, it spreads! What does this mean?
You don't get to find out.
Holy shit, a psychic praying mantis! This stupid side quest was apparently core to the entire fucking game. What's the greater ramifications for this discovery?
You don't get to find out.
Is there a curse? We talked to so many of the people and tried deciding which buildings were part of it and whi----
You. Don't. Get. To. Find. Out.
But what about the union
There's about to be an insurrection!
But the night club, drug trade, husband dead, Dora, book store, Cuno, Who the fuck is Cunoesse, Sylvie, Cindy's coal furnace...
So basically, all of things brings us to one of the things the game looooves giving you: A pointless ultimatum. One after another. An endless stream of apparently black and white choices designed to change the nature of your playthrough but actually do...
There's no meaning to any of them.
That's the whole nihilistic point of this game - everything you do means nothing, you're the voyeur on somebody else's misery and the "Game" is a series of false choices and meaningless distractions along a railroad where you get drip fed a story that was decided before you got here.
For anyone who's ever played a video game, that's the epitome of frustration.
What a powerfully artistic statement - make a story that'll make some players happy and most players frustrated, then tell the frustrated ones that "That's the whole point!".
I'm not condemning those who enjoyed the game, by no means.
In fact I enjoyed the majority of the game and I'm sure the conclusion would have been amazing, depending on your playstyle, initial engagement with the game and particular real life personality.
But for me, it was an exercise in frustration, a disappointment I've never had in video gaming before.
All the work to make a wonderful stew, only to burn the bottom and make the whole thing taste like ash.
Also, some subtlety every now and then would have been nice:
Hmm, this poster is communist
  • I ****ing hate fascists. Destroy capitalism.
  • All commies need to be executed immediately, starting with the owner of this poster
  • I am *literally* devoid of thought.
  • Kim, do I like communists? - cycle back to top 3 options
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An active community where people share pictures of their girlfriends, wives and friends.
You can also post amateur porn and voyeucreep pics.
We already have 200 members just in the first day.
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2020.11.23 06:52 Tucsonjobuddy M4M any good spots around Tucson to jo and be watched/watch with others

28 bi m. Voyeur and exhibitionist. Looking for anywhere that's worth visiting to jerk off with some buds that's clean and discrete.
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Been watching a lot of “driving naked/stroking in the car” porn lately. Been getting real turned on at the idea of cruising around naked in the car, and having a friendly audience take a look as I stroke my cock. Maybe I'm your "Uber Eats driver", or I got "lost on my way back to the highway." Or maybe you'd rather be the one showing off, getting caught playing with yourself.

27yo tall, hairy, average build guy in Capitol Hill. Let me know if this voyeur / exhibitionist / public scenario sounds hot to you. Only interested in consensual scenes, typically looking for late at night. Pics in post history.
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