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2020.11.15 15:00 _kesyersoze Voyuer car sex

Background: So, basically when I was like 11/12 (2010) I used to go the library everyday. A boy (B) around three years older than me started speaking to me then after about 1/2 an hour-1 hour he asked me out, I was like 11 so this was the first time anyone done this , I was stunned and didn’t know what to say, he started arguing that we should because xyd but I kissed him on the cheek (out of kindness maybe?) then rejected after. The next week I was at the the library again and then he was there and he just went on my computer and added himself from my facebook.
I kept him on my facebook and told my mum who just helped me write a message to reject him again. Over the years (2010-2018) he’s tried to ask me again and again but I just rejected... I guess I could have blocked him on FB, but I didn’t and I told my mum everytime and she didn’t tell me to block him... I just followed what she said to do since I was young and inexperienced.
Then when I was 16 he offered me a job in “ his “ store ( think it was owned by his dad/family in reality), all my mum and friends said to me it’s not using and to go for it even though they knew he kept asking me out, so I listened to them. He tried again I rejected and then when I went to the store the staff, said i’m here for B they said no one of that name works here... then an hour later he messaged me on fb saying that the name I know for him isn’t his real name and that i’m a gold digger etc
He then tried to message me again I told him to back off (2015)
Two years later(2017) at college I meet a guy (C) who just approaches me and asks for my number. We went on a date, talked about each other’s past experiences dating etc, I mention B, C said he knows him quite well but basically they’re not really close/friends. about 4 days C just ghosts on me.
around a year after, (2018) B approaches me again to say sorry and all of that and can we forget as we were both young. I said sure but just kept him at a distance. He still tried slightly.... then he really tried again saying he’s got a business I can be his PR, he’s making XYD money. I cut him off again.
C suddenly pops back up, saying he’s sorry and that he was moving drugs at the time but isn’t now blah blah blah asks to meet up for deserts I did then he talked me into bringing him into his house... basically end up having sex, he spoke to me a bit afterwards but then he ghosted again... then basically B pops up telling me that it arranged between them it was all a game, that C was texting him when he was at my house and C filmed me while in dodgy position and sent the video to them.... and that i’m pathetic and all that.
B still tries to say hello in the street or sometimes drives past me and swears at me....
C keeps trying to follow and message on instagram, like to this day like yesterday. I’ve still got a conversation where I asked him about the video, he denies it but the way the conversation went it kinda proves his story doesn’t match up.
basically it’s been two years I didn’t report because i’m scared of failing/losing but I still would like to report but before going to a solicitor i’m wondering if i’ve left it too late and because it was two years ago would the video and message data be overwritten by now so there’s no proof they did anything.
I guess i’ve got the fact that i’ve got learning difficulties and receive PIP on my side that i’m a bit slow... ( not trying to use as a weapon but it’s the truth?)
would the court just see it as my fault anyway since I started speaking to both after they ghosted/ started acting funny?
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2020.11.05 23:47 tphd2006 Partner and I want to get into voyuerism. Any advice on hardware, discussing boundaries, etc.?

So partner wants to be watched by me discreetly via hidden cameras. Specifically in the bathroom, so we're thinking of hiding a camera best as we can in the toilet bowl and on a shower head.
This is completely between the two of us, and we live alone.
We're looking for advice on discreet waterproof cameras, how best to security store the footage, and most importantly - are there any boundaries we should discuss beforehand? Any caution we should have?
Thanks in advance.
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2020.10.29 15:16 Sons_of_the_Desert Voyuer car sex

Basic plot: A reporter (Jennifer Salt) witnesses the disturbed twin sister of a model (Margot Kidder) murdering a man in her apartment. When the police refuse to take her claims seriously, she investigates it herself and finds out some horrifying secrets.
Although generally well-regarded, Brian De Palma's horror film Sisters (1973) hasn't been widely recognized for what it quite arguably is- one of De Palma's very best films, and one of the greatest horror films ever made. Part of this is because it's often been viewed as a clever and canny work of cinematic homage and pastiche. It's a reworking of Psycho (1960) which incorporates elements of other Alfred Hitchcock films (Rope, Rear Window, The Lady Vanishes), as well as some of those of Roman Polanski (Repulsion, Rosemary's Baby). It also includes specific visual nods to certain Hitchcock films (Rebecca, the 1934 version of The Man Who Knew Too Much), as well as some non-Hitchcock films (Island of Lost Souls).
While Sisters is obviously a work of cinematic homage to a certain extent, the focus on this element above others obscures some very important things about the film. It's a work that mixes and combines elements of its inspirations in order to create something new and unique, and changes and recontextualizes what it borrows from in order to create very different meanings and effects. Its plot structure hews very closely to that of Psycho and it hits all of its major story beats- the insane relative, the brutal, unexpected murder, the revelation that said relative is dead-, but it shifts their order and changes their narrative context, as well as many details, so that many of them aren't immediately obvious, and those that are have different functions in the story.
Sisters is ultimately a transformative work: it takes the basic story elements and many of the themes of Psycho and creates a new, original work which is different in terms of tone, meaning, and intent. It's one of only a handful of horror films inspired by Psycho which has been able to match it or top it in any way. It's a work that's arguably darker and more grotesque than Psycho, more disturbing and frightening, whose implications are even more deeply unsettling. It works best if one has seen Psycho, and assumes that the viewer is familiar with it, but is able to stand on its own two feet, and works even if one hasn't seen the Hitchcock film.
De Palma has often been accused of being a Hitchcock wannabe, but what he actually does is use certain Hitchcock films as inspiration for works which are very different stylistically, tonally, and thematically. (Take the case of Mission: Impossible [1996], which takes inspiration from The 39 Steps [1935] and North by Northwest [1959].) While there are certain similarities in terms of sensibility, De Palma's directorial voice is very different from that of Hitchcock, and is unique and distinct.
One of the biggest differences between the two is that while Hitchcock tends to focus on the dark and perverse side of individuals, De Palma tends to take aim at society as a whole and particular institutions. A great example of this is the voyuerism-themed game show that opens Sisters, which manages to both darkly funny and unsettling enough to create a sense of unease. De Palma tends to take a jaundiced view of the institutions and power structures of American society, and Sisters is one of the most radical examples of this. The police refuse to take Grace (Jennifer Salt) seriously when she says that she witnessed a murder because the victim was a black man, and one of the officers threatens to find something to book her on if she keeps bothering him. (It's a testament to how relevant the film still feels, and how depressing that this is the case, that this feels like it could take place nearly 50 years after the film was made.)
Sisters is probably De Palma's most thorough portrait of the dysfunction of American society. No one in a position of authority is at all helpful, and are either hostile or oblivious: they either realize their mistakes only when it's too late, or lack the awareness to realize them at all. The film's world is one in which the most decent, upright character suffers the cruelest fate, and the heroine's combination of idealism and hubris ends up doing her in. It's also one in which to be a black man is to have one's life treated like it doesn't matter, and to be a woman is to be dismissed or marginalized. Sisters is unusual among horror films in that "normality" has no positive connotations, and no force or vigor.
A key difference between De Palma and Hitchcock is that De Palma is willing to go farther in terms of graphic violence, and present in with a greater degree of savagery. As brutal and disturbing as it is, the shower scene in Psycho has a certain kind of aesthetic restraint. De Palma's analogue to it in Sisters, only the other hand, is much bloodier and more graphic, as well as far more vicious and sadistic. It's one of the most brutally terrifying deaths in all of horror cinema, and also ranks among the most horrific and unpleasant.
De Palma does just as well at updating the horror film as Hitchcock did with Psycho. Sisters gives its horror a contemporary urban setting (its New York locale gives it a distinct flavor), with modern environments (the apartment of a model, an experimental sanitarium) in place of creepy old houses. It's very much a post-Psycho, post-Night of the Living Dead (1968) horror film: it reflects the horror film's then-burgeoning social consciousness, and is far darker, more disturbing, and downbeat than the traditional (pre-Psycho) horror film. De Palma approaches the horror film's traditional fascination with freaks and outsiders in a way that's much darker and more grotesque than earlier horror films, as well as far bleaker and more downbeat: it suggests that the abnormal person has no real place in a society that cruelly mocks them and sets them apart from others, but that it's even worse to try to disown one's abnormality and become "normal"- that a part of oneself is killed in the process, and the results are nothing less than monstrous.
De Palma makes excellent use of Hitchcock's trick from Psycho of making the early portions of the film not seem like a horror film: it starts off relatively normal, but the sense of creepiness and unease steadily builds (Emil stalking Danielle, Dominique's rage at Danielle having a man sleep over) until it climaxes in the first murder. De Palma's also uses of Psycho's gambit of being a suspense thriller as well as a horror film, which helps add a lot of tension. One of the best sequences in the film is De Palma's version of the scene of the crime being cleaned up: he adds extra tension by having Emil (William Finley) race against time before the police show up, and uses split-screen to counterpose him cleaning up the aftermath of the murder with Grace struggling to get the police to go up to Danielle's apartment. De Palma also includes a lot of humor in the film, some of it dark (the Peeping Toms game show), and some of it lighthearted (Grace accidentally dropping a piece of evidence that bolsters her case) in a way which serves the leaven the more disturbing and grotesque aspects. However, all of the film's humor- the way Grace's mother tries to give her unwanted "helpful" advice, the way private detective Larch (Charles Durning) dismisses Grace's objections to his harebrained schemes- reinforces the disenchanted view it takes toward American society, as well as its fundamentally downbeat thematic. This extends to the film's humorous closing shot, which reflects the bleakness of the narrative.
During the third act the film drops the suspense aspect entirely and pivots to being a balls-to-the-wall horror film; it's during this section that it reaches its greatest heights, as well as when it's at its most darkly terrifying and profoundly unsettling. Themes of manipulation and control are central to this portion of the film, and it expresses them visually with imagery taken directly from the third act of Rosemary's Baby (1968). (These scenes are quite arguably more deeply unnerving and unsettling than the ones they take inspiration from in the Polanski film.) Rather than having it explained through a speech the way Psycho did, the film instead opts to expound on the origin of the killer's psychosis through a stylized, black-and-white flashback scene. The obvious inspiration for it are the childhood flashbacks in Marnie (1964), but it goes much further, resulting in a sequence which is genuinely surreal, grotesque, and nightmarish. It's one of the most unnerving scenes in all of horror cinema, as well as one of the great setpieces in De Palma's work.
However, the element most responsible for making the third act of the film as frightening and disturbing as it is is the force with which De Palma illustrates male domination and control of women. The great critic Robin Wood once described Sisters as "the definitive feminist horror film," and that's a very apt description: women are either dismissed or marginalized at best, or are subject to attempts to control them at worst. (It's noteworthy that the film's violence is perpetrated exclusively by women against men.) This is most evident in Emil's attempts to control both Grace and Danielle (Margot Kidder). Many of Hitchcock's greatest films feature men who try to dominate women in some way (Vertigo, Psycho, Marnie); Emil is a potent variation on this theme, and a figure whose domination of women is more profoundly disturbing. He's a misogynist of the most insidious kind: although sincere, his love for Danielle is fundamentally selfish and self-serving, and he seeks to control or eliminate any woman who gets in his way (like Grace). He desperately wants to control the adverse situations he faces, but lacks the awareness to realize that his own actions are the cause of them.
Wood said that the film shows male domination of women to be invariably misguided and destructive, and this is evident in De Palma's treatment of the other male characters: the police detective is dismissive of Grace's claims and attacks her for reporting on police abuse, and Larch treats her with condescension and acts like she doesn't know anything about private investigation. De Palma's treatment of Emil, as well as the dark, obsessive energies associated with him, is one of the elements most responsible for the film feeling truly Hitchcockian.
Sisters is one of the great films of the "cinema of pessimism" of the '70's. It refuses to provide any easy answers to the questions it raises, or produce an easy scapegoat even in the case of its most obviously monstrous character (Emil). Although its finale is less explosive than those of many of the great films of "'70's horror" (Night of the Living Dead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, God Told Me To), it's one of the ones that has the greatest power and force, and is at once frightening, tragic, and darkly funny. Its conclusion is one of a bleak hopelessness, albeit without the raw nihilism of that of Night of the Living Dead (1968): it suggests that American society is broken beyond repair, and that there's no way to set right the things which are fundamentally wrong.
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2020.08.04 03:38 please_andthanky0u Voyuer car sex

Hey y’all! I have kind of a silly post/question. My new husband and I are trying to find “stay at home” friendly ways to celebrate our wedding/new marriage, as we weren’t able to have the traditional wedding/honeymoon we planned for. We decided, with spending so much time at home together, this is a great time to explore some new kinks. We have engaged very lightly in a few kinks we knew we had interest in (light bondage, d/s play, role play, voyuerism, exhibitionism, among others) and we’ve found a random A-Z list of kinks. I think we plan to make our own A-Z list and maybe taking a couple of weeks per kink to really explore the different ways it could be practiced.
My question is, does anyone who has engaged in any of these types of play or have any suggestions for how/what to explore? Something particularly underrated about a kink that we should definitely try before moving on to the next one? For example, I’m sure exploring a foot fetish takes more than rubbing someone’s feet during sex or attempting a foot job; what are other forms of foot worship we shouldn’t skip over?
Additionally, does anyone have alternative suggestions for any of the letters A-Z? There is a kink list in the FAQ, but what it links to no longer exists. No shade to any particular kink, there are just a few on here that we know already we aren’t really into so we’re looking for multiple options.
I’d love any suggestions!
Kinks listed below, they came from a magazine article we stumbled across that sparked this idea: A-age play B-bondage C-cuckolding D-dominance E-electrostimulation (might switch this to edging, as “zapper” seems similar) F-foot fetish G-gagging H-humiliation I-impact play J-Japanese bondage K-klismaphilia L-limits M-masochism N-nylons O-objectum sexuality P-pregnancy fetish Q-quirofilia R-role play S-spectrophilia T-tentacles U-urophilia V-voyuerism W-whip X-wax play Y-yoni egg Z-zapper
Thanks, everyone!
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2020.07.13 17:44 ParkerWrites Voyuer car sex

All during the party we’ve been connecting… moments of shared eye contact, the occasional brush as we pass. There’s chemistry here, an arcing despite the inappropriateness, the off-limits nature of it all. As the evening wears on the party spreads throughout the opulent house, and no one's feeling any pain.
I see you head upstairs, and I discard caution and follow you. And there we are together, alone in an out of the way guest room.
It’s awkward and enticing for a moment, and just then there’s a fumbling at the closed door. Someone's here!
A shared, startled glance between us and I pull you into a convenient closet. It’s dark and there’s not much room as we squirm quietly against one another getting settled, you backing up against me as we both look through the sliver of gap in the closet door.
Well, we’re definitely stuck here now.

Two people flirting with that edge at a party suddenly find themselves in a precarious position. Are you a housekeeper, a friend’s wife, my daughter’s troublemaking best friend, or my buddy’s slightly-intoxicated mom? I can easily take advantage here and start to have my way with your body as we remain quiet and watch whatever drama unfolds in the bedroom.
This is a short, playful scene with voyuerism, possible dub-con, age gap, forbidden fruit, slice of life, and maybe a few other things added in for spice. Let’s set up something fun - a situation and characters. I'm looking for a female writer for this.
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2020.07.01 16:48 h4bitf0rming Voyuer car sex

Going off the title I'm a 38 male, athletic/fit 5'11" 160lb caucasian. Looking for a Female between 25-40 that wants to have incredible foreplay/sex/public voyuer. Sometimes I can host , sometimes it will be hotel room , on down to a lake or river. We can act like we are the only ones there. This quarantine has got me all pinned up and need a willing lady to get her pussy dripping wet . licked and fucked my my mouth till she creams on my face. Then take this dick and shove it in her throbbing pussy. I am not looking for a 15-30min ordeal and its over. Im looking for a long term friend with benefits that loves a thick hard cock. I need one that will suck my dick back hard after I nut . stick it back in and get her legs moving uncontrollably. Pussy so wet it comes off my shaft and onto my balls. One ready to cream my cock over and over. Likes her hair pulled alittle. Cant handle all different positions. Able.to communicate what she wants more of and not to stop or to change it up cause its not the spot. A sexy lady who has an ass that makes me want to bend you over doggystyle. Open up your ass and pussy and say baby be gentle on my ass at first and rub my clit and finger my g spot. My tongue is your tool , my cock ypur pleasure machine, my stamina your never ending dildo. Fast , slow, kisses on your pussy and all over. I am not no internet troll lieing about myself or a dead fuck. I am not into a lady who lays there and says do whatever you wa t l. I am into a lady who suck my dick while I eat her pussy. Gets my cock hard and rides me back and forth up and down. One that spreads her legs and says Go as deep as you want baby I want to feel every inch while she screams keepngoing daddy you got my pussy cumming on that dick and my body shaking from tge pleasure. Want to find out? DM me and lets see if we at least find each other attractive. exchange pictures and connect on a personnal bases. To see if we scare any other common interest. I need a lady who can last as long as I can. For years upon years I havent had the pleasure of that. Im not begging and Im not playing around. I am looking for a solid legit no games fuck buddy who hasnt had her pussy serviced the right way in years. Your husband rub on your pussy , sticks his 5-6 inch dick in you and 5 mins he is done and asleep. So you go sneak off and finish what he couldn'tnt. That wont happen here at all. I'll have you pouring out that juice just by eating out your pussy in 20mins. Then once your pussy is throbbing and clit is red and pouring your juice over me. It will be like when you was in early 20s. Not at home and your pussy wasnt been fucked like it needs be . The urge of your throbbing clit and wet pussy takes over. you start fantasizing about being fucked and it wont go away. 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Not big on drinking but it dont bother me as long as you can handle yourself and your cocktail..as you can tell I havent been fucked good in years. With the added quarantine and who k ows what might happen. I want to be your one and only fuck buddy as you will be mine. Desease free, STD free .. DM me lets chat.
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2020.05.21 02:38 ForcedFedTrauma Voyuer car sex

I never have sudden urges to look up anything too risque. Always reading about how users looking up abnormal categories or have a insane sex drive.
My only problem is "finding" those perfect videos, tabbin them out, only to find myself repeating the process after watching just a few minutes of my GOLDEN Videos. I LOVE LOVE love the "hunt"; don't get me wrong, but I also realize it's a waste of time if I hyper focus too much on my fap time. My rule of thumb is....if the movie in the background ends and I can't get it up. Game Over Keep busy for an hour or two. Then try again!
Only additional detail is Ieft out is I got sucked into Candid videos one stimmed night. Asses in Yoga Pants and Leggings; all them Instagram stars. After awhile I was thinking my headphones are on why!? Then, realized I'm stuck in yoga pants/leggings JOI world. Ain't no pleasure going on obviously. So...I GUESS that "non usual porn."
Anyway. I still have my 2-3 hour sessions (Thank the Lord not much longer) mostly amateur stuff nowadays, then off to play Video Games and organize (But not in any effective way) my bedroom. /Endrant
Not Related:
Sometimes I'll smoke around 6pm. 5-6 hits and be up for 24hr. Is that the cut? Other times I'll pass out after 12-14hrs. Other times I NEED to wait it out or have that rare thing called a landing gear. How y'all deal with the sleep depression. I always eat, and drink plenty water too....
Tdlr: Not into Freaky stuff while stimming. Had one candid/voyuer moment and that's as freaky as I got. Oh! And mastered 2 hour sessions . Give up. Then try again later!
Stay Safe Everybody. This has been a fun phase and I tend to keep it that way! Never have it easily accessible and always eat, sleep, and take the few day breaks!
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2020.05.06 06:21 EB91714 Voyuer car sex

Hi all , I would like to invite you to participate in an academic survey for my psychology thesis through Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. The study is looking at Atypical Sexual Interests specifically paraphilia's including sadism/masochism, voyuerism, exhibitionism, froutterism and attraction to disability. The study is developing a scale to measure sexual behaviour (as a spectrum) and categorise atypical sexual interests/behaviours/fantasies. This scale will be the first of its kind in the last decade.
This study is focusing on atypical sexual interests and the relationship to antisocial/aggressive behaviours and the dark triad of personality (narcissism/psychopathy/machiavellianism)
Your participation will be valuable to the study and understanding of human sexuality, taking around 10 minutes to complete the anonymous survey.
Feel free to share this link with anyone you feel may be interested. Thank-you in advance
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2020.04.03 19:56 Trvlr87 Car sex voyuer

Does anyone know how to get into voyeur cams on CamSoda? I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this from my normal profile but can’t. I don’t want to start doing it and then get it trouble or shut down if I need a special account. Do I need to sign up with a different platform? Any info would help!
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2020.03.20 01:31 wolf_boy69 M4F - shaggy seeking his velma [kinky nerd wanted]

So im not very good at getting acquainted with people at parties or bars. Since the Caronavirus outbreak i feel like the game is changed a little. Im seeking someone to be my best friend for the end of the world. Me: im into Lord of the Rings [the movies but would love to read the silmarillion], i love Star Trek, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Lightsabers [not star wars as a whole haha, sorry] and I'm a student studying Maps. Sexually im a deviant...i love Voyuer, Public sex, Spitting in your mouth, role playing, really anything to show my dominance. The thing is, i dont want to do this with anyone...i want to make a connection. If you're looking for the same, message me :).
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