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I have a file en.utf-8.add in the folder of a file being edited by Vim. I issue :mkspell! en.utf-8.add to create a new en.utf-8.add.spl. In the edited document, the word int is not flagged as a spelling error. I also have a ~/.vim/spell/en.utf-8.add and a corresponding en.utf-8.add.spl with the same date/time, but the en.utf-8.add also does not contain the word int.
I have fileencoding=utf-8 and spellfile=en.utf-8.add. I confirmed that the latter takes effect by removing some words and seeing them flagged after the mkspell! en.utf-8.add command. Of course, I add the words back.
Why is int considered correct? What else can I examine to track down the reason?
Results of :version command:

VIM - Vi IMproved 8.2 (2019 Dec 12, compiled Mar 30 2020 21:51:17) Included patches: 1-486 Modified by  Compiled by  Huge version with GTK3 GUI. Features included (+) or not (-): +acl -farsi -mouse_sysmouse -tag_old_static +arabic +file_in_path +mouse_urxvt -tag_any_white +autocmd +find_in_path +mouse_xterm -tcl +autochdir +float +multi_byte +termguicolors -autoservername +folding +multi_lang +terminal +balloon_eval -footer -mzscheme +terminfo +balloon_eval_term +fork() +netbeans_intg +termresponse +browse +gettext +num64 +textobjects ++builtin_terms -hangul_input +packages +textprop +byte_offset +iconv +path_extra +timers +channel +insert_expand +perl/dyn +title +cindent +job +persistent_undo +toolbar +clientserver +jumplist +popupwin +user_commands +clipboard +keymap +postscript +vartabs +cmdline_compl +lambda +printer +vertsplit +cmdline_hist +langmap +profile +virtualedit +cmdline_info +libcall +python/dyn +visual +comments +linebreak +python3/dyn +visualextra +conceal +lispindent +quickfix +viminfo +cryptv +listcmds +reltime +vreplace +cscope +localmap +rightleft +wildignore +cursorbind +lua/dyn +ruby/dyn +wildmenu +cursorshape +menu +scrollbind +windows +dialog_con_gui +mksession +signs +writebackup +diff +modify_fname +smartindent +X11 +digraphs +mouse +sound -xfontset +dnd +mouseshape +spell +xim -ebcdic +mouse_dec +startuptime +xpm +emacs_tags -mouse_gpm +statusline +xsmp_interact +eval -mouse_jsbterm -sun_workshop +xterm_clipboard +ex_extra +mouse_netterm +syntax -xterm_save +extra_search +mouse_sgr +tag_binary system vimrc file: "/etc/vimrc" user vimrc file: "$HOME/.vimrc" 2nd user vimrc file: "~/.vim/vimrc" user exrc file: "$HOME/.exrc" system gvimrc file: "/etc/gvimrc" user gvimrc file: "$HOME/.gvimrc" 2nd user gvimrc file: "~/.vim/gvimrc" defaults file: "$VIMRUNTIME/defaults.vim" system menu file: "$VIMRUNTIME/menu.vim" fall-back for $VIM: "/etc" f-b for $VIMRUNTIME: "/usshare/vim/vim82" Compilation: gcc -c -I. -Iproto -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DFEAT_GUI_GTK -I/usinclude/gtk-3.0 -I/usinclude/pango-1.0 -I/usinclude/glib-2.0 -I/uslib/glib-2.0/include -I/usinclude/cairo -I/usinclude/pixman-1 -I/usinclude/freetype2 -I/usinclude/libpng16 -I/usinclude/uuid -I/usinclude/harfbuzz -I/usinclude/gdk-pixbuf-2.0 -I/usinclude/gio-unix-2.0/ -I/usinclude/atk-1.0 -I/usinclude/at-spi2-atk/2.0 -I/usinclude/at-spi-2.0 -I/usinclude/dbus-1.0 -I/uslib/dbus-1.0/include -D_REENTRANT -ggdb -O2 -pipe -Wall -Werror=format-security -fstack-protector-strong --param=ssp-buffer-size=4 -fdebug-prefix-map=/ussrc/ports/vim/vim-8.2.0486-1.x86_64/build=/ussrc/debug/vim-8.2.0486-1 -fdebug-prefix-map=/ussrc/ports/vim/vim-8.2.0486-1.x86_64/src/vim-8.2.0486=/ussrc/debug/vim-8.2.0486-1 -fstack-protector-strong -D_REENTRANT -U_FORTIFY_SOURCE -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=1 Linking: gcc -L. -fstack-protector-strong -L/uslocal/lib -Wl,--as-needed -o vim.exe -lgtk-3 -lgdk-3 -lpangocairo-1.0 -lpango-1.0 -latk-1.0 -lcairo-gobject -lcairo -lgdk_pixbuf-2.0 -lgio-2.0 -lgobject-2.0 -lglib-2.0 -lintl -lSM -lICE -lXpm -lXt -lX11 -lXdmcp -lSM -lICE -lm -lncursesw -lcanberra -liconv -lacl -lattr -lintl -Wl,--enable-auto-import -Wl,--export-all-symbols -Wl,--enable-auto-image-base -fstack-protector-strong -L/uslib/perl5/5.30/x86_64-cygwin-threads/CORE -lperl -lpthread -ldl -lcrypt 
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So I was reading Kaeya’s wiki page when I noticed it was written he came from a country called Khaen’riah. I’m arab, and this name sounded Middle Eastern to me (along with Kaeya’s features) so I asked my mother who is an Arabic teacher.
She said the words Khaen and Riah were words from Classical Arabic that meant something like “Lying Traitor”
It’s known Kaeya is a liar and he’s also a spy. I’m just happy and interested they used actual Arabic words so I wanted to share! (I hope nobody has said this yet)
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Hey guys!
I have been thinking about this for a while and I thought I’d share it with you guys.
Muslims pray towards the Kabah in Makkah. It’s believed to be a mosque that Abraham built in sincere devotion to God. That’s why Muslims pray towards it because it symbolises the coming together of all mankind towards the worship of One God.
Now, interestingly, it’s believed that there is a Kabah within the heavens. “Space” is generally believed to be a level of heaven by those who take a literalist interpretation of the “heavens”.
Baitul Ma'mur (Arabic: الْبَيْتِ الْمَعْمُورِ) or the “Frequented House" is situated in the 7th heaven, directly above the Ka'aba on earth. The angels make hajj (pilgrimage) to this House like we make hajj to Ka'aba. The Ka'aba on earth is a replica of it. In the 4th heaven, there is a river called Haywaan (River of Life). Each day, The leader of the angels Jibra’eel (alayhi salaam) dips in it and shakes his wings letting off seventy thousand drops. From each of these droplets Almighty Allah creates one angel. These Angels are commanded to perform salaah in the Bait-ul-Ma’mur. Every single day 70,000 angels visit it. This will continue on until the Day of Resurrection. As soon as they perform salaah, they come out from the Bait-ul-ma’mur never to return there again. One Angel from this group is appointed their leader and is given the duty of taking the other Angels to one spot in the Heaven where they will stand reciting the tasbeeh of Allah till the Day of Judgment. The Messenger of Allah sws said narrating about the journey of ‘Isra wal Miraaj, "Then I was shown Al-Bait-al-Ma'mur (i.e. Allah’s House). I asked Gabriel about it and he said, This is Al Bait-ul-Ma'mur where 70,000 angels perform prayers daily and when they leave they never return to it (but always a fresh batch comes into it daily).” - Sahih Bukhari & Muslim
Saturn has a cube shape on it right?
Also, Muslims believe that asteroids and meteorites or any type of heavenly rock is used to thwart devils away from receiving knowledge of Gods plans. Saturn’s ring is composed of asteroids right?
It’s commonly believed that wherever there are Angels, devils attempt to listen in on what they say and try to change the will of God. Since Angels have no free will (Islamic narrative) and are God’s “Workers”, the devils have no other option but to spy on them.
If Saturn is a mass place of gathering for angels, could this somehow explain the elites obsession with Saturn?
Note: Devils aren’t considered to be “Jinn” only. Humans can be devils too. Muslims make no distinction.
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2020.11.23 10:21 mnsh777 Netanyahu Held Secret Meeting with Saudi Crown Prince, Israeli Media Reports: The reported visit on Sunday night would be the first known meeting between high-level Israeli and Saudi leaders.

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel flew to Saudi Arabia for a covert meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, Israeli news media reported on Monday.
The reported visit, Sunday night, would be the first known meeting between high-level Israeli and Saudi leaders and could signal an acceleration of gradually warming relations between the two powers.
Mr. Netanyahu’s visit was reported by Army Radio and Kan public radio in Israel, which cited an unidentified official saying that the prime minister had flown with Yossi Cohen, the head of the Mossad spy agency, to Neom, a futuristic city Prince Mohammed is planning near the Red Sea coast.
Saudi officials and Mr. Netanyahu’s office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
On Monday, Topaz Luk, a media adviser to Mr. Netanyahu, posted an article on Twitter about the latest moves of Mr. Netanyahu’s defense minister and rival, Benny Gantz, with a comment that read: “Gantz plays politics while the prime minister makes peace,” perhaps hinting at a confirmation of the meeting.
Israel and Saudi Arabia have no formal diplomatic relations, but speculation has been mounting that the kingdom could eventually follow the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, its neighbors, in normalizing relations with Israel, which the two smaller states did this year. They were the third and fourth Arab states to do so.
Saudi officials have said that normalizing relations with Israel could come only in the context of a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, but the kingdom’s tone when speaking about Israel has shifted in recent years.
Prince Mohammed, 35, a son of the Saudi monarch and the kingdom’s de facto ruler, has said that both Israelis and Palestinians have the right to their land and that Israel has overlapping economic and security interests with Arab states, specifically over their shared animosity toward Iran.
A key question for the Saudis is how pushing ahead with normalization in the waning days of the Trump administration would affect their standing in Washington and relationship with the incoming Biden administration.
President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. is likely to welcome further Saudi-Israeli rapprochement, although it remains unclear whether his administration will push for it in the same way President Trump has, or seek to use the possibility as leverage in efforts to restart Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.
Opening diplomatic ties with Israel could also help Prince Mohammed rehabilitate his reputation in Washington, dampening criticisms of the Saudi war in Yemen, crackdowns on activists and the killing of the dissident Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi agents in Istanbul in 2018.
Mr. Netanyahu’s visit would have followed the end of the virtual Group of 20 summit meeting hosted by Saudi Arabia over the weekend and coincided with a visit by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who met with Prince Mohammed on Sunday night. Mr. Pompeo’s plane landed in Neom at 8:30 p.m. and departed three hours later.
The website Flightradar24, which provides live flight tracking, showed a flight leaving Tel Aviv on Monday around 7:30 p.m. which then dropped off the radar near Neom about an hour later. The same plane reappeared and flew back to Tel Aviv after midnight.
Avi Scharf, the editor of the English language edition of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, posted a map of the first flight on Twitter on Monday.
“ABSOLUTELY rare Israeli flight direct to new Saudi megacity Neom on Red Sea shore,” Mr. Scharf wrote, noting that the jet used was one that Mr. Netanyahu had used before.
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Prophecies of Nostradamus - a channelled solution, part 2 This mini-series outlines the coming turn of the Wheel of Fate for humanity as prophesized by the great occultist and seer, Nostradamus. The source claims Nostradamus was in communion with him and gave him more direct explanations of his quatrains peering into our reality from the higher realms that had to be encrypted at his time because of authorities. I've revealed this here as it sits perfectly with the other materials (over a hundred prophecies) as well as the movements on the world stage. The quatrains of Nostradamus would require the reader to be well versed in latin, greek, history of the world, occult science, astronomy, the body, alegories of ancient and Nostradamus time and so on and can be explained in endless ways as they often are in the lamestream media.
7.3 England brashly rushes into battle
An English prince, Mars has his heart in the heavens, will wish to follow his prospering fortune. In two duels, one will pierce him in the gall bladder, hated by him, but well loved by his mother. (III-16)
This is an event that will take place close to the beginnings of the war caused by the Anti-Christ. This will precipitate England’s involvement with this great war. «The English Prince, his heart held by Mars high in the heavens» , is a young man of the English royal house who is eager to lead the troops into battle. He will be anxious to go. He will be in two major engagements and in one of them he will be defeated. He will be outflanked on the field and he will have to retreat in disgrace. The troops that he was fighting against will spit at him and use his name as a curseword, for he was a good fighter even though he was defeated.
His brashly rushing into battle messes up some of the carefully laid plans in the conquest of Europe. And so this man will return to England. However, «his mother» i.e. his motherland, England, will be cheering him and will love him all the more for the brave show he made. For trying to help and for carrying the English name and honor bright into battle. The part «they will pierce him in the gall bladder» means they will outflank him and «pierce» his forces in the side and hence defeat him.

The weapons fight in the sky for a long period; the tree fell in the middle of the city. The sacred branch cut, a sword opposite Tison, then the King Hadrie falls. (III-11)
It refers to the fall of the English royal house. The quatrain predicts a combination of the male descendants of the family either being killed in battle or dying from a disease released from biological bombs designed to affect only men. The enemy will have biological bombs that release viruses killing all of the soldiers. Slashing the fighting forces so they’ll have less soldiers to confront on the battlefield. But the bomb doesn’t discriminate. It also affects men who are not fighting, such as older men at home and young boys. This bomb is only going to be dropped on England. But the doctors in England will be able to create a vaccine or a serum that will counteract the effects of the virus and help make people immune to it.
In the North great efforts will be made, across the seas the way will be open. The rule on the island will be re-established, London fearful of the fleet when sighted. (II-68)
This refers to two events. On the one hand it refers to the way things were between the United States and England during World War II, and how they managed to keep the «shipping lanes open between the two countries». It also refers to the time of the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ, during his European campaign, will also attempt to take over Great Britain – «London fearful of the fleet when sighted» - but not be entirely successful. Part of the reasons for this will be because there will be the support of the United States behind England, once again. So Great Britain, being a prime maritime power will be able to reassert herself.
The more stubborn supporters of the underground will flee to Ireland and Scotland. He will not be successful in taking over the entire island. Then you’ll have kind of like a "rump" United Kingdom. You’ll understand me if you recall your history of World War II, when the Germans took over part of Czechoslovakia. Two-thirds of Czechoslovakia was part of Nazi Germany and the remainder of Czechoslovakia put together a rump government. Thus, they will have a rump United Kingdom. The majority of England will be under the power of the Anti-Christ. But North England, Scotland and Ireland will not be under is power.
Hopefully this event taking place has the possibilities of uniting Ireland. Because if England is taken over, she will not be able to do anything about Northern Ireland, so Ireland can reunite itself the way it’s been wanting to be reunited for centuries. When England is taken over by the Anti-Christ, they will be in no position to have any say-so as to what goes on in Ireland. And so Ireland will be able to apply its own remedies to its problems, and turn its dynamic energy towards other problems, such as the Anti-Christ. And the Irish spirit, being strong and valiant as it is and the Scottish stubbornness will play a good ways toward helping the underground movement to survive the worst of the worst days and eventually conquer the Anti-Christ. When all this is over, people who are Scottish and people who are Irish will be proud that they are, because of the role Ireland and Scotland will play.

7.4 France is torn
French fleet, do not approach Corsica; even less Sardinia, you will regret it. You will all die, the help from the cape in vain, captive, swimming in blood you will not believe me. (III-87)

The Anti-Christ will use the islands of «Corsica» and «Sardinia» as a base of operation to attack France. Others who are aware of what is going on will try to warn the French – unfortunately «in vain».
In Avignon, the leader of all the Empire will make a stop because Paris is deserted. Tricast will contain the African anger, the Lion will be poorly consoled by the change. (III-93)
The Anti-Christ marches through southern France near «Avignon». Avignon was a very important city in my days, because it was the seat of the papacy at one point; within a couple of hundred years of my time. «Paris will be deserted» because he will threaten to bomb it, as he has bombed Rome and Athens. England won’t be able to do a thing because she’ll be threatened next.

In the green field of Alleins and Vernegues of the Luberon mountains near Durance, the fighting on both sides will be so bitter for the armies that Mesopotamia shall cease to be found in France. (III-99)
This quatrain refers to the fighting that will occur when the Anti-Christ’s forces try to capture Switzerland. He won’t be successful but he will destroy a part of France in trying. A bomb will be launched to destroy Geneva and Zurich, but instead it will land in France and cause contamination. This will happen at the French and Swiss border area, hence the names of the places in France.
During his daring Mediterranean campaign the Anti-Christ takes over Monaco and he knows he must get rid of the Prince of Monaco so he can be the official ruler. The reason why Monaco is so important is because of its strategic position in relation to Italy and southern Europe. In Century III-10 I refer to «the great golden one caught in an iron cage». This is the successor to Prince Ranier (apparently one of his sons) who will be imprisoned after the takeover.

7.5 The Rock of Gibraltar falls

The marine tower will be captured and retaken three times by Spaniards, barbarians and Ligurians. Marseilles and Aix, Arles by men of Pisa, devastation, fire, sword, pillage at Avignon by the Turinese. (I-71)
The «maritime tower» refers to the Rock of Gibraltar, a «tower» of strength due to its strategic location. Also it belongs to a country that is basically a maritime or a marine power; that is, Great Britain with her navy.
A promontory stands between two seas: A man who will die later by the bit of a horse; Neptune unfurls a black sail for his man; the fleet near Gibraltar and Rocheval. (Ι-77)
Gibraltar will play a key role in the Mediterranean battle with the Anti-Christ. The key man principle in saving Gibraltar from the Anti-Christ’s forces and thereby as a result saving the Iberian Peninsula, will later go to his death. He will be killed in an automobile accident. I used the phrase, «bit by the horse» because I did not know the concept of automobiles. This man is a naval officer but he will die somewhat young. That’s why I said «Neptune had unfurled a black sail for him».

The promontory is the Rock of Gibraltar and «the fleet near Gibraltar and Rocheval» refers to one of the key strategic places the fleet will need to be in the process of the ongoing sea battles. Rocheval is an anagram for a small obscure port that’s not too distant from the Rock of Gibraltar.
The leader who will conduct great numbers of people far from their skies, to foreign customs and language. Five thousand will die in Crete and Thessaly, the leader fleeing in a sea-going supply ship. (I-98)
There will be a large force of marines that will try to stave off an attack. Many will be killed in the neighborhood of «Crete and Thessaly». But they will not succeed and they will have to withdraw, probably to Gibraltar. This is to be expected because the Anti-Christ won’t be able to just walk into Europe. There will be a struggle. The Europeans will fight back. The fighting ship which their leader is on will be sunk and he will have to transfer his colors to a supply ship because it will be the nearest ship that is still seaworthy and large enough to carry his men. It will be a very fierce battle. I’m speaking figuratively. I described it as «barn» because it is a place where you store your feed for your horses plus your horses. This ship will have amphibious vessels in it as well as gasoline and such.
7.6 The conquest of Spain

New games are set up in Gaul, after the victory of the Insubrian campaign. The mountains of Hesperia the great ones tied and bound. Romania and Spain will tremble with fear. (IV-36)

It refers to the Anti-Christ’s southern European campaign. His influence will begin spreading to where it will threaten Spain on the western side and threaten Romania on the eastern side. At this point in the campaign the Anti-Christ will have already taken over much of France and will prepare to take over Spain.
As for the «victory of the Insubrian campaign» you will find some parallels in the Gallic peoples and the Roman history when the Roman Empire was trying to expand northward into central Europe. The Romans were only able to go so far before they ran into problems. But the Anti-Christ will learn from history to overcome these problems. «The mountains of Hesperia» refer to the mountains of eastern Europe, particularly the Alps and the Caucasians. That area is mountainous and difficult to maneuver in.
Note: The Insubres were one of several Gallic peoples of the continent, known as Celtae, who crossed the Alps and settled in what is now known as Milan and the Po valley in the 5th century B.C.E. These people were fierce warriors. Undaunted by the prospect of death they fell upon their enemies with an ardor and impetuosity that swept away an army in an instant. They destroyed but they did not create.
7.7 Greece-Turkey : a brief war
The alien nation will divide the spoils. Saturn is dreadful aspect in Mars. Dreadful and foreign to the Tuscans and Latins. Greeks who will wish to strike. (I-83)
«The alien nation» represents the country you know as Turkey because Turkey will contain so many internal factions – «will divide the spoils»; that’s why it will start a war with Greece so people will concentrate on the war rather than the internal problems that are taking place within their country. While Turkey will have the support of the Russians, Greece will not have the support of other countries. It will ask for help from Italy, the United States and other countries, but they will all stay neutral.
«Saturn in dreadful aspect in Mars» refers to the fact that this war will happen when Saturn will be in its ruling position of Capricorn, and Mars will be in Aries. The war will only last for a couple of months. There’ll be fire in the great city of Athens but they are not going to burn the Parthenon.

The great Satyr and Tiger of Hyrcania; gift presented to the people of the Ocean: the leader of a fleet will come forth from Carmania and land at the Phocea of Tyre. (III-90)
During the Turkish-Greek war, the Greeks will be outraged by Turkey’s desire to control a lot of the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. The «Tiger» represents Israel, and the «Satyr» represents the glory of ancient Greece. They will make an alliance and this will bottle up the Turks and Arabs who are trying to destroy Israel.
An alliance will be created between Greece and Israel against Turkey, and their ceremonies will be conducted on the water - «gift presented to the people of the Ocean». You can research the historical name Hyrcanus and the history of ancient Tyre in order to understand these references.
Near the Douro closed by the Cyrenian sea he will come to cross the great mountains of the Pyrenees. The shortest hand and his opening noted he will take his followers to Carcassonne. (III-62)
The «Cyrenian Sea» refers to the Anti-Christ’s invasion of Europe through Spain and Greece. The Anti-Christ will take possession of Cyprus away from the Turks when he first rises to power. He will also take over the ancient town of «Carcassonne» which is in southern France. He considers it to be a strategic point.

7.8 The children suffocate without education
A year before the war in Italy, Germans, French and Spanish will be for the strong one; the school-house of the republic will fall, where, except for a few, they will suffocate to death. (II-39)

There will be those in Germany, France, Spain, and Italy, who «will be for the strong one», will be secretly working for the Anti-Christ, helping him to take over Europe. As a result of him taking over Europe and destroying the cultural centers and such, it will affect Europe in such a way that, since they’ll be in a state of war, it’ll be difficult to continue educating the children because of air raids and such like. And so the children will have to go without education until the time of troubles are over.
Some of them, the ones referred to as «suffocating to death», are those with curious minds who need to read and learn because they are of above-average intelligence. They will feel like they are suffocating without the exposure to literature and such as they were used to. The phrase «the schoolhouse will fall», refers to the inability to educate the children due to the war conditions.
7.9 Experimentation
During the time of troubles the nations will become desperate for any solution to stop the monster. Thus, this also will become a time of experimentation. Scientists will search for new and more radical weapons and other methods of war that defy belief. Some of them seem to stretch man’s imagination to the limits.
The sun in twenty degrees of Taurus, there will be a great earthquake; the great theater full up will be ruined. Darkness and trouble in the air, on sky and land, when the infidel calls upon God and the Saints. (ΙΧ-83)
This one has a multiple meaning. Such quatrains are easy enough to interpret into multiple meanings because of the disasters that happen from time to time in earth’s history. One of the minor implications of this quatrain has happened in what you would consider the recent past, that is the earthquake in Mexico City (September 1985). But that is not the major impetus of the quatrain. This will be an earthquake that will be triggered by a weapon that is currently being developed in secret underground laboratories. I cannot put across the images of how this weapon works, for the concepts are not present in my vocabulary and they’re not present in this vehicle’s vocabulary either. It apparently will be working on some scientific principle recently discovered that has not really been developed yet.
So the concept of it is not generally available to be learned. The only thing I’m putting across clearly is the operating part of this weapon, the part that actually triggers the earthquake. I’m not sure, or rather the concepts are not clear as to whether it is something that is dropped or something that is projected like a laser ray, but whatever the actual operating point of the spear is, so to speak, it is airborne. Some extension of the device is carried in a plane and the plane must fly over the area where the earthquake is to be or at least fly over the area where the earthquake must be triggered, regardless of the area the earthquake ends up affecting.
But that will not be the entire device. That will simply be like the point of the spear, just the operating part of it. The power behind the weapon and the science behind it will be based in a secret underground laboratory elsewhere. Somehow the power from the underground laboratory will be linked to the airborne device in such a way as to be able to channel it to the desired effect of a triggered earthquake. This could possibly be done in some sophisticated way by directing sound waves toward the target. The country that develops this device will be able to hold it as a major threat over the heads of all the major nations. Any nation can be intimidated that has any geological faults in their country that are susceptible to earthquakes.

It will be very similar to the situation immediately after World War II, of the United States being the only country with nuclear power. It might be a nation like Russia, or a nation with the power behind it to have secret military research going on in a big way, on a large scale. The attitude this nation will have is that, "the weapon is mine. I’m going to keep it to myself". It’s a paranoid nation that will have it and this will cause the disintegration of the United States.
«The sun in 20 degrees of Taurus», refers to when the weapon becomes generally known. It’s already in the process of being developed but it’s extremely secret. When it becomes more generally known, it will be that date. There will be an earthquake associated with it. That’s how people will come to realize there is something fishy going on. For there will start being a lot of earthquakes without the previous buildup of pressure associated with them. One side effect of this weapon is that it will create sufficient instability to set off other earthquakes that are apt to go at any time anyway.

I’m picturing the two major fault systems in the United States. One is particularly unstable. The other one stays stable but then is explosive. The San Andreas and the New Madrid faults. The earthquakes triggered by this weapon will cause the San Andreas fault to rumble all the time. The New Madrid fault has always been bad to build up the pressure and then explosively quake.
So with the San Andreas fault continually rumbling and vibrating it will set off the New Madrid fault into a major earthquake. When these earthquakes initially start happening the geologists will think it’s by natural causes, but then some of the information will not point to natural causes and they’ll begin so suspect something. As more earthquakes happen, through their science they gather more information and confront the scientific world with the evidence they have that these are not natural earthquakes.
This earthquake device, that this country has for focusing a certain type of energy waves onto certain parts of the earth’s crust to trigger earthquakes, is already in the process of being developed. This will be basically before the Anti-Christ comes to power. It will contribute to the United Nations falling apart, and that in turn will make things easier for the Anti-Christ.
This nation that develops this machine will be developing it independently of the Anti-Christ rising to power, but later on when he takes over a certain amount of power he’ll be able to start acquiring things like this. Then the Anti-Christ will take over this machine and start using it to his own ends. The Anti-Christ will acquire that machine through guile and trickery, through spies and bribery and all other nefarious means known to man.
The eye of Ravenna will be forsaken, when his wings will fail at his feet. The two of Bresse will have made a constitution for Turin and Vercelli, which the French will trample underfoot. (Ι-6)

There will be some research being done on a more sophisticated sort of radar to make it into a sensing-type device that will provide more in-depth information for the operator. They will be trying to develop this device so it can be used in aircraft. But the first experiments with this will be a failure. Somehow the device will put off the type of sympathetic vibrations to cause the structure of the plane to become weakened and dangerous, due to the dissolving of the bonds between some of the molecules in the metal.
«The eye of Ravenna» is an anagram for a mythological figure (Ravana: great demon in Indian lore) skilled in sorcery and in every magic art transforming themselves into all manner of shapes. «When his wings will fail at his feet», refers to the aircraft. At this time the scientists will end up temporarily abandoning the research in this project due to diplomatic breakdowns and the threat of war, etc. This will be occurring at the time of the Anti-Christ but before the Anti-Christ comes to full power. It will be happening in Europe at the time the Anti-Christ is gaining a power base in the Middle East, so the two events won’t really be related. But it will be one of the events in Europe that lead up to making it easier for the Anti-Christ to take over Europe. The radar has been developed but it’s not been experimented on yet. They will find out soon enough that it is dangerous.
Note: Toward the end of inventor Nicola Tesla’s life he claimed to be able to create a shield in the upper atmosphere that would destroy any incoming aircraft. The Russians developed a machine (called "gyrotron"), based on Tesla’s invention, designed to "sweep the sky of warplanes" by using high-energy microwaves. These high-power microwave weapons would give the operator the same ability to wipe out electronic circuits as a nuclear blast would provide. The main difference is that this new technology is controllable, and can be used without violating nuclear weapons treaties. Tesla described his speed-of-light system as being able to melt aircraft hundreds of miles away.

Another quatrain that sounds like the "gyrotron" is Century II-91 (in "Space exploration") describing secret weapon research carried out by the Soviets. They develop energy fields that guard their northern approach corridors.
7.10 Use of nuclear weapons
Milk, blood, frogs will be prepared in Dailmatia: battle, engaged, plague near Balennes. A great cry will go up throughout Slavonia, then will a monster be born near Ravenna. (II-32)
The «milk, blood, frogs will be prepared in Dalmatia» – refers to both the instruments of death itself – that is, various atomic weapons - plus the labs nearby where new ones are being developed. That last line «then will the monster be born» is about when researchers will develop this ultimate monstrosity in weapons near Ravenna. (In this quatrain Ravenna is also mentioned referring to a place). This research is already going on in your present. It will come to fruition during the time of troubles.

Near the harbor and in two cities will be two scourges, the like of which have never been seen. Hunger, plague within, people thrown out by the sword will cry for help from the great immortal God. (II-6)
The word «harbor» means a body of water, an ocean, separating «two» major «cities». One of these cities is London and the other city is New York. Due to some secret research into bacteriological warfare, two different disease-causing organisms will be released into the atmosphere in such a way as to affect the population of the two cities. It will appear to be two different diseases even though it was caused by the same organism. As a result of this plague the service systems within these great metropolises will break down. The people in the surrounding countryside will panic and voluntarily stay away from the city, in effect putting themselves under quarantine. They will refuse to deliver anything to the cities, so that the people within the cities will be starving to death due to lack of food. Not because there’s no food to be had, but because no one will deliver it and run the risk of being exposed to the plague.
Very near to Auch, Lectoure and Mirande a great fire will fall from the sky for three nights. The cause will appear both stupefying and marvelous; shortly afterwards there will be an earthquake. (I-46)
There’ll be a group of doctors researching into the powers of the various energy fields of the earth. This will be a secret government project. They’ll try to harness these powers and use them for various things including warfare. At the time they finally start doing direct experimentation on the physical world, they will accidentally rupture one of the earth’s fields in such a way that a beam of energy will shoot out into space and draw a stream of meteorites toward the earth. This will happen around the North Sea. The meteorites will be drawn toward the earth because of this alteration of the energy fields around the earth. So in the process of trying to repair the damage there is an earthquake soon after when the stress has built up. The three names I use in the quatrain are code words of the secret project I’ve anagramized.
People in general may not ever know the connection of those words with the event, even though some of them may already be recognizable from various government circles. Those words were partially reminders to myself as to where I was talking about and partially so there would be some key words in there that will make sense as time unfolds. People will of course think this was a spectacular natural phenomenon.
There’ll be a group of doctors researching into the powers of the various energy fields of the earth. This will be a secret government project. They’ll try to harness these powers and use them for various things including warfare. At the time they finally start doing direct experimentation on the physical world, they will accidentally rupture one of the earth’s fields in such a way that a beam of energy will shoot out into space and draw a stream of meteorites toward the earth. This will happen around the North Sea. The meteorites will be drawn toward the earth because of this alteration of the energy fields around the earth. So in the process of trying to repair the damage there is an earthquake soon after when the stress has built up. The three names I use in the quatrain are code words of the secret project I’ve anagramized.
People in general may not ever know the connection of those words with the event, even though some of them may already be recognizable from various government circles. Those words were partially reminders to myself as to where I was talking about and partially so there would be some key words in there that will make sense as time unfolds. People will of course think this was a spectacular natural phenomenon.

8. The fall of the Anti-Christ - Ogmios
8.1 The fall and death of the Anti-Christ
Anthony, great in name, in his actions base, at the end will be devoured by lice. One who is eager for lead, passing the harbor will be drowned by the elected one. (ΙV-88)
«Ant-hony» (an anagram for Anti-Christ), «will be devoured» by the common people whom he considered to be dirt beneath his feet, no better than «lice». The «elected one» is the great genius, the one who will come after the Anti-Christ to help rebuild the world.
Vercelli, Milan will give the news, the wound will be given at Pavia: To run in the Seine, water, blood and fire through Florence, the unique one falling from high to low calling for help. (VIII-7)
The first line represents the underground network of those who are working to pull down the Anti-Christ, «the unique one falling from high to low calling for help». When the time comes for them to coordinate their efforts for the big push, they are able to swiftly get the word sent out and everyone coordinated. «To run in the Seine, water, blood and fire, through Florence», represents the power of the people themselves. Even though they are of different nationalities and different backgrounds, basic humanity will pull them through and help them to stay united for overthrowing the Anti-Christ.

A voice is heard from the top of Aventine Hill. Go, go, all on both sides! The anger will be appeased by the blood of the red ones. From Rimini and Prato, Colonna expelled. (IX-2)

The «red ones» refer to known followers of the Anti-Christ, beginner souls with a red aura, filled with anger. And the «shout from both sides of Aventine Hill» refers to the fact that everybody will be united against the Anti-Christ.
Saturn in Taurus, Jupiter in Aquarius, Mars in Sagittarius, the sixth of February brings death. Those of Tardaigne so great a breach at Bruges, that the barbarian chief will die at Ponteroso. (VIII-49)
This quatrain has to do with the Earth shift. It will take place in the early part of the 21st century, and many people will leave the planet at that time. The Anti-Christ will still be in power.

«The barbarian chief will die at Ponteroso» represents the Anti-Christ’s death: he dies due to the Earth shift; he will be swept away in a tidal wave. He and his army will be ready to strike because he believes that his power is omnipotent. He also believes that he can control the forces of Earth itself – not just the Earth’s people, but the dynamics of the Earth itself – he isn’t counting on the tidal wave. «Ponteroso» refers to the Alpine area of northern Italy and Switzerland; it is near the place where he will be swept away.
I see a picture: an entire encampment of different types of airplanes, ships, and vehicles that I have never seen before. And it’s all swept away by earthquakes and big water. It will happen very fast. His followers will try to continue the war, but the suffering and pain of the Earth shift itself will cause people to put away their weapons and try to rebuild civilization. It will be a time of climatic tensions among the people of the world, and a time for the Earth to renew itself.
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I won't go too in depth into the military and political interests, as I am sure someone else will cover those. However, I find it very interesting that a big driver of support for Israel in the US is tied to evangelical doctrine.
Evangelicals believe that only when the nation of Israel is reestablished fully in the Holy Land, will Jesus return back to earth. This places Israel at the heart of this self-fulfilling end of times prophecy. That's why the evangelical Zionost lobby in the US is quite influential.
Religion aside, Israel is also seen as an extension of US foreign policy in the region. It is an important counterbalance for Washington, hence it is the only country in the region the US wants to constantly maintain its military edge.
Finally, lobbying and maintaining PR are perhaps the key factors behind the average American's support of Israel. AIPAC is one of the most influential lobbying groups in the US. In fact, the only serious presidential candidate critical of Israel was Bernie Sanders.
Hollywood also skews public opinion one way. Shows like Fauda, the Spy, Angel and others do little for Palestinians/Arabs beyond highlighting violence and incompetance.
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Author: Stalins_Moustachio
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When Israel launched a covert scheme to steal material and secrets to build a nuclear bomb, U.S. officials looked the other way and obstructed investigations, as described in a book reviewed by James DiEugenio.
📷In 1968, CIA Director Richard Helms was presented with a disturbing National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) stating that Israel had obtained atomic weapons, a dangerous development that occurred earlier than the CIA had anticipated.
It was particularly dangerous because just the year before, the Six Day War had marked the beginning of open hostilities between the Israelis and Arab nation states. To prevail, Israel had launched preemptive air attacks against Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq at the start of the conflict. Considering that violent backdrop, Helms immediately arranged a meeting with President Lyndon Johnson to inform him of this troubling milestone.
The man who had prepared the NIE and gave it to Helms was the CIA’s chief science and technology officer, Carl Duckett. After Helms met with Johnson, the CIA Director told Duckett about the President’s rather odd reaction. LBJ did not get upset, and he did not order an investigation into how it happened. Further, he did not tell Helms to let both the Defense Department and State Department know about it so they could establish intelligence inquiries or consider sanctions.
Instead, Johnson did the opposite. He told Helms to keep the news secret and specifically told the Director not to let the secretaries of State or Defense know about it.
Helms obeyed the orders of his Commander in Chief, but he decided to talk to the FBI about how this development had occurred earlier than expected. Thus begins Roger Mattson’s Stealing the Atom Bomb: How Denial and Deception Armed Israel, the riveting story of duplicity, betrayal, cover-ups and deceit.
As the book shows, the cover-ups and duplicity did not just come from Israel and its agents in America. The deceit also came from men inside the American government who, for whatever reasons, decided to cast a blind eye on what was really happening under their jurisdiction, even after they had been alerted to it.
What Mattson reveals is no less than an atomic heist – one that could have been prevented if men in high positions had done their duty.
Highly Enriched Uranium
After Johnson told Helms not to tell State or Defense, the CIA Director called Attorney General Ramsey Clark, because what made this news even more ominous — and a potential crime — was what the CIA had discovered when it conducted a chemical test around the Israeli nuclear reactor at Dimona, in the Negev desert.
Duckett had concluded that Israel had something that they should not have possessed at that time: HEU, or highly enriched uranium, which could only be produced by one of the five major powers that already had nuclear weapons.
But the test had also revealed characteristics that showed the material had originated in the United States. (Mattson, p. 97) Specifically, the HEU came from Portsmouth, Ohio and then was further processed at a plant in Apollo, Pennsylvania.
The importance of this information was that the HEU was processed to such a degree – well over 90 percent U 235 – that it was classified as weapons grade uranium. The technical term for it is the acronym SNM, or Special Nuclear Material, meaning that it is fissile: it can easily be split with neutrons. Although the Portsmouth plant is shut down today, beginning in 1956 it did produce weapons-grade uranium.
It was in Apollo, Pennsylvania, that the trail of the SNM and the crime of its diversion becomes exceedingly suspect. The plant that did the further processing of HEU, and the ultimate shipping, was named Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation, or NUMEC, and there were a number of reasons why suspicion had centered on NUMEC even before Helms called Clark.
First, NUMEC had a rather unreliable record when it came to keeping track of HEU and other materials that had been given to it through the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). The way the system worked is that the particular company would forward its business requests — from either private or governmental agencies — to the AEC. The AEC would then estimate how much nuclear material NUMEC would need to fulfill the contract. If a company was using up more material than the AEC properly estimated, that company would be fined quite a lot of money. If the shortages persisted, the AEC and the FBI could then open up an investigation.
With CIA’s discoveries, the possibility presented itself that a diversion of the nuclear material could be taking place. Either someone from the outside was stealing the material, or someone on the inside was embezzling it.
As Mattson shows with charts, graphs and testimony, NUMEC had an extraordinarily bad record in this regard. The company was eventually fined over $2 million for missing materials, which, with inflation factored in, would be about $15 million today. Mattson adduces that from 1959 to 1977, about 345 kilograms of HEU went missing from NUMEC, which translates to well over 700 pounds. (ibid, p. 286)
Explaining the Deficits
In just one year, there was a loss of over 56 kilograms (or about 123 pounds). The company made up all sorts of rationales as to why this much HEU was missing, including losses during the mechanical processing. But as the author points out, there are two problems with this accounting.
First, no other plant in America reported losses of this magnitude. The AEC concluded that the losses at Apollo were more than double what they were at any other comparably sized atomic plant in the U.S. (ibid, p. 65)
Secondly, even if one chalks up some of the missing HEU to a processing loss, that still does not account for the entire record of NUMEC. Mattson figures that, even giving the company the benefit of the doubt, it still leaves about 200 pounds of missing HEU. (ibid, p. 67) That’s enough for about six atomic bombs, larger than the one used on Hiroshima.
As Mattson reports, what makes NUMEC an even more intriguing suspect is the fact that the company had some legitimate business transactions with Israel, concerning the irradiation of plants. And these legitimate packages were sent at about the time the HEU went missing. Further, the inventory records at NUMEC were extremely sloppy and some appear to have been destroyed in direct violation of the AEC code, meaning NUMEC should have been cited, but wasn’t. (ibid, p. 75)
That brings us to the founders of the NUMEC plant in Apollo, Pennsylvania, a small town of approximately 1,600 people that lies about 30 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. In 1955, the Apollo Steel Plant was purchased by David Lowenthal. Two years later, Lowenthal and Zalman Shapiro cooperated in forming NUMEC.
Shapiro, a very accomplished metallurgist who lived next door to Lowenthal, had been employed for a number of years at the nearby Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, which supported the AEC’s Office of Naval Reactors.
In May 1958, Lowenthal merged Apollo Steel with the San Toy Mining Company in Maine. San Toy then changed its name to Apollo Industries, with the main operating officers of this new corporation Morton Chatkin, Ivan Novick and Lowenthal. (ibid, p. 43)
The board comprised these three men plus Shapiro, and later others. In the early 1960s, the steel plant’s name was changed to Raychord Steel, but with the decline of the steel industry, Raychord became a subsidiary company to Apollo.
Ties to Zionist Groups
Novick, one of Apollo’s officers, later served as national president of the Zionist Organization of America, in which Chatkin, another officer, also held a leadership role. The ZOA was a member group of the American Zionist Council, which later became the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which today is considered to be the leading lobbying group for Israel and one of the most powerful lobbying groups in Washington.
Novick also later served as a personal liaison between Ronald Reagan’s White House and the administration of Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin.
Lowenthal, who was born in Poland in 1921, came to America in 1932 and served in the American armed forces in World War II, eventually becoming a citizen in 1945. After the war, he worked with the Haganah, the Jewish paramilitary force inside Palestine, on the Zionist mission to ferry Jews into Palestine in 1947 on board the boat SS Exodus.
Since almost none of the passengers had legal immigration certificates to enter Palestine, the British Royal Navy, which ran the Palestinian Mandate, seized the ship and deported its passengers back to Europe. Lowenthal’s mission was a practical failure, but a tremendous propaganda success for the Zionist cause. The event was novelized by author Leon Uris in the number-one best-selling book Exodus, which was published in 1958 and was made into a movie two years later by director Otto Preminger, starring Paul Newman.
Lowenthal later served on board the ship Pan York, which also attempted to evade the British quarantine but was captured in Cyprus with the crew arrested, including Lowenthal. He escaped and fled to Palestine where he served with the Haganah during the war that broke out there in 1948 after the British abandoned the mandate early. (ibid, p. 44)
Lowenthal ended up serving under the legendary Meir Amit, the leading intelligence officer in Israel during the 1960s. Lowenthal was also personally acquainted with future prime ministers David Ben Gurion and Golda Meir.
Nuclear Experience
Shapiro, who had advanced degrees in chemistry and metallurgy from Johns Hopkins, worked for Westinghouse and the Navy on the nuclear reactor that powered America’s first atomic submarine, the Nautilus. Shapiro also helped develop the fuel for the first commercial nuclear reactor, the Shippingport Atomic Power Station in Pennsylvania.
Like Lowenthal, Novick and Chatkin, Shapiro also was active in supporting Israeli causes, although his activities had a slightly educational tone. He was a member of the Technion Society, which supported advances in Israeli science and technology. Indeed, he became an Honorary Life Member of the group.
He also was a Director of Hillel, an international organization that tries to acquaint Jewish students with each other on campuses and organize student trips to Israel. Like Novick and Chatkin, he was a member of the Zionist Organization of America. Many years later, it was discovered that Shapiro was on the Board of Governors of the Israeli Intelligence Center, which honors spies for Israel who clandestinely advanced the interests of the state. (Mattson, p. 84)
Beyond the individual backgrounds of these four men, there was also something else which should have attracted the U.S. intelligence community’s attention prior to Helms’s meeting with President Johnson. While running NUMEC, both men – Shapiro and Lowenthal – were taking trips to Israel and had contacts with high officials of Israeli intelligence as well as Israel’s version of the AEC.
Further, NUMEC had a guest worker, an Israeli metallurgist, in its plant, as part of an agreement NUMEC had with Israel to serve as a training consultancy which resulted in the formation of a joint company with Israel called ISORAD that initially was to deal with irradiation of citrus fruits through gamma rays. But the FBI later discovered that NUMEC also had contracts with Israel for the development of plutonium oxide as fuel elements in nuclear reactors. (Mattson, pgs. 80-81)
Since Lowenthal had so many acquaintances in high positions, he often visited Israel, including a most curious instance at about the time he purchased Apollo Steel in 1956. It was at this time that Israel was making decisions about foreign sourcing for nuclear materials and technology.
A year later, NUMEC was formed and Shapiro immediately applied for a license from the AEC to process uranium fuel in a building formerly occupied by Apollo Steel. John Hadden, CIA station chief in Tel Aviv, later noted the unusual coincidence of these events on two continents. (ibid, p. 45)
Israeli Visits
But declassified FBI files reveal that the visitations were not just one way, i.e. from Apollo, Pennsylvania, to Israel. There were also visits and meetings of Israeli officials who went to Apollo.
At the time of those meetings, there were four main branches of Israeli intelligence. The Shin Bet corresponded with the Federal Bureau of Investigation; the Mossad with the Central Intelligence Agency; the Aman roughly with the Defense Intelligence Agency; and the LAKAM, which was responsible for security at Dimona and for procuring scientific and technological data from Western sources. (Mattson, p. 108)
In the mid-1960s, France started scaling back its support for the Dimona reactor, which was supposedly a research facility. With France’s pullback, LAKAM began seeking out and purchasing parts and supplies from other sources to complete the project.
LAKAM’s job included concealing the reactor’s true function – the development of a nuclear bomb – from American inspections. (ibid) During an American inspection in 1964, LAKAM even created a “Potemkin village” control room to deceive the visitors.
Unlike American intelligence, Israel also had a special operations unit that served all branches. Established in 1957, it was run by Rafi Eitan and his deputy, Avraham Bendor. (In the 1980s, Eitan became notorious for the Jonathan Pollard spy case, in which Pollard, a navy intelligence employee, was paid tens of thousands of dollars to spy for Israel in the United States with Eitan his ultimate control agent.)
In September 1968, the AEC told the FBI that they were giving permission to NUMEC for a visit by four Israelis, including Eitan and Bendor. However, in the application to the AEC, the occupations of the two were disguised. Eitan was said to be a chemist in the Defense Ministry; Bendor supposedly worked for the electronics division. (ibid, p. 110)
The other two men were Avraham Hermoni, who was billed as a Scientific Counselor in the Israeli Embassy in Washington, and Dr. Ephraim Biegun, described as working in the Division of Electronics for Defense. Again, this was misleading. Hermoni did, at times, work out of Washington’s Israeli Embassy, but his prime and most important function was overseeing and planning Israel’s nuclear weapons program, which he did from 1959-69. Biegun was actually head of the technical division of the Mossad from 1960-70.
CIA Suspicions
After the visit, NUMEC reported that the four men were in Apollo to buy thermo-electrical generator systems. (ibid, p. 119) Why Eitan and Bendor had to be there for that purpose is not readily apparent.
CIA officer John Hadden thought the real reason for the visit was that Shapiro was divulging top-secret technical information about plutonium manufacture – and that he was aided in this by the visiting Israeli scientist working at NUMEC. The FBI later came to agree that this was most likely the true reason for the visit. (ibid, p. 120)
Hermoni revisited Shapiro in November 1968, but the capstone to the visits to Apollo came later that month. As noted previously, France had cut back on its support for Dimona in the mid-1960s, halting the supply of uranium fuel in 1967.
In late November 1968, the Mossad arranged a covert operation called Operation Plumbat, which employed a front company in West Germany to purchase 200 tons of uranium yellowcake from Belgium. The transaction was approved by Euratom, the European organization controlling such transactions, but once the transport ship set sail for the port of Genoa, Italy, it was intercepted by another ship used by the Mossad. When the original ship reached port, the hull was empty.
The timing of this operation, on the heels of the mysterious visits by Israeli intelligence agents to Apollo, seems to constitute powerful circumstantial evidence of Israeli intentions.
Then, right after the completion of the Plumbat mission, who arrived in Israel? None other than Zalman Shapiro. The FBI discovered that in November 1968, in addition to the personal visits, Shapiro was in frequent phone contact with a number of Israeli intelligence agents, including Hermoni. (Mattson, p. 126)
A Longstanding Goal
Israel’s long trail of subterfuge and duplicity was part of a longstanding goal. As early as 1948, David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, stated that what Einstein, Teller and Oppenheimer did for America, they could easily do for Israel, since they were all Jews. In fact, he offered Einstein Israeli citizenship, which the great man declined. (ibid, p. 22) Ben-Gurion then had two meetings with Oppenheimer and numerous ones with Teller.
Ultimately, Israel settled on David Bergmann, a brilliant chemist whom Ben-Gurion appointed first chief of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission in 1952. By 1955, Bergmann was essentially running the day-to-day operations of Israel’s atomic program.
In a conversation with the American ambassador, Bergmann said the Israeli science education program was adequate in physics and chemistry but weak in engineering and non-existent in metallurgy. He also revealed that the design he had laid out for a reactor was the same as the one at Shippingport, Pennsylvania, an intriguing clue because Shapiro was a metallurgist and had worked on the Shippingport power station.
Indeed, Shapiro eventually met Bergmann and the two became close friends and colleagues, serving on the board of ISORAD, which was a joint venture of NUMEC and the IAEC. Bergmann made his first visit to America for IAEC in 1956, the year before Lowenthal turned Apollo Steel into NUMEC.
There were two significant investigations of Shapiro and NUMEC. The first was instigated by Dick Helms’s call to Ramsey Clark in 1968 and the discovery of the highly enriched uranium at Dimona. (Mattson, p. 99) The second began in 1976 when Jim Conran, a whistleblower at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, voiced complaints about the background and actions of Shapiro. Conran was a security officer and his warnings eventually got the attention of the White House. (ibid, p. 161)
During the first investigation, the FBI could not find enough evidence to justify a violation by Shapiro of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which mandates that any person in the U.S. who is representing a foreign country’s interests has to register with the Justice Department. But the FBI did recommend cancelling Shapiro’s security clearances, based on wiretaps that revealed Shapiro in close contact with Israeli intelligence officials and with members of the IAEC. (ibid, p. 138)
During these calls Shapiro reportedly said he would help Israel in any way that he could. He also expressed frustration with the new ownership at NUMEC, which had been purchased by ARCO. But his Israeli contacts said he was too valuable to leave and encouraged him to stay there. (ibid, p. 139)
FBI Surveillance
One of the most curious episodes that the FBI surveillance revealed was a meeting between Shapiro and a man named Jeruham Kafkafi, a suspected Mossad officer working under diplomatic cover. He had left Washington by air on the morning of June 20, 1969, and met Shapiro at the Pittsburgh airport for about an hour. He then left and flew back to Washington.
As a result of that surveillance, Shapiro was interviewed by the AEC in August 1969, with some of Shapiro’s answers to questions rather dubious. For instance, he said he did not know Hermoni was in charge of the Israeli nuclear development program and thought he was a university professor. Shapiro said his discussions in September and October 1968 with the Israeli officers were about water contamination, saboteur detection and military activities.
When asked why the Israelis could not have talked to the Defense Department about those topics, Shapiro had no answer. The interviewer wrote in his summary that Shapiro was cool and calm throughout except when the Kafkafi meeting was brought up. At first, Shapiro said he could not recall it, even though it happened just two months earlier. He then said he did remember it, claiming it was about an overdue invoice and a power supply resource. (p. 142)
The AEC investigators did not find the last reply credible, since it did not seem to justify an airline flight from Washington to Pittsburgh and back. Shapiro adjusted his answer by saying that there was some discussion of an investigator whom he knew from America who was going to visit Israel. He also added the figure of $32,000 as to how much Israel owed NUMEC. As Mattson notes, again, this explanation does not seem to justify an air flight and an hour-long meeting with a clandestine Mossad officer.
Closing the Inquiry
The man who ultimately decided to close this initial inquiry was Glenn Seaborg, head of the AEC. Not only did he not see any civil or criminal charges as being viable, but when President Richard Nixon’s Attorney General John Mitchell recommended revoking Shapiro’s security clearances, Seaborg balked at that also.
Mattson clearly sees Seaborg as being a villain in the piece. Late in the book, he explicitly accuses him of running a cover-up. (see p. 297) And, there is evidence to back up this charge. It was later discovered, during the second inquiry, that Seaborg had a close personal friendship with Shapiro. (ibid p. 268)
Earle Hightower, assistant director of safeguards at AEC, explicitly stated that the whole case regarding NUMEC was rigged because it was known that Seaborg would not take action. Little more than three years after Seaborg left the AEC, it was dissolved in 1975 and was replaced by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, in part, because critics accused the AEC of an insufficiently aggressive regulatory program.
The second, much longer, and more vigorous inquiry into NUMEC and Shapiro came about at the creation of the NRC when Jim Conran was tasked with reviewing the record of how safeguards had worked previously for the AEC so they could be strengthened in the future. In that review process, he came across the case of Shapiro and NUMEC.
When Conran asked to see more files on both, he was denied access, causing him to go up the NRC ladder to Chairman William Anders, who was briefed by, among others, Carl Duckett of the CIA. Since Anders was about to leave for a diplomatic post, he took his concerns to James Connor at President Gerald Ford’s White House.
In March 1976, the CIA’s Duckett addressed an informal gathering of pilots and astronauts, saying there was little doubt Israel had about 20 nuclear warheads. Although this was supposed to be off the record, the information leaked. In April 1976, Time reported that this claim was accurate, except the newsmagazine put the size of the arsenal at 13 bombs and added that the warheads could be delivered by Phantom jets or Jericho missiles.
Duckett wrote a memo to CIA Director George Bush in which he said he suspected that the Israeli program was jumpstarted by a diversion of enriched uranium from the NUMEC plant. (p. 165) He attached various appendices to the memo to show the results of previous inquiries into NUMEC and explain why his belief was justified.
One of the appendices consisted of a paper by John Hadden in which he expressed the suspicion that NUMEC was actually a shell company the Israeli government had set up for the express purpose of diverting materials, technology and information that Israel needed to speed up and facilitate its longstanding quest for atomic weapons. (ibid, p. 166)
A New Investigation
Attorney General Edward Levi was then sent a summary of the FBI’s previous investigation of NUMEC. Levi alerted Ford that he thought NUMEC was culpable for several crimes and, with Ford’s permission, he wished to begin a criminal inquiry. Since Ford’s close adviser James Connor was also disturbed by these findings, the President approved the investigation.
What followed was a tedious bureaucratic battle between the CIA and FBI. The FBI felt it did not have direct proof that a diversion had taken place, while the CIA had the proof — the chemical tests at Dimona — but was reluctant to reveal the intelligence to the FBI. Also, the CIA did not want to furnish the FBI with technical experts to help educate the investigating agents so they could effectively cross-examine important witnesses. Thus, the FBI’s inquiry dragged on through three presidents: Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.
But even with these obstructions, the FBI did eventually find witnesses to a diversion from the Apollo plant. It turned out that the FBI did not do enough interviews of plant employees in its initial inquiry because there were at least four of them willing to talk. Those witnesses form the climax of Mattson’s book.
In 1980, one witness said that when he read newspaper accounts about the losses of enriched uranium at Apollo, he had to chuckle to himself. When asked why, he replied that in 1965 or 1966, he was walking near the loading dock at Apollo and saw people loading containers – the dimensions that were used for HEU packets – into equipment boxes. He noticed that the shipping papers for the boxes revealed that the packages were destined for Israel. This witness then suggested some other workers at the plant who had seen similar activity. (Ibid, p. 272)
Suspicion Shipment
One of these witnesses saw a flatbed truck backed up into the loading dock area with Shapiro pacing around the area while the driver was loading “stove pipes” into a cabinet on the truck. This struck the witness as odd because the plant had regularly assigned workers for loading duties during the day but this shipment was being prepared in the evening. He explained that “stove pipes” were cylindrical containers that the plant used to pack enriched uranium inside. Each stove pipe usually contained three or four packets of HEU.
When he glanced at the clipboard resting on a package, he saw the destination was Israel. The clipboard then was yanked away and an armed guard escorted him off the dock. He also said it was unusual to see Shapiro in this area of the plant, and further, that Shapiro was very seldom there at night. (ibid, p. 275)
There were two other witnesses who told the FBI about similar events. The FBI also interviewed an NRC inspector named James Devlin, who told the agents that, contrary to what Shapiro had said, the security at the Apollo plant was below par and that NUMEC did not employ a professional security force. The company had one regular armed guard and Devlin happened to know who he was, since he was also a deputy for the township. The only other guards were unarmed and non-uniformed. (ibid, pgs. 272-73)
By this time, the FBI did not want to continue the investigation, believing that nothing would come of it, although the Justice Department urged the investigators on. But the FBI was correct since, as Mattson notes more than once in his book, the last president who really wanted to stop Israel from becoming a nuclear power was John F. Kennedy. (See pgs. 38-40, p. 256)
Richard Helms’s conversation with a disinterested President Johnson underscores how that attitude changed after Kennedy’s death. As Mattson further notes, opposition to Israel’s nuclear-weapons program was more or less negated by President Richard Nixon’s meeting with Prime Minister Golda Meir in 1969 when he agreed that the U.S. would not make any public statements revealing Israel’s nuclear arsenal nor demand that it sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty, as long as Israel did no testing and made no public threats.
Even that policy was probably violated in 1979 with the Vela Incident: a suspected Israeli nuclear test done in the Indian Ocean.
Author Roger Mattson was part of the inquiry about the illegal transfer of atomic secrets to Israel, working in the NRC’s safeguards department when Conran first voiced his fears about a diversion at NUMEC. Thus, Mattson became part of an internal review of the Shapiro case, seeing firsthand how certain intelligence agencies were, by accident or design, obstructing the investigation.
Mattson concludes his important book by stating that this policy of casting a deliberate blind eye towards a nuclear heist by Israel places the U.S. in a compromised position when trying to enforce a policy of non-proliferation on other nations because of the obvious double standards.
To point out one paradox, the U.S. government executed Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for purportedly supplying nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union with less evidence. Plus, the tinder box of the Middle East is probably the last place where America should have allowed atomic weapons to proliferate, but it did.
Because of that, the U.S. has little or no moral authority on the issue today.
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Few years ago, I was a naive teenager who was keen in hacking people's FB account. I discovered a method called phishing through YouTube and wanted to try it. I went to a very sketchy arabic phishing site (I think it was Anomor or something), made an account and spammed the links to my friends. Fast forward to now, I am concerned about my computer security. What may be the consequences of me logging into that sketchy website ? Could they (the creators of the website) have taken my personal information ? Could they have spied on me this entire time ? If yes, what can I do to secure myself now and how can I find out if they have done something malicious ?
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