Spying on my sister taking a shower

2020.11.26 23:20 dbfassbinder Spying on my sister taking a shower

Book 3: Chapter 20 Book 3: Chapter 22
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Do you want to start with Book 2? Here's Book 2's Prologue!
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Do you want to start with Book 3? Here's Book 3's Prologue!
Nagoya, Japan
Tuesday, August 2nd, 2050
In retrospect, it was a good thing Kiyo and I took the opportunity to have some alone time when we had the chance. Spare time became rarer and rarer as the weeks went on.
I suppose I ought to have expected it. If I wasn’t dealing with a report back to Fera, a late-night call from Kiyo, or a petty errand from Maggie, I was on the hook to help Headmaster Tachibana test his new and improved Peace Bond every weekend. This was all on top of regular classes, club time, and homework! I was beginning to feel like I was on a military campaign again, only without my goblin manservant, Dewdrop, to offload mundane tasks on. I couldn’t truly relax, since I had to be ready to jump at a moment’s notice.
At the very least, I had some progress to report back to the high command. I could honestly say that I had ingratiated myself with the Headmaster of the school and was simply waiting for an opportunity to betray him. That seemed to placate Fera, at least in the short term.
As did my faster response times. As much as I missed Kiyo’s physical presence, there were benefits. Fera had begun complaining about waiting an extra week every time she sent me a message. Now that I slept alone alone, I could get ready first thing in the morning much faster without having to drag Kiyo out of bed. That gave me time to check my mail before morning exercise with the group for our exercise sessions. I hadn’t received any letters in about a week, and I seemed overdue.
Sure enough, amid my normal deluge of junk mail was the newest missive from Australia. I hid it under my bed, since I wouldn’t have time to read it, reply and dispose of it properly until class was done for the day. I wasn’t about to make the same mistake as before and put it off for weeks on end, of course.
I stepped back into the elevator, having made my delivery. I was about to push the button when a voice came from behind me. “Who do you keep getting letters from, Magpie?”
I nearly cried out in my shock. A calloused hand wrapped around mine without an obvious source. “Kiyo, what are you doing?”
She came into view, wearing her exercise gear. She was looking quite disheveled, having abandoned her makeup and habit of tying her hair up. “I asked my question first. Who’s Harriet Oswald?”
I’d prepared for that, thankfully. “A friend of the family. She was my father’s godmother. I’ve never met her in person, but she seems like a sweet woman.”
Her eyes narrowed, and I noticed they had prominent rings beneath them. “Why doesn’t she just use SatoChat like a normal person? Letters are expensive.”
“She says she likes the formality of it.” I felt the color leave my face. “Wait, how did you know that name?”
“Saw it on the letter in your hand,” she said.
“Just how long did you follow me? We agreed, no more recon.”
“I’ve been on the elevator a bit. I wanted to surprise you.” She poked me in the chest. “Why’re you being defensive about it? Are you hiding something?”
Oh, my dear, let me count the secrets. I took a calming breath before I continued. “You popped in out of nowhere and started throwing around questions and accusations. It’s bound to make anyone defensive!”
“I’d think you’d be used to that,” she said. “You always thought it was cute before.”
“The popping in out of nowhere, yes. It adds a spice to things. The questions and accusations aren’t quite as lovable.” I wrapped my arms around her. “Now, think about it for a moment. How could I possibly be carrying on anything untoward with a woman in Australia? By post, no less.”
She closed her eyes and settled into me. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. I haven’t been thinking straight lately.”
I ran a hand through her hair. “You aren’t looking your best, if I can say so.”
“Haven’t been sleeping good,” she said. “The homework’s worse than before. I keep pulling all nightery.”
“I did wonder where you found time to study. My phone’s always buzzing with your messages.”
“I miss you so much,” she muttered. “Am I pinging you too much?”
“A little,” I said. “I need to focus on my schoolwork, too.” Devils don’t feel guilt, you understand, but there was something that felt off about claiming schoolwork was what kept me busy. She was right to be suspicious, just not for the reasons her jealous mind had invented.
Her eyes brightened up for the first time since she’d ambushed me. “Hey, I got it! I’ll throw my classes on purpose. That way, I’ll get demoted and we’ll be together again!”
“I see you’re going with the Yukiko approach.” Her industrialist parents had forced her to earn terrible grades, despite her skills, as a way of keeping their heiress off the front lines. She’d seen sense since then, thankfully. “Please, don’t. I guarantee you, if they do demote you, they’ll send you to another class.”
“I hate this stupid school,” she said.
“Let’s not dwell on that, shall we? And Kiyo?”
“No more recon.” I looked her dead in the eyes. If Kiyo saw the wrong thing at the wrong time, I was on a one-way trip to a Wizard Corps prison. I doubted I’d be treated as gently as Haru had.
“No,” I said. “If I had my way, you’d be at my side all the time. That isn’t the reality we’re living, tragically.” That at least was honest enough.
“You’re acting like you have something to hide,” she said, her voice tinged with suspicion.
“It isn’t about hiding or not hiding,” I said. “If they catch you sneaking around using your affinity to spy on people again, you’ll get more than a slap on the wrist! They know about your old recon habits now. This is for your sake, not mine.”
She met my gaze before sighing. “Fine. I still hate this stupid school.”
“Understandably! I’m just as miserable as you are.”
“I guess. Oh, do you want to hang out after club time tonight?”
“I can’t, I’m afraid,” I said. “Ms. Edwards and I are getting close to a breakthrough on my affinity, and she’s quite insistent that I be there.” That was true, not that it was what we were going to talk about.
Kiyo cursed under her breath. “Then let’s skip the morning run. We can go off somewhere.”
“Remember what happened last time? Rose barely covered for us when Mr. Maki showed up for a ‘random inspection.’”
She grumbled and gripped me harder. “Fine. Not today. Let’s get to the gym before somebody thinks we’re taking up too much time. Just promise me something.”
“Yes, my dear?”
“If I need you, and I mean really need you, you drop whatever you’re doing. I-I’m not in a good place right now.”
“I don’t know…” I trailed off. Blast her miserable doe eyes. “I have responsibilities, and you do, too.” My resolve melted like an ice cube on the surface of the sun. “Put those away, it isn’t fair!”
“Promise me. You have to do things like that. It’s all there in the boyfriend/girlfriend contract.”
“If you promise you’ll take better care of yourself,” I said. “You need to sleep sometimes. Spending all night on SatoChat with me isn’t making you any happier.”
“Sure it is,” she said. “It’s the most time we have alone anymore.”
“These circles beg to differ,” I said, running a thumb beneath her eye. “So, do we have a bargain?”
She bit her lip before hesitantly nodding. “Yeah, I guess.” She gave me a knowing smirk. “You’re always more worried about me than I am.”
“I’m sure that is somewhere in the boyfriend/girlfriend contract,” I said.
“If I ever write it down, it sure will be,” she replied.
My phone buzzed with a typo-laden message from Rose asking where we were. “We’ve pushed our luck as much as we can.”
“Ugh, I can’t believe I’m looking forward to our morning runs now, just ‘cause you’re there,” she said. “It feels like I’m in Magpie withdrawal when you aren’t around.”
“There are worse addictions,” I said, pushing the elevator button to send us on our way. I thought I’d solved the situation pretty handily, all things considered. Her sentiment was touching, but worrying. Not that I didn’t miss her dearly, but a desperate Kiyo was likely to turn invisible and see something that she shouldn’t.
It was harder getting away from Kiyo after club time was over. Not only because she seemed more miserable, though she was better put together after she had showered and made herself up for the day. That was a relief; her pathetic state that morning had pulled at my heartstrings. No, she simply didn’t take no for an answer as she tried every angle she could dream up to intrude on my meeting with Maggie.
“I can be moral support,” she said. Her voice echoed in the empty hallway near Ms. Edwards’ homeroom.
“The training mostly involves sitting quietly and meditating,” I replied.
“Then I’ll be quiet moral support,” she said. “I’ll turn invisible and hide in the corner. Mrs. Edwards doesn’t have to know!”
“Afterwards,” I said. “We can figure something out afterwards, but she’s operating under the same orders as all of the other teachers. She’ll never let you get away with it, and if you break in, we’ll both be in trouble. Stop making me be the villain here!”
“Fine,” she groused. “Afterwards.”
“Stop, don’t leave angry,” I said, grabbing her arm as she spun around. I checked my phone and confirmed the time. “We have a few minutes before I’ll be missed.” I pulled us into an unlocked supply closet. The smell of bleach and molding rags was overwhelming, but at least we had a little privacy. “What did you want to talk about?”
“I don’t like you spending all this time with her,” she said. “There’s something off about Ms. Edwards.”
“Really? You want to waste our precious time on that?” As always, Kiyo was a good judge of character. At least, where I wasn’t concerned. I’d have to throw her off the scent. “Don’t tell me you’re jealous.”
“You knew her before you came here,” she said. “And she’s prettier than me. Of course I’m worried.”
“I mean, if you like redheads. I’ve always been more partial to raven hair, personally,” I said, playing with her ponytail.
“We both know your type is female,” she said.
“That isn’t true,” I said. “Mrs. Perera does nothing for me. And your stock is much nicer than Lucile’s.”
“Great, you think I’m sexier than a gun and a grandma!”
So much for using humor to defuse the tension. “What I’m saying is, you don’t need to be jealous.”
“I guess,” she said, settling into my arms. “I’ll shut up and enjoy the time we have.”
My phone burst out into song. “I suppose that’s Ms. Edwards wondering where I am.” I sent a text saying I was on the way, but didn’t leave just yet. This was a delicate moment.
“Ugh! Fine, go be responsible.” She crossed her arms under her chest and stepped away from me.
“No, no, that won’t do at all,” I said. “I won’t leave you with a frown like that.” If I left her in a funk, there was a chance she’d get it in her head to stalk us, and Maggie was bound to say something incriminating.
“Don’t know what else I’m supposed to do,” she said. “I spent so many months chasing after Hiro, thinking nobody would ever notice me. You did, and everything was great. Then the stupid headmaster tore you away from me.”
“Maybe you ought to find something else to fill that time,” I said. “Spending all of your time dwelling on it can’t make you happier.”
“Easy for you to say,” she said. “You don’t need me as badly as I need you. If I was hit by a bus, you’d have another girlfriend in a week. You like flirting and hitting on people. The idea terrifies me. I’m glad you came to me first.”
“You’re misremembering things,” I said, easing closer. “You confessed to me first. I never heard anything like it in my whole life.”
She snorted and avoided my gaze. “Yeah, right. People love you around here, and that’s after you screwed up the old club. No way I’m the first person to say who confessed to you.”
“No, it’s the truth,” I said. To be fair, Mother hadn’t been much for tender feelings even before she defected to the Grim Horde, if you believed Father’s accounts. Fera’s conditional marriage offer had been extremely cold and mercenary. I believed in the depth of Kiyo’s feelings for me and, as much as love is the Enemy’s delusion, the weak part of me craved it from her.
As miserable as she was, she deserved to hear it. I cupped her face in my hand. “Listen to me, and believe it for once, damn it! My eyes wander, but my heart doesn’t. The idea of doing anything to hurt you makes me ill. You talked so casually about being hit by a bus, and it made me ill! So, what if we see each other less? So, what if we can’t make love as often? I’m yours, and you’re mine. I need you to stop walking around, convinced that I’m sneaking around behind your back. It’s nonsense, and you’ll only drive yourself insane.”
She gulped, her eyes watering. “Dang, man. That’s… Dang.” She gulped again. “You’re always doing that to me, Magpie. Riling me up right before you have to go somewhere.”
I flashed her my winningest smile. “What can I say? Always leave them wanting more. Do you promise to relax?”
She nodded. “Alright, Magpie. I trust you.”
Those were the words I’d hoped to hear, though my stomach sank. I did care, but my motives weren’t exactly pure. “That’s a-”
“Besides, if you ever do cheat on me, I have Lucile.” Her neutral expression made me wonder how much she was kidding.
I chose to laugh along with the potential joke. “Exactly. Now, I must be going, before Ms. Edwards blows a gasket.”
“It’s too late for that!” Ms. Edwards flung the door open. “I thought I heard voices in here!” The real Holy Sister Shrike was among us for a moment, unmasked and enraged. When she noticed Kiyo, however, the normal façade went up. “Ms. Jones? Oh my, what are you doing in here? Don’t you have homework to do?”
“Y-yeah,” she said. “Have fun, Magpie. Not too much, but enough to keep you going until we talk later. I want to be the highlight of your day.” Kiyo’s expressions and body language were often opaque, but I’d learned how to interpret her. She walked off with more confidence than I’d seen with her since the Headmaster had invaded my bathroom.
At least one of us did. Sweat sprang to my brow as Maggie fixed me with an annoyed grimace.
“Trust me, my dear,” I called after her. “You will be.”

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2020.11.20 22:04 jacktherambler Dragonstone - Chapter 48

Chapter 1 | Chapter 47 | Chapter 49 | Patreon
“No. No, you’re wrong, Rhi, it’s impossible. How could you even know? You can’t know. You’re just guessing. That’s all it is. A guess.”
I’m pacing. I know I’m pacing. I’m wearing furrows in the deck boards of Rhi’s cabin. She sits behind her desk and watches me pace, her face unreadable. Blank. Devoid of any sort of indication toward any emotion. She sat me down and decided to inform me that she is certain I am Aldrich Rin, eldest child and only son of deposed Emperor Rin. Son to a murdered father, brother to a sister that may be leading an open rebellion, somewhere across the continent.
“You’re right. How could I know? Same age, no one cared to claim you, stabbed in the back and left to die in a river. Magical ability that seems in line with the news about Aubrey.”
“Rhi, it’s impossible. I’m just some farm boy that no one wanted. Another mouth they couldn’t afford to feed. Or maybe a street urchin that stole from the wrong merchant! Or just an unlucky kid who was attacked on the road and tossed into the water! I could be anyone. I’m just…me.”
“Do you believe it?” She asks, sighing. “Be honest with me, boy. Be honest with yourself.”
I stop pacing and rest my hands on her desk, bending over and feeling an overwhelming and sudden urge to vomit everywhere. Like someone gut punched me, I feel it in my stomach and I hate it.
“There’s no way to prove it.” I finally say, once that feeling passes. Or at least fades enough that I can open my mouth with slightly less worry that it will happen involuntarily. It doesn’t help that we’re on a ship and I hate ships, the ocean, I hate damn near everything right now.
“That isn’t what I asked.” She says, her voice gone quiet.
“I don’t want to believe it.” I tell her, looking up and shaking my head. “I won’t believe it. I’m Ashur, spy, caught up in a storm of shit that I can’t get out of.”
“That isn’t an answer either.” She says. We’re interrupted by heavy fists pounding on the door. Rhi stands, cursing and tearing the door open.
“I said we weren’t to be interrupted!” She says. “What?”
“Captain, we can see Vylan’s Port.” The sailor is talking too fast, panicked.
“Shocking news. As we sail south, hugging the coast, we can see the largest port city on the eastern coast. Next you’ll tell me we can see Creia.”
“No, Captain. Vylan’s Port is on fire.”
Rhi furrows her brow, tilts her head.
“What, you mean like a warehouse? A dock?”
“No, Captain. The whole damn place, the whole city is on fire.”
Rhi pushes past and I follow. We climbs the stairs as fast as we can, feet thundering on the thick wooden boards, crashing onto the deck and racing to the railing. We didn’t even need to get to the railing. The sky is lit with an orange glow, a flickering glow of the expanse of fire that eats away at the city. Everyone watches a city burn, entranced.
Sailors weep, no shame in it. Ships push off from the docks, blazing beacons that will not make it out of port. People are dying. Every sailor knows someone in Vylan’s. Every single sailor. Wives, husbands, lovers, children, friends. Everyone on this ship isn’t just watching a city burn. They’re watching the people they love burn.
“The Molten Lord.” Liana says. “I did not think he would come so soon. Not while there was such uncertainty.”
“The Molten Lord.” I echo. “That is the most terrifying title I have ever heard.”
“You should see his dragons.” She says, staring at the fire, eyes distant. Then she tilts her head, listening to a keening sound on the wind. She looks up into the dimly lit sky, lit by that orange glow. Rhi and I both watch her.
“You should break out your arms.” She says, looking to Rhi. Then to me. “Quickly.”
“Fantastic.” I say, sighing. “We should set a course for a beautiful, sandy island, retire under the sun and be away from all of this.”
“Why do you sound like a man six times your age?” Liana asks. Rhi snorts, one of the first genuine laughs I’ve ever heard from the stoic Captain.
“He’s always been like that. It’s exhausting. He’s lying anyway, he hates the sand.” Rhi pokes and it’s my turn to snort a dry laugh. She isn’t wrong though. Or rather, she’s only slightly wrong.
“Correction. I hate everything.” I say. For the second time in as many days, someone shouts a word that we all hate. Except now it’s lost some of that excitement, nervousness. Now we’re just resigned to it, a simple fact of life.
On the bright side, I don’t have to think about my parentage anymore. Maybe not ever!
I’m not entirely sure how bright that bright side is but there isn’t much time to think about it. Metallic flames streak through the sky, engulfing smaller shapes in the streams of fire. Then from somewhere out in the water I see a flash of fire, close to the water. It’s followed by the crashing boom of thunder, from under a cloudless night sky. The sky is lightening with the approaching dawn and I can see that there is no storm building around us.
“What was that?” I ask. Arms hit me around the waist and I am on my back, my breath driven from my chest and my back in sudden, shocking pain. I’m going to have a severe bruise. Better than a massive hole in my chest, since a small orb of black metal fills the space that I stood in a heartbeat before. Liana is up, shouting, calling out a word I do not know.
“Cannons! We need to put distance between us and those ships!”
I sit up and look out into the darkness. I am horrified to see a dozen more flashes of fire, those same booming reports. Rhi is shouting commands, I watch a sailor simply…burst, hit by one of those cannons. Around us wood explodes in a shower of splinters, boards are torn apart.
I decide in that moment, in the growing light of dawn, that I have a new word to fear. One that might be worse than dragons.
I hate cannons.

Wind rushes around us, we hurtle toward the ship. It has been wounded and wounded badly. Men scamper on the shattered deck, shouting and driving back the smaller dragons with long, heavy spears. In the sky above I see dragons that shine as the metal plate of the knights I have come to know.
They fight with the same vigour. They turn themselves while in flight in ways that should not be possible. They snap and claw with precision. Perhaps the size of a Sapphire but bulkier, much thicker, built for fighting. Blows simply glance off their metallic scales, dozens of the smaller dragons claw and swarm in vain attempts to tear through those scales.
“Mahz! Help them!” I roar. Mahz takes the lead, faster than I am, gaining on the battle while Sergeant Dunstan clings to his back and keeps his head low.
“Those ships are heavy, low in the water!” Cassian shouts to be heard. “Bas might be able to tip them, or tear into that plating and burn them out!”
“Bas! Ships!” I roar. Bas nods, flying faster than even Mahz. He dives toward those two squat ships. They are unlike any ships I have ever seen. Armored, slow, low to the water. They spew fire in bursts along the length of the ship in a manner I have never seen before.
“Remember Oliver’s powder?” Cassian shouts. I feel a memory shared between us. A strange hue to the fire that burst from the ground, a coloring to the explosion that made it different than dragon fire. Or any fire I have ever seen.
“It’s the same!” They’ve made weapons from it!”
I can feel his agreement. I fold my wings in and dive toward the wooden ship, seeing sailors point to the sky and shout. I am close to the ship when I open my wings, stopping my descent. I snatch two of the smaller dragons that were harassing the sailors in my claws, squeezing until I hear their shrieking, then throw them as hard as I can. They both hit the ocean and cast a violent spray, sinking beneath the waves and disappearing into the depths.
Cassian sits higher, unstrapping his long lance from the armor I wear and punching the tip through another small dragon, the fine point meant for armor and easily spearing the dragon. I lift higher, the ship’s crew able to fend off the remaining dragons with their long spears.
“Prae, Bas needs help!” Cassian calls out. I look and see that Bas does need help. Men in strange clothes have opened hatches on their ships and poured out, using long cylinders that puff flame and smoke. Bas is in flight, putting his body and armor between these strangely clothed sailors and Danilow. I push myself toward them, flying just above the waves, wingtips cutting and sending up a spray. I fly at the long edge of the ship and see the puffs of fire and smoke. I bank, feeling the wind of projectiles pass close enough that Cassian might have been able to reach out and touch them.
If he had reached out, it would have taken his arm off. I level again and loose as much fire as I can manage, engulfing the side of the ship in green flames. Men scream when the flames sweep over the top of the ship, some of them throwing themselves into the water and others are less fortunate and die where they stand. I hear the cracking of those weapons from the other ship, feel the impact on my scales, turning my body to protect Cassian.
They do not see Bas return, striking from above. Gray fire consumes them and scorches the metal, the sound of dragon fire roaring across the waves. The ships remain afloat and safe, spouting smoke and flame and projectiles at the wooden ship.
“Claws in, tip it!” Cassian shouts, pointing. Bas and I sink our claws through the steel, both of us on one side of the ship. I dig my back and front claws in, resting my weight on them. I look to Bas. He is ready. We pull, rocking our bodies. From inside the ship I hear shouting, panicked cries. The ship rises on one side, lifting from the water, then rocks back again. It crashes against the water, unsteady.
“Once more!” Bas roars.
We pull back and the ship hangs there, precarious. Then it tips towards us. We release our claws and push off, flying back just far enough. The screaming becomes worse, screams of pain and horror as the ship tips onto the steel plated top, immediately listing as water gushes in through those same hatches that once poured men forth.
Danilow pumps her fist in the air and cheers. Then she yelps and pulls her hand down, blood already pouring from a wound. Behind us more sailors have come from the bowels of the second ship, carrying those same weapons. One of them has somehow made a hole in Danilow’s hand. She urges Bas over, he obeys. She leaps from his back and lands on the ship, hard, knees buckling as she drops into a roll. Cassian urges me to follow them and I do.
It takes seconds for Danilow to rise to her feet, draw her short legion sword, and cut a path through the sailors, enraged. She ducks clumsy swings from scared men who do not seem used to warfare in such close quarters. Danilow carves her way through five, six, seven of them. She moves like Cassian does and when he leaps off and lands, drawing his own sword, it is too much for these sailors. They throw down their strange weapons and raise their hands in surrender.
I look above, watching Mahz toss one of the smaller dragons down from the sky. The ones that shine like steel have won, have turned the tide with Mahz’s help. A dozen of them remain, taking flight together, as a flock. Odd. It is like the decision was made for all that survived, and at once. I can feel the same curiosity from Cassian.
“Which one of you shot me?!” Danilow shouts, wrapping a piece of cloth around her hand, furious. “Fires below, that hurts. What in the fires below was that?!”
“The ship is coming.” Bas says. I see that he is right, the wooden ship that we saved has begun a wide turn to come to where we stand on this steel plated ship. Mahz remains in the sky with these dragons that I have never seen before.
“Do you think they will be friendly?” Cassian asks.
“Friendlier than these ones.” I tell him, looking at the strange sailors and smelling them. They smell human. They look human. They are human. Yet, they are not like the humans of this continent.
So they have come. In force. Humans and dragons, together.
We are many years behind them, then.
That concerns me.

We are saved.
By dragon riders.
“Ever seen that before?” Rhi asks me.
“No.” I say.
“Of course.” Liana says, as if it was a stupid question. We have enough time to stare at her but she does not answer further. Apparently dragon riders are quite normal where she is from. That scares me, what other horrible mysteries remain about where she comes from?
Too many. One more mystery is too many.
Our helmsman easily guides the ship into position beside the squat, steel covered ship. A few of the sailors move a gangplank into position, connecting the ships. Rhi directs others to take prisoners and search the interior of the ship. I watch the dragons.
I’ve seen Emerald dragons before. Green scales, horns that remind you of the twists of forest branches, scales that blend them with terrain. Not one the ocean, of course, but in a forest they are nigh impossible to see before they’ve got teeth in you.
I’ve seen Citrine too. We’ve used them to spy for years, they’re the ones I’m most comfortable with. This one that hangs in the sky above us is larger than any Citrine I’ve ever seen.
I’ve only ever heard of Moonstone. Grays. I’m awed by this one. He is as large as an Onyx but he has the look of a Ruby about him. His scales are made for war but his fire scorched the steel of the ship beneath his claws. His rider is a woman, she looks Legion if I had to guess. She’s nursing a hole in her hand, must be from those weapons.
“Amazing.” I breath the word, shaking my head. We’ve been rescued by dragons.
The man that directs is somehow familiar to me. Somehow. He has the bearing of a Knight, not a legionnaire but a man born for war. Sailors obey him without question and Rhi doesn’t argue it. He commands with ease and carries himself like a man that could cut his way through our ship without breaking more than a light sweat.
He is near the Emerald and I watch how they move. It is as if they communicate without words. The Knight steps back and the dragon moves with him, they look in the same direction at the same time. I step on the gangplank behind Rhi and Liana, down to the steel of the ship. Once there, we spread out.
“Captain Riannon Flynt.” Rhi sticks out a hand and the Knight takes it, eyebrows raised.
The Captain Flynt? Pleasure to meet you, really. You’re a legend on the waves.” Rhi shrugs and smiles, then nods.
“I am, aren’t I? This is Liana, the Lady of Steel.”
I look around, watching the steel dragons returning from their battle above, using their wings to hover in place around the ships. The Citrine has done the same, joining the ring. Liana greets them and then I step forward, from behind where I was obscured by Rhi and Liana.
“This is Ashur-” Rhi gets that many words out before there is a sword under my chin and a dragon’s teeth bared a few feet from my face. I freeze, not daring to breath, let alone move. Rhi has a knife against the Knight’s armor, a joint where she can slip the blade in. Liana has not moved and watches with curiosity.
“Milos.” The Knight growls the word. “How dare you wear that skin again!”
“I think, maybe, you have me confused for someone else.” I manage through gritted teeth, wincing as the point of the blade digs into my skin and draws blood. The Knight doesn’t so much as blink when Rhi slides the point of her blade a little deeper, probably pricking his skin too. The Emerald’s claws dig into the steel and I know that if this goes poorly, no one walks away.
“When did he join your crew?” The Knight asks Rhi.
“Years ago. I found him, half dead, didn’t remember a thing.” She says. Then she pulls her blade free and sheathes it. “You know who he is, don’t you?”
“It cannot be.” The Emerald leans down, sniffing. “You…you died. But you do not smell like…him. Knight Gardiner, I believe you should remove your blade. Any further damage might be considered treason.”
Knight Gardiner does and I rub the spot, feeling the slickness of blood on my fingers and the pain of the new cut there. He stares at me, eyes hard. The Emerald’s eyes look teary. I look at Rhi, she looks at me.
“We have to take him to see her.” The Knight says. The Emerald nods.
“We have completed our task.” The dragon rumbles, snout almost touching me. “We must take the boy.”
“That isn’t a request.” The Citrine adds. “In case you weren’t clear.”
“I know.” Rhi says. “Liana should go too. You and her have some things to talk about.”
“Rhi-” I start to object.
She holds up a hand to stop me.
“You’re not a spy anymore, you don’t have to hide anymore, it’s time for this. Besides, you hate the ocean and I don’t want you throwing up all over my new ship.”
“New ship?” I ask.
“Yeah. New ship. I figure that one of these fine sailors will be more than willing to teach us all about this thing. Dragons got to eat, after all, and I don’t know how many mouths I’m willing to feed beyond my own crew.”
Hands go up from the sailors, eager to prove that they deserve to be fed, and not fed to a dragon. Rhi would never be that cruel. I think.
“Thank you.” I say. “For everything. You-”
“No.” She says, eyes hard, a finger wagging in my face. “Don’t you dare, boy. I’ll see you soon. You watch him, dragon. And you, Knight Gardiner.”
She wags that finger at the two of them.
“Little shit is like a son to me, understand?”
“Yes ma’am.” The dragon and Knight answer as one. For some reason I believe the dragon when he says that. I believe that he really does understand.
Guess I’m not a spy anymore.
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2020.11.19 00:13 PeakeTheCat Spying on my sister taking a shower

You can read the story on fanfiction.net
Chapter 1- Here and the previous chapter Here

Chapter 5
Settling In
"Say, Ahhhhhh." Yuubari held a stick down on Spirit's tongue.
"Ahhhhhh." Spirit did as she was told.
"Your tonsils look fine, despite the amount of vomit you dropped over the side on the way here." Yuubari joked.
"Hey! I only threw up once!" Spirit protested.
"That's likely because of your empty stomach, not your constitution. Hopefully you'll get used to the rocking in a couple of days. In the meantime..." Yuubari dug around in the back of the medical cabinet for a minute, before finding what she was looking for. "...take one of these with every meal." The dark haired Zygarian handed her a bottle of pills.
"Thanks. What are they?" Spirit asked.
"Meclizine pills. Luckily they're standard issue, because I would never thought to stock seasickness medications." Yuubari answered. "That concludes your physical examination. You're in good shape with a clean bill of health."
"Great!" Spirit was glad to have something to help with the nausea.
"You are slightly underweight for your height however, so just make sure you're eating properly." Yuubari advised. "I'd suggest I trip to the Canteen, as you'll need to eat when you take the Meclizine anyway."
"Ok, I will." Spirit nodded
"We'll talk more later. I have a few more tests I'd like to run on you, with your permission." Yuubari motioned to the door. "But for now, just send subject B1 in on your way out. And tell her not to bring that wrench!"
Spirit left the examination room, and returned to the lobby where Bulin was waiting. "You're up!" She pointed over her shoulder with her thumb.
"Ugh, let's get this over with, buli." Bulin shouldered her wrench as she stood.
"Yuubari said not to bring the wrench..." Spirit told her. Bulin grumbled, and seemed to consider disobeying, but eventually held the wrench out to Spirit.
"Watch over it for me." Bulin said as Spirit took the wrench. The tool was surprisingly heavy for how casually Bulin handled it. "Be careful, for mine is the wrench that will pierce the earth!" Bulin warned her.
"I'll guard it until you get back." Spirit promised. Bulin, satisfied with her answer, nodded and entered the examination room.
"This thing so heavy, how does she just walk around with it!" Spirit hefted the giant wrench with both hands. "What does she even use this thing for?!"
"NYA!" Spirit was startled from her thoughts by a loud exclamation from the end of the hallway. She turned to find Akashi rushing towards her. "Put that wrench back where you found it!" Akashi was nearly shouting.
"Huh? Bulin gave it to me, she wanted me to watch it for her." Spirit was confused by Akashi's outburst.
"Really? She gave it to you?" Akashi asked, surprised. "You're sure that sure she was giving it to you?"
"Yeah, I'm pretty sure she was giving it to me. She handed it to me herself." Spirit responded. "What's the problem?"
"There's no problem, Nya. So long as Bulin gave it to you." Akashi answered. "I was worried, because there have been... incidents, in the past. Bulin are very protective of their wrenches. I once saw one attack a fully armed Battleship after said Battleship stole her wrench as a drunken prank. " She explained.
"Wow..." Spirit looked down at the wrench in her hands as if seeing it for the first time. "Why would she trust me with something so important to her?" She couldn't help but wonder.
"Anyways, I wanted to talk about you duty assignment." Akashi changed the subject. "I've decided to take Yuubari's advice, so I'm assigning you to one of the Anti-Aircraft gun crews. The Bulins will teach you how it works."
"Thanks for putting me with someone I know. Bulin has been very helpful!" Spirit commented. Akashi looked confused for a moment before answering.
"...Do you mean the Bulin that helped you to the bridge? You probably won't be with her specifically, there's lots of Bulin on the ship."
Akashi explained. "They're basically interchangeable, nya. We don't even track which one is which, just write "six Bulin and one Purin commander needed for gun crew" and they'll show up." She continued.
"Oh... Ok..." Spirit couldn't hide her disappointment. She had only known Bulin a short time, but she had come to like the dependable white haired girl.
"Nya~ Don't worry! I wouldn't waste a Kansen on gunnery duty." Akashi misunderstood her disappointment. "Once we know you're trustworthy, I'll move you into a better position."
"No, no, I'm fine with gunnery duty..." Spirit began to explain.
"Ok, I'll be expecting to see you bright and early tomorrow, nya." Akashi said. "I'm due for an inspection down in engineering, so I'll see you later." The green Zygarian gave Spirit a comical salute, then hurried off down the hallway.
"See you later!" Spirit bid Akashi farewell as she continued waiting for Bulin. "Anti-aircraft duty, huh?" She thought to herself. "I don't think this ship is even big enough for a J-1. I wonder what we'll be using instead."
SLAM! Spirit jumped as the door to the examination room flew open to reveal an angry Bulin. The little engineer's face had a bright red smack mark on her right cheek. She turned and slammed the door behind her with great force, before stalking over to Spirit and holding out her hand.
"Wrench." She said in a carefully controlled voice. Spirit complied, quickly handing Bulin back the wrench. "Thank you." Bulin's voice still held tension as she turned and walked down the hall. Spirit followed behind her, unsure of how to handle the situation. Bulin continued walking until she was outside, where she stopped to lean against the handrail at the edge of the ship.
"I'm sorry." Bulin stared at the sea below. "Thank you for waiting for me, and for taking care of my wrench."
"It was no problem..." Spirit answered. "So... what happened back there?"
"I don't want to talk about it!" Bulin's response was sharp.
"Roger... Roger." Spirit held up her hands placatingly. "That's fine. That's your business." Spirit's mind raced to find a way to change the subject. "Well... I've got some medicine to take, wanna go find some food?"
Bulin considered the offer for a moment before answering. "Fine. Let's head for the Canteen."
The Canteen was on the "bottom" floor of the midships house, even with the rest of the ship's deck. The first thing Spirit noticed when she entered was the Bulins. She hadn't really seen any others, besides the one guiding her, but this room was just full of them. Dozens filled the room, sitting in small clumps of 4 or 5 at the various tables. Sprinkled throughout the groups were spots of gold, the blond hair of another group of identical girls.
"Those must be the Purins Akashi mentioned." Spirit thought, inspecting one of the blond girls from afar.
"Stop staring and come on, Buli!" Her Bulin pulled on her hand.
"At least she's in a better mood." Spirit allowed herself to be pulled to the serving line. Once there, she and Bulin were each served a plate of... food? There were only two items, a slimy pink substance about the size of a deck of cards and a pile of white mush. At the end of the line was an icebox, and Spirit followed Bulin's example and grabbed a bottle of brown liquid from within. After grabbing some silverware, she followed Bulin to a nearby table.
"So what exactly is this?" Spirit poked at the
pink substance with her fork.
"It's called Spam, buli. Get used to it, it's usually the only meat we have." Bulin cut her portion of Spam into strips.
"Ok... but what kind of meat is it?" Spirit decided to try a piece before Bulin answered. She shoved a bit in her mouth and found... that it wasn't all that bad honestly. It was very salty, and had a spongy texture.
"Akashi claims it's made with pork, but who knows?" Bulin answered. "It could just be ground up rats from the hold, or something even worse, buli." She didn't hesitate to eat one of her Spam strips despite her claims of it's dubious origin. "I just try not to question it too much."
"Works for me." Spirit shrugged "What about the white stuff?"
"Powdered potatoes, re-hydrated and mashed for your convenience." Bulin said as she drenched her potatoes in ketchup.
"Oh, that's right!" Spirit suddenly remembered. "I never seasickness pills to take." Spirit shook a pill out of the bottle and reached for her drink. The bottle made a "Tssss" sound as she broke the seal. Spirit ignored the sound, popped the meclizine tablet in her mouth, and took a gulp. "Gammpf!" Only to recoil as the drink burned her tongue. She quickly clamped her hand across her mouth to avoid spraying the drink all over her companion.
"Hehehe!" Bulin giggled at her expression. "Just swallow it, it won't hurt you!" Spirit complied, taking a sharp breath after she finished.
"What the heck was that!" She spluttered.
"Good isn't it?" Bulin smirked. "Oxycola is the best thing about living on this ship, buli." The little engineer cracked open her own bottle and took a drink. "It's Akashi's flagship product, so she's sure to serve it wherever she goes."
"We're eating fried mystery meat and re-hydrated potatoes, but also have the luxury of drinking soda." Spirit tried another sip of Oxycola, and decided that she really liked it when she knew what to expect. "Isn't that a little weird?"
"Hmm... I guess so." Bulin responded. "But we've got like a hold and a half of the stuff. Akashi even converted the number four hold into a bottling facility, so we can make it right on board, buli!"
With that surprising statement the two girls fell into a comfortable silence as they ate their meals.
After they finished eating, Bulin took Spirit on a tour of the ship. The Crimson Gem was a moderately sized cargo ship with five holds, three in the bow and two in the stern. The first hold carried "mixed mercantile", and accord to Bulin it contained "whatever Akashi and Shiranui could throw together on their way out". The second and third holds were locked up tight and Bulin claimed only Akashi, Shiranui, and Yuubari knew their contents, though she did know Yuubari had converted the third hold into a lab. The fourth hold was Akashi's bottling facility, and the fifth contained only Oxycola.
There was a 4 inch deck gun emplacement on the bow. It was supported by a pair of Anti-Aircraft guns situated beside the foremast, which rose up between the first and second holds. Four AA guns were placed at the corners of the midships house's roof, protecting the bridge of the ship. Two more AA guns were on the stern, along with a second 4 inch deck gun.
By the time they were done with the tour, the sun was beginning to sink below the horizon. The two returned to the midships house and Bulin lead Spirit below decks to the sleeping quarters. The room they entered was at the end of the hall, and contained three pairs of bunk beds made into the wall.
"I'm in the bottom bunk, at the end on the left." Bulin pointed to her bed. "Take whichever of the others that you like, buli. I need to check a few things, so I'll let you get settled." Bulin stepped out of the room and returned down the hall.
"Wait, I can just take any bunk? Are we the only ones in here?" Spirit wished she had thought to ask Bulin before she left. Inspecting the other bunks, she found that they were indeed empty, except for the one Bulin had pointed out as hers. Spirit decided to take the bunk opposite Bulin's, and was just laying down to try it out when Bulin returned.
"I managed to trade around some assignments so we can work together, we're on the day shift for gun four. I also took the liberty of picking you up these." Bulin returned with a small basket full of toiletries. "We'll be tagging along with one of the engineering teams for shower time tonight, buli." Bulin handed Spirit the basket. "Follow me!"
The shower was different, what with being made to turn the water off and on again, but it was refreshing. Afterwards Spirit and Bulin returned to their rooms. There had been a simple cotton nightgown with the toiletries, so Spirit put it on as she got ready for bed. Bulin's pajamas consisted of a gray tank top and matching shorts.
"So... have you always had a tail?" Spirit couldn't help but ask. "Why didn't I notice this before?!"
"Yes!" Bulin blushed. "Stop staring at it!"
"Where you hiding it, or something?" Spirit disobeyed, watching Bulin's black tail flick back and forth with it's end sparking slightly. "Because I seriously didn't notice it until just now."
"It was around my... waist!" Bulin threw her pillow at Spirit's head as she spoke the last word.
"Oof!" Spirit was too distracted to dodge, and it hit her square in the face. "Alright, I'll stop! Sorry for staring." She tossed Bulin's pillow back to her before settling into her bunk. Her companion did the same.
"We'll be getting up early tomorrow, buli." Bulin replaced her pillow. "So get some sleep." The two lay quietly for a few minutes, before Spirit broke the silence.
"There's a reason your tail is shaped like an electrical socket, right?" Bulin only growled in response.
Anti-Aircraft gun four was a pair of duel mounted 40mm Bofors, situated on top right corner of the midships house. Spirit was happy to find out that Bulin had traded jobs with one of her sisters in order to stay come with her. The two of them worked as loaders, slotting four round clips into each of the gun's magazines. It wasn't a complex or exciting job, but it was important for The Crimson Gem's air defense.
They spent half of the first day doing drills, before settling into a routine of doing nothing. Shifts were 12 hours long due to lack of crew, and were simply spent staring at the sky and the sea. They were told to report anything they sighted to their Purin commander, who would decide if it warranted telling the bridge. It seemed like nothing ever happened, and nothing was ever sighted.
"Shouldn't we have seen something by now?" Spirit complained halfway through the third day. "Another ship, or an island maybe?"
"We're in the middle of the Indian Ocean, buli." Her friend replied. "There's not really any Islands around here, and most other shipping has stopped due to fear of the Sirens."
"Shiranui said I was a Siren spy when I first got here." Spirit remembered. "But what is a Siren?"
"They're Aliens!" Answered a Bulin from the opposite side of the gun.
"No, they're time travelers from the future, buli!" Said another.
"They're the bad guys." The Bulin in the gunner's seat said over her shoulder.
"I couldn't have said it better myself." Their group's commander joined in. "The most important thing to remember is that when they show up, we'll shot them all down! Purin!" The blonde haired girl held her drill over her head and revved it.
"BULI!" The rest of the gun crew cheered.
"Ok... so they're bad, but what do they look like?" Spirit tried to get back on track. "How will I know when I see one?"
"Siren production ships and other vehicles are black with glowing red lights most of the time." Her roommate answered.
"Nuh-uh, they can be black with blue lights too." One of her sister's refuted her claim.
"I heard that there's reports of purple ones up north, buli!" The gunner chimed in.
"Ok-Ok! So there's some other colors too!" Spirit's roommate looked annoyed. "But the red are the most common, and they're also the reason Shiranui accused you of being a spy, buli." Bulin explained. "It's because your eyes glow red too."
"My eyes glow red..?" A weird feeling came over Spirit, as if she was missing something important, but she pushed it aside.
"Isn't that stupid though?" The gunner asked.
"There aren't any humanoid Sirens who are red. Besides Spirit is super cool, and she hasn't even killed anyone yet!" The Bulin shot Spirit a smile and a thumbs up.
"Thanks for the vote of confidence!" Spirit smiled back. "But what was that about humanoid Sirens? I thought you said they were ships?" She asked.
"There's Humanoid ones too, they have glowing yellow eyes and white hair" Spirit's roommate started explaining once more. "Their rigging glows yellow too."
"Nuh-uh, they-" another Bulin started to refute.
"Ugh! Yes they can be blue or purple too!" Spirit's roommate cut her sisters off. "But the most common ones are yellow, and they're already kinda rare." She continued. "The Blue ones only ever show up when they're going after a specific targets. We'd be in big trouble if we ever saw one." The little engineer crossed her arms. "And the purple ones are just a rumor!"
"Speaking of seeing some Sirens..." the Bulin who was lucky enough to get a turn with the gun crew's only pair of binoculars joined the conversation "... I think there's a squadron of Siren fighters right there!" She pointed at for black dots on the horizon, laying directly in the Crimson Gem's path.
"Let me see that!" Their Purin leader snatched the binoculars. As she looked into the distance her expression hardened. "Get to your positions! Now!"
No sooner had she spoken, than did the ship's air raid siren begin it's piercing wail.
Authors Notes: Ha-ha remember in the beginning when I said I would try for bimonthly updates? Good times...
"The Crimson Gem" is based on the "Liberty Ships" mass produced by the United States during WW2. Don't ask how Akashi got her hands on one. She probably bought it on the black market. I had the funny idea for her to try to make it into a "Soda Ship" to sell Oxycola, in the same vein as the USN's "Ice Cream Ships" and just decided to run with it.
I've been trying to think of a new name, or nickname for Bulin. That is, the Bulin that is Spirit's roommate. She's "special", as in she'll be a specific recurring character with a character arc and stuff. I kinda ended up calling her "roommate" during the AA gun scene, and it felt a bit clunky to keep track of her specifically when she was in a group of other Bulin, who are interchangeable background characters. It's a conundrum I guess. Anyone got any ideas?
I'm a little excited to try writing combat for the first time, I hope I can handle it. Speaking of which, I've decided to use the anime's rules for rigging, i.e. you can manifest your ship or have rigging, but not both at the same time (because the rigging is the ship.) And I know I keep saying this, but hopefully I can be a bit faster with the next chapter.
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Part: -1- -2- -3- -4- -5- -6- -7-
This time, when we came to around the dinner table, the screams were almost entirely subdued. I went from getting my head crushed beneath Koda’s mammoth paw to sitting next to Jerry in a confusing instant, but in the moment before I died, I started making plans.
Bridget and Tobias leapt to their feet and embraced. “My darling,” she screamed with crocodile tears, “I thought you were dead!”
I also jumped up. Except I went onto the table. Before I could dive across, Wolfgang already had his knife out. I screamed for Hope to move, to get out of the way, but she just sat there, resigned to her fate. Wolfgang stabbed her in the throat, and I speared into him.
His chair rolled backwards, we crashed to the floor, and somewhere along the way he shoved his bony knee into my face and ran out the door. The little bastard was quick. And he was getting better. Hope died almost instantly this time.
“Fuck!” I screamed, getting to my feet. “He’s just gonna keep doing that every single time!”
Tobias looked around and asked, “What happened?”
I answered, still in screaming mode, “A fucking polar bear ate us because we couldn’t find the stupid attic key! This game is bullshit!”
I heard a growling noise and shut right up. It was coming from nearby… No, worse, it was coming from inside me! The seriousness of the situation slowly dawned on me in a jumbled mess of thoughts.
That was my stomach growling, which makes sense. I haven’t eaten in days. But that means our hunger level--like our memory--doesn’t reset after each iteration. Which means, we’re probably all starving right now at different rates, depending on who stayed alive the longest. But then what happens when the hunger gets too strong? What happens when we don’t have the strength to continue? Do we just start dying and restarting and starving over and over forever?
A loud chime interrupted my thoughts.
“Ah, goodie! It seems that the detective has finally arrived. Perhaps he can help us sort out this ghastly affair.”
Everybody screamed some version of “shut the fuck up” at Nathaniel. Not surprisingly, he didn’t seem too bothered by it.
We charged into the great hall, but before we could start barricading the door again, the detective let himself in and began screaming at us, “Everybody listen! Stop screwing around and solve the damned mystery!”
“MAKE US!” Jerry yelled before walking up and spitting into the detective’s face.
“You consistently underestimate the seriousness of this situation and overestimate your own competence. I will not continue to spoon feed you help. If you fail, you shall have no one but yourselves to blame. And I promise, I will let you fail. In the meantime, if you have any questions, Mr. Cholmondeley is at your disposal.”
Much to our surprise, he then turned around, opened the door, and left, slamming the door shut behind him hard enough to make the chandeliers rock.
Jerry turned back to look at us with a triumphant win-face and said, “Ha! That’s one problem solved. What’s next?”
Nathaniel tapped his way into the room, saying, “I believe now would be an excellent time for us all to come together and work as a team if we are to solve the mystery of Bedside Manor.”
“Oh shut the fuck up!” spat Loren. “You’re not even real.” She picked up the poker by the fireplace and proceeded to thwack him over the head repeatedly, with enough force to decapitate any normal human. Nathaniel just stood there and took it with a smile.
“Feel better?” Jerry asked.
“A little, actually. Yeah. You wanna try?” She offered him the poker. He accepted as she added, “It’s quite therapeutic.”
Before Jerry began his turn on the human(?) punching bag, my stomach rumbled again, loud enough to get Claire’s attention.
”You’re hungry,” she said without moving her lips.
So are you, I thought.
She nodded.
“I have a bag of trail mix in my room.” I said to the group. “Split six ways, it won’t go far, but at least it will hold us over until we’re forced to eat Nathaniel.”
“It’s probably not safe,” Tobias announced, as if we needed someone to state the obvious.
Jerry responded, “It should be fine if we cook him well enough.”
“I meant leaving the great hall.”
“How about we put it to a vote?” Loren suggested. “All in favor of going to Jack’s room?” She raised her hand. Jerry raised both of his. Claire was next. Then Bridget. Then, finally, Tobias. “I guess it’s unanimous, then.”
Nathaniel--with his head almost completely flattened--spoke up with the same detached cheerfulness we’d come to expect from him. “I recommend we stay where we are. I believe we haven’t yet found all the clues in this area. Perhaps if we were to continue our search, we can bla bla bla bla bla...” I didn’t hear the last part of whatever he was selling. We’d already left by then.
We stuck together as a group (finally!). Not that it really mattered; I’d already seen what one bear could do to a half dozen able-bodied people. If there were more booby-traps or Saw-games waiting for us, no amount of teamwork would guarantee our safety.
We stayed quiet until we reached the landing of the third floor, when Loren asked her sister if it was safe.
“I don’t know,” Claire said. “It’s like listening for a whisper in a room full of screaming.”
I turned around to see if Tobias noticed. It was rather brave for them to be speaking so candidly around a spy and a member of a supernatural exploitation think tank. That’s when I realized, neither of them were moving their lips.
Loren asked Claire if we could trust everyone.
“There’s a darkness here like I’ve never seen, hiding deep inside one of us. Like the boy, only worse.”
Loren understood. She told Claire to stay close, no matter what.
I probably should have been a little more interested in the fact that Loren was tapped into our mental WiFi network, but the thing about traumatic paranormal murder disasters that nobody ever tells you is this: eventually, you hit a plateau, where nothing really surprises you anymore.
When we reached the Woodrow Harper suite, Jerry made the valiant offer to go in by himself. He had the fire poker resting over his shoulder and a big, dumb smile on his face. I realized with equal parts annoyance and admiration that he was actually having fun with this.
“I’ll go with you,” I said.
“Me too,” added Tobias.
Loren stepped up. “We’ll all go.”
Jerry walked up to the door, took a deep breath, and said, “Alright! Let’s do this!” Then, with a short charge forward, he kicked the door open. “Shit, that kinda hurt,” he muttered under his breath before rushing inside. He kept the fire poker extended, making light-saber noises as he swung and pointed it in every direction. The rest of us followed closely. A few seconds passed, but spikes didn’t fall from the ceiling, the room didn’t start filling with sand, and the door didn’t slam shut of its own accord. It appeared as if we were safe. For now.
Bridget looked around and commented, “Your room is a lot smaller than ours.”
Jerry lowered his weapon before responding, “This is a weird time to flex, but go on with your bad self, Bridget.”
I found my stuff right where I’d left it: in a pile in the bathroom. The bag of trail mix was sitting on top of my crumpled up t-shirt and jeans. Not much left in the way of sustenance (plus Jerry had already picked out most of the M&M’s), but if it could stave off hunger for even a few more minutes, I’d take what I could get. Then, quite suddenly, another thought occurred to me. Jerry’s pants were on the floor by the shower, but that wasn’t where he left them. No, he carried them back into the room when we grabbed the stun gun… but was that before or after the reset point?
I checked his pocket. Sure enough, the stun gun was still there. And more importantly, it still had a cartridge in place. Things were looking up.
Tobias called from the bedroom, “You good in there, Jack?”
I hid the weapon in my waistband under the suit jacket and returned to the others. “Found it!” I said, just before a surge of electricity ran up my spine.
Claire pointed at the armoire next to me and screamed, “Jack, look out!”
The door opened and Wolfgang lunged at me with an axe. I barely managed to fall back in time to miss a direct hit to the face. Wolfgang had found himself a new weapon. It was a bold decision that was going to cost him dearly. He wasn’t so practiced with this one, and as soon as his swing missed, he lost his balance and hit the floor. I quickly jumped on top of the axe. Wolfgang grabbed the handle and pulled, but he wasn’t strong enough to wrestle it away from me.
His next go-to move was a desperate charge towards the door, but Jerry cut him off before he could escape. He held the poker out like a rapier and said in a calming voice, “Alright, buddy, time for you to chill out. Now, we aren’t going to hurt you, but you need to--”
That was all the time it took for me to line up my shot and fire the stun gun. The prongs landed in the center of his back and immediately sent him into a seizing, electrified fit on the ground. Tobias wasted no time grabbing the bookshelf, pulling it free from the wall, and toppling it over onto the boy, pinning him in place.
“Jesus!” Jerry yelled. “Calm down, guys! I think we got him.”
I dragged the axe over. Wolfgang was trapped beneath the shelf and books, all except for his head and a portion of one of his hands. He was screaming, cursing, thrashing, repeating himself over and over about how much he hated us and how he was going to cut our faces off and gut us and etc. He was an annoying little shit, and an objectively terrible person. But he was also still a kid, and I took absolutely no pleasure in what I was about to do. Jerry saw the weapon in my hand and the look on my face.
“Whoa, whoa, dude!” he stepped over to me and put a hand on my shoulder. “You don’t have to kill him.”
“Oh, I wasn’t going to kill him.”
Wolfgang suddenly stopped screaming.
There was an unusual note of concern in Jerry’s voice. “Well… What are you going to do?”
I whispered back to him, “Will you take the others and leave us alone? I… I don’t want any of them to see this part.”
It took a little convincing, but Jerry managed to get the rest of them out of there. I locked the door behind us. Now it was just me and Wolfgang.
I took a seat on the ground next to where he was still struggling to break free. It was a noble but futile effort from a broken body. There was blood pooling around his neck, and he smelled like he’d probably pissed himself.
“I’m not fucking afraid of you,” he said rather menacingly for someone in his predicament.
“I know.”
“Go ahead and do your worst.”
I took my time finding the right words. I stared at the axe in my lap. Of all the weapons Wolfgang could have chosen, he went with this. If he’d jumped out at me with a knife or a molotov cocktail or even a sharp pair of scissors, we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation. But he’d overestimated his own ability. Lucky me.
“You’ve been alive the longest out of any of us, haven’t you?”
He tried to move his head, to look me in the eyes, but the shelf had his neck locked in place. “What?” he asked.
“I’ve just been thinking. You lasted a couple hours the first night. Who knows how long you really made it after the squirrels got your mom. And then what? How long did you stay alive in this house by yourself after Koda got the rest of us? I’m just saying, you’ve probably been hunting for a while now, burning a lot of energy. And you never even got to eat dinner.”
“Why are you still talking to me?”
I took the handful of trail mix out of my jacket pocket. This would have been my portion, about one-sixth of the bag. Mostly raisins, but in that instant, it looked like Christmas dinner.
I poured it all into a pile in front of Wolfgang’s face. Right where he had to look at it. Close enough that he could smell it, but impossibly far. I could feel his hunger. It was ferocious. He struggled to move, but the broken bones held him still. He screamed and stretched out his tongue, but the food would stay there, just out of reach, until he bled out or starved to death.
I climbed back to my feet, wished him well, and went to join the others in the hallway, hoping the door would be enough to muffle his screams. Claire couldn’t look me in the eyes, which I took as proof she knew what I had done. Jerry took the axe from me and said softly, “Dude, why don’t you just let me go in there and, you know, finish him off? It’s not even a big deal. Life is meaningless, remember? You didn’t have to do it like this.”
But I did. I needed Wolfgang to hate me. I needed him absolutely, blindingly furious with me. I needed his hatred of me to overcome his senses so that when he died, when he came back, the only thing he could think of was revenge. That was the only way we could save Hope.
Tobias took charge and changed the subject. “I think we can take this experience as evidence that bedrooms aren’t trap rooms. It might be a good idea to continue searching for supplies. Maybe there was something in Hope’s suite we can use to get out of this mess.”
I was already headed for the stairs. “What are we waiting for then?”
Hope’s suite was even bigger than ours. (Not that I was jealous or anything. I just found it interesting.) There was plenty of space to explore. Tobias and Bridget started raiding the kitchenette. The sisters checked the walk-in closet. Jerry went to the bathroom. I went straight for the bedroom and found exactly what I was looking for right away. My backpack was sitting there on the mattress like it was waiting for me.
I unzipped it and hastily threw everything out onto the ground. It was all there, just like she said. My socks and underwear. My phone charger. My rolled-up t-shirts. And the bag of medicines. I reached in and pulled out the first prescription bottle, but noticed right away that it felt lighter than it should have. I popped off the lid to confirm my worst suspicion. It was empty. So was the next bottle. And the next… All of my medicine was gone.
Where did it go? Did Wolfgang do this just to screw with me? Did the house do it? Why?!
“Knock knock.”
I looked up to see Bridget standing in the doorway. She was alone. I didn’t like that fact one bit. I held it together for now and asked, “Can I help you?”
“We understand each other, right?”
I waited for an elaboration a little too long before saying, “What?”
“Don’t play dumb.”
“I’m not playing. This is the way God made me.”
“Look, I need to make sure we’re all on the same page.”
“And what page is that?”
“There’s a lot at stake, Jack. We all have secrets. Tobias doesn’t need to know mine. And nobody needs to know yours.”
I got to my feet and returned her accusatory stare. “What exactly do you think you know about me?”
“I know what you are. I’ve seen your type a thousand times. Never met one so clever though. It’s quite the act. You’ve got them all fooled. Even little Claire, although I think she’s starting to suspect.”
“Listen, Bridget, if I can speak candidly for a second… I don’t give a single solitary fuck about you and Tobias.”
She smiled. “Good.”
On that note, she turned and left.
A half-second later, I felt something touching my ankle. I looked down to see a long, green arm reaching out from underneath the bed, the fingers twisting into a vice grip around my good leg. It yanked, and I hit the ground. Then, it retracted, pulling me across the floor with it.
I screamed for help as loud as I could as the thing dragged into the dark space below the bed. The light got further and further away. The hand pulled me deeper and deeper. Soon, I was immersed in complete darkness. It was cold. I was still moving. And then... I wasn’t.
I tried to open my eyes, only to find that they were already open. Wherever I was, there wasn’t any light anywhere. I waited for the world to stop spinning before I tried taking a step. I couldn’t find my footing and braced for the fall, but it never came. I was already down, lying on my back. The floor below me felt like refrigerated wood. I sat up and instantly regretted it.
My forehead smacked against something solid. I fell back and put my hands against the swelling knot from the impact and felt something solid with both of my elbows. I reached up and felt the surface I’d just smacked into. Cold wood. Then I touched the walls on either side of me. Cold. Wood.
Oh shit. It finally came to me. I’m inside of a coffin. Aren’t I?
An unwelcome but familiar voice emerged from a speaker close to my feet.
“Hello, investigator!” Nathaniel. “It would appear that you have fallen victim to one of Bedside Manor’s many perils. A most dangerous trap indeed. But not to worry! There is still time for your fellow investigators to solve this puzzle and save your life. You are currently buried somewhere on the manor’s property with exactly one hour’s worth of oxygen remaining.”
Well this sucks, I thought. But at least I have some time to relax and gather my thoughts. And if I know Jerry, he’ll have me out of this trap in the next ten minutes.
I closed my eyes and tried to get comfortable.
The lights were all back on. I looked around to find myself once again sitting at the dining room table. Evidently, my time had run out, and I’d suffocated in the coffin. That sucked. I would have very much preferred not dying. Still, there were much worse ways I could have gone. And maybe this time, we could do it better.
That voice had come from directly across from me. From the furious boy clutching a knife in his hand. The one who just jumped onto his chair... then onto the table. There was bloody murder in his eyes.
Oh! My plan worked! He had completely overlooked his mother, and now he was running towards… Oh shit! I didn’t think this far ahead! I thought I’d have more time to figure it out, more time to know how to react, but Wolfgang was charging at me faster than I could think. He clenched his teeth and stabbed at my face.
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2020.11.09 19:00 Sooperdude24 My taking a shower sister spying on

Some words from u/eruwenn and I. Enjoy?
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    Chae’Sol stood at the centre of a large command deck, meticulously peeling the protective film from his new captain’s chair. The sensation of the slow but steady yielding of the film, the sweeping line following the contours of the seat in flowing curves; it was incredibly satisfying. Finally, with one last gentle pull, the last of his chair was uncovered and he stood back to admire his throne. Aside from the freshness of the seating itself, there were shiny new holo displays, touch sensors, and comms relays that were within easy reach of his seated fingertips. This ship would be the jewel in any fleet, a prototype Dreadnought made by the infamous Bardul of Shi’an. The Gowe Military faction had run into financial problems, and it had been left unpaid and unclaimed. What sorcery Kadir had used to find it, and purchase it, he did not know.
His comms unit beeped and Danyd’s voice came through. “Chae’S-” -He grumbled incoherently- “Captain, we’re ready to get underway.”
The Niham turned and sat back on his pristine chair, swinging his long legs over the armrest. “That was quick, Chief Engineer Ef’Yto
Danyd grunted at the use of his title. “Aye, these Awakened are efficient bastards.” The Satryn looked around at the enormous engineering bay. The entirety of the Porkchop Express could comfortably sit inside, and two of them could likely squeeze in. “Plus, this thing has never been used; feels weird not having anything to work on. It’s state of the art, and I’m having to read the manuals on half the new systems.”
Chae’Sol laughed, looking around at the Awakened as they were preparing their workstations. “Yeah, this command deck is a little intimidating. Even the Niham Armada didn’t have ships like this. There are fifteen weapons stations here, what in Tulseria’s name were the Gowe planning to do with this thing?”
“No idea.” The chief engineer walked to the large seat in front of his new work terminal, and hopped up onto it. The protective covering squeaked. “This thing has more firepower than half their fleet, it must have been something big. We’re lucky Kadir found out about the graveyard of unclaimed ships from one of his contacts.”
The newly-minted captain swung his legs down and sat up, straightening his black uniform and white collar. “That’s another thing: how does he have so many contacts? I was in the Tulseria-damned military, and I had no idea they would sell us fighters and weapons.”
“I know the feeling.” Danyd watched a junior engineer – Lily, an Awakened who wore a headband in her silver hair that sported long Kittran ears on it – begin running diagnostics on the Hoban Field Generator. “I'm aware he got the automated weapons for the system port from my people, somehow. As for how he accomplishes all he does, I think his time working with that fancy Anatidae councillor opened more than a couple of doors for him.”
Chae’Sol stood, running his fingers through his perfect hair. “Doors, windows, rear entrances and damned secret portals, all leading to a dark realm of shady deals and supplies. We have an Imperium Capital Ship for Tulseria’s sake! Nobody knows where he got it, or where he’s now hidden it.” He looked at his holo display, noting the specks springing blinking into existence as the other ships of Federation origin came to life. “Let’s just be glad he’s on our side.”
The chief engineer tugged at the green collar to his uniform. “Our side used to be a damn sight smaller.” Lily had finished her diagnostic tests and sent the results to his console. Her report included an adjustment that would create a potential three percent increase in crystal efficiency, and a small drawing of a smiling leokit with a crim-bar. He groaned, then reported back with, “We’re ready to go when you are.”
The Niham strode confidently across the command deck, stopping to stand in front of the huge vid screen at the front of the room. All around him were his crew, made up mostly from the Ashi, Awakened, and Kasurians. “Let’s get this show started.”
Jaym sat with a bowl of Tony the leokas cereal in front of her. It wasn't just a catchy advertising slogan - it really was great. She and Elizabeth had worked together so much in the engineering section of the Porkchop Express that they had become close, often spending their free time together. Indeed, Elizabeth currently sat opposite her, carefully rebuilding a power coupling and occasionally tapping at her datapad. Shortly after the results of her most recent tap played out, Elizabeth paused her work on the power coupling. Without speaking, she held up her datapad so that Jaym could see.
On the screen was Tony and his mate Jolie, and Skeena’s voice could be heard excitedly talking about collecting urine samples from the female. Jaym screwed up her face at first until Skeena announced the pregnancy test was positive. Tony was going to be a father! She couldn't contain her joy and screamed loudly, grabbing the screen and running all the way to the bridge to show the others.
Ranjaz was stretched out across the captain’s chair as Jaym burst in, and didn’t open his eyes until she began shaking his leg. Even then he didn’t pay much attention. “I told you not to let Elizabeth play with any more systems till after the mission.”
She blushed slightly, as their last improvement had inverted their water treatment system and blown six power couplings. "It's not that!" she said, holding up the datapad and starting the video. "Look!"
At the first syllable of Skeena's voice, Ranjaz sat bolt upright. The video held his full attention, and when Tony's impending fatherhood was announced the Kittran's whoops of delight could be heard all through the Porkchop Express. He reached underneath his seat and retrieved a small, fluffy bed, then picked up Aiov. Ranjaz led his unusual dance partner in a quick spin of joy before replaying the GalacTube video for her. “You’re going to be an Aunty!”
Eruwenn leaned back in the large seat that had once been Embar’s. “I didn’t think they were related?”
The Kittran nodded. “Aiov is Tony’s sister. Aaron adopted them both, and that’s how human families work. They just keep adding members, like a Dular adding shells to its burrow. Family is family.”
Cygna pressed a few buttons on her Navigator terminal, moving the video to the main screen as well as starting it over. “I still can’t believe you keep one of these under your seat. I mean, it’s a leokas!”
Ranjaz held Aiov up and they briefly rubbed noses. “Just a little one!”
The Anatidae laughed. “I can see living with the human has had quite a profound effect on you.”
With one of his trademark grins he held Aiov out towards Eruwenn. “Wanna nose rub?”
"Ah," the councillor said, shrinking back from the offer, "despite her size she is still a predator, and I am not quite ready for such a close encounter.”
From the pilot seat Ripley stood, taking Aiov from Ranjaz. “She is not a toy.” She briefly snuggled the tiny leokit to her chest, then passed her to Jaym. “Take her for food and exercise; she must grow up strong.”
Jaym also cuddled the wriggling Aiov close, and not just because the little leokit was adorable. Aiov had tripled in size, and was becoming a bit of a handful. “Thor was preparing her food; I’ll take her down to him.”
Once the junior engineer had left, and Ripley returned to the pilot seat, Ranjaz began tapping on the console in front of him. “Looks like we’ll be free to take the shuttle down to the surface with the next group.”
Cygna drummed her fingers on the arms of her chair. “I didn’t realise it would be so busy.”
Ranjaz shrugged. “There was a quake on the fourth planet, so mining colonies are shut down while the nerds poke around. Along with that, we got three big freighters waiting for resupply. That’s a lot of bored folks looking to kill time.” Ripley grunted, prompting a chuckle from the Kittran. “You don’t approve of their choice of leisure activity?”
After their few cycles together Eruwenn was already learning a lot about her shipmates. Ripley, for instance, wasn’t one for talking. She decided to interject before the Captain irritated her too much, as they would need her focus soon enough. “Gambling and pleasure palaces are not to everyone's taste, of course, but these sorts of things are covered under local governance.”
Without skipping a beat Ranjaz replied, “I know that’s the official line, but you sure as shit have tax codes for all of it. If you want to look down on folks, don’t pretend you aren’t profiting from it.”
Cygna, ever defensive of her mentor, jumped in. “That’s a bold statement for someone who never paid a credit in tax until it was automatically deducted from his Galactic Federation pay.”
Ranjaz laughed, then continued, keeping his voice care-free. “Taxed on what? I never owned anything.”
Eruwenn could see the trap her junior was walking into but decided to let this be a learning experience. The Kittran was wily, and the Anatidae found him entertaining. Cygna, as she had predicted, scoffed at his claims. “I’ve read your file. When you were arrested you had a ship, five shuttles and thousands in valuable goods confiscated.”
“Exactly!” His eyes lit up as he cornered her. “It was confiscated because it was stolen, so I didn’t own it. Imagine a world where you can keep stolen goods if you pay tax on them. Even I think that’s crazy.”
The Fae’Dan paused, and the anger evaporated from her voice as she realized what he had said, replaced by a slightly impressed tone of surprise. “Well, maybe, but… Really? You stole all of it?”
Ranjaz shrugged. “Or won it. I’m pretty good at Dalcho.”
Cygna perked up. “I play Dalcho myself, we shou-”
“No,” Eruwenn interrupted. Some lessons were too expensive. “Do not play Dalcho with someone who can get free priority entry permits to a casino.”
The former operative shook her head. “I’m a great player, you’ve seen me in the council chambers. I took that Ley’Rulian trader for five hundred credits.”
The Anatidae smiled kindly. “And he had five shuttles when he was arrested.”
Cygna slowly turned from Eruwenn to Ranjaz, noticing his grin and the sparkle in his eye. It was most definitely the smile of a predator. He gave a little chuckle. “Don’t worry, it’s been a long time since I played. No gambling on Galactic Federation ships, you know.” He laughed again. “Oh wait, you read my file.”
The Fae’Dan nodded. “Perhaps we should focus on the mission.” She gave a slight bow to Eruwenn before returning her attention to her console.
Ranjaz looked at Eruwenn and stuck out his tongue. “Don’t ruin my fun!”
The Ambassador smiled. “I don’t play Dalcho, but there is a human game called chess I quite enjoy. Perhaps we could play sometime?”
The Kittran gave a nod. Keeping his voice neutral, he replied. “I don’t know that one, but there’s another human game we could try. Poker?”
"We have permission to dock at the holding ring and send down a shuttle," Ripley abruptly called out. "Let’s get this whatever it is and make the rendez-vous.”
Both of Ranjaz’s fangs showed as he grinned. “If we’re going to pull a job on Chisola Prime, first you’re going to need to look the part!”
Aaron walked down the corridor of the Hive ship, the strange spiderlike creature trailing behind him as he followed one of the corpse vines as it receded deeper into the ship. He turned and watched the creature, which shrank back from him and crouched low to the ground. “I’m sorry I kicked you. You simply startled me; you don’t have to hide.”
The lighting never changed in the endless corridors of the ship, and only the most uninteresting of doors deigned open for him. At this point, he had lost track of time completely. Through perseverance he’d made several important discoveries. The bulbous shapes in the flower vase room were seats; he was fairly certain of that after finding another room with bodies sitting in them. The vines that came for them were the ones he was now following, and by now he must have seen hundreds of dead Hive.
The second discovery was that the Hive came in a variety of shapes and sizes. There were two main ones, as far as he could tell, and the first were the four legged kind that had so kindly thrown him in the rejuvenating jelly bean. The second was bipedal, and looked a hell of a lot meaner. While the ones he deemed workers looked somewhat like ants to him, in shades of reds and browns, the second type looked much more commanding. Their carapace had thicker layers of armour in green, gold and red, and was spiked at the shoulders and joints. Even their legs had spines and to top the look off their heads were much more angular. Whether they were soldiers, commanders, or something else, he didn’t know. Through observation of the corpses he had discovered the most confusing feature yet: a strange section in the centre of their abdomen that was filled with what seemed to be a grey fluid.
Ahead of him, not skittering away like the rest, was an aphid that no longer emitted a pale green glow. Something whooshed overhead towards the slow and sluggish aphid, and Aaron instinctively threw himself to the ground before he realized what it was. "That's how you get kicked!” He stood up, brushing himself off. “Fuck, that scares the ever-loving shit out of me every fucking time.”
The huge creature looked up at him and whined as it munched on the sick aphid. He was probably imagining the apology in its eyes, but Aaron still shook his head. “I know, I know. It’s your job. They clean the floors, you keep their population healthy. Just stop leaping over me like that, fuck. I’m going to have a heart attack.” It whined and backed away from his angry words, and he tried to keep his voice to calmer tones. “Don’t be like that. I’ve told you enough times.”
When he looked down the corridor again, the retreating corpse vines had disappeared around a corner. Aaron began to jog after them, and after he'd put some distance in he heard the pattering footsteps of his terrifying shadow. He tried to pay it no mind. Once the vines were back in sight he slowed and followed behind them, singing his direction song quietly to himself. “Left, right, straight. Left, left, right. Straight, straight, left, left. Right, right, straight, right, right.”
The ship was massive and, other than some areas smelling funkier than others, there was no variation in lighting, decoration or layout. The song was his map back to the rejuvenation pod, which was his only safe source of hydration. His companion padded along behind him, a friendly nightmare to accompany him on his seemingly endless journey. “We really need to give you a name.” He wished he had his phone with him so he could channel all his nervous energy into making a video. “The audience demands a name. Plus, I won’t be able to sell merch without one.” He turned and looked at the creature. “I’ll probably have to create space-halloween first, or maybe I’ll get lucky and find that you’re cute to some species.”
Aaron returned to following the corpse vine, waving a hand high as he spoke, gesticulating to the heavens. “The name is what matters: a good name makes all the difference.” He began seriously pondering the naming matter. “Aragog, Shelob; you know, lean into your size for a characterization. But then again, that's not really going to make people like you.” He looked back over his shoulder as the unnamed beast trotted happily behind him. He assumed happy, at least. It now tended to make an odd gurgling noise after eating, and it roamed closer to him than before. “You know, I never got to name Sassie – she’s my dog. I told you about her yesterday, or the day before.” He really was losing track of the days he’d been here. “I got her from a rescue. She was skinny, and so damn angry, with scars on her legs and under her fur. I had to have special visits before I could keep her. Prove I was worthy.”
Talking helped take his mind from the gnawing emptiness in his stomach. Hydration and nutrients osmotically obtained from some weird pod were nowhere near as satisfying as a burger and a cold beer. “Her first visit, she had a rubber ball. It was her only possession, and she loved it.” There was a touch of pride in his voice. “Took me an hour before she gave it up to play. The lady from the rescue centre said I was the first.” He choked up, blinking back tears. “Anyway, couple more visits and she got to stay. Crazy dog was such a handful. She once tried to climb a tree to chase a squirrel. Got her legs over the first branch and just dangled, kicking her back legs.” He began chuckling to himself. “She once tried to jump through a car window; some guy was parked at the lights as we walked past.”
He was just chatting now, lost in his memories as he walked. “You know the type, loud radio, windows rolled down on a sunny day, annoying the shit out of everyone in the town. He tossed some litter out of his window and she just launched herself at him. Scared the life out of me at the time - funny as fuck now, of course.” He laughed again. “Then there were the swans. Man, were they not ready. She loved to swim – I told you that before – swimming and splashing was her favourite release. Well, that and chasing rabbits which is, kinda, how I ended up here. Anyway, she would just swim up and down, right past the ducks and stuff, somehow never interested in them. Then one summer these swans came along...” He paused, realising his new friend didn’t know what a duck or a swan was, or even summer, probably. Before attempting to explain, he realised they also didn’t understand english, so it really didn’t matter. “Anyway, swans being belligerent bastards, I called her out of the water straight away. Those mean white fuckers chased her all the way to shore.”
He turned around, now grinning broadly. “But, once her feet hit the ground in the shallow water and she was able to stand, did those sons of bitches turn and swim away as fast as they could.” He paused, trying to remember his original point. He really was very hungry. “Oh yeah, so trying to stop her fighting everything that moved meant I didn’t have time to teach her a new name. Figured it would be confusing to her. Sassie she was, and so Sassie she stayed.”
There was a tightening in his chest as he thought of her missing him. “Took a lot of years and a lot of time for her to get where she is now. I know Alexa will take care of her, but still, it’s my job, and I need to get back to doing it. She won’t understand…” He choked up completely, taking a moment to compose himself before clearing his throat and returning his monologue to its original course. “Anyway, names. Names matter.”
“Maybe you’re a girl monster. Charlotte?” He shook his head. That name just didn’t seem fitting. “We could call you Peter Parker? Although, you’re more of a man-sized spider than a spiderman... Parker Peter? Then again, big, scary spiders say one thing to me. Australia. You like to jump, we could call you Roo? Or, how about Ozzy? Or Bruce? Hmm, that’s a sharks name though… can you swim?”
His train of thought derailed suddenly as he saw an open door ahead of them through which the vines were receding. The pair of them continued walking behind the vine until it disappeared into the doorway and Aaron ran forward, pulling something from his pocket. He’d been saving the foil wrapping from the ration bricks, folding them together to form a wedge. He jammed his makeshift door stop under the bottom corner of the door as it began to slide shut. It ground to a halt. “Boom! Told you it would work.”
He stood and finally looked into the vastness beyond. Through the doors was, somehow, a rolling meadow, complete with trees, giant mushrooms and plants he had no name for. Vines were also everywhere, receding further across the great wilderness. “What the hell? I thought I was on a spaceship? Am I underground?”
Staring intently at the sky, he stepped onto the deep moss beyond the door. He looked at the wall around the interior and saw it was rock, and more plant life clung to every crack and crevice. As he walked slowly forward his eyes followed the vine as it headed for a large, colourful, monolith. He approached and saw that its shape was similar to the vase flowers. He watched as the corpse vines deposited their cargo on top of the monolith. Not on, he corrected himself;they were dropping inside.
He looked back to the door, nervous that it might close and lock him in. A large black shadow lurked just beyond the door, and he was torn. Should he explore this 'outside' world, or retreat to the place where he at least had the rejuvenation pods? He looked up at the sky, basking in the warm and invigorating embrace of the sunlight. He blinked at the brightness, being cautious to not look at the sun directly, and something else suddenly caught his eye. It was, incredibly, a door. A door that floated in the sky.
The thing about human eyes is that they might be easily fooled, but a shift in perspective can easily change what you see to something entirely different. Aaron was looking up at a ceiling, like the one in the Atrium back on the Azrimad, but a hundred times more convincing.
Once back inside the doorway he watched the spiderling he was beginning to think of it as a friend dancing back and forth a short distance away. It seemed… happy. “Ok buddy, I’m back.” Aaron’s stomach made a loud gurgling sound and he rubbed it, trying to squeeze the hunger away. Fingers found muscle easier than usual, and he knew he was definitely losing weight. “We should head back. I need sleep.” He thought for a moment and made a final decision, bending down to pull the foil wedge clear. “I doubt there’s a communicator or command deck in there. Let’s go home, Ozzy.”
The trip back was uneventful, Aaron sang his direction song as they navigated the labyrinth. A few more aphids were snacked on by his leggy companion, but his own legs were heavy by the time he was almost back to the jelly beans. Despite being exhausted he had made two stops to create another pair of flower vases for the aphids, as well as scattering a ration brick as he passed by. The aphids waited, as they always did, till he and Ozzy were far enough away before enjoying his bounty. Still, the human derived satisfaction from their presence.
Exhausted and weary, Aaron was glad to finally make it back to the room he was reluctantly calling his temporary home. As the door to the rejuvenation pod slid open he was met, forcefully, by the barrel of an energy rifle. Unfortunately for Aaron, due to a considerable height difference, the barrel had struck him squarely in the groin, and he instantly fell to his knees. He came face to face with his attacker with tears in his eyes, clutching his tenderness and coughing. From the other being came incomprehensible yelling, as well as a lot of gun waving. Also, there was coughing.
Aaron, eventually mustering enough self-presence to do something other than deal with the after effects of the gun-to-groin encounter, wiped the moisture from his eyes and tried to butt in to the one-sided conversation. "Relax! I'm the one who just got snookered in the fucking balls, here! Why in the world are you so mad?"”
The gun was pressed to his forehead by the tiny attacker, who shouted something unintelligible with their black eyes focused on him. They paused to cough, then stepped back, glaring at Aaron until they seemed to feel comfortable enough with the situation to take one hand off of their weapon and pull out a datapad. They held it up, and Aaron frowned at the familiar but still unintelligible colours that swirled on the screen. Then a small vent at the bottom of the device squirted out a puff of sickly sweet scent.
Aaron pulled back from the odour. "What the fuck was that?"
With some distance between them, the human finally got a good look at his opponent. They were barely waist-height, furry, with a long nose and dark banding across their brown fur. The banding was heaviest across their eyes and although that’s where the similarities ended, it was enough for the human’s brain to forge a connection. “Listen, Rocket, there’s a virus on this ship. You need to get in the jelly bean. Trust me.”
The rifle was thrust at him shakily in one hand, the tablet again was raised and a swirl of colours and shapes greeted him. “I don’t speak fucking winamp plugin!” On the wall behind his captor Aaron spotted a dull orange aphid, struggling to climb the wall. He smiled as he slowly leaned to one side. “Have you met Ozzy?”
The huge arachnid leapt over them both, causing the newcomer to blindfire at the wall. Aaron seized his chance and snatched away the weapon. He grabbed the newcomer by the front of their armoured uniform and slammed them to the ground. They cried out in pain and began their incomprehensible yelling once more. The accompanying coughing fit was bad, and Aaron dragged them to their feet. Realising that his solitude had caused him to revert to English, he switched back to galactic standard to offer a warning about the disease. “You’re going to die!”
A shocked look crossed their face as the human effortlessly lifted them and slam dunked them into a blue jelly bean. Ozzy gurgled happily through his aphid crunching. Aaron snatched up the energy rifle, but found it was difficult to hold due to its small size. He leaned over the jelly bean, noting the occupant drifting off to sleep.
Hunger and tiredness were forgotten as adrenaline flooded his system. There was no way the newcomer was alone. He left the pod room to begin searching, and Ozzy seemed to pick up on his intention and followed behind, keeping close to the human. “Good boy!” He had no idea what prompted it, likely some automated response, and it was as though he watched his movements from outside of his body as he reached back and gently scratched the arachnid's head. He was rewarded with happy gurgles, or at least that's what he hoped the noises were. “You did good back there.”
He made his way along the corridor towards the same airlock he had once chosen as his final exit. His recent suspicion proved correct as he heard a strange sound up ahead, as if someone was running a wet finger around the rim of a glass. He carefully leaned around the curve and saw another figure, dressed in the same uniform as the first. No fur on this one, although they were equally small in size, and they somehow looked like they were made of glass which couldn’t decide on a colour.
This time he remembered to use galactic standard. “Keep your hands where we can see you. We’ve got you surrounded!” The figure was clearly startled, as the ambient resonating noise began varying wildly in pitch at the same moment as their colour shifted to a solid blue. Aaron cursed. He didn’t have a translator, having instead opted for learning standard and winging everything else. The whole federation knew standard, so he hadn’t truly considered getting the implant. “Something is wrong with our translators,” he continued to bluff. “Do you speak galactic standard?”
A datapad was hastily pulled from a pocket, and as buttons were pressed the resonating sound became more rhythmic. From the datapad sprung noises. No, it was a voice! “Why do you speak Procyon? Where is Commander Bertolannixostraphes?
Aaron began relaxing at the situation he found himself in, but inside he was brimming with joy. Finally, he could talk with someone! “There is a virus on this ship, and many are dead. If your commander is the raccoon-looking guy, I got them into a healing pod. They’re going to be fine.” Under his breath he added, “probably.”
The resonating began and shortly afterwards the voice translated, “Who are you? Why did you not answer our communications.”
Opting for honesty in the hopes of leniency, Aaron stepped into view. “I’m a passenger. I don’t have access to the ship's systems.” The newcomer was looking at the tiny gun, so the human tossed it forward. “I didn’t know if you were friendly. I can take you to your friend, and you should probably get treatment as well.”
The now-orange alien walked forward, their movement accompanied by the strange sound of ceramic plates rubbing together. “That won’t be a problem, we Tricinic do not catch meat diseases. I am Tsy'lo, take me to the commander.” They turned to look behind them. “Where are the others?”
Aaron pointed to Ozzy. “It’s just us two.”
Colours swirled and the small glass person thrummed. The datapad spoke, “You are the last human, the Ambassador. Correct?”
Turning and gesturing to be followed, he began to lead the way to the rejuvenation room. “I am the first human, Ambassador Aaron Cooper, professional bounty hunter. Just call me Aaron. Are you the rescue party? Is Alexa here? Did she bring Sassie?”
It took a moment for the translation to come back. “I don’t know those names. We are the Special Tactics and Rescue Squad and we responded to distress calls and found this ship. Adrift.” They had walked a little way when Tsy'lo stopped and regarded Ozzy, who was still faithfully following behind. “Why does the achalo follow you?”
“Ozzy?” Aaron shrugged. “I think he was lonely. So, were you sent into Hive space to find me, or are you on some top secret mission? You aren’t with the Sentinels, are you?”
“Lonely? But it is an achalo.” Tsy'lo was confused and their colour visibly swirled. “Why would a rescue mission be secret? And, we weren’t sent, we were already here.”
Now it was the human who was confused. “Like spies behind enemy lines? Is that why you are in Hive space?”
The Tricinic hummed at a higher frequency. “It is our space. We are the Hive!”
Admiral Pelar of the third fleet stood in the centre of the training mat. On the floor around her were four tough looking Ashi, while a fifth was now squaring off against her. She blocked the jab and the surprise knee strike that followed, turning effortlessly to bring her elbow to her opponents ribs. With another deft turn she was behind him and kicking his knees forward. He tried to roll clear but she had anticipated the move and, as he rose, her spinning boot struck the side of his head.
“Nice try gentlemen.” She walked away and caught a towel thrown by the drill instructor. “That last one has potential,” she said, and the drill instructor nodded. “Next time, I expect at least one of them to land a hit. If not, I’ll have you in the ring instead, to make sure you still have what it takes.” She saw the fear in his eyes. “I accept nothing but the best from the Third Fleet.”
The medics ran onto the mat as she dabbed at her forehead, and she spotted Jar’Bek sitting on a bench nearby. She walked over to him and he stood, straightening what was no doubt an extremely expensive suit. “From one disappointment to another.”
The lawyer smiled. “Imagine only seeing your son when he is paid to be in your presence,” he countered.
She smirked. “Your tongue is still your most deadly weapon.”
He nodded. “Ah, but it must make you proud to see me make use of the things you taught me.”
Her face twitched. “I taught you to be a true Ashi, a soldier. I taught you to respect-”
Jar’Bek held up his hand. “I’m here on my client’s business, not yours. And, as I am paid a considerable sum per gal, let us not waste their money on matters that are concluded.” He enjoyed the irritation on her face. “I am here to finalise the amnesty treaties, and conclude your membership as citizens of Earth.”
The Admiral held up her hands, looking down at her combat training clothing. “I must shower and change first. Please, wait for me in my private office.” She smiled politely.
“No.” His smile seemed to hover as if it was a mask that could slip at any time. “You may have disowned me, but I still remember your tricks. You knew the time of our meeting; you had me brought here so you could intimidate me with this display of aggression. Then you ask me to wait in your office amongst your memorabilia and trophies.” He watched the anger behind her eyes. “You really think these tired old tricks will work on me?”
She sneered. “At least you remember something.”
“Oh, I had the scars removed, but I kept the lessons.” He walked away. “My client's time is valuable and I have scheduled a meeting with the other fleet Admiral’s for later this cycle. Since we have no time for your games, let us go to the briefing room. My team is already set up. If you wish to shower, know that it is more of your negotiating time you are wasting, and I do so hate waste.” He collected his briefcase and walked out of the room.
Captain Loring hurried after Jar’Bek, catching him as he entered the elevator. “You sure you want to antagonise the Admiral like that?”
He leaned back against the wall of the elevator and relaxed, letting out a small sigh. “A little negotiating trick a Kittran taught me. Anyway, she is no longer my Admiral.”
Elora’Tan leaned back on the opposite wall. “She is your mother, Jar.”
“Ha.” Jar’Bek laughed. “She disowned me. This is the first contact we’ve had in I forget how many celes. Her first thought is to try and intimidate me with that display. She likes to beat on cadets, she likes to cause pain, and she wanted me to watch.”
Loring gave a weak smile. “It forges strong soldiers. We can’t afford weakness.”
The elevator stopped and Jar’Bek took a step closer to Elora’Tan. “You think it was weakness that made me leave?” He didn’t let her answer, turning and exiting into the hallway. His voice now resonated with authority as he growled, “In case you people have forgotten, the Ashi will operate under the same rules as the rest of the colony. My mother is not the law... I am the law.
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2020.11.06 21:14 sharkpickles Shower on sister spying my a taking

so, my wife and i have been married about 20 years now. first met when we were 17...messed around awhile...then went off on our own, and got together when we were 20. we both just turned 40 recently.
it seems we're the best of...frenemies?
man, we fight like cats and dogs so often, lol...it's never come to violence, but damn, we've had some epic battles that have lasted all night...sometimes stretching over several days.
at this stage, it seems we've both accepted that we're stuck with each other. guys don't approach her, and women aren't interested in me.
we're both too weird, too complex, too opinionated, too set in our ways, and that's just unappealing to other members of the human race.
man, we could bicker about whether the sky's color is "azure" or "baby blue". we're literally the old married couple who constantly argues about every...little...thing.
yet we're totally attached to each other.
about a year ago, we were having another bare-knuckle verbal brawl on a friday evening. it was vicious. lurid. caustic. we were ragging each other down to the ground, man...it was brutal.
she finally stormed upstairs and locked me out of the bedroom.
about two hours later, i started getting terrible pains in my abdomen. later, i started feeling feverish and dizzy. i lay down...and about an hour later, i woke up doubled over in agony.
i went upstairs and knocked on the door. she opened up and took one look at me, and she said "come on, we're going to the ER."
we checked in. i was scared as hell...i'd never had surgery before. she held my hand and reminded me that everything would be ok, that she'd stay beside me and be there when i woke up.
and she did. and everything was all right.

back in 2008, we were having one of our usual toxic arguments around 9 pm. god, i seethed with loathing over how she was behaving...like a damn spoiled brat. a total immature asshole. i was so tempted to walk out on her horrible ass right then and there.
that's when she got a call from her sister.
her mom had just suddenly passed away from a heart attack. no warning. just gone.
i did all i could to comfort her. be there for her. i stayed up all night while she cried and sobbed. i went to walgreen's for her favorite ice cream. i cleaned the whole house and helped with the funeral arrangements. i even spoke with HR and finagled an arrangement so she could use PTO before she'd earned it, so she could take off the whole week.

it's insane how commonplace and usual this sort of thing has become. we get violently, hatefully angry and spiteful (but we've never gotten physical). we threaten to leave. we yell and accuse and swear and call each other the most disgusting insults you can imagine.
one time, she threw a full pot of macaroni and cheese into the living room. you never saw cheesy pasta bounce on carpet like that. at least the dog got a special treat, heh.
another time, i concealed my phone on the shelf over our bed with the camera facing down, set the camera to run when she got out of the shower, and observed her phone password. when she went to sleep, i rummaged through everything on her phone.
of course, there was nothing of note. oh, a little shit-talking to one of her friends...but we've never cheated or anything. it's just not something we've ever felt like doing. it's just sorta out of the question. neither of us really likes anyone else. we have insanely high expectations that we obviously don't meet ourselves, heh.
we've both left the house overnight a couple times, but nothing nefarious ever happened. we've both had hundreds of chances to fuck each other over. but we never have.
then, anywhere from 1 hour to 1 day later, we apologize and promise to never do it again. and within 1 day to 2-3 weeks, we're right back at it.
it's very confusing and odd.
at 6 pm, we'll be snuggling on the couch and watching Bojack. at 8 pm, we'll be screaming how we wish the other would die of colon cancer so we could start a new life with the life insurance money.
how can people who behave this way toward each other experience immediate changes in behavior and feelings the moment something bad happens?
we go from hateful and spiteful to tender and gentle in 30 seconds. or we come together a few hours later and sheepishly admit how stupid and horrible we were both being, and it's like it never happened.
again, and again, and again.
how is this even a thing? you'd think after 20 years we'd have gotten past all this...or broken up.
are some people just too alike to ever be with anyone else?
granted, we had similar childhoods. our fathers were overbearing, abusive, intimidating, and controlling. our mothers were emotionally unavailable.
we both experienced near-identical sexual abuse at near-identical ages (i was 7, she was 8).
we grew up 7 blocks from each other.
and that's just the beginning of our similarities.
sometimes we're so alike, it's almost scary. like mirror images, sometimes in conflict, other times in sync.
it's very bizarre.

for our recent anniversary, we got matching Spy vs. Spy tattoos (remember that?). i got the white spy on my left arm...she got the black spy on her right arm.
because we're so frequently the very best of enemies...and we're so alike that we usually anticipate what the other will say and do.
we literally finish each other's sentences, whether fighting or loving.
it's like two boxers who've been sparring for 20 years. neither lands a blow because they both know each other so well, they know every single move and punch and dodge, it's impossible to gain any type of advantage in the ring. and there's never a knockout. each match is reliably a draw.
i hurt her. she hurts me. we fight. we cry. we yell. we spout angry oaths and threaten divorce. we proclaim how we wish the other's mom had been a little more pro-choice, so we'd have been spared the lifelong agony of knowing each other.
then, a little later, we go out for pizza and have wild, primal sex. not at the same time.
it's crazy.

they say the ones who can make you laugh can make you cry. well, i'm here to tell you that's 100% true. probably the truest thing i've ever heard.
we both make each other die laughing. frequently.
the contrast of laughter and tears in this marriage is literally like the Comedy/Drama masks. sometimes it's one...other times the other...frequently it's both in one day. or multiple changes throughout the day.

oh, we've BEEN to marriage counseling many times. many different therapists. they all say the same thing after a few months: "i'm not sure what to tell you guys. you're going to have to figure this out between yourselves."
in other words, they're stumped. just like we are.

we've conducted social experiments on dating sites, on three separate occasions.
on each occasion, after 5-6 weeks of experimenting, the mutual verdict is that anything is better than being single and 35-40 in the year 2020. it's miserable and abysmal. things sure have changed since the late 1990s, i'll tell ya that.
people just bore the shit outta us. it's like they can't even hold decent conversations. you have to wring words out of them, and nobody seemed to get our humor.
at the end of it all, we concluded that we'd be better off dead than single. and since we don't really want to be dead, we'd better stick together. because clearly, we bore the fuck outta other people...and they do the same to us.
we're also so damn accustomed to our long-term relationship that our expectations are insanely high of others. it's like we wanted to jump right over years of progress with a new person and get right back to the comfort and predictability of an old relationship.
i guess some of us are just stuck together, for whatever reasons. other people won't have us...and we're so deeply involved with each other that we're kinda busted when it comes to meeting others.
we've molded to each other like an old pair of slippers. the slippers would feel uncomfortable on anyone else. and would probably smell weird too, heh.

some days i'm dying to just pack up and leave. take my savings and move to some island or something, where i can keep working remotely, meet some hot island girls, and just work and be lazy and lie on the beach forever.
then my mind drifts over that scenario. and imagining it without my wife makes it all hollow and beshitted. it just wouldn't be any fun. no more laughter. no more tears. no more amazing food. no more of her crazy insults. no more hugs.
it would fucking suck.
she's threatened to leave so many times, saying she's going to take everything and disappear into some small Maine town and change her name where i'd never find her.
same thing. she says life would be nothing without me. just a barren field frozen with snow.
likewise, sex would just be no fun. i can't even watch porn anymore because the women in porn are boring as fuck. they barely even move, and they don't say crazy, filthy things. oh, they grunt and move a little...but they don't say and do the insane shit my wife does.
how could i ever be happy with someone like that? i'd be bored. and the woman would probably be overwhelmed by my crazy expectations.
it's part of why we never cheated. we just aren't interested in the commonplace and everyday. we've had a couple threesomes, and it would have been no fun without her--and she agrees. she likes women too, but she's never wanted to bone a chick without me. she says it would be pointless. i agree. her being there is the only thing that makes it worth doing.
i think we're both very messed up, odd, misfits who never fit in anywhere, with anyone--except each other.
maybe it's just time we fully accept that, and take life for what it is...and be content. because clearly, we'll never be happy together...and never be happy without each other.

have you guys ever experienced "frenemies" in a relationship?
please share your stories. i'm dying of curiosity :)
thanks for listening!!
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2020.10.23 22:15 Red_effcay Spying on my sister taking a shower

Edit: This might not be appropriate for this page, if so, mods or admin (idk kinda new here) are welcome to delete this post. Just don't ban me please because its refreshing to know I'm not the only one who struggles with the Asian parent. Idk if the flair is appropriate either because I just had to choose one to submit the post, so I just picked what I thought might fit the most.
You read it right, I ran away from home when I turned 19 because I couldnt put up with my Asian father's abusive behavior anymore. But what? ... I came back. Fucking stupid I know. My boyfriend at the time didnt like the idea, my close friend/roommate didnt like it, my bestfriend didnt like it... I didn't like it. But I came back because my grandmother is dying. My grandma has 7 kids. They're all estranged and she has no choice but to stay with the abusive son. Well... all her sons are abusive. Her daughter's dont want anything to do with her. Abuse is a cycle and it passed unto my uncles and 2 of my aunts. Grandpa used to hit grandma on a daily basis, she was a kidnapped bride (it's a fucked up practice in my culture). My grandma was atleast 14 or 15 when he abducted her, grandpa had to be 17 or 18. Writing this makes me sick to my stomach. Oh and my grandpa is long dead now, he died a few months after I was born.
My father and mother married super young, my mom was 15? He was 17. Their "marriage" was hell. My father beat my mother senseless, but she was strong. My grandma was abusive to all her daughter in laws as well and her sons were abusive pieces of shit to their wives. They are all man children waiting on the wives to work, cook, clean, etc. In my mom's case, she had to work multiple jobs just to keep us alive. I had outgrew my pants to the point they came up to my knees and all my father did was game, drink, and sleep. He never took a shower either. My mom was also a hot tempered woman lol so you can imagine the kind of shit she would talk back to my grandma. Long story short, they threaten my mother's life so she left without me. She tried to get me back but the court didnt rule in her favor, and my dad basically said "Fuck you" to the joint custody thing. I dont remember much about it tbh as I was too busy struggling with verbal and mental abuse. Sometimes physical. My father exhibits sociopathic behavior and narcissistic traits. I now struggle with such behavior and want to seek help, but too goddamn broke lol. My grades plummeted from the start. I was a shit student. My father didnt teach me anything, it was only demeaning things... the Asian parent, "YOURE FUCKING USELESS! STUPID DUMBASS!" And so on. My father had/haves a terrible temper. It's his way or the high way. He never graduated. He never accomplished anything for himself. He blames the whole world for his problems. He blames grandma for his life. He particularly blames grandma for my mom leaving us. Basically, he's a toxic pos and refuses to confront his problems. All he does is self destruct.
Age 19 rolls around, I ran away. I went to be with my mother. I am thankful for my mother, she opened her doors for me when I needed her the most. Nonetheless, it wasn't rainbows and ponies, we both had our own baggage. I remind her of my father: my face and sometimes the way I talk. My father has a certain way of taking that charms people and I seem to gotten it from him. It wasn't working out between my mother and I, so I returned to my home state without telling ANYONE. Yet, of course, gossipy aunties won't stfu.
I wanted to go to school but I didnt have my father's information to prove my residency and to file for FAFSA...
I was also constantly guilt tripped by my aunty (uncle's wife) to go back and take care of grandma because she raised me, also that I should just endure my father and let him say whatever he wants. At first, no, but them covid came around and I decided that they needed me. So I went back. When I say they needed me, they needed me for everything- from technology to just about everything. My father is technologically illiterate and illiterate by means of the definition itself. He speaks very well though, you wouldn't know he is Asian over the phone. So, I came back and got him going with a job. Grandma really is dying at this point... I got into school only to drop out because... my mental health is deteriorating. I am suicidal at this point. I am scared to leave yet craving freedom... I am financially dependent on my dad. My father loves me, he loves too much to the point where he tried to control every aspect of my life. He treats me like a little child. He depends on me for his sanity. He threatens to suicide if I leave again. He always threatens to hurt others. Always gets me stuff and says, "See how much I love you?" At this point I've become his emotional spouse. There is an official term for that and it's called "Emotional Incest", basically making your child be your spouse from an emotional and mental standpoint. I feel like a failure at life. When I look into the mirror, I see my father, I see him because my future seems to be headed the same direction.
I was also sexually abused when I was a young girl... not by my father, but other family members. We settled it privately and are on good terms now.
When I first got back, I told him that I wanted to live on my own like everyone else and we got into a big shouting match. He wont admit that he is at fault. He will not admit that I ran away because of him- he blames everyone else. He refuses anything that has to do with him being at fault. He instead gaslights and turns the table on me. He's also mentally ill: paranoia, displaying schizophrenia, everyone is spying on him etc. Its from the use of meth when I was still very young. He knows lol that if he sought help, people will call him crazy... sometimes idk anymore. I've given up at this point to even explain to him...
We recently got into a fight about 3 months ago, he threw his lighter at me and it triggered a fight or flight response in me. I threw it back- we both then stood up face to face... we nearly hit eachother. I'm pretty strong from my stature. In the end, we didnt hit eachother, but he berated me after wards...
"You're a fucking bitch who cant help me with anything!!! Yet you have the nerve to tell me stop controlling or say: Dont touch me!"
I love him... but my soul has had enough.
My whole family is nothing but greed, gossip, abuse, and hate towards eachother. One of my father's sister, the few sane ones in this family told me:
"My brothers and sisters were never taught to love one another or care for one another. My father was a selfish man, an addict who only hit my mom. Now my mom is not a saint, but she pulled through hard so I can be here today. Our family do not know love, or atleast healthy love. You need to live for yourself, my mom wont be here much longer with us... I wish she was better but she refuses to leave. Hence, I have decided to keep my distance for my own sanity."
In all... I don't know what to do. I'm lost, I am scared, I'm financially in a shithole, and... I'm just scared. Sometimes I wish I never wake up from my sleep.
Despite being scared... I have dreams too. I've taken high interest in UX/UI, enrolled in Coursera Introduction to UX (I like it very much) and will pursue it. I've managed to network with people from the tech world who are amazing, and supportive. I'd like to travel to Germany and I was learning German (awesome language, I tend to pick up on languages pretty nicely). I definitely want to get mental help lol.
Overall, idk why the hell I wrote this thing... anyways, it feels great to know I'm not alone with the Asian parent thing. I read most of these and I just feel you guys. Thank you, everyone.
Stay safe.
Edit: Grammar.
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2020.10.11 02:15 racylacyta Sister a taking my spying on shower

TLDR at the bottom. Sorry for the long post. Trigger warning for DV.
Some background: My husband (40m) and I (31f) have been together for 11 years (married 9). He is a person with ADHD and Autism. I have excused a lot of his behavior because of this, but I'm at the end of my emotional/mental rope. I have been in grad school for 7 years which is when things started getting really bad, so I've been unable to leave due to the mental and financial situation I'm in. I have been in therapy for 3 years and am finally becoming my old self again recently. I live in Florida.
The issue:
His parents (Early 70's now) are well to do and have always looked down on me and my poouneducated family (they made no secret of this). Husband and I had a great relationship until we got engaged and his mother pulled a lot of petty stunts.
Here's a short list of the things his mother has done:

This all happened before I turned 23. My husband slowly became more and more mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive. He hit me one night when I was 25 and ran off to his parents. They knew what he did. No one checked on me. No one called. I tried to throw him out when he came back three days later but they reminded me that the house was in both our names (even if I'm the one paying for it) and they would sick a family lawyer on me if I tried to make him leave. I was also raised Baptist, so my own dad telling me I would go to hell if I divorced my husband did a number on me.
I've been living here making the best of things ever since. Two years ago I found out my husband had become addicted to porn and was looking at it on his work computer (at the University I attend and work at!!). He is in IT and KNEW the school can track internet use!
I had no idea what to do and thought his parents might at least try to help since even they had to see how dangerous what he was doing was. I called his father (who I thought was the more reasonable/responsible one) and begged him to help me get through to his son. He proceeded to call me a crazy B and scream at me. After years of abuse I snapped and called him a Fing AH and hung up on him. I hate cursing and never talk back to elders, but I couldn't take it anymore. His dad called my husband and lied saying he never called me names and that I cursed him out unprovoked. He then told my husband to "control your woman." My husband didn't believe me.
I told him I was done with him and his family and that if he lost his job, I wouldn't hesitate to get a divorce, and I'm done taking crap from him and his family. I told him I was refusing to ever speak to his parents again and that if he wanted to stay married, I wanted him to go to therapy since it was clear where his misogyny and and abusive ways came from. I told him I needed him to stand up to his family for me and seriously consider cutting off contact if they could not respect boundaries about me/us. He said he didn't want to divorce. Since I was still in school and I know therapy takes time, I told him he'd have a year and a half and I needed to see progress in that time. He agreed and went to therapy for a few months.
I did not see much improvement, but he stopped looking at porn all the time (I think). Then he lost his job due to reasons unrelated to the porn (being late to work constantly, not responding to emails, etc.) and has been reliant on me since. I pay all the bills and carry the insurance. He has cut back on speaking to his parents, but doesn't talk about our dirty laundry/me. Or so I though.
Recently, we swapped phones so he could use mine for a coupon app. While I had his phone, it lit up with his dad texting him about me saying I need to take meds and how crazy I am. He said I alienated myself from my husband's family and from my own family (I have a JUSTNO mom who has been arrested for attacking family members and has attempted to kill me). He said my husband needed to get a lawyer and "know his rights" if he was planning on leaving me (only money we have is my student income and only asset is a paid for truck, and our house. No kids.). I found out my husband had initiated the convo and had told his dad he was thinking of about speaking to the family lawyer.
I asked if that meant he was not longer interested in staying married. He said no. That he changed his mind again and wants to keep working on things and was "looking for a new therapist." I told him that this was not what we agreed and he was welcome to leave at anytime since he decided to not stand up to his dad again. He begged and pleaded and I finally said he could have one more chance if he promised to cut off his parents. He balked and said he wanted to at least warn them/tell them why and I agreed. It's two weeks later. He talked to his dad again without confronting the issue.
I'm trying so hard to break the cycle of abuse from my family and his.
Should I demand he cut contact? What other things can I do to save my marriage? Should I stop trying and just secretly get divorce paperwork done?
TLDR: Husband's parent have been critical and abusive towards me since we got engaged for no reason and he refuses to stand up to them and tell them to stop. He's told me he would stop talking to them, but I found out recently he hasn't.
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2020.10.10 18:27 JawabreakerX Crazy Ex From Ok Cupid

I present you with a thread for the story of the woman I dated just before meeting April(my wife). Understand, I was in a very bad place in my life at the time. Throughout this story, you will ask time and again, "How did you believe her?" I was stupid.
In 2013, I was in a really bad place in my life. My 4 1/2 year old dog who was pretty much my son had recently died. I was living in a new state. My gf of a year had broken up with me. I was very lonely. I jumped on Ok Cupid. After not having a lot of luck, I met this redhead who called herself Tracy. She was kind of cute in her pics and seemed nice, so just before Halloween, we went to a haunted house for our first date. Before we did, she told me that she looked a little different than in her pics, because she'd just been a surrogate for her friends, who couldn't have kids of her own. She said she was artificially inseminated and ended up having 5 babies for them at once, though 1 had died. I thought it was weird, but she seemed normal enough, so thought maybe she was just a great friend to them. She said she was a lawyer and had just moved to the area from the DC suburbs in Virginia about 9 months before. Divorced with 2 kids, one 12, one 4. Anyway, we go on the date and she's cute and there's a spark. Good first date, it seems. I ask when I can see her again, and she says she has to drive her kids to Virginia for the weekend to be with their dad and does so every other weekend. Ok, so we'll get together the next weekend. We date for about 6 weeks in total. During this time, she tells me that she's not 34 like she claims, but 42. This bothers me instantly not because of the age, but because she lied to me. I tell her that honesty is important to me, and I don't want to be lied to again. We go on more dates, I meet her kids, both of whom are major brats. More red flags. She also lives in a tiny town at her sister's house. Weird.
I let my loneliness take over and ignored these warning signs. We've fooled around a bit, but not had sex. On her "way back from taking her kids to her ex" I get a text from a number I don't know, claiming to be a friend of hers, telling me she was stabbed in the parking lot of a gas station in Ohio, and that she's in the hospital in Ohio. I frantically try to get ahold of her, and finally do. She tells me she's alright, but thinks that the men who did it were sent by her husband, who wants her out of the picture. She gets back home a few days later.
I've decided I've had enough and break up with her. She begs me not to and says she at least wants to see me one more time. I reluctantly agree. She drives to my apartment and starts crying. I take her back. A few weeks later, she claims that men came to her sister's house and try to kidnap her. They rape her with a stick in a field across the street and tell her "this is from (ex's name)." She claims to have gotten away by biting the penis of the man who is trying to rape her orally. She claims to go to the police. Oh, during all this, she claims that she's selling off her law practice and the buyer is paying $3 million. Anyway, after that, she claims that she doesn't feel safe and wants to stay with me(kids are at ex's for Thanksgiving). I let her, and the next morning, we have unprotected sex. She claims she's on the pill and on her period, so im not worried about it. Immediately after, she goes to take a shower and I start to have the first panic attack of my life. It's like I suddenly realize all the BS and the mistake I made. I start playing Xbox and she gets mad and leaves.
The next day, she goes to get her kids, and on the way back, I tell her that it was all a mistake, and I can't be with her anymore. I understand how badly this makes me look, but I'm not a hit it and quit it kind of guy. She freaks out and says she wants to see me. I say no. Later that night, she claims she's coming over regardless. Then, I get a text from the "friend" again, saying she got in a wreck on snowy roads and won't be coming.
I don't hear anything from her for 2 weeks. The next time I do, it's an email. Btw, the name on the email and Facebook page say "Samantha Fox". She claims that's so her ex can't spy on her. She says she's pregnant and is going to see the doctor. I tell her that she can't be, because she said she was on her period and also on the pill. She claims she was on antibiotics for the stick rape, and she very much can be. Shortly after this, I meet April(my wife). I tell her everything almost immediately, because I'm pretty broken mentally and spiritually at this point, and figure she needed to know what she might be getting into if she got in a relationship with me. To my surprise, April tells me that she's going to stick with me. Tracy tells me that not only is she pregnant, but that it could be twins. I'm wracked with guilt and stress about it all. I tell her that I met someone, but still will go with her to the doctor appointments. Tracy immediately turns angry and says she doesn't want me to. We're into January of 2014 at this point. She tells me where her doctor's office is, but not the actual address. April tells me to get the name of the office and she'd call, pretending to be Tracy to get the info. Tracy tells me she doesn't want me there and will just send the ultrasound video. Oh, it's also 3 babies now.
A few weeks go by, and it's the day before the appointment and I text again to get the office address and suite number. I get a text back saying, "I'm sorry, who is this?" I say who it is and the person at the other end claims to not know me or the situation at all, saying they'd just gotten that number. As I suspected, like everything else, it was a lie. April Facebook stalks her for a while, and no pregnancy. This whole situation cured me of my redhead kink, at least. Yes, I was stupid many, many, many times. I still had guilt and had "what if" questions up until August, when the due date would've been. This is the biggest failing of my life, but it put me where I needed to be to meet April.
One last thing: I went to Taco Bell in the same town years after I'd moved away and she was the cashier at the drive thru. The name on the ticket said "Michelle".
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2020.10.02 02:37 FIsForFuckedUp- Spying on my shower sister taking a

I’m only 22. I drink an average of 13 molson xxx (7.3%) a day and I’m already physically dependent. This time a couple years ago I was doing well in university. I should be starting my masters program for physiotherapy right now.
Instead I’m just pricing shit at a thrift store. Managers tell me I’m one of the best in the district at my job. Damn if I wasn’t going through the anxiety, incessant tingling and shakes every day I’d dominate.
Funny how at one point in highschool my main dilemma in life was choosing among the girls that were into me who I wanted to be my girlfriend. Now I’m physically incapable of even going on a date. Most days can’t will myself to shower before work, or do laundry after. Face is perpetually swollen and red. I literally never take my mask off at work because of this.
I know I’m no where near as bad as some people but fuck I hate being a spy with an obvious secret. I’m 200% sure everyone at work has noticed “coincidental” bakery smell that follows me. But I love pretty much everyone I work with. Multiple people I work with have told me they they or someone else like me.
I just miss having friends and doing things with them. My parents are saints and let me come for supper every day and love seeing them and my brother and sister. But I just don’t have it in me to try to go on a date or hang out with friends. All I do is drink. Fuck I just want someone to give me affection. Alcohol makes you lonely by becoming your best friend...
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2020.10.01 07:12 Throwawayacccounts Spying on my sister taking a shower

Maybe someone might help if the right person knows my story Originally I wasn't going to get into detail on my story because I didn't think it was needed, people could use it to help find who I am, and I didn't think it was anyone's business. But after reflecting on the back and forward of a thread someone made, and the words in the back of my mind that maybe if the right person knew then others can be helped. Maybe my failure in life can make others have a better life.
I decided to give a deep dive into my story. Note, I will leave out exact details because I still don't want to be found. I've already had pro life groups message me on here telling me not to off myself. I am very sure they believe they would be doing good if they sent cops to my place so I can be put into a nut house. But the way I see it is as a real risk of taking away the 1 thing that can end my suffering.
So I would ask for people to share my story. Maybe the right person will hearead it. Maybe some government program or something will be made to help. Or at least, maybe assisted suicide will be legal to help end the suffering of people who are not terminally ill. I know nothing can happen if I don't share and I expect nothing to change even if I do. But there is a chance something might change for the better if I do.
Side note: Sorry for the typos. I wrote this in 1 sitting. Also note, none of my degrees were in English :P. So forgive the bad grammar and what not. Something to note because this is a mind dump. My writing towards the end gets worse. Sorry about that.

BTW I know my point will get lost in the mountain of text. But it shouldn't be ignored that 85% or higher autistics who graduate can't find a job. It is the single highest disability which can't get a job, bullied even as an adult, extremely high suicide rate, it's the lowest likely of getting any economic assistance or disability even with others having a higher likely of having a job, and there is no real government program to help other than locking us up. Society itself looks down on it, and makes excuses like "I think I have" or "I think the person I work with has". Some even go as far as saying "I'm", but it turns out they never been tested. You wouldn't say that about almost anything else. But due to that, people use that are a saying to say whatever numbers, whatever hardship, or anything else is fake.
I'm currently 30 something years old. I have 4 degrees. An AS in aerospace, AS in IT, AS in networks, and BS in industrial. I went out of my way to learn how to fly a plane, how to code, statistical analyst, I have certs in lean manufacturing, I have certs in leadership, and so on. I've literally been in the news paper because NASA flown me out due to my rover designs, and I was train by NASA to work on rockets when I was doing my aerospace degree. (They flown me out to more than less tell me due to the hiring freeze that I won't be getting a job or be able to be an intern. That was in Obama and Biden's term BTW. But at least I got a free trip out of it and pictures.)
During my first degree (aerospace), the college I went to was near KSC. There was some agreement that NASA would train us, allow us out there, and in hopes we would get a job when we are done and go for a higher degree in aerospace. This is similar to how Boeing and other companies have programs to help train their future workers before coming on the floor. The problem with this is my final semester man space flight went away, and the idea of us working out there went into smoke. Then to make things worse, about a year or so after I gotten my degree they made the program into a BS due to how hard it was. I don't think it was an ABET, but still. I believe during this degree I was documented as autistic. It might of been my next degree.
During this time I worked a number of jobs from retail, helping at a vet, cleaning toilets/floors/animal waste, writing, and a few others. Many times I would work for $8 A WEEK. Sometimes I worked/helped with food being my payment.
After this, it was obvious things were getting worse so my parents and I moved a few states away since my parents gotten jobs there. Before heading out, I picked up a manufacturing job in the area we were moving to, and I thought thinks were starting to work out in my favor for once. I was wrong. The place I worked at treated everyone horribly. They were hiring, firing, and rehiring people because they had an agreement with the state if they hire x amount of people then they would get something like $250 million from the state. But the loophole was each person hired counted, but it never counted how many kept their job or was hired before. So there was a strong mentality of firing people over nothing or no reason. Many who stuck around were horrible people. Every day I dealt with workplace bullies from people about double my age at the time. Every day it gotten worse. Then to top it off, the boss tended to join in, and by the time I was fired for no reason I was about a week off from crashing my car into a tree at top speed to end it. I was just trying to figure out how to make it look like and accident so my parents would get my life insurance.
After I was fired, and after I couldn't find a job for a while. My mom took me to the local community college so I can try another degree. We figure IT might be worth me getting into since I was already good with computers. I actually had a good time in this degree because the director of the program was nice, and he tried to help people out to a point. About mid way the director asked why wasn't I going for my networking degree. Something it is just a handful of classes apart, and I can graduate with both. That turned out to be helpful since the networking degree was a 2x2 into my BS.
Anyways, during my time of doing this degree/s I had to only take 2 classes at a time since beyond that I was overloaded, and realistically I wouldn't been able to get the aerospace BS degree anyways since my grades from the AS was so low due to the load. I applied to some QA jobs while doing this degree since I was certified in doing some of that, and one laughed me out of the interview. IDK if they did that because I was 24 at the time, and they were close to 50. Or the fact that I'm autistic. Maybe a little of both. The guy did mention my age a few times. Anyways, all the questions I answered 100% right. I even wrote down the questions when I got to my car, and looked up everything to see if maybe that is why the guy was laughing.
I ran into situations like that once in a while. One job I did pick up I had to go through hurdles to just get it. Take a test to prove I'm not mentally retarded or anything like that. 2 hours on my first day the boss fired me because they mentioned to the plant manager the day before I was working on my IT degree on my off time. What is sad is my pay topped out at what I started due to all my certs and what not, and it was only $20k. And during my time there all I heard was everyone bad mouthing everyone who worked there due to the drug use in the area.
Also while I was working on that degree I learned how to code. Basically, I heard about the learn to code crap and since my school wasn't going to teach me I decided to pick up those skills on my own. I wanted to make some Android apps to see if they can take off. None of them did, and I figure maybe it was marketing or experience. So my parents drove me out to museums and other places so I can ask if I could code an application for them for free. One of them I 100% completed. It was for a historic burial ground. Basically, I went on a walking tour of it and notice how people were complaining about the paper map. So I scanned the map, and had it where when you touched the number the information of the person would come up. I was able to secure a meeting and my hopes was high with this. That quickly went away when it was clear the historical place was going to do nothing with what I provided and basically was lying to get me away. I offered it for free, and just asked them to place QR codes so people know where to download the application. Another place, I wanted to develop something similar with them I kept getting blown off. (In the next degree I had to use the library to take a proctor test, and I heard them talking shit behind my back. The same ass holes that wasted my time.) I even went on some trips with my dad when he had business trips. Similar things happened in those areas. Where I couldn't get a meeting, I kept getting lied to, or whatever instead of flat out rejected.
Now some might be wondering why was I giving this away for free. The thought behind this was I would be able to use this as resume material. That this is why I wasn't getting beyond the interview stage when I interviewed for coding jobs or why I wasn't getting a call back at all.
During this time I took a YouTube channel I had in the past that I used for basic game how-to videos like Eve Online, and I turned it into a tech how-to and educational channel. The thought behind this is I could show potential employers what I knew and hope it will help me get a job. This never took off, and even today it's about 12k subs, but only gets an average of 100 views per video. The topics I covered was a mix of cyber security, coding, windows, server, network engineering, and a number of other things. I even gotten into aerospace, stock market, and a few other things. Some of it I bull shitted to act like I had more going for me than I did. But this was when it was obvious people wanted to see some confidence in what you're saying. Still, I dislike how I did that.

By this time I figured nothing was going to work out for me, so I tried freelance work. I found I was really good in SEO work. But I quickly found it was impossible to get work due to the flood of bids that undercut mine simply because these others would lie and they came from 3rd world countries. I tried hiring some to figure out what is going on, and quickly found it wasn't going to work since there was no way to filter myself to the top vs these others. Where an average person hears 1 person says they can do a job for $300 but this other says for $9. Then lets go for $9. So I killed that off.
Between this point till the end of my degree I tried making apps a few more times, tried YouTube throughout, and I asked my school for help. They tried, but most places didn't want to pay. I found 99% of the problem is I am not good with people, and I needed a people person to help. Since I didn't have that, I was SOL.
Sometime during this degree I was told about the Navy doing games. Where they wanted subject matter experts in their field to help them figure out how to best do things in the future. So I said OK to this. Like it wasn't paid, and I figure it would be fun (I was wrong about it being fun). Anyways, we found AI against human, the human almost always loses. But human and AI working together takes out AI alone each time. Like AI against human, you have something like a 12% better results. Human + AI you have a 64% better results against AI. Those numbers might be not right and I'm saying them as an example only. But since then, every so often the USA Navy sends me text and email when super important stuff is going on (like what you should do in this virus) because their system has me marked as a contractor.
Anyways, towards the end of my degree I was invited to look around Cisco. While there the recruiter talked to a group of us, and he gave us their contact info and what not. I sent them multiple emails and even tried on Linkedin, but never heard anything back.
Somewhere within this degree I was also dealing with my sister coming in and out of my life. My sister when I was in 6th grade had to be taken away to my other parent because my sister keep forcing herself to get into drugs and bad people (my parents lived in 2 different states due to jobs, and it took several years before they got back in the same house). This time she was "escaping" some guy who was in human trafficking, smuggling, and so on. During her time with us she made it a living hell. She never really gotten away from drinking, drugs, and so on. Almost every day she constantly yelled, she told plenty of lies to my extended family which put my parents and I into question, and she even tried to trick me into killing our parents over and over. Eventually, my parents ended up kicking her out when she was at my grandmothers about 2 hours away. That was the last I seen of her until she had her kid.
Well this isn't 100% true. About a year or 2 within it, my parents asked all my family if they heard from her for them to contact us to let us know she was alive. They agreed, but we haven't heard anything. One day several months later I was doing maintenance on my computer and remembered I put a tracker on my sisters laptop with her permission. At the time I explained what it did, and that she can use it to track her computer if someone steals it. I logged in and found it still worked. I told the tracker to activate the webcam so it would take pictures, it would send me screenshots, and so on. We found out my sister was in contact with my grandmother, my mom's sisters, and most others. We found out she was living in CO, and figured out she was involved heavily into drugs. My dad, because he works in the federal gov he was told around that time my sister was stopped by the TSA a few times carrying slightly under the max allowed amount of $10k. In short, the DEA knew she was smuggling money, and the DEA knew about what was going on with them. Remember this!!! But shortly after I killed the tracker since we knew our family was not to be trusted, we knew she was alive, and at a given point it was driving us up the wall. We pretty much agreed to cut ties with everyone involved, but my mom decided to not.
I believe it was after all of this, but before I got done with my IT AS I joined the Freemasons. Long story short on that front is at the time I believed my life was getting better, that I was on the right track, and I wanted to be around a group to start calling them my friends. Plus I was getting more and more hungry to see if I can go into the political field. Note that I didn't directly join to go into politics. But I hoped that would be a bonus. What at first seemed as I was making friends, that quickly faded away. Most of the members were 2 or 3 times older than me. They were so out of touch to the current problems, and there wasn't much to keep me there. I did endowed because I seen the good work, and I wanted the group to keep doing things. But as I got busy with school, that mostly faded. And what kept me from going to another meeting in a good number of years is the fact that I have come more and more to the realization how fucked I am. Like when I went to most all the meetings and helped out, I still had a ton of hope and I was trying to go out to places asking if they needed an app. Also the other thing that somewhat shown I won't make friends there is the fact that the people I talked frequently with. I notice none of them even tried to contact me. (When I was in HS I noticed something similar with 99% of my family. I use to call them weekly since I was states away. But I noticed they never call me even on my birthday. So I just stopped interacting with them to see how long it will take for them to check up on me. They never did.) I will admit I do miss it to a point, and thought of going into the Scottish Rite before I stopped going. But IDK anymore due to how life is.
During this degree I was invited out to NASA's Stennis Space Center after NASA liked my rover design. I took the offer and the group I was with on our last day they mostly just told us there is no jobs available due to the hiring freeze. On the way back we met with my grandparents on my dad's side (the only ones who my sister didn't interact with because they are religious and they have so little money that she can't get anything from them). We met them to see where my granddad grown up at and to meet some family that I never seen or heard of before. A day or 2 later on the way back I notice my grandmom was a bit odd. When we got to my grandparents house, my aunt showed up with her husband. They were drunker than drunk. She blamed us for kidnapping my grandparents. In the past she blamed me saying I hacked my grandparents computer, and I had 11 groups looking into her computer. And she went out of her way to have it where my dad stopped paying for my grandparents cable and net (which they can't afford) and blamed us for spying. But this shocked me. That she was accusing us for kidnapping them. After that I figured out my sister had a hand in this with her lies.
After all of this, I ended doing a round about way of using my pell grant money to pay for their basic net, get them back on their service ($10 a month), their own paid subscription of Netflix, and shared subscription of YouTube TV. I mostly did this because other than my parents I consider them to be my only family.

Anyways, when I took my BS all my classes were 100% online. Unlike the CC where I went to class in person, I found while this being the only way I could've done it due to no funds. It was stupid since I couldn't network to hopefully get a job. During this time I kept trying to get into remote work, and I think in 1 month I applied to 10,000 jobs. And for the next 2 months I upped it by an extra thousand. Some gotten back to me, but most didn't. Some interviewed me, but most didn't. Many said remote, but weren't really. Like they wanted remote but you were mostly called in every day. I was applying to so many jobs that I had to apply in other countries.
I think it was during this degree or right before it my dad gotten a number of bee hives, and part of my duties went into that. I hate it because the obvious, and in order to sell the honey my parents are going through my mom's sister. The only good that came from the bees in my opinion is over the past few years my parents started looking into buying a farm. The idea was originally something that can mostly keep up itself with contracts. And it can be a safety net for anyone coming after. But between that thought and now, my parents said I can be a farm manager. I went out of my way to suggest this because as time went on, it became more and more and more obvious how screwed I really am. Anyways, it turns out even if you have the money and income to pay off loans of a given amount. Thanks to Obama and Biden, you legally can't get a loan for anything over 10 acres without it being some type of farm loan. This is unless if you're building a manufacturing plant on it or something like that. And then, you can't get a farm loan unless if you already run a farm.
How fucked up is that? You have the income to pay for a loan (in this case my parent's joint income they could), but because it's over 10 acres you have to have a farm loan. And legally you can't get one unless you already run a farm. You can see who I'm not voting for. Anyways, because we have bees they said they will make that classified as a farm, and then we can do business.
Somewhere mid way of my degree my parents found a 200 acre farm they liked. We went out there, and found it to be worth while. Long story short, the owner spent about a year to 2 years jerking us around. Not wanting us to get the farm evaluated which is required for a loan. And saying they wanted half a million, when the place at best was worth $350k. After my sister moved back in, the owner sold it to their family member for $250k. Since then we think we might of found a place or 2, but it's iffy. The entire point of the farm is multi-year crops. Something to keep the workload down, with low competition, but high payoff like lavender or grapes. All the work and what not to be contracted out, and a company deals with it.

Somewhere mid way of the degree I started getting into 3D printing, laser engraving, and stuff like that to see if I can make money. After several years I still haven't gotten enough to pay for the $1,000 3D printer setup. I only gotten 2 sells with my laser engraver, and that was by force. So that is dead.

Anyways, sometime last year my sister came back with her kids. She told my mom the guy she was with rape the kids, and she was fearful of her life (same guy from before). Before my mom got her, the guy kicked her out. My parents rented her a hotel so she didn't die from the cold (my sister says she was homeless during this time). It turned out she wasn't there most of the days, and it was expected that she was whoring herself not because she had to. But drugs and drinking. Eventually my mom gotten fed up and told my sister to get her kid's papers in order and get ready. My mom bought a ticket and the same day got there. She found out my sister didn't have their bags packed, didn't have their papers in order, and I guess forgotten about it. While getting the stuff ready, my sister told my mom she was afraid that the guy was going to kill her. After my sister gotten back we had a hurricane coming toward the area and we asked my grandmom (mom's side) to stay away. She didn't listen and brought a few people to see my sister and her kids who just came out of a crack house. My grandmom I caught her a number of times talking shit about my parents and I. When I went to show my sister where the security cameras are since my sister said the guy put cameras in the doorknob (had wires coming out of it) and shower head (and I guess was selling videos of her). My grandmom said some bullshit like they are just going to change the location of the cameras. After the 4th time of hearing bull shit, I ended up letting her have it. But still it never stopped. My grandmom saying I was a guest that would never leave. That I'm like trash that needs to go. During this time I heard my parents tell my grandmom the DEA and FBI knew about the guy in human trafficking, and how the guy is smuggling drugs. But the law enforcement literally said they were waiting for him to kill my sister before they moved in on him.
Anyways, after all that was said and done my sister 100% started up drinking in no time and the hell that went away when she was gone the last time came back. But this time I could 100% see something was off with the kids, I could see they weren't healthy, and Holocaust camp. I started working on the kids to get them better, and gotten them a good way with the help of my mom and dad. My sister has nothing to do with her kids during the holidays outside of photo moments, and my sister even broken her daughter's (1 year old at the time) leg and more than less walked away. During this entire time I dealt with her recording us, her sneaking off and leaving us with the kids, her constant yelling, and so on. Due to this we increased the amount of cameras from 4 of them on the outside and 2 on the inside to 8 on the outside and 12 on the inside of the house just to cover our ass. One of her tricks was to insult day after day and hour after hour my mom. Then get me PO so I would try to protect my mom. After which, my sister would 100% calm down like nothing happen, pull out her phone, and record it.
In the past I threaten my parents to show the cops the video of her because I have video of when the guy kidnapped the kids, and we had a swat team around his house. Around 12AM my sister was drunk, loud, and acting up on the deck. My dad went out there to tell her to stop. She thrown a water hose at my dad and it split his nose. She went inside and started slamming doors to the point a clock fallen off the wall, and then she started stomping on it. Like that isn't the worse of it. My parents said if I was to do that then I will be kicked out and the kids will go back to their dad. Later it was found that he raped the son on the trip, and at some point he was allowing people to fuck his son (4 at the time) for money. People being both male and female. (What allowed the guy to kidnap the kids btw was a judge in my state breaking the law. The judge never gotten ding for it. I don't remember his name, otherwise I would've given it here)

Anyways, to make a long story short on that side. Her and her kids are still living with us and it's a living hell many days. I honestly believe my sister is a sociopath. Like a legit one, and my parents agree she needs to be tested after the guy goes to jail. Also there is a number of times throughout this my grandmom and my mom's sister helped my sister break court orders and they knew it. I already declared when my dad's parents die, I won't be going in that area anymore. And if I do, it won't be to see any of my family. I can get deeper into that, but I think everyone has the point.
Towards the end of the degree I 100% gotten burned out. Normally I was taking 1 to 2 classes at a time, and even at that I had the hardest time with any classes that weren't tech classes. Like I had to beg one of my teachers to pass me, it was that bad. I believe I am still dealing with being burnt out.

Anyways, late last year I ended up walking the stage for my last degree. I've told my mom I don't want anyone to go other than my parents, and my dad's uncle (he stayed far outside of this crap with my sister, and he has been OK to me. Also I wanted him there since his kid died, and he didn't have the ability to see someone walk. Plus my grandparents on my dad's side refused. I'm guessing due to family drama that was caused by my sister.) Against my wishes my mom forced it where my sister, her kids, my grandmom that called me trash, and my mom's sisters showed up. I'm still piss.

Around this time I was getting desperate to find a job, so I started trying to use my contacts. The director of my last degree said he wanted to help, but couldn't help since I don't have work experience in IT. The people I let cheat off of me in return they would help me get a job, they ghosted me. My mom was using her contacts, but even after interviewing me no one wanted to hire me. Like one place I applied for a networking job, and they told my mom they weren't going to interview me since I didn't put anything about coding in the resume. My mom told them about how I coded, and during the interview they only asked me about database admin questions.
About this time I pivot my YouTube channel from tech how-to to gaming. I tried a little Star Citizen, but lately I've tried Flight Sim. Making how-to videos and what not. They get extremely low views, and I'm thinking that is going to tail off soon. IDK what to do on that front.

After the virus kicked up I started looking into my backup plan. Because I knew how to fly small planes, I figure I could go for an airline pilot spot or the military. It turns out both won't hire you if you're autistic. The airline thing requires knowing someone to start with, but they won't even look at you if you're autistic. My dad used his contacts to figure out what is going on with the military. He found out that you need a waver, but it's near impossible. And even then, you need to get a waver each time you get a new CO. And if a CO or anyone doesn't like you, they can easily use your autism to get you kicked out. The reason why there was policies to keep autistic people out is many have been bullied to the point that there has been permanent damage mentally and many times physically to the autistic person. And there is even investigations on this because it has gotten so bad.
After that, my hope went completely away. I tried the normal method, but obviously no one wants me. I tried starting my own company, but after so many tries that has never worked out. I even tried writing a book, painting, and things like that and I haven't sold a single one. Even advertised it as coming from an autistic painter in hopes it will bring a buyer.
When I was trying to figure it out I kept asking myself how does these people afford these $20k patents when most don't make any money. I ended up asking around and found out about product licensing. Currently I'm on my 3rd product I'm trying to license, and no one so far wants anything I have to offer. Some even call me back and spend half an hour on the phone with me. After which, I hear nothing. I figure it's similar to interviews. Where the person gets a vibe because I'm autistic, and that blows the entire thing.

I'm honestly at the point I just want to fucking retire. I want to have enough money where I don't have to worry about what happens if I get kicked out. That I see a $10 game, and I can buy it without worrying about things. Factorio has been a game I keep looking up videos almost daily for the past 4 months, and I hate how I'm worried about just that little amount of money.
The only things that is keeping me from offing myself this second is what kept me in the past. Stupid things like wanting to play a game (cyber punk), or that it will make my parents sad. I figure in 2022 if my life doesn't get better. I might end things. It would be nice to just find some nice women with a good job, create a family, and play the stay at home dad.
Getting a job is pretty much impossible for my disability. You might want to check out the unemployment rate for people with autism. Like it's predicted to be around 85% of people who HAVE a college degree but are also autistic are unemployed. In fact, there is a major gap between autistic people and other disabilities who have a degree or not. People with autism have some of the lowest paying jobs compared to others. I've seen studies talk about people who are autistic are 9 times more likely to off themselves. Being autistic I'm far far far more likely workplace bullying (and I have in most jobs I've been on. Even when I was cleaning toilets for $8 a week because that is all the work I was able to get). In the USA, if you're blind, you automatically get the full amount. If you have anxiety problems you have a high chance of getting the full amount ($750 a month btw). If you're autistic and only autistic, then you have near a 0% chance of getting a cent. Even blind people have a higher chance of getting a job than someone who is autistic. Even people with missing body parts have a higher chance. How fucked up is society that not only there is no disability. But there is no programs to help someone who is autistic to get and keep a job? Even more if they are educated like myself. And worse off, how fucked up is it that not only all this other stuff. But me wanting to end my life is viewed as shameful, taboo, and enough to be locked up in a mental hospital.

Like I would love to run for congress or governor. But I have no doubt in my mind me being autistic will stand in my way and be used against me. Similar how the dems had no shame of trying to use Trump's weight as one of the reasons he shouldn't be in. So I don't think I can fix the system directly. Again, please share this. Maybe the right people will see this and maybe at some point the system will get fixed. I just hope this won't be used against me, and that is why I ask for people to not try to figure out who I am. Like I know if this info gets out, and this is linked to my name. This will kill my chances of working in ANY good IT job since why would you trust someone that to some might seem unstable with quarter of a million dollar code/parts.


Side note:
  • Have I tried talking open about this?Yes I tried once on my YouTube channel to see if people would help. This never happened, and it damaged my channel. I didn't get deep into it and I deleted the video. I've also tried to talk with others about it, but I keep getting blown off.But for the most part, the problem isn't emotions. It's that I can't get a job, that the gov isn't going to help, and that I'm fucked due to variables out of my control.
  • What is the biggest problem?Society. Look it up right now on 85% of autistic... and in Q&A sites you will find people say some BS like that isn't true because they THINK they are autistic. When I was asking about the military, some were saying yes autistic can join. I THINK I'm autistic and I THINK some around me are. This mentality needs to go.Same with the how the spectrum is open now older people should've been on it. Guess what. I've been around researchers, engineers, and others like that. Hell, if it paid well I would try to get my PHD in astronomy, and I interacted with plenty of them over the years. I only met 1 autistic person that worked at NASA, and he was going out the door and he was from the Apollo age. Not a single other person I met even came close. So stop devaluing the problem. Keep in mind, that 85% is those who ARE counted. How many stopped looking for work or make $500 or so a year (which causes you to be labeled as having a job) and they aren't on that? I'm sure the real number goes up to 90% easily.
  • What do I hope comes from this?My hope is maybe through my shit life, it might somehow make the world better somehow. Like it would suck to have this much bad luck, this much I have to deal with. But at the same time have NOTHING good that comes from it. I hope for it to reach someone with the power to actually push for a fix to this 85% problem. A fix being in a way that
  1. Help in us getting a job or making a company (hell, if you're a female you get help. Why not us)
  2. 100% ability to get disability so we don't have to work. I think this is the best solution since realistically the other 2 requires a massive shift from society and this one is quicker and easier.
  3. And/or assisted suicide laws to be allowed for those who aren't terminally ill. I know I would take that option if aviable. Part of the reason why I don't off myself right now is fear of doing it wrong in a way that makes my life worse, and fear of the pain.

The following is evidence of some of my certs and degrees. I blacked out a lot of things so you can't track down the date, location of the school, my name, and a few other things. Again, I still don't want to be found. I am only sharing this because my word by itself means nothing. And I honestly haven't thought of how out of the norm what I done is. Keep in mind, I only did it to survive and I live with it every day.
And this is something everyone needs to keep in mind. I did what I did to survive. So I can have a chance of living a happy normal life. Some have called me a Renaissance Man. Some called me a savant. I don't view it that way. I did what I did to survive. I did what I did because I knew doing nothing won't get me anywhere, and I thought doing this will get me a chance of a normal life. I did what I did because other than doing nothing, it's the only other possible action I could think of to get me to a normal happy life.
NOTE: I have to scan my degrees. I didn't notice that wasn't done until I looked for them for evidence.
There is a lot I'm not including. Like a lot of IT certs that basically said I know x technology. I've gotten a load of them through my BS. There is also a lot of certs I know I don't have like my OSHA stuff I lost it a while back, NDT certs I have no idea where they are, and there is a number of others that past work places that required me to train but kept the certs so I had to retake it if I worked for anyone else (like driving forklifts, lean manufacturing, and a few others)
Evidence :

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2020.09.13 14:02 BadiolaBB Spying on my sister taking a shower

Hi all,
First story as a long time fan of BB. Contains family BB as you'd expect from the title, and is mainly non-consensual.
My preference is for realistic scenarios in BB, hence why siblings are of particular interest. Any stories I do will rarely fall into Hardcore territory, and will include only one or two busts at a time. This first part does not contain any actual kicking, which begins in Part 2.
This story also contains some female body lust.
Let me know if you like it. Got the first 3 parts (of likely 4/5) written up already, so ready to post more if people want to read!

Part 1a:
“You couldn’t beat me in a fight, boys are much stronger!”
John always had a habit of winding up his two older sisters, Amie and Ellie, but even for him this summer had been out of hand. The whole family, Amie, Ellie, John and their mum, had been locked down for months now. Usually the girls would spend as little time with John as possible, but now they’d suddenly found themselves in each other's company all the time.
They’d gotten well used to him asking them stupid questions and acting up around them, but now they couldn’t get away, and he seemed to be getting more and more clingy and behaving stranger around them every day.
Ellie, the eldest sister, had found him hanging around outside her room after she’d just got out the shower. When she grabbed him he went bright red and ran away. A few days later Amie was getting ready for bed when she noticed him hiding under her bed. She had screamed at him to get out, and pushed him towards the door while he, again bright red, insisted he was playing a game.
They’d both complained to their mum, who, despite being a bit concerned, had given John the benefit of the doubt. It had been a strange time for everyone, and she still liked to see John as the naive baby of the family. This frustrated the girls, who were sure he was up to something and being a bit of a creep. Ellie especially couldn’t bear the thought of anyone spying on her little sister, much less her own brother.
The girls had to have a plan to look after each other, and they thought it’d be pretty easy to lure him in...
It was 9pm and the girls were sat together in their t-shirts and pyjama shorts. John burst into the room, interrupting a private conversation they were having about boys, to offer them a knuckle sandwich.
The girls looked at each other. This might be it. Ellie replied “You can try if you want. Do you want to walk like a penguin?”, which made Amie burst out laughing.
John looked confused and a little anxious. “What do you mean?”
“Don’t worry, you’ll find out!” Amie replied, both of them giggling away.
John felt a strange sense of both fear and excitement. He looked over at both girls, laughing at something that he didn’t understand and thought he ought to be worried about; but he couldn’t help but want to find out.
Ellie stood up. “Are you going to punch me then? Are you going to beat me up?”
“I could if I wanted to!”
Both girls laughed at him again. Amie stood up next to Ellie and said “You couldn’t even beat me up, never mind Ellie!”
John looked up and down at both girls, and took a step towards them. Just a few feet away, Ellie seemed to tower over him. Amie was shorter than her sister, but still a bit taller than John. Maybe they both had a size advantage, but he could still beat them up, right? He was a boy!
His heart was beating fast now. He wanted to fight with both of them and imagined himself rolling them around in their little shorts before winning. He was confident he could beat Amie up, and thought he would ultimately get the best of Ellie too.
“You couldn’t beat me in a fight, boys are much stronger!”
Ellie and Amie smiled at each other. They had him just where they wanted him.
“Is that right? Ok, what if you fight Amie tomorrow night? I’ll be the referee”
“Ok, but I’m not going easy on you just because you’re a girl!”
“If you’re sure about that. Punches and kicks are allowed then?”
“Yeah, I’ll karate kick you Amie! Huyyaaahhh!”
John kicked into the air, though it didn’t reach any higher than Ellie’s waist. The girls both laughed again.
“Save it for tomorrow, Karate Kid.”
Part 1b:
John went to bed that night thinking about the girls. What if they wrestled him in the same clothes they had on tonight? Maybe Amie wouldn’t have any pants on under her little shorts, and they’d slide across while they were wrestling. Maybe Ellie would jump in to try and defend Amie and he’d get to pin her against the floor too. Maybe he’d manage to “accidentally” pull their tops up while rolling around so he could see their boobs.
He’d been hoping for months now to catch a glance of one of them naked. He knew they’d find that disgusting, so he had to be careful how he did it… but the urge was getting stronger and he was taking more risks.
What did they mean by the penguin thing? The way they threatened and laughed at him made him feel a little intimidated, and that might have been the most exciting thought of all.
Meanwhile Amie snuck into Ellie’s room, where they giggled away about their plan.
Their little brother was getting his balls kicked tomorrow, and they knew this was only going to be the start of their fun.
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