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Case File 006 - [REDACTED]
Case ID - 3A.29.HEX
Case Agent - [REDACTED]
Case Subject- [REDACTED]
File Type - Audio Transcript
Date - 06.15.2017
So, Phil, was it, what brings you in today. This is your third visit this month? According to these charts, you came in with physical injuries.
I'm very clumsy.
You broke your arm a month ago, then your leg, and now your pinky. If I didn't know better, it's like you were trying to see me. (1)
You caught me. I couldn't stay away. (1)
Now, Phil, these are standard questions I have to ask for cases like these. Is there anything you need to tell me, any problems at home?
Besides the wife no. (2) Honestly, I'm just clumsy. Fell down the stairs, then the skateboard incident, and now the car door. The month is going well, at this rate I'll be dead by next week.
Not if I have anything to do with it. Now, the break isn't too bad, a pinky brace for two weeks at most should mostly take care of it. I'm going to prescribe the same medicine as the last two times, it should help with the pain and speeding up recovery. Just check with my receptionist (3) on the way out, and she'll get an order ready for you in a few minutes.
That sounds great. The arm and leg mostly already healed, it was like a miracle.
The wonders of modern medicine and lady luck.
I'll see you again next week then for a follow-up.
I hope your luck gets better and you actually make it to next week. (1)
(1) Statement made in humorous undertones, no cause for concern regarding surveillance
(2) No secondary case agent
(3) [REDACTED] under investigation. Case File - [REDACTED]
Case File 006 - [REDACTED]
Case ID - 3A.29.HEX
Case Agent - [REDACTED]
Case Subject- [REDACTED]
File Type - Archived Record
Date - 05.12.2017
Protocol - 53.43.50
The subject has been tracked since we first received intel from [REDACTED] from dates [REDACTED] to present. As of this document, there have been 14 (fourteen) recorded and verified cases of this doctor performing "miracles" in his field of general practice. In the last 17 (seventeen) years there have been 3 (three) false identities connected to the subject, including [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. 221 unverifiable but recorded cases of importance have been noted and included in the full briefing report, filed under CASE FILE 006- [REDACTED].
The subject is currently a male, early twenties in appearance. Actual age unknown, birthdate unknown, origination unknown. The subject has been tracked for [REDACTED] years. Each identity the subject has taken has connected in some way to the medical field and interacting with patients. The subject has no recorded cases of causing harm. Current location [REDACTED].
The subject has the ability to heal all forms of illnesses. No special conditions are required, demonstrated by trials conducted in the last year. Full lab reports on all experimental cases can be found filed under Case File 006 - [REDACTED]. The subject has the ability to heal physical injuries, mental injuries, and injuries related to or caused by other subjects of interest such as [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED]. The subject also has basic polymorph abilities. Actual form unknown. See Case File 006 - [REDACTED] for more information.
Indirect contact has been made through surveillance and testing. Direct contact has not been made until more information is known. Further information regarding that can requires Clearance Level 3 (three).
"Raphael, it took me a lot to get my hands on these. "
"I was right," I said, looking over the dozens of files in front of me. "This year has been strange."
"Raphael, you need to leave." Gabriel paced the room, clearly disturbed. "It's time to pack your bags again."
"The organization? Clearly, they have been following us for years." I replied.
Gabriel shrugged. "I don't know. These are things that I managed to get my hands on through the connections we made over the years, but other than that I don't know anything about them."
"Read this. This is from almost 5 months ago. The subject has no recorded cases of harm." I scoffed. "As if. I've dedicated my life to healing."
"Why does that matter?" Gabriel was clearly agitated. "We need to lay low for a few years. Humans have come far, and have started to reach into the realm of the divine with their mortal technology. It's best not to out ourselves."
"Calm down Gabriel." I lightly laughed. "I agree, it's time to leave."
"It's of no laughing matter. If they found us once, they will find us again."
"That is a concern of the future."
"A concern of today, that's being pushed to the future."
"You know as well as I do that we expected this day to come, ever since Michael betrayed father."
Gabriel sighed. "Speak not of the past, but of the future."
"For the humans are the last of the mortals and the greatest of the beings. These are the words of thy father," I continued, finishing his sentence. "Let's go, Gabriel. We have a job to do."
Case File 006 - [REDACTED]
Case ID - 3A.29.HEX
Case Agent - [REDACTED]
Case Subject- [REDACTED]
File Type - Audio Transcript
Date - 10.06.2017
The subject has disappeared. Last direct contact was made on [REDACTED]. Last indirect contact made via a hidden surveillance system. The subject made eye contact with CAM-62.79.65 before smiling and disappearing into thin air. Further possible abilities noted down on Case File 006 - [REDACTED].
The subject's final known identity was Trevor Wesson. The date of the last contact was noted. [REDACTED] has been authorized to create a story for the disappearance to release to the general public. Any false identities created for this purpose have been prepared and ready to be burned on orders from [REDACTED]
Funds needed for further investigation pending approval from [REDACTED].
Codename ENIGMA
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Chapter 1
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I’m in the main briefing room, 17 agents and 6 officers going through what we know about Marie and those who have turned on us. Nothing is concrete yet, other than there are only 4 traitors - 2 pilots, 1 agent and 1 engineer. Their families have all been brought in for questioning and are going through rigorous... interrogation. They will be heavily compensated - and drugged to forget the entire ordeal - once they have given us all they can.
So far we know very little about Marie: she knew about Berlin and that I was there and she may know about other missions that I’ve been on. If she wasn’t in Berlin, then the people she works for, were. They could have been the reason why Swiss secret service were involved, or the reason they all died, or both. Every agent is asking the right questions, sending us down rabbit hole after rabbit hole to find out more but we’re coming up empty each time.
This is the first time in agency history that we’ve had traitors within the ranks, and it’s the first time we’ve had an enemy one step ahead of us. The top brass don’t know what to do, and because of that we’re making very little headway.
The main worry is if Marie decides to go public with the information she knows. War would inevitably break out and all agency staff would need to go into hiding. That would be the easy part, staying hidden for the rest of our lives would be the difficult part.
Through the noise of everyone talking I have an idea, “What if we do know her?” I get many confused looks but the room goes silent, “She knows who I am, and she knows about Berlin. So why not cross reference every mission I’ve been on that has changed peoples lives - through killing them or having them arrested, or even just changing their business prospects - and work backwards from there.”
The officers give each agent a mission file and tell them to follow the lead. I’m too close to the investigation so I can’t get too involved until we know who we’re up against. I hate having to sit on the side lines but I follow my orders; I am to wait for contact from Marie, or await my target details, whichever comes first.
She knew I was reading a book in Berlin, she knew what it was so much so that she managed to build an entire life around the characters from it. I didn’t mention the book in my report - why would I? - so I don’t know how she could have found that out.
Every agent is in hyper focus mode. Their hands flying across the keyboards of their laptops, screens flashing with information as they open file after file, search after search in the hopes of finding that one piece of information that gives us something to go off.
I think back to every mission, remembering the face of every target, the details of each person involved with any mission, anyone who could hold a grudge, this isn’t a small list. The files and faces of everyone I have seen or researched for every mission flashing in my mind.
I’m efficient, I plan ahead, sometimes even weeks in advance! If I have to break into a facility I will record CCTV footage and overlay it so I don’t have to think about camera angles - although I still do avoid cameras just in case. I intercept comms so that I know exactly what is said during reports and when, so that nobody thinks there’s any differences during the break in. By the time anyone knows what has happened I’m long gone with little to no trace of my being there.
There’s a reason I’ve flown through the ranks so fast; I’m good at what I do. Every target I’ve killed has been clean, no witnesses. The security guards aren’t killed, they’re normally drugged so they will stay out of my way or just avoided altogether - if they’re not on my list I have no reason to hurt them.
If Marie is linked to any of my missions then she has to be a friend or family member of a target, otherwise it doesn’t make any sense! You don’t try to infiltrate the agency of all places because your security guard dad was fired for sleeping on the job.
My mobile begins to ring pulling me out of my thoughts plunging the room into silence. I connect it to the tracer before I answer. “Hello,” Marie chirps, she sounds very happy with herself, “I’m sure you have me on speaker to the entire main briefing room trying your damnedest to work out who I am and why I’m here!”
I can play games too, “Not the main briefing room actually, we’re not taking you all that seriously. You’re not much of a threat” I hear her give a frustrated exhale. Good, I’m getting under her skin, “Why don’t you save our interns some effort and just tell us who you actually are, or even better, why don’t you let us pick you up?”
I hear a muffled voice in the background, I can’t make out what they say. There is a brief pause as if Marie is thinking about what she was told. She breaks the silence with a threatening tone, “Every country in the world will be given the details of all missions done by the agency in the 10 years. Every murder, every act of war, the information you’ve stolen, all brought to light.”
“Why would you do that Marie, surely you don’t want a war to break out” I get a small laugh from her. I can’t tell if she’s just insane or if there’s something I’m missing. The technician raises 2 fingers; I have to keep her on for 2 more minutes and we’ll have a location.
Another agent spins their laptop to face me, it has Marie’s picture and a full file about her! I skim through it before speaking again, “I want to know one thing: how did you know about the book” I ask. I don’t want to show my cards just yet while I stall for time.
She scoffs, “It wasn’t that hard. After you checked out of a hotel the agency sends in cleaners and has to report everything they cleaned. You may not have included the book in your report but they did.” I look to the officers, who nod confirmation that what she said is true. It makes sense, but I never had to think about it. We are trained to clean everything before we leave, but sometimes we may be in a hurry or we could miss something, so having a dedicated crew takes the onus off us is just extra security.
Marie continues, “Obviously I put two and two together. You read the book - they had to clear your finger-prints off all the pages - and you were the only agent in Berlin that night. Agents have remarkable memories when pushed, so I knew that taking this name would trigger something, but only if you had reason to think about it.”
I get the nod from the technician, we have a location. They begin pulling resources, no doubt sending any available agents to the location, maybe getting details of the buildings ownership to follow up on any leads. The technician’s face turns pale, anger turning into fear and she glances up at me. I frown in confusion.
“I knew that you wouldn’t think much of my name until I gave you reason to. All I needed to do was make sure that your memory wasn’t triggered until I was ready, and I am ready for you now” my heart sinks, Marie sounds like she’s holding an ace up her sleeve, that tied with the way the technician is looking at me doesn’t fill me with hope.
I spin the screen around and see why the technician is so afraid. That’s my parents house. Marie is in my family home. My breath catches in my throat. They know nothing, I’ve told them I build and maintain servers around the world for large businesses, they don’t know I’m a spy!
Marie giggles down the phone, “I guess you’ve already seen where it is that I am? Don’t worry, they’re safe, for now. I just want you to know what it feels-” I cut her off.
“Your real name is Anja Hofstetter, you’re the daughter of the Swiss politician I was sent to kill in Berlin. I didn’t kill your dad Anja, someone else got to him before I could” I blurt out. There is silence on the line. “Anja! Why would I lie to you? You’d easily be able to prove me wrong. I called control because Swiss secret service has pulled your dad out of his hotel room.”
I hear typing from her side. She’s checking my story, probably opening her backdoor into the agency to look up control’s transcripts. I hear the voice again, muffled but it sounds angry. “Shut up” Anja spits at the voice. The voice raises, I can barely make it out, “...lying to you… I was there… don’t listen…” but Anja spits back again, her Swiss accent coming through as her anger gets the better of her. Her facade is faltering now.
I hear a frustrated scream before the line disconnects. I think it was Anja, I hope it was Anja. A feed is pulled up on the large TV in the room, agents are already pulling up to the house, their body cams showing their movements.
They’re fast but cautious, Anja could have set traps, she could be armed. I want my parents saved but I don’t want anyone to die doing it. I should be out there, I should be protecting them!
They breach the building, running from room to room, guns at the ready. A series of, “clear!” being repeated as each room is checked. It’s empty. One agent kicks down the door to my parents room to find a laptop on the bed, a video feed open on it.
We see a shadowy figure on the screen. “Pull them out, now!” I shout, but it’s too late. All the body cams cut out. The dashcam from the SUV outside shows my parents home engulfed in flames. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that that explosion is very similar to the one in Berlin.
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My pitch for the MCU Spider-Man 3 is a bit of a darker story. Honestly, I believe that it can still have a few of the classic MCU humor in it, but the main story is a bit more serious, but with the whole identity reveal thing, i think that tone shift is justified and appropriate. I think that it clashes nicely with Far From Home's more light-hearted toned in a great way.
Here goes:

We open on the big screen airing the Daily Bugle news report outing Peter Parker as Spider-Man and as a criminal. We shift to Peter’s reaction as he is booed by nearby New Yorkers. He looks at a stunted MJ who tells him to run. He starts swinging frantically as every screen he passes by shows his picture and J. Jonah Jameson badmouthing him. As he keeps swinging, we get quick shots of his friends and other relevant characters reacting to news report. We go back to Spidey, who gets a call from an hysterical May, whom he tells to pack her bags and wait for him, He hears police sirens in the distance as the screen cuts to black.
(Marvel Studios logo, but no sound)
The shot opens on a snowy rooftop. “3 months later” flashes in the screen.
We get to know that Peter has been living in an abandoned building and is still active as Spider-Man, despite being wanted by the police, who are still actively searching for him. His suits are all mostly ruined, with Peter using these broken ones for parts to maintain his web-shooters. The only good suit he still has is the black stealth suit, having been modified and simplified, which he dons for the first two acts. We also learn Aunt May has been safely living in a safehouse thanks to Happy, but is in a very depressed state due to Peter’s situation. SHIELD is also unreachable, so Peter is pretty much alone on this one.
Peter heads out in his suit and we get a look at his daily routine. He patrols the city like he used to, but he does it in a more stealthy way so as not to be seen by helicopters or random civilians. We see him carefully swinging and jumping from snowy rooftop to snowy rooftop, taking care of petty crime.
We also see him watching over MJ, Ned and his classmates from a distance. We see how his school has taken multiple precautions with raised security. We see MJ, Ned, Betty and, surprisingly, Flash, handing out flyers advocating for Peter’s innocence and condemning the Daily Bugle’s false reports and gotcha journalism (Flash’s reasons being that he can’t fathom Puny Parker being his personal hero Spider-Man).
Peter notices a signal that Ned makes him as he looks at his watch. We seem them meet up, later on, on Times Square (where there are a lot of people, making it easier to hide in plain sight). Peter has a disguise on.
They chat as Ned hands him a bag with food and other supplies and updates him on how things are going at school. He reveals to Peter that MJ has taken an internship in the Bugle as a way to get access to their information and expose their lies. This makes Peter smile and reminisce how awesome she is and how ironic it is that her first journalism job, which is her dream job, would be in a news site that she so despises. Ned shows a lot of concern about Peter’s situation and asks him if he believes everything will go back to normal. Peter reassures him by saying that soon enough this will all blow out and everything will be OK. However, Peter is clearly not convinced about his own words.
Just as he says this, a press conference with NY newly elected Mayor Norman Osborn appears in a nearby screen. They listen to him commenting on the Spider-Man situation and how the NYPD, led by Captain George Stacy is doing everything in its power to apprehend the web-head. Another reporter asks him about the enormous bounty put on Peter Parker’s head, which he declines to comment on. Osborn finishes the press conference by stating that he is going to have a special rally in Madison Square Garden, in two days, to benefit those still affected by the destruction caused by the Elementals and Spider-Man. Ned tells Peter that the rally will be covered by MJ and another Daily Bugle reporter and that Peter should be looking out for her. Peter tells him he planned to anyway, seeing how such a big event can be target for all sorts of crimes. They keep watching the press conference on the screen as the shot shifts to that same conference on a small TV in a dark room. It’s being watched by a man who we don’t see much of besides his back and his hand holding a gun. He gets up, holsters the gun and picks up a spear. He heads out of the room, passing by a board filled with info about Spider-Man and many of his friends, family and allies.
The following evening Peter is headed to his hideout before hearing multiple sirens gathering in a nearby bank. He realizes a robbery is going on and heads there. There are many police officers there, including George Stacy, and Peter recognizes the robber as none other than Mac Gargan, who is wearing a green armor with a mechanical tail. He is calling himself the Scorpion. By the time Peter gets there, he has killed two policemen, one by stabbing him with his tail and the other using an acid that his tail launches. Peter decides to intervene and fights Scorpion and we see how far along Peter’s fighting ability has grown in the past months. Peter is able to take down Scorpion, but only after being hit pretty hard a few times and stabbed. He webs up Scorpion and looks around to see citizens just as afraid of him as they were of Scorpion. He is surrounded by the Police as Captain Stacy orders him to back down and give himself up. Peter uses a gadget he made using parts from his Iron Spider suit (which we see him build in the opening scene) to shutdown their guns and webs them up before fleeing. Captain Stacy looks on and wonder why this infamous killer had the chance to take out a big chunk of the NYPD and didn’t even try.
As Peter flees, we see the same mysterious man with the spear, standing on the rooftop, simply watching, learning more about Spider-Man.
Peter reaches his hideout and passes out, wounded and exhausted.
Peter wakes up, to his surprise, with bandages and his wounds taken care of. He looks over to find MJ. He is stunned to see her and questions how she found him. She reveals she had a tracking device put on the bag he got from Ned. She tells him he needs to be more careful for these things if he’s going to be on the run forever (sarcasm). They talk more, joking about MJ being a secret agent so as to justify her having tracking devices, with her responding she learnt it from YouTube. We get some more of this banter between the two. They get more serious and discuss what Peter plans to do so as to clean his name. This transitions into Peter asking her about her Bugle job. Peter even compliments her articles, saying he admires them and quite enjoys her pen-name: “Mary Jane Watson”. She tells him she’s being mentored by an editor in the Bugle called Robbie Robertson, who unlike J. Jonah Jameson is an actual great journalist. However, so far, she has been unable to find proof of the tampering of the London footage and Mysterio’s confession, as they were sent just like that to the Bugle by an unknown source. So, there’s nothing on the Bugle that can be used to help him. At least, nothing that she has found so far.
MJ tells Peter she has something very important to tell him, but before she can say it, Peter kisses her and tells her how much he’s missed her. They share a moment, and then MJ simply tells him that important thing she wants to tell him is that she’ll be at the Osborn rally the next day and hopes he can watch over her from afar. They smile and continue their moment (MJ decides to wait to tell him the real important thing).
Meanwhile, we see Mac Gargan in a prison cell, without his suit. It’s silent, but not for long as a guard comes to his cell, shoots the other guard in close range and frees Mac. The guard takes out a mask, in a similar way to how Black Widow did in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, to reveal a white, plastic face. He places another mask over his plastic face, assuming the face of Dmitri from Far From Home. He hands Mac two bags, one containing his suit and the other containing money. They leave the station, revealing a trail of knocked out police officers as Dmitri thanks Mac for his “distraction”. Mac asks him what’s next, to which Dmitri responds: “We wait.”.
The next day, the Osborn rally is starting and Spidey finds a good spot to look over the event while remaining hidden from the police. He looks to the crowd and quickly spots MJ. Norman Osborn appears on stage and is greeted with a huge cheer. The crowd loves him. While Norman talks about his desire to reinforce security and research military upgrades to the police and military with the help of his private company Oscorp, Peter’s spider sense goes off and he tries to find the source of danger. He sees a sniper on a rooftop pointing at Mayor Osborn. He rushes to stop him and therefore blows his cover. He shoots a web at the gun, making it fire in the air. As he goes to kick the shooter, his attack is dodged with ease. The shooter, still covered by a cloak used for camouflage, dodges every punch, kick and web that Spider-Man throws his way. Captain Stacy is evacuating the crowd, which is in a panic, when he looks up and sees the fight on the rooftop. He quickly realizes Spider-Man stopped the shooter, despite the crowds blaming Spider-Man for the attempt on the mayor’s life.
MJ is able to get to a rooftop where she can view the fight. She pulls out her camera so as to use its zoom function to see better.
Spidey finally hits the man with a web, but he simply removes the cloak to which the web stuck to. He reveals his appearance to Spider-Man: a muscly, dark-haired man, with facial hair, a brown tactical outfit, coated with lion fur and fangs. He had multiple blades, darts, guns and other small weapons attached to his clothes and a spear in hand. He does not say anything, he just dodges all of Peter’s attacks.
MJ sees this and takes a picture of him.
Peter is unable to strike him, but finds a window of opportunity, finally landing a punch. The man simply smiles and runs away.
Spider-Man chases him, but he is fast and agile. Peter is able to keep up with him. The man stops and goes inside a construction site. It’s dark inside and Spidey attempts to find him in the darkness using his Spidey-sense, which starts to go off the wall. He senses danger from every direction. This man had lured him into a corner filled with traps. All sorts of projectiles were thrown in his direction. He dodges most of them, but the sheer amount of them overwhelm him and his senses and he gets hit by a few, wounding him and ripping his costume. By the time they stop. Peter is disoriented and gets hit with a dart from behind, coming from the man himself. He picks Spider-Man up and the shot goes dark.
After the rally is evacuated, the Mayor orders the Police to find Spider-Man and his associate, putting it with the upmost priority. Captain Stacy obliges but believes Spider-Man’s innocence. He orders patrols as protocol dictates but asks one of the officers to get him Peter Parker’s address, deciding to investigate.
MJ returns to the Bugle, with the picture she took of the shooter. She attempts to find information about him, but is unable to get very far due to a lack of resources. She decides to go to Robbie Robertson, her superior in the Bugle and show him the photo, asking for his help and his discretion. He agrees, stating his dislike of the way Jameson handled the Spider-Man news and believing in an innocent-until-proven-guilty approach unlike Jameson. He contacts an old friend of his from the FBI, Jimmy Woo, who identifies the man as Sergei Kravinoff, also known as Kraven the Hunter.
Upon acquiring this information, MJ researches Kraven, discovering him to be a war-criminal turned big-game hunter, accused of leading many species to extinction and taking his obsession for hunting to the next level by supposedly hunting enhanced individuals. He is wanted by multiple countries, including Wakanda, after entering the country illegally and having stolen a rare herb belonging to the royal family.
MJ gathers all this information, finding a key detail that might help Peter, and goes to Peter’s hideout to present it to him, only to find him missing.
Peter wakes up tied to a chair. He’s in a dark storage area. In front of him is the man who captured him. He’s cleaning his blade while looking at Peter. He presents himself as Kraven the Hunter. He explains to Peter who he is, saying it’s only fair considering he knows all about Peter.
He tells Peter his goal is to hunt, always has been, always will be. He tells Peter that, much like other men, he started by hunting animals. He quickly grew tired of it. He felt bored by simple weak prey. He had grown too strong of a hunter. He started hunting men, but that too got boring after a while. So, he set his sight on those above men. However, seeing how he consider himself a man of honor, passionate about reaching the peak of the human body, he felt no interest on hunting gods or men in iron suits, but was fascinated by the likes of Captain America, Black Panther and Spider-Man. Mere men who were gifted with peak human strength, stamina and agility. More than anyone, Spider-Man fitted his ideal prey. Someone as young as Peter, with his abilities, has the potential to become the ultimate perfect prey for his legendary Last Hunt.
Peter quickly realizes he’s dealing with a nutjob, and with one that has a messed up honor code. So, he decides to play along so as to free himself. He agrees to be his prey as long as he is freed and given a chance to run, to “make the hunt more exciting”. Kraven reveals that was always the plan, that being the reason he hadn’t killed Spidey before. He wants to mold Spider-Man, test him and perfect his abilities, so he can finally hunt him and be the best possible hunter. He will free Spider-Man, and he will go after him again, he just needs to make sure Peter is as motivated as he is. He gives Peter a phone with a live stream to a dark room where Ned is tied up, crying. Peter is in shock. Kraven tells him he has given him a dose of deadly poison. Peter starts freaking out, still tied up himself. He threatens to beat Kraven up, but Kraven tells him only he knows the antidote and to get it, Peter will have to follow his rules. Ned needs to be given the antidote in 7 hours. Kraven will free Peter, giving him 6 hours to prepare himself. Fix his suit, get any gadget he might deem necessary and come meet him in Central Park at the end of those 6 hours. He will then have 1 hour to defeat Kraven, get the antidote and Ned’s location. If he fails to meet him at the desired time or uses the 6 hours to try to find Ned, he will kill Ned himself.
Peter reluctantly agrees. He’s freed and runs off. He’s in a panic. He tries to think about what to do. He has no resources, no allies and the police is after him. This makes him remember something, a last resource.
He goes to his and May’s apartment. It’s covered up in police tape. Usually, there’s one or two cops there everyday, but today, luckily, that is not the case. He goes to his room and gets a box from a hidden drawer. He opens the box to find a costume, some web cartridges and a picture of him and Ned working on the costume. It’s similar to his Stark suit, but it’s just fabric, instead of having all those circuits (except for the mask). It also does not have those black lines in the arms and shoulders and has a bigger spider-logo on the front. He admires the costume, but hears some footsteps. He turns around to see MJ standing there, with tears on her eyes. They hug and he catches her up on what is happening to Ned, showing her the livestream, which horrifies her. She tells him she found some info on Kraven, telling him his real-name, his record, the source of his abilities, mut most importantly, the key to defeating him:
He has a device in his body stabilizing him. When he injected the herb he stole from Wakanda, his body was not ready for its effects. The reaction was so potent that his muscle activity got out of control, making his entire body shutdown. The device is what helps him manage it.
MJ suggest setting a trap to electrocute him just enough to cause the device to reboot. This will temporarily immobilize him and give Peter enough time to take him down.
Peter asks her to help him gather parts for the plan, but they’re interrupted by a man: Captain George Stacy. He enters the apartment with his gun pointed. He looks at Peter for a moment and puts his gun down saying: “Those are not the eyes of a killer”. He reveals his belief on Peter’s innocence and mentions how he’s going against his higher-ups by not arresting him. Peter thanks him and tells him that Kraven the Hunter was responsible for the shooting and that he has his friend hostage. Stacy agrees to help Peter ordering a secret search for Ned. He lets Peter and MJ go, but just before going, Peter asks Stacy why he was so sure about his innocence. Stacy tells Peter that he was on the ferry that was cut in half all those years ago and that he saw his courage and determination first hand. Peter smiles and they leave.
Hours later, Peter and Kraven finally meet. Peter is wearing his new Spider-Man suit and Kraven is fully equipped. It starts to snow just as the fight begins. We see Kraven finally attacking Peter in hand-to-hand combat. Kraven is a phenomenal fighter. He is able to predict every attack of Peter’s, dodge it and counterattack in the perfect way. He target’s Spider-Man biggest weaknesses and when he sees the window of opportunity, he beats Peter to a pulp. Peter fights back very well, but is rarely able to hit Kraven. After a long and impressive fight, Peter decides to execute the trap. When he gets Kraven to the ideal spot, he pulls out a few gadgets: web grenades that Kraven dodges by jumping backwards, landing on the trap. Peter activates it, giving Kraven an electrical shock. However, the shock does not fully work, so Peter has to improvise, being able to kick Kraven into a lake with one of the electrical gadgets still attached to him. The water amps up the shock, knocking out Kraven. Turns out that the shock to take him down needed to be bigger. Peter pulls him out of the water, webs him up and starts to punch him making him tell him where the antidote and Ned are. Kraven starts to laugh as he gives Peter the antidote and Ned’s location. Peter webs him up more and uses a burner phone to call the cops. He rushes to Ned’s location, all while looking at the livestream of Ned. He’s still alive.
When he gets there, he sees Captain Stacy and other officers. Stacy tells his men to stand down as Peter walks towards him. Stacy has a look on his face that worries Peter. He rushes to the inside of the building. Ned’s dead. We don’t see his death, or his corpse, but we see Peter’s reaction as he exits the building. He falls down, crying. He looks at the livestream, in it, Ned is still alive. He’s confused, disturbed. He looks again at the live stream once the 7 hours are up and sees “Ned” get up, walk towards the camera, and remove his mask, revealing a white plastic face. He introduces himself as Chameleon and shuts down the stream. Peter stares blankly at the screen. Stacy tells Peter that Ned has been dead for hours and that he was tricked.
Stacy says he understands the shock he must be in, but he’s gotta go before his men arrest him. He tells Peter to be strong.
Peter swings away. We cut to Peter, bloody, tired and crying, all while resting against a tombstone, reading “Ben Parker”. No words, just him, and the tombstone in the snow, with the weight of a third death on his shoulders (Ben, Tony and now Ned).
A few days have passed, as we pan over people walking in NY. We focus on Peter, with your usual disguise: a cap and sunglasses. He’s walking somewhere, and passes some screens that are showing news of Kraven being arrested and transported to the raft that day. He arrives at Ned’s funeral and watches from afar. We see many of Ned’s classmates and teachers attending, including MJ. As Peter watches at a distance, a man approaches. “Hello Peter” says Stephen Strange. Peter greets him in a very monotone voice. He’s beaten down, more than ever before. He tells Strange he looked for him multiple times in the past three months, to no avail. Strange tells him he was in another dimension all this time, and tells him he’s sorry he couldn’t help. Peter, with tears in his eyes, asks if he can help now, if he can turn back time, prevent his identity from being outed, Kraven from targeting Ned, all of this. Strange says that in yesteryears he would’ve been able to, but he has since lost that ability. He tells him, however, he can do something for him now.
He tells Peter he can erase all knowledge of his identity from the public, with only himself, Peter, and those Peter told willingly, retaining it. He says he can also erase all physical and digital records of Peter being Spider-Man, essentially giving him his secret back. Peter agrees, promising to be more careful this time around, so as to prevent something like this from ever happening. Strange smiles saying he believes in Peter, so much so that he already did it. Peter looks at him with a sense of wonder and asks if he’s certain. Strange reassures him and tells him to go to his friends and join the funeral. He does so and is greeted by everyone normally, proving no one’s the wiser. He looks back at Strange who’s vanished and smiles.
Peter and MJ head back as MJ asks Peter for a moment. She tells him that the important thing she needed to tell him was that she’s moving away, to Europe. Robbie Robertson got her a scholarship to a great journalism college in the UK and she accepted. Peter, although devastated by it, smiles and congratulates her, realizing she may be safer if she’s away from him. They decide to break up, but not before sharing one last kiss. MJ walks away as Peter looks up to the sky.
We transition to a final swing, where Peter has an inner monologue, reflecting on the end of this journey, high-school, and a new beginning. He mentions the biggest lessons he has learnt in these past years, especially one: “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”. The final swing slowly transitions to the picture of Peter and Ned building the suit, now hanging on Peter’s wall.

Kraven is in a prison outfit, being transported in an armored truck. The truck is attacked and Kraven is sedated by one of the guards, as the screen turns black and we only hear screams and the truck being forced open. Kraven wakes up in a luxurious penthouse, with a man in front of him drinking whiskey. It’s Norman Osborn, who says: “You failed. You assured me you were not going to.”.
Kraven smiles and responds: “Once you free me from the shackles, and let me walk out, I’ll get him. It’s just getting interesting”.
Osborn replies: “No. I’ve seen too many failures to kill this miserable Spider. I have a better idea. You’re going to work as a team. Boys…”.
Four men walk into the room: Mac Gargan AKA Scorpion, Herman Schultz AKA Shocker, Adrian Toomes AKA Vulture and… Quentin Beck AKA Mysterio come in.
“You 5 have all fought Spider-Man before and failed. Together you won’t. I will personally finance all the upgrades you need. But just to be sure you follow my ideals, I want one of my men on your team, isn’t that right Doctor?”
The sixth member of the team walks in, Dr. Otto Octavius, who says: “Yes, Norman”.
Cut to black.

A little boy is glued to the TV, watching the new, which festure security cam footage of Spider-Man fighting Scorpion and other footage of him fighting Kraven, with the headline being “Spider-Man: Hero or Menace?”.
We hear the boy’s mother calling:
“Miles, dinner’s ready”.
“Coming”, answers the boy.
Cut to black.


That's it! I had a lot of fun making this. I think it mixes a Peter Parker focused story, which is what a lot of people really want for the next one, with the continuation of the big clifhanger from the previous movie, and still using some ties to the broader MCU without exaggeration.
I think it also sets up a possible new trilogy set in college very nicely, having spaces for new supporting characters in an new phase of Peter's story in the MCU. Maybe I'll do Spider-Man 4 if this gets enough attention (already have a lot of ideas)
submitted by rasenShurikeno to fixingmovies [link] [comments]

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2020.07.16 16:26 stannsmash Cam public hidden agent

Washington is dead, long live Washington! Division: NFC East 2019 Record: 3-13, 4th in NFC East Coaching Changes As the marketing says, this is a new RivERA. Almost the entire coaching staff has been replaced, except for the running back and special teams coaches, so let's all give a hand to Randy Jordan and Nate Kaczor for being survivors of the Rivera purge. Here are the highlights:
Head Coach: Ron Rivera replaces interim Bill Callahan After an 0-5 start last season, and multiple season of mediocrity, Dan Snyder finally decided to pull the plug on Jay Gruden. Interim coach Bill Callahan did a...job. The question quickly turned to who would be the newest coach of the Washington Football Franchise. Would it be current OC and potential wünderkid Kevin O'Connell? Would they somehow steal away Mike Tomlin (remember this theory?) No. Enter in: Riverboat Ron.
Ironically, the only way that Washington was able to hire him was by defeating him: in week 13 of the 2019 season, Adrian Peterson and Derrius Guice stomped through Rivera's defense to the tune of 248 yards on the ground. That was enough to seal his fate with owner David Tepper, who was vocal through the season about the panthers status of mediocrity.
While one can reflect on Rivera's tenure as mediocrity, I'd argue it is anything but. As 2-time Head Coach of the Year, Rivera lead the Panthers to 3 1st place finishes in the NFC South, including a historic 15-1 2015 season where the Panthers made it to the Super Bowl behind MVP Cam Newton. Rivera is the winningest coach in Panthers history, with an overall record of 76-63-1. However, he was not Tepper's choice, and for that as a fan I owe Tepper one.
While I would not fault Jay Gruden for all of the Redskins issues the past 5 1/2 years, he seemed destined to stay at most mediocre, never even reaching the highs Rivera has seen. Key Gruden personnel such as Kirk Cousins, Jordan Reed, Chris Thompson, Josh Norman, Josh Doctson, and more are long gone. Rivera has a brand new cast to work with, and I am excited to see it.
Rivera is a proven head coach with a long and public track record. He is known for being a big believer in a strong player-oriented team culture, and god knows this team needs some major culture help, especially in the front office. Looking at you, Mr. Snyder. GRADE: A
Offensive Coordinator: Scott Turner replaces Kevin O'Connell Losing Kevin O'Connell to the Rams is disappointing, no way around it in my mind. Could the Rams get bitten in the rear and throw a green coordinator into the wind? Maybe. But out of all personnel we didn't keep, this one stung the most.
However, one must not dwell on the past too much. Enter in Scott Turner, son of Norv Turner. Turner comes over from Carolina where he was first the QB coach under his father, and then suddenly replaced his father once Rivera was fired. Some highlights of Turner include:

Yeah that's about it. He is young and hungry, and honestly, I am pretty happy with this choice as well. I have faith in him to develop Haskins, who is the future of the franchise as of now. Hopefully he does not fall out of favor as his father did with our favorite owner. GRADE: B+
Defensive Coordinator: Jack Del Rio replaces Greg Manusky The Redskins defense in my opinion has been underwhelming in recent times, and in large part I blame Greg Manusky for this result. The Redskins defense last year ranked 27th overall, which any Washington fan will tell you is at best a slight shame and at worst a goddamn tragedy. Sure, our secondary was nowhere to be seen. Sure, we we're extremely injured a lot of the time.
But here's the worst part: our front 7 is actually really good. I mean come on: Jonathan Allen, Daron Payne, Matt Ioannidis, Ryan Kerrigan, Montez Sweat, and more should amount to one of the most potent QB rushing attacks of the year. However, the stats show that this is just not true. PFF listed us outside the top ten and in a more general sense the defense overall just seems too ooze mediocrity.
Enter in Jack Del Rio. This man has over 30 years of NFL experience, having multiple positions as both Head Coach and Defensive Coordinators in the past. While his head coaching career has not always been consistent, his defensive strengths are quite apparent. While Wade Phillips was responsible for the Super Bowl winning Broncos of 2015, we cannot forget that Del Rio groomed that defense for years prior, bringing them to the big game as well the year before. His earlier success in Baltimore and Carolina must also be mentioned, but my main point is this: Jack Del Rio is tiers above Manusky.
Del Rio and Rivera are on the same page, and switching to a 4-3 base defense with Del Rio should pay dividends to our defense, particularly our front seven. Look for a strong pass rush with Del Rio under control. GRADE: A
Quarterbacks Coach: Ken Zampese replaces Tim Rattay Zampese formerly worked for the Greatest Show on Turf helping Kurt Warner, Isaac Bruce, and Torry Holt achieve offensive supremacy over the league. He worked for 12 years in Cincinnati, developing both Carson Palmer and Andy Dalton. In addition, he helped to develop Baker his rookie year under literal the dumpster fire of a head coaching regime Hue Jackson had in 2018. After seeing many of Haskins sexy throws to McLaurin, Gandy-Golden and Co. on Instagram, I feel some safety in the QB department for once. GRADE: A-
Head Athletic Trainer: Ryan Vermillion replaces Larry Hess If there's one thing that reminds me of a Washington Football season, its injuries. While Washington was not the only injured team, it definitely felt like one of the worst last year. At the end of the day, the blame falls on random injury luck, proper practice, and the athletic training staff. Larry Hess had been employed by Washington for 17 years, so this move may be seen as a long time coming, especially concerning some of the particularly bad injuries of recent years.
Vermillion has rep with Rivera, as he is the former head trainer for the Panthers. While the Panthers have had some injury troubles of there own as of recently, I am still hopeful that Vermillion and his staff can help the situation over here. GRADE: B
Free Agency Players lost/cut
Player Position New team
Chris Thompson RB Jaguars
Colt McCoy QB Giants
Case Keenum QB Browns
Ereck Flowers OG Dolphins
Josh Norman CB Bills
Trent Williams OT 49ers
Montae Nicholson CB UFA
Jordan Reed TE UFA
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB UFA
Wendell Smallwood RB UFA
Tony Bergstrom OL UFA
Donald Penn OT UFA
Vernon Davis TE Retired
Key Losses:
Goodbye Silverback.
Players signed
Player Position Old team Length Salary
Wes Schweitzer OG Falcons 3 years $13.5 mil, $4 mil guaranteed
Kendall Fuller CB Chiefs 4 years $40 mil, $23.5 mil guaranteed
Logan Thomas TE Lions 2 years $6.145 mil, $2.25 mil guaranteed
Sean Davis S Steelers 1 year $4 mil, $2 mil guaranteed
Kyle Allen QB Panthers 1 year $675k
Thomas Davis LB Chargers 1 year $3.5 mil, $1.75 mil guaranteed
J.D. McKissic RB Seahawks 2 year $3.27 mil, $1 mil guaranteed
Peyton Barber RB Buccaneers 2 year $3 mil, $600k guaranteed
Cornelius Lucas OT Bears 2 year $3.8 mil, $1 mil guaranteed
Richard Rogers TE Eagles 1 year $1 mil
Cody Latimer WR Giants 1 year $1 mil, $137.5k guaranteed
Kevin Pierre-Louis LB Bears 1 year $3 mil, $1.5 mil guaranteed
Jeremy Vujnovich OG Cardinals 1 year $825k
Ronald Darby CB Eagles 1 year $3 mil, $1 mil guaranteed
Mike Liedtke OG Buccaneers 1 year $750k
Key Additions:
Players resigned
Player Position Length Salary
Jon Bostic LB 2 year $5.1 mil, $2.25 mil guaranteed
Caleb Brantley DT 1 year $750k
Nate Orchard LB/DE 1 year $1 mil, $137.5k guaranteed
Aaron Colvin CB 1 year $1 mil, $137.5k guaranteed
Brandon Scherff OG 1 year $15.03 mil guaranteed (franchise tag)
Important Resigns:
Round Number Player Position School
1 2 Chase Young DE Ohio State
3 66 Antonio Gibson WRB Memphis
4 108 Saahdiq Charles OT LSU
4 142 Antonio Gandy-Golden WR Liberty
5 156 Keith Ismael C San Diego State
5 162 Khaleke Hudson LB Michigan
7 216 Kamren Curl S Arkansas
7 229 James Smith-Williams DE N.C. State
UDFA N/A Thaddeus Moss TE LSU
UDFA N/A Steven Montez QB Colorado
UDFA N/A Isaiah Wright WR Temple
UDFA N/A Johnathon Johnson WR Missouri
Grades and Thoughts:
  • Chase Young: How much more can be said about this guy? Young was known for months to be the consensus number one talent of the draft, and that has not changed in the past months. He is a forced to be reckoned with, and putting him alongside our other D-Lineman is a scary sight. The often made comparison is that of the Bosa brothers, who both came into the league and wrecked havoc upon entry. I see Young doing the same thing, having a minimum 10+ sack season. Fear the predator y'all. GRADE: A+
  • Antonio Gibson: Almost every analysis I have read about Gibson describes him in one of two ways: 1) A swiss-army knife 2) A football player. While I can't disagree with either, these both seem to be big buzzwords that cable football analysis loves to float around to tons and tons of players. No matter how you describe him, Gibson's highlight real speaks for itself. Most project him into a RB role in our system, and with Chris Thompson setting sail with Jay Gruden Gibson can not pick up the slack here. If he can provide support to Peterson and Guice, great! If he could improve our dismal receiving unit, even better! I like this pick, but can also see it failing if Rivera and Turner cannot utilize him correctly. GRADE: B+
  • Saahdiq Charles: Using a picks here on the O-Line was a smart move, as our bench before the draft was extremely thin. Charles has been a part of one of the best O-line's in the nation at LSU, helping Clyde Edwards-Helaire run over the entire goddamn SEC. While there was a distraction of off-field issues, i.e. his six game suspension in his junior year. My understanding is that this stemmed from maturity issues and possible failed drug tests. Without these concerns, Charles would not have fallen to this round. Even with the character issue, his on the field product is fantastic, and if there was any coach to help Charles stay the right path it would be Ron Rivera. GRADE: B
  • Antonio Gandy-Golden: My information on Gandy-Golden and Liberty football in general is extremely limited, but the little I have seen is fantastic. At 6'4, 223 lbs Gandy-Golden is prototypical size and his highlights at Liberty reflect that. He is able to utilize is wingspan to have a large catch radius and contend for aired out balls. In addition, while his 4.6 40 yard dash may be slightly underwhelming, his speed on tape is evident and can work. As the receiver competition is wide open, Gandy-Golden can easily become the number two receiver on this squad if he puts in the work. And according to social media, it appears he is trying. GRADE: A
  • Keith Ismael: Another offensive linemen, but I struggle to see Ismael in any role besides backup this year. Ismael was solid player for his three year college career, and learning behind our O-line can do him well to bring him up to NFL speed. I can see him sitting behind Rouiller most of the year, but there's always the potential for something more if he is a diamond in the rough. However, I would have liked for a TE selection here. GRADE: B
  • Kamren Curl: Curl seemed to be an intrenched starter for Arkansas, but it is hard to see what is exactly unique with his skill set. At 6'1, 206 lbs he has the body of a safety or even cornerback, which tracks as he played both positions in school. The most known information about him is that he was suspended for flirting with a cheerleader his sophomore season, but if that is his biggest character concern then I don't really care. In addition, he later cleared the confusion, noting that the cheerleader just wanted a photo with him. GRADE: C
  • James Smith-Williams: A depth signing for our defensive front, which is all good in my book. However, this deep dive into the man shows that Smith-Williams has the potential to be more then a name in DC. His injury history is very troubling, but if he can put that Big Bang Theory Sheldon brain of his to our team then I am all for it. 7th rounders are the time for risks, and Smith-Williams case is a unique one where the injuries are not as much a concern for me. GRADE: C+
If the only player we keep out of this draft in the next 5 years is Chase Young, it will still have been a success. However, I have a feeling that other players will make an impact here, particularly with Gibson or Gandy-Golden breaking out in a rushing or receiving competition. For Kyle Smith and Rivera's first draft, it could have gone a lot worse. The amount of BS spewed about us drafting Tua or trading down was EVERYWHERE online before the draft, so I am jus glad we didn't mess it up as bad as we could have. Overall, I'd rate this draft a B+, with the rating going higher if any of these other players break out as well.
Name Controversy Look, both you and I know that this subject has been beaten to death, especially on this subreddit. So let us just establish the facts:
  • There has been ample push to change the name since the 1990s.
  • Dan Snyder said in 2013 that he would never change the name. "It's that simple. NEVER — you can use caps."
  • This month, Fedex, along with other major sponsors such as Nike and PepsiCo called on Snyder to change their name or face financial doom.
  • July 13, 2020 Snyder issues a press release stating the name and logo are both officially retired.
There are many more specifics and points of contention on this issue, and I think this WaPo graphic does a good job illustrating other key times that the name has been discussed or been a point of contention.
My thought? About damn time. Look, I understand that the name is offensive and have been all for changing it, but more importantly I just want us to focus on what ideally should be more pressing for this writeup: the players and the game. The politics of the name has been a distraction and disgrace to the proud men who have worn this city on their back for decades. Do not get me wrong: the actual name itself holds little meaning to me personally. However, I am younger than many fans of the team and understand the attachment some have had for their entire lives. Yet, I do not think we need to forget about Theismann, Baugh, Jurgensen, Doug Williams, Rypien, Riggins, the Hogs, and more just by retiring the name. I say, let this begin a new era in Washington football history where we can be remembered for playing a game we enjoy and love, not hurting others if we do not need to.
My personal preference for a new name as of now is Red Wolves. Maintaining the colors and HttR (Howl to the Red Wolves!) sounds nice, and the animal is theoretically indigenous to DC and the southeast US even as we may not see it commonly. If trademarks issues can settle, I believe we will hear the new name before the next season.
Sexual Harassment/Misconduct Issues After finishing the Washington Post article today, I was left with a feeling of disgust and sadness, but not shock. Football has always been known as a "boy's club," and seeing women in positions of power in any NFL organization is not common. This is the reason why. While I do not know the situation of every front office, I would not be shocked if this is more common then one would suspect.
Now, do not get me wrong: this is disgusting and Snyder should be ashamed of himself. Letting this persist for over 20 years and clearly not giving any shits is despicable. I do not want to defend these actions in any manner. These men have done disgusting things, and the fact that Snyder has let them slide and persist for all this time is plain gross. This is a question about human decency and respect: do you respect your fellow person enough that you control what you say around them? That you think before you act? Clearly the Washington Football team has not cared about its female employees nearly enough. This is hurtful for everyone, male, female, non-binary, whatever. Please, just consider your fellow person when you are living your life. This is not hard.
Projected Lineup and Position Groups  
QB1: Dwayne Haskins
QB2: Kyle Allen
This should be Dwayne Haskins year to fully realize himself as a starting quarterback in the NFL. While I love watching his sexy instagram workouts, I can only get so worked up before needing to see the real deal. Since being thrown into the fray last year, we saw Dwayne progress in his decision making, but keep improvements in accuracy, particularly throwing mechanics, should be a focus this year. Even with a...subpar supporting cast (more on that later), this should be Simba's year to break out, or at least show that he is worthy of his first round draft selection.
I don't expect Allen or even Alex Smith (if he has recovered enough, which I am doubtful of) to give Haskins a run for his money. While Rivera has never stated he is sold on Haskins, do not think any other QB will start this season (barring injury.) Washington is committed, at least for this year, to Dwayne Haskins.
RB1: Adrian Peterson/Derrius Guice
RB3: Antonio Gibson
It is really a toss-up here whether or not AD or Guice starts, but if history is cyclical then Peterson will get the nod soon enough. I really want Guice to do well, and when he has not been injured he has done fairly well. However, I have little hope that his knees keep holding up, especially considering how much we may need to rely on our run game this year.
Peterson is old, but has shown to be consistent enough when we have a semblance of an offensive line. Our run game is decent, definitely not the worst in the league, but could be close to it. I imagine Gibson may fulfill the role of a receiver back, catching out of the backfield or taking hand-offs. He is bigger than Chris Thompson, but elusive enough that I could see some similarity in usage, especially as a rookie.
TE1: Jeremy Sprinkle
TE2: Richard Rogers, Logan Thomas
TE3: Thaddeus Moss
Sprinkle gets the nod here as the number one due to his experience in DC, but as the new regime is in town this is really anyone's game. Stat-wise Rogers and Thomas are relatively consistent, and while Moss has the obvious name recognition he is not even a lock to make the current roster. Sprinkle has always been subpar as a pass catcher, decent as blocker and not much else. Hopefully someone here breaks out or a trade swings through, otherwise this is one of our worst position groups on the roster.
WR1: Terry McLaurin
WR2: Steven Sims Jr.
WR3: Antonio Gandy-Golden/Cody Latimer
WR4: Trey Quinn
"McLaurin and then everybody else" is the best way to sum up our receiving unit. Scary Terry is once again our biggest threat and should have just as good if not a better year than 2019 as Haskins' accuracy issues (hopefully) clear up. I Like Sims Jr. as a returner, but his results as a receiver have been inconsistent. Perhaps he could be used similarly to Antonio Gibson, as I see him getting end around hand offs having big success. Gandy-Golden looks promising, but small school talent can be hard to adapt to the NFL. Latimer is a solid depth signing, and I am very unsure if Trey Quinn is worth his roster spot. While I mentioned the Tight End group being poor, this group is equal in that regard. Hopefully our run game can carry once again.
LT: Geron Christian Sr.
LG: Wes Schweitzer
C: Chase Roullier
RG: Brandon Scherff
RT: Morgan Moses
Scherff is a bright spot on this mediocre group, but he has had some penalty troubles and the contract situation for him is still unclear as for the future. Geron Christian should hopefully start and have improved since last year, and Schweitzer seems to be a decent signing. I like Rouiller under center for now. Saahdiq Charles and Keith Ismael could both become starters, but I have a feeling Rivera will not want to throw them into the fire early on. Overall I'd categorize this group as "eh?" and hope that our RBs can find enough holes. Haskins has also been improving his mobile game so escapability could be a needed factor with this line.
4-3 Defense:
LDE1: Chase Young
LDT: Matt Ioannidis
RDT: Daron Payne
RDE: Montez Sweat
This is by far the best position group on the entire roster. Calling these four the only starters is somewhat a misnomer, as Rivera and Del Rio will be frequently subbing in and out many linemen. Kerrigan and Jon Allen should still have large roles, but these are my choices based on durability and past success. Chase Young should be a stud, and I have heard him having between 10-15 sacks this year. Ioannidis has been a 5th round gem for us, leading the team in sacks last year. Payne and Sweat are both young and have shown some success, and I am hopeful they can both remain at worst starter level linemen. If our line is not getting after QBs like crazy this year, some big questions will need to be raised.
WLB: Cole Holcomb, Josh Harvey-Clemons
MLB: Jon Bostic, Thomas Davis
SLB: Ryan Anderson
While not as impressive as the linemen, our LB core is still a solid group. Thomas Davis brings in some leadership to an otherwise young group. Ryan Anderson will finally be playing in his natural position as a 4-3 LB. Both Bostic and Holcomb were impressive last year, though I am hoping their coverage (particularly Holcomb's) could improve. Harvey-Clemons is good for our depth, and solid rotation player. Overall not a flashy group, but should get the job done with the pressure all being up front.
CB1: Kendall Fuller
CB2: Ronald Darby, Greg Stroman
CB3: Fabian Moreau, Jimmy Moreland
FS: Sean Davis
SS: Landon Collins
The only unquestionable starters here are Fuller and Collins, and even Collins has been looking down as of recent. My dark-horse candidate is Jimmy Moreland, who impressed in last years preseason before being hidden or unnoticeable during the regular season. Moreau is decent, and Sean Davis is as good as Montae Nicholson ever was (especially considering his legal issues.) The loss of Quinton Dunbar is not sad whatsoever, and while his play was above-average, his robbery skills are very poor. This is the biggest whole in the defense by far, and my guess is that our team will ride or die by this secondary. If the front 7 is doing what it can to apply pressure, there will be some slack here. However, do not be surprised if next years writeup has many different players here.
Special Teams:
K: Dustin Hopkins
P: Tress Way
KR: Steven Sims Jr.
PR: Steven Sims Jr.
I want Tress Way to have my children so that they will be blessed with his punting genes. After a couple years of flying under the radar, Way was finally recognized in 2019 with a Pro Bowl and Second-team All-Pro nod. I am upset that Brett Kern got the nod over him for First-team, but the recognition is still appreciated. Hopkins is decent, though he does have a tendency to miss some close kicks (cough vs. Bengals in London cough), but he has provided stability to kicking for years now. Sims emerged last year as our return man, and with him bringing us our first return touchdown since 2015, I'll let him stay. Perhaps Gibson will try returning as well, who knows.
Schedule Prediction  
Home against the Eagles: Loss
3 out of the past 4 years Washington has lost its openers, with two of those loses being against the Eagles themselves. Be ready for growing pains with a new name, coaching staff, and supporting cast. This season is not gonna get any easier.
Away against the Cardinals: Loss
This game could be a close one, but the Cardinals seem to be on the up with Kyler and Kingsbury. There air raid will be too much for the DC secondary, especially playing in Arizona.
Away against the Browns: Win
It's the Browns for god sake. Josh Norman had a game winning pick a couple years back for us against them. Sure, their QB was Cody Kessler, but different year same stories. No more Freddie Kitchens, still the same Browns.
Home against the Ravens: Loss
It's the Ravens. Enough said.
Home against the Rams: Loss
McVay and Co. should have our number here. Even without Gurley the Rams passing attack should be enough to take us down. The real downfall of our team is the secondary, that should be a pattern to notice. I'd like to believe in a Haskins comeback win here, but who knows.
Away against the Giants: Loss
Going into the Meadowlands, I expect a game similar to the late OT thriller of last season, with the Daniel Jones reigning supreme again. Saquon will distract our defense enough that number one receiver... Sterling Shepard will bust us up. Clap man Garett gets us again.
Home against the Cowboys: Win
Come on now, it's the Cowboys. Dak is overpaid, blah blah blah. Coming back home and wanting to prove ourselves after a crippling loss last week, I think Simba can pull off a nice home win here.
Home against the Giants: Win
Revenge game of the 2019 QBs, and this time Haskins will stay on top. Expect a nice performance from McLaurin, and Chase Young destroying Mr. Jones.
Away against the Lions: Win
I'm praying that Chase Young is able to get after Stafford enough that he does not pull a come back against us here, but I expect this game to be close as well. Perhaps Okudah has a pick six, why not.
Home against the Bengals: Win
Haskins vs. Burrow. Burrow vs. Young. A bonafide 2019 tank-bowl matchup. I feel we have the upper hand here, but really this game should be a shit show. Should be juicy though.
Away against the Cowboys: Loss
Playing in Jerry World is ass, though I'll never forget Colt McCoy leading us to victory on Monday night. No way in hell we go 2-0 against the Cowboys, so mark this down as a loss.
Away against the Steelers: Loss
Big Ben is back and can run around in the pocket, meaning even with ample pressure his offense will do better than ours.
Away against the 49ers: Loss
It's the Niners, and they mean business. Last year's game was a 9-0 snoozefest for some reason, so I'm guessing this one will be 30-27 shootout. Should be fun to see a potential Trent Williams vs. Chase Young matchup.
Home against the Seahawks: Loss
Russell Wilson.
Home against the Panthers: Win
Rivera fights his old team and...wins?? Yep, even with Teddy B I feel our defense will keep us afloat. Shaq Thompson is scary, but I am not particularly afraid of Donte Jackson and Eli Apple... Haskins will now probably throw three picks.
Away against the Eagles: Win
Ending the season on a positive note, what?? Yes, this one may be a stretch. However, if the Eagles are in the number one spot, my guess is that they would rest their starters against ours. Then again, I have no clue who will win the East so your guess is as best as mine. At any rate, I am ready to 100 percent lockdown Wentz this game, maybe.
Final record: 7-9, miss the playoffs, 3rd in NFC East
In my book, this would be an OK first year for Rivera. Coming in with so many green players and an entirely new system can lend itself to mediocrity, but building off of this year is crucial in my book to finally escaping out of the limbo which Washington has played in since Snyder bought the team in 1999.
Draft wise, this should set us up for a pick between...12-15? A solid early/mid-first, probably drafting a receiver, tight end, or secondary player depending on who pans out this year.
Training Camp Battles to watch  
  • Wide Receivers:
Like previously mentioned, it is unclear who will be receivers 2 and 3 behind McLaurin. Kelvin Harmon and Steven Sims Jr. emerged as early contenders, but as noted earlier Harmon tore his ACL. Latimer was ok last year on the Giants, but can he beat out Gandy-Golden or Sims Jr. at the top of the chart. I believe players such as Trey Quinn, Cam Sims, Johnathon Johnson and Isaiah Wright are all fighting for a roster space, so seeing them as starters is extremely unlikely. Predicted Winners: Antonio Gandy-Golden and Steven Sims Jr.
  • Tight Ends:
This whole roster spot is a toss up. I truly am hoping that Sprinkle gets a kick in the rear to elevate or somebody else steps up, as he was far from a special talent last year. His name makes sense, as he was only able to Sprinkle in a few catches from Haskins and Keenum throughout 2019. Both Richard Rogers and Logan Thomas aren't impressive, so the hope for fans is that Thad Moss or an unknown player such as Marcus Baugh is able to claim the spot. No matter who wins here, the position will be weak. Predicted Winner: Jeremy Sprinkle
  • Cornerback:
The battle here lies between all players not named Fuller or Darby. Known Redskins names such as Fabian Moreau, Greg Stroman, Jimmy Moreland, and Danny Johnson are all fighting to be the number 3 corner or remain on the roster in a bench role. I feel at most one of these players will be cut, but overall secondary job security should remain steady for 95 percent of Washington players. Predicted Winner: Fabian Moreau
Offensive and Defensive Schemes Offense:
One of the points I've read stressed about Scott Turner is his ability to fit the offense for the QB. As this will be his first full time OC job, it is unclear exactly what schemes he plans to run, but I assume it will be up to date with the fast and mobile trends of stat and data driven offenses today. Perhaps we shall see some similarities to his father, who utilized both Air Coryell and spread techniques in Carolina.
Defense: Base 4-3, 4-3 Under
As mentioned before, Del Rio and Rivera are shifting our defense from a 3-4 of the past to a 4-3. This should help our rush game significantly, with players such as Ryan Anderson and Chase Young being able to fit in the scheme quite naturally, For more in depth coverage, be sure to read this Hog's Haven post which will explain it more in depth.  
Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts down below. Agree, disagree? This was my first year writing, so I hope it was bearable to read!
Offseason Review Hub
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A Conspiracy Theorist Confesses
By Iain Davis, via Off-Guardian
I am what the general population, politicians and the mainstream media (MSM) would call a conspiracy theorist. While I don’t agree with their definition of the term, there’s not much point in me denying it. It is applied to me, and millions like me, whether we like it or not.
For those who deem conspiracy theorists to be some sort of threat to society, we are the social and political malcontents who lack reason and hate our democratic way of life. We are trolls, bots and disinformation agents on social media, probably employed by the Russians, the Chinese or Iranians.
We are supposedly hellbent on sewing the seeds of discontent and can be found protesting against every government policy and decision. Alternatively, we are arrogant fools, both anti-science and evidence averse, who trot out crazy theories based upon little knowledge and no evidence. Apparently this is a very dangerous thing.
Thus we come to the glaring contradiction at the heart of the concept of the loony conspiracy theorist. Conspiracy theorists are both imbeciles, who don’t have any proof to back up anything they say, while simultaneously being dangerous subversives who threaten to destabilise democracy and foment chaos.
Which is it? It can’t be both. Unless society is so fragile it cannot withstand the opinions of idiots.
So where does the idea that fools present a threat to “our way of life,” come from? What is it that the conspiracy theorists say that is so dangerous? Why do their opinions seemingly need to be censored? What are governments so worried about?
Some definitions are required here. From the Cambridge online English dictionary we have:

Misinformation: [noun] wrong information, or the fact that people are misinformed.
Disinformation: [noun] false information spread in order to deceive people.
Fake News: [noun] false stories that appear to be news, spread on the internet or using other media, usually created to influence political views or as a joke.
Conspiracy: [noun’] the activity of secretly planning with other people to do something bad or illegal.
Theory: [noun] a formal statement of the rules on which a subject of study is based or of ideas that are suggested to explain a fact or event.
Conspiracy Theory: [noun] a belief that an event or situation is the result of a secret plan made by powerful people
It is notable that Cambridge University Press have introduced the concept of “secret” into their definition. By describing something as secret you are suggesting that it is impossible to know what it is. This added notion of secrecy is not commonly found in other dictionaries.
Nor is it present in the legal definition of conspiracy. Blacks Law Dictionary defines conspiracy as:
Conspiracy: In criminal law. A combination or confederacy between two or more persons formed for the purpose of committing, by their joint efforts, some unlawful or criminal act.
Obviously conspirators would like to keep their plans hidden. But that doesn’t mean they always remain so. If all conspiracies were “secrets” nobody would ever discover any of them.
Known conspiracies, such as Operation Gladio, Iran Contra, the Lavon Affair, the 2001 anthrax letter hoax and so on, would not have been exposed had people not highlighted the evidence which proved their existence.
The notion of the “secret conspiracy” is not one most people called conspiracy theorists would recognise. Often the whole point of our argument is that the conspiracies can be quite plainly evidenced. Most of that evidence is in the public domain and freely available.
More often conspiracy theorists are concerned with the denial or obfuscation of the evidence. It is not that the evidence doesn’t exist, rather that it either isn’t reported at all or is hidden by labelling those who do report it conspiracy theorists.
We can define “conspiracy theory” simply to mean: the reporting of evidence indicating a plan between two or more people to commit an illegal or nefarious act.
We can add that a conspiracy theory is an opinion or an argument. The merit of which is solely defined by the strength or weakness of the evidence.
However, if you read Wikipedia a very different definition is suggested. Suddenly conspiracy theory means an attempt to ignore other more plausible explanations. It is a theory based upon prejudice or insufficient evidence, it resists falsification and suffers from circular reasoning. It has left the realms of logical deduction and become a matter of faith.
This rationale is some distance away from the dictionary and legal definitions. It relies heavily upon opinion and is highly subjective. It is a pejorative definition which claims to be based in science, though the scientific evidence is feeble to non existent.
This depiction of the delusional conspiracy theorist, as described by Wikipedia, is the popularly accepted meaning. Perhaps we can agree, the narrative we are given about alleged conspiracy theorists broadly runs like this:
Conspiracy theorists forward arguments that are unfounded. These are based upon limited knowledge and lack substantiating evidence. Most conspiracy theorists are simply wrong and unwittingly spread misinformation. However, prominent conspiracy theorists spread disinformation and have used their large followings on the Internet to create a dangerous phenomenon called ‘fake news.’
Many of those with the largest followings are agents for foreign powers. They use a global network of trolls and bots to advance their dangerous political agenda. This is designed to undermine our democratic way of life and valued political institutions. Therefore all conspiracy theory is anti-democratic and must be stopped.
It is difficult to understand how democracies, which supposedly value freedom of thought, speech and expression, can be threatened by diversity of opinion. Yet it appears many people are willing to ignore this contradiction and support government attempts to censor information and silence the voices of those it labels conspiracy theorist. Which is genuinely anti-democratic.
Consequently it has become relatively straightforward for politicians and the media to refute evidence and undermine arguments. As long as they can get the label of conspiracy theory or theorist to stick, most people will discount their arguments without ever looking at the evidence.
The label of conspiracy theorist is an umbrella term for a huge array of ideas and beliefs. Some are more plausible than others. However, by calling everyone who challenges accepted norms a “conspiracy theorist” it is possible to avoid addressing the evidence some offer by exploiting guilt by association.
For example, many people labelled as conspiracy theorists, myself included, believe even the most senior elected politicians are relatively low down the pecking order when it comes to decision making. We suggest powerful global corporations, globalist think tanks and international financial institutions often have far more control over policy development than politicians. We can cite academic research to back up this identification of “Biased Pluralism.”
We do not believe the Earth is flat or the Queen is a lizard. However, because we believe the former, politicians, mainstream academia and the media insist that we must also believe the latter.
Psychology is often cited as evidence to prove conspiracy theorists are deranged, or at least emotionally disturbed in some way. Having looked at some of this claimed science I found it to be rather silly and anti-scientific. But that is just my opinion.
However, unlike many of the psychologists who earn a living by writing junk science, I do not think they should be censored nor stopped from expressing their unscientific opinions. However, governments across the world are seemingly desperate to exploit the psychologist’s ‘work’ to justify the silencing of the conspiracy theorists.
This desire to silence people who ask the wrong questions, by labelling all as conspiracy theorists, has been a common theme from our elected political leaders during the first two decades of the 21st century. But where did this idea come from?
Conspiracy theory is nothing new. Nearly every single significant world event had at least one contemporary conspiracy theory attached to it. These alternative interpretations of events, which lie outside the accepted or official narratives, are found throughout history.
In 117 CE, the Roman Emperor Trajan died only two days after adopting his successor Hadrian. All his symptoms indicated a stroke brought on by cardio vascular disease.
Yet by the 4th century, in the questionable historical text Historia Augusta, a number of conspiracy theories surrounding Trajan’s death had emerged. These included claims that Trajan had been poisoned by Hadrian, the praetorian prefect Attianus and Trajan’s wife, Plotina.
While we would call this a conspiracy theory today, the term was not commonly used until the late 1960’s. The earliest written reference to something approaching the modern concept of conspiracy theory appeared in the 1870’s in the Journal of Mental Science vol 16.
“The theory of Dr Sankey as to the manner in which these injuries to the chest occurred in asylums deserved our careful attention. It was at least more plausible that the conspiracy theory of Mr Charles Beade”
This is the first time we see an association made between “conspiracy theory” and implausibility. Throughout most of the 19th and 20th century, if used at all, it usually denoted little more than a rationale to expose a criminal plot or malevolent act by a group.
After the Second World War colloquial use of “conspiracy theory” was rare. However, academics were beginning to lay the foundations for the interpretation which has produced the label we are familiar with today.
The burgeoning idea was that the large numbers of people who questioned official accounts of events, or orthodox historical interpretations, were all delusional to some degree. Questioning authority, and certainly alleging that authority was responsible for criminal acts, was deemed to be an aberration of the mind.
In 1945 The philosopher Karl Popper alluded to this in his political work The Open Society and Its Enemies. Popper was essentially criticising historicism. He stated that historical events were vulnerable to misinterpretation by those who were predisposed to see a conspiracy behind them.
He argued this was because historians suffered from cognitive dissonance (the uncomfortable psychological sensation of holding two opposing views simultaneously.) They could not accept that tumultuous events could just happen through the combination of error and unrelated circumstances.
In Popper’s view, these historians were too quick to reject the possibility of random, chaotic events influencing history, preferring unsubstantiated conspiratorial explanations. Usually because they made better stories, thereby garnering more attention for their work.
Popper identified what he called the conspiracy theory of society. This reflected Popper’s belief that social sciences should concern themselves with the study of the unintended consequences of intentional human behaviour. Speaking of the conspiracy theory perspective, he wrote:
It is the view that an explanation of a social phenomenon consists in the discovery of the men or groups who are interested in the occurrence of this phenomenon (sometimes it is a hidden interest which has first to be revealed), and who have planned and conspired to bring it about.”
Popper also believed that increasing secularism had led people to ascribe power to secretive groups rather than the gods:
The gods are abandoned. But their place is filled by powerful men or groups – sinister pressure groups whose wickedness is responsible for all the evils we suffer from – such as the Learned Elders of Zion, or the monopolists, or the capitalists, or the imperialists.”
Popper’s theory illustrates the fundamental difference between those labelled conspiracy theorists and those who, on the whole, defend the official narrative and the establishment. For conspiracy theorists the evidence shows that powerful forces have frequently conspired to shape events, control the flow of information and manipulate society. The deliberate engineering of society, suggested by the conspiracy theorists, is rejected by their opponents and critics.
For them the conspiratorial view has some minor, limited merit, but the suggested scale and prevalence of these plots is grossly exaggerated. They see nearly all world events as the result of the unintentional collision between disparate forces and the random influence of fate.
In general, they consider the powerful incapable of malice. Where disastrous national and global events have clearly been caused by the decisions of governments, influential groups and immensely wealthy individuals, these are invariably seen as mistakes.
Any suggestion that the power hierarchy’s destructive decisions may have achieved their intended objectives receives blanket rejection. Even asking the question is considered “unthinkable.”
For many people called conspiracy theorists this is a hopelessly naive world view. History is full of examples of the powerful using their influence to further their own interests at others expense. Often costing people their lives.
For their opponents, like Popper, to reject this possibility outright, demonstrates their cognitive dissonance. They seem unable even to contemplate the possibility that the political and economic power structures they believe in could ever deliberately harm anyone. They have faith in authority and it is not shared by people they label conspiracy theorists.
Following the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963 alternative explanations proliferated, not least of all due to the apparent implausibility of the official account. Many U.S. citizens were concerned that elements within their own government had effectively staged a coup. Others, such as the prominent American historian Richard Hoftsadter, were more concerned that people doubted their government.
Building on the work of Popper, partly as a critique of McCarthyism but also in response to the Republican nomination loss of Nelson A. Rockefeller, American historian Richard Hofstadter suggested that people’s inability to believe what they are told by government was not based upon their grasp of the evidence. Rather it was rooted in psychological need.
He claimed much of this stemmed from their lack of education (knowledge), political disenfranchisement and an unjustified sense of self importance. He also suggested these dangerous opinions threatened to pollute the body politic.
Like Popper, Hofstadter did not identify conspiracy theorists directly. But he did formulate the narrative underpinning the modern, widely accepted, definition. He wrote:
I call it the paranoid style simply because no other word adequately evokes the sense of heated exaggeration, suspiciousness, and conspiratorial fantasy that I have in mind…It is the use of paranoid modes of expression by more or less normal people that makes the phenomenon significant
Of course, there are highbrow, lowbrow, and middlebrow paranoids, as there are likely to be in any political tendency. But respectable paranoid literature not only starts from certain moral commitments that can indeed be justified but also carefully and all but obsessively accumulates “evidence.”….he can accumulate evidence in order to protect his cherished convictions.
Going to great lengths to focus on the “paranoid’s” tendency to highlight the evidence, as if that were a failing, like most critics of so-called conspiracy theorists, Hofstadter chose neither to address nor even mention what that evidence was. He merely asserted that it was unbelievable. The reader just had to take his word for it.
The Warren Commission Report into the JFK assassination drew considerable criticism. The finding that Oswald acted alone contradicted numerous eye witness accounts, film, autopsy and ballistic evidence.
Four of the seven commissioners harshly criticised the report issued in their name. Widely seen as quite ridiculous, in the absence of any sensible official account of the assassination, numerous explanatory theories inevitably sprang up.
In response to the mounting criticism, in 1967 the CIA sent an internal dispatch to all field offices called Document 1035-960: Concerning Criticism of the Warren Report.
Revealed by a New York Times Freedom of Information Request in 1976, the dispatch is the first written record we have of the combination of Popper’s “conspiracy theory of society” with Hofstadter’s “paranoid style” militant. It defined the modern concept of the conspiracy theorist.
The document states:
Conspiracy theories have frequently thrown suspicion on our organization, for example by falsely alleging that Lee Harvey Oswald worked for us. The aim of this dispatch is to provide material countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists.”
It can be considered as the origin of the weaponised term “conspiracy theory.” It recommends a set of techniques to be used to discredit all critics of the Warren Commission Report. Once you are familiar with them, it is obvious that these strategies are commonly deployed today to dismiss all who question official statements as “conspiracy theorists.” We can paraphrase these as follows:
  • Deny any new evidence offered and cite only official reports stating ‘no new evidence has emerged.’
  • Dismiss contradictory eyewitness statements and focus upon the existing, primary, official evidence such as ballistics, autopsy, and photographic evidence.
  • Do not initiate any discussion of the evidence and suggest that large scale conspiracies are impossible to cover up in an open and free democracy.
  • Accuse the conspiracy theorists of having an intellectual superiority complex.
  • Suggest that theorists refuse to acknowledge their own errors.
  • Refute any suggestion of witness assassinations by pointing out they were all deaths by natural causes.
  • Question the quality of conspiracy research and point out that official sources are better.
The report recommended making good use of “friendly elite contacts (especially politicians and editors)” and to “employ propaganda assets to [negate] and refute the attacks of the critics.”
The CIA advocated using mainstream media feature articles to discredit people labelled conspiracy theorists.
While the use of these methods has been refined over the years, the essential process of labelling someone a conspiracy theorist, while studiously avoiding any discussion of the evidence they highlight, is extremely common in the mainstream media today. We only need look at the reports about academics who questioned the government’s narrative about COVID19 to see the techniques in operation.
The drive to convince the public to use only “official sources” for information has seen the rise of the fact checker.
These organisations, invariably with the support of government and corporate funding, are offered as the reliable sources which provide real facts. The facts they provide are frequently wrong and the fact checking industry has settled legal claims from those who challenged their disinformation.
People have been directed by the mainstream media to abandon all critical thinking. They just need to go to their government-approved fact-checker in order be told the truth.
Providing the public believe the people labelled conspiracy theorists are crazy, ill informed or agents for a foreign powers, the mainstream media, politicians and other commentators can undermine any and all evidence they present. In keeping with the CIA’s initial recommendations, it is extremely unlikely that the evidence will ever be openly discussed but, if it is, it can be written off as “conspiracy theory.”
However, it isn’t just the mainstream media who use the conspiracy theorist label to avoid discussing evidence. Politicians, speaking on the worlds biggest political stage, have seized the opportunity to deploy the CIA’s strategy.
Even for Prime Ministers and Presidents, addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations is a big deal. These tend to be big thematic speeches as the leader impresses their vision upon the gathered dignitaries and global media.
Yet, despite the fact that conspiracy theorists are supposed to be idiots who don’t know the time of day, global “leaders” have repeatedly used this auspicious occasion to single them out as one of the greatest threats to global security.
In November 2001 George W. Bush addressed the United Nations General Assembly with the following words:
We must speak the truth about terror. Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th; malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists, themselves, away from the guilty. To inflame ethnic hatred is to advance the cause of terror.”
Even if you accept the official account of 9/11, and there are numerous reasons why you wouldn’t, how does questioning it suggest that you support terrorism or mark you out as a racist?
The suggestion appears absurd but it does illustrate that the U.S. president wanted both to silence all criticism of the government account and link those questioning it to extremism and even terrorism.
This theme was reiterated by the UK Prime Minister David Cameron in his 2014 address. He said:
To defeat ISIL – and organisations like it we must defeat this ideology in all its forms… is clear that many of them were initially influenced by preachers who claim not to encourage violence, but whose world view can be used as a justification for it. We know this world view. The peddling of lies: that 9/11 was a Jewish plot or that the 7/7 London attacks were staged […] We must be clear: to defeat the ideology of extremism we need to deal with all forms of extremism – not just violent extremism. We must work together to take down illegal online material […] we must stop the so called non-violent extremists from inciting hatred and intolerance.
This season we will mostly be wearing anti-fear glasses
Like Bush before him, Cameron was at pains to identify what he called non violent extremists (commonly called conspiracy theorists). According to him, all who question government accounts of major geopolitical events are, once again, tantamount to terrorists.
Calling for online censorship to stop any questions ever being asked, it is this authoritarian need to avoid addressing evidence that led his successor, Prime Minister Theresa May, to propose wide-sweeping censorship of the Internet.
At the time of writing, the UK is among the many nations still in so called “lockdown” following the outbreak of COVID19. When UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the U.N General Assembly in September 2019 he delivered a speech which seemed weirdly out of context. With Brexit and possible conflict with Iran high on the agenda his address, which barely touched on those issues, was received with considerable bewilderment.
Six months later his predictive powers appear to be remarkable. It transpires that Johnson’s comments were extremely relevant. Just six months too early.
There are today people today who are actually still anti-science […] A whole movement called the anti-Vaxxers, who refuse to acknowledge the evidence that vaccinations have eradicated smallpox […] And who by their prejudices are actually endangering the very children they want to protect […] I am profoundly optimistic about the ability of new technology to serve as a liberator and remake the world wondrously and benignly […] Together, we can vanquish killer diseases.”
Despite the wealth of scientific evidence which justifies scepticism about some vaccines, anti-vaxxer (a variant of conspiracy theorist), is another label used to convince people not to consider evidence. The assertion is that those who question vaccines all fundamentally reject the concept of artificially inducing an immune response against a disease.
This isn’t true but how would you know? The anti-vaxxer label alone is sufficient to convince most to turn away.
Johnson’s speech rambled across so many seemingly irrelevant subjects there is little reason to suspect any COVID 19 foreknowledge. But given the global pandemic that would occur just a few months later, it was certainly prescient. Johnson was sufficiently concerned about the supposedly baseless questions of so called conspiracy theorists (or anti-vaxxers) to allege they killed children. A ludicrous suggestion the mainstream media strongly promoted.
It doesn’t matter that academic research has proven that the official account of 9/11 cannot possibly be true; it makes no difference that Mossad agents admitted that they had gone to New York on the morning of 9/11 to “document the event;” studies showing that approximately 90% of the total 20th Century disease reduction in the U.S. occurred prior to the widespread use of vaccines are irrelevant.
None of these facts need to be known by anyone and governments are going to censor all who try to tell others about them. All questions that reference them are crazy conspiracy theories. They are both stupid questions and a huge threat to both national security and the safety of the little children.
One of the recurring themes the people labelled conspiracy theorists discuss is that policy is made behind the closed doors of corporate boardrooms and policy think tanks. It doesn’t matter who you elect or what party you choose to rule over you, they are only capable of tinkering at the edges of the policy platform.
The policy agenda is set at a globalist level. So the fact that, over two decades, one U.S president and two British Prime Minsters were delivering essentially the same message doesn’t surprise the conspiracy theorists.
As we move toward a world where certain ideas are forbidden and only officially approved questions can be asked, where governments and corporations have a monopoly on the truth and everything else is a conspiracy theory, only one thing really matters. The evidence.
Hofstadter’s believed that his paranoid style militants constant citation of evidence was merely an attempt to “protect his cherished convictions.” This could be true, but the only way to find out is to look at that evidence. The label of the conspiracy theorist has been deliberately created in order to convince you not to look at it.
Regardless of whether or not you think someone’s opinion is a conspiracy theory, you owe it to yourself and your children to consider the evidence they cite. Perhaps you will reject it. There’s nothing wrong with that.
But to reject it, without knowing what it is, really is crazy. Your only other option is to unquestioningly accept whatever you are told by the government, globalist think tanks, multinational corporations and their mainstream media partners.
If you choose to believe that everyone who claims to have identified the malfeasance of officials, the crimes of government or the corruption of powerful global institutions, are all conspiracy theorists, then you have accepted that the establishment is beyond reproach.
If you also agree the same established hierarchy can not only determine what you can or cannot know, but can also set all the policies and legislation which dictates your behaviour and defines the limits of your freedom, you have elected to be a slave and don’t value democracy in the slightest.
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I've got what I think is a mostly exhaustive list of the new audio series that came out this month, which may be of interest to those looking for new shows. See below. Anyone want to tell me any I've missed, and I'll update it? (Note, "new" here means that the Ep1 of the RSS feed was released, or a previously non-fiction feed started producing fiction.) Listened to any of them that you would recommend?
4/1: Quarantine Quest (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Hi. I'm Cameron Southwell. I am not a real person. This is not a real podcast. Quarantine Quest tells the story of a world on lock-down, where tiny isolated communities have been encapsulated in their own pockets of reality causing them to diverge from what was once recognized as reality, and of the overseers who try in vain to keep this system intact despite its inevitable failure. Quarantine Quest also tells my story, as the author, as I try to put this together and reach out from the isolation of disability and social anxiety to share what I've been working on. Think of this as spoken word concept album trying to both tell a story and make a point. There are two kinds of episodes: A Sides to cover the main body of work and B Sides. A Sides are longer episodes of about an hour, released monthly, in which I tell a story about the world of Quarantine Quest. Usually they will be created using a game or specific writing technique. The episodes will function as individual songs or stories that weave together to create the larger fabric of the plot and themes of the world of Quarantine Quest. They will also often function as actual plays or demonstrations of whatever game or technique I am using. B Sides are shorter episodes, released haphazardly, usually 10-15 minutes long and represent divergence from the narrative. Some will be readings from across the universe, some will be thoughts from my tiny hidey hole, some will be commentary or discussion of the ongoing narrative. If I get questions, these will also be Q&As eventually. They will also probably discuss writing and coping in isolation. I'm Cameron Southwell. I'm not a real person. This is not a real podcast. Thank you for listening.
RSS Feed:

4/1: Roll Charisma (RPG - Urban fantasy)
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4/2: Malice Corp (RPG - Fantasy)
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4/6: What Comes After (RPG - Post-apocalypse)
Synopsis: The world as we know it ended in the mid 1980s, when billions of people died at once. 5 years later, 4 survivors discover that everything is about to change again. A Genesys RPG Actual Play Podcast.
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4/7: Almost Heroes (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: A “mostly” 5th Edition D&D Story.
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4/7: Bleach (Dramatised - Thriller)
Synopsis: Adapted from the award-winning stage play; Bleach is a story of sex, violence and city-living. Tyler Everett sells his body to hungry punters on a nightly basis. But on a regular working night, things are about to spiral out of control leaving Tyler questioning whether living in London is really worth the price of rent.
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4/7: Covid39 (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Synopsis: Twenty years after Covid-19 brought the world to a standstill, a man and a woman who were quarantined together as kids question the validity of their current romantic relationship. They salvage audio recordings left by their parents during the pandemic, our present, to come to terms with their trauma. This is a fictional audio drama that points out the humanity of our fateful present and examines the future we are helping to create for our children.
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4/7: Null/Void (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Synopsis: Null/Void is a science fiction audio drama about a young woman, Piper Lee, whose life is saved by a mysterious voice named Adelaide. Piper soon uncovers a malicious plot by a monopoly of a tech company and must work with her friends and an unusual ally to help foil their deadly plot.
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4/7: October by May (Fiction - Anthology)
Synopsis: October by May is a narrative fiction podcast that envelops you in a three-dimensional soundscape of ominous occurrences and eerie tales, transporting you to that most unearthly time of year.
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4/8: Desperado (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: Blood magic, Voodoo magic, old gods, new gods: We've got it all! Follow the story of misfits from all over the world, as they try to survive and protect their heritage from modern-day crusaders.
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4/8: Merchant of Death (Dramatised - Historical)
Synopsis: A WW2 veteran returns home and finds no employment opportunities. During a chance encounter, he is given an opportunity and becomes a hitman for a Kansas City crime family.
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4/8: Neural Nexus: Zero (RPG - Cyberpunk)
Synopsis: Boston 1980, A neon metropolis that stands in stark contrast to the harshness of life within the hub. Maybe not as hard as it is for the low-techs who survive outside the graces of the cities protection but living in this city brings with it its own set of challenges. Unemployment, lack of education, corrupt police, organized and street crime as well as the overall Orwellian feel of systems put in place to keep the average citizen from advancing in life. Come along with our misfits as they struggle through the day to day of modern life in this gritty nightmare.
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4/9: PRøDUCTS & PLäCEMENTS (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: PRøDUCTS & PLäCEMENTS is an official, Melsonian Arts Counsel approved, Troika Actual Play podcast dedicated to showcasing and promoting the 3rd party content that makes this game great! Join the former 90s college students turned fantasy adventurers as they participate in this tongue-and-cheek ploy to showcase and promote as many third-party Troika! creators and their content as possible, to inspire you to check out the game, buy some content, and get rollin' those dice!
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4/9: Soundstage (Dramatised - Anthology)
Synopsis: Soundstage is an anthological, scripted fiction series of portable stories from Playwrights Horizons theater in New York City. Featuring short-form commissions from America’s best playwrights, these audio experiences are written specifically for the ear, not translated or recorded live from the stage. Now, the theater is wherever you are.
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4/9: WonderCop (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: WonderCop is a semi-scripted podcast created by comedians Matt Klinman (The Onion, Smartr), Zack Poitras (The Tonight Show) and Dan Abramson (The Last Degree Of Kevin Bacon). It follows alcoholic Detective Daryl Dern and his new robotic partner WonderCop as they try to keep the town of Gristleberg, USA safe from crime.
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4/10: Façade (RPG - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: We are surrounded by the faceless masses. If we ever stopped to look, we might notice the cracks in our existence. Will you see through the Facade? Join our cast of roleplayers in the setting of KULT: Divinity Lost for an 18+, occult detective tabletop roleplaying game show.
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4/10: Friends Through the Letterbox (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: Dan Jones and Craven Windlescrape discuss a strange portal that's connecting Dan's letterbox to a whole new world of mystery.
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4/10: Last Call at Bluebell Cafe (Dramatised - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Last Call at Bluebell Cafe is a fantasy audio drama about a shapeshifting Barista who is a little too interested in other people's lives. The Barista runs the transient Bluebell Cafe, where customers can get more than just coffee. Many of the wanderers who find themselves stumbling upon this hidden cafe in dusky hours are at a crossroads in their life. Who better than our Barista to guide them along their path? With a little help from magic, of course.However, magic and people are both unpredictable; there's a reason why they don't mix, as the Barista will soon discover.
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4/10: The Ernie Pyle Experiment! (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: A thirteen-episode podcast from WFIU Public Radio chronicling Ernie Pyle's pre-war work as a travelling columnist for the Scripps-Howard Newspaper syndicate.
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4/10: The Fowler Family Radio Hour (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: "The Fowler Family Radio Hour" features down-home songs and commercials, the latest episode of the soap opera "Holly Springs Eternal," and plenty of local color from the fictional southern town of Henley.
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4/10: The Mirage Barrage (Fiction - Superhero)
Synopsis: In the Mirage Universe, a great being from another dimension sleeps within the core of the Earth. So powerful is he that even his dreams can grant individuals extraordinary powers- super powers! Tales of superheroes, supervillains, secret agents, inter-dimensional travelers and a myriad of other characters will unfurl in this- the Mirage Barrage! Expect excitement, intrigue, action, mystery and more! No tale is too big or too small for the Mirage Universe!
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4/11: Are You Sitting Comfortably? (Fiction - Horror)
Synopsis: If you like horror stories, you'll want to listen to mine... I'll be reading out the short stories I've written, as well as chapters of my novels. I hope you like them!
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4/11: Roads Uncharted (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Roads Uncharted is an actual play podcast using the Genesys RPG system, set in a homebrew fantasy world. The story takes place shortly after thousands of children suddenly went missing on the eve of a festival. Join the players and GM Dax as they try to solve this mystery and find their place in a world where gods meddle in the lives of mortals.
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4/12: Sincerely, B (Fiction - Crime/Mystery)
Synopsis: I've discovered odd letters addressed to my house. They tell a story of someone I know only as "B." B has, apparently, started a new life, buying a home with the intent to renovate. But things are odd in B's new town. And maybe a bit dangerous too.
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4/13: Dice Therapy (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Your inoculation against the mundane via Actual Play recordings of Tabletop RPG sessions.
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4/13: Liquid Picnic Audio Dramas (Dramatised - Anthology)
Synopsis: Podcast by Liquid Picnic Production.
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4/13: Lottie's Diary (Fiction - Historical)
Synopsis: Lottie’s 1930 diary showed up years ago in a jumble sale in the south of England. Written in a Collins’ Royal Diary, it’s the story of a young woman from North London. A story of English privilege between the wars. Each episode brings another month from Lottie's 1930 life. Some things are familiar; at other time she inhabits another world.
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4/13: Tales of Zendaria (Fiction - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Tales of Zendaria is a Young Adult fantasy-fiction audiobook, which chronicles the adventures of reluctant Princess April and her canine companion Willow through the ancient Kingdom of Zendaria. Magic, mystery and mirth await! Written and narrated by Alexander Worth.
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4/13: The Time Pirate (Dramatised - Fantasy)
Synopsis: James Hawkins helps his mom run a motel in modern day Montauk, Long Island. But when a mysterious man washes up on the beach with a treasure map tattooed on his chest, James discovers that Billy Bones is, in fact, a time traveling pirate from the 18th century. James and his new friends, Morgan and Max, follow the map right into a magical portal that leads them back nearly three hundred years and back into a swashbuckling adventure.
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4/13: Today's Life (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Synopsis: A episodic serial that tells the story of a couple dealing with the troubles of Today's Life.
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4/14: Academy Days: Christian Fiction for Teen Girls (Fiction - Slice of life)
Synopsis: Academy Days is a fiction serial podcast for teenage girls. The Christian high school story follows four girls as they navigate school, family, friends, and the choices that each day brings. Carmen, London, Ebony, and Lacey differ in personality, but life in a small Christian school brings them together as each one grows closer to God.
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4/14: God of Obsidian (Dramatised - Thriller)
Synopsis: God Of Obsidian is a dark fairytale about a gaslighting relationship, as one woman desperately seeks the story that will take her back across the narrow, dangerous bridge to freedom.
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4/14: Heroics (Dramatised - Superhero)
Synopsis: When their comic-shop-as-a-front beings to struggle, a group of superheroes experiment with different career paths a little more... villainous than heroic. A new audiodrama from Justin McLachlan and PlanetM.
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4/14: Moon Harbor Extended (RPG - Science fiction)
Synopsis: Moon Harbor Heroes and the Icynewyear Presents Network are proud to present Moon Harbor Extended, a continuation of the Masks: A New Generation Actual Play Moon Harbor Heroes. Moon Harbor Extended tells the stories of characters outside of Faces and Cataclysm Crew and takes us from the center of the earth to the far depths of space. There are two primary lines in this extended universe comic series. The first is a cosmic line focusing on a SABRE-sponsored space-exploration unit as they try to save the world from utter destruction, GMed by Anthony Sheets. The second is an unnamed earthbound team of all queer characters, played by all LGBTQIA+ players, who navigate Moon Harbor’s more underground secrets, including the renaissance-themed society of rat people living in the sewers.
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4/14: Next Stop (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: Your friends are moving on. You're figuring out how to move forward. NEXT STOP is an audio sitcom about your mid-to-late 20s when everyone is changing around you—and you worry that you might not catch up. When longtime roommates Cam and Ally search for someone to replace their newly engaged former roommate, they stumble upon the iconoclast and ridiculous Samuel Clemens. Across its ten-episode first season, NEXT STOP follows these roommates’ trials through work, relationships, friendships and more.
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4/14: Rage of Nerds (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Captured by the Drow and trapped in the Underdark, how will this crew of adventurer's find their way back to the surface world? Tune in to find out!
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4/14: Tales from the Aether (Dramatised - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Original fairy tales for the modern day world. Tales From The Aether is an anthology series written by 3x award-winning writer, Jackie Jorgenson, which tells a different three part story each season.
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4/14: The Nonbinary Carrie Bradshaw (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Synopsis: The Nonbinary Carrie Bradshaw is a fiction podcast about four queer and trans friends dating, crying, and waiting for the subway in New York City.
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4/14: The Villes (Fiction - Children)
Synopsis: The Villes - A series of whimsical illustrated children's stories aimed at 6 to 10 year olds, written by BBC TV Property expert Martin Roberts from Homes under the Hammer. From Tiredsville and Windyville, to Coldsville and Boredsville, the Magical bus takes Herman and the reader on a journey of fun and intrigue.
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4/15: Adelyne's Apothecary (Fiction - Historical)
Synopsis: Adelyne’s Apothecary is a fiction podcast exploring the world of folk herbalist Adelyne Hutcheson. Adelyne’s storytelling takes us deep into the hills of Northern Appalachia where we meet her eccentric neighbors, family, and dearest plant friends.
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4/15: Dusk and Dawn (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: A Real Play Dnd Podcast following the adventures of Marek, Cinthia, Duna, and Mari as they fight to discover what's really happening in the Whiskey Republic.
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4/15: Joao Nsita (Fiction - Slice of life)
Synopsis: This is the Joao Nsita podcast, a podcast channel dedicated to exploring the delightfully strange worlds of love through drama and comedy.
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4/15: MILKTEA (Fiction - Science fiction)
Synopsis: Nate is a clone without any memories of his previous life. “The Key” is the queen of an ice planet he’s just crash landed on. “Father” is his robot, the only parent Nate has ever known. Traverse a 1000 years to uncover the mystery of who Nate and the Key are and what they mean to each other.
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4/15: North Star Rising (Fiction - Science fiction)
Synopsis: Two humans find themselves on a space adventure in this six part audiobook, from the writer of Thomas Was Alone and Subsurface Circular.
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4/15: Reroll Expectations (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: A Real-Play Dungeons and Dragons Podcast featuring Cayce McWilliams, WIll Truax, Anthony Carluccio, and Jeff Nabors as your local benevolent Dungeon Master. We are currently in a homebrewed world called Sirine, a high-fantasy world of political intrigue and bizarre, powerful magic.
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4/15: Tale of the Manticore (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Tale of the Manticore is a hybrid between a dark fantasy audio drama and a solo D&D RPG. The dice make all the important decisions and, as a writer, my job is to interpret them and tell their story. Part fiction, part game, it's the story where "Chaos rolls."
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4/15: The New Colossus (Dramatised - Adaptation)
Synopsis: A family of frustrated, attention-starved artists flocks to the seashore. One of them has a gun...what could possibly go wrong? A darkly comic reboot of Chekhov’s classic THE SEAGULL, this rollicking tale examines the pitfalls of making art and making love in modern day America.
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4/15: War of the Words (Dramatised - Anthology)
Synopsis: Cone Man Running Productions is excited to present the next level of audioplay competition. Sixteen playwrights bracketed sweet sixteen-style to go head to head. They have 48 hours to write an original audio play with given parameters. The plays are then recorded and edited and rolled out in their bracketed pairs. The audience then decides who wins each bracket battle by voting at our website at Once the winners are selected, they will then go head to head until there is only one playwright left standing!
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2018.07.20 03:23 Crixus_Payne Episode 5: Dark Reprisal

In the aftermath following the Battle of Ryloth, the Galactic Republic went on to continue its siege and securing of the city of Lessu, the capital of the Outer Rim planet of Ryloth. The majority of the lylek horde had been decimated by the Republic’s bombing of Camp Mustafar, and while there were some civilian and Republic Marine casualties, the majority of the 77th Legion of Republic Marines were able to evacuate in time, thanks in no small part to Lieutenant Hannah Cosinga. As the smoke and fire began to clear, Jedi Padawan Frifth Nilim was mistaken by Republic search and rescue as a native Twi’lek and was nearly gunned down by the restless nerves of the Marines that had come down from orbit to survey the scorched battlefield. It was Lieutenant Cosinga, mildly injured, but generally unscathed, who had vouched for the Twi’lek, despite the Padawan’s unruly (and understandable) reaction to being targeted twice that day by Republic forces. In the dirt and debris of the battlefield, General Cosinga also found what she saw as a beautiful treasure and picked up what turned out to be the Sith Amulet that had been worn by Joona Anay before she’d been slain by Frifth.
General Segovax, Padawan Allan O’Brian, Padawan Volene, and Sairah O’rinn weren’t found on the battlefield, and were eventually presumed to be KIA. Over the next several weeks, the Republic Military gained full control of Ryloth, mitigating the lylek hordes and pushing out all known Reformation forces. Camp Hoth was established as a permanent military base within Lessu, and Ryloth’s Senator, Sillias Funebris (secretly a Reformation sympathizer) found himself forced to accept his place as a loyal Republic citizen and representative of a planet firmly within the Republic’s influence.
Returned from the surface of Ryloth, Frifth spent some time recovering onboard the Redemption, where he received a vision through the Force of Padawan Volene, a sign to him that she and others that were unaccounted for had survived the bombings of Camp Mustafar. Later, Frifth briefly met with Admiral Natasha and informed the Admiral of what he’d seen during his time on Ryloth. The Twi’lek Padawan went on to warn Natasha of the Sith Amulet that had been worn by Joona Anay - Frifth’s warning ultimately went unheeded, however. Once sufficiently healed of his injuries, Frifth departed from the Redemption to return to Coruscant.
Whereas the Outer Rim had endured the brunt of the “Reformation War,” (as Republic analysts were beginning to call it) the Core had been relatively peaceful. No attack ever came to the Core from Reformation forces, yet the citizens of the Galactic Republic remained on edge. Perhaps it was the eyebrow-raising concerns that the Navy’s all-too-convenient use of rumors of Reformation activity was allowing the Republic to subtly reclaim Outer Rim territories - or perhaps, as some Jedi had come to realize, it was the Dark Side.
On Coruscant, Jedi Master Otthon Tahsis (a veteran of the Hutt Skirmishes and longtime rival to Jedi Master Juvoh) reached out to the Captain of the Jedi Temple Guardsmen - former Jedi Knight Mikael Coen - asking for an audience with Master Hoveoc. For the past several years, Master Otthon had been secluded within the Temple, confined to his quarters and kept under the watchful gaze of the Temple Guardsmen by order of the Jedi High Council for his provocative and anti-establishment rhetoric. Something had changed over the past year, though, and Otthon had sensed it - a shift in the balance of the Force - a truth that was beginning to lend credence to the growing perception that even the sanctity of the Jedi Temple was no longer safe.
The return of Jedi Master Kayran Taliran from Corellia seemed to echo the rise of the Darkside, as her actions there had, indeed, proved to further turn the Corellian population’s ire against the Jedi. The Ragathian would not be easily swayed from her goals, however. In spite of recent events (in conjunction with the unexpected deaths of Master Djen Rai and Master Don Qol) Kayran was fueled by her determination to continue guiding the reigns of the failed Jedi Shadows. With the assured assistance of Kayran’s recently-reunited childhood friend - another Jedi Master by the name of Julia Ignes - it would seem that the Jedi Shadows were poised to return, stronger than before. It must have seemed such an innocent moment then, when soon after her return to Coruscant, chance led Kayran to encounter Jedi Knight Sijun Heso, a Mirilian lightsaber instructor that had spent her entire life training at the feet of the Temple’s Arms Master, an ageing but highly skilled Kel Dor by the name of Tem Reytal. Their meeting had sparked a quick and easy friendship, and it wasn’t very long before Sijun unknowingly found herself in Kayran’s thoughts.
Another Jedi that was finding himself unknowingly in the mind of someone else was the mild-mannered Zabarak Jedi Knight named Pexuu Vrasro. As an Iridonian Zabrak, Pexuu lacked the traditional tribal tattooing that was so iconically noticeable on Dathomirian Zabraks, which lent to Pexuu having a naturally friendly demeanor in spite of the sharp horns that jutted out along the crown of his head. This, coupled with the fact that he’d lost his entire right arm several years prior and had managed to overcome his handicap without the use of a prosthetic, made him a perfect candidate for a daring and dangerous mission. Jedi Master Juvoh (acting without the knowledge of either the High Council or Grandmaster Sol Par) approached Pexuu and instructed his former Padawan to undertake an act of utmost secrecy and subterfuge. His task: infiltrate Corellia to learn all that he could about whoever - and whatever - Crixus Payne was.
The Jedi Order needed to know if there was any weight behind the Corellian’s public claims to be a follower of Sith teachings. Master Kayran’s recent visit to Corellia had proven a hasty and politically-suicidal move for the Jedi, and even though Kayran had returned to Coruscant since, she had failed to deliver a report to the High Council about her experiences on Corellia. It was obvious that something was going on behind the scenes in the Corell Sector, and getting a Jedi past the Corellian Security Force and planetside had subtly become more and more difficult over the past several years. CorSec checkpoints along hyperspace lanes had become much more frequent than before. It seemed as if there was always “too much paperwork to process,” or “a severe lack of identifying documentation” holding up travelling Jedi that passed along the Corellian Trade Spine, and in the event that CorSec ran out of excuses for why they weren’t able to expedite the arrival of any Jedi into Corellian space, they were never hesitant to simply make the Jedi wait a little bit longer. Suffice to say, the Corell Sector had slowly fallen out of the gaze of the Jedi over the last decade, and recent events had only made surveillance that much more of a challenge.
Planetside, things were worse. With the fear mongering and self-brought hatred towards the Jedi, the people of Corellia were saturated in pro-Sith, anti-Jedi rhetoric. Even though the ideals and teachings of Sith Culture were widely based on speculation and legend, ‘Sith’ became both a social and fashion statement on Corellia. People who were ignorant of what it meant to be a Sith suddenly found it fashionable to model their clothing and attire on the strategically-placed advertisements that had grabbed onto the latest ‘trend.’ The extremes of the changes came, however, when dissenters and pro-Jedi activists began to mysteriously disappear from Corellia, though no one seemed to notice or care much. After being apprehended for leaking body-cam footage of CorSec officers that witnessed Kayran’s confrontation with Crixus Payne weeks earlier, the tech-savant and all-around “Hackerman” known as Zenon Per found himself under the direct employ of Crixus and Genesis Payne, operating outside of the normal boundaries of the CorSec Intelligence community as a private cyber-security contractor, rather than simply face death at the hands of his captors. Zenon began working alongside CorSec Intelligence Agent Jon Pestage, a Force-sensitive man of many talents who had proven himself to be wherever and whatever Director Genesis Payne needed him to be. Partnered up with Zenon, the two began to hunt down and apprehend (indefinitely) or kill the targets that were sent down from their superiors.
The whirlwind of events and changes on Corellia culminated in a secret meeting beneath the subterranean levels of the CorSec headquarters, where Genesis Payne and 250 other zealous CorSec Officers bent their knee before Crixus and accepted their place and rank as the very first Knights of the Sith. While the populous above flirted with the idea of Sith culture, these few men and women had taken their loyalty to CorSec and the Payne family to heart, many of them having been directly affected by the assassination and bombings that had occurred nearly a year prior. Rather than reveal themselves now, however, Crixus and the Knights of the Sith left Corellia, boarding the small fleet of Gozanti-class cruisers that had been donated to CorSec by Payne Corps, leaving the planet in the capable hands of Genesis Payne and its easily-manipulated Senator, Hamilar Dolori.
Arriving on Endor, the Knights of the Sith met up with Darth Ravenous, who had arrived several weeks ahead of them rather than stay on Corellia. It was there that Crixus and Darth Ravenous learned of the death of Tarnus Ravater and his unruly new apprentice, Kyra Durandal. Though they did not know the specifics behind the why and how of their deaths, Darth Ravenous had been privy to a plan by Tarnus Ravater to hijack a Republic cruiser - an attempt that apparently ended in the death of himself and his new apprentice. With Tarnus dead, the ‘Endor Academy’ had nearly 1000 men and women who were still training at the paramilitary encampment, including the Epicanthix named Shin Fass, a former policeman and bounty hunter that had initially infiltrated Tarnus’s Academy but ended up falling into and embracing the Darkside of the Force. Unable to take all 1000 of Tarnus’s troops with them, Crixus and the Knights of the Sith forced them to prove themselves worthy of escaping death at the Sith’s hands through mortal combat. The choice was simple - fight and live, or die. In the end, the Endor Academy was burned to the ground, along with swathes of the moon’s forests. Only 450 of the Endor trainees survived the event, including Shin Fass. The survivors were granted Knighthood among the Sith and welcomed by their Corellian counterparts, bringing the small band of Sith fighters to more than 700.
Eva and Rasmas had journeyed to the planet Korriban, hoping to lay low and spend their time searching through old ruins. It was there that they were confronted by the sector’s regional Jedi Watchman, Knight Lytrinn Halt. Eva and Rasmas were suspicious of Lytrinn’s arrival, assuming that he must have been tracking them on behalf of the Jedi Order. Combat between Knight Halt and the two former Jedi ensued, and while the rogue Jedi pair were able to defeat Knight Halt in combat together, their victory quickly turned into their own surrender, as Halt had only been stalling them as he awaited the arrival of local forces from the Corbos Sector Authority. Eva and Rasmas were both captured, and their starship confiscated. Knight Lytrinn Halt decided to transport Eva and Rasmas back to Coruscant, where he would deliver them to the Jedi Council.
The Reformation, meanwhile, had been dealing with their own troubles in light of the events that had transpired on Ryloth. Having fled the Gaulus Sector after the Republic fleet had arrived and secured Lessu, the Reformation leadership regrouped at their primary base of operations, a makeshift space station orbiting the planet of Dagobah, where trouble was brewing. Within the ranks of the Reformation Council, dissent had arisen over the results of the Battle of Ryloth, and a splinter faction rose up to attempt a coup under the leadership of Reformation General Crassus - an event that would occupy the Reformation for several long, tense days of infighting.
Jep Baur and DX-11 rendezvoused with diplomat Celina O’Brian (the estranged sister to Jedi Padawan Allan O’Brian) in order to attempt negotiations with the Hutts on Tatooine that had been regaining their foothold since the Hutt Skirmishes. The diplomatic team had trouble persuading the Hutts of the Reformation’s rising place in the galaxy, and luckily left with their lives.
Back on Coruscant, Master Kayran Taliran found herself outside of Knight Sijun’s classroom where Sijun was hosting a lightsaber instruction class. Curiously, Kayran asked the Knight about what she knew regarding the controversial act of attempting to enter the mind of another being. The Knight, completely unfamiliar with such a concept, steered the conversation away from such a strange topic, instead proposing that Master Kayran offer her own knowledge of combat prowess to teach the remainder of the lightsaber class that she was instructing. Kayran tried in vain to deny the opportunity, but not wanting to turn Sijun down, instead offered to say a few words to the gathered younglings and Padawans. After a rant that (under the surface) seemed to blatantly berate and devalue the work of the Jedi Order, Sijun venomously remarked that the class was not philosophy, but combat, and combat was expected, challenging the Ragathian Master to a duel. Kayran declined to fight Sijun, but was soon forced to do just that in front of the classroom when Sijun extended her saberpike and advanced upon Kayran. The Ragathian Jedi Master combated both her feelings for the Mirilian Knight and her displeasure for fighting her. The “duel” lasted seconds, with Kayran offering up her surrender, rather than crush the smaller Jedi. Sijun, suddenly appearing to be under a dark and foreign influence, took Kayran’s surrender as an opportunity to sink the blade of her pike into the Master’s shoulder, to the shock of the younglings watching on. Reeling from the pain of the plasma, Master Kayran fled the scene of the duel, calling for the Temple Guard to apprehend the Knight, who surrendered peacefully. Master Kayran was rushed to the infirmary where she underwent emergency surgery and healing at the skilled hands of Master Tovi Aruwa, while Knight Sijun was hauled away by the Temple Guard, to the continued dismay and disbelief of the younglings that had witnessed the entire event.
Sijun Heso was later led to the chambers of the High Council where the Jedi questioned her. After the Masters were told the full story, Sijun claimed that she had been overcome by a darkness within the Jedi Temple. She pointed out that Kayran had questioned her about mind control only minutes before the event, insinuating that Master Kayran had been somehow responsible. One of the younglings who had witnessed the event (a boy named Haldy, who had grown up in the Jedi Temple for as long as he could remember) was brought before the Council. Young Haldy recounted the truth of what he had witnessed, and the fear that was evident in his eyes when he looked upon the face of his once-instructor Sijun Heso ultimately led the Jedi Council to declare that Sijun would be held under guard in a cell until the investigation into the matter could be further discussed.
Elsewhere in the galaxy, the Tarren Consortium had made a breakthrough in their ferocious turf war with the Black Lylek Cartel. Having captured one of the Cartel’s top Lieutenants (a Twi’lek by the name of Lawquane), the captive had revealed the location of the Black Lylek Cartel’s primary base of operations - a secret space station hidden within the Unknown Regions that went by the moniker of Final Destination. Knowing that he would need martial assistance if he hoped to assault such a formidable fortress, Crime Lord Haldar Varss reached out to the allies that he had gained in the New Sith Order, requesting their assistance with his upcoming plans to assault the heart of the Black Lylek Cartel's operation. Sensing no subterfuge in the Tarren Consortium’s proposal and knowing that they owed Haldar a sizable debt for his assistance in orchestrating the bombings of Coronet City, Crixus Payne and Darth Ravenous agreed to rendezvous with Haldar Varss at his secret base on Yavin VIII to discuss the plans of attack.
On their way back to Coruscant, Knight Lytrinn questioned Eva and Rasmas, where he learned of the stories and rumors of the return of the Sith. Lytrinn swore that he would do all in his power to drive the Sith out, and began formulating a plan to hunt them down. When they reached Coruscant, Lytrinn brought his prisoners to Jedi Master Hoveoc, who confirmed Eva and Rasmas’s identity. In addition to congratulating Knight Halt for his capture of both Dark Jedi, Hoveoc approved Lytrinn’s request to begin recruiting a small group of Jedi Knights to join him in his future plans against the Sith.
Having healed sufficiently enough to stand before the Jedi Council, Master Kayran was questioned on the events that had transpired between her and Knight Heso. Kayran, feeling victimized, turned on the Jedi Council, especially when they began to question her actions over the past several months. Through their questioning, the Council learned very little about what had truly happened during the duel several days prior - what they did glean, however, was that Master Kayran had grown much more dangerous and hateful over the past year or so. It was then that she openly admitted to murder on more than one account, going so far as to admit that she enjoyed it. With these admissions, the Jedi Council sentenced Kayran Taliran (along with the recently captured Eva and Rasmas) to the Citadel, a prison that had been designed to hold rogue, dangerous Jedi where they could hopefully, one day, be rehabilitated. Knight Sijun, meanwhile, was ordered to remain on Coruscant under guard for further observation, though she was barred from her duties as a lightsaber instructor from then on.
Also having returned to Coruscant, Frifth encountered Sijun sneaking through the hanger of the Jedi Temple as she attempted to escape the Temple in the night. Frifth attempted to stop her from fleeing, but was unsuccessful. The next morning, Frifth met Jedi Master Otthon Tahsis. Knowing of his reputation, Frifth looked up to the Arkanian Jedi, but differences in personal views turned their conversation sour. Upon hearing of the Republic Troop’s treatment toward Frifth on Ryloth, Otthon declared that the Republic did not care about the Jedi any longer and openly condemned the Jedi High Council for doing nothing to stop it. He renounced his title as Jedi Master and declared his intention to leave the Order. Captain Mikael Coen pleaded with Otthon to reconsider, but to no avail - the Arkanian Jedi had stood by long enough.
Frifth also encountered Lytrinn Halt and they discussed the state of the Lothal Temple and the Battle of Ryloth. Lytrinn was sympathetic to Frifth and offered him to join his group of Sith hunters. Frifth was interested, but wanted to wait until Volene and the others had returned, still sure that they were alive.
While Darth Ravenous, Crixus, and the Knights of the Sith were getting ready to mobilize, there was another, previously unknown Darksider making his move on the forgotten planet of Wayland. After the fall of the Empire, a colony of Imperial officers left there were trapped on the tropical jungle world. The result of generations upon generations of Emperor Palpatine’s Dark Guardians, the current Guardian Murith Severan had eager plans to finally leave Wayland, thinking to return to an Imperial-controlled galaxy. However, the inhabitants of Wayland lacked a vessel with a suitable hyperdrive. As such, Murith set his men and resources to the task of building a short range communications array, which eventually led him to contacting two individuals. Frank Sigliano, a Corellian engineer, and the Mandalorian bounty hunter Borcha Feral. Borcha agreed to transport Murith and some of his followers with him off world for the first time in four hundred years. After a brief trip through hyperspace they arrived in the Corporate Sector, where they met the merchant Jarmus Gertag who traded two weaponless cruisers and some A-Wing starfighters in exchange for Wayland slaves. The transaction was to take place on Bonodan H.
Having fled Coruscant, Sijun had jumped to hyperspace and landed on Bonadan H well before Murith and Borcha. It was on the icey planet where Sijun got to know Captain Calvin Tiberiusolis, his crew, and the smuggler named Cora Kurn. The group enjoyed a quiet life on the planet for some time until their peace was broken up by the sudden appearance of Murith, Borcha, and Jarmus to carry out their business transaction of trading countless slaves for the ships. Murith sensed the existence of Sijun nearby and in his nievety, rushed to prove himself in combat with a Jedi, hoping to capture her. Murith - oblivious to the fact that Sijun was a skilled combatant - offered Sijun one of his lightsabers in order to legitimize their fight. However, Sijun was distrustful of the darkside user and declined the weapon, giving it to Cora. Instead, Sijun entered her duel with Murith using a standard vibrosword. During their battle, Sijun lured Murith to the top of Cora’s ship and Cora lifted off in an attempt to throw off or stagger Murith. However, Borcha Feral would prove to be the bigger threat. Before it could lift off, Borcha boarded Cora’s ship, where he severely wounded the young woman before she could take the ship up too high. As the ship hovered, the short but chaotic duel between Sijun and Murith ended with the Darksider’s hand being severed, but Borcha was able to reach them and persuade Sijun not to kill Murith. The two resolved to end the fight on somewhat peaceful terms, allowing Sijun to escape alive while Borcha took Cora and Calvin Tiberiusolis as captives.
Meanwhile, Jedi Knight Pexuu had successfully made it past CorSec customs and landed on the planet of Corellia, operating under the guise of fake Corellian identification and going by the name of Alf Srunil. Using his cover as a Corellian citizen, Pexuu remained incognito for some time, searching for any signs of an opening in the seemingly impenetrable web of influence that had been weaved through the planet’s workforce and media by the ever-present Payne Corps. The looming shadow of Monolith-Station orbiting the planet over Coronet City seemed like the most obvious place to start, but gaining meaningful access to the immense, orbital shipyard hub would require more than mere proof of citizenship. With this in mind, Pexuu (still operating under the name Alf Srunil) agreed to meet up with a potential employer that was looking for an 'information bounty hunter.’ The employer turned out to be the mysterious man named Jon Pestage. During their meeting, however, they witnessed the surprise arrival of the Republic fleet, including the Redemption, as the Navy initiated their unannounced blockade of the entire planet. This unexpected development, coupled with the revelation by both Jon Pestage and ‘Alf Srunil’ regarding their respective Force-sensitivity, led Jon to hire ‘Alf’ at the last second to help facilitate the smuggling of some ‘sensitive cargo’ that absolutely needed to be moved out of the Corell Sector now that the Republic Navy had arrived. The cargo? Nearly seven tons worth of experimental vibro-weaponry. The result of further research into the failed experiment that was the artificial lightsaber used during Hunter Payne’s assassination, the sheer volume of the prototype weapons gave off a strange, radioactive signature. Working in conjunction with Payne Corps employees and the seemingly coincidental coordination of several Muun delegates onboard the their diplomatic vessel, Pexuu helped facilitate their escape through the Republic blockade. It was far from easy, however, and required both the assistance of Zenon Per and the death of at least one Republic Officer. In the end, however, they had escaped the Corell Sector without the Republic being made privy to their cargo, made possible in no small part to the heroics displayed by Pexuu, earning him the respect of the Payne Corps employees that piloted their vessel. Pexuu was now waist-deep in a clandestine arms deal between Payne Corps and the Reformation, as he would come to understand. The conspiracy only seemed to thicken as Pexuu learned that their destination was none other than Muunilinst, the home of the Intergalactic Banking Clan.
The Sith, meanwhile, had completed their journey to Yavin VIII where they were ushered into the refurbished palace of Haldar Varss. The Crime Lord was in the process of turning his base of operations into a small, thriving civilization, with a community of traders and families living around the outskirts of the palace and developing an economy of their own. Despite their war with the Black Lylek Cartel, the Tarren Consortium had been growing in wealth and power, and the palace that Crixus and Darth Ravenous found themselves in was only further testament to this truth. Within, they met with Haldar Varss in his throne room and accompanied him to press Lawquane for more information. During the interrogation, word arrived from Corellia that the Republic fleet had begun a blockade of Corellia. Darth Ravenous and his Apprentice concluded that High Admiral John Lightkiller would have to answer for his actions. Neither the New Sith Order nor the Tarren Consortium were in any position to directly retaliate against the Republic Navy on Corellia, however. Thus, with Lawquane as their guide through the treacherous journey into the Unknown Regions, they coordinated their next plans: The siege of Final Destination.
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